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Posted by samboohoo on 06-07-08 at 07:22 AM
Any watchers?

I like it so far. There was a lot to follow in this first episode - lots of characters.

I was surprised at how rique it is for network TV, now I know why it's on at 10 p.m. Some of it looks predictible, but I'm interested.

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"RE: Swingtown"
Posted by KScott on 06-09-08 at 08:28 AM
I watched and liked what I saw so far, it will be interesting to see where all the story lines go.

Snidget rocks! Friday Night Lights Rules!

A good friend will come and bail you out of jail...but a true friend will be sitting next to you saying, "Damn... that was fun!"

"RE: Swingtown"
Posted by Loree on 06-09-08 at 04:12 PM
I enjoyed the first episode. I expect there will be consequences for their actions though.

"RE: Swingtown"
Posted by weltek on 06-09-08 at 04:40 PM
Sometimes my husband is a doofus. He flipped past it the other night and said, "Oh, new show...I heard it's supposed to be funny." I wasn't sure what planet he read that on, but let him realize for himself that it's kind of a chick drama.

Although I suppose watching peeps drink TAB is kind of funny.

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"RE: Swingtown"
Posted by Ahtumbreez on 06-11-08 at 03:20 PM
I watched it and won't again. I didn't like it at all, but that's probably because I didn't find one sympathetic figure.

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"RE: Swingtown"
Posted by zombiebaby on 06-13-08 at 11:28 AM
I can't beleive I am NOT agreeing with Tummy.

I loved it. Trashtastic.

I like the Trina lady. The wife of the pilot. She is verrrry intriguing to me.

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"RE: Swingtown"
Posted by samboohoo on 06-13-08 at 01:52 PM
You know she was on Windfall either last summer or the summer before. She was the one married to Luke Perry and was torn between him and that guy that Lynette almost had the affair with on Desparate Housewives.

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"RE: Swingtown"
Posted by Puffy on 07-01-08 at 11:34 AM
Thanks, Boo. I knew she looked familiar!

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"RE: Swingtown"
Posted by Ahtumbreez on 06-27-08 at 01:08 PM
Zombs! I can't believe you're NOT agreeing with me either. In fact just because of you I decided to watch again last night. Ewww! I felt like I needed to take a long hot soak afterward. The whole premise just creeps me out, I can't imagine swinging and the one I should be identifying with, Janet, has such a stick up her aras that I don't.

*sigh I will just sit here being the prude

Agman took me to the islands

"RE: Swingtown"
Posted by Loree on 06-13-08 at 04:00 PM
I am enjoying this show. But I could do without the 'girl in the tent' storyline. That was kind of boring and I just didn't care about it.

"RE: Swingtown"
Posted by syren on 06-16-08 at 12:46 PM
LAST EDITED ON 06-17-08 AT 09:56 AM (EST)

Well carp.

We meant to watch it, and set the timer and totally forgot.

What day is it on?

ETA: We watched the episodes last night, and we are hooked. I loved it, especially Trina.

I thought it was sad when the little girl realized that coked up mama didn't even realize she was gone.

Warcrack, it's not for kids.

"RE: Swingtown"
Posted by syren on 06-20-08 at 03:19 PM
I love this show.

I am very intriged to see how it is going to play out, but so far I loved when Susan ripped down the wallpaper and just enjoyed herself.

Warcrack, it's not for kids.

"RE: Swingtown"
Posted by Bebo on 06-29-08 at 05:22 PM
The kids are boring, but the adults provide just the kind of cheesy entertainment I crave during the summer.

It was cool to see Gnip Gnop. I haven't played that in years.

"RE: Swingtown"
Posted by Glow on 07-01-08 at 08:31 AM
LAST EDITED ON 07-01-08 AT 08:32 AM (EST)

We are really enjoying this show. Nobody I ask about it has watched it and I find that surprising and a little frightening.

I love the relationship building between the three women.

eta: yes, I too am very much loving Trina.

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"RE: Swingtown"
Posted by syren on 07-01-08 at 09:13 AM
Janet reminds me of a friend I had back in High School. She was very much like Janet regarding the spoiled only friend issue.

Trina is hot, I think.

Susan actually reminds me a little of me.

I like everything about the show.

Do you think Roger is in love with Susan? Do you think Janet and Roger will eventually want to experiment?

Warcrack, it's not for kids.

