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"Biggest Loser 2 Episode 2 Summary - Weight in the Balance"

Posted by Cyndimaus on 09-22-05 at 10:23 PM
Biggest Loser 2 Episode 2 Summary - Weight in the Balance

Welcome to the second episode of The Biggest Loser 2.

We begin this episode with *gasp* a recap of last week. We meet 14 fine, fat folks who will all be winners by the end of their time on the ranch. They are divided into teams of men (blue) versus women (red). We also meet Bob and Jillian, their trainers. Bob will train the women and Jillian will train the men. The men win the first challenge, but the women win the weigh-in by 1 pound and Ruben is sent home due to his lack of team participation.

And now...on with the show!

We join our Losers as they walk up to the house, wondering what their temptation will be. Upon opening the doors to the temptation room they discover 13 covered platters, each with a letter from home next to it. Their instructions tell them “If you eat it, you can read it.” They have 15 minutes.

They remove the covers to find decadent, delicious food, tailored to the taste of each person. (Break out the super-absorbent towels to mop up the drool, folks!)

The ladies are especially emotional about their letters. (Wait...pass those towels over here now!) “Saint” Mark takes the opportunity to taunt Jen and Shannon rather meanly. Shannon was already struggling with her emotions but Mark’s taunts bring the tears even more. She is a single mom and misses her daughter a lot.

To their credit no one eats a single bite! Bob tells us that this is good preparation for the temptations they’ll face in the real world.

We jump to workout time. Bob stresses to the ladies that they’ll be working on balance, speed and agility. (No foreshadowing there, of course. ) He also tells them that their calories are crucial and that they can’t reduce their calorie intake, it won’t help them lose more weight. Kathryn’s foot is injured and she can’t fully work out. Her team is worried about her impact on the team. (Again, no foreshadowing...)

Jillian also emphasizes balance. Jeff says that balance is what he needs the most and fears the most. (I can’t seem to get away from this shadow!) Jillian calls Nick a renegade and says she’ll help him when he needs it. But if he becomes a problem she’ll address it then. (I’m grabbing my jacket...it’s cold in this shadow!)

As we walk to the challenge we discover that the women are nervous and feel lots of pressure to win. They don’t want to lose twice.

Caroline asks Shannon about missing her family. She then informs them that the winning team gets their letter from home plus an extra 24 hours to work out before their weigh-in.

The challenge this week is to cross a beam from the shore to a platform in the water. If they fall they must swim to the shore and start again. The first team with all members on the platform wins.

The women must sit one person out and they are given time to discuss it. Kathryn is asked point-blank if she thinks her injured ankle will hinder her. She says no. (Of course she’ll be able to race across a beam - she only limps whenever she walks!) Her team wants her to sit out so she finally gives in.

They change into wetsuits (I am refraining from any whale comments at this time) and the challenge begins.

Seth zips over as Suzy tentatively makes her way along the beam. Matt passes Suzy who soon makes it over. Ryan starts slowly across as Mark makes it across before her. She makes it over.

Men have 3 and women have 2.

Nick speeds onto the beam and falls. Jen falls right after that. Andrea makes it over. Pete makes it over. Jeff falls. Shannon falls. Nick makes it on his second try. Suzanne makes it over.

Men have 5 and women have 4.

Jen and Jeff start across. Jen almost falls and sits down on the beam. Jeff falls again. Jen makes it across. Jeff and Shannon start across. Shannon is scared of falling and doesn’t think she can do it. Jeff isn’t giving up. His ankle hurts but he knows his wife and daughters will be proud of him if he succeeds.

And we go to commercials.

We return to see.... Ducks swimming happily near the competition sight. Methinks there’s something fowl going on here.... Duck for dinner anyone?

Jeff is slowly moving. His team is encouraging him to just take it a few steps at a time. Shannon’s team is telling her “we want the letters. We need you” She tells herself to gun it - “If I don’t I’ll never forgive myself.” She puts on a burst of speed and gets across with no problems.

Immediately the women start cheering Jeff on. He says that it didn’t feel like a competition at that point, just everyone wanting him to succeed. He makes it across and everyone cheers happily. The guys are hugging him and all excited just as if they had won. (awww...warm fuzzies)

The women get their letters and sit on the platform tearfully reading them. Shannon says she knew Bob would be supportive whether they’d won or not. When they meet up with Bob they all praise Shannon.

