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"SOW Cast --S24 Cast Spoilers from Sucks, SF, TDT"

Posted by Outfrontgirl on 12-20-11 at 09:26 PM
LAST EDITED ON 12-20-11 AT 11:00 PM (EST)

I started working on this post by looking at the Sucks spoilage. After I started it, I realized that Survivor Fever already had head shots posted with names and profiles. My bad, went through almost 90 pages of Sucks wading through flaming to get the names.

I thank SF, and to tidy up these posts, have posted the SF profile at the top of each. What is posted under the ___ line is from Sucks, TDT, or my own observation.

castaway 208 has been the one confirming cast spoilers, and in some cases just giving them. kookyrules was the primary Sucks spoiler coming up with names, but it was a team effort over there. TDT has also been working on cast spoilers.

I don't have time at this moment to go back over and make sure I am assigning the right amount of credit to people, for the reason that I have not been following the cast spoiling whatsoever and am just now looking at it. My apologies for my deficiencies in this matter.

Please try to keep this topic orderly and reply to the lead post with general observations, and the individual cast member posts with remarks or info on that person.


Some general remarks from Sucks:
(apparently, castaway 208 said that S24 was going to be 2nd Chances, but it was scrapped very shortly before filming (and may be S25).

"This cast in mactor heavy ( as you guys know) because casting had very little time to put it together after Second Chances fell through. Finals were held in June and the cast left less than a month later. The entire cast is made up of SP alternates, past finalists, or mactors."

"I don't think Phillip screwed up 2nd chances, there were several reasons that fell through. I think he just screwed himself out of a returning player spot on s24."

Someone else said that Phillip demanded a guaranteed appearance fee and that set the ball rolling for them all to demand that. I don't know if that is true, but I'm posting it as an interesting rumor.

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"Alicia Rosa"
Posted by Outfrontgirl on 12-20-11 at 09:30 PM
LAST EDITED ON 12-20-11 AT 10:37 PM (EST)

Survivor Fever profile:

Alicia Rosa
Age: 24
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Occupation: High School Special Ed. Teacher; Makeup artist
Spoiled by 'kookyrules' at SS (Confirmed by castaway208)
Sucks post: http://survivorsucks.yuku.com/forum/getrefs/id/7935695/type/0

"RE: Alicia Rosa"
Posted by PepeLePew13 on 12-20-11 at 09:50 PM
You've got the same pictures posted for both Alicia Rosa and Kim Spradlin.

Here's the photo of Alicia Rosa, according to Survivor Fever.

"RE: Alicia Rosa"
Posted by Outfrontgirl on 12-20-11 at 09:52 PM
LAST EDITED ON 12-20-11 AT 11:26 PM (EST)

I copied in the wrong link ...
Just give me a chance to finish the project if you could, and I will edit such obvious mistakes ... I have the correct photos.
I would have liked for the post numbers to be sequential for the castaways.

ETA, all done now ... fire away folks.

"RE: Alicia Rosa"
Posted by PepeLePew13 on 12-20-11 at 09:53 PM
Not a prob... keep up the great work here!

"RE: Alicia Rosa"
Posted by Outfrontgirl on 01-27-12 at 05:28 AM
Alicia Rosa
Age: 24
Residence: Chicago, Ill.
Occupation: High school special education teacher and makeup artist

Alicia says: "I don't think Christian Louboutin meant for his shoes to be on 'Survivor' island. Being on here means a lot to me because I'm not your size zero, two or five-percent-body-fat type of gal. I am all Latina."

Jeff says: "Alicia is the true fish out of the water in this game. She doesn't hesitate to dress down to underwear and walk over and try to get something from the guys. She's got a smart-##### sense of humor, and she's not afraid to flirt. I don't think there's any chance of her winning this game."

"Chelsea Meissner"
Posted by Outfrontgirl on 12-20-11 at 09:33 PM
LAST EDITED ON 12-20-11 AT 10:36 PM (EST)

Survivor Fever profile:

Chelsea Meissner
Age: 26
Location: Charleston, SC
Occupation: Sales Rep for medical group
College: Francis Marion University - Business
Spoiled by castaway208 and kookyrules

Facebook: (thanks kookyrules)

I think she might be one who is friends with Jaimie of China (now in casting).

"RE: Chelsea Meissner"
Posted by Outfrontgirl on 12-21-11 at 09:43 PM
LAST EDITED ON 12-22-11 AT 01:29 AM (EST)

VivaLaMillie at Sucks posts:
I know Chelsea from Charleston. Just saw her listed on Survivor Fever and went and checked her Facebook and sure enough she had pictures coming home from the airport right around the time this season would have wrapped. She's 26, medical sales rep, went to Francis Marion University, lives in Charleston, SC, and dates LA Angels pitcher (and former College of Charleston pitcher) Michael Kohn. I am sure she was recruited by USC and Survivor alum Jaime Huffman (formerly Duggan) who has posted on her wall numerous times. and

her weight loss was "pretty damn noticeable. Have access to her Facebook mid-July compared to win she is met at the airport by her family." Viva has made one of the pics her Sucks avatar for now. Here is the larger version from her profile. Chelsea looks pretty thin to me.