"RE: Swingtown"
Posted by Glow on 07-01-08 at 12:12 PM
I had a friend like that growing up. Every time I'd hang out with other friends doing something she wasn't interested in, she'd get all pissy. We eventually grew apart because of it. I like that Janet is trying (and mostly succeeding so far) to go with the flow... at least parts of it.

There does seem to be something there with Roger and Susan. I like how she was taken aback by him saying that they weren't really friends, they are just friends with each other's spouses. I can't picture Janet "experimenting" (though I'd love to see Tom trying to ease her into joining) but I can definitely see Roger wanting to (with Susan). I tend to think that's why he was so upset when he found out Bruce and Susan were experimenting with the Deckers.

And yeah. Trina is sexy and so is Tom.

"RE: Swingtown"
Posted by samboohoo on 07-02-08 at 09:04 AM
I agree about Roger. I do think he really, really loves Janet, but I think his feelings for Susan may not quite be love, more like lust or fantasy.

I did love the whole pot brownies thing.

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"RE: Swingtown"
Posted by Glow on 07-01-08 at 12:56 PM
I posted up there about the obvious something between Susan and Roger and that made me think about the different parts of the episodes.

That got me to thinking about me telling DH for the past, at least, two episodes that there is some serious chemistry between Trina and Susan. I keep wondering if that's where they're going with the show. But the Roger thing is a good argument that they're not going with Trina/Susan. Then again, the obvious Trina/Susan gives a good argument that they're not going with Roger/Susan. Either way, it will make Janet, her possessive best friend, insane.

Is it possible that everybody is in love with Susan? Maybe the show should be called Everybody Loves Susan.

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"RE: Swingtown"
Posted by samboohoo on 07-02-08 at 09:08 AM
We had Bunco last Thursday, and several of us wanted to get home in time for Swingtown, even though most of us record it on Tivo.

One of the Bunco ladies started laughing and told me that I lived closer to Swingtown than I thought. I had heard a few rumblings about this a year or so ago. With some of the women, it makes sense. I think maybe there is one particular street in my neighborhood that could be.

Also, another one of the girls said, "my parents used to have big parties like that back in the 70s, but they weren't swingers." We all started laughing. We had no reason to think her parents were swingers, but it certainly made us all think about it.

Oh, and I'm not really wild about the Lori character (Bruce & Susan's daughter). And I don't really find her attractive.

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"RE: Swingtown"
Posted by Glow on 07-02-08 at 09:32 AM
My parents had and attended big parties like that too. hmmm. *cleans brain with bleach*

I actually kind of like Lori. She's intelligent. What I don't like is her story. That whole hot young teacher having, considering, hinting at an affair with a student is played to death and there is no way that it could end, at this point, that would make me find it the slightest bit interesting.

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"RE: Swingtown"
Posted by samboohoo on 07-03-08 at 08:43 AM

I think Lori reminds me too much of Sara from CSI. I do think it's kind of cool that she seems to have an open relationship with her mother.

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"RE: Swingtown"
Posted by CantStandToLook on 07-18-08 at 08:40 AM
I think Lori is pretty annoying myself and hated the Teacher storyline. I suppose that it could definitely have happened that way and there wasn't as much of the teacher/student thing happening back then as now. To me, it just seemed really selfish on her part since she could have ended his career if they were caught.

Or, then again, would it have. Being that everything is set in the 70's, it's hard to know the cause-effect system in place back then.

Still love the show and at times, I think Janet is super-hot even though she has that stick stuck up her woohoo.

"RE: Swingtown"
Posted by syren on 07-12-08 at 04:25 PM

I am so waiting to hear what Roger meant when he told Janet that he needed more in the coming weeks previews.

Does he mean he wants to try the lifestyle? Or that he needs more than just every other Friday?

I love how it seems that Janet's character is emerging and growing.

Warcrack, it's not for kids.

"RE: Swingtown"
Posted by Loree on 07-13-08 at 03:00 PM
This show is turning into one of may fave shows. I love the character development. Not that crazy about the kids storylines. But I really like the adults.

Posted by lzbth on 07-18-08 at 12:56 PM
Hi - first time poster.... 3 year lurker...

I just want to say that I am in love with this show. First started watching because I am a huge fan of coupling in the UK and wanted to see more of Jack Davenport.

