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"East Coast Spoiler Thread, "Don't be blinded by the Headlights""

Posted by Flowerpower on 09-26-12 at 07:50 PM
Please place all discussion regarding tonights episode 2, "Don't be Blinded by the Headlights", in this thread. Thank-you!

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"Last time on Survivor...."
Posted by Flowerpower on 09-26-12 at 08:06 PM
LAST EDITED ON 09-27-12 AT 06:32 AM (EST)

Last time on Survivor....15 shipped to the Phillipines, with wild animals and deadly storms....with them were some famous faces, Lisa and Jeff, and they were with 3 returning players, they had experience, each went to a different tribe....time started now and they went, Jeff was injured in first 3 minutes....experience was key, Russell and Penner found clues, but for Penner it wasn't just luck, his tribe wants him out. At Tandang there is an alliance of 4 and they want Lisa out.

At first ic, Russell's bossiness backfired....first to finish Kalabaw then Tandang. At camp all eyes on Russell until Zane shifted blame to himself....at TC, Malcolm and Angie called out Russell, but in the end Russell barely escaped. 17 left, who's next?

Matsing Night 3, Russell thanks his tribe because he thought he was out, first conf: Russell....I got into tribal chief thing, my way or the highway, so my strategy is now let them step up, so if we crash and burn they are on the chopping block, not me....

See Angie and Malcolm cuddling....Angie says she would have froze to death if it wasn't for Malcolm....in conf Malcolm says, don't get booty blinded, you are here to play survivor....but I am not going to lie, she'a a beautiful girl....Roxy in conf says that she woke up in the middle of the night, that's a booty trap,and Malcolm is falling for it, I wasn't born yesterday, those 2 are trouble together, in Survivor, one of them has to go....period!

Cut to commercial and intro....

"RE: Last time on Survivor...."
Posted by PepeLePew13 on 09-26-12 at 08:20 PM
For all the times Jeff referred to his knee injury in episode one plus the fact it was highlighted again in the recap makes me wonder if he ends up being a mercy boot or even medievaced. Lots of guys have had injuries over the seasons, but you don't see this type of thing talked about again and again unless it comes into play later on.

"RE: Last time on Survivor...."
Posted by CTgirl on 09-26-12 at 09:02 PM
I wondered the same thing Pepe.

"RE: Last time on Survivor...."
Posted by michel on 09-26-12 at 09:20 PM
Well, Rupert's big toe would disagree. The toe got a starring role during the whole premerge and then went quietly back in that smelly sandal. It was Rupert's toe however. Can a baseball star's knee rival the pirate's toe? Maybe.

"RE: Last time on Survivor...."
Posted by Corvis on 09-27-12 at 09:09 AM
Yeah, I think medivac is going to be Jeff's fate too.

"RE: East Coast Spoiler Thread, "Don't be blinded by the Headlights""
Posted by crispy06 on 09-26-12 at 08:08 PM
Oh. obviously the 'headlights' reference is to malcolm and angie.I'm sad Roxy us getting voted out, she would have been fun too. She's surprising me with her good strategic instincts.

"RE: East Coast Spoiler Thread, "Don't be blinded by the Headlights""
Posted by michel on 09-26-12 at 09:23 PM
Good strategic instincts? She was close to Angie the first 3 days so it would have been easy to go with Angie and Malcolm for now instead of against them. Not align with the first week's target where, simple by race, she would be seen in an unbreakable pair also.

"RE: East Coast Spoiler Thread, "Don't be blinded by the Headlights""
Posted by Bebo on 09-26-12 at 08:09 PM
Matsing, night after TC. Russell confessional that he messed up trying to run things, going to sit back, let them make the decisions, let them take the fall when things go wrong. Angie and Malcolm warm each other up during the cold night.

Roxy confessional - definitely doesn't like it, thinks everyone else in the tribe needs to know about it and get rid of one of them.

I expect her to say the title in reference to Angie.

"RE: East Coast Spoiler Thread, "Don't be blinded by the Headlights""
Posted by crispy06 on 09-26-12 at 08:18 PM
OMG Abi-Maria is ##### paranoid and crazy. She is going to backstab RC, the first chance she gets. lol

"Post intro...."
Posted by Flowerpower on 09-26-12 at 08:18 PM
Well, I'd say that the die is cast....Roxy declares war on either Malcolm or Angie, the cuddlers....so, clearly it will most likely be Roxy that's booted? Where's the EASY button when I need one?

