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"David Cooks Mood last week"

Posted by sllk on 05-10-08 at 10:56 PM
Ok I know that this past week on ROCK week/rock and roll hall of fame week... THIS SHOULD of been it for David.. this was his week to wrap this whole thing up... period end of story... do you agree so far... ok he fell short.. come on Duran Duran... that is just not david .. it isnt... ok stay with me.. this is far fetched but what if.. I have read alot on different sites aboud David A. father and previously he had made threats to contestants on star search when David A. was on there.. please google the story if you need proof from several different sources.... ok go read how.. ok your with me... what if Mr David A.'s dad also knew that this was David Cooks week to wrap this up and put the win in the bag.... what if he threatened him as he did a previous contest that was on star search with David A. what if that was the reason for the sorry song choice we know david would not have made in a million years... and his mood.. I think that possibly David A. father made some threats to him.. i am wondering this... think about it... read up on this guy .. i had no idea until today .. and now it all just fits in with what WE ALL KNEW WAS A WEEK FOR DAVID COOK THAT WAS JUST SOMTHING MAJOR WAS GOING ON WITH HIM HE WAS NOT HISSELF ON A WEEK THAT HE SHOULD OF BEEN MORE HIMSELF THAN ANY OTHER .. THINK ABOUT IT..

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"RE: David Cooks Mood last week"
Posted by Magnolia_Rocker on 05-12-08 at 03:32 PM
I would have liked to read your post and comment but your non-use/over-use of punctuation gave me a headache after the second sentence line.

My future Rockers!

"RE: David Cooks Mood last week"
Posted by mrc on 05-12-08 at 04:22 PM
I would bet money that if Papa A. threatened David Cook, he would have wound up with a guitar neck sticking out of his torso.

Ferociously purrfected by thndrkttn

"RE: David Cooks Mood last week"
Posted by nailbone on 05-12-08 at 05:00 PM
An Arche-sicle.

"RE: David Cooks Mood last week"
Posted by agman on 05-12-08 at 10:48 PM
I think Mel Gibson made a movie about this

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however it wasn't as far fetched as this post!!!