July 11th, Going away party timeframe

Sept. 26th posted (return was mid-September)

also September

hugging Dad at airport


"RE: Chelsea Meissner"
Posted by byoffer on 02-15-12 at 04:40 PM
I note that in that last picture her dad is wearing a new-looking shirt for diving in Moorea. He also seems to have a tan/sunburn. Could he have gone on the family visit and done some diving in Moorea while he was in the neighbourhood?

By the looks of Chelsea, it will make me happy if she lasts long in the game.

"RE: Chelsea Meissner"
Posted by Outfrontgirl on 01-27-12 at 05:21 AM
Chelsea Meissner
Age: 26
Residence: Charleston, S.C.
Occupation: Medical equipment sales

Chelsea says: "If we can get the final five and it's every man for himself, I think I can win it with my athletic ability and hopefully win challenges. I am a little intimidated, even the old people. I feel like I can beat them, but the ones out here look like they're in extremely good shape."

Jeff says: "Chelsea was born to play 'Survivor.' Everything we look for in a female contestant -- smart, attractive, physically fit, comfortable hunting and fishing. And I think she could dominate this game and run that women's camp, and help build shelter and catch fish and find chickens and be a real threat. I hope she lasts a long time."

"Christina Cha"
Posted by Outfrontgirl on 12-20-11 at 09:35 PM
LAST EDITED ON 12-21-11 AT 01:43 AM (EST)

Survivor Fever profile:

Christina Cha
Age: 30
Location: Los Angeles/West Hollywood
Occupation: B.A. in Communication from California State University of Fullerton; Freelance Luxury ravel/Food editor
Ethnicity: Korean/American
Christina Cha Sears audition video >>
(Spoiled by TDT; confirmed by castaway208)

vidcap by Volcanic Glass

First spoilage broken by TDT
Sucks topic: http://survivorsucks.yuku.com/topic/87572/S24-Cast-Suspect-Christina-Cha


Sears Applicant

"RE: Christina Cha"
Posted by Outfrontgirl on 12-24-11 at 08:17 PM
Her website:

Bio on her website:
Christina Cha is 2nd generation Korean-American, born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She is a writer, TV personality, and a consultant. Christina is passionate about people and their involvement in the local communities, thus leads her to seek out the best places to go eat, drink, play, and wear.

In 2006, Christina received her Bachelor’s in Arts in Communication with emphasis in Advertisement and a minor in Journalism from California State University of Fullerton.Currently, Christina works full time as a consultant for both individuals and business in multi-media. She is also an associate editor for several online publications focused on topics such as travel, food, fashion, health and beauty.

Christina enjoys an active lifestyle practicing yoga, running, rock climbing, cooking, discovering hidden new jewels in the cities, art, music, and traveling around the world.

TV Host Reel
Has a few other videos up on her Youtube channel

Posted by Outfrontgirl on 01-08-12 at 09:05 PM

Sept. 13th, right after return date, Christina tweets (set to private) that she is still on Fiji time and misses paradise.

Speculation is that she might be pre-jury. It is considered very probable that the pre-jury was flown to Fiji, certain in fact if the passenger who saw them on a flight from Samoa to Fiji is reliable.

Christina was not ID'd as part of that group of five. The group was missing one as there are six pre-jurors.

She might fib about Fiji when she meant Samoa, but if she were in the late game, would she lament leaving paradise? Sounds like someone who was on a wonderful vacation.

While not a certain spoiler, this tweet at least raises a question mark for me on her longevity.

Posted by Outfrontgirl on 01-27-12 at 05:11 AM
Christina Cha
Age: 28
Residence: West Hollywood, Calif.
Occupation: Headhunter

Christina says: "America needs a sassy, silly, sexy Asian girl because everyone is too serious. I'll make a joke out of everything so they'll need someone that's a comedic relief. I'm very straightforward. I don't want to intentionally hurt anyone."

Jeff says: "Christina's not going to be intimidated by the men or the women. If she gets in with the right group of women, they could form an alliance that would be pretty tough. If she ends up on the outside of any women, she's going to be in trouble."

"Katrina Edorsson"
Posted by Outfrontgirl on 12-20-11 at 09:39 PM
LAST EDITED ON 12-21-11 AT 01:30 AM (EST)

Survivor Fever profile:

Katrina Edorsson
Age: 22
Location: Orlando, Florida
Occupation: Student
Spoiled by Polonium and kookyrules at SS

Katrina has the open heart surgery scar (see photos below.
Most people think this is her and she looks older in some shots than others.