I am really, really loving how this is developing. Everyone thought it was going to be a giant shag fest, but it isnt. Tom and Trina are experiencing problems with their open relationshop - and so are the other 2 couples.... so much wonderful drama

I even like the kids storylines - I think that there were plenty of teacher student relationships in the 70's. I remember a teacher who got a girl knocked up - so they took him out of the classroom and made him a vice principal. They married when she turned 18 - it was a differnt world without all the talk of pedophilia.

anyway - just wanted to chime in and say hello

"RE: Swingtown"
Posted by Glow on 07-21-08 at 09:06 AM
LAST EDITED ON 07-21-08 AT 09:07 AM (EST)

Can I just say that I love Janet more and more with each passing episode? Her reaction to finding out Roger lost his job was more than he could have asked for. I hope this opens his eyes to how perfect she is for him.

I am SO happy nothing happened (sexually) between Roger and Susan. It seems like the tides have turned though and now she's the one with the longing in her eyes. The picture Trina took of the two of them seemed to depict that. Maybe?

I love that Trina and Tom are re-evaluating their open relationship. He'd just go around banging people in Tokyo while she sat at home missing him. I hope he remains true to her. I'd hate to see those two being the ones who (predictably) break up.

Bruce? Still can't stand him.

Lori and the teacher... How old is she supposed to be? If they've mentioned it, I've forgotten.

Missed Samatha this episode.

eta: Welcome lzbth.

another JSlice masterpiece

"RE: Swingtown"
Posted by samboohoo on 07-21-08 at 03:17 PM
Absolutely love Janet. Love her. And loved Trina when she mentioned why Janet keeps Roger locked away.

I actually sided with Tom on this one. Well kind of. He should have called her, and he should have cleared it with her. But it didn't appear from what we saw that she cleared Luke spending the night with him.

I do like them though.

Wonder if Bruce did anything. Did he kiss her? Do her? Is the preview for next week just a fantasy?

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"RE: Swingtown"
Posted by syren on 07-26-08 at 11:36 AM
At first when he wouldn't kiss Susan, I was really upset with him. After the talk with Melinda I was happily surprised that nothing happened. Then during the game when they were kissing and he tried to feign innocence when Tom first started talking about it, I felt he was just slimy. It was reiterated when they were laying in bed talking about no more secrets and he agrees but doesn't say anything once again.

Melinda is the type of woman that I despise.

"RE: Swingtown"
Posted by syren on 07-26-08 at 11:33 AM
I think that this coming year is Lori's senior however I might be wrong.

I love Janet. I love her response to Roger when he told her he needed more from her and from himself. I am so glad that nothing happened with Roger and Susan, but I can feel the tension through the TV, and it makes me nervous. Sometimes the pasture isn't as tasty and I hope that neither try it out.

"Moving to Fridays"
Posted by KScott on 07-23-08 at 08:15 AM
They were saying on TV last night that this is moving to Friday night. Why do you think they are doing that? It was my Thursday night guilty pleasure, I am usually busy Friday nights, dangit!!

Snidget rocks! Friday Night Lights Rules!

A good friend will come and bail you out of jail...but a true friend will be sitting next to you saying, "Damn... that was fun!"

"RE: Moving to Fridays"
Posted by Loree on 07-24-08 at 03:05 PM
They seem to be switching "Swingtown" and "Flashpoint".

Posted by lzbth on 07-26-08 at 01:49 PM
Looks like a fun game...LOL

Loved the dream sequence Susan and Bruce popping up out of the water... bwaaa ha ha ha

I Loathe Melinda.. she is icky, the definition of homewrecker!

and I feel bad for Janet - Roger shoulda come clean while the power was out that he had spent the day hiding from her...

Trina is right, it's the secrets that are wicked

"RE: Puzzlerama"
Posted by Loree on 07-27-08 at 04:54 PM
Yes Roger should have told Janet that he was at Susan's and then at Tom & Trina's pool party. By the time he got home Janet already knew he had lost his job. So he didn't have to hide anymore that he wasn't at work.

Now that Janet has seen the photos she is going to be very hurt and upset. She is going to be suspicious of Roger all the time.

Bruce is annoying me. He really does have different rules for himself than for Susan.

Tom and Trina are an intersting couple. They are trying to prove they are more free than the other couples. But deep down they are not. They are scared too.

"Swingus Interruptus"
Posted by lzbth on 08-01-08 at 06:39 PM
I am just nearly giddy with anticipation... is it 10 o'clock yet??

