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"Vidcaps, Episode 3"

Posted by Flowerpower on 09-22-11 at 06:48 AM
Thanks to Survivor Fever:


Jiffy: At Savaii the pressure is on Ozzy...
Jeff: "Ozzy's lost his board", (and we see his board fly up and in front and he has to swim to it)
Ozzy in confessional: I'm not gonna tell anyone I have the idol
Here a girl say, (presumably Whitney) "he's up to something"....
Jim: "what if he does have the idol? Why not protect against that"

Jiffy: And Brandon Wrestles with the truth...
See Mikayla crying....
Brandon: I lie blatantly...
Coach: He let's things get to him....
Sophie: I think Brandon is a devious jerk...
Brandon: It's always the same battle for me...good - evil, good - evil, and Brandon is seen crying...

Once again Brandon is the boot decoy....will it be him? Will Ozzy be targeted to flush out the idol if he has it?

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"RE: Vidcaps, Episode 3"
Posted by KObrien_fan on 09-22-11 at 10:22 AM
Challenge spec:

We see Ozzy and Albert on wake boards that are being towed, Albert is not kicking his feet in the pictures, so not sure if they can help or just be dead weight. The tribe is on the other end reeling in the tow line. When Ozzy loses his wake board you can see him shout to his tribe to wait up:

Does he have to catch up to the board, get out of the water and then jump back in at the same point he lost the board? More vidcaps will help decide this but I would think he would.

In this cap that I got elsewhere from the opening credits we can see that Brandon also will compete as a wake boarder in this challenge:

Notice he doesn't have his shirt on and his tattoo is in plain site? Guess everyone is going to know his secret in Ep3.

I'm not sure who came first hosting games, you or Tribe, but you are both nefarious! - CTGirl

"RE: Vidcaps, Episode 3"
Posted by KObrien_fan on 09-22-11 at 05:27 PM
In this vidcap from the intro we see Keith pushing on a horizontal pole:

This may be part of this weeks challenge. The pole looks like it is attached to what could be a spoke and the whole thing could turn and if the rope that is pulling the wake board is attached to the pole, several tribe mates could be holding onto and helping turn the crank to reel them in.

There must be something physically demanding that the wake boarder must do once they get to the spot they are being reeled into, otherwise why not use the strong men as reelers and lighter girls as dead weight on the wake boards?

There will be more than 1 wake boarder per team. Hopefully more vipdcaps with challenge pics soon

I'm not sure who came first hosting games, you or Tribe, but you are both nefarious! - CTGirl

"RE: Vidcaps, Episode 3"
Posted by Flowerpower on 09-22-11 at 08:38 PM
You are absolutely right, KO! As always! Check out this post in the Intro Thread. There are all of the future challenges shots taken from the intro, and that was a link to Keith turning the crank to pull the survivors on their boards...press the arrow and watch the gif play out.

I don't know if it is the same challenge though, that was in Micronesia...it looks as though it could have been tweaked a bit, what do you think?

"RE: Vidcaps, Episode 3"
Posted by KObrien_fan on 09-22-11 at 11:08 PM
I had forgotten about that challenge, but yes, that is exactly what I envisioned here,

I'm not sure who came first hosting games, you or Tribe, but you are both nefarious! - CTGirl

"RE: Vidcaps, Episode 3"
Posted by Blind Freddy on 09-24-11 at 12:23 PM
LAST EDITED ON 09-24-11 AT 12:32 PM (EST)

E3 Web Promo vidcaps courtesy of Mayan at SurvivorFever


Jeff Probst (start of challenge): Go!

Announcer: The wildest season of Survivor has just begun.

Jeff: Ozzy's in the water!

Announcer: With superstar team captains Ozzy and Coach locked in an epic battle.

Announcer: Plus...

Brandon (camera confessional): This is like a constant battle for me.

Announcer: Russell's nephew Brandon continues to hide his identify...

Mikayla (camera confessional) : I don't trust him. I think he's a sneak.

Announcer: ...and tries to manipulate his way...

