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"Survivor: One World Press"

Posted by Flowerpower on 02-12-12 at 08:54 AM
Please place all press related to Survivor here...

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"Pre-show press...."
Posted by Flowerpower on 02-12-12 at 09:02 AM
Here is an article in MSN Entertainment, an interview with Jiffy...located here. I am particularly interested in this tidbit...

There is no scripting at all, as you will see in episode one in this season, in which you have something happen that's never happened before. First challenge out of the gate, and we have drama.

What immediately came to my mind was....KOURTNEY is going to break her arm in the challenge. She is going to bounce on those nets, and get bounced off to the ground where she will land on her butt, and fall back on her wrists, and get a typical Colles fracture. Kourtney breaking her arm in the first challenge would indeed be something that has never happened before and it would indeed cause drama!

The more we approach the game, the more I am inclined to think this accident occurs in episode 1.

"RE: Pre-show press...."
Posted by jasonkola on 02-13-12 at 01:37 PM
It has been speculated over at sucks that Jeff may have been referring to the contest at the beginning unloading the truck. I tend to agree depending if Jeff considers that a challenge. It could be they are referring to Micheal stealing all the girls supplies. Just a thought.

"RE: Pre-show press...."
Posted by Outfrontgirl on 02-14-12 at 05:34 AM
LAST EDITED ON 02-14-12 AT 06:36 AM (EST)

LAST EDITED ON 02-14-12 AT 06:05 AM (EST)

I don't think Jeff would refer to the truck scene as a challenge. Jeff is clear on what are challenges, and this isn't one. Challenges are actually formal elements of the game as set out in the contract the players sign.

I agree the net could produce that injury, and having gone over the challenge caps in the Ep 1 topic now, at first I didn't see Kourtney there on the balance beam segment, but I went to the old vidcap topic and she was there, hidden behind Leif.

My spec is that the drama and "true colors" is something that happens, perhaps right after the injury, if there is one? The teaser stresses the challenge is very competitive.

Jeff will have to make a call what to do if there is an injury. I have no idea, but I think tempers will flare.

"Post Episode 1 Press"
Posted by Flowerpower on 02-17-12 at 01:59 PM
LAST EDITED ON 02-17-12 AT 02:00 PM (EST)

Stephen Fishbach...Nice insight into tribe dynamics, written for People Magazine.

Notes that Matt thinks his alliance will dominate, yet he only has 4 guys in it, and notes that Alicia has quickly become the dominant leader of the girls alliance...

"Coach weighs in on Survivor: One World"
Posted by Flowerpower on 02-17-12 at 02:09 PM
Note Coach's take on the first episode, here.

EW.com has Jiffy's take on the first episode here, with a VERY NICE deleted scene....definitely separating the tribes in to men and women and putting them in the same spot is going to be fun...

"RE: Coach weighs in on Survivor: One World"
Posted by dabo on 02-17-12 at 02:25 PM
Bill seems pretty right on in his deleted confessional there.

Bill: Welcome to Survivor: High School. We are kind of treating the girls like they've got cooties. We're at that stage where like if guys see you hanging out with girls then you have cooties too, man. And that can cost you in the long run.


Posted by dabo on 02-17-12 at 02:32 PM
LAST EDITED ON 02-17-12 AT 02:42 PM (EST)

Kourtney is giving interviews from a hospital room this week, she had a tumor discovered and removed from her abdomen, it was cancerous.


She had an alliance with Christina, Monica and Nina.

"RE: Kourtney"
Posted by Round Robin on 02-17-12 at 05:41 PM
Ouch, that poor thing has been through the mill, hasn't she? Busted arm, effed up fixing it twice, then she gets cancer. Only good thing about busting her arm and having all that trouble with it is they probably found the cancer quicker because of all the medical attention she got.

"RE: Kourtney"
Posted by dabo on 02-17-12 at 09:18 PM

And a lot of it wasn't shown. I mean, they couldn't air everything that happened in that three-day period, but I felt pretty comfortable where I was at that point in the game and I was hoping that we'd win the challenge so we wouldn't lose a number -- which would have been Christina.

So I think that's one of the reasons why we ended up killing one. But I don't know. The boys had the coop and once we had a few, we had them in the burlap sack and we couldn't make a little house -- a housing that would secure them. We were feeling bad and the girls were like, "Let's just hold off." And the guys -- if we had used their coop -- we would have had to give them all our chickens.

Actually, it was pretty confirmed that Christina was going to be out if we lost the challenge, so Monica and I stayed up kind of late that night trying to figure out what we were going to do to keep Christina from going out that night or on Night 2.

I kind of felt like both Sabrina and Kim had the potential to be puppetmasters, but I wasn't quite sure about that yet.

She (Alicia), oh gosh, she really rubbed me the wrong way when I was out there. I can't lie. She really did.

We absolutely would have taken the win. ... Everyone was exhausted. Everyone was tired. It was a really hard challenge and we hadn't even gotten through half of it. It was an easy win and I think everybody would have done it.

My interactions with Matt though were always very pleasant and I was actually surprised to see what I saw last night, because my impression of his was always a very good one. I always thought he was just like a human Ken doll.

I would say Colton (doesn't have a chance to win) because he's going to exhaust his resources if he doesn't fit in with the guys.

"RE: Survivor: One World Press"
Posted by jasonkola on 02-17-12 at 06:32 PM
LAST EDITED ON 02-17-12 AT 06:42 PM (EST)

New Promo shows new rope challenge.


It appears one man is sitting out Micheal. So I assume this must be in the next episode.

"RE: Survivor: One World Press"
Posted by Outfrontgirl on 02-19-12 at 05:35 PM
hey there jason, I know you are kind of new to the forum, so I hope you don't mind housekeeping pointers.

The Press topic is for posting and commenting on press interviews, usually with booted castaways, Jeff, Dalton Ross, and so forth.

The vidcaps topic is the primary place to put links for new promo videos, although sometimes one might link a video somewhere else to make a point.

Nice to see you at Blows (I know Jasonkola from a CBS Fantasy game topic on Yuku).

"RE: Survivor: One World Press"
Posted by jasonkola on 02-19-12 at 05:58 PM
Yah, I figured that out after I had posted it and like ten minutes later Blindfreddy posted it in the vidcaps topic. I am still learning my way around here.

"Nina Interviews"
Posted by Blind Freddy on 02-23-12 at 08:29 PM
And interesting interview of Nina by Reality News Online


Snippets of interest....

From the Nina RNO interview....

Nina w/re Monica ... "There was talk about getting rid of her a couple times and I didn’t understand it. There was no rhyme or reason to it, just because we were out of the alliance of five – the target kept shifting and it got a little old after a while."

Nina w/re to Sabrina... "I think the ones who were getting along best socially were Kim, Chelsea, and Sabrina. Sabrina got along well with everybody. She’s very good at communicating with people. She presents herself very well."

Nina w/re to Kat.. "She’s definitely not threatening. But you would have to be careful with her flipping her loyalty . If that’s your strategy, to take her because she’s weak, you’d have to make sure she’d stick to the alliance."

"RE: Nina Interviews"
Posted by dabo on 02-23-12 at 10:53 PM
RTVW Nina pt. 1

Did I consider approaching Alicia? No. She wasn't in control. She would have voted any way the majority told her to vote. Sabrina, don't have a clue about her. ..

I found out at Tribal Council that Sabrina was the leader. I was like, "Wow, okay. What the hell?!" ..

I can't speak for Sabrina, but I can tell you probably Alicia, Kat and I don't know who else she felt was an airhead. Those would be on the top of my list.

(on Colton's chances) I don't think it really helped him to be honest with you. I think it was a bad move on his part. I know he wanted to be with the women on the women's tribe and hey, if I had a chance, I'd say, "Let's swap. I'd be happy to switch with you." So, I understand that.