"RE: Swingus Interruptus"
Posted by lzbth on 08-02-08 at 12:35 PM
LAST EDITED ON 08-02-08 AT 01:38 PM (EST)

Well 10 finally came....

goodness me, where to start....

Bruce fesses up, good start!

Janet and Trina friends again over botched muffins... Janet and Trina eating muffins in the kitchen... is there a naughty joke in that??

Janet at the Pendulum club.... LOL when will Janet learn not to go into basements or back rooms??

Tom kissing Janet.. WOO HOOO, wonder if that was a problem for Trina in their now closed marriage, or will she understand that it had to be done??

Poor Roger, didnt know what to do about that woman dancing on him... but did know enough to take his wife home!

Lori and the professor sitting behind the bar while her parents got their swing on and smoked some pot... LMAO... uhhh ok, I'm sure she didnt find it amusing at all... but really, they were in no position to discipline now were they...

and last but not least, poor honorable BJ - now he knows that his parents are freaks too.

"RE: Swingus Interruptus"
Posted by Loree on 08-03-08 at 11:43 AM
This was a great ep. Right down to Janet returning Trina's dress with a stain on it.

I am starting to think at times Roger is more naive than Janet.

And Susan ends up with the guy that wants to cook omelets and watch. LOL!

"RE: Swingus Interruptus"
Posted by lzbth on 08-03-08 at 10:19 PM
And Susan ends up with the guy that wants to cook omelets and watch. LOL!

yeah, what's up with that??? hardly makes the swinging equal...LOL

I agree, I think Janet is more savvy than she lets on... that may be why she is so adverse???

The stain must have come from the tour of the back room... oi! caught in the line of fire! LOL

LOVED LOVED LOVED when Tom kissed Janet. You just KNOW her knees were a bit weak!

"The Stained Dress"
Posted by lzbth on 08-06-08 at 11:43 AM
So I was watching the last episode online when I realized...

Roger and Janet left the pendulum club BEFORE Tom and Trina.


Tom and Trina were hosting a party by the time Roger and Janet got to their house to return the dress.

How did Tom and Trina and all the others beat them there? What were Roger and Janet doing on the way that took extra time? Is that how the dress got stained? By pointing out the stain, rather than taking the dress home to wash herself (she is a stain maven after all) was she really saying "Hey look Trina - Roger and I did it in the car!"

"8/1 Episode"
Posted by samboohoo on 08-11-08 at 03:39 PM
*sighs* I absolutely love this show.

Loved all of the scenes with Janet and Tom, especially when Janet finally told Tom she was "uncomfortable" with his inuendo. And I absolutely howled during Roger and Trina's converation when explaining that they had closed the marriage for a bit:

Trina: "Yep, we're just like you and Janet."

Roger: "I doubt that."

Every time I see Lori on my screen, I cringe. I just don't like her. I also hope nothing happens with her and Roger. While Bruce deserves it, Janet doesn't.

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"RE: 8/1 Episode"
Posted by lzbth on 08-15-08 at 12:07 PM
I think that the scene we see of Roger kissing Susan is yet another dream/fantasy - and I think it is SUSANS fantasy.

I think that Roger is far to measured to react hastily. I believe that he will continue to try and work on his marriage -sort of... and that he will remain married and faithful to Janet until she realizes he is a rock without a job tied around her ankles. Once that woman gets an income she wont need him anymore and may just decide to let him fend forhimself and keep her money for her!

we shall see

Janet, high powered exec, and recent divorcee, moving into a house down the street from the Deckers and the Millers....

"RE: 8/1 Episode"
Posted by lzbth on 08-16-08 at 02:03 PM
well color me wrong.

he did it. He kissed her. they are both wishy washy and deserve each other

"RE: 8/1 Episode"
Posted by Pretty_Kitty on 08-17-08 at 04:01 PM
I dont like the Roger/Susan storyline at ALL. Yes Bruce is a tool(can I say that here?)but I find it very icky. If it were say Tom I'd get it cause he's hot even with a mustache

More Tom and Trina and Janet less Roger and Susan!

"RE: 8/1 Episode"
Posted by CantStandToLook on 08-18-08 at 02:10 PM
I was pretty disappointed to see Roger and Susan go to that place. Other than Janet, who we pretty much know would never step out on Roger, I always kinda felt that Roger and Susan would always just be a what if type thing. Never expected either of them to act so boldly.

Bruce did so well with Melinda, even before the Puzzlerama kissing incident, I just dont get how or why he would go backwards. The flirting was cute and sweet and made you sorta hope that everyone would find who they wanted but I just dont know about the way events are unfolding.