Brandon (talking to Mikayla): It sounds to me like you don't have much of an alliance.

Announcer: ...to the top.

Sophie (camera confessional): He's a loose cannon.

Brandon (camera confessional): You do not push me up against the wall.

"RE: Vidcaps, Episode 3"
Posted by Outfrontgirl on 09-25-11 at 03:03 AM
LAST EDITED ON 09-25-11 AT 03:09 AM (EST)

The only reason I can think of for Albert to be in the water in athletic shoes would be if the segment doesn't involve swimming. Only running out and being pulled in. It's way too hard to swim in heavy wet running shoes.

I guess what we don't know is whether Ozzy is allowed to swim to his board or whether he is penalized?

So the retrievers are:

Ozzy, Dawn, Keith
Albert, Brandon, Mikayla

The pullers are
Keith, John, Mark, Jim
Albert, Stacey, Sophie, Rick

So at least one retriever has to pull when not in the water, one is waiting to go (as we see Dawn), so either all the retrievers have to take a spell at pulling, or it is only the strongest who double -- Albert and Keith.

The grapplers on the platform the ladder leads to:

Coach and Edna
Elyse and Whitney

Presumably they solve a puzzle with the pieces or have to install them somehow?

"RE: Vidcaps, Episode 3"
Posted by KObrien_fan on 09-25-11 at 07:46 AM
Taking my earlier spec and adding it to your thoughts and the additional vidcaps, here is what I come up with, there are 3 parts of this challenge:

There are 5 bags of puzzle pieces hanging on hooks out on a platform in the ocean. You can see them hanging here:

Each of the wake boarders will go one at a time and grab a wake board that is tied to a rope that is attached to a big reel that 4 tribe mates will spin to pull them and the bag of puzzle pieces in.

Ozzy with the wake board running out to the platform:

And Brandon:

Here in the background you can see the vertical puzzle platform with 5 vertical empty slots:

You can see that Ozzy are with the wake board and puzzle pieces here:

Here is Coach and Edna's hands at the top of the vertical puzzle with a hook to pull up the bag:

Whitney with a piece of puzzle (from the intro promo but it matches this challenge):

Vidcap evidence of wake boarders:

Blue Upolu: Albert, Brandon, Mikayla
Red Savaii: Ozzy, ???, Dawn

Vidcap evidence of reelers:

Blue Upolu: Albert, Stacy, Sophie, Rick
Red Savaii: Keith, Cochran, Pappa Bear, Jim

Vidcap evidence of the puzzle people:

Blue Upolu: Coach and Edna
Red Savaii: Whitney and ???

Missing from vidcaps: Elyse

So we know that Albert pulls double duty for Upolu as both a reeler and a wake boarder, but we don't know for sure who from Savii doubles up. That being said, Keith is the only reeler dressed in shorts and even looks like he could do both.

It is also safe to assume that Elyse is on the upper puzzle station with Whitney.

I think that when Ozzy loses his wake board he will have to scramble to get it and go back to the start because here in this sequence we see him in a lane all by himself and there are 2 bags left on the hooks:

This is an early challenge shot as you can see Dawn and Brandon patiently waiting but not looking too stressed out:

But here you see Dawn with the 2nd to last bag:

And here you see her exhausted:

Note also in that vidcap that they are now reeling in the last puzzle bag (because Dawn got the 2nd to last bag) and there isn't much rope reeled in yet, so they just started to reel.

At this point we don't see anything in place for Upolu on the vertical puzzle in the background. Or maybe they put the 5 pieces into place and it drops a flag down the front of the vertical face, but it certainly looks like something goes there.

I don't know why Upolu would have Coach up on the platform, does his tribe think they need his strength in lifting up the pieces? He proved in the first and 2nd challenge that he wasn't good at puzzles.

Also, why is Cochran on the reel instead of up on the platform to do the puzzle? Upolu had 2 women on the reel, Whitney could have done that part and have Cochran the puzzle man up above.