"RE: Nina Interviews"
Posted by SquidProQuo on 02-24-12 at 04:23 PM
LAST EDITED ON 02-24-12 AT 04:27 PM (EST)

Here's some good info from Nina's Examiner interview re tribal dynamics:

Examiner: You were shown approaching Chelsea to plead your case as to why they should keep you. Is that because you perceived Chelsea to be the person pulling the strings within the alliance?

Nina: I talked to Chelsea but I also talked to Kim. In my opinion, Kim is really the silent leader of that group. The chosen leader was Sabrina, but I think Kim kind of deferred to Sabrina, and that was a smart move. Lots of times the vocal leader has a target on their back. I think Kim was working things from behind the scenes pretty well, and I think that she had a lot to say about who did what, and I think that she had a lot of influence over Alicia and Kat.

Hi all, been traveling so just catching up on this season, but this is my initial impression too, that Kim is the real leader of the women's tribe and she ultimately made the decision to keep Kat for now (vs. Chelsea, who could have been swayed by reason to keep Nina). Kat is to Kim what Natalie was to Boston Rob....naive young follower (at least for now).

Personally I'm happy that there are several strong/smart/articulate women this season -- I really like Chelsea, Kim, Sabrina and Monica. Christina has potential too. Will be interesting to see how Chelsea and Kim get along long term.


"RE: Nina Interviews"
Posted by dabo on 02-24-12 at 11:20 PM
RTVW Nina pt. 2

Christina is a very smart, nice gal -- a little irritating at times -- but there was really nothing not to like her about. I mean, Alicia just honed in on her for some reason...

I wasn't okay with groveling to the guys. I felt like we should just tough it out and stay together and not ask them for help. I think it made us look weaker. ..

It was close. We could see it. We could see their camp from our camp. ..

-- too close.

"RE: Nina Interviews"
Posted by SquidProQuo on 02-24-12 at 04:34 PM
Nina from Gordon Holmes' interview:

Holmes: Alright, let’s do some word association. We’ll start with Alicia.
Acosta: Mean.
Holmes: Monica?
Acosta: Rock star. Love Monica.
Holmes: That seems to be a popular sentiment. Sabrina?
Acosta: Wow…she was the leader, but she was a little lazy.
Holmes: Chelsea?
Acosta: Can’t figure Chelsea out.
Holmes: Kim?
Acosta: She is a villain. Manipulator.
Holmes: Christina?
Acosta: Very smart. Liked her. Can be a little annoying, but really liked her. Very nice.
Holmes: Let’s finish this with Kat.
Acosta: Dumb as a rock. Very young, immature. Had no business being out there.

Holmes: Let’s jump back into that. What was Kim doing that lead you to believe she was a villain?
Acosta: I think Kim is acting like she’s everybody’s friend. She’s a gamer. You can tell that she’s really involved. She was grilling the guys. She’s smart and I think she’s willing to do whatever it takes to make it to the end of the game.


Love for Monica = Monica and Nina have time to bond at Losers Lodge??? Hope it's not true but I fear it is. It would seem that Christina and Monica are next on the chopping block for the women and it appears we see Christina in a few upcoming challenge vidcaps, so that doesn't bode well for Monica....only a matter of time.

"Ep 2 - Jiffy"
Posted by byoffer on 02-25-12 at 00:19 AM
LAST EDITED ON 02-25-12 AT 00:20 AM (EST)


"Insider Video Transcripts, post ep 3"
Posted by Flowerpower on 03-02-12 at 10:37 AM
Great stuff in the indsider transcripts located, here.

According to Matt, Jonas is Troy's right hand man. Alicia still loathes Monica and Christina.

"Matt interview"
Posted by dabo on 03-02-12 at 04:39 PM
Matt part 1.

It ultimately was to try to get out Colton Cumbie -- to either flush his hidden Immunity Idol and vote out Bill Posley or to send Colton home with his Idol. So, that's what I wanted to do. I always viewed Colton as the biggest threat out there and I think a lot of people view him to be the biggest threat out there, and they were distracted by me when I think they should have been focused on Colton. ..

The only person that I think wasn't there was Leif.

"RE: Matt interview"
Posted by Flowerpower on 03-02-12 at 05:52 PM
The full quote regarding Leif....Matt notes that most of the guys were in agreement that they needed to deny the girls warmth and anything else, where as he goes on to note:

The only person that I think wasn't there was Leif. I mean, he was pretty sensitive to what they were going through, and I think that's pretty cool, but for the most part, I think the guys were like, "That's your opponent. Let's not help them."

So, Leif is the only one there that is fully sympathetic to the women, and wants to help them when they are at a disadvantage....perhaps this is the root of the problem, why Leif has "betrayed" them? At least a clue, perhaps.

"RE: Matt interview"
Posted by dabo on 03-02-12 at 10:21 PM
Matt pt. 2

I do think I came across a little bit more brash and kind of cocky than I would have liked. ..

Some of the rooster stuff and the bravado, it was really "locker room-y." It was. ..

Everything changed once Colton got that idol. ..

I knew with 100% percent certainty Colton wasn't going to play that idol and I told everybody that, and that's why I wanted to vote Colton out. ..

Bill is a fun-loving, kind of loud, center of attention-type guy. He's really funny and he's the center of attention. So that's what he was and I don't think Colton liked that. ..

I just think Leif is just a kind-hearted guy and I think as easy as it was for me to put on my game face and leave some of my real-life mentalities aside, it was hard for Leif.

"Leif Insider"
Posted by Outfrontgirl on 03-03-12 at 04:47 AM
I'm a Gentleman

Leif has a hard time watching the women suffer because of their leaky shelter.

"The girls came back over today. They were absolutely freezing. I couldn't stop thinking about them last night, because I knew they were absolutely freezing over there. I couldn't sleep, I was just tending to the fire the whole time, just thinking about them. Then they come over in the morning and they're absolutely frozen to death. It just pisses me off. It's just not right."


"Because I want to help them as much as I can."


"Because that's what is being a man. That's what's being a gentleman. That's what's being chivalrous."


"All the rest of my tribe is not wanting to help them at all."


"Most of the guys showed their true colors from the very beginning when they were stealing the girls' stuff from the truck. That was where the girls' definitely got a lot more of their animosity towards the men. That really segregated and divided the tribes."

thank you James Barber!

"E4 Bill Interviews"
Posted by Blind Freddy on 03-08-12 at 08:34 PM
LAST EDITED ON 03-09-12 AT 08:11 PM (EST)

Here's Part 1 of the RTVW interview link:

Edit to add...
Here's Part 2 of the RTVW interview link

Text of interest:
Reality TV World: So what was the reaction when you guys first approached the producers and told them you guys wanted to give up tribal immunity -- did they immediately just say okay, or was it something they had to check the rulebook or get some kind of ruling on, or how did that all unfold?

Bill Posley: I just gotta check with . Am I allowed to talk about the producers' thoughts?

EDITOR'S NOTE: The CBS publicist states those are unbroadcast "behind the scenes" details that are not discussed.

Reality TV World: What I was really looking to ask was last night's episode seemed to go out of its way to suggest that the only way you guys could give up tribal immunity is if everybody in your tribe agreed to do so -- so just to clarify, was that one of the conditions that was in the rulebook or part of the ruling you got from the producers? Because that's something that the show did broadcast but didn't explain in detail.

Bill Posley: Right, right. Once the idea of giving up immunity was put out there, it came to our knowledge that it basically had to be all of us or it couldn't happen. I legitimately felt that either Leif was going home or I had a chance to get Colton, and that's why I went -- I legitimately felt those two things. It was a big move. It was a big move.

I wanted to make a big move and had it have worked, (laughs) -- had it have worked and we blindsided Colton, then you're talking to him about the greatest move that's ever been pulled on somebody and we're waiting to see what Bill does next. At the end of the day, I lost and -- not lost -- but I didn't have those guys backing me like I thought I did and they got me.

