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"East Coast Spoiler Thread, Ep 9, Little Miss Perfect"

Posted by Flowerpower on 11-14-12 at 09:00 PM
Please put all things Survivor here till it 's over on the West Side..

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"RE: East Coast Spoiler Thread, Ep 9, Little Miss Perfect"
Posted by Bebo on 11-14-12 at 09:07 PM
I know that my vote went in technically after the episode had started. We had taken the kids out for pizza when I realized I hadn't voted, and I voted for whom I told hubby I would vote.

Meanwhile...Abi thought Skupin voted for her, which he denied. Penner then said flat out to her that he had voted for her.

"RE: East Coast Spoiler Thread, Ep 9, Little Miss Perfect"
Posted by Flowerpower on 11-14-12 at 09:08 PM
LAST EDITED ON 11-14-12 AT 10:05 PM (EST)

Sorry, I missed the intro...
In the end, Tandang stayed strong and got their way...9 are left..

Arriving back at Night, Tribal C was the amazing experience, Lisa made her big move to save me (Skupin), the game could have been flipped whether Jeff or Pete went, 2 most outspoken here, having one of them go was great for me.

Abi then approaches the group pissed and wants to know who voted for her...comes up to them and says who voted for me, and Penner tells her I voted for you. Penner was po'd, there was a plan b, I didn't know any ohter plan...

Penner says that all of Tandang voted for Jeff? as he talks to Carter, he says that he is the one who blew it?

It sure looks like Penner was out of the loop

The others voted for Pete.

Penner voted for Abi, I screwed it up, no one knew what to do, I'm a dead man walking anyway.

Malcolm goes to Lisa and says it's ok

Lisa tried to make a move: I lied, betrayed, broke promises. It's just not me, She can't believe that you are so full of grace and mercy and she is so thankful. you are amazing, and Malc says it's no big deal....Malc realized she was just playing the game.

"RE: East Coast Spoiler Thread, Ep 9, Little Miss Perfect"
Posted by Bebo on 11-14-12 at 09:11 PM
Abi shows yet again that she's stupid. As long as the Tandang 5 hangs together, they have the majority. But she calls out Michael and accuses him of voting for her. Yeah, like that's going to keep him loyal.

"RE: East Coast Spoiler Thread, Ep 9, Little Miss Perfect"
Posted by Flowerpower on 11-14-12 at 09:20 PM
Day 23: Penner, there are 5 original Tandang left, if they vote together I am done, if I don't win the next immunity. But, so many cracks there, 2 parents that are straight up Christian, and then 3 other players taht are playing a bully game.

See Penner approach Lisa

My hope is to play on Lisa and Skupin's hearts...

See Penner say to Lisa, you explained yourself beautifully last night, you were working for your alliance, who can argue with that. He admires her, and that's the god's honest truth. I am talking about your history and you the psychology of who you are, I know how one look from the wrong person that thinks, have you gained weight,

Penner is the bread winner, am I beautiful enough, am I making enough, Lisa says how do you know, and he says, it's my business too.

Lisa conf: Penner gets it, it's to be liked. see Penner talking again, Penner tells her: that extraordinary youth that you had cost you something, and now you know that I loved you

Lisa conf: Her whole life is based on public perception from age7, learn to get love for performing and being likeable.

See her hugging Penner, you help me understand myself, crying

Lisa conf: If I am judged will I be ok, not being little Miss Perfect, will I be OK, will I survive?

Lisa clearly is the journey player, LOL!

2 teams on his go, crawl under the frame in muddy water, climb up frame and down, to rice pit, get bags, then basketballs into the hoops. Reward is to take toys to be Survivor ambassadors, and school supplies and the village is cooking them a beautiful feast.

Teams: Skup, Artis, Lisa Pete
Penner, Carter, Denise, Malc. Abby is not picked, no shot at reward

Go....to returnees leading their teams, thru crawl over a frame, skup first, penner right behind. looking for bags, skup has his, Penner still searching, now lisa Penner pulls up all of the bags for his team so they don't have to look.