Preview vidcap by Volcanic Glass

A case of wholesome before and not so wholesome after:
2009 pic

more current

Mugshot from Florida arrests, shoplifting

Orange County, FL arrest record
DOB 6/22/89

"RE: Katrina Edorsson"
Posted by Outfrontgirl on 01-27-12 at 05:18 AM
Kat Edorsson
Age: 22
Residence: Orlando, Fla.
Occupation: Student and sales

Kat says: "I love boys, and I love to talk to people. I survived my tragic open heart surgery twice when I was little. They had to replace it with a pig's valve. I just got pretty two years ago."

Jeff says: "Kat also needs to be quiet. She's going to say something regrettable that will get her in hot water. She's likeable, she's fit, she's cute and she can work the guys. It just depends what kind of start she gets off to."

"Kimberly Spradlin"
Posted by Outfrontgirl on 12-20-11 at 09:42 PM
LAST EDITED ON 12-21-11 AT 01:41 AM (EST)

Survivor Fever profile:

Kim Spradlin
Age: 28?
Location: San Antonio, TX
Spoiled by castaway208

Kimberly? -- vidcaps by Volcanic Glass

Photos found and posted at Sucks:

Posted by Outfrontgirl on 01-27-12 at 05:31 AM
Kimberly Spradin
Age: 28
Residence: San Antonio, Texas
Occupation: Owner and operator of Bella Bridesmaid

Kimberly says: "I was hoping I would look like a bridal owner and not tell anyone I used to be a whitewater rafting and outdoor adventure guide. I don't want to fly under the radar. I want to go big."

Jeff says: "Kimberly is another favorite to win. If she can get to the end, she'll win the money. She's likeable and smart enough to stay out of the way."

"Kourtney Moon"
Posted by Outfrontgirl on 12-20-11 at 09:44 PM
LAST EDITED ON 12-20-11 AT 10:44 PM (EST)

Survivor Fever profile:

Kourtney Moon
Age: 27
Location: Austin, Texas
Occupation: Motorcycle Mechanic
(Contestant spoiled by 'castaway208' @ SurvivorSucks)

Posted by Outfrontgirl on 01-27-12 at 05:24 AM
Kourtney Moon
Age: 29
Residence: Austin, Texas
Occupation: Motorcycle mechanic

Kourtney says: "I want to be a good person. It's few and far to find a player that plays with as much integrity (which is how I want to play the game) as possible. I have a life to go back home to."

Jeff says: "Kourtney is the most unique of the women on her tribe. She's sort of an artist and likable. I don't think she could win the game. She doesn't have a strong enough personality."

"Monica Culpepper"
Posted by Outfrontgirl on 12-20-11 at 09:46 PM
LAST EDITED ON 12-21-11 AT 01:47 AM (EST)

Survivor Fever profile:

Monica Culpepper
Age: 41
Location: Tampa Florida
Occupation: Physical Therapist?
Wife of former NFL player Brad Culpepper (now an attorney)
College: Univ Minnesota - Physical Therapy
Univ. Florida - 1991
Spoiled by kookyrules and EvilCastle at SS
(confirmed by castaway208)


Castaway208: I know there were rumors awhile back of someone with the last name of Culpepper being on the show... that's true, though it's not the woman you were talking about. This Culpepper share's her first name with a former feisty enemy of Russell Hantz (though that really doesn't narrow it down).

EvilCastle: Monica Culpepper?

Castaway208: Monica Culpepper it is! See if you can find the right one.

North09: There is a Monica Culpepper who is the ex-wife of an NFL player. Seems like the type of stunt casting CBS would go for...

It has to be this Monica who brags about her hot husband and seems pretty athletic herself:

EvilCastle: I believe Kooky is right. It matches the person from Florida I was told about who was a good looking older woman.

Monica Culpepper's husband is named Brad. This is from Wikipedia: "John Broward "Brad" Culpepper (born May 8, 1969) is a former American college and professional football player who was a defensive tackle in the National Football League (NFL) for nine seasons in the 1990s and early 2000s. Culpepper played college football for the University of Florida, and thereafter, he played professionally for the Minnesota Vikings, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Chicago Bears of the NFL."

Castaway208: That's the right Monica Culpepper as well.

OFG note:
After Castaway 208 asked in this Sucks topic for a shoutout, Monica posted "castaway 208" on her Facebook along with the second photo above, confirming that she is following the topic.

Posted by Outfrontgirl on 01-27-12 at 05:15 AM
Monica Culpepper
Age: 41
Residence: Tampa, Fla.
Occupation: Housewife

Monica says: "I gave up my life to help make this badass NFL vet . This opportunity came along, and it was really the first time in my life that I was going to do something for me. I am extremely comfortable outside. I can catch a fish with my hands.

Jeff says: "Monica Culpeper is the fittest person. I think her biggest obstacle is people looking at her and saying, 'Oh, enough already. You've already had your turn.' I just hope she gets a shot. Otherwise, she could be sent home early."