Post Intro: Tandang Day 4: See a monkey chase a bird....RC is saying that the weather is so horrific, everything is soaking wet, and cecked the rice and found a clue....she got the clue with Lisa right there....she goes in the shelter to read it....RC tells Abi....she wants to solidify Abi with her so shares the clue with her....doesn't want to tell anyone else, they clicked from day 1, I shared the clue with her so that should be enough to prove that I trust her. Abi says that she was very lucky to catch her getting it, there is a side of me taht says, be careful....she doesn't know if she can trust her all the way as she is getting close to Mike, they whisper, they switch conversations when I come...if she screws me over, she's dead to me....then we see Abi confront RC about how she thinks that RC likes Mike the most, but RC in conf says that she doesn't know about Abi because she can go off like that and she tells her if you screw me, you are DONE...just letting you know....

Kalabaw: Jeff in conf: he knows how to wai people out, in baseball have to wait it out through Oct....the way things are going with my knee sitting around is good for me so we can rest and win....they play some games on the ground, Jeff and Dawson. Penner: in conf he can't get the idol because they are all hanging out in the shelter...Some of them are moving to the cave and trying to make a fire over there....Penner says they are concerned aobout the rain so they leave, now I can look. Jeff isn't able to make the fire in the cave, Penner is searching...Penner says he's never had the idol, it's a key to the game...stay calm, who knows how long wie have...they come back, and Penner says I was looking for my glasses, as the rain washed my contact lens out...a lie

Penner: Then a light bulb goes off, if I had oped the clue where I found it, it's right there, under my nose.... and there is something on top of the rice container, a part of the lid, a prominent thing and he goes back and finds it....and he sticks it in his stuff. In conf: he thinks he can dance to the end, but that can be a mistake that some guys make....not one I will make, hopefully".

"RE: Post intro...."
Posted by PepeLePew13 on 09-26-12 at 08:36 PM
If I'm Dana, I've got to be wondering what the heck is going on with Penner as she's now walked in upon him acting strangely around camp, and if she's smart, she brings it up with the rest of the tribe to get him out.

"RE: Post intro...."
Posted by michel on 09-26-12 at 09:25 PM
Hey! I called that idol in the editing thread. Don't know if the spoilers knew about it though but I had seen that plaque as the idol after last week.

"RE: Post intro...."
Posted by PepeLePew13 on 09-26-12 at 09:28 PM
Nope, nothing was spoiled about the idols... but you could predict where it was going to be with the way the cameras kept showing the box in the foreground when Penner was searching high and low, plus last week when the cameras focused on the box in two of the camps during discussion of the clues.

"RE: Post intro...."
Posted by michel on 09-26-12 at 09:53 PM
Thanks for letting me know. I don't want to go to too many threads so I haven't been part of the discussion.

"Penner found HII"
Posted by Flowerpower on 09-26-12 at 08:25 PM
For those of you on the Left coast, it's POURING and RAINING...miserable day at camp...

Matsing day 5, AM, see a rat, they wake up and ANgie and Malcolm are seriously spooning. Roxy wants to get Angie out and wants to get Russell on her side. They talk...Russell says where people sleep in the shelter is telling....Angie has some boob thing going on...survivor couples, NO WAY, whack that thing down real quick....See Roxy talking to Denise about Malcolm and Angie, She has to go home...we need to split this up...Denise in fconf: this is a 24 year old guy snuggling up to a cute girl...but now there is a target on their back...

Malc: in conf: the rest of the tribe is upset about me and Angie, if that is the case, we could be in trouble...

Tandang: POURING, see Lisa is sad....Lisa says that she is shy in conf, she's an introvert by nature, her tendency is to withdraw and not let anyone in. The rest of the tribe thinks she is disappearing to look for the idol. Abi says that Lisa is an outsider, she doesn't try to connect with the tribe (in conf)

See Lisa at the well, off by herself, she doesn't feel she is fitting in, she has been on her own since she was 12, she left her family for the mickey mouse club...in real life she can't experiment with opening up here, it's not the place for that...meanwhile back in the shelter the rest of the tribe is talking about her...maybe "I am not just able to play this game...it's hard being on the outside"...

"RE: Penner found HII"
Posted by CTgirl on 09-26-12 at 09:06 PM
I loved the way Roxy and Russell tap-danced around referring to the size of Angie's boobs.