Carter is now out on the course, Carter is flying through passing Lisa, both are thru the rice, Carter puts red team in the lead. Now it's Denise and Pete. Pete digs while Denise just grabs hers, Now Malc is on the course, and passes Pete, now red team starts shooting on the basket.

Yellow is way behind, and Artis is going. Malc scores, Carter scores, Malc scores, Malc scores again, 5 balls in when yellow catches up, Carter scores, Malc again, 9 in, Penner scores, Malc finally gets it, and they hug and jump up and down.

Pete Skup Artis Abi back to camp. Nice job, nice reward, enjoy afternoon!

"RE: East Coast Spoiler Thread, Ep 9, Little Miss Perfect"
Posted by michel on 11-14-12 at 10:40 PM
That was really smart of Penner since he knew where he had found previous bags, he could go to new spots whereas the yellow team had to dig all over the square each time. I think he learned that from Ozzy who often would bring all the pieces to one place to help the ones that would come after him.

"RE: East Coast Spoiler Thread, Ep 9, Little Miss Perfect"
Posted by byoffer on 11-15-12 at 09:44 AM
I agree, that was smart and decided the challenge. The other thing that I am surprised no one did was dig out the rice to make it easier for those who followed to go through.

"RE: East Coast Spoiler Thread, Ep 9, Little Miss Perfect"
Posted by Karchita on 11-15-12 at 01:11 PM
I'm surprised that when they got back to camp, they didn't pick it off their bodies, rinse it, and eat it. They much not be as hungry this season.

"Title from Lisa"
Posted by Bebo on 11-14-12 at 09:12 PM
Lisa had a confessional talking about how she's always been judged, been performing since she was 7, and wondering how she can handle not being Little Miss Perfect.

Posted by Bebo on 11-14-12 at 09:15 PM
They got to pick their teams, with the 9th person not getting to participate/win the reward.

Teams are:
- Penner, Carter, Denise, Malcolm
- Skupin, Lisa, Artis, Pete

Abi was not picked.

"Great strategy!"
Posted by Bebo on 11-14-12 at 09:17 PM
Penner went on the course first and instead of grabbing a bag and picking it up, he found all of them and moved them into the corners so that the folks behind him could easily pick them up.

"RC details"
Posted by Bebo on 11-14-12 at 09:20 PM
Challenge was a very messy obstacle course - mud, water, rice, digging through dirt for bags of balls. Each team member went through the course, grabbed a bag, and then when all of the team members were through the course, they had to shoot 12 balls into a container.

Penner took his time getting his bag and arranging the others in the corner for his teammates to pick up quickly. As a result, the others flew through the course and had a huge lead by the time the other team made it to the end.

Reward - taking school supplies and toys to a village, where the villagers would make them a feast.

"RE: Great strategy!"
Posted by michel on 11-14-12 at 10:43 PM
I wonder if they really had it set up that Abi couldn't win or if they simply edited that way. She could have picked Peter's team but it could have been cut out.

"RE: Great strategy!"
Posted by udg on 11-15-12 at 02:12 AM
Jeff said before the game started that Abi hadn't been picked by either team, so she was ineligible for reward. It made me rather squeeful when I heard it.

"RE: Great strategy!"
Posted by michel on 11-15-12 at 08:31 AM
I know he said that but it could have been added after the season just to have that reaction by the audience. Maybe she picked a team like they usually do but, afterwards, preferred to show her as the loser she's supposed to be.

"RE: Great strategy!"
Posted by Karchita on 11-15-12 at 01:18 PM
Maybe they did and maybe not. I don't think they need to go out of their way to make her look like an even bigger loser.

"RE: Great strategy!"
Posted by SquidProQuo on 11-15-12 at 05:10 PM
Here's what Jeff had to say on this topic in his EW interview:

PROBST: The captains were Carter and Skupin and yes, it was very revealing that the tribes stayed so intact. As for Abi not going, it’s really quite random. We just decide do we want the positive or the negative for not being picked. We’ve been doing a lot of “you get to go even though you didn’t participate” so we decided that if you aren’t picked you won’t go — simple as that!