"Nina Acosta"
Posted by Outfrontgirl on 12-20-11 at 09:48 PM
LAST EDITED ON 12-21-11 AT 01:09 AM (EST)

Survivor Fever profile:

Nina Acosta
Age: 51
Location: Clovis, Calif.
Occupation: Law Enforcement
(Contestant spoiled by 'castaway208')

Preview vidcap by Volcanic Glass

See TDT Survivometer and links for more info.
I read on Sucks that she applied for or made SWAT team.

Posted by Outfrontgirl on 01-27-12 at 05:06 AM
Nina Acosta
Age: 51
Residence: Clovis, Calif.
Occupation: Executive secretary to a college chancellor

Nina says: "I have watched the show since the first episode. I was feeding my baby thinking, 'This is me.' I think it's important to get along with everybody but not trust anybody."

Jeff says: "Nina is a former cop who is a little rough around the edges, given how slick the rest of this group is. If they just give her a day or two to see what she can bring to the party, she brings a lot of wisdom and patience."

"Sabrina Thompson"
Posted by Outfrontgirl on 12-20-11 at 09:50 PM
LAST EDITED ON 12-21-11 AT 01:51 AM (EST)

Survivor Fever profile:

Sabrina Thompson
Location: From Wilson, NC; Lives in Brooklyn, NYC
Occupation: High School Public Speaking & Debate Teacher; Former TV Producer for Columbia Tri-Star TV, Sony Pictures, Court TV News Network
College: LSU 1998; UNC Chapel Hill 2001 - Communication/Mass Media
Spoiled by castaway208 and kookyrules

(on right in the back, blue buff on wrist) - vidcap by SPhoenix


Posted from her site (now "under construction" by UlongWinsImmunity

"Here is her official website: http://iamsabrina.com/

Here is the bio she has written up for herself. It seems very much like the CBS Survivor bios that get released about a month before the premiere. They could pretty much use this one.

Sabrina Thompson is savvy, creative and bold. Hailing from the rural town of Wilson, NC, this New York transplant manages to weave an unconventional lifestyle that encompasses all that she loves--media/non-profit endeavors, fashion and education. Sabrina juggles being the CEO/designer of her jewelry company, Beanpye, orchestrates the national logistics of nonprofit events for WEEN (Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network), and tackles the daily challenges of teaching high school students in Brooklyn, New York.

With nearly seven years of combined TV production experience with Columbia Tri-Star pictures TV, Sony Pictures TV, and TruTV (formerly Court TV), she has taken her eccentric ideas and produced careers based on her passions. In 2005, she created Beanpye, an exclusive handmade jewelry company, whose clients include India.arie, Nelly Furtado, Alicia Keys and more. In 2007, she made it her duty to live a life of social service and teamed up with friends Valeisha Butterfield (entertainment/non-profit executive), Lauren Lake (attorney & TV personality), & Kristi Henderson (entertainment publicist) to start WEEN, a women’s empowerment organization, with over 43,000 members worldwide. Last but not least, Sabrina spends majority of her time educating high school students in the areas of English and World Cultures at a college preparatory school in Brooklyn, New York.

Sabrina earned a B.A. in Communications from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a Masters in Education from Long Island University. She is a former All-American & NCAA sprinter and is an active member of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Brooklyn, NY. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, singing, and creating social interactive events. When Sabrina was asked why she did not simply stick with one career, she responded by saying, “Why should I have to be contained? God has given me multiple talents, and I’m simply utilizing them.”"

Here is another bio, written on the "Beanpye" website, her jewelry company.

"Since the age of 11, Sabrina has been piecing together unconventional clothing. As a fledgling track star, Sabrina was inspired by her childhood heroine, the late Olympic gold medalist Florence Griffith-Joyner. “Flo Jo was the flyest, most confident women I had ever seen that dared to be different when it came to fashion,” says the beanpYe visionary.

In 1988, Flo Jo was wearing glitzy outfits while she set world records at the Olympics in Seoul, Korea. At the same time, Sabrina was discovering her own fashion identity and setting records at the National Junior Olympics in Florida. Dressed Flo-Jo style in a one-legged purple unitard, a gold tank top, and the longest press-on nails she could find, Sabrina won her first national championship. “I look back on it now and it’s hilarious,” she remembers with a burst of laughter. “But that’s when I realized it’s okay to wear something funky!”

The next year, Sabrina started pairing stripes with polka dots and anything else that conventionally was not “supposed” to go together. Instead of throwing old clothing away, she would revamp dated fashions into new, original styles that others gradually began to appreciate. It didn’t dawn on her to make money from her creations until she tricked out a few pairs of flip flops and sold them to sorority girls to make extra money in college at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

After graduating from UNC in 2001, Sabrina moved to New York City and continued to create her unique apparel by personally hand painting and/or embellishing each creation. She credits her drive to construct each new garment or decorative ornament from her experiences growing up in the small town of Wilson, North Carolina, her fast-paced life in New York City, as well as varying genres of art, music and media. With the help of Sundree, a Brooklyn based branding company, Sabrina launched beanpYe in April of 2005.