Edit to add the link to Part 2 of the interview of Bill by RTVW

"RE: E4 Bill Interviews"
Posted by dabo on 03-11-12 at 03:21 AM
Liked how he said Colton wasn't racist but An ignorant 20-year-old kid from Alabama who hasn't seen the world outside of his country home and his country club and his town, I don't know. That doesn't strike me as racist as it is inexperience, ignorance and sheltered.

Unfortunately, it doesn't mean anything per whether Colton gets a boot pre-jury as Colton would just avoid Bill at the Ponderosa.

"Jiffy Week 5"
Posted by byoffer on 03-15-12 at 09:00 AM
Here is Jiffy's Week 5 interview with Dalton


"RE: Jiffy Week 5"
Posted by PepeLePew13 on 03-15-12 at 10:08 AM
I haven't read some of the other threads yet, so I don't know if it's been brought up already.... but am bringing this out on here in connection to the article:

Tease us up for next week, and also reveal the answer to your “history repeats itself” clue from last week. All I could come up with was one person from an alliance (in this case, Alicia) being completely separated from the rest of her group by a tribe shake-up.
I have to admit something to you... I was one week ahead! I had been watching next week’s episode! I screwed up! So my tease for next week is... history repeats itself! Sorry about that!!!

"RE: Jiffy Week 5"
Posted by Round Robin on 03-16-12 at 02:13 AM
Which probably means that "history repeats itself" refers to the person who got medevacced in the next ep according to the previews.

Posted by dabo on 03-16-12 at 01:19 PM
RTVW interview, part 1 and part 2

Totally blindsided. Absolutely blindsided.

Colton was very homesick and came to me and actually called me his "Momica"

No. 1, that's a bonehead move, because the rules of Survivor are such that every single person on the men's tribe had to agree to do it

I had no idea that Colton was the person that he showed there.

I felt terrible for Leif Manson. He's such a kind person

It was all up to the men. We just got notice of, "Ladies, you're not walking down the beach and going to Tribal tonight. The men had elected to do so."

At that point, we had four chickens, and we decided to have dinner and celebrate and enjoy that one of ours wasn't going home.

If I had to describe Kim in one word, I would say "savvy." Kim is a superfan's steward of the game and she's very savvy.

And the best thing the men should have done was go for a blindside.

I think Colton is small. If I have to describe Colton in a word, it would be "small." I think he's small-minded, he's got small experience, small wisdom.

I would say Alicia is just silly -- very shallow and silly in her thinking and her thought processes. What you see is what you get.

"Jonas article (2/14)"
Posted by Outfrontgirl on 03-19-12 at 05:17 AM
Interesting Jonas article from pre-premiere:

Saw it mentioned at Survivor Fever as a pro-Jonas boot thing and looked it up.

I don't quite see it as they do ... I think he found it depressing to be back in Utah after living something very involving on a tropical island ... he has my complete empathy. But true, he ought to be more elated in general if he felt he won.

Anyway, it's a nice article and I like his strategy.

"Otsuji decided to apply to be on "Survivor" when two contestants, Purple Kelly and NaOnka, quit during "Survivor: Nicaragua" during Season 21.

"I was just so worked up. I thought, 'Man, it is just so disrespectful that they would quit,'" Otsuji explained. "(Then) I thought, 'I really have no place to judge these people because I haven't applied, so they're one ahead of me.' That motivated me to make my tape and the rest is history."

His acceptance to be on the show, he said, was surprising in some ways but not in others.

"They've never had a sushi chef on the show before, and you know, I just thought, from a producer's perspective, you know, it'd be interesting. Everybody's interested in sushi chefs for some reason; they're sort of mysterious. … People would be like, 'What? A sushi chef?'"

From his years of watching the show, Otsuji strategized his physical preparation: a lot of running and no weight training.

"I purposely didn't want to bulk up or get too muscular or ripped. I wanted to be in shape, but I didn't want to look in shape," he said. "I ate more food than I normally would so I'd have a little bit of a belly, so they'd be like, 'Oh, just a fat sushi chef, no big deal.'"

He also had his mental strategy figured out, and shares it in his introduction video, "Meet Jonas", on CBS.com:

"As far as lying and manipulating and backstabbing, I have no problem doing that. I feel like if you're playing the game, you've had, what, 23 seasons to figure out what people do. If you're not aware that people backstab and lie and all that, then that's your problem."

Otsuji said it's confusing to him when people ask him how he, as a Mormon, is willing to lie and manipulate on the show.

"Yeah, that's part of the game," he said. "It doesn't mean it's how I am on a day-to-day basis. BYU players don't tackle people on the street; they only do it when they're in the game.""

I think that puts the "I'll be Colton's bitch in context as it is just him saying he's playing the game and he'll do whatever is necessary at that point of the game, that's he's willing to adapt.

Posted by dabo on 03-23-12 at 02:33 AM
RTVW interview part 1.

He still has some blindspots but, unlike Russhole, does recognize how horrible he was. Though he still manages to take an initial dig at Samoan medical facilities.

I was taken to a hospital in Samoa and then I was transported to a hospital in New Zealand. Because obviously, Survivor didn't want me to be operated on in a third-world country. Yeah, that was the reason. Actually, it wasn't.

Nothing spoilerish in the rest of what he says, but at least he understands why some consider him a bottom-feeder. And seems reasonably contrite.

I'm obviously a polarizing character. I mean, but that's why people watch the show, isn't it?

Nope, not me, jump on the big chute back to the bottom row.

It's kind of ironic because I don't want to seem delusional, but I was actually pretty good at a majority of the challenges.

That I will grant, he gave it what he could in the challenges, when it came to challenges he tried his best.

Call it "Divine Intervention," call it karma, call it whatever you want. At the end of the day, I found out the hard way there is indeed a bigger b-tch than me.


Jay and Tarzan were his closest allies.

Really, Jay? The edit hid that very well.

"RE: Colton"
Posted by Outfrontgirl on 03-23-12 at 08:39 AM
yeah, the Jay alliance surprised me too, although they are both from the South, not the same part of the South. Chelsea and Jay too.

As I said in the ECST, New Zealand is the medical hub. The small island nations actually are third world when it comes to medical. New Zealand has the facilities. It formerly governed Independent Samoa, and the Cook Islands. In the Cooks for example, the Cook Islanders have medical rights to be treated in NZ, and go there for any major procedures.

I'm not sure if Samoans have "rights" to go to NZ now that they are independent, but I know there's a long relationship.

The medical facilities are so third world in the island countries, that if you have a serious condition that requires regular treatment, you may have to move to New Zealand.

If you are on vacation in the area, you could face the costs of being flown to NZ if you hurt yourself -- that's why you need travel insurance to cover that.

It's no joke ... I looked into moving to an island in the region, and it was a big concern.

"RE: Colton"
Posted by CTgirl on 03-23-12 at 09:17 AM
Jay seems to be good at sniffing out who's in charge and aligning himself with them.

"RE: Colton"
Posted by jasonkola on 03-23-12 at 12:18 PM
I am not sure Colton was aligned that closely with Jay. I do not believe anything Colton says. He is all about self promotion. I heard that he claimed in an interview with RHAP that his plans for after the merge was to go after Chelsea, Kim's right hand girl. I do not believe this either as he is trying to paint himself as a master strategist. Remember Colton is all about Colton. He is self centered and only interested in saying things that make himself look good. So you have to take what he says with skepticism.

"RE: Colton"
Posted by dabo on 03-23-12 at 03:51 PM
I agree, Colton is trying to use the Colton charm through the press; at least he is aware why some of us don't like him, how he came across on TV. I see no reason to doubt the Jay statement, but other of his statements just don't jibe. If he wanted more women than men on the jury he would have had to work out an all male F3. And the Alicia blindside set-up, which would be great but I don't believe it (you would think he would have at least let Tarzan in on it), still does not excuse his treatment of Christina.

