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"Contestant taken to hospital"

Posted by dragonflies on 04-02-08 at 07:57 AM
So after the show last night, one of our contestants was taken to the hospital.


Seems David Cook was having some heart palpitations and very high blood pressure. He was released though. Hope all is well with our resident rocker!

who said we could be informal anyway? Thanks Agman!

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Posted by Estee on 04-02-08 at 08:00 AM
I was hoping KKKristy's excessive svcking-up had collapsed her lungs.

"RE: (Censored)"
Posted by emydi on 04-02-08 at 09:26 AM
or she was injured in a freak sock explosion

"RE: Contestant taken to hospital"
Posted by bole on 04-02-08 at 08:09 AM
I heard that this morning too. I also heard that he has been under more stress than usual this week because his brother who has cancer has not been doing well.

On a more positive note - he had another awesome performance. He showed his softer side by singing such a sweet song, yet his voice was still powerful enough to rock it out. I loved it.

Rock on David and get well soon.

"RE: Contestant taken to hospital"
Posted by zazzy on 04-02-08 at 05:29 PM
I've read that David is back at the show....so sounds like he is ok.

Also read in the EW Popwatch article that he was not there with the other idols when they pretaped Jordin singing...so when that is shown (presumably on IGB next week) people should not read anything into it...