Is it possible that the rules are that 1 man and 1 woman minimum need to be on the wake board stage and that Savaii chooses to go Ozzy, Dawn, Ozzy, Dawn, Ozzy. That keeps the same 4 reelers throughout.

Whereas Upolu decides to rotate Brandon, Albert, Mikayla, Brandon, Mikayla (based on background pictures of shoes, shorts, and guessed timeline)

Also, it appears that there will only be one combined RC/IC again since there will be an RI duel. I give the edge to Upolu winning this.

I'm not sure who came first hosting games, you or Tribe, but you are both nefarious! - CTGirl

"RE: Vidcaps, Episode 3"
Posted by Modesty on 09-25-11 at 07:57 AM
Great observations guys.

I just want to add that Keith is wet too as far as I can tell. I'm assuming he's the third retriever for Savaii.

"RE: Vidcaps, Episode 3"
Posted by Outfrontgirl on 09-26-11 at 01:41 AM
Awesome analysis, KO!
Thanks so much for pointing out the sequence of events.

I do agree with Modesty that Keith is wet, and is doing the double duty same as Albert.

So who pulls when Keith and Albert are out there? I'm guessing Dawn?

It seems like the order Savai'i goes on the wake board:

? Keith?
Ozzy (because both Keith and Dawn are in view, and Keith is wet and Dawn is catching her breath).

While Upolu might be:

Albert (against Ozzy) Mikayla waiting?

Mikayla (because Brandon is the one waiting.
Brandon (same run as Dawn?)

I think the rolled up parchment is most likely just the tree mail.

"RE: Vidcaps, Episode 3"
Posted by KObrien_fan on 09-26-11 at 07:40 AM
We know that Ozzy goes against Albert and they are fairly close at that point because we see them in the lanes in the same shot, then Ozzy loses his board, so this picture with Mikayla waiting is I think when Ozzy has to go back to the start because he lost his puzzle bag, he already looks like he was wet.

We also know that when Brandon goes one of his times we can see Albert waiting.

We can see Brandon and a calm Dawn waiting at the same time.

We can see a tired and spent Dawn waiting, we can also see Dawn jogging back to her waiting spot with Ozzy heading out, this should be the last leg.

The only two we see do double duty on the reel are Albert and a wet Keith.

OK, I think I have this figured out now:

First up is Mikayla vs Dawn with Brandon and Keith waiting, Ozzy and Albert on the reel.

Second is Brandon vs Keith with Albert and Ozzy waiting and Mikayla and Dawn on the reel (we have vidcap evidence of Brandon running with Albert waiting, we have vidcap evidence of Albert vs Ozzy)

Third is Albert vs Ozzy with Mikayla and exhausted Dawn waiting and Brandon and Keith reeling - It is still neck and neck at this point, this is where Ozzy loses his board and must restart. We see vidcap of Ozzy leaving and Mikayla waiting, but look at her shoes, she is turned to watch Albert give the bag to the hook people so that she can get out on the course for her second turn. Savaii falls behind by at least half a length of the run.

Fourth is Mikayla in the water with Ozzy still in the water from his restart, this is where we see Brandon and Dawn waiting on the mats, we know that Albert and Keith are reeling for the duration. Dawn gets the 4th bag for Savaii, but Mikayla is almost done with her leg.

Last leg with Dawn still out on the course and Ozzy waiting, Brandon does the final leg for Upolu. When Dawn gets back, Ozzy heads out for Savaii's final leg.

Judging from what Whitney is holding, I'm not sure that the "puzzle" is all that difficult, that would also explain why they put Cochran on the reel phase instead of the puzzle phase. I think Coach and Edna have no trouble and Upolu wins this because of the lead they had.

I also think that the whole thing with Brandon good/evil will play out BEFORE the challenge. The team has a discussion of how tribal council went down, Mikayla confronts Brandon about the lie. Brandon decides to come clean with the tribe since he wants Mikayla to know why he did what he did. He tells them he is Russell Hantz' nephew. This way at the challenge he has no fear and can take off his shirt.

What will be interesting is if at the challenge anybody from Savaii sees the tats and connects the two.

I'm not sure who came first hosting games, you or Tribe, but you are both nefarious! - CTGirl

"RE: Vidcaps, Episode 3"
Posted by Flowerpower on 09-26-11 at 03:22 PM
LAST EDITED ON 09-26-11 AT 03:23 PM (EST)

Just getting some thoughts out here as I have been gone for the weekend. First of all, great job on pinpointing the runners and the spinners, and the puzzle people. I think you are all right! But, however, I don't know how we can speculate as to who goes first...We CAN see that Ozzy retrieves the 3rd one...

...and that Dawn retrieves the 4th one...

But, I am not so sure that one tribe doesn't pull far ahead of another....Ozzy scales those floating platforms very well...

While it looks like Brandon or ? Albert is falling...

Ozzy takes off in a flash....

...while Brandon does not....


The Savaii's are reeling in the runner, while the Upolu's are NOT....ETA: Actually I think that they are as seen in reel time...UGH!)

Also, here we see Ozzy retrieving his bag of puzzle pieces, while there is NO one from Upolu in sight....not coming or going....could mean they are behind, OR, they are ahead....

I would think that if one falls off with the puzzle pieces, they have to swim to catch up with the board...so that they both arrive at the beach together....falling off of the board will give the other tribe a bigger lead or catch up factor. I don't necessarily think that if you fall off you have to go back to the start....I just wouldn't assume it.

With 5 bags to retrieve 2 out of the 3 runners will have to make 2 trips, while one person will make only one trip.

I just don't know, you could be onto something here, but I don't know. Someone above was asking why Cochran wouldn't do the puzzle, well in the pre-game interviews they did with video takes on them all, he admitted that he was horrible at puzzles...so, hopefully he admitted this and allowed others to step up.

I think that Dawn might be okay at this challenge, Ozzy is going to rock it with the exception of the falling off part, which, imo, may not make too much of a fall back, Keith would rock this challenge as well. I think that Brandon won't do that well, we see him falling, I think Albert will do ok, and I think Mikayla will rock it.

I don't know, I really get the feeling that the only thing that happens when Ozzy falls off the board is that he'll lose a bit of time. I do, however, believe that the boarders on the Savaii tribe could beat the boarders on the Upolu tribe....that means the challenge could be won by the puzzle portion...

I don't know. If Savaii loses Papa Bear will be toast, imo, if the Upolu lose, then Stacey is toast...fwiw.

"RE: Vidcaps, Episode 3"
Posted by KObrien_fan on 09-26-11 at 03:45 PM
I hear what you are saying about Brandon, and even if he slips a little, I don't think he will have a hard time running across the boards, they are pretty wide.

The way I can tell the order is based on all of the caps put together, the evidence of who is waiting and who is reeling etc, it is the only thing that makes sense with all of the scenes.

Additionally, I considered that Ozzy might just have to catch up to his board, but then why do Dawn and Albert and maybe some of the others run this challenge with socks and shoes on? If there was any swimming element whatsoever, they wouldn't. I think they are just dummies that have to get reeled in and if you can't hang on you start over, otherwise there isn't much penalty.

The reason we see Ozzy by himself IMO is because he is on his redo run and Albert is now way out ahead of him.

I'm not sure who came first hosting games, you or Tribe, but you are both nefarious! - CTGirl

"RE: Vidcaps, Episode 3"
Posted by Flowerpower on 09-26-11 at 06:38 PM
You are probably right, KO. So hard to tell. I think that Ozzy could perhaps swim to catch up to the board if his tribe sees him off of it, clearly he's accidentally fallen off of it....I think that he'll have to either catch up with the board by swimming to it, OR swim the entire way with the puzzle bag, which would really slow him down. What I doubt is that they have to go all the way back to the beginning with the leg. I could be dead wrong though. Clearly, Albert will be propelled well ahead because Ozzy has fallen off, no question there.

I think that they all have the option of running it with shoes or without, I agree, that the challenge is set up so that they don't need to swim at all....except if you should fall off. You could be absolutely right that the shot of Ozzy by himself is because he is so far behind...I don't know....

"RE: Vidcaps, Episode 3"
Posted by Outfrontgirl on 09-26-11 at 07:39 PM
The shoes and socks is what spoke to me originally. The retrievers' ability only comes into play on the leg out. After that the challenge is in the hands of those who are reeling the person in. No swimming could well be a rule. But it could just be that the puzzle bag is heavy and awkward and it is hard for Ozzy to get back to the board, even though he is a great swimmer..

Ozzy alone on the platform, could that not be on his last run? Say he lost enough lead that the last Upolu is out of frame. We cannot see how many red bags are left in that cap.

So I don't think we know that he gets sent back to the platform.
But I do think KO has it right or very very close.

Great work both of you! It is so good to have one super vidcap spoiler testing the other's theory. That is how we avoid accepting an idea too easily.

"RE: Vidcaps, Episode 3"
Posted by KObrien_fan on 09-26-11 at 07:49 PM
Ozzy alone on the platform, could that not be on his last run? Say he lost enough lead that the last Upolu is out of frame. We cannot see how many red bags are left in that cap.

We can though, if you look at the sequence in the caps when Ozzy is alone there are 2 bags left on the red side as he is jumping off. That is why I speculated that Ozzy had to go back to the start because the 3rd leg has got to be him vs Albert based on the other caps.

Each time I have looked at this I have been able to get more details, so definitely it helps when everyone makes their observations to the overall outcome. Everyone contributing in this thread has helped!

I'm not sure who came first hosting games, you or Tribe, but you are both nefarious! - CTGirl

"RE: Vidcaps, Episode 3"
Posted by Outfrontgirl on 09-27-11 at 00:03 AM
KO, Very good! I was rushed earlier and has no time to review all the caps again. I wasn't clear that Ozzy on platform was for sure the same as Ozzy with no competitor in sight. In that case, he must have gone back, as he has company when he lost the board.

"RE: Vidcaps, Episode 3"
Posted by KObrien_fan on 09-27-11 at 08:57 AM
Thanks OFG and just to be clear, I don't think he has to go back to the beach to start over, I think he can climb out of the water onto the floating sidewalk and go to the platform to jump back in.

I'm not sure who came first hosting games, you or Tribe, but you are both nefarious! - CTGirl

"RE: Vidcaps, Episode 3"
Posted by Georjanna on 09-25-11 at 03:42 AM
Who is standing behind Brandon in the two shots below? Albert or Edna?

And what is he - or she - holding? A second clue to the location of the HII (Christine, presumably, having taken the first with her to Redemption Island), tree-mail or something else?


"RE: Vidcaps, Episode 3"
Posted by KObrien_fan on 09-25-11 at 05:43 AM
LAST EDITED ON 09-25-11 AT 05:43 AM (EST)

G - That looks like Albert, and it could be tree mail.

I'm not sure who came first hosting games, you or Tribe, but you are both nefarious! - CTGirl

"This Week's Challenge Video"
Posted by Scarlett O Hara on 09-26-11 at 09:50 PM
It looks as if SeeBS is going to give us the weekly challenge in advance each week now. This week's challenge is called "Hitching a Ride." Here is the entire challenge posted by SeeBS on Facebook with John Kirchoffer narrating:

Ep. 3 Water Challenge

It appears that one DAW for each team will carry a boogie board tethered by a rope to a large crank on the shore line. They must race across floating parts to a dock out in the water, where they must retrieve puzzle pieces (there are five altogether). Once the Puzzle piece is retrieved, they dive into the water on the boogie board and four of their tribe mates will crank and tow them into shore.

Once all five puzzle piece sacks are brought to shore, they are placed in little baskets in the sand adjacent to a large wall. At the top of the wall are two or three tribe members from each side. They must throw grappling hooks down on the sand to retrieve each puzzle basket. Once each basket is hooked and lifted up to the top of the wall, the teams can assemble their "puzzle." Each puzzle sack contains a piece of a long banner that extends from the top of the wall to the bottom. First team that releases all of the five banners in the proper order wins the challenge.

"RE: This Week's Challenge Video"
Posted by Blind Freddy on 09-26-11 at 10:38 PM
LAST EDITED ON 09-27-11 AT 01:10 AM (EST)

Here's some screencaps of the tube retrieval from the platform top and face mask banner puzzle unfolds.

Edit to sub in pics from SF as my Photobucket was choking

"RE: This Week's Challenge Video"
Posted by Modesty on 09-26-11 at 11:11 PM
Thanks for the screencaps since some of us aren't allowed to watch the video.

Yay for me - I picked the grappling hooks right.

And can I just say, what an awesome way to do a puzzle challenge component. Just when I think they're running out of ideas....

"RE: This Week's Challenge Video"
Posted by Blind Freddy on 09-27-11 at 00:58 AM
SurvivorFever now has the screencaps of the full BTS chal promo w/Dreamers up at SF(ty Mayan Sun) if you want to see the rest of it.


The rest looks as if it goes pretty much as the cast chal has shown it. The one additional thing I noticed was that the puzzle banner tube has a shoulder strap (much like a life guard's strap)that the retriever uses to keep the tube with them on the board.

"RE: This Week's Challenge Video"
Posted by Flowerpower on 09-27-11 at 07:16 AM
Look at the length of the course, it's longer than I estimated. I wouldn't be surprised at all if Ozzy's slip off didn't amount to losing too much time. I wouldn't be surprised if the girls, Elyse and Whitney choke on the grappling hooks. Coach will most likely shine...

"Ep 3 Press Images w/ timestamps"
Posted by tribephyl on 09-27-11 at 11:11 PM
(Day 6)
2011:09:27 09:41:42

2011:09:27 09:42:34

2011:09:27 09:50:46

2011:09:27 09:51:16

2011:09:27 09:53:50

2011:09:27 09:54:17

2011:09:27 09:55:32

2011:09:27 09:53:02

2011:09:27 09:57:18

(Day 7)
2011:09:27 09:26:59

2011:09:27 09:30:46

2011:09:27 09:32:38

2011:09:27 09:33:13

2011:09:27 09:42:52

2011:09:27 09:45:18

2011:09:27 09:46:27

2011:09:27 09:51:07

2011:09:27 09:55:59

(Day 8)
2011:09:27 09:26:51

2011:09:27 09:27:25

2011:09:27 09:27:47

2011:09:27 09:33:03

2011:09:27 09:43:10

2011:09:27 09:49:35

2011:09:27 09:37:02

2011:09:27 09:40:43

"RE: Ep 3 Press Images w/ timestamps"
Posted by Flowerpower on 09-28-11 at 07:53 AM
LAST EDITED ON 09-28-11 AT 08:05 AM (EST)

Thanks for posting, Tribe! I'm thrilled that you posted them with the timestamps, that is most helpful, so thanks!

We can see the duel...

It's a balancing challenge. Note the rods in front of them on the tables. They most likely have to add a rod to their staff after so much time elapses. First one to drop what they are balancing will lose. Christine most likely will win.

Then with the challenge shots...

While this one has the earliest time stamp of 9:26:51, I don't know if it is the start or not, as we see the crankers look tired, Papa Bear is holding his side...Clearly, it "looks" like Ozzy is getting ready to go...I don't think this is the first leg, he's standing there as the crankers are not cranking, so I think that someone has just landed on the beach and they are in the process of running up the beach with the flag bag, getting ready to tag him to go next. See Ozzy is there with his hand out, ready to be tagged to get moving....

I believe that he is ready to go vs. Brandon....

Here is Ozzy at the end of the course ready to get the flag bag at 9:27:25.

22 seconds later we see Brandon, who is not even at the end of the course where the flag bags are yet, clearly, Ozzy is ahead of him...

Ozzy outruns Brandon on the above leg, no doubt about it, but in the next leg, the Upolu runner catches up, we don't see who the next runners are in the leg, could be Dawn vs. Mikayla? I don't know. But, at 9:33:03, we see that Ozzy and Brandon are both taking off together again....

Then, at 9:43 we have Dawn returning and we can see Ozzy ready to be tagged to go for the last leg. We know Dawn retrieves the 4th puzzle bag as we saw it in the prior promo....

Then, at 9:49 we see Ozzy returning with his bag while Mikayla is on the platform but, we know this is ONLY the second leg, as we see Mikayla getting the second bag from her platform???

So, are these time stamps screwed up? I remember hearing that some of the cameras have different time stamps.

We know that there are 5 legs. I am thinking that Ozzy may do them all, with the exception of one. We see Ozzy vs. Brandon, Ozzy gets a great lead, then we know someone else loses time for Savaii, as the third leg, Ozzy and Brandon go off together, they are all tied up. Then, we know that Dawn does the 4th leg. Ozzy the last leg.

So: Start: Ozzy vs. Brandon. Ozzy gets a good lead
2nd leg: Ozzy vs Mikayla. We see Mikayla getting the second bag...

3rd leg: Ozzy vs. Brandon.

4th leg: Dawn vs. Mikayla, Upolu makes up some ground....
See, if Dawn only goes once, as I think she does, we see Brandon cranking when Dawn is returning....

5th leg: Ozzy vs. Albert, Ozzy has lead and falls off? This could blow it for the Savaii's...

Don't know when the fall occurs....either the 3 or 5 leg...

Puzzle portion, Coach nails it with the grappling hook, Edna organizes flags lickety split.


"RE: Ep 3 Press Images w/ timestamps"
Posted by tribephyl on 09-28-11 at 04:03 PM
Yeah, I noticed the time-stamp "wonkiness" too.

It is conceivable to have multiple still-cameras operating during any filming session. But the non-synchronization of the timestamps on those cameras makes it more difficult to figure the exact flow of events.
However, it is a pretty forgone conclusion that those that are timestamped Day 8, would start with the challenge and then the cameras would follow the losers back to camp.
Savaii is the only tribe with Day 8 press stills, so it's quite evident Savaii loses IC and goes to tribal. (This we knew though, just more confirmation.)

"RE: Ep 3 Press Images w/ timestamps"
Posted by Outfrontgirl on 09-28-11 at 07:38 PM
Two cameras have been used in prior seasons.

The "minutes" part of the time stamp is never wonky. It is the hours that are off due to the fact the cameras are set for another time zone. Kona has worked out which is which, but unfortunately he did not put the challenge caps in order.

The 9/27 time stamps cannot be correct, as that would be the date they were copied. The correct time stamps would be a date in June. My question is, were the minutes of the originals preserved, or do these new stamps reflect when the photos were copied; if so, the order is meaningless.

I know that Kona worked with the original time stamps and established that there are three that were shot post IC, all of Savai'i.

"RE: Ep 3 Press Images w/ timestamps"
Posted by Outfrontgirl on 09-28-11 at 07:45 PM
yes, these have to be off because they are copies, not originals. Any time images are copied, the original stamps are replaced with the time of copy.

If you look at the duel pics, the time stamp of the two arriving is later than when in the duel, which has to be wrong.

"RE: Ep 3 Press Images w/ timestamps"
Posted by KObrien_fan on 09-28-11 at 07:56 AM
Some very interesting caps in this segment, thanks Tribe.

Notice how tired Papa Bear looks and he is holding his stomach?

In this cap we can see the challenge between Semhar and Christine, they need to balance a tiki on top of a tall pole with a platform and probably transport it, or possibly just hold steady until one drops theirs.

This one with Ozzy and Jim deep in conversation appears to be more than just every day chat, the looks on their faces says they are discussing who to boot:

I'm not sure who came first hosting games, you or Tribe, but you are both nefarious! - CTGirl