Aside from fashion, Sabrina has been a highly accomplished athlete in the world of track and field, winning several national championships and over ten individual high school championships. She became an All-American sprinter and earned full scholarships to Louisiana State University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where she earned a B.A. in Communications. She used her degree to become a television producer for various companies and networks such as Columbia Tri-Star Television, Sony Pictures TV, and Court TV News. Sabrina recently resigned from the world of TV to become a high school public speaking & debate teacher in Brooklyn. “At this point in my life helping youth thrive and reach their potential in life and fashion keeps my creative juices flowing. I decided to make a change and I haven't looked back!”

In her spare time she is an executive officer and board member of WEEN (Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network), a new non profit organization and subsidiary of Russell Simmons' Hip-Hop Summit Action Network. In addition, she is also a media consultant for the National Bar Association and an active member in her local church.

She resides in Brooklyn and she is an avid lover of sports, educating and mentoring youth, music, painting, writing and traveling."

Posted by Outfrontgirl on 01-27-12 at 05:35 AM
Sabrina Thompson
Age: 33
Residence: Brooklyn, N.Y.
Occupation: High school teacher and jewelry designer

Sabrina says: "I'm a school teacher in one of the roughest neighborhoods in Brooklyn. It's where Mike Tyson is from. My strength is also my weakness, which is my mouth. I have to scale back because no one wants to be bossed around. I am just really opinionated."

Jeff says: "She's going to do well in challenges. She's got a great spirit of encouraging others to do well, and I really hope she does last. The only thing that's going to bite Sabrina in the butt is choosing the right alliance."

"Bill Posely"
Posted by Outfrontgirl on 12-20-11 at 09:58 PM
LAST EDITED ON 12-21-11 AT 01:53 AM (EST)

LAST EDITED ON 12-21-11 AT 01:31 AM (EST)

Had Posley, then saw Posely, but SF has Posley.

Survivor Fever profile:

Bill Posley
Age: 28
Location: Los Angeles
Occupation: Actor in Movies, Commercials, TV
Education: New York Film Academy (Acting) Framingham State (Drama and Film Studies)
Spoiled by lightxsource; confirmed by castaway208

On left -- vidcap by Volcanic Glass

RAP on Youtube

Posted by Outfrontgirl on 01-27-12 at 05:26 AM
Bill Posley
Age: 27
Residence: Venice, Calif.
Occupation: Stand-up comedian

Bill says: "What I love about the military is being able to push mind and body past the limits that it's ever been before. I live in uncomfortable and awkward moments. I don't want to be cool anymore."

Jeff says: "Bill is somebody you can cuddle next to and not feel like he was going to grope you, and he's somebody that could high-five another guy. I feel like, if Bill just stays out of the way, he could go very deep."

"Colton Cumbie"
Posted by Outfrontgirl on 12-20-11 at 10:02 PM
LAST EDITED ON 12-21-11 AT 01:12 AM (EST)

Survivor Fever profile:

Colton Cumbie
Age: 22
Location: Monroe, Alabama
Occupation: Student
Colton's Sears Video Link >>
(as found by Polonium)
(Contestant spoiled by 'castaway208' @ SurvivorSucks)

Preview vidcap by Volcanic Glass

Sears Contestant Video (found by Polonium)


Posted by Outfrontgirl on 01-27-12 at 05:16 AM
Colton Cumbie
Age: 20
Residence: Atmore, Ala.
Occupation: Student

Colton says: "I'm a super fan. I can be really charming and flirtatious and get people on my side. I can definitely be a #####. I did not work this hard and go this far to go home early."

Jeff says: "Out of the gate, he's telling people how different he is and how he's not fitting in. For Colton to have a chance, he's got to shut up."

"Gregory Smith"
Posted by Outfrontgirl on 12-20-11 at 10:05 PM
LAST EDITED ON 12-21-11 AT 01:04 AM (EST)

Survivor Fever profile:

Gregory Smith
Spoiled by castaway208
(survivor fan, he's older, he has long hair and beard, An older overweight male version of Scout - Older male late 50's early 60's, mystical)

Promo vidcaps by Volcanic Glass (Gregory is on left in second photo)

"Fu-man-chu guy" in preview ~ castaway 208

Posted by Outfrontgirl on 01-27-12 at 05:33 AM
Dr. Greg Smith
Age: 63
Residence: Houston, Texas
Occupation: Aesthetic and reconstructive surgeon

Greg says: "In the operating room I am king. One on one with someone, I'm scared to death. I'm only doing it for the adventure and the romance. Watch out. I can talk your ears off. I am hoping to play a pseudo-father, kind fatherly role to help my tribe.