I worry for Janet (whom I personally think is one of the sexiest ladies on the show when she lets her hair down). I think she's going to be one person who really get's blindsided and hurt here.

Which leads to a question I'm surprised hasn't come up yet. Are people going to blame all of this on Swinging? I wont comment just yet.

"RE: 8/1 Episode"
Posted by Loree on 08-18-08 at 03:25 PM
The preview for the next show says Treena is pregnant. And someone mentions about if she is sure who the father is. This could get sticky.

The Roger/Susan pairing is interesting. We understand Roger seems to think he settled when he married Janet. And Susan has now been swinging a little and is feeling braver about her choices. Not to mention Bruce seems to be wandering too. But I just can't see Susan and Roger doing this to Janet.

"RE: 8/1 Episode"
Posted by lzbth on 08-19-08 at 05:41 PM
well I think you are right - I think people will blame it on swinging, which if funny when you consider how angry certian people are that this show which they say promotes the destruction of marriage is on TV at all.

But I personally think that swinging is a symptom for Susan and Bruce, not the disease. Their marriage was stale and they were just doing time... swinging was exciting for a bit, but it wasnt the answer.

As for Janet, she will be fine... dont underestimate her ;)

Susan and Roger can go play dreamy in a hippy commune someplace. that way neither of them will ever have to get a job or make a decision... grrrr

"RE: 8/1 Episode"
Posted by samboohoo on 09-02-08 at 10:17 AM
Are people going to blame all of this on Swinging?

Quick Answer: No. I will come back later when I have time to comment. Good question.

"RE: 8/1 Episode"
Posted by syren on 09-02-08 at 10:40 AM
I don't blame it on swinging. But I can see how some people might.

However, I do feel that swinging might have brought the problems in Susan and Bruce's marriage out earlier than they would have came out on their own.

"RE: 8/1 Episode"
Posted by samboohoo on 09-06-08 at 01:48 PM

Here is what I was thinking about the whole thing. I don't blame the swinging. I don't agree with the swinging because if you're going to do that, you shouldn't be married in the first place.

I find it interesting that Tom and Trina are the happiest couple. They are the ones who suppress nothing and the ones who are open and honest. I know there was that thing with Bobbi, but it worked out because of the relationship.

Bruce and Susan and Roger and Janet had problems boiling over underneath the surface, and the swinging simply opened the door. I think I explained this better below.

"History of Swinging"
Posted by CantStandToLook on 08-21-08 at 09:34 PM
Syren found this online today and I thought it would be interesting to post.


"RE: Swingtown"
Posted by syren on 09-02-08 at 10:38 AM
Every episode of this show leaves me with mixed feelings to sort out.

I can honestly say that I think Melinda disgusts me, completely. This is where the conflict starts to happen. I think Bruce is disrespectful and sad, but I don't have the disgusted feeling with him as I do with Melinda. Maybe because I am a woman, and I hate seeing women do this to each other. Maybe because Melinda can choose to remove herself from the situation instead of enticing and bringing attention to herself. I am not sure. I do think that both of their actions to this point are deplorable, and not only disrespectful of Susan and Bruces marriage but also disrespectful of the children involved.

That brings me to Susan. I think she is battling with her feelings for Roger, and fighting those feelings every step of the way. I said during the first show that I thought Bruce was in love with Susan, by the way he was staring and waving at the car. What I am questioning with Susan, is she holding off because she values her friendship with Janet so much that she doesn't want to jeopardize it or because she wants to stay faithful to her husband. I think it may be both, but I wonder if either bond is enough to keep her from doing something I am sure she will regret in one fashion or another.

Which brings me to Tom and Trina. Was that a little bit of disdain that was on Trina's face when she realized what happened the night before. When she first woke up, in bed with the other couple and Tom, I didn't think she looked to pleased and am wondering if she was thinking about their marriage being closed and how she might not have opened it if they had not been drinking.

Then there is Janet. I really am enjoying her spreading her wings a little. I am wondering what she will choose to do if Roger decides to take the job in Ohio. Will she go? Will she stay to have a career? Will they stay together?

I really like this show and it (for me) poses a lot of lingering questions at the end of almost every episode.