"RE: Colton"
Posted by dabo on 03-23-12 at 12:02 PM
Part 2.

Wanted to keep women around so there would be more women than men on the jury.

He was setting up Alicia to be the next Manono2 blindside. If you can believe it. (Frankly, his post RC confessional suggests not, or was extremely well edited.)

Wanted to break up Kim and Chelsea post-merge.

Kim is a goddess.

"RE: Colton"
Posted by PepeLePew13 on 03-23-12 at 04:48 PM
Wanted to keep women around for the jury? Baloney, he booted Monica over Tarzan and Leif.

"RE: Colton"
Posted by dabo on 03-23-12 at 05:33 PM
I agree, his Manono2 actions don't jibe with his post-game claims.

"RE: Colton"
Posted by Blind Freddy on 03-24-12 at 09:04 AM
Revisionism is the standard path to reputation reconstruction. Denial doesn't fly in the face of blatant faux pas, thus the turn to methods historically used to spruce up the image for re-entry into society....or a reality gameshow. And if you repeat them often enough, variate the coloring of it and emphasize the potential value of it (even if it never occurred), eventually it morphs into virtual history and you're golden....especially on message bds.

"RE: Colton"
Posted by Arnold_Lorax on 03-24-12 at 10:00 AM
When he returns for Season 26 production will ask him to be the same character he was on this season guaranteed. Don't think the returning players aren't told exactly what to do there is a lot of butting in by production. Whether Colton likes it or not owns it or not he is forever going to be branded a racist pig because he is one.

"RE: Survivor: One World Press"
Posted by Corvis on 03-29-12 at 11:38 AM
Jiffy sez...

'Tease us up for next week, sir!

A shocking blindside eradicates any sense of security in the Tikiano tribe.'

So... could be the girls move forward with plan "boot the men". I wonder if they go so far as to boot one of their closer allies like Jay or Troyzan. That would be a huge blindside. Of course, Michael would also be a blindside since he thinks he's in with them.

I think we can eliminate Leif, Tarzan, Alicia, and Christina as boots this week. All of them are worried about their place in the tribe and won't be blindsided.

"RE: Survivor: One World Press"
Posted by byoffer on 03-29-12 at 12:10 PM
If we can trust Jiffy, then I agree that we can eliminate Leif, Tarzan, Alicia, and Christina as boots this week.

Based on this, I have to think the boot will be Michael.

"RE: Survivor: One World Press"
Posted by dabo on 03-29-12 at 12:14 PM
Gotta lurve the hype machine, all blindsides are shocking. Michael would be the least shocking blindside, if it even turns out to be a blindside.

It seems to be Kim's call in the end, and aside from her HII she has three groups under her command, Salani2, women, and hidden alliance (sub-group of Salani2). If she decides to shatter one of those groups, which one?

Salani2: Michael is toast.
Women: Alicia and Christina are at risk. (note: Alicia appeared with the Salani2 discussion group in the post-episode promo.)
Hidden alliance: Jay, Chelsea, Troy and his HII. Chelsea actually would be a shocking blindside as that would shatter all three groups, so let's move that into the extremely gufu game-losing list.

Break-off discussion group at the end of the promo was Kat, Kim, Sabrina.

Are those three in collusion running the game?

"RE: Survivor: One World Press"
Posted by jasonkola on 03-29-12 at 01:25 PM
I am not sure Micheal boot would be that shocking. Plus the hint says "eradicates any sense of security in the Tikiano tribe". This makes me think one of the women or maybe Jay or Troy. I believe we will see next week if Kim is truly aligned with core four or the girls. I imagine we could see an Alicia or Christina voted out. If they vote out Jay or Troy that would be shocking but not unreasonable as they are challenge threats but Micheal is just as much a challenge threat it would make more sense to get rid of him. But we can see after last night they are not doing what makes most sense.

"RE: Survivor: One World Press"
Posted by parathor on 03-29-12 at 01:58 PM
> "If they vote out Jay or Troy that would be shocking but not unreasonable as they are challenge threats but Micheal is just as much a challenge threat it would make more sense to get rid of him. But we can see after last night they are not doing what makes most sense. "

Actually, I think you nailed it... it'll be Jay or Troyzan, and thus the guys realize that it could be any one of them next.

(or Alicia - if they can target a woman, then are any woman safe?)

"RE: Survivor: One World Press"
Posted by PepeLePew13 on 03-29-12 at 01:31 PM

>Break-off discussion group at the end
>of the promo was Kat, Kim, Sabrina.
>Are those three in collusion running the game?

That's the three I've had as my F3 since week 1.

"RE: Survivor: One World Press"
Posted by jasonkola on 03-29-12 at 01:59 PM
>>Break-off discussion group at the end
>>of the promo was Kat, Kim, Sabrina.
>>Are those three in collusion running the game?
>That's the three I've had as
>my F3 since week 1.

Really? I might see Kim taking Kat as a goat. But Sabrina would be a surprise, she is too likable and would get some jury votes for sure. Kim would have pissed off Jay and Troy so she would not get their votes. So if this F3 dose happen I would see Sabrina having an equal chance of winning this over Kim. I would think Kim would want to bring someone who could be seen more as riding coattails like Chelsea.

"RE: Survivor: One World Press"
Posted by PepeLePew13 on 03-29-12 at 02:59 PM
On the surface, Chelsea has made more friends with the guys than Sabrina - especially Jay, who, if he's on the jury, could influence some of the other guys. So, to me, she would be just as dangerous (if not more) to bring to the F3 as compared to Sabrina.

If that's the final three, I see Kim being able to convince the jury that she had her pulse on the game far more than Sabrina did from what we've been shown so far, and she can point to the several alliances she had going as proof of this. We've been shown that Kim is in the middle of the oldSalani and nuSalani alliances, while Sabrina has been shown to be on the outside of the Kim-Jay-Troy-Chelsea main grouping.

There's still plenty of time for me to be proven wrong or for things to change in the game where it becomes more apparent who's working with whom in terms of end-game alliances.

"RE: Survivor: One World Press"
Posted by byoffer on 03-29-12 at 02:56 PM
I guess before we put too much credence in Jiffy's words, we should remember how easily he uses the word blindside.

"Jonas - press clippings"
Posted by Blind Freddy on 03-29-12 at 03:37 PM
LAST EDITED ON 03-29-12 AT 06:35 PM (EST)

From Rob Cesternino...

Rob Has A Website: http://robhasawebsite.com/survivor-world-jonas-otsuji.html

Rob Has A Podcast: Podcast of Jonas interview:

- In the Podcast Jonas compares Greg to Phillip Sheppard in the aspect that everyone wanted to take Greg to the end. And specifically.... from the NuSalani alliance. (Note: in an E7 Insider video clip, Kat also compared Greg to Phillip Sheppard)

- Leif was clueless about strategy and after the Bill spillage, everyone kept Leif out of the loop

- Greg was abrasive...to everyone

- Jonas knew immediately after the Merge that Jay/Troy were with Kim/Chelsea

- When Jonas was asked whether Mike was a 'player' via all the trouble making setups he caused for Bill/Leif and Jonas by stirring the pot and walking away....Jonas hummed and hawed and said he couldn't really answer that and backpedaled by saying that 'I was never going to work w/him b/c it was never even an option (b/c he was w/the girls)'. So Jonas dodged the question and was very nervous about talking about Mike as a 'player'.

Edit to fix broken link

"RE: Jonas - press clippings"
Posted by Georjanna on 03-29-12 at 05:21 PM
LAST EDITED ON 03-29-12 AT 05:25 PM (EST)

- When Jonas was asked whether Mike was a 'player' via all the trouble making setups he caused for Bill/Leif and Jonas by stirring the pot and walking away....Jonas hummed and hawed and said he couldn't really answer that and backpedaled by saying that 'I was never going to work w/him b/c it was never even an option (b/c he was w/the girls)'. So Jonas dodged the question and was very nervous about talking about Mike as a 'player'.