"RE: Penner found HII"
Posted by SpotTheDiffference on 09-26-12 at 11:25 PM
I love how Roxanne said earlier that Angie is "literally a booby trap".

Posted by Flowerpower on 09-26-12 at 08:40 PM
Clearly, Lisa is the odd women out at Tandang. The other 5 seem to be getting along well in the pouring rain...

Lisa's shots were preceeded by a PREYING MANTICE...(praying)....ha! LOL!

Matsing, Day 6 and another preying mantice, and Russell, the way the rain is coming down, no fire, too wet, we are going to be wet and miserable....
Malcolm hasn't ever been this wet in his life me and Denise are trying to keep the shelter dry, Roxy is just not here, her mind is not in it...everyone notices...
Roxy: being in Seminary school I thought that would give me strength in this game, she's crying...Russell says we love you you are important part of this family, Roxy: I have nothing, no family, no church, ....complaining

Then the sun, and they all say thank you, and Roxy says Thankyou God, and now she is chanting to God...in African...Denise doesn't know if she is speaking in tongues...she thought she would be stronger...Denise doesn't pray for anything, anything in this game is coming from me, not God...dig in and dig deep and make it happen...off to challenge...

Arrival at challenge: see Zane is out...

Challenge is 2 mwmbers from each tribe pull sled to collect bundles of puzzle peices, and 1 caller will help 2 people put the puzzle together, in addition will play for reward, blankets pillows and tarp and the second to finish gets a tarp...huge stakes...don't fall behind in numbers.

Dawson...sit's out, and Abi

Roxy doesn't want to go twice...

they are off, Jeff and Carter, Mike/Pete, Russell/Angie...Yellow and Red coming back, Russ and Angie's peices are falling off, once again in last place....

Matsing way behind early in the challenge....Kalabaw is passing the yellow team by, Malcolm is pulling the sled alone, and they made up alot of time...Russell and Angie are now doing badly already....this challenge is exhausting....Russell step by step pulling...

Puzzles: Jeff and Penner, Pete and RC, Lisa is doing well calling, here Dana doing well, Kalabaw has first puzzle completed, then Tandang...Russell and Malcolm solved their first one....nobody listening to Danea...Tandang is on 3rd and final puzzle, Matsing now in it and on third one, now Jeff and Penner behind....Dana is doing well, now on third, Tandang first, then Kalabaw wins second....Matsing goes to TC for the second straight time, and a close up of first Roxy then Russell...

the others have Tarp and comfort, and Kalabaw has immunity and tarp....Russell is pissed off, sick of this, I can't handle this, forget these other stupid talking tribes, these folks haven't decided they can do it, need to get their heads out of their buts, they can do this! See Denise nodding with Russell....

"RE: Pre-Challenge..."
Posted by crispy06 on 09-26-12 at 08:41 PM
Roxy and Malcolm should have gone twice, they went much faster than Russell/Angie. No one listens to angie again!!! lol

"RE: Pre-Challenge..."
Posted by PepeLePew13 on 09-26-12 at 08:48 PM
It's a good thing that Russell wasn't a general -- for example, The War of 1812 would have been called The War of 18:12 (minutes and seconds) showing how quickly it'd have ended under his leadership.

"RE: Pre-Challenge..."
Posted by CTgirl on 09-26-12 at 09:11 PM
Denise doesn't pray for anything, anything in this game is coming from me, not God...dig in and dig deep and make it happen

I thought that was an excellent confessional from Denise. It is so true (and we know from previous edits that the editors don't believe that God controls the game either). It bodes well for her chances.

"RE: Pre-Challenge..."
Posted by emydi on 09-27-12 at 10:16 AM
thought the same thing CT....and I liked it after so many GOD help us win the challenge prayers from Coach et al

"RE: East Coast Spoiler Thread, "Don't be blinded by the Headlights""
Posted by Bebo on 09-26-12 at 08:47 PM

Roxy is calling Angie the weak link in the tribe. Let's see...

- Roxy in the first challenge pointed out she doesn't do puzzles.
- Roxy in the second challenge said she couldn't do two laps since she hadn't been drinking enough water, so Angie went twice.

Who is the weakest link? What color is the sky on her planet?

"RE: East Coast Spoiler Thread, "Don't be blinded by the Headlights""
Posted by crispy06 on 09-26-12 at 09:04 PM
LAST EDITED ON 09-26-12 AT 09:04 PM (EST)

Angie is the weakest though. She couldn't do the puzzle, and she was dragging the sled down with russell. malcolm/roxy went faster, they made the wrong decision for angie to go twice.