Jeff says: "Dr. Greg Smith, otherwise known as Tarzan, is one of the smartest guys we've ever had on the show. I told him right before the game started, 'Your biggest obstacle is your own ego and feeling you need to tell everybody how smart you are and how good at everything you are.' And if he does that, they'll get rid of him. My prediction: He's gone early."

"Jay Byars"
Posted by Outfrontgirl on 12-20-11 at 10:09 PM
LAST EDITED ON 12-20-11 AT 11:06 PM (EST)

Survivor Fever profile:

Jay Byars
Age: 26
Location: South Carolina
Occupation: Model
Modeling YouTube video >>
(Contestant spoiled by 'castaway208' @ SurvivorSucks)


Posted by Outfrontgirl on 01-27-12 at 05:09 AM
Jay Byars
Age: 24
Residence: Gaffney S.C.
Occupation: Model

Jay says: "Everybody wants to walk away with a million bucks, but that can be taken away from you in an instant. They <'Survivor' casting> saw an adrenaline junkie. They saw someone that's going to come out here and give it their all.

Jeff says: "He's going to prove to himself that he's enough of a workforce around camp. I don't think that many people would expect that, looking at him because he kind of plays that Southern good old boy. I think he knows exactly what time it is.

"Jonas Otsuji"
Posted by Outfrontgirl on 12-20-11 at 10:11 PM
LAST EDITED ON 12-21-11 AT 01:36 AM (EST)

Survivor Fever profile:

Jonas Otsuji
Age: 35
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah, From Honolulu, Hawaii
Occupation: Sushi Chef, Sushi Instructor, Caterer
Spoiled by 'kookyrules' at SS (Confirmed by castaway208)

preview vidcaps by Volcanic Glass


His Sushi Surfer Chef site

Japanese-American from Hawai'i who now resides in Utah.

Posted by Outfrontgirl on 01-27-12 at 05:23 AM
Jonas Otsuji
Age: 37
Residence: Lehi, Utah
Occupation: Sushi chef

Jonas says: "My strategy is no strategy. Think on your feet and go with the flow. I want to gain trust. But when I need to cut that (by lying) in order to further myself, I will do that."

Jeff says: "Jonas is very malleable. At some point, Jonas is going to have to say, 'This is my alliance, and I'm going stick with them and hope it works out.' Otherwise, people are going to see him as too soft or too nice and just cut him loose."

"Leif Manson"
Posted by Outfrontgirl on 12-20-11 at 10:14 PM
LAST EDITED ON 12-21-11 AT 01:06 AM (EST)

Survivor Fever profile:

Leif Manson
Age: 34
Location: San Diego, CA
Occupation: Entertainment Industry
Spoiled by 'kookyrules' at SS

Promo vidcap by Volcanic Glass (Leif carrying basket)

"Still haven't figured out the little person's first name after my hints huh? Here's another. It goes back to the first clue I gave you. Some say he was the first to discover America. " (first hint/clue was something about him being more like a viking)

Kookyrules: "Found him!! Leif Manson!! http://www.facebook.com/p...=100000357123640&sk=info and Janice Yvonne Bauer is one of his friends. "
Location San Diego, CA
Birthday February 1
About Let’s all have some fun, make some memories, have some laughs, throw back a few shots, and enjoy this wild ride we call life!
Gender Male
Email littleviking84@gmail.com


Castaway208: "You got him. "

"RE: Leif Manson"
Posted by Brownroach on 01-18-12 at 03:41 PM
Occupation: Entertainment Industry

The EW cast release article says that Leif is a phlebotomist. Maybe he considers phlebotomy entertaining.


Posted by Outfrontgirl on 01-27-12 at 05:20 AM
Leif Mason
Age: 27
Residence: San Diego, Calif.
Occupation: Phlebotomist

Leif says: "I'll be figuring out people, getting to know people and making solid connections and going from there. It helps to be observant. My eyesight isn't that great. Puzzles I'm really good at."

Jeff says: "If Leif can just get in and survive a couple of travels, he'll be OK. He knows the game, he's smart, he's tough, he's physically fit and he's got a good attitude. If Leif is at all nervous or brings any attention to why he's different (because he's a little person), I think it might be a reason to get rid of him."

"Matt Quinlan"
Posted by Outfrontgirl on 12-20-11 at 10:17 PM
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Survivor Fever profile:

Matt Quinlan
Age: 33
Location: San Francisco, CA
Occupation: Attorney
College: University of San Francisco School of Law; California Polytechnic University - B.S. in Business Administration
Spoiled by castaway208

Matt on left, per Castaway208 -- preview vidcap by Volcanic Glass

"RE: Matt Quinlan"
Posted by Outfrontgirl on 01-13-12 at 00:01 AM
Lots of accomplishments!
Note the fantasy football business.

Educational Background
Matt Quinlan received his Juris Doctorate (J.D.) in 2004 from the University of San Francisco, School of Law (academic scholarship). While at USF Law, Matt was a two-year member of the USF Law Review, as well as a CALI award recipient (Top Student) in Contracts. He was active in the Moot Court Program and the Intellectual Property Association. Matt Quinlan graduated, with honors, from the California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo (Cal Poly) in 2000 and received a B.S. in Business Administration and a Minor in Philosophy. He was a member of the Dean’s List, and also served on the board of the American Marketing Association.

Professional Background
After graduating from law school in 2004, Matt was offered a position at a well-established personal injury firm where he learned his craft. A short three years later, in 2007, Matt became a Partner and was described as “the youngest partner at an established plaintiff’s firm in and one of the country’s fastest rising plaintiff attorneys.” After expanding his practice further over the next several years, Matt left his firm and opened the doors to The Law Offices of Matthew J. Quinlan so that he could better serve his clients. Matt Quinlan focuses most of his time on personal injury litigation, including wrongful death, auto accidents, and catastrophic injury cases. Additionally, Matt has experience in the areas of products liability, business litigation, and employment discrimination and harassment. Matt has tried numerous cases to verdict and resolved hundreds of others short of trial.

In addition to being a member in good standing with the California Bar Association, Matt Quinlan is active with the San Francisco Trial Lawyers Association (SFTLA), Consumer Attorneys of California (CAOC), and the American Association for Justice (AAJ).

Outside Positions
Matt Quinlan is on the Boards of Governors – NLD (2005-Present) with the American Association for Justice (AAJ), which is based out of Washington D.C. and is the country’s largest plaintiff’s organizations.

Other Honors
Matt Quinlan was honored as a Who’s Who of American High School Students in 1995 and was also honored as a Who’s Who of American Law School Students in 2003, both in recognition of his academic accomplishments.

Matt Quinlan was born in Chicago, but grew up in Mississippi and California. He is extremely entrepreneurial, which is why he prefers the culture of a plaintiff’s firm and its small-business feel, pressures and intimacies.

In 2003, while attending law school, Matt founded FantasyFootballHelpers.com, a California LLC that sold memberships/access to fantasy football strategy and information to thousands of fantasy footballers across the country via the Internet. While under his ownership the business grew from a skeleton staff to a team of 13 industry-recognized sports writers from across the United States, whose work was also featured on Fox Sports, Sporting News, and several local sports radio outlets across the country.

The business realized revenues from thousands of paying members and online advertising contracts with the likes of ESPN, CBS, and DirecTV. In 2007, Matt sold his business in response to his strong desire to invest all of his time to his practice of law – the company has since been absorbed by another company.

Matt is also a die-hard Chicago Cubs fan, which stems from his family roots in the Chicago-land area. He enjoys recreational activities such as golfing and weight-lifting.

Posted by Outfrontgirl on 01-27-12 at 05:27 AM
Matt Quinlan
Age: 33
Residence: San Francisco, Calif.
Occupation: Attorney

Matt says: "I'm here to win, and I have to use all my resources. I'm smart, competitive and handsome. I want to control the game. They need the athletic guy to beat the other tribe because nobody wants to go home."

Jeff says: "Matt is another villain on the men's tribe. He's very good looking and very charismatic. If anyone sees Matt's true colors, that he could be a little condescending, maybe a little misogynistic. Then that could bite him in the #####."

"Michael Jefferson"
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Survivor Fever profile:

Michael Jefferson
Age: 30
Location: Marysville, Washington State
Occupation: Banker
College: Central Washington University with a Bachelors in law
Spoiled by castaway208

6'5" -- vidcap by Volcanic Glass

Washingtons Hottest Bachelor for Cosmopolitan Magazine.


Posted by Outfrontgirl on 01-27-12 at 05:13 AM
Michael Jefferson
Age: 29
Residence: Seattle, Wa.
Occupation: Banker

Michael says: "My goal is to befriend all the ladies, young or old. I have to be on their good side. First impressions, they might think I'm a ##### (therefore they'll vote me off)"

Jeff says: "Michael's going to go down as a villain. Straight out of the gate, he was stealing things from the women -- which is fun, funny, legal, and a great move, all good qualities. I don't know if he can be the likeable guy that says, 'I was just playing the game'' or if he's just an aggressive, just-strong-arms dude.

"Troyzan Robertson"
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LAST EDITED ON 12-21-11 AT 01:18 AM (EST)

Survivor Fever profile:

Troy Robertson
Age: 51
Location: Miami, Florida
From Spokane Valley, Washington
Occupation: Photographer
Troyzan YouTube video >> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBFA58UyQvQ
(Contestant spoiled by 'castaway208' @ SurvivorSucks)

Troyzan tackling Jonas. Troyzan blue buff, so Jonas must be orange?