I hadn't seen this when I posted these remarks in response to OllieKat's observations in the East Coast thread. So I wanted to point out here that CT noted Michael's propensity for mischief - and his potential assumption of Colton's villainous role - last night.

And as I mentioned in the other thread: I hope that it isn't Troy who pays the next toll.

But this - Leif was clueless about strategy and after the Bill spillage, everyone kept Leif out of the loop - puzzles me. Do you suppose that Leif decided to vote as he did only after he was persuaded by Jonas' argument at Tribal Council?

"RE: Jonas - press clippings"
Posted by Outfrontgirl on 03-29-12 at 06:08 PM
I think that Jonas switched targets at TC, because it was obvious he was on the chopping block and obvious the Kat vote they had planned was a complete waste of their votes, fairly obvious that a man was going.

So he went after Michael, who was someone that just maybe might catch the attention of the group. Leif followed the leader. Leif was Jonas' buddy.

"RE: Jonas - press clippings"
Posted by Georjanna on 03-29-12 at 06:53 PM
LAST EDITED ON 03-29-12 AT 06:56 PM (EST)


You know, I have so often been informed by exit interviews and insider video that what I thought happened - didn't, I have become so doubtful that there is any spontaneity left in the Game that I didn't even consider the possibility that Jonas was winging it.

So, if Troy's role in all of this is exposed - did he sign off on Kat as a target? - does the fact that Jonas went after Michael (and not one of the members of Kim's two primary alliances) on his own - and only after the initial plan was no longer viable - make the damage control all that much more challenging for him (Troy)?

"RE: Jonas - press clippings"
Posted by dabo on 03-30-12 at 12:28 PM
RTVW interview Jonas part 1 and Jonas part 2.

"Michael interview"
Posted by dabo on 04-07-12 at 10:57 AM



the women kind of stick together more than men would

(Jay) he's kind of just drifted along like a piece of driftwood in the game -- kind of like where the best tide takes him, he's going. He's kind of just floating along.

Matt and Jay were the guys -- probably the only guys -- to me that could make the big move. They had the capability of persuading people and actually being a leader.

I don't think Christina's really a part of that

Alicia, she was a loudmouth coming out of the gates, but once her power ran out, I think she kind of bunkers down and hides out a little bit.

Troy and I, we didn't get along the entire game unfortunately. I don't like when somebody doesn't like me for no reason, but him and I just didn't work together at all. So, I think Kim used that information and just made him go crazy.

I made it known to her (Kim) that he (Troy), out of all of us, he's the one in Salani I was more worried about because he's kind of working both sides.

Kim was like the female version of me I would say. She's not -- I don't really think she's running the shots. She knows when to speak up and when to call people down.

(Leif) He just never knew where his head was at.

We started the game as nine guys versus nine women and with Colton in the mix, it was more like 10 women and eight guys, so he kind of brought down the morale of the Manono tribe from Day 1.

"RE: Michael interview"
Posted by tribephyl on 04-07-12 at 08:30 PM
Pretty much what I would have expected, aside from this...

Kim was like the female version of me I would say. She's not -- I don't really think she's running the shots. She knows when to speak up and when to call people down.

The editing sure does show a Kim as more in control. (Specially compared to Michael.)
I wonder if she's actually being set up for a fall from grace?
(Perhaps to place doubt on her chances in F3).
Because so far it looks like a slam dunk winner's edit.

"RE: Michael interview"
Posted by PepeLePew13 on 04-07-12 at 11:27 PM
LAST EDITED ON 04-07-12 AT 11:27 PM (EST)

Michael's the same guy who claimed to be completely blindsided that he left last episode, even after he had Jonas out him as a major challenge threat who should be booted. He's not in tune with tribal dynamics as much as he thought.

"RE: Michael interview"
Posted by Outfrontgirl on 04-08-12 at 05:56 AM
He was hoodwinked for sure, but he believed he had a good alliance even though he was a strong guy. Jonas was on the other side and trying a hail Mary, so as long as Jonas didn't sway anyone, I don't think that alone was cause for him to doubt his alliance.

Problem was that he didn't have the alliance he thought he did.
His perception of Kim kind of matched what she said in the Insider, that she would sit back a little (this was on the Jonas boot).

"RE: Michael interview"
Posted by kingfish on 04-08-12 at 12:28 PM
LAST EDITED ON 04-08-12 AT 12:33 PM (EST)

Backing up what is being said here, what strikes me from his interview was just how moronically unperceptive he was. I'd like to describe him as just plain dumb, but I try and play nice. Sometimes.

This was hidden from me (I guess this betrays my own lack of perception) because his thought process was never clearly shown until this interview, but whew, he was just a dumbass. (oops!)

He says it was just he and Jay that were against giving up immunity and going to TC. What? It didn't occur to him that Leif and Bill (ostensibly the TC targets) might have also been reluctant to go?


Not the first and not the worst, but not truly revealed until he gave that interview, IMO.

"RE: Michael interview"
Posted by PepeLePew13 on 04-08-12 at 12:48 PM
But we were never shown that Michael might have tried to make sure that he really was in a good position within his tribe. Whether this was hidden from us or just an act of cluelessness from Michael, I don't know, but I don't know what made him think he was in such a good position with his group so that he could afford to be acting at ease.

By contrast, when Kat's name was brought up, she was "huh, what did I do?" and then she was involved in the tribal discussions that we saw, no doubt ensuring that she was still in the loop on some extent.

"Jay interviews"
Posted by SquidProQuo on 04-12-12 at 04:51 PM

Based on everything I've seen/read, including Jay's Ponderosa clips and Day-after interview, he's not bitter or one to hold a grudge in terms of jury vote. Although I did find it interesting that Kim was the one to lie to him and then the cut to Chesea who stayed in the background....will that scene be significant in the end?

His comments about wanting someone worthy to win and not a tailcoat-rider are interesting. Also that he thought Chelsea and Sabrina were just as much in control as Kim.

"RE: Jay interviews"
Posted by dabo on 04-13-12 at 00:43 AM
Jay RTVW part 1

Not very helpful, or maybe I just don't fathom his speech patterns.

I felt like there was no way in the world we could do an all-guy alliance coming back after the merge. I felt like there was no way that all the guys would work together, be on one accord, and vote together. ...

You never could trust Tarzan. ...

I knew Alicia was in with the girls. I knew she was in with the new Manono working with those guys, so I didn't trust her. ...

nobody wanted to carry Troy to the end. ...

I tried to tell Troy to just go ahead and vote for her, Alicia. That way, he would be safe, a girl goes home, I stay there -- I feel like we had enough votes between me, him, and I think he was going to try to work Tarzan a little bit. I had told Leif Manson to vote for Alicia, and I just really felt like enough people were going to vote for her. ...

Kim was just a great liar. ...

You just never could trust a guy alliance. Even from Day 1, there was just so much chaos on the Manono side ...

The dumbest move in Survivor history here -- ...

When you're a target from Day 1, I guess you have to do more of a "any name is fine but mine" type of gameplay.

"RTVW part 2"
Posted by Gothmog on 04-13-12 at 01:17 PM
RTVW Jay Byars interview part 2

He really sounds like he's not a bitter juror at all and respects the game-play of the women. It also sounds from his answers like it's an all-women final 3.

"RE: RTVW part 2"
Posted by SquidProQuo on 04-13-12 at 01:43 PM
Agreed. Jay is definitely not a bitter juror -- seems like a really nice guy.

In this Survivor Fans podcast, they ask him how he'll vote and he says he wants someone who played the game and deserves to win. He says he'd love to see a guy like Troy win, but on the other hand, even though they played him, he would vote for Kim and Chelsea.