Jillian tells the men that the girls mean business - let’s give ‘em hell! Mark says they have no excuses this time.

Work out time!

Time for the men’s weigh-in. The women are glad they have an extra day.

The men’s previous total weight was 1965 pounds.
They weigh in:

Seth went from 270 to 262 - 8 pounds lost
Nick went from 318 to 308 - 10 pounds lost

Suzy says “Nick’s results were surprising again because he doesn’t work out with his team. I’m about to jump on his plan. He takes a lot of naps.”

Jeff went from 352 to 344 - 8 pounds lost
Pete went from 379 to 371 - 8 pounds lost
Matt went from 311 to 304 - 7 pounds lost

Caroline asks Matt what he’s holding. He has an encouraging letter from his sister. His perspective has changed and he’ll have the letter with him at every weigh-in from now on.

Mark went from 335 to 325 - 10 pounds lost

~Have you noticed that all the men have 4 letter names? And last week they voted off the only guy with more than 4 letters in his name? Just sayin’....~

The men have lost a total of 51 pounds, which is 2.6%. The women must lose 33 pounds in order to win. The ladies must sit out one person and they choose Jen. The guys think they have a good chance to win.
The next day Jillian starts them working on long cardio. They’re out on the lawn running. She has them sprint and joins them in a race. If she wins they have to do 3 more sprints. They all run and it comes down to Matt and Jillian. He gives it his all (and barely beats her). He collapses to the ground in major pain. Everyone is worried and a medic is called. Jeff says Matt inspires him. (aaww!) Matt leaves in a van to get checked out.

After a commercial break Matt returns, informing everyone he tore his quad muscle. The doctor told him to take it easy but he says he won’t sit around.

Bob is pushing the ladies hard on their final workout before their weigh-in. They don’t think it will be a problem to lose 34 pounds between them. If they average 6 pounds each it will be theirs.

Bob is very encouraging and tells them he’s proud of them. They didn’t give up and asked for more even when they were tired.

Walking to the weigh-in the ladies look very tired. The men think the women look good for the weigh-in.

Jen’s weight will not count for the team. She believes they made the right choice. The men thought they would sit out Kathryn. Jen goes first.

The women’s previous total weight was 1280 pounds.

Jen went from 248 to 244 - 4 pounds lost
Kathryn went from 202 to 201 - 1 pound lost
Andrea went from 209 to 204 - 5 pounds lost
Ryan went from 207 to 205 - 2 pounds lost
Suzanne went from 213 to 209 - 4 pounds lost

The men are feeling pretty good at this point - the women’s total is only 12 pounds with 2 women left.

Shannon went from 242 to 240 - 2 pounds lost
Suzy went from 207 to 205 - 2 pounds lost

The women have lost a total of 21 pounds. The men win and the women must send someone home.

We join the blue team in the kitchen. Nick is cooking for the men as he usually does. Jillian goes off on how big the steak is. And comes down on them all for letting Nick do all the cooking. He won’t be there to cook for them when they leave - they need to take responsibility for themselves.

Jillian tells us that Nick is manipulating his team and is sabotaging them by enabling them to not take care of themselves. She says he’s full of crap.

She calls a team meeting. She talks about how Nick complains that working hard to lose weight isn’t fun. She accuses Nick of playing “mommy” to everyone. He denies it. She yells at him to shut up. Major shouting match between them. Finally Jillian yells “this isn’t fun for me! I’m going home!” And she walks out. The guys all look at each other incredulously.

Bob gives his ladies a pep talk after their weigh-in. He tells us they’re getting upset they don’t get to eat the same way they used to. Jen breaks down emotionally. The ladies say it’s causing a strain on the team.

We see the ladies parading down the stairs with their covered platters. It’s voting time!

Andrea has immunity since she lost the most weight on her team. The votes go thus:

Andrea for Kathryn
Suzy for Kathryn
Kathryn for Jen
Suzanne for Kathryn
Shannon for Kathryn

There are enough votes to eliminate Kathryn at this point. Ryan and Jen’s votes are not shown.