"RE: East Coast Spoiler Thread, "Don't be blinded by the Headlights""
Posted by Flowerpower on 09-26-12 at 09:13 PM
malcolm/roxy went faster, they made the wrong decision for angie to go twice.

Agreed, they did make the wrong decision for Angie to go twice, but regarding Roxy...she was terrible....Malcolm ended up pulling the sled all by himself....

I think the wrong decision was that they had Russell go twice....should have had Malcolm go twice. I think the women were pretty ineffective...?

"RE: East Coast Spoiler Thread, "Don't be blinded by the Headlights""
Posted by crispy06 on 09-26-12 at 09:21 PM
Yeah they should have had malcolm go twice. This tribe sucks at challenges but they are my favorite tribe because of the people. kalabaw is boring plus no airtime. I'm just sad that two really entertaining people went Zane and Roxy.

"Post IC, Pre TC DRAMA"
Posted by Flowerpower on 09-26-12 at 08:55 PM
Roxy seems very weak...not meant for the game of Survivor....it really upsets me that they constantly recruit these wimpy losers to play this game....it's a chance of a lifetime and they have people that don't and can't hack it.....BUMMER!

Matsing day 6, see Monkeys in the tree....it sucks, we lost and Angie says at least we were close...Russell in conf: Angie 20 yo beauty queen I don't think we can do this, and Roxy complains that she hasn't had enough water, Russ says that Roxy has made herself a big target, but she's helped me, she tells me everything, like with Malcolm and Angie, if she goes I'm screwed....We see Roxy and Russell in water, this is why companies don't like couples, they don't bring anything...that one, just show the boobs, somebody will fall for it, it's like miss america all day long...her relatiionship with Malcolm is bad...well, what is she going to say...Malcolm and Angie talk that they know Roxy is complaining, going gangster on them...she wants Angie out...

Malcolm says if a good looking blonde girl is going to pull her leg over me, I'm not going to push her away but now I am nervous.

See Russell take Denise in the woods and tell her that Angie is playing the Miss America card but she's not innocent...Denise says that Russ and Roxy are aligned and Malcolm and Angie are aligned and I am right in the middle of it...if someone is snuggling I'm not in it, and Denise indeed says the title quote...she's is sure what her vote is going to be but it's a long way to TC and I'll have to figure it out...


Russell: I am intense, I come here to kick butt
Denise: it felt accusatory, I get it, we have been working our tails off, it sucks
Roxy: This tribe invests too much energy at camp...Denise says no, if we want to be strong for challenges, we need wood for fires, and we need to be strong
Angie: finish this sentence: if we need to be strong this tribe needs....cookies...
Malcolm defends her, and Jeff says REALLY??? Malcolm says that it's not my answer but it's been hard on the ladies
Russell says I will give her props, but you have to leave everything out there in the challenge
Roxy calls out Angie and Malcolm...I don't know what they have going for them but it's way beyond an alliance
Malcolm says to Jeff....S'up? Malcolm just says it's snuggling, it's not romantic, she's like a little sidster to me and Roxy says.."creepy"....look at her, she's attractive, to me it's like a booby trap...she defends that she was freezing, I would cuddle with you..and Roxy says, NO!

Russell says at the end of the day, a relationship is the tightest one you can have in this game...Roxy just through this cloud of suspician over you...let's WAKE up, Angie! Malcolm...says he's tight with some people and hopefully they will understand

Roxy says they are a pair in this game and good luck with her if you choose her over me....

in confessional Roxy says she has to call a spade a spade...ANGIE...god bless you, shalom...

Vote tally...

, Roxy rolls her eyes
Malcolm smirks and waves good bye...
see denise...Jeff says the good news is tomorrow is another day and fortunes in this game can change very fast...keep your heads up, good night...

"RE: Post IC, Pre TC DRAMA"
Posted by CTgirl on 09-26-12 at 09:13 PM
"Booby trap" LMAO, one of the best slip-of-tongues we've seen!

"RE: Post IC, Pre TC DRAMA"
Posted by michel on 09-26-12 at 09:29 PM
I don\t think it was a slip of the tongue!

"ROXY walks the walk"
Posted by Flowerpower on 09-26-12 at 09:06 PM
Roxy was sick of miss America and boobs...

Next time on Survivor:

see a cobra STRIKING. Jiffy: Lisa scrambles, See Pete and Lisa walking in the woods together: and we see Pete say, would you be okay if we have to get rid of Mike...Lisa: "just tell me what to do"
Lisa in conf: everyday I have to play the hand that I have, but I am cautiously up.
Russell slides: see him praying..."even right now, God, say hallelujah...
Russell: I don't know if it's God's plan for me to be here...
and Skupin puts everything on the line, see Mike jump in the water at a challenge...here Jiffy say "Skupin, bleeding from the face"

Roxy: it's been 6 days, but it was 6 long days, I think the relationship between Angie and Malcolm will impact the game of Denise and Russell. At this point there is no place to hide. And, every single one of the them better be super star olympians. I have some good ties to this group, but if they think they made the best decision, may God be with them...

"Post game vibes for next weeks bootee?"
Posted by Flowerpower on 09-26-12 at 09:09 PM
Lisa is scrambling, and we hear Pete mention voting out Mike, but we hear Jiffy say that Mike is putting it all on the line, with a bleeding face. Mike is misdirection...imo.

Other main target with the preview, imo, is Russell...is his number up?

"RE: Post game vibes for next weeks bootee?"
Posted by CTgirl on 09-26-12 at 09:18 PM
If Matsing lose again, Denise and Malcolm have to choose between Angie and Russell. Malcolm might want to keep Angie and if so, they are really dead in the water as a tribe. They will keep losing until the remaining players get absorbed by Tandang and Kalabaw. Stupid move if they get rid of him but when do they ever play smart?!

"RE: Post game vibes for next weeks bootee?"
Posted by Tummy on 09-27-12 at 04:37 PM
I get the feeling that Malcolm and Denise are the strong alliance in this tribe, regardless of the Angie edit. You know Malcolm and Denise talked strategy before tribal and yet it wasn't shown.

"RE: Post game vibes for next weeks bootee?"
Posted by byoffer on 09-28-12 at 08:42 AM
yes, that was exactly my thought. Malcolm realizes that Angie is cute and fun to cuddle with, but Denise is a much better strategic partner. The next Matsing vote should be very interesting.

"RE: Post game vibes for next weeks bootee?"
Posted by Flowerpower on 10-01-12 at 10:24 PM
I agree with the thinking here. Denise and Malcolm are the true alliance. Malcolm is not dumb. And, while he enjoyed the cuddling, he'll toss Angie like yesterdays meat loaf if the tribe loses again, with or without Denise's encouragement....imo.

Therefore, I am thinking that both Skupin and Russell are indeed misdirection for next week...

"RE: East Coast Spoiler Thread, "Don't be blinded by the Headlights""
Posted by PepeLePew13 on 09-26-12 at 09:17 PM
My only beef about this episode? I've got the episode summary and what the hell am I supposed to write about? The only thing that happened all episode was the soft porn. Yawn.

"RE: East Coast Spoiler Thread, "Don't be blinded by the Headlights""
Posted by michel on 09-26-12 at 09:34 PM
Just invent a story! That's what the editors do anyway.

"RE: East Coast Spoiler Thread, "Don't be blinded by the Headlights""
Posted by forehead on 09-26-12 at 10:09 PM
Build up the seeds for the future catfight RC vs Abi ...

It's either that or tetris ...

"RE: East Coast Spoiler Thread, "Don't be blinded by the Headlights""
Posted by SpotTheDiffference on 09-26-12 at 11:58 PM
Pretty bad episode, IMO. Nothing really worth discussing except the Angie-Malcolm alliance and Penner getting the idol. Kalabaw is, once again, completely under-edited. Artis and Carter are still completely invisible, and a lot of people didn't get a single confessional.

It's going to be hard to rank people for the love list this week.

"RE: East Coast Spoiler Thread, "Don't be blinded by the Headlights""
Posted by Flowerpower on 09-27-12 at 06:50 AM
I have to agree about the editing this episode. It was EASY to see that Roxy would be the boot with the opening snuggle scene.

Regarding writing the summary....I don't know there were things that you could embellish even more....Angie/Malcolm snuggling...Roxy's reaction to it was hilarious, imo...Jonathan finds an idol....and Angie's answer to what could your tribe use the most going forward....cookies? Yes, headlights, boobies, this was really a tata centric episode...

"RE: East Coast Spoiler Thread, "Don't be blinded by the Headlights""
Posted by byoffer on 09-27-12 at 12:55 PM
Maybe a song about Angie would help?

She's got a loverly bunch of coconuts...