The other interesting thing in this podcast is that Colton wanted to give him his HII when he was medvac'd but I guess Jeff told him he couldn't give it to someone on the other team. Alicia told this to Jay -- must have made her really livid that Colton was willing to give it up for Jay but not for her. (Sorry if this is old news -- I haven't been keeping up on Survivor this season.)

Only other nugget is that Alicia and Tarzan are somewhat tight and she looped him in on how to vote (that's Jay's opinion).


"Jiffy's "
Posted by byoffer on 04-13-12 at 12:48 PM
LAST EDITED ON 04-13-12 AT 01:03 PM (EST)

Jeff's post on ep 9

From the secret video, it would seem that Alicia was told to vote for Troy, and was not in on the vote split to flush an idol discussion. Kim and Chelsea (and anyone else?) are working all their pawns.

"RE: Jiffy's "
Posted by Sheldor on 04-20-12 at 08:20 PM
From Rob Cesternino's interview of Jay Byers


Rob: There's a Tarzan/Alicia alliance that we don't even know about on this show?!
Jay: I don't know (knowing chuckle)
Rob: I think you know...


Rob: ...but is he trying to entertain you guys or is he just being weird
Jay: You know, WE never could figure out! I don't know to this day. Like, um I can't wait to speak to him um and really ask him and see him more outside of the game because... I mean in the game I could not figure out if he was just putting on a show or was it really Tarzan like... I really think he was just out there having a good time enjoying himself.

Seems like Jay did not spend much time if any with Tarzan at Ponderosa...

"RE: Jiffy's "
Posted by PepeLePew13 on 04-20-12 at 09:55 PM
Good catch there! Yeah, I think it's reasonably safe to suggest that Tarzan makes final 5 because they'd be going to 1-day cycles by then, not leaving much time in between to yap about things before they spend half of the night at Tribal Council (if Tarzan gets booted 4th or 5th, let's say).

Personally, I'm having trouble imaging the girls to be willing to take Tarzan to the F3 as a goat because the jury would be mostly composed of men and is it really a good idea to bring a guy even if he's as loopy as Tarzan is?

Posted by dabo on 04-20-12 at 04:56 PM
RTVW Part 1 and Part 2.

I was going to get the votes at least to try and vote Kim out, because I know Kim had told me that she had this special list. So, I definitely had some ammo on her to tell the rest of the girls that, "This is this list. We need to get her out." ...

Alicia and I had an alliance earlier on in the game, and I know a lot of those alliances just kept falling apart and going elsewhere. ...

My one regret is not voting for Tarzan, because then that would have at least tied us up and then we would all have had to re-vote. ...

I thought Jay was going to be at least a little bit more strong of a -- more strategic of a player. I was like him too. He was just playing a lot with his heart and he wasn't really thinking fully about the game at that moment I think.

"RE: Leif"
Posted by SquidProQuo on 04-22-12 at 01:41 PM
Interesting that Leif has negative comments about Chelsea -- perhaps that endurance challenge IC exchange was less fun/flirty than it appeared:

Holmes: Word association time. Let’s start off with Troyzan.
Manson: Amazing
Holmes: Chelsea?
Manson: Hmmm…yeah. I don’t have any words for her.
Holmes: Kim?
Manson: Sneaky.
Holmes: Sabrina?
Manson: An anchor.
Holmes: Tarzan?
Manson: Like my dad.
Holmes: Alicia?
Manson: Out there.
Holmes: Kat?
Manson: Blessed one.
Holmes: Christina?
Manson: Sweet.

Holmes: Alright, let’s jump back a second. When you said you had no words for Chelsea, was that in a positive way or a negative way?
Manson: Let’s just go with negative.
Holmes: Was something going on there that we didn’t see?
Manson: Her and I would butt heads. And I’m a tough person, but I really don’t like conflict. She definitely would push my buttons a lot.


Looks like Chelsea isn't getting Leif's vote. And as I recall, Mike called Chelsea a "coat tail rider" in one of his exit interviews.

Sabrina seems to be well-liked by the guys in post game interviews, so I'm thinking she does not make F3. And a friend who follows Sabrina on social media said Sab's already out there campaigning for Fan Fave, which could be another sign that she doesn't make F3.

"RE: Leif"
Posted by Flowerpower on 04-22-12 at 07:02 PM
Thanks Squid...good to know!

"RE: Leif"
Posted by Belle Book on 04-22-12 at 07:31 PM
I'm not terribly surprised. If Kim is smart enough (and I'm pretty sure she's smart enough), she'll realize Sabrina is a major threat to her chances for winning, so as soon as she can, she'll get rid of Sabrina. Probably Final 6 or Final 5.

"RE: Leif"
Posted by Outfrontgirl on 04-22-12 at 08:34 PM
Yeah, Sabrina seems to be heading for a big blindside. She really is the one who should be considering taking out Kim very soon if she wants to win, but she's not going to do it. She will stick with the plan to go to 6 (or 7 if a guy wins immunity), and then the majority will vote her out for being a strong player without enemies.

If she were really a GOOD player, she would foresee that. We have had zero confessionals from Sab about being in danger, whereas we hear from Kim that she doesn't feel safe and is playing very alert to the signals. Even though I've said I don't like the inevitable "Kim wins" arc of the season, I do respect that Kim isn't complacent. Sabrina has been safe the entire season, and she is so being set up for betrayal.

"RE: Leif"
Posted by PepeLePew13 on 04-22-12 at 09:58 PM
I'm starting to agree with that viewpoint that Sabrina is being set up for a huge fall. I've had her in my F3 since the first episode but I can see why the editing is making it seem like she's very safe, yet we don't see her making moves on the same level as Kim, Chelsea and Troyzan, just to name three.

I will be very interested to watch this coming episode - it appears that Troy may not win immunity so he should be toast if the girls have designs on an all-woman F3 (or bring along Tarzan as a goat). If that's going to happen, we should start to see the major end-game players emerge in the editing - i.e. who else besides probably Kim? I'd watch to see which of Kat, Alicia, Sabrina and Chelsea appears to step up even more, and I think most people agree with Jiffy that Christina 'cannot win' the game based on her edit so far.

(My new F3: The original 'power trio' alluded to in the previews before Episode 1 - Kim, Kat, Alicia)

"RE: Leif"
Posted by SquidProQuo on 04-26-12 at 06:01 PM
I think this last episode pretty much put the nail in Sabrina's coffin!

"Troyzan interviews"
Posted by SquidProQuo on 04-26-12 at 05:57 PM
LAST EDITED ON 04-26-12 AT 05:58 PM (EST)

A few nuggets:

- He says Derek Jeter is a big fan and wants to come to the Survivor Finale if his baseball schedule permits

- If Troy could pick who to go to the F3 with, he'd pick Tarzan and Christine, since they're "coattail riders" and no one on the jury would vote for them. (Maybe I'm reading too much into this, but this says to me that neither of them are F3. Also, the fact that he didn't pick Alicia, who most of the guys hate, is yet another indicator that she is probably Kim's main goat/F3 choice vs. Tarzan.)

- Also, we sort of already knew this, but Troy pretty much confirms that Alicia is the one controlling Tarzan:

"Jay in hindsight, he was always going to go with the girls, you know, because he was in love with Kim and Chelsea, and he was a girl. And Tarzan as well. Once he figured out wasn't going to happen, he was with Alicia the whole way."

ETA link to Examiner article: http://www.examiner.com/article/exit-interview-with-troyzan

"RE: Troyzan interviews"
Posted by dabo on 04-27-12 at 12:22 PM
RTVW Part 1.

They didn't trust me at all because I just went nutty on them. ...

I think that they truly are just playing to stay around and not playing to win. They're strategizing not to win. There's a big difference between me and them. I'm playing to win. ...

Kim is just basically telling everybody what to do and they're following along. It's amazing. ...

He's just doing basically whatever (Alicia Rosa) is telling him to do. He's just playing to stay around. ...

Listen, Kat figured it out.

"RE: Troyzan interviews"
Posted by dabo on 04-27-12 at 03:19 PM
Part 2.

Kim's the queen deceiver. ...

She's not sweet, Kim. ...

Sabrina's smug. She's cocky ...

Kim and Chelsea and Sabrina feel like they're so confident and they're so safe that they're just saying, "Well heck, this is what we're going to give you to do and we're not going to say anything about it." That's what those girls basically did. ...

Chelsea has two personalities going on out there too. She's like a split personality. ...

I was never going to catch that pig. ...

I was actually chasing it so they couldn't get it. I was never going to let them hurt that pig.

"RE: Troyzan interviews"
Posted by Karchita on 04-27-12 at 05:46 PM
It still sounds to me like he will vote for Kim, though. He says she is the only one playing to win, which implies respect. The others are just cruising and playing to stay in the game, not win.

"RE: Troyzan interviews"
Posted by dabo on 04-27-12 at 06:34 PM
Agree. Troy respects the game and would prefer to lose to a player rather than reward someone who didn't play to win.

"RE: Troyzan interviews"
Posted by OllieKat on 04-27-12 at 08:02 PM
My, my, my Troy is quite the bitter little cookie isn't he? Good thing he told me what an outstanding player he was 'cause I didn't pick that up watching him. And as for him saying what knuckleheads the other players are...I guess he's forgotten that he was one of the ones that happily went along with giving up tribal immunity.

"RE: Troyzan interviews"
Posted by dabo on 04-27-12 at 08:13 PM
LOL! My impression is that Troy actually was playing as hard as he could. I'll leave you and everyone else to decide whether he was good or bad or whatever at it, the point is that he considered himself a real player. And was frustrated in his game by being amongst a lof of people who, in his opinion, really weren't playing to win.

Jury members vote based on, basically, what makes them feel the best. Troy's motivation in casting his vote at FTC should then be based on game play, who beat him and is thus deserving. Other jurists will vote based on whatever criterion makes them feel best; prettiest, most likeable, smartest, didn't lie to me, my real friend, whatever.

"RE: Troyzan interviews"
Posted by Belle Book on 04-27-12 at 08:40 PM
Yeah, Troyzan was at least playing. Whether he was playing smart or not is another story! And when it came to giving up Tribal Immunity, he definitely wasn't!

"RE: Troyzan interviews"
Posted by SquidProQuo on 05-01-12 at 02:39 PM
This could very well turn out to be a big nothing, but in this Survivor Fans podcast Troyzan implies that he's hidden the flint or done something that the girls will find in the next episode when they get back to camp. Troy clearly wants to still be talked about even after he leaves the game.


"RE: Troyzan interviews"
Posted by dabo on 05-02-12 at 00:08 AM
If you are not a subscriber to the Survivor Fans Podcast, you can click the Pod button on the webpage and the interview will download and play on your computer.

The what button where?

TY the info.

"RE: Troyzan interviews"
Posted by beaglemaster on 05-02-12 at 08:21 AM
>If you are not a subscriber
>to the Survivor Fans Podcast,
>you can click the Pod
>button on the webpage and
>the interview will download and
>play on your computer.
>The what button where?

The little grey box with white text "POD" and it's bulls eye right in front of "SFP Interview:"

"Jiffy - ep 11 interview"
Posted by byoffer on 04-27-12 at 12:55 PM

The interview doesn't give me much, but the deleted scene is interesting. Kat is the most naive on the show, but is she being naive, insightful or other when she says Kim and Chelsea would be fools to take each other to the final? She also comments on Kim telling Chelsea what she needs to hear. Is Chelsea not doing the same? hmmm...

Posted by dabo on 05-03-12 at 09:05 PM
Got to love the "dumb blondes" who can get away with saying anything they want.


You want to be able to go on the family reward, not choose who goes on the family reward. Because ultimately, no matter what you decide, your decision is going to be wrong. Someone is going to be upset. ...

Don't get me wrong, everybody saw my true colors on the show. I sympathized with everybody, so I completely understand that it would have been less selfish of me to take Christina and Tarzan. However, they would not have benefited me during the game at all. ...

I'm the cute and sweet and goofy one, and if someone's going to blame something on me, you might as well blame it on Kat. ...

They needed something to say, because honestly, there had to be a reason of why they were eliminating me that day. And ultimately, in the game, they're playing all for themselves. ...

So ultimately, they're going to have to make up a reason why they have to be negative about me ...

And the whole time, we talked about getting rid of Chelsea and Sabrina all the time, because we could not win against -- I mean, how could I win against Chelsea? She's amazing. Sabrina is amazing. How could I win against them? Kim was my best chance. ...

I love Troy. He's a silver fox, but he definitely put death on me. That was not a good strategic plan. Everybody saw that -- all the men, yeah they all loved me.

"RE: Kat"
Posted by dabo on 05-03-12 at 10:42 PM
Interesting collection at Skills. Kat is a goldmine.

Holmes: Alright, let’s do some word association. We’ll start with Sabrina.
Edorsson: Intelligent.
Holmes: Troyzan?
Edorsson: Incredible.
Holmes: Chelsea?
Edorsson: Ugh…there are things I want to say, but I’ll say “hero.”
Holmes: Tarzan?
Edorsson: Very strange.
Holmes: Really?
Edorsson: (Laughs) Yes.
Holmes: Christina?
Edorsson: What game are you playing? Clueless.
Holmes: Alicia?
Edorsson: I want to say “margarita!” Firecracker.
Holmes: Let’s finish with Kim.
Edorsson: Genius.

"RE: Kat"
Posted by byoffer on 05-03-12 at 11:14 PM
there's some great stuff in there.

- looks like Kat prefers Kim over Chelsea (if the two make the final)
- the deleted scene about the shirt is hilarious. Kat wants to get it from Sabrina so Sabrina won't take it home when Sab gets blind-sided, but Alicia tells us that Sab can't give the shirt to Kat because it is really Kat going home. Too funny!

"RE: Kat"
Posted by dabo on 05-04-12 at 00:36 AM
Yes, some great stuff, and Kat seems to be one of those people who really doesn't have any mean instinct in her. And I got the Cesternino podcast to load, which is well worth it as well. (The other one I kept getting page cannot load.) She tried to play the little sister where the men were concerned, in Tarzan's case the daughter type. But...

Kat prefers Kim over Chelsea

Kat thought she had a better chance of winning against Kim than against Chelsea or Sabrina.

Kat loves Kim, Kat idolizes Chelsea. Chelsea is her hero, Kat was in awe of Chelsea.

As far as the other players go:

Alicia: Kat protected Alicia post-merge, considered Alicia a friend, was devastated watching the episode that it was Alicia turning against her that led to her boot.

Christina: Genuinely thinks Christina doesn't know the first thing about how to play Survivor.

Greg "Tarzan": Had a good relationship with the guy, respected that he is an old man and does get cranky, trusted him in the game with the truth about her medical condition (which she told no one else about).

Sabrina: Respects Sabrina, she's very smart and has had a challenging life.

"RE: Kat"
Posted by SquidProQuo on 05-04-12 at 11:41 AM
Kat's interviews totally crack me up. It's nice to see she's taken some life lessons from the experience and is not bitter.

A couple things from the Survivor Fans podcast:

- She says Troy had good intentions but unfortunately put the target on her back with his "Do it" comment at TC.

- She blames Alicia flipping (thus making a majority) for why she went vs. Sabrina and also her own stupidity on the reward decision. She seems to not really blame Kim at all. This is also consistent with this soundbite from Kat's ReailtyWanted interview: "With me, she didn't lie to me. She protected me. She couldn't do anything about the majority. How much more damage control could she do after the things that I did? If I wanted to be a different person in the game, I would've been safe." (So looks like this is a preview of how Kim will position the Kat blindside at Final TC -- i.e., she protected Kat for as long as she could, but she had no choice but to go along with the majority once Alicia flipped on the Sab plan.)

