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"Amber in Ep7 preview (a new theory)"

Posted by Dreamingofcolleen on 03-06-01 at 00:38 AM
In ep7 preview there is a few quick shots of Amber from blind RC.


I think this is a preview of what is to come. We know that ep8 is titled "friends?" calling into jeopardy a friendship. Possibly Jerri and Amber. Could this be that Jerri is leading naive, blind Amber into a trap. This could also explain the "Jerri is a black widow" comment. We all assume it means Colby, but it could be Amber. In Australia, a mate is a friend, and a black widow kills their mate. Any thoughts?

Sorry if this has been posted somewhere else.


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"RE: Amber in Ep7 preview (a new theory)"
Posted by Jewels on 03-06-01 at 02:25 AM
Good asumption, but couldnt the title friends also be opposite with Amber finally breaking away from Jerri and maybe even voting here off. This is just speculation but the title has many ways it could be explained. I also think that Amber is going to stick around long enough for us to at least see the coniving sid that MB has told us about

"RE: Amber in Ep7 preview (a new theory)"
Posted by Loree on 03-06-01 at 11:02 AM
I have a very strong feeling that Amber is going to stick around longer than Jerri. So if anyone breaks up the friendship, I think it will be Amber. She may see the "real" Jerri and now Amber has more alternatives for friends of her own age group.

"RE: Amber in Ep7 preview (a new theory)"
Posted by wendyp on 03-06-01 at 02:15 PM
I posted the same comment about the Black Widow theroy being Amber on a different thread. I am glad I am not the only one thinking this way. i also agree with the other comments that Amber will stay longer then Jerri. I think Amber knows about Jerri already, but she stuck it out to make merger. I think Amber is alot smart and manipulative then they are letting on. Hence her comment about Colby not being able to think for himself. I think if he has his own business he can think and he was just playing the game.

But we could also assume that Amber is the black widow and she "eats her mate Jerri" when she votes for and gets others to vote Jerri off.

This week is going to be interesting.

"RE: Amber in Ep7 preview (a new theory)"
Posted by MDSkinner on 03-06-01 at 02:19 PM
I think that the Black Widow comment is definitely a reference between Jerri and Amber and not Colby. I am not sure if it is this week or even any time soon, but it seems very likely that Jerri will turn on Amber who she has really brought into her web. Colby does not seem to be enthralled by Jerri any longer and I am not sure how she could "black widow" him when she has not brought him into her web. Just a thought, but I do think Jerri will be turning on Amber at some point in the next few weeks.