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"S21 RTVW and other post-game interviews"

Posted by SquidProQuo on 09-17-10 at 09:43 AM
LAST EDITED ON 09-17-10 AT 09:46 AM (EST)

Posting this here since sometimes the players give us clues about alliances and camp life after they're voted out.

From Wendy's post-game interviews, we know:
- An all-women's alliance was discussed but shot down by Yve.
- Yve is playing a good social game and is aligned with Marty and probably Jill.
- Jill is "in" with the guys and is respected by Marty and JJ.
- Tyrone is on the outskirts socially.

Wendy thinks it's possible that the Older Tribe also got an HHI clue, and she speculates that Jill (if anyone) might have been the one to get it because she kept going to the water.

Here are a few links and quotes of note:

"I was trying to get a girls alliance up front, and Yve didn't want to at all. It was clear to me Yve and Marty had an alliance right away. She told everyone she had their backs, but when I asked people if I was being voted out, some people said "Yes"; some said, "We're undecided but you're one of the choices"; but Yve lied to me." (from E Online)


This quote seems to be another indicator that the Younger Tribe goes to TC next and that someone from La Flor will be joining Wendy soon at Losers Lodge:

"Generally older people stay calmer and don't blow up like younger people do, because they've been there and done that and learned how to control themselves. Young people, they just blow up without thinking a lot of times and they make enemies really fast and they don't think before they talk and older people generally don't do that. So they should think smarter and I think we had a better chance of going further because of our age." (From Hit-Fix)

To read Wendy's spec about the HII clue and more about tribe dynamics: http://www.realitytvworld.com/news/exclusive-wendy-desmidt-kohloff-talks-about-survivor-nicaragua-11553.php

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"Wendy's Survivor Fans Podcast"
Posted by SquidProQuo on 09-17-10 at 11:30 AM
Just listened to part of Wendy's interview on Survivor Fans podcast, and she says that she and Jimmy J. got the tree mail for the older tribe, and there was NOT an HHI clue there. But after watching the episode, she does think that the Older Tribe probably got a clue, and she guesses that Jill found it and shared it with Marty.

Also, here's her take on each of the players on the older tribe:

Jane: Really hard worker, great person
Jill: Wanted to be on the show for a long time, happy to be there
Jimmy J: Very knowledgeable, knows what to do and say
Jimmy T: Misinterpreted by people. Seems harsh but really has a kind heart. (Does that mean she gets to know him better at LL?)
Marty: Will do what it takes to get far. But not a good judge of people or character. (Interesting comment)
Tyrone: Quiet, secretive, doesn't let people in.
Yve: Really wanted this bad. Will do whatever it takes to get it.
Dan: Didn't do much at camp. But if he plays his cards right, could go far.

Re food: She said that they got some hermit crabs and there was some fruit around camp, but it wasn't ripe and people weren't tolerating it well. She said they had very little rice.

For some reason I couldn't get the entire interview to play, so I might have missed some other stuff at the end.

"Shannon post-game interviews"
Posted by SquidProQuo on 09-23-10 at 04:37 PM

Of course he denies bashing women or gays. Said he knew he was going home before TC, although I wish the interviewers asked more about that.

Do you think La Flor can rally together or are they falling apart?
"I think La Flor can rally together. I think I was their biggest physical attribute, but as far now, I don't foresee any physical challenges coming, so they don't need any physical people. They can rally."

Who were you rooting for once you got voted off?
"Of course, Alina was my home girl, she had my back. But you always want the person who beat you. You always want to lose to the best. I lost to Chase and Brenda and more to Brenda, so I'm rooting for Brenda to win it all. For the young tribe that is, but the older tribe's got some pretty cool characters over there that I'd like to see pull it out."

"RE: Shannon post-game interviews"
Posted by SquidProQuo on 09-23-10 at 08:57 PM
LAST EDITED ON 09-23-10 AT 09:11 PM (EST)

Here's Shannon's RTVW interview:


The part that's most interesting to me is when he talks about how Chase has been making a big deal of playing the game with honor, integrity and respect because he's a country singer. I'm really hoping this is not another year when we have a holier than thou F3/jury vs. being strategic and playing the game.

"RE: Shannon post-game interviews"
Posted by SquidProQuo on 09-23-10 at 09:28 PM
Re Naonka and Sockgate:
"I gave her my socks, then I found out she was talking smack on me and trying to get me out...So, I got my socks from her. I went and buried them. She went into Fabio’s bag, took his socks and put them on. He finds out that she put his socks on and she says, “He’s too scared to take his socks off of a girl, that’s what kind of people you’ve put me on an island with.”...When you see him there he’s basically crying. She thought someone was sabotaging her or someone misplaced her sock. No, she misplaced her sock cause she found it later."

Re Sash: "He was going and telling Kelly B. I was voting her out. I say, “You say you’re going to be in this alliance with us guys and then you’re stirring up all this crap. What’s wrong with you?” There was one point where I called him out and he obviously didn’t like me. He had his minority alliance; he didn’t want anyone white involved."

His take on each of the players:
Brenda: Sneaky.
Alina: Kick #####.
Purple Kelly: Who?
Kelly B.: Awesome.
Fabio: Dude.
Chase: Played.
Benry: Obsolete.
Sash: “Narnia.” Like the movie. That’s how deep in the closet he is.


"RE: Shannon post-game interviews"
Posted by dabo on 09-24-10 at 10:36 AM
Interesting that he says Alina was working as a covert op when the editing just made it seem she was spying. Fair tactics either way. But Alina and Kelly B. split their votes, making it seem that Kelly B. is positioned to move into the strong alliance while Alina is on the outskirts. Are they still working together? The tactical possibilities for them, as a team, are pretty strong.

Anyway, to hear Shannon tell it, he deserves an Emmy for creating such a hateful character, he's not bad they just edited him that way.

"RE: Shannon post-game interviews"
Posted by kingfish on 09-24-10 at 11:37 AM
"Anyway, to hear Shannon tell it, he deserves an Emmy for creating such a hateful character, he's not bad they just edited him that way."

Not Our Emmy, dang gum it!

But yeah, they had plenty of material from which to fashion that "edit". Being a completly self-deluded tool can't help but come thru despite whatever edit he thinks he got.

Lafayette is close to the area where Russell came from. Believe it or not, I believe Russell is the more enlightened of the two. Close race, though.

"RE: Shannon post-game interviews"
Posted by Brownroach on 09-24-10 at 12:40 PM
Lafayette is close to the area where Russell came from.

It's not just a coincidence. James Clement and Boo Bernis are from around there as well.

"RE: Shannon post-game interviews"
Posted by SquidProQuo on 09-24-10 at 01:19 PM
Yeah, in one of Jeff's pre-game video clips, he talks about how Boo and Russell will probably come beat him up for saying that Shannon won't last long in the game.

Shannon also said in one of his post-game interviews that he went to a local event back when Boo was on Survivor and that's he got tied in and recruited.

"RE: Shannon post-game interviews"
Posted by emydi on 09-24-10 at 03:24 PM
I'm wondering again now if Shannon is the Suckster? he sounds like he may be from some of the interviews, esp. ours

Boo was on some time ago so he could be a shorter term Suckster...but it could be Benry...I'm just not sure

"RE: Shannon post-game interviews"
Posted by Snidget on 09-24-10 at 03:26 PM
Someone at VFTW in their Survivor thread posted something that is supposed to be Shannon posting at Sucks, but didn't put the screen name.

"RE: Shannon post-game interviews"
Posted by emydi on 09-24-10 at 03:34 PM

Thanks...fyi the language is sucks not blows

"RE: Shannon post-game interviews"
Posted by SquidProQuo on 09-24-10 at 05:40 PM
LAST EDITED ON 09-24-10 AT 05:42 PM (EST)

Are they going to announce at the end of the season who the Suckster is? That would be fun. I remember years ago when I was still a lurker here and Shakes the Clown announced his identity (and something about him being on a Love Boat reality show). Does anyone else remember that? He was a bit scary, by the way . I wouldn't have come out of lurking if he was still around!

Shannon seems like a likely suspect to be the Suckster, but some of the other serious Survivor fans could also be the one. Everyone over there seems to love Yve, so I've been wondering if she's the one too.

"RE: Shannon post-game interviews"
Posted by Brownroach on 09-24-10 at 06:01 PM
I was only semi-lurking back then but I seem to remember that Shakes was already an established Survivor spoiler when he went on Love Cruise (his announcement was that he was going to be on it, not that he had already been on it).

Later he posted a lengthy and very informative and entertaining description of the whole audition/selection process he had to undergo.

"RE: Shannon post-game interviews"
Posted by SquidProQuo on 09-24-10 at 06:04 PM
Thanks BR -- my memory is foggy on that, but I thought there was a build-up one season for his big announcement, which he made after the Finale. He was a character!

"RE: Shannon post-game interviews"
Posted by dabo on 09-25-10 at 00:48 AM
LAST EDITED ON 09-25-10 AT 00:49 AM (EST)

Shakes joined pretty early and established himself as the summary writer of S2, he had it planned from the start to drum up some excitement for Love Cruise. Unfortunately, the airdate for the show got pushed back, and he became something of a fixture in these here parts, a notorious flamer. Later on when some more strict rules had to be imposed to keep order on the boards, Shakes was allowed a lot more leeway than most (but you could dump on him back in kind). He eventually pushed things too far and was shown the door, but he'd long before given up on spoiling and reality TV in general.

Anyway, getting back to Love Cruise, a firm date for the premiere was eventually established, he came out and revealed he was a contestant on the show, drummed up a lot of interest on the boards in a show that was (let's face it) pretty mediocre in a lot of ways. Unfortunately, the premiere date got here, 9/11/01, and of course the show had to be pushed back again. Still, when it did finally air a lot of us watched even though it had a really lousy schedule. Personally, I was expecting Shakes to be the first boot, show up the next day and thank us for watching his 15 minutes; but he made it to the end and did a truly honorable job of throwing the win to another player who actually deserved to win.

"RE: Shannon post-game interviews"
Posted by SquidProQuo on 10-03-10 at 11:57 PM
Thank you Dabo for the low-down on Shakes! Pretty cool that he made it all the way to the end on Love Cruise.

"RE: Shannon post-game interviews"
Posted by Outfrontgirl on 10-02-10 at 04:24 AM
His screen name is "rootintootin" and he cannot be the suckster because he showed up to post for this season. 80 page topic ... good luck making it through.

Shannon - "ARE YOU GAY?"

Did you guys see his Youtube video?

"Jimmy Johnson"
Posted by dabo on 10-01-10 at 10:19 AM

I guess JJ is too big to make the rounds, celebrity-wise I mean. We'll have to search around to see what else we can find.

This bit stands out. "Had I known that Marty was scheming to get me out, I would have probably formed an alliance with Yve, Holly, Jane and possibly Tyrone.... that way we would have voted Daniel out at that time."

"RE: Jimmy Johnson"
Posted by emydi on 10-01-10 at 10:30 AM
I said he should have done this in ECST!! He says he's a student and superfan of Survivor..so he should have known something was up or might be up and work up an alliance with YHJT

and he has to get ready for FIX Sunday Football Pregame show..he can't be asked to talk to peons like us

"RE: Jimmy Johnson"
Posted by Round Robin on 10-02-10 at 02:19 AM
Speaking of said pregame show, while they may or may not do it on the air, I bet you all the other regulars on that show, especially Bradshaw, will be busting Jimmy's balls about getting booted so soon. And rightly so, because a smart guy like Jimmy should have known there are multiple reasons he might have a target on his back and should have attempted to do something to cover his ##### against all the possible reasons for booting him. Forming the alliance he talked about would have served that purpose.

"Jimmy T.'s post-game interviews"
Posted by SquidProQuo on 10-07-10 at 03:45 PM
RNO: http://www.realitynewsonline.com/cgi-bin/ae.pl?mode=1&article=article11883.art&page=1

Not much insight from Jimmy T., but here are a couple nuggets:

"Tyrone and I kind of bonded and he kind of turned on me like a pit bull. Marty eventually got to him, I guess."

Re Marty: "I knew he was lashing out at me because I was the only one questioning his leadership. Everybody else was lambs going to the slaughter. Jill was literally in love with Marty and doing everything he said. She would say, “Okay, you’re the boss.” It was really sad to see how nobody else was willing to step up, so I felt like I had to." (I'm still hoping that Jill is smarter than she appears and it's all part of her strategy to let Marty be the puppetmaster.)

"RE: Jimmy T.'s post-game interviews"
Posted by dabo on 10-08-10 at 01:09 AM

Odd stuff at the end about Jill. They were friends early on then she fell under Marty's spell, but he concludes predicting she will be a victim of Marty's scheming. Did they bury the hatchet at LL?

"RE: Jimmy T.'s post-game interviews"
Posted by SquidProQuo on 10-08-10 at 08:15 AM
Did they bury the hatchet at LL?

I was wondering the same thing when I read that, Dabo.

"RE: Jimmy T.'s post-game interviews"
Posted by SquidProQuo on 10-08-10 at 02:20 PM
Here's an interesting bit from his TV Guide interview:

TVGuide.com: Who did you feel most betrayed by?
Jimmy T.: I got betrayed a couple times. There was stuff that you didn't see. I had an early alliance with Jill that she turned on because she became hopelessly under Marty's spell. ... I also had a couple of good nighttime talks with Tyrone, who wants to do well, but inevitably can't because he doesn't want to give up the ball. He doesn't want anyone else overshadowing him.

He also says it's Marty's ship now and we'll see where it ends up.


"RE: Jimmy T.'s post-game interviews"
Posted by dabo on 10-21-10 at 00:24 AM
Well, if I've done the math correctly, next week is the last pre-jury boot. I've been expecting Jill to go pre-jury since this Jimmy T. interview, should be an easy week.

"RE: Jimmy T.'s post-game interviews"
Posted by Krautboy on 10-11-10 at 04:03 PM
SF has a Jimmy T audio interview posted...

Jimmy makes some comments Jane lasting until the final 3 or 4.

My question is, do the Pre-merge boots stay at the Lodge after the Jury starts to move in, or are they sent on a trip until after the final TC?

Did Jimmy T slip up in his remarks, or are the premerge boots coached as to what they can or can't say?

Interested in your thouhgts...


"RE: Jimmy T.'s post-game interviews"
Posted by SquidProQuo on 10-11-10 at 05:01 PM
KB, I listened to that interview this weekend too and I didn't think it was a slip-up per se but maybe I need to listen to it again. I took it more as Jane is his pick "to go all the way" but he thinks she's too likeable to make it to the F3 and will get voted out before then.

As I recall, the pre-jury boots do not mingle with the jury. (It's the difference between Loser Lodge and Ponderosa -- that's why we usually see the 1st jury member arriving all alone at Ponderosa.) But I could be wrong about that, so hopefully someone else can confirm.

So I think that Jimmy T knows for sure who does/does not make jury based on who was with him in LL, but anything beyond that would be based on contestants talking amongst themselves after the game. I also thought that a CBS publicity person listened in on everything and tried to strike things as "off the record" if a contestant slipped up...although I'm sure it does happen.

P.S. Jimmy T's comment that Jill is just a "pawn in Marty's game" could be based on his Loser Lodge knowledge. Also his comment about how Holly got stronger as the game went on, and that "her alliance with Jane may go far" seemed telling to me too....that could be based on his knowledge of who makes jury. He sure didn't seem to try to hide things!

"RE: Jimmy T.'s post-game interviews"
Posted by Krautboy on 10-11-10 at 07:39 PM
Thanks Squid: You confirmed what I thought and remember from past seasons, but the game has evolved over the years, so I am glad to get your second opinion.

Jimmy T. is definately rooting for Jane...


"Tyrone's post-game interviews"
Posted by SquidProQuo on 10-14-10 at 01:52 PM
LAST EDITED ON 10-14-10 AT 01:53 PM (EST)

RNO: http://www.realitynewsonline.com/cgi-bin/ae.pl?mode=1&article=article11912.art&page=1

He says he had a feeling that Holly or Dan would flip and in hindsight, maybe he should have tried to win Holly over, but he felt like she had made racist comments about black men. He also says she was "crazy."

He also explains why they killed a hen vs. the rooster: Some of the women said that you needed to keep the rooster to lay eggs. (This is evidently incorrect, as Yauman has pointed out on his Facebook site).

"RE: Tyrone's post-game interviews"
Posted by SquidProQuo on 10-14-10 at 03:43 PM
More of Tyrone. He says that both Holly and Jill made racist remarks: http://au.eonline.com/uberblog/watch_with_kristin/b205666_survivor_nicaragua_castoff_calls_out.html

And he doesn't mince words about tribemates in this ZapIt interview either: "...I knew Holly was highly unstable. I knew that she was gonna be a factor and Dan probably as well. Dan is pointless in the game and Holly's a space cadet and I anticipated it happening, it was just a matter of when."

He says he didn't really like anyone on his tribe. If he had to root for someone, it would be Marty since "he's crafty:"

"RE: Tyrone's post-game interviews"
Posted by dabo on 10-15-10 at 11:07 AM
Nothing much to add, but


Tyrone had Marty pegged.

"Kelly B. post-game interviews"
Posted by SquidProQuo on 10-21-10 at 12:11 PM

She's a class act. She takes the high road in this interview and doesn't take the opportunity to slam NaOnka. When asked if she considered aligning with Marty and Jill, here's what she said:

Kelly B.: "Yeah, there was a point where we went on a walk and I met with them. They wanted to approach me and in the back of my mind I was thinking I don’t know what my position is like anymore. I don’t have Alina or other people in my alliance previously. It crossed my mind and if I were to do it again, I would be more aggressive in fixing my position. At that point, I figured I had already made myself a target and wanted to lie low and let them know they could trust me. I guess they didn’t know if I said I was with you, I was with you. I wish I had been more aggressive about that. There are a lot of things you realize you would have done differently."

"RE: Kelly B. post-game interviews"
Posted by SquidProQuo on 10-21-10 at 09:05 PM
Our webby has a very good interview with Kelly B. Here's what she had to say about why she went home vs. Marty:

Reality TV World: From watching at home, it seemed like a pretty dumb move for the original La Flor folks to not vote Marty and his Immunity Idol out of his game on the re-vote when he no longer had a chance to play it and save himself. But what are your thoughts on that -- do you have any insight on what Brenda and might have been thinking?

Kelly Bruno: I can only imagine that they figured that because they were so strong -- I mean there were so many of them -- that they could just vote Jill and Marty again next time and do it again. They'd still have the numbers and could split the vote later.

And they were concerned with me being on the jury. They wanted to get me out pre-jury, I think, because I probably wouldn't vote for any of them.


"RE: Kelly B. post-game interviews"
Posted by emydi on 10-22-10 at 09:50 AM
also about Marty being confident about not going...I still Jud may have been the little bird in his ear...even knowing that he would still be very reactive at TC like he was.

"RE: Kelly B. post-game interviews"
Posted by dabo on 10-22-10 at 02:27 PM
LAST EDITED ON 10-22-10 AT 02:30 PM (EST)

One thing this interview points out is that it was Brenda et al who convinced themselves that Kelly B was too dangerous to take to finals, not anything about Kelly B as a person or anything but just because she has a prosthetic leg. What else are they convincing themselves of without good reason? Marty was doing that himself on old Espada (convincing himself basically that others were playing badly simply for just not falling for the Marty line).

Jud is in a fascinating position here, having finally cultivated himself the "Outback daddy" he was looking for before the tribes were put on the Young v Old course. Whatever he may have told Marty (and I do think it likely he was instrumental in Marty not playing the HII) he didn't give Marty the information Marty could have used to stage a coup and take control of New La Flor (knocking out Brenda, Sash or even Purple Kelly). Everyone seems to have fallen completely for the surfer dude act (except NaOnka who couldn't accurately articulate what she disliked about Fabio).

"RE: Kelly B. post-game interviews"
Posted by Georjanna on 10-23-10 at 04:00 AM
LAST EDITED ON 10-23-10 AT 04:39 AM (EST)

Jud is in a fascinating position here, having finally cultivated himself the "Outback daddy" he was looking for before the tribes were put on the Young v Old course. Whatever he may have told Marty (and I do think it likely he was instrumental in Marty not playing the HII) he didn't give Marty the information Marty could have used to stage a coup and take control of New La Flor (knocking out Brenda, Sash or even Purple Kelly). Everyone seems to have fallen completely for the surfer dude act (except NaOnka who couldn't accurately articulate what she disliked about Fabio).

I've already said that I don't think that Jud is Nicaragua's Sole Survivor. But ...

In Jim Barber's latest Insider thread at SSucks (Warning: The thread contains references to sourced spoilers!), two posters - JT4ever and Jessiiiek - have noted and discussed something that I really hadn't given much thought until I read your post:

In an Insider Clip following Episode 6 and in one following Episode 3, Brenda says that 1)Kelly B cast a vote against her during the TC that booted Shannon and that 2) Jud cast his vote for NaOnka during the same TC.

The two quotes from Mr. Barber's transcripts:

1) Brenda - "I always, every person here, kind of minus Jill and Marty, I'm always pleasant to everybody, because you never know when you're going to need them. Look at Kelly B. Kelly B voted for me. Kelly B voted for me, which was a stupid move, even when her ship was sinking, she still voted for me, and I still made friends with her."

2) "Right now it's pretty obvious that anyone who was with Shannon is in deep trouble. Even someone like Ben, who did end up switching, but you were considering voting for me, you were really going to do it, you were going to take his side. Even Fabio, who didn't vote for me but voted for NaOnka, you were still kind of going for, basically no one saw the jerk that Shannon was, and no one was able to stop it. That makes it seem like if you weren't against him you were with him, you are him too, you're a jerk and a bad person, you're not trustworthy."

Note: Although I'm not going to quote them here, the two SSucks contributors make some very thought-provoking points about all of this and I would encourage everyone to click on the link and read them ( Warning: The thread contains references to sourced spoilers!).

Of course, the most obvious of those points is that Kelly B. did not cast a vote against Brenda. But Jud did. So, the question becomes 'Why does Brenda appear to be so certain that the opposite was true?'. And the obvious answer is that either Brenda was lying to the camera or someone lied to her. In the first instance, the question becomes 'Why?' And the answer to that question is again rather obvious: she fashioned an acceptable reason for her conduct toward a - sympathetic - Kelly B.

But, if the liar wasn't Brenda, then the question becomes 'Who lied to her?'. And that answer is not quite so obvious. It could have been Jud. It could also have been someone who considered Kelly B. more expendable and/or threatening than Jud. And that list could be a long one including, but not limited to, Chase, Sash, Benry and ... NaOnka.

But, whatever the answer to that question may be, the question then becomes 'Why was all of this edited out of the show?' And years of faithfully reading Veruca and Michel has taught me that the most likely answer to that question is that the producers separated the liar from a - sympathetic - Kelly B.'s fate.

For a reason ...

"RE: Kelly B. post-game interviews"
Posted by SquidProQuo on 10-23-10 at 12:32 PM
Georjanna, why don't you think Jud can be the winner? I must have missed your post about that -- please let me know where to find it, thanks.

And yes, I noticed Brenda's comment in the Insider Clips this week too. Brenda obviously thinks Kelly B (not Jud) voted for her and was still holding a grudge. I wonder if Kelly B even realized it?

Didn't have time to read the posts at Sucks yet, but if they're saying that Jud is smarter than he seems and probably played off that he didn't vote for Brenda, I agree. Would he have lied and said it was Kelly B? I guess I wouldn't put it past him. I was surprised that he was so willing to vote out Kelly B over Marty, so maybe it was his residual guilt and he wanted to get rid of her so the truth never came out?

Thanks for bringing this point up -- interesting discussion.

"RE: Kelly B. post-game interviews"
Posted by Outfrontgirl on 10-24-10 at 01:10 AM
One of Jud's Insider Clips from Ep 3 that struck me:

"Not in the Best Standing

Fabio feels vulnerable now that Shannon was voted out

"After Tribal Council, I feel like I'm not in the best standing, because Shannon's gone and I feel like some of them see me as the next guy who should go. Purple Kelly I haven't gone out of my way to be nice and caring for, and I feel like it's gonna work against me. I don't know. Brenda and Chase and Sash tell me dude, you're good, everybody likes you, but you don't know. You don't know if they see me as a threat, if they just don't need me.

I'm hoping they see that Shannon's gone and we need all the guys for a while. That's the one good thing about him going, is that Chase, Benry, and I have to be around for a while. None of us want to lose any challenges. I do feel like I have a lot to offer in the challenges. I'm just gonna have to really pull my own weight around camp and in the challenges, in the social settings. I've got an uphill climb, I feel like. I do feel like that. The longer we can put off Tribal Council, the better, right now."


"I don't want to be schmoozing, I don't have to be sucking up with people, which is what I'm gonna have to do. It's fake. I have to go be Purple Kelly's best friend, go be cordial with Naonka, whereas if Shannon was still here and Brenda or Naonka were gone, I wouldn't have to tread so lightly. I could do my own thing and be focused. Now I've gotta deal with all this other crap."

From KellyB, same episode:

"Fabio came out right then and there and said, 'I'm voting NaOnka at the next Tribal Council.' I wanted to be like, 'Me too,' but I kind of wanted to keep my cool and play it off, be like the wounded one, play that sympathy, this girl beat me into the ground, and how can you vote me off next? She's the liability, not me. That's how I'm playing it. I'm stoked that Fabio's pushing for NaOnka.

I don't know why they didn't make a big deal of Jud getting away with saying he voted Na Onka, but maybe the next episode the editors were focused on Jimmy Johnson. Also, with original La Flor never going back to TC, there was less need to set up the dynamics there.

I think it's clear from Jud's confessional that he doesn't like Brenda, Purple Kelly, or Na Onka, and feels like his vacation buzz is being killed by having to schmooze them. He says he isn't going to be able to play the focused game he would like at present, but instead has to lay low, be nice, play well in challenges, work hard, make them want to keep him.

As long as there are no numbers for him, he's stuck with that. We could see another side of him when it becomes safe for him to reveal another side of himself.

I totally think he wins.
Georjanna, I replied to what you said on the Ep 6 boot topic:

Squid, see post #29 on that topic for Georjanna on why Jud won't win.
Oh, and I'm glad I went back there and saw emydi's reply. Emy, Scar, and FloPo are all Scorpionic? The three sisters ... well, I have Moon conjunct Mars in Scorpio so I tend to be compatible with Scorpio ladies.

"RE: Kelly B. post-game interviews"
Posted by Flowerpower on 10-24-10 at 08:33 AM

well, I have Moon conjunct Mars in Scorpio so I tend to be compatible with Scorpio ladies.

"Yve's post-game interviews"
Posted by SquidProQuo on 10-21-10 at 03:43 PM

Not much here. She says she wishes she had worked on her relationship with Holly more, but basically the swap did her in.

"RE: Yve's post-game interviews"
Posted by SquidProQuo on 10-22-10 at 09:21 PM
LAST EDITED ON 10-22-10 AT 09:22 PM (EST)

Yve's RTVW interview has a couple good nuggets:

- She says that Chase told her after the challenge that Alina was on the outs and was the next to go
- She says the all-women alliance idea on Espada never went anywhere

ETA the correct link: http://www.realitytvworld.com/news/exclusive-yve-rojas-talks-about-her-survivor-nicaragua-ouster-11650.php

"Jill's post-game interviews"
Posted by SquidProQuo on 10-28-10 at 02:47 PM
RNO: http://www.realitynewsonline.com/cgi-bin/ae.pl?mode=1&article=article11973.art&page=1

Jill says Marty asked her what she'd prefer he do last night (i.e. play the HII or give it to Sash), and she told him he might as well give it to Sash to see if it curries him any favor. She says they had been courting Sash all along.

This is also interesting in terms of Sash's social game vs. Brenda's:
"Sash came over and said, “I want you two here and Brenda wants you to go, and it’s too early for me to make a big move.” Marty and I sat on the beach and he started to cry and it was a big emotional scene. I absolutely knew I was going home."

Jill also says that she and Marty didn't realize Jane had flipped and also that Kelly was on the outs with the core alliance. That's why they didn't try to ally with Kelly B: "it’s one of my regrets, but how do you know? Brenda was very clever because she kept Kelly physically close. I figured they were very tight but they weren’t at all."

In hindsight, she says giving the HII to Marty was a huge mistake and also not keeping Holly and Jane closer on Espada.

"RE: Jill's post-game interviews"
Posted by SquidProQuo on 10-28-10 at 02:51 PM
P.S. One more funny nugget from the RNO Interview -- this cracked me up!

"We’d be lying in the shelter and Fabio was talking about some cupcake delivery thing he would do if he wins. It was exceedingly hard to find anything in common with these guys. I said to Marty one time, “Oh my gosh, one of these morons is going to win a million dollars!”

"RE: Jill's post-game interviews"
Posted by dabo on 10-29-10 at 09:21 PM

Good read but she doesn't once mention Purple Kelly.

"RE: Jill's post-game interviews"
Posted by SquidProQuo on 10-30-10 at 01:27 PM
Just listened to Jill's Survivor Fans podcast. She said she's a long-time Survivor Fan and had been applying since 2002 and made the semifinals a few times before. She said she did all kinds of training -- spears, weapons, slingshots, puzzles, fire building, running in sand, etc. -- to get really prepared.

She said that Sash told her that he really wanted her to stay but Brenda wanted her out and he felt it was too early to make a big move. She said she believes him because he said in the Insider Clips that he hopes he didn't make a million dollar mistake.

Here's Jill's take on her fellow La Flor tribe members:

Kelly S = sweet girl but not playing the game. Being dragged along. Willing to do what she's told.

Brenda = not doing so well physically at challenges. Good game plan. But has t watch out for pride/overconfidence.

Sash = pretty much the same as Brenda, BUT he tries to be more diplomatic with people.

Fabio = what you see is what you get. Very personable. She thinks he finds the backstabbing and scheming distasteful. He's the kind who skates by.

Jill also said that she's working on a Michael Crichton type medical fiction book -- even though she didn't win a million on Survivor, she hopes she can create a best-selling novel.

"Alina's post-game interviews"
Posted by SquidProQuo on 11-04-10 at 04:27 PM

She says her biggest regret is that she wishes she had gone after Nay (vs. Brenda) in the beginning.

She knew Nay couldn't be trusted, but she didn't realize that Chase, Ben and the rest of the Espada 6 were against her. She also thought that Marty and Brenda were allied because of the HII.

"RE: Alina's post-game interviews"
Posted by SquidProQuo on 11-04-10 at 05:53 PM
This is a good interview with ET: http://www.etonline.com/tv/102543_Survivor_Nicaragua_s_Alina_I_Am_Rooting_Against_Sash_and_Brenda/index.html

She says she's rooting against Sash and Brenda and Nay and their whole alliance. She likes Jane and Holly and Chase. (The Chase part kinda contradicts some other things she's said, but that was in her comments after she got voted out, so maybe she changed her mind?)

She's definitely not a Sash vote.

"RE: Alina's post-game interviews"
Posted by kiki_k on 11-04-10 at 08:33 PM

Nothing in here really that isn't in the others, but thought I should post it.

Kind of getting the feeling she'd vote for Chase though.

"RE: Alina's post-game interviews"
Posted by SquidProQuo on 11-04-10 at 09:41 PM
I agree; seems like she's leaning Chase. Funny how suddenly he's a "softie" vs. when she first got voted out, she said he was a wimp, etc. Seems like she feels that Fabio skates through UTR...or maybe she's mad that he was originally in the Shannon alliance but voted her out over Marty. Then again, it always seem to me that what happens at the end game tends to overshadow prior "bad" moves and grudges....so you never know.

I also like her word associations for each person! She seems to be really honest and has a good attitude about things.

"Marty post game interview"
Posted by kiki_k on 11-11-10 at 05:12 PM

Interesting tidbits:

re: why Sash & Brenda didn't go along with his plan to vote Jane out:

I had presented a plan, and I'm sure those guys went back and thought about what would've went on. It would have involved a paradigm shift from what I call 'the losers' -- Chase, Holly, Jane, NaOnka -- onto a tribe of new people being Fabio, Benry, Dan, and myself. It was probably too much of a shift I'm imagining.

If any of the "losers" are final 3, I don't think they'll be getting Marty's vote.

re: those whose game he "respects":

. . . the people I would throw in there as people I respect ... Brenda and Sash rise to the top. Fabio had his own brand of game that I was starting to catch on to. It was different, but effective for him.

"RE: Marty post game interview"
Posted by dabo on 11-11-10 at 07:38 PM
Typical self-inflated egotistic Marty talk. What it really probably came down to is Brenda didn't want a pissed off Jane on the jury, she wants a happy Jane on the jury. No one out there is making decisions based on what's good for Marty, Marty just doesn't get that.

"RE: Marty post game interview"
Posted by kiki_k on 11-12-10 at 00:50 AM
Yeah, I just read the interview here on Reality Tv World -- more of the same egoist Marty. The man is positively insufferable and all I can say is I'm glad I'm not his wife. Jeesh.

I did love his statement that he wasn't jealous of Jimmy J. and then listing all the reasons he was, in fact, jealous of Jimmy J.

"RE: Marty post game interview"
Posted by kiki_k on 11-12-10 at 03:33 AM
Here's Marty's interview on zap2it:


More of the same with the interesting tidbit that he was shocked at the level of hostility that Jane had towards him. Ya know, I'm not a Marty fan (he puts the "d" in d!ck) but I kind of have to agree with him on that. The rampage that Jane went on during the vote last TC about him being a "disgrace to every man who calls himself a father" seemed really out of place.

Another good tidbit:

Who were you rooting for once you were voted off?

"I liked the people who were really smart in the game and people who were really genuine. I think you know who I'm talking about -- the strong, strategic players who were calling the shots and the people who were really genuine, who appeared to be flying under the radar but were not."

Obviously Sash, Brenda & Jud -- but I like how he is pointing out that Jud had more game then we have seen thus far.

"RE: Marty post game interview"
Posted by kiki_k on 11-15-10 at 05:19 PM
LAST EDITED ON 11-15-10 AT 06:05 PM (EST)

Found another Marty interview here:


Interesting tidbits:

HitFix: Going off of that. In your exit last night, one of your big points was about how not enough people were really playing the game. Whose game do you respect and whose game do you not respect?

MP: I really respected Brenda and Sash's game. I was starting to figure out Fabio a little bit and I was digging Fabio for sure. And I loved Jill and her gameplay with me was great. We were a great team. We complimented each other. It was a super partnership and that could have gone very deep into the game.

HitFix: Some people have certainly made the suggestion that Fabio might, at least to some degree, just be playing dumb. That he might be stealthy smart. Is that a theory that you subscribe to?

MP: I would have to agree. On everything I've seen in the episodes thus far, and especially last night, he's playing this low-key game where he moves through the game and no vote he's cast has come back to bite him. Even when he doesn't vote with the tribe, he somehow just comes back into the fold and melds right in.

re: Chase:

MP: . . .People like Chase? I'm sorry. That guy is dumber than a bag of hammers and if he can't get it, that Jane is gonna be an absolute threat for the million bucks, I can't help that guy.

More support that Jud is playing more of a game than we've seen and more info that Chase is "dumb."

"Stephen Fishbachs Survivor Blog"
Posted by Flowerpower on 11-11-10 at 07:55 PM
While this isn't a post-boot interview, it is a blog entry post episode 8 that I found interesting. Especially when he talks about the dynamics with Sash/Brenda et al....

Here it is:

In your desire to please or impress , do not go too far in displaying your talents or you might accomplish the opposite – inspire fear and insecurity." – Law 1: Never Outshine the Master

Has surfer dude Fabio finally articulated the perfect formula to win Survivor? "I call it 'being cool,' " he says on Wednesday's episode. "Just not ticking people off." If only he could have imparted that wisdom to self-proclaimed strategist Marty. Mr. Farty might still be in the game if he had made fewer enemies and combed his hair differently.

Instead, the King of Espada was checkmated by an alliance of all the women plus honorary lady Chase. How funny that a season that started off as Old vs. Young should end up Guys vs. Girls. Apparently, you can be any age and still think Marty is from Mars.

For knowing when to cut his ally's rope, Sash wins this week's Fishy. Marty was a loyal friend who had no chance at winning in the finals. Even more useful, he had no filter. "I know he tells me everything," Sash tells Brenda.

Sash had the option of voting off Jane to save his ally. But doing so would have alienated NaOnka, Holly and Chase. "He's a thorn in their side," Sash says. Nevermind the question of why Marty is more personally reviled than NaOnka.

When one player becomes a lightning rod for criticism, your decision to not vote him off can seem like a personal attack on the rest of the tribe, and make you a target. Think of Russell Hantz voting off Ben Browning in Samoa – he had to do it to maintