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"ECST, Ep 12, "Shot into Smithereens""

Posted by Flowerpower on 12-05-12 at 08:40 PM
You know the drill...please post all things related to the current episode 12 of Survivor here until after the show has aired on the West Coast.

Now, will Malcolm utter the title, "Shot into Smithereens"? My money is on him!

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"Previously, On Survivor..."
Posted by Flowerpower on 12-05-12 at 09:06 PM
Box of kleenex....check


Previously, on Survivor: Abi finally found out that she was universally despised, but in order to save herself she bought an advantage at the challenge, and used it as part of a crazy scheme to make people think she had an HII, but she didn't need it because she won immunity, at TC it was clear that it was a majority, but Penner tried to convince Lisa that it was a bad idea, you are giving one of them a million, but she kept her word...

Night see bats flying...scary music plays, see Denise, Abi says it's clear that Malc denise, Skup, and Lisa have an alliance, so between me and Carter, who are they going to take, and Carter notes if You have the HII you will go farther, and she laughs, I do have it...see Denise and Skup, and Lisa tells Malc that she feels as though she's been punched, but Malc tries to soother her. Lisa in Confessional says that Malc is playing a brilliant game, strategic, underdog, likeable, all around brilliant game, and Denise tells her that she is really proud of her for going with them because she stood up for herself, ddidn't back down, going with Malc and Denise to the end is not a great strategy but betraying that trust opposes who I am...TC was a very tough decision

"Post Intro...."
Posted by Flowerpower on 12-05-12 at 09:18 PM
See Reward challenge arena....Come on in....unsuspecting, getting to challenge, for today you will be paired up with a loved one...Skuipoin. Here is Michael Skupin, and they hug dramatically and cry, OMG, my number one, and hug, and even Abi says she is going to cry, he's the best human being I know, for 12 years, let's do it again, he met you 12 years ago, Probst, I was freakin out

Carter ~ Mom, and she jumps in his arms he's crying, OMG this never happens I never break down like this

Denise ~ Here's your man, Brad, and she hugs and jumps in his arms crying and kisses him, she's smelly and stinky, Brad you are now a Survivor you have snot on your shirt, this is the guy that can call me out, She has so much strength and love all in this tiny little package, you can carry her over

Lisa here's your brother Justice, Sister! She is bawling....You're doing it, he tells her, she's gasping, and he kisses her, I have seen some pretty powerful moments but this is at the top, I don't know if I had ever needed any one so much, isnb't he so beautiful!

Abi ~ Mom, VERA....Are you well, you're so thin, she's just happy to see me, very confused with everything, doesn't speak English, just very confused they are just happy that you are here, she says she is happy to be here

Oh Wiat Jeff, says Malc, He're's your brother Malcolm, and they are crying...Malc is taking his headband, and he swears and Malc points to Jeff, he says that Malc is a fan and Miles tells him that we watch every week, and they cry, I always follow in his footsteps and I am sure he's doing great he's here

Challenge, toss a muddy bag to teammate who then tries to knock down a target, knock down all 5 and win. Take your loved one back to camp and spend the night for prize

Ready, go...Skup and son miss, Lisa and brother, miss, Miles knocks one off, and Brad knocks one and Carter's mom does too, Abi's mom can't catch it, Bianca Carter's mom and Miles and Brad all knock another, and Justice knocks a second one

Justice has 3 down, Abi has none, and Carter has 2 left, and Malc has 2 left, and Carter is down to one, Malc down to 1, and Skup down to one, And Miles nails it! And Miles jumps on Malc and knocks him down, they are covered in mucd...will spend the night, and pick one other to join you to come too...Lisa gets picked because she is having trouble out here over the past two days...Malcolm gets to pick one more....and chosses Skup and see Denise close her eyes in frustration and Carter is practically crying, and DEnise is so sad and Abi says goodbye...All crying

All going back to camp together...Malc confessional: says he didn't have alot of time and I am rewarding Lisa and Skupin for sticking with us the past couple of days, they are my allies and I need to keep them close...

"Apparently Skulpinitis is genetic"
Posted by Snidget on 12-05-12 at 09:22 PM

"RE: Apparently Skulpinitis is genetic"
Posted by Karchita on 12-06-12 at 02:28 PM

"Post Reward Challenge, Back at camp"
Posted by Flowerpower on 12-05-12 at 09:27 PM
LAST EDITED ON 12-05-12 AT 09:29 PM (EST)

I think Malc was wise to pick them....just saying

Back at camp...We are on day 31 Lisa tells Justice, and the hug, J and I have always had a very close relationship, he's 20 years younger but has so much life giving spirit in him

Miles turned 21 a month ago, he's a knucklehead, he's always trying to get a laugh, but him running his mouth when I'm trying to get a million dollars could cost me..

See young Mike go to climb a tree to get a coconut, he comes down bloody, and Mike Sr. shakes his head and says, that's my boy!

Then as they walk to the beach, we here Justice say to Lisa, how about some intel?

You have an extra set of eyes and ears here....Lisa tells him about the strong 4 alliance, but she doesn't want Malc in the final 3 because he would probably win it, in conf Justice says how smart she is....she tells him that she wanted to blindside Malc, and then tells him she found his HII in his bag and she told him about it, she's made alot of mistakes out here, would she do it differently? She doesn't know,

Justice: My sister is loyal so anything shady would be unnatural, my job is to remind her that this is a game to outwit, outlast, outplay the rest. So Skup is now telling them all,(Lisa, Justice, and Young Mike) Lisa and Just and young mike that the last time to play the idol is tomorrow night, but he doesn't think that he will play it, and skup says that Carter will be with them...Lisa says that she loves this game but can't step outside of who she is to play the game. Just tells her that if you, Skup, Carter, Abi all voted to get Malc out, but she can't do it because that would be lying to Malc....and Justice says when you betrayed Malc already he understood and was ok with it, so he would respect it.

Lisa says that when someone who knows me clears me up and reminds me that I can play this game and play it well....my brother came in here with some fresh perspectvie...you guys need to blindside Malc and get him out of here, I don'tknow if i will win but I want to do every thing possible to play by these rules to WIN.

Well, sure looks like they are going to try and blindside Malc...

"RE: Post Reward Challenge, Back at camp"
Posted by byoffer on 12-05-12 at 09:30 PM
Interesting that all the talk is about needing to get Malcolm out or he will win. I didn't hear any talk of the need to get Denise out or she will win.

"RE: Post Reward Challenge, Back at camp"
Posted by PepeLePew13 on 12-05-12 at 09:42 PM
We did see Penner last week saying that if Lisa doesn't vote with him then "these two" (meaning Malcolm and Denise) will win the million dollars.

So... if Malcolm ends up not winning, does that mean Denise has a shot or is Penner blowing the smoke of misdirection around?

"RE: Post Reward Challenge, Back at camp"
Posted by michel on 12-05-12 at 10:09 PM
That is the question.

"RE: Post Reward Challenge, Back at camp"
Posted by Flowerpower on 12-05-12 at 10:26 PM
I am SO rooting for Denise!

"RE: Post Reward Challenge, Back at camp"
Posted by michel on 12-05-12 at 11:05 PM
LAST EDITED ON 12-05-12 AT 11:07 PM (EST)

It's rare that 4 of the final 5 are likable. Funny thing is that Australia is the only other example I have.

ETA: I think that Lisa is supposed to be likable even if many here, including me, are tired of her.

"RE: Post Reward Challenge, Back at camp"
Posted by CTgirl on 12-05-12 at 11:31 PM
I am SICK of Lisa! She gets way too much air time. All her moaning and wringing her hands, enough already!

"RE: Post Reward Challenge, Back at camp"
Posted by michel on 12-05-12 at 11:41 PM
LAST EDITED ON 12-05-12 AT 11:42 PM (EST)

I know but doesn't Jeff think we like her?

"RE: Post Reward Challenge, Back at camp"
Posted by Murphy3126 on 12-06-12 at 00:10 AM
Somebody must think we like her! Lisa sure is getting pitiful & depressing.

"RE: Post Reward Challenge, Back at camp"
Posted by Brownroach on 12-06-12 at 00:34 AM
I have been watching only sporadically but...yes. She needs to shut up.

"RE: Post Reward Challenge, Back at camp"
Posted by Karchita on 12-06-12 at 02:34 PM
And the crying! Enough already with the cry baby carp.

Not only is she on the verge of being unlikable, she has had no coherent strategy. I sure hope we aren't being set up for a Lisa win. I honestly don't think that she will win, but why don't they show us more of one of the likable people who will win instead of so much of her.

"RE: Post Reward Challenge, Back at camp"
Posted by Murphy3126 on 12-06-12 at 00:08 AM
>LAST EDITED ON 12-05-12
>AT 09:29PM (EST)

"I think Malc was wise to pick them....just saying"

I know the saying is "Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer", but I thought it was a mistake to take Skupin over Denise. Denise has been teamed with Malcolm from the start & Lisa/Skupin need them as much as Malcolm/Denise need Lisa/Skupin. Risked angering Denise, the only one whose family was spouse. Gave Skupin & Lisa opportunity to plot & a possible Malcolm blindside if he had not won immunity. May still come back to cost him at F$.

"RE: Post Reward Challenge, Back at camp"
Posted by michel on 12-06-12 at 07:16 PM
LAST EDITED ON 12-07-12 AT 04:40 PM (EST)

My rule of playing Survivor: NEVER win individual reward.

Maybe Malcolm made the best choices but why even put himself in a position to make that choice? Better to be chosen than to do the choosing.
Edited to write reward instead of immunity. Sorry for the confusion.

"RE: Post Reward Challenge, Back at camp"
Posted by Murphy3126 on 12-06-12 at 08:17 PM
Yea, I may have been hasty. Malcolm probably did make the best choice to ensure either he or Denise was back at camp to prevent the other 3 coming up with a new alliance. You're right about not winning & having to choose, rather than being chosen!

"RE: Post Reward Challenge, Back at camp"
Posted by tikigirlie on 12-07-12 at 12:35 PM
Do you mean individual reward? Because individual immunity sounds like a good bet at F6 with an idol to play at F5.

"RE: Post Reward Challenge, Back at camp"
Posted by dabo on 12-07-12 at 12:52 PM
Winning II just puts a target on you down the road, but in general that target was already there anyway. Winning individual reward is much worse if you then have to make the political decisions of sharing reward and so on.

Malcolm left his closest ally, Denise, with nothing this time, establishing a potential payback down the road, she now has reason to doubt her faith in him. And pumping up Lisa and Skupin potentially left him getting voted out this time had he not won II and shot pumped up Lisa's plan to take him down into smithereens.

"RE: Post Reward Challenge, Back at camp"
Posted by PepeLePew13 on 12-07-12 at 01:11 PM
It's really amazing... there should never be a reason for alliancemates to doubt the intent behind leaving someone behind in camp. If Malcolm was smart, he would have had a discussion already with Denise to talk about what should happen if such a reward came up. Kim didn't do that with Kat last season and it could easily have cost her if she didn't already have agreements in place with certain people.

I get why Malcolm decided to go with Skupin and Lisa over Denise, he really ought to have had a plan in place with Denise in the first place.

"RE: Post Reward Challenge, Back at camp"
Posted by dabo on 12-07-12 at 01:34 PM
For all we know that was the plan in place, the editors just left it out. Very frustrating episode the way it was edited, Justice turned out to be the best one with his head in the game. But really a tedious edit. They returned to camp after voting out Penner, commercial break, they walk into the challenge area for RC, lot of time spent introducing loved ones, fairly simple challenge with much mud flying, Malc explains his decisions, commercial break...

"RE: Post Reward Challenge, Back at camp"
Posted by CTgirl on 12-07-12 at 05:03 PM
Tedious is a good word to describe all of Lisa's edit!

Pepe, CBS posted a video of Denise explaining that she was totally okay with Malcolm's decision. She didn't say that they had talked about it before hand but it sounds like they did. He chose Lisa and Malcolm because they were in their alliance. Lisa because they needed her to stay strong and with them and Mike because he has been on very few rewards. Denise posted the video on her FB page (but its still owned by CBS so you Canadians can't see it. )

"RE: Post Reward Challenge, Back at camp"
Posted by michel on 12-07-12 at 04:41 PM
Sorry, I did mean reward. Thank you for pointing my mistake.

"Drama and Pre-IC..."
Posted by Flowerpower on 12-05-12 at 09:38 PM
Lisa is praying with them, we don't propose to guess your will, bless this plan and protect it, if you want any of them to win, we want your will to be done....see Denise and Malc and Miles and Abi at the fire...Malc one of the biggest fears since the loved ones were here, Lisa, she was at rock bottom, now with her brother here, I am afraid that he's snapped her back to her senses.

Then the prayer group is laughing about if Jesus Christ was here, he'd look like Malcolm, ha ha...Lisa: aka Church Lady...it was easy to pray we have a plan and if you trust it great but if you want someone else to win we trust that too....then they kiss and say goodby to their prayerful loved ones...

Day 33, going to IC

Abi fell in love with the IN, and does't want to give it up...race across bammboo balance beam and find hook to retrieve 3 bags of pieces of poles, rope them together and get something to win...

see Malc, then the start...get the grappling hook to get a bag under the water, Malc has first bag, and so does Lisa and Abi, then Carter, then Skup, then Denise, Carter with 2nd, Lisa has 2nd, Carter has all three, and Malc with 2nd, Lisa and Skup and Malc now have all 3, then denise, then Abi, all heading back, now must swim with all bags and then run with them and erect a pole long and strong enough to knock over your target...Lisa and Carter are getting it done, Malc is trying, and Lisa is the first to give it a shot, not strong enough, then Carter and Skup, not long enough, now Carter, now Malc trying and Carter giving it another shot...Malc very close....Malc does it and wins immunity, safe!

First win, finally, he says, see Denise is grinning in a big way and claps...he says thanks, Lisa is so bumed and so ready to play this game hard and make a big move, and "Malc wins immunity" and Lisa's shot is blown into smithereens!

So Lisa spoke the title! I was wrong!

"RE: ECST, Ep 12, "Shot into Smithereens""
Posted by Brownroach on 12-05-12 at 09:44 PM
Skupin is distracted away from Lisa's God's-will ramblings by a large ant on a tree.

"RE: ECST, Ep 12, "Shot into Smithereens""
Posted by michel on 12-05-12 at 10:12 PM
Reminded me of Greg and the flying fish!

"RE: ECST, Ep 12, "Shot into Smithereens""
Posted by Flowerpower on 12-05-12 at 10:30 PM
Yes. Great focus there, Skupin! LOL! Loved that!

"RE: ECST, Ep 12, "Shot into Smithereens""
Posted by Outfrontgirl on 12-06-12 at 07:33 AM
I took that as:
Mike could see Lisa heading towards a conclusion that it might be God's will for Malcolm to win.
Mike didn't like where she was going with it and forestalled her from saying it aloud by distracting her.
Not a good thought for Lisa to install in her head if Mike and she are playing to win.

Clearly Mike is fine with winning and not worried about whether God likes Malcolm best.

"Giant ant, Lisa!"

"RE: ECST, Ep 12, "Shot into Smithereens""
Posted by PepeLePew13 on 12-06-12 at 07:43 AM
I concur as it had the feeling of a cut off, and we didn't see more from Lisa after that instead of merely picking up on where her comments were left off.

"RE: ECST, Ep 12, "Shot into Smithereens""
Posted by Flowerpower on 12-06-12 at 08:18 AM
Definitely, I thought it was a blatant cut-off as well. Saying "nice focus" was sarcasm!

"RE: ECST, Ep 12, "Shot into Smithereens""
Posted by michel on 12-06-12 at 08:33 AM
That was my thought also. Mike (and we) didn't want to listen to that.

"RE: ECST, Ep 12, "Shot into Smithereens""
Posted by Brownroach on 12-06-12 at 11:35 AM
LAST EDITED ON 12-06-12 AT 11:36 AM (EST)

The main thing is: it was funny.

"Pre TC, TC..."
Posted by Flowerpower on 12-05-12 at 09:55 PM
LAST EDITED ON 12-05-12 AT 10:13 PM (EST)

I wonder if Malcolm will give his HII to Denise to play if this is the last time to play it?

We'll soon see!

See Malc on Day 33, it's the most relaxing feeling I've had all game, my mind gets a break, just the icing on the cake, and the last time I can play this is at the F5, I am in the final 4, I am so close I can taste it....

ETA: Well, we answered that question...Malc can play the HII at the next TC, so he's sitting pretty to F4.

Lisa: Well we did pray if this was the way to go, God would get us there, but God closed that door when Malc won the IN, it's his plan, so Skup says he's got something for us at the F4, at this point would you rather vote Carter or denise tonight...see Skup tell Malc he doesn't want to get rid of Carter, and Malc tells him that Carter is best at challenges...then Carter walks up, and Skup says that we were talking about you...are we voting Abi over me, and Skup says there is one thing against you, it's that you are good at challenges

Carter says on a persoanl level this gaem is aobut winning but the whole time people habed talked about keeping people here that deserve to be here. We are all stand up people and get rid of Abi, who doesn't deserve to be here...

they are talking that Skup, Lisa, and Carter have not had anyone vote against them...Abi says I have, Abi says you seemed close to me, to Lisa, you can vote for Denise, and if I get to the final 4, I might have to write Denise's name down, and she wouldn't begrudge her...Abi says it's easy for you to let this conversation to rest becasue you are in the F4, and it's me an Carter, and I will have to play my HII at the next TC.

Malc conf: says since the beginning of this game, everyone wants Abi out, she's like a dementor on Harry Potter, she's such a drain at camp, OMG, she's so detrimental to morale, no one can stand having her around....Lisa says it's over, I 've tried to be kind and understanding, glare all you want Abi, at this point, I don't care, Skup says she has every psychological problem in one, Denise says it is not her culture, it's her personality, this histrionic, martyr, it's the culture of Abi...and see Abi go to the woods and find her stick....she is one person, she is going to play her fantasy idol, I am convinced of my own idol

Malc says she continues to threaten her HII, we are considering to get rid of this crazy brazilian girl over an athletic great guy, if Abi goes home tonight it's because she's a B!tch!

Walk into TC...Jury, RC, JEff, ARtis, Pete, and Penner...See Carter, then Skup , then Malc

Did you need Immunity today? He says that he trusted his 4, but he's excited to have it...

So if this group of 4 is tight, then it's you or Abi

Yes, I feel like I've played a game worthy enought to be taken to the F5, because I deserve it and she doesn't

Skup says that I don't know if Carter is more of a friend or a Kid to me, it would be like voting off my own kid...

Lisa: I can sit next to some one that can beat you, or sit next to sit next to someone that you can beat...she says she would rather sit next to someone she can beat

Abi says that she found the 4th HII and I will play it

Is this new Denise, and she says that she didn't have any clues so we don't know if she really has it

Malc says if she had it she would be using it for more leverage

Denise says that he relationship with Abi has improved...she says that she doesn't want to take her to the end...Abi laughs says that it's horrible news, but she does't bring any tension that she can see, maybe there is old baggage, Jiffy suggests

Denise says that she does't think that Abi can win this game, they are looking for a balanced player that brings the social, startegic, game and she hasn't brought those
to this game....

Carter votes first. Sure looks like it will be Abi tonight...Vote tally:

Play any idol? And Abi doesn't play it, and Carter notes it....


See Malc and Abi makes the sign of the cross...

See Denise then Abi, Made it to the F5, the smalledr the numbers get the more difficult the game becomes...

"RE: Pre TC, TC..."
Posted by jbug on 12-05-12 at 10:26 PM
I can NOT believe they did that.
They deserve every second of torture Abi's yakking gives them.
every milisecond.

"RE: Pre TC, TC..."
Posted by byoffer on 12-05-12 at 10:27 PM
I guess they didn't split the vote. I sort of thought they would to try to flush Abi's HII. As it stands, if they believe in her HII (and it sounds like they think it is a possibility) she could still have one going into the next episode. Now that they don't have a Carter, they can't take a chance and all vote for Abi.


"RE: Pre TC, TC..."
Posted by michel on 12-05-12 at 10:42 PM
No, I think they will be certain that she didn't play it because she didn't have it.

"RE: Pre TC, TC..."
Posted by michel on 12-05-12 at 11:49 PM
FP, Malcolm's idol is still good for the next TC.

"Next week on Survivor...."
Posted by Flowerpower on 12-05-12 at 10:07 PM
Next time on Survivor:

Abi talking at camp to Lisa: Be very careful, Denise, she knows that she can beat you...(says this to Lisa)
Jiffy: Information from an unlikely ally
Abi continues on to Lisa: I think that this alliance of 4, that you are totally on the bottom..
Jiffy: ...could force Lisa to make her biggest move yet
Lisa: If we keep Abi, I have options, maybe take to the end, it's one to use her for my best game plan

Carter's final words: The realization that my survivor experience is over, is weighing heavily on me. It does hurt to know that that 4 would rather play with someone like Abi, who they feel like they can beat these next few days, as opposed to me, I can understand it, but it doesn't mean it doesn't hurt. They are playing with their heads not their hearts at this point.

"RE: ECST, Ep 12, "Shot into Smithereens""
Posted by michel on 12-05-12 at 11:22 PM
LAST EDITED ON 12-05-12 AT 11:23 PM (EST)

Miles certainly put Malcolm in danger, didn't he? Was Miles even heard talking during his time in camp?

"RE: ECST, Ep 12, "Shot into Smithereens""
Posted by SpotTheDiffference on 12-05-12 at 11:32 PM
I was trying to look for this scene on the ECST and thought maybe FloPo just forgot to type it out

Are the editors different from the promo people? Could be a case of disconnect between the two groups, if they are. Promo sees one thing they can pimp, but editors decide to hide that particular scene completely.

"RE: ECST, Ep 12, "Shot into Smithereens""
Posted by michel on 12-05-12 at 11:46 PM
Well, Malcom was put in danger during the family visit and he did have a confessional saying his brother talks too much. He said it could hurt him so there was a tenuous connection but Miles wasn't heard saying anything damaging.

I guess it just didn't make the last cut but they kept the storyline. Insider clips maybe?

"RE: ECST, Ep 12, "Shot into Smithereens""
Posted by Flowerpower on 12-06-12 at 02:55 PM
Hi Spot! See my post number 4. Jiffy talked a little bit to Miles at the RC when he was introduced. He noted that he follows in Malcolm's footsteps, and that they are both very avid Survivor fans, watching it every week...blah, blah. Then after the RC was immediately over, they cut to commercial. Then, Malcolm had that first confessional as soon as they all were seen arriving at camp. Regarding, Miles turning 21 and is a knucklehead, etc.

They really showed nothing of Miles and Malcolm at camp. We just got a confessional from Malc about how his knucklehead brother could spill things he doesn't want spilled, and that his rationale for picking Skupin and Lisa to bring their loved ones back to camp was to keep his allies close.

The rest of the tv footage was on the Church lady waffler and a small bit on Skupin and Skupin Jr. Funny that Skupin Jr. is just as accident prone as his father, LOL!

"RE: ECST, Ep 12, "Shot into Smithereens""
Posted by SquidProQuo on 12-06-12 at 11:46 PM
Wasn't sure where to stick this, but in Probst's EW interview he implies a jury of 8 and mentions F3.

EW: A group of Survivors including Michael Skupin and Russell Hantz took to Twitter this past week to debate the fairness of allowing jury members to hang out together and possibly influence each other on final voting. Whats your take on this? Should jury members be sequestered from each other like before the game starts, or is group jury talk just something that players at the end should be factoring into their gameplay all along?

Probst: If it was logistically possible to sequester everybody on the jury, we would do it in a heartbeat. Ba-bump. That fast. But its just not something we can pull off. Its too expensive and wed need 8 separate places to keep them. Not gonna happen in the middle of the South China Sea! Yes, it impacts the game and probably not always in a good way. But in life, gossip does the same thing. So you have to manage what you say about people in the game knowing if may come back to help or hurt you same as in life.

EW: Only two episodes left. Hit us with a solid gold tease, Jeff!
Probst: Were at the point in the show where who you vote out is as important as who you decide to keep. Abi is the wild card. Will she drive people nuts enough to vote her out or can she annoy her way to the final three? Its a great ending two more eps!

"RE: ECST, Ep 12, "Shot into Smithereens""
Posted by michel on 12-07-12 at 08:32 AM
It sure sounds like a Final 3 again but they would only need to sequester 8 jurors, the final one wouldn't need to be sent anywhere.

I have been thinking this could be the final twist: The Final 3 are invited to Tribal Council. They go thinking they'll face the jury but instead they hold a challenge right there in front of the jury. Probably too good to be true...

"RE: ECST, Ep 12, "Shot into Smithereens""
Posted by Chez on 12-07-12 at 03:43 PM
Isn't that the way it ended in the Amazon? Matt, Jenna & Rob C went to Final Tribal Council. There was an endurance contest and Matt dropped out, figuring either of the other 2 would choose him, then Jenna won and did choose Matt. I just can't recall 100% if they did the final jury vote right after that or not.

