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"If this b*t*h doesn't leave next, I am so not watching anymore"

Posted by chereise on 04-06-06 at 00:41 AM
I hope this isn't one of those "the drama is great for T.V." things because JADE is not good drama, or good anything else for that matter. What agency or product in their right mind would want that troll to repreent them??????

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"I'm done with antm...don't care who wins..."
Posted by donewithantm on 04-06-06 at 01:22 AM
Did you see that??? Jade over Mollie Sue? Jade over anyone is a scam. She's a hag. I'm done with antm, and I won't be buying anything that her face is on.

"RE: If this b*t*h doesn't leave next, I am so not watching anymore"
Posted by flirtydiva on 04-06-06 at 02:41 AM
I have a few things to say about this Jade character! Top Model totally messed things up tonight. I mean Jade is a pretty girl and I've seen her in person and it shows. But she's also evil, and I don't want that evil spawn to win AMNT. It would not be fair.
Honestly I think she's jealous of Furonda, yes some of you might ask "why?", but if you look closer it's all there; Here's some of my opinions why!

Article 1: Jade is mad that she did not get long extentions ( in reality she should'nt beacuse that would mean they would have to relaxed her hair and she's natural for god's sake IDIOT), but Furonda and Danielle does.

Article 2: Jade says "I want to see miss Furonda pictures" (remeber the freezing set shoot) Jay said "Furonda opened up and did better" then Jade said " Oh i think you over did it. It was not good" but the Judges loved them

Artical 3: Last night at improve Jade starts her lines with an accent and then it was Furonda's turn (now i've taken acting and improve classes and if there is an accent involve and has potential then everyone should roll with it.) Miss Jade fucks it up by laughing at Furonda. Did anyone notice that Furonda accent was better.

Now not only is she jealous of the other wannabe diva in the house, the ##### is minipulative. What is she trying to do to Nnenna? The funny thing is that the chemist stayed focus and still did great. Note to Jade....Most educated people espesically women can stay focus to get what they want. Honestly if I was on that show I would beat her ##### a long time ago and I would be famous for that.

I have another question is Jade slow or too much perioxide to the brain?
You hate Furonda..Why on earth would you think that she will pick you to share her prize? What a dumb #####. Seriously Jade is more immature than Gina but Jade hides it well.
Then they said start off with a question, she can't do that, then it's dissing the girls! That was uncalled for. I was heated at the fact that this girl is not sent home yet.
The only way I would like Jade would be if she had an attitude like>>>> " Were all here to achive the same goal and become the next top model. We should stay focus on that and just be positive. Were all strong women peace!" That's the ##### image she sends off until she opens her damn mouth. Then I reliazed that we will be suffering the "I hate Jade Syndrome" until the final four or even worse FINAL TWO! Yes I hate to say it but the she devil might win. SORRY

"RE: If this b*t*h doesn't leave next, I am so not watching anymore"
Posted by mhb0125 on 04-06-06 at 05:00 AM
She needs to go!!! I am so sick of watching Jade's attitude and sarcasm. I wish they would have aired her other commercial that she was complaining was better than the one they did air. The other one was the take where she cursed and maybe that would have sent her packing. They are only keeping her for the conflama. I find it hilarious that Tyra loves her bone structure. If her damn chhek bones are so great she would have been a model by now. I will stop watching if she isn't gone in the next two weeks.

"RE: If this b*t*h doesn't leave next, I am so not watching anymore"
Posted by LisaPles on 04-06-06 at 09:08 AM
Chereise, I totally agree with everything in your post! Not only is Jade a complete troll, she is a dumb B**ch, too! She couldn't utter an intelligent thought to save her life!
I am so disgusted that they obviously kept her around for "good TV". After the way she bombed the commercial, there should have been no question that she should be the one to go home. I think it is wrong that the other contestants have to be subjected to her. I think the show should be more of a modeling competition and less "reality show".
Ugggghhh! I repeat, Ugggghhh!

"RE: If this b*t*h doesn't leave next, I am so not watching anymore"
Posted by prosecutor on 04-06-06 at 10:40 AM
So what if Jade is still in, the point is that
Mollie Sue was not going to be the judges pick
for the winner anyway so I say leave Jade in
we need the laughs. Everyone should turn their
focus now to the new beotch in the house Nnenna.

"Locking - duplicate"
Posted by Bebo on 04-06-06 at 11:20 AM
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