2nd cap ID'd by BlindFreddy at Sucks -- vidcap by Volcanic Glass

Wow, Troy's application video is the best I have ever seen! Watch it!

I read that he has been almost cast more than once.

"RE: Troyzan Robertson"
Posted by Outfrontgirl on 01-27-12 at 05:30 AM
Troy "Troyzan" Robertson
Age: 50
Residence: Miami, Fla.
Occupation: Freelance photographer for Sports Illustrated

Troy says: "My life is centered around 'Survivor' the last 11 years. I get emotional because even the casting people told me 'No, they're done. You might want to give up your dream.' If you want to do something, never give up. Just stay focused."

Jeff says: "Troy can win this game. I think his zest for the game will be the key factor. It will either put him in a situation in an alliance that is so fun, and they like him so much that he does well, or he'll become the guy that people will be like, "Yeah, Troy. We know." And he'll be voted out. I'm rooting for him."

"Next title."
Posted by Estee on 12-21-11 at 00:41 AM
Survivor: The Mactor Factor

"RE: SOW Cast --S24 Cast Spoilers from Sucks, SF, TDT"
Posted by Outfrontgirl on 12-21-11 at 02:02 AM
I have edited in preview vidcaps that seem to me to belong to the players. Some caps are still a mystery, and others may be wrong, so please help ID them.

The clothes of some are orange tones but with blue buffs, so some spec there is a very early swap. What do you think?

"RE: SOW Cast --S24 Cast Spoilers from Sucks, SF, TDT"
Posted by tribephyl on 12-21-11 at 04:05 AM
some spec there is a very early swap. What do you think?

I hate to toot my own horn (cause I've used the idea for a couple seasons of Survivor 2nd Chances) but the idea of having them live together at one campsite yet split into "tribes" for challenges has an amazing effect on cross-tribal alliances.
AND perhaps...
EPMB's dying wish...
I lvoe what Matt and Ozzy did for Redemption Island. How can I make it so only the strongest survive?
Oh, I know, have lots of challenges where only the strong survive!

Perhaps gender split at first but next week it's pick-em for teams, the following week it's individual, then 4 teams of 4, then a week spent in pairs... It's extremely conducive to anti-spoiling and cross-tribal alliances.
For the survivors it becomes "Stay alive as long as you can."
I have high hopes for this season and swaps should not only happen early but often, as well.
Producer Goal 1: Keep the survivors on their toes.
Producer Goal 2: Try our best to exterminate alliances.

"RE: SOW Cast --S24 Cast Spoilers from Sucks, SF, TDT"
Posted by Belle Book on 12-21-11 at 12:17 PM
I always tend to be more interested in the women than in the men, so right now I'm looking most at Alicia and Christina. I hope they do well.

"spoiling ..."
Posted by Outfrontgirl on 12-21-11 at 10:01 PM
A note:
It took a lot of effort to create this topic, and the idea is to collect tangible information, including spoilage and vidcap evidence, pre-premiere. I really don't want to turn it into an opinions on the cast topic, because I want it to be a spoiler resource.

As there is a second cast topic by Pepe, maybe that one could be used for commentary, snark, and spec. Thanks, don't want to upset anyone, but it's really easy for a topic to get very long on opinions and light on information, and I did spend most of the afternoon yesterday pulling this together and still feel attached to it.

"RE: SOW Cast --S24 Cast Spoilers from Sucks, SF, TDT"
Posted by tullfan on 01-17-12 at 08:04 PM
Heads up! According to MayanSun at Survivor Fever, the official Survivor One World cast release will happen tomorrow morning (Wed. Jan. 18). Should be within the next 18 hours.

"RE: SOW Cast --S24 Cast Spoilers from Sucks, SF, TDT"
Posted by GOOU on 01-18-12 at 04:37 PM
Cast videos are up on cbs website.

"cast videos"
Posted by Outfrontgirl on 01-18-12 at 11:43 PM
Also embedded in the Dalton Ross EW article:

"MSN: JP's Cast Assessment"
Posted by Outfrontgirl on 01-27-12 at 05:52 AM

Thanks to Survivor Fever for drawing this to my attention!
Clicking on a cast photo takes you to the player's sound byte on their game and Jeff's assessment.

I put each contestant's bit under that player above and used MSN as the heading to make it more obvious ... except I blew it with Troyzan's.
A short summary:

Players Jeff says cannot win: Alicia and Kourtney

Jeff says they could win or are a favorite to do well:
Troyzan, Kimberley, Chelsea

Jeff focuses on the positive:
Bill, Jay, Nina (but needs a chance of a day or two), Sabrina (but could pick the wrong alliance).

Jeff points out a specific reason they could get booted:
Monica, Christina, Kat, Alicia
Colton, Leif, Jonas, Matt, Greg

Jeff predicts they could easily "go home early":
Monica, Greg

Jeff calls them a villain:
Matt, Colton, Michael