- Kat says she's the only girl who could make fire....so she wants to see what they'll do with her gone. Also, Troy did hide the flint in the trees and also the machete but Kat found it (wasn't shown).

- She says that she and Kim talked about booting Sabrina and Chelsea all the time because strategically Kim knew it was the best thing for her. Kat says that if she hadn't made the mistake on the reward, Chelsea would have ultimately gone eventually. (Which could imply she does indeed make F3). The vibe is definitely that Alicia's "flip" changed the course and Kim could do nothing about it.

- She says Sabrina and Chelsea kinda picked on her about being young/goofy, but she knows the real reason is that they were nervous of her relationship with Kim.

This quote from RealityWanted is a bit creepy but shows how Kat really looked up to Kim as a big sister or even a mother: "Ultimately, am I gonna trust this woman with these beautiful eyes, rocking me to sleep?"

Re Kat's jury vote (from RealityWanted):
"Everyone will think I'm bitter. Everyone's going to see how I decide to vote and you can decide if I'm bitter or not. I have tons of peace with the decisions that I've made. I know I went out as a strong, competitive player."

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Posted by Murphy3126 on 05-05-12 at 00:43 AM
>Kat's interviews totally crack me up.
>It's nice to see she's
>taken some life lessons from
>the experience and is not
I'm totally with you on your 1st stmt. Sounded like Kat had a lot more confidence than what we saw on the show, but at times, she seemed more delusional than Alica ... Kat "saving people" from getting booted? She never had any power to do that, nor the need.

Her characterizations struck me:
Chelsea: "Hero" ... Chelsea can be a hero without winning the game.
Kim: "Genius" ... Kim would need to be in F3 with 2 that can't win to be a genius after the FTC, which means Sabrina & probably Chelsea must get booted. Maybe Kim throws TC5 IC, plays idol & Chelsea gets booted. With Sabrina gone at TC6, that leaves Kim with Alicia, Tarzan & Christina for TC4 ... couldn't be any better than that for Kim.

Posted by dabo on 05-11-12 at 02:06 PM

So if Alicia had thought about it a bit, she would see that she was being played. (by Kim)...

I didn't turn on the guys. I was betrayed. ...

Troyzan wasn't certain anymore. He wasn't solid anymore, and we had been the nucleus of the atom of the coterie of five. He was uncertain. ...

They thought it was Kim and Chelsea that had betrayed them. They didn't like Chelsea; They didn't like Kim. ...

Alicia had a very good chance at being number one because of what I just told you.

Posted by dabo on 05-15-12 at 00:45 AM
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RTVW pt 1

No, and honestly, I don't think if I had told Troyzan -- if I read his mind out loud in front of everyone -- I could've gotten his vote that night. But I don't know what the answer was.

"RE: Kim"
Posted by dabo on 05-24-12 at 10:23 AM
Part 2

I'd be surprised if anyone wants to see me play again. I was a little bit boring. (Laughs) But yeah. I would definitely play again and I don't know. I don't know what I would do.

I think I would probably play really differently, honestly. I don't know how you can go back and play the same game, so I have no idea.

Posted by dabo on 05-16-12 at 00:49 AM
RTVW pt 1

"RE: Chelsea"
Posted by byoffer on 05-16-12 at 05:09 PM
In reference to how she got cast:

I talked to her (Jaime Dugan from Survivor China and a friend of hers) and I was like, "Can you help me do this?" And she gave my information to one of the CBS recruiters and they called me out to L.A., and for some reason, they liked me.

Some reason? I think I know what that reason is!!

"RE: Chelsea"
Posted by dabo on 05-24-12 at 04:49 PM
part 2

I didn't develop the relationships that I probably should have. I just kept my distance a lot and I just felt like if I wasn't -- If I didn't become everybody's best friend, it wouldn't be as bad if I blindsided them ... people kind of took that as me having a cold shoulder, which I don't at all ...

So, if there were talks about me going, a lot of times, she would come up and tell me. She would say, "I'm telling them this, but that's not what's going to happen." So I just always trusted her. ...

everyone saw Kim and I as a pair, and I knew that if she were to go, I would be the next on the chopping block. So I thought it was better to align with a very strong competitor and keep her around so that we could kind of tag-team it ...

I just kind of agreed with Sabrina and we just stuck with the pact. We honestly made that pact on Day 1, and it's crazy that it lasted throughout the whole game. ...

Jonas was a very strong player. He was Troy's right-hand man and getting Troy convinced that Jonas needed to go, was huge.

Posted by dabo on 05-16-12 at 07:49 PM
RTVW pt 1

I think she could've literally walked in the finals because they were a bitterless jury. She could've walked in, not said a word and still won.

I think the guys at the end of the day, they voted how Survivor should be played.

Troy and I had a very good relationship, just talking about life in general and our experiences. I'm sorry you don't get to see all of that obviously on TV, but yeah.

He duped people that were able to be duped. I don't think he could've pulled that on 90% percent of the new Salani at all. We just had a different personality and presence than some of the Manono people, but he might have gone one more round.

I knew that it was found and I knew someone that was still in the game and was pretty close to me had it. I just didn't know who. Because I found a wrapper and when I found the very first idol out there, I knew that it was really a wrapper and how it looked and everything. And I said, "Wow, who would leave the wrapper?"

I barely knew his name, you know? And so I was like, "Well God, do I give it to him?" I could have given it easily to someone else that could not have broken up the guys. Colton did his job and he did it well.

"RE: Sabrina"
Posted by dabo on 06-05-12 at 09:14 AM
part 2

I think if they would've been a bitter jury, I would've won ...

Jeff told us going into the game, he said, "Look, you gotta make big moves and you need to have multiple options." ...

you have to keep that in your head. It is a game for a million dollars ...

Chelsea knew that Kim had the Immunity Idol. I didn't know -- I knew someone close to me had it, but I didn't know exactly who. ...

for me, it was about subtle movements. Some people play the game differently than others, and I don't think I would've made it nearly as far if I would have played very risky.

Posted by dabo on 05-17-12 at 06:20 PM
RTVW pt 1

Tarzan, throughout the whole entire game, never had an opinion about anything.

Chelsea and Christina started to look at it as like, "Whoa, whoa, whoa. Alicia's going to get the votes from old Manono plus whoever's pissed off at Kim or her."

I really was shocked that she also didn't take Christina to the end and she took Sabrina.

when I went to Ponderosa, I did wear Kim's button. I was like her campaign manager.

Because when I came back, they were actually questioning me. They were like, "Alicia's going to work with the men. She was gone. We didn't know what she was doing over there." For awhile, they wanted to see my loyalty towards the women's alliance.

Leif voted for Sabrina because they prayed together on the boat one night. I love Troy, but at the end of the day, he's the biggest sore loser and he hated on our girl, and she did awesome.

Posted by dabo on 05-18-12 at 08:35 PM

Alicia and I had many conversations where we wanted to get rid of Kim but we kind of said it in a way that we didn't want to show we weren't loyal to her, because she was part of our alliance.

If it's a game called, "Who deserves a million dollars?" Sabrina owns it. But the game is called Survivor and if anyone outwit, outplayed and outlasted, it was Kim.

Troyzan even admits that Kim played a really great game, but ultimately, he didn't want Kim to win. He wanted himself to be there, and so of course he's going to vote for Sabrina. He got beat by a girl.

Troy saying that he didn't know and he was totally duped, I gave him information that this was going to happen with the girls aligning together, so.

I was the underdog. I was on the outs the whole entire time and nobody gave me a chance to really build an alliance with them, and my edit was so weird

There's no bitterness between Alicia and I. There's no bitterness between Colton and I, or Troyzan or anyone at all.