"RE: ECST, Ep 12, "Shot into Smithereens""
Posted by Sheldor on 12-07-12 at 08:10 PM
>Isn't that the way it ended in the Amazon? Matt,
>Jenna & Rob C went to Final Tribal Council. There
>was an endurance contest and Matt dropped out, figuring either
>of the other 2 would choose him, then Jenna won
>and did choose Matt. I just can't recall 100%
>if they did the final jury vote right after that
>or not.

Well that was NOT the Final Tribal Council. Back then Final 3 had not ever happened. They were instructed to go to Tribal Council where they would compete for Immunity. After Jenna won Immunity Jenna cast her vote to eliminate Rob C and then Matt and Jenna went back to camp for the final day. Final Tribal Council was at the end of that day.

"RE: ECST, Ep 12, "Shot into Smithereens""
Posted by tikigirlie on 12-07-12 at 12:38 PM
Personal opinion: Juries debate in real life, why not on Survivor?

I love the angry juror possibly poisoning the rest of the group. Makes you think twice about voting someone off in a cruel way (Troyzan).

"RE: ECST, Ep 12, "Shot into Smithereens""
Posted by Flowerpower on 12-07-12 at 10:59 PM
Squid: Thanks for posting this EW interview with Jiffy. I especially like what Jiffy said here...

Abi is the wild card. Will she drive people nuts enough to vote her out or can she annoy her way to the final three? Its a great ending two more eps!

With this in mind, I went back to see what Jiffy may have said toward the ending of Survivor: One World, and I found this post by Squid, located here, which btw, was also from an EW interview! Here is what it said:

EW: For viewers, the debate often seems to boil down to whether to root for the most deserving player which at this point appears to be Kim or to root for unpredictability and a tribal shake-up. As a producer, whats more important: to have a great winner (like Tom in Palau or Boston Rob in Redemption Island) or to have lots of big shake-ups along the way (like in Survivor: Amazon)?
JP: Great question. Hard to answer that other than to say you want the ending to be satisfying. Though Boston Rob dominated the entire game, for most people his win was satisfying. Had there been a crazy shake up at the end and the lovely young Natalie won, not sure it would have been satisfying. The perfect ending gives you great drama at TC but the person you want to win.

So, if Jiffy thinks that "it's a great ending" to the next episode, what could that possibly mean? So a great ending would perhaps mean that the most deserving player makes it through, OR, that there is a big shake up? One thing we know about the next episode is that from Jiffy's perspective, it will be satisfying, and perhaps it will lead to great drama at TC. Hmmmm?

"RE: ECST, Ep 12, "Shot into Smithereens""
Posted by michel on 12-08-12 at 01:49 AM
Is he talking about the next episode's ending or the season?

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Posted by Flowerpower on 12-08-12 at 10:12 AM
Hi Michel! Well, I think that EW asked Jiffy for a tease up for the next episode. Where he said, "it's a great ending". He was referring to the next episode. But, as there is only one episode left to go, clearly the ending of this episode will impact the last episode.

It was interesting how Jiffy responded to the question regarding a "deserving winner", such as Kim or Boston Rob, vs a season where there are multiple shake ups, such as in Amazon. You want to feel satisfied, yet have great TC drama.

Well, this week with Abi still there, I am sure that she will try and pull out all of the secrets of the remaining players and play them against each other. Most likely it will be a dramatic TC, and Jiffy thinks it will have a "great ending". So, the deserving player will most likely survive this week, as they must be around for the last episode for it to be a "good ending", and it will be a dramatic TC.

Frankly, my guesses for the "deserving players" would be Malcolm and Denise, and maybe I would consider Mike in that category as well, but I don't know about that. For Mike to be deserving, he's got to show me some game now. The editing is funny this season, imo. They seem to be building up some, while hiding others, which leaves me scratching my head, but after all, isn't that the way to make for surprise endings? So, back to the original point, for this to be a "satisfying ending", and the deserving players move on to the final episode, I would spec that either Abi or Lisa would get the boot. Boy, I sure would love to see it be Lisa...LOL! But, I think it will be the hot little Brazilian whacko.

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Posted by Sheldor on 12-08-12 at 06:41 PM
michel wrote:

>Is he talking about the next episode's ending or the season?

From the context: "Abi is the wild card. Will she drive people nuts enough to vote her out or can she annoy her way to the final three? Its a great ending two more eps!"

I think Jeff is saying it is a great ending to this season (2 more episodes and Final 3)