"RE: Swingtown"
Posted by samboohoo on 09-06-08 at 01:45 PM
I completely agree with you about Melinda. And Bruce. I did agree with Bruce in the finale last night about Susan being the one who opened the door to their bedroom, and I do wonder how his relationship with Melinda would have progressed had they not already opened that door.

Do you mean Roger in Paragraph 2? I don't have Episode 1 anymore.

I am conflicted about Susan. I think she and Bruce were very much in love when she got pregnant with Laurie. And I think that they did what they were supposed to do at that time. And I have no doubt that they were in love and that they love eachother now. But I think she is starting to see the world so differently and going through a period of "what ifs" so to speak. I don't know that I think she is in love with Roger. I think that her life is so complicated right now, and for some reason she sees Roger as a safe person - even though it's totally dangerous and wrong. I really do not want them to end up together.

Janet. I absolutely love Janet. And I love her transformation. Janet will probably be the woman who runs a major corporation one day. Or she could turn into Hillary Clinton. (<---- joke)

"RE: Swingtown"
Posted by Ahtumbreez on 09-09-08 at 09:49 PM
I hate Susan. You do not sleep or covet your best friends husband, and if you do covet you keep it to yourself.

Boo, I recorded and watch the last 6 episodes in mainly ff. Because of you and your attraction to this show. *sigh

I do like Tom and Trina.

Sad this is in 1976 I was about the sons age, but I don't relate to his story at all.

Mangalicious by The Slice

"RE: Swingtown"
Posted by samboohoo on 09-10-08 at 08:36 AM
Thanks Tummy!

And I agree with you about Susan's actions. No matter what she is feeling or going through or thinks she is feeling, it is completely wrong.

"RE: Swingtown"
Posted by syren on 09-11-08 at 08:28 AM
Yep, I meant Roger. I get their names confused a lot.

I can put Susan on the disgusted list. If she does anything with Roger, she isn't just hurting Bruce, but also her kids and her best friend. I don't feel as disgusted with her as I did with Melinda, but when that episode was over I was just sick to my stomach.

I adore Janet. I laughed out loud when she asked that guy who he was seeing and was naming girls, and he said some guys name. Her look and reaction were totally Janet. I cannot wait to see what else comes for her.

I also felt for Lori. It is so hard to say goodbye to your first love, and especially when it is not a complete goodbye, just a I'll be back here's my apt. However, I think Doug did the right thing, leaving without her because her first priority has to be school.

I was very happy with Tom's response about Trina being pregnant. I think that the only reason she was even thinking of abortion was because she thought that was what he wanted. Having him show happiness about the pregnancy was a welcome surprise I think for her.

Overall, I love this show. However I think it touches on a lot of issues that make people think that are outside of swinging. A good surprise, at least for me.

"RE: Swingtown"
Posted by samboohoo on 09-11-08 at 09:07 AM
This reminds me about Janet's boss. I can't remember his name. But I laughed so hard during that scene. So hard that DH came into the room to find out what I was laughing at. It was classic.

"RE: Swingtown"
Posted by Glow on 09-10-08 at 01:05 PM
Melinda disgusts me as well. It seems she is intenionally driving a wedge in Bruce's marriage just to prove a point. She bothers me much more than Bruce because Bruce is at a low point in his marriage (I hate to make excuses for him because I'm not very fond of him) and he's vulnerable.

Susan needs to keep fighting those feelings for Roger. It isn't fair to anybody involved to act on them. You mentioned her hesitation is maybe because of her bonds with Janet and Bruce but I would add her bond with Roger as well. Acting on their sudden intense attraction, or as Roger calls it "love", would be a bad move and it would put much more than her relationship with Janet at risk. Dare I think that Trina would lose some respect for her too? Frankly, I think she already has.

I think you're right about how Trina may have been feeling when she woke up that morning to another couple in their bed. Plus, of course, she was sick.

I really do love Janet's evolution on this show. I'm wondering where she will go next. Will she make the decision to stay (whether he goes or not)? I keep waiting for Roger to figure out that she is what is best for him.

I liked the Lori and Doug stuff from this last episode. There was a quiet understanding between her and Susan when she was leaving. Susan knew she was going to (where was it?) Guatemala (?) but pretended to believe she was just going to Doug's. I like that he left without her out of respect for her schooling and for her.

BJ and Samantha though... chick is supposed to only be gone for six weeks. Or did I miss something?

So after however many episodes, I find that what saves the show for me is The Deckers, Janet, Lori and Doug. Funny that.

"RE: Swingtown"
Posted by syren on 09-11-08 at 10:02 AM
You know, at the start of this show, I so did not like Janet. As the show goes on, she seems to be the one I most like. It is like watching a flower blossom.

BJ and Samantha remind me of a summer puppy love. Everything during that age seems to be forever. And I think maybe it is setting us up for something bad to happen.

"RE: Swingtown"
Posted by Loree on 09-11-08 at 11:08 AM
I wonder if we will ever find out what happens. It is still unclear if there will be a second season. I will be sad if there isn't. I came to love this show. I got all involved in their storylines. I started out disliking Janet too. But I came to love her character.

Strangely Tom and Trina seem to be the most stable couple. Susan and Bruce are exploring outside their marriage. Janet thinks her marriage is strong but Roger is having his own little midlife crisis. Janet seems to be growing and discovering her independance. Roger is acting like Janet is not enough for him and he wants a Susan type woman.

"RE: Swingtown"
Posted by Glow on 09-12-08 at 10:19 AM
Oh yeah. I'll be sad if they don't pick this up. I'll also be sad if they do pick it up and something bad happens to BJ and/or Samantha.

Add me to the list of people who weren't so fond of Janet in the beginning but have come to love her. I really don't get Roger. I guess maybe because she's not sexy like Susan (or Trina). I really like the direction the writers went with the couples. I think it shows some really great writing to have the characters develop the way they have.

"RE: Swingtown"
Posted by syren on 09-12-08 at 10:24 AM
I don't think Susan is sexy, at all. Pretty in a homey kinda way. Trina is hot. Sexy, confident, sleek, hotness.

Janet, I think is becoming sexy in her own right. When the three girls dressed up and went out that night, wow. She looked really nice. She has the classic beauty, and I have a suspicion I will be finding her much more sexy as her confidence builds and she develops as a strong woman.

"RE: Swingtown"
Posted by Glow on 09-12-08 at 02:38 PM
I don't necessarily think Susan is sexy either but I think we're supposed to think she is. Trina is undeniably rowr baby sexy.

"Re-runs this fall!!"
Posted by KScott on 10-06-08 at 12:12 PM
Swingtown is jumping into bed with a new partner: Bravo. As first reported on EW.com, the network just acquired the exclusive cable rights to CBS' spouse-sharing, '70s-set drama, and plans to re-air it sometime this fall. (The edgy, ratings-challenged show, which finished its 13-episode run on Sept. 5, has a slim chance for renewal on CBS.) Although the move would seem to open the door for Tom, Trina, and the rest of the bell-bottomed gang to make another summer of love and on cable, where many felt that the series belonged in the first place Bravo says that it has no plans to order additional seasons of Swingtown. Might some supergroovy ratings change anyone's mind? Fans can only hope. Dan Snierson

Snidget rocks! Friday Night Lights Rules!

A good friend will come and bail you out of jail...but a true friend will be sitting next to you saying, "Damn... that was fun!"

"RE: Re-runs this fall!!"
Posted by batts on 10-16-08 at 05:32 PM
No season II?

Not that I didn't watch a few episodes of this show. No. I didn't. uhh uhh. Only girls watch this show. CSTL only watches this show cause Syren makes him.

I kindof liked Janet, and

When will they air this on Bravo? Not that I'll be watching. I'm just wondering....
I wouldn't dare catch the episodes I missed watch this girly seventies soap opera.

/lie ...And I've never been a Bell-Bottom Pants Boy. /endlie

Now watch as batts gets beaten by all the girls of RTVW.

"Re-Runs start 10-24-08"
Posted by KScott on 10-24-08 at 02:45 PM
Just noticed on my tv guide that the re-reuns started today.

Snidget rocks! Friday Night Lights Rules!

A good friend will come and bail you out of jail...but a true friend will be sitting next to you saying, "Damn... that was fun!"

Posted by KScott on 01-16-09 at 02:08 PM
All the good ones get cancelled....


Snidget rocks! Friday Night Lights Rules!

A good friend will come and bail you out of jail...but a true friend will be sitting next to you saying, "Damn... that was fun!"

"RE: Cancelled!!!!"
Posted by aquariaqueen on 01-17-09 at 06:33 PM
Wow! I just caught up on a marathon a weekend or two ago....guess I can tell the DVR not to record any new episodes.
I didn't think I would like it, but it grew on me. It was nice to know that they showed the good and bad about swinging. It can get quite complex.

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