All the ladies who voted for Kathryn said essentially the same thing. (I realize you are all shocked at this since we all know that women never discuss things amongst themselves) “We haven’t gotten to know her.” “She doesn’t blend with the group.” “She has an injury and can’t help us as a team.” “She said she’d be able to do well in the real world.”

The light goes out on Kathryn’s food cabinet as she tells us she admits she’s not a team player and that she didn’t come here to make 6 new best friends and that the next time America sees her she’ll look like Jillian. She has lost a total of 16 pounds while here.

In her update we see attorney Kathryn at work in court and kick boxing. She says she’s in better shape and feels better about herself. She’s lost a total of 34 pounds since the beginning of the show.

Next week: The men come together. The women fall apart. Two people need medical attention. Oh the drama!

Tune in next week!

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"RE: Biggest Loser 2 Episode 2 Summary - Weight in the Balance"
Posted by motormouth on 09-22-05 at 10:47 PM
Wow! This was your first? Great job, Cyndimaus!

A totally rockin' RollDdice design

"RE: Biggest Loser 2 Episode 2 Summary - Weight in the Balance"
Posted by mysticwolf on 09-22-05 at 11:42 PM
Nice work, Cyndimaus! Thanks.


"RE: Biggest Loser 2 Episode 2 Summary - Weight in the Balance"
Posted by Seana on 09-23-05 at 00:44 AM
*snort* @ the foreshadowing bit.

Good job, Cyndimaus! I only caught the last couple minutes (from Jillian's meltdown), but now I don't need to worry about what I missed! Thanks!

Dubbed "Gong Show Reject" by zombiebaby 09/14/05

"RE: Biggest Loser 2 Episode 2 Summary - Weight in the Balance"
Posted by MTW1961 on 09-23-05 at 02:54 PM
Well done Cyndi, congratulations on losing your summary virginity!

This made me laugh: "...since we all know that women never discuss things amongst themselves".

Episode Comments:
~It was nice how the women encouraged Jeff on the beam after their victory. Also, the other men were very supportive despite the fact that he cost them the reward. It's one of the reasons to like this show; it's NOT primarily about deceit and backstabbing.

~When Jillian walked out, I thought the way she ripped off her shirt was really funny.

~I also thought it was funny the way the women kind of backed into having Kathryn sit out when it was obvious to EVERYBODY that she wasn't going to be able to participate in that challenge.

Summary Syntax - I believe the proper phrase is "OH.THE.DRAMA." Perhaps volsfan will come along soon to let us know the correct phraseology.

Handcrafted by RollDDice!

"RE: Biggest Loser 2 Episode 2 Summary - Weight in the Balance"
Posted by RollDdice on 09-23-05 at 09:43 PM
Your first summary? Very nice job, especially as this show doesn't lend itself to much snark.

I believe that Jillian is smoking some non-fat crack. She has guys that heavy doing Pylometrics (the quick shot last week of one of the guys doing squat-jumps down the hall.) This week she has them running wind sprints?

The knee joints, hips and spine aren't meant to take that kind of abuse. I'm not surprised that they have the ambulance service on speed dial.

911 for the Red Team... again.

"RE: Biggest Loser 2 Episode 2 Summary - Weight in the Balance"
Posted by pieeater on 09-24-05 at 04:58 PM
LAST EDITED ON 09-24-05 AT 04:59 PM (EST)

Hey, Jillian enjoys causing pain, but she isn't afraid to cry with once-successful-wrestler-man. Still, she has more balls than Bob. Good Summary.

"RE: Biggest Loser 2 Episode 2 Summary - Weight in the Balance"
Posted by RollDdice on 09-25-05 at 02:26 AM
Still, she has more balls than Bob.

Check your scorecard. Bob's the ones with the cojones. Jillian's the one who's listening to the NBC brass and trying to make the exercises "more exciting". Meanwhile, she's sending people to the hospital with crippling injuries.

Hey, a torn calf muscle is no big deal. /sarcasm

What's next, jumping off a mini-trampoline through a ring of fire?

"RE: Biggest Loser 2 Episode 2 Summary - Weight in the Balance"
Posted by universityofkentuckyrocks on 09-25-05 at 12:35 PM
Excellent summary!

UL will always suck in my book