"Strategy talk"
Posted by Bebo on 11-14-12 at 09:29 PM
On the reward, Penner, Carter, Denise, and Malcolm talk strategy. They thought the tribe treated Skupin terribly and want to work on him and Lisa to take the majority and pick off the others.

Pete is talking about bringing Lisa back into the fold. Abi has her diarrhea of the mouth again and going off on Lisa for being a double agent. Then they talk about keeping Skupin on a leash.

Artis is Captain Obvious and tells us during his confessional that Abi thinks she knows so much about people but doesn't and just needs to shut up.

Lisa had talked at TC about staying loyal to the Tandang 5, but Abi's attitude has her considering jumping to the others.

"Post Reward Challenge"
Posted by Flowerpower on 11-14-12 at 09:31 PM
LAST EDITED ON 11-14-12 AT 10:12 PM (EST)

The village reward: Take toys and school supplies to a village, and they will make you a feast:

See them arrive by boat, see lots of kids playing hoops, see them bring toys and they come running, and They come right up to denise, and all of the kids grab their hands and take them to a lovely village, Penner says right out of the blue lagoon. Penner tells him their name, Penner gets the confessional. It's mothers, fathers, grandfathers, kids and they are wide open to this experience.

Played a local game like a pinata, and the kids went wild, it seems like the happiest community that I have ever walked into.

Malc says when he was younger he taught school in Micronesia. Why did he give this up, this means so much more to me than pouring drinks for girls!

Penner says to Malc an amazing break for the game, hope I can talk strategy...Malc says Skup was treated horribly by them. Denise says that they need to be careful with Lisa. Carter has a conf: They made a mockery of Skup because they have mistreated him, and Lisa. It's us against them, it will determine which alliance stays and which gets picked off.

Back at camp: Pete has a conf about the challenge: See Skup and Pete is pissed to Artis, losing it was awful, demoralizing. Lisa doesn't know what's going on , and Skupin - bummer. It's a bummer that someone I wanted to get obliterated is still here, but we need them close, and making them feel comfortable. See Abi talking to Pete and Lisa....Abi says if Penner doesn't win immunity he needs to go. Then Abi tells Lisa you can't be a double agent again, we need to get Penner out.

So, as Abi knows it was Penner that voted for her, she is on the war path to get Penner out.

Artis says that Abi is a loose cannon, she thinks she knows so much about the game and how it's played but she needs to shut up or she's going to ruin the game. Abi tells Lisa that we need to be really strong the 5 of us, and make sure that Penner goes home

Lisa: My thought is at least we have some time, maybe we can reevaluate and get back together. But, we get back here, maybe it makes sense to go with the other tribe, but at the TC I made this pitch to stay strong, I just don't know what to think now. Lisa is waffling.

"Spot's Color Commentary of the Week"
Posted by SpotTheDiffference on 11-14-12 at 09:58 PM
I haven't seen the episode (probably won't until Saturday), but the pinata game is called "pukpok-palayok", where a clay pot filled with candy and coins is dangled on a rope, and blindfolded children try to hit it with a stick.

The game becomes a free-for-all when the palayok breaks. Everyone can grab whatever they can, usually leaving the "hitter" with the least amount of goodies

I'll have to see the show to tell if the village actually looks authentic or not though.

"RE: Spot's Color Commentary of the Week"
Posted by michel on 11-14-12 at 10:47 PM
The pukpok-palayok played out exactly how you described it: As soon as Penner hit the pot, all the kids forgot about him and rushed to get candy!

"RE: Spot's Color Commentary of the Week"
Posted by dabo on 11-14-12 at 11:44 PM
But Penner wasn't interested in grabbing any of the prizes for himself, he put on a show for the children for laughs before smashing the pot and then just stepped out of the way.

As good as was last week's Penner episode, this week's Penner episode was brilliant!

"RE: Spot's Color Commentary of the Week"
Posted by michel on 11-14-12 at 11:50 PM
He's a storyteller.

"Immunity Challenge:"
Posted by Flowerpower on 11-14-12 at 09:36 PM
IC: Jiffy gets the IN, back up for grabs. each balance an oversized paddle on a stand, and roll a ball down the paddle till it stays in a depression, first to balance 8 balls on the paddle and get them each in a depression will win the challenge.

1 in 8 shot to win: Go...Pete's falls, there is a learning curve to this, goal is to land 6 balls on the paddle all at once. They are all falling off...lSkupin has one ball. Pete has one, Skupin has 2 balls. Pete has second. Skupin with 3. Skup with 4, Pete with 4, Skupin has 5th, Pete has knocked his off, loses 2 balls, Skupin wins immunity!

You never know what it will take to win immunity on this show, says Jiffy. Artis says in conf: at tonights TC we can get Penner out, then we can come back to camp and take a deep breath and we can relax for a while.

Artis just spoke words of doom, imo.

"RE: Immunity Challenge:"
Posted by Bebo on 11-14-12 at 09:38 PM
Totally agree about Artis. I was giggling when he was talking about heading back to camp and relaxing.

Can you say blindside? I knew you could.

"RE: Immunity Challenge:"
Posted by Bebo on 11-14-12 at 09:40 PM
Pete loses 2 balls

Favorite quote of the episode.

"RE: Immunity Challenge:"
Posted by michel on 11-14-12 at 10:48 PM
I was thinking: You will be able to relax alright!

"Abi gets worse"
Posted by Bebo on 11-14-12 at 09:42 PM
She hits Skupin in the head with a coconut.

Laughed like crazy when Abi yells that she found a clam and Malcolm, Carter, and Denise are underwhelmed.

"RE: Abi gets worse"
Posted by Bebo on 11-14-12 at 09:50 PM
At TC, she tops even herself. Lisa talked about the people she voted against showing her grace. Jeff asked Abi if she had shown Lisa grace, and she said she had. I laughed out loud - calling Lisa naive and gullible was showing grace?

She has no idea how ridiculous she sounds.

"RE: Abi gets worse"
Posted by Bebo on 11-14-12 at 09:53 PM
Then Abi says out loud that she hopes Tandang will stick together but has her doubts about Lisa. As the Kalabaws react, Lisa shakes her head and says that she has had to deal with this the whole game, even though her actions have been loyal to Tandang throughout. She says she has a decision to make, and Penner is nodding like crazy.

"Post IC, pre TC drama..."
Posted by Flowerpower on 11-14-12 at 09:54 PM
Penner: I ddin't win the IC, so if I don't put something together I won't be able to stay int he game. Abi wants to vote out Mike today but we need him for the numbrs, Penner is a threat but Mike is really annoying, as she chops a coconut and hits Skupin in the face.

Says Penner is charming and too smart so he needs to go home., then we see Abi and Pete talking, and he shushes her. Denise says that Abi could be selfish and ckeep it, but she could pass it to Pete, she's not going to give it to Artis, Artis is a sure thing, Denise conf: right now I have my alliance and the former Kalabaw's, we want to break that 3 up, if we can't get the numbers Jonathan is going home.

Penner and Lisa: Asks Lisa what is the story for this season, what does the audience want to see happen, who are the good guys. They want you to be loyal but they are not going to be happy if you help these bad guys, you and Skupin.

Lisa still wants to be Loyal, but is that the old Lisa, worried about what others will think.

Penner is planting seeds with Lisa, cause I am playing my ##### off out here, and I hope I get through to her. I only need one of them, her or skup. See Penner talking with Skup. You are the fulcrum vote, with us, we could go all the way. Skup says that Lisa orchestrated a big move to save me, I want to play with Lisa but if I choose to do a big move, I want her to be with me.

See Skup and Lisa talking in water....which group can you get farther with, and which group would you rather play with? The bigger picture is that you and I have an alliance to the very end. Is there a thought of you going the other way? She says she is considering it. I wanted to be with Tandang, but are they loyal to me. Am I what Abi accuses me, that I am gullible and naiive...have to think about that.


Last TC was one of the craziest I ever saw. Lisa says fallout was internal in me, but when I got back everyone was so gracious to me, tried to make a big move but it didn't work. She experienced more grace from the people I was against then the people I was with. Because of maturity and respect...I tried to go to bat for the people I was with. Abi, your look is like venom...I was paying attention to what she is saying...the other alliance is more protective than we were, I thought I showed grace to her to, but apparently not.

Artis says that Tandang was powerful, it's playing out as it's supposed to play out. Denise says this is Survivor and that's a real big risk to say that.
Artis says at any moment he could be blindsided just like anybody else.

Penner a number of us have seen ourselves as fulcrum votes, may be there is one way to tip the scales one way or the other.

Skupin says it's been 12 years, I came out originallyfor the $ but the game is bigger than the money.

Lisa says that her life is bigger than this game and the game wis bigger than me. I can't cut off my heart to play it. it's a huge life altering experience for me. These 39 days will change me more than my first 39 years.

Penner says he's hoping the numbers have shifted and I will stay in the game. Denise says they could shift.

Abi says that Tandang is considering that they don't know if they have the numbers she's not sure about Lisa at this point. Lisa says that this is what I have gotten all along and my actions have always been loyal to Tandang....now I have to think about a decision. Artis is first voter.

Abi cut Lisa loose!

Pete said he votes for Penner, because he's really really good at this game and he respects that.

Denise votes Artis

See Lisa come up, see Malc and Penner, then Pete. Vote tally:

If anyone wants to play the idol...no one plays it.See Denise look at Artis

Aritis tied

Penner visibly sighs!

See Lisa and then Abi...LOL! Abi is seething!

RC smiling, and Denise winks

Once again this game just turned, good night.

"RE: Post IC, pre TC drama..."
Posted by jbug on 11-14-12 at 10:56 PM
loved how Skupin wouldn't even look at Abi LOL

"RE: Post IC, pre TC drama..."
Posted by jbug on 11-14-12 at 10:59 PM
after all of that Lisa still voted with Pete & Abi? really Lisa?

"RE: Post IC, pre TC drama..."
Posted by michel on 11-14-12 at 11:01 PM
Lisa voted against Penner... All this build up to show Lisa's turmoil, setting it up as her emancipation moment from Tandang yet she voted with them against Penner????? Either that is huge manipulation in Lisa's favor or then Lisa and Michael intentionally split their votes to mess up Peter and Abi and we'll hear about it next time.

It certainly did look like Lisa was on a journey after all that talk with Penner but the vote could indicate something more: Most viewers will not have counted the votes and will think that both Mike and Lisa voted together against Artis. They will be saying: "Yay Lisa!" when in actuality she didn't break away. Jonathan did talk about storytellers making people want to root for the good guys.

"RE: Post IC, pre TC drama..."
Posted by Bebo on 11-14-12 at 11:55 PM
Who did Denise wink at? I thought she winked at Lisa. I took that to mean that they knew Lisa was going to vote the way she did.

Abi talks a whole lot of nonsense, but I think she laid it out for us in this episode. Lisa's acting as a double agent.

Abi also said a lot of things to Lisa about Lisa that actually fit Abi. Abi told Lisa that she was gullible and naive, when Abi is the one who is misreading situations. Abi says Lisa is giving the other side too much information, but who showed her idol at TC and says everything she thinks?

Lisa said actions speak louder than words. She has voted with Tandang at every TC. Yet Abi is the one who wants to target Skupin, accused him of voting for her, and sold out Lisa at TC.

Skupin and Lisa have been together since day 1. He's her prime alliance, so I think he had to know how she was going to vote. Abi's imploding after that TC, and Pete's going to have his hands full keeping her from going even more off-kilter. Keep Pete too busy to be able to save his own hide by making deals with others.

"RE: Post IC, pre TC drama..."
Posted by michel on 11-14-12 at 11:59 PM
I'd have to watch again but I think Denise's wink was in response to RC's "Woh!" Doesn't mean that it wasn't set up to split the votes and keep Pete and Abi guessing though.

"RE: Post IC, pre TC drama..."
Posted by Brownroach on 11-17-12 at 12:56 PM
To me it looked like Denise winked in the direction of the jury as well, or at least the editing wanted us to think that.

"RE: Post IC, pre TC drama..."
Posted by dabo on 11-15-12 at 00:12 AM
LAST EDITED ON 11-15-12 AT 00:31 AM (EST)

Realistically -- not that he has a chance other than going on an immunity streak -- Pete ought to cut Abi loose. She's a horrible ally, he'd be better off just letting her implode, put herself on the chopping block. With time he could try to reconcile with Lisa, Michael and Malcolm, or try some other combination for a new alliance to get himself back in the game.

"RE: Post IC, pre TC drama..."
Posted by byoffer on 11-15-12 at 10:00 AM
I agree. If he really wanted to jump sides and get some cred from the others, he would work with them to blind-side Abi and take her HII out of the game. He's been dubbed on the the evil alliance this season, and by making that sort of move he would erase a lot of the evil (make it seem like Abi's evil was tarnishing him).

"RE: Post IC, pre TC drama..."
Posted by michel on 11-16-12 at 07:19 PM
It's way to late for that though. Right now, the new alliance could look at Pete and tell him the same thing that Danielle and Courtney told Sally in Panama: "We don't need you."

"RE: Post IC, pre TC drama..."
Posted by Karchita on 11-15-12 at 04:19 AM
I suppose they could have been thinking ahead to the next vote when they want to control the HII bounce.

If Abi and Pete think they have 3 votes since Lisa is with them, they will think the other five can't split their votes between Abi and Pete 3 and 2 without creating a tie. But if they really only have 2 votes, the others can put three on each of Abi and Pete and even with the HII, one of them will go home.

"RE: Post IC, pre TC drama..."
Posted by Flowerpower on 11-15-12 at 08:24 AM
Abi also said a lot of things to Lisa about Lisa that actually fit Abi. Abi told Lisa that she was gullible and naive, when Abi is the one who is misreading situations. Abi says Lisa is giving the other side too much information, but who showed her idol at TC and says everything she thinks?

Exactly, Bebo, exactly. I still feel like Abi is young, immature, naiive, gullible, but mostly it's her cultural differences that make her out of her league in this game. I give her credit because I think she is playing as hard as she can, but she really just doesn't get it. I believe her hot-blooded latino shall we say, passion, is getting in the way of playing the game well. For me, she has a false bravisimo. She has no tact, whatsoever, but I believe it's just because she doesn't know any better. As much as a villain that she is, there is something about her that is out of her element. FWIW.

"The vote..."
Posted by Bebo on 11-14-12 at 09:55 PM
LAST EDITED ON 11-14-12 AT 09:57 PM (EST)

FloPo said it all.

"Excellent final speech"
Posted by Bebo on 11-14-12 at 09:59 PM
Gotta give Artis credit for a graceful exit. He gave Penner loads of credit and respect for playing the game so well and has no ill will toward anyone since it's a game.

Said he wouldn't change a thing...well, except he would have wanted to win the million.

"RE: Excellent final speech"
Posted by tikigirlie on 11-15-12 at 01:43 AM
Too bad for Artis, he got Edgardo'd. I have a feeling he was that player who picked the wrong alliance at the start, is actually a pretty nice guy but got edited as his alliance mates did.

Handled his boot with grace (seems like the word of the day).

"RE: Excellent final speech"
Posted by Karchita on 11-15-12 at 04:20 AM
Completely agree with that.

"RE: Excellent final speech"
Posted by SquidProQuo on 11-15-12 at 05:21 PM
Ditto re Artis.

I just listened to his interview with Dalton Ross on EW and he said he left the game feeling like he could hold his head high, but then he was shocked that he was villainized as part of the evil alliance. He said he aligned with Pete, not Abi, and regrets that he got stuck with her. (Pete's obviously regretting his decision too.) He was hoping she would quit because of her injury etc.,

Another interesting tidbit: Sounds like his plan/F3 was really Pete and Lisa...so that helps explain why Lisa didn't flip this time.....he says Lisa stayed loyal to Tandang for as long as she could.

"RE: Excellent final speech"
Posted by dabo on 11-15-12 at 05:37 PM
LAST EDITED ON 11-15-12 AT 05:42 PM (EST)

Podcast this week takes forever, like half an hour in and you're still waiting for Artis to show up. Ugh. Podcast on this page.

It was interesting what he had to say, like that he had aligned with Lisa and Pete, never with Abi.

He wasn't going to let Abi get to the end because she is undeserving, he wanted only those who were deserving to make it to the end. And the only reason she is still in the game at this point is because Tandang never went to Tribal before the merge.

He wasn't really evil, he was good, but he genuinely hates Michael whom he does think is evil. Mike is someone you just can't trust, he lies all the time.

He gave Lisa props for staying loyal "as long as she could."

"RE: Excellent final speech"
Posted by michel on 11-15-12 at 06:26 PM
"He wasn't going to let Abi get to the end because she is undeserving, he wanted only those who were deserving to make it to the end. And the only reason she is still in the game at this point is because Tandang never went to Tribal before the merge."

That is a load of self-serving BS. First, it's easy to say what you would do at F4 when you're out at F9 but he seems to forget that Tandang sided WITH Abi over RC. If he wanted Abi out, he had his chance. BS Artis, BS.

"RE: Excellent final speech"
Posted by SquidProQuo on 11-15-12 at 07:05 PM
Agreed that there's some shoulda coulda woulda here, and personally I hate when players talk the "undeserving" rap, but I listened to the podcast and definitely felt that Artis was sincere in saying that he did not like Abi and wished he hadn't gotten stuck in an alliance with her.

I actually think this happens more often that not on Survivor, where you make an alliance early and wish you would have waited or chosen another path.

The other key part of the story, as Artis mentioned, is that Tandang was a highly dysfunctional tribe from a social / bonding standpoint from the very start, but they were so strong physically that they won all their challenges and never went to TC and never had to truly unify. That proved to be their achilles heel. It's a classic survivor mistake of treating some of your teammates poorly. Then they shouldn't be surprised when someone flips. It's Cochran all over again, ha, only this time it's Penner being the father figure / new age self help guru to Lisa. The cracks on Tandang were huge and now the underdogs are taking advantage of them.

"RE: Excellent final speech"
Posted by Murphy3126 on 11-15-12 at 07:15 PM
True, Tandang blew it when they Pete planted the note (probably trying to emulate Russel) & Abi went crazy leading to turning on their own & booting RC. RC/Abi, another early alliance RC wishes she could take back.

"RE: Excellent final speech"
Posted by michel on 11-16-12 at 07:28 PM
Abi had turned against RC before that though. Just seeing RC talking with Skupin was enough to make her paranoid. Pete, needlessly, made it worse.

And RC did take that alliance back because she voted to eliminate Pete the only time she could.

"RE: Excellent final speech"
Posted by dabo on 11-15-12 at 07:36 PM
Hey, I'm just the messenger!

But yeah, BS of a sort. My impression was that he was talking about his preconceived notions about how the game should be played, that he entered the game with a set of ideas about how he was going to play, how things should be. A fan trying to talk fan to fan.

He did say he never got to play the game the way he wanted, which doesn't surprise me a bit.

"Next time on Survivor....:"
Posted by Flowerpower on 11-14-12 at 10:01 PM
Artis had his smile wiped right off of his face with that first vote for him.

RC was loving it from the jury!

Skupin has a plan to steal Lisa from her alliance. YOu and me in the Final four
Lisa WOW
Jiffy: But breaking up with Abi is hard to do...

Lisa: I can't be in an alliance with someone that doesn't trust me.
Abi: But you started the game with us....
Lisa: I have never been good with break ups

Arits says "well played, Penner", he managed to pull off the improbable, all I can do is applaud him. No ill will toward anyone in the game because when it's all said and done, it is a game. I couldn't have been more happy, I take that back, yes, I could, if I had won the million dollars.

"Final TC should be hilarious!"
Posted by Bebo on 11-14-12 at 10:18 PM
Abi would be perfect to go up against in the final 3, since nobody can stand her. It would be hilarious to hear her try to defend herself to the jury and speak on why she's earned the million.

But since nobody can stand Abi, I doubt they'll keep her around to be the foil. But as a jury member, she will definitely make the sparks fly. She'll find a way to skewer at least one of the final 3 in a classically stupid tirade.

Either way, she'll make it amusing.

Posted by Flowerpower on 11-14-12 at 10:54 PM
Denise: You know this was an episode that was really focused around Penner recruiting Lisa and Skupin to come with them and not really involving Denise, yet I felt like she had a strong presence still. She was great on her leg of the RC. I don't even know if she had a confessional at the reward, but the kids ran to her when they arrived. She did choose the boot choice. And she had some wise comments at TC as well.

I am thinking Denise has a real shot at this title. I will say that I thought Skupin's stock went up as well. And, can you believe it? Carter got a confessional! Wonder what that means for Carter? Could mean trouble for him?

I can't help but wonder if Skupin and Lisa are going to waffle? Hmmm?

"RE: Observation"
Posted by michel on 11-14-12 at 11:06 PM
Denise didn't have a confessional during the reward but I agree that it was her best episode since the end of Matsing.

"RE: Observation"
Posted by pinchy on 11-16-12 at 05:07 AM
I keep getting the strong idea that the real story here is a romance between Penner and Lisa, in the style of Boston Rob and Amber... this could definitely play out at least with Lisa being in the final 3 and Penner being a deciding jury member (should he vote for her or Skupin?) or if Denise is the winner, at least Lisa and Penner will have won something big with their hearts... so what does that mean for Skupin's story? hmmmm....

"RE: Observation"
Posted by pinchy on 11-16-12 at 05:32 AM
oh, nevermind... Penner is married, I didn't know that... (hopeless romantic).

>I keep getting the strong idea
>that the real story here
>is a romance between Penner
>and Lisa, in the style
>of Boston Rob and Amber...
>this could definitely play out
>at least with Lisa being
>in the final 3 and
>Penner being a deciding jury
>member (should he vote for
>her or Skupin?) or if
>Denise is the winner, at
>least Lisa and Penner will
>have won something big with
>their hearts... so what does
>that mean for Skupin's story?

"RE: Observation"
Posted by michel on 11-16-12 at 07:32 PM
Debbie was married. Didn't stop her from fooling around with Tyson! And what about Russell with Krista? Or even Mikayla? Affairs happen...

"RE: Observation"
Posted by Karchita on 11-17-12 at 00:29 AM
I took that "I love you" as completely platonic. FWIW.

"RE: Observation"
Posted by mrtricky19 on 11-17-12 at 03:42 AM
I think Skupin's stock went down actually. The premiere he talks about going with the game. Going with the flow of the game and having things come to him. And he's linked to Lisa. Well, he voted differently than his one ally Lisa this past vote and he made a move on his own. So basically he contradicted himself. Instead of going with the flow of the game, he decided to turn against Tandang and lose jury votes and now Lisa might not be able to trust him going forward. So his stock went down big time.

"RE: Observation"
Posted by michel on 11-17-12 at 03:18 PM
The flow of the game (and the story) has been going away from Tandang since the merge so Mike is right in the middle of it.

"RE: Final TC should be hilarious!"
Posted by michel on 11-14-12 at 11:08 PM
Abi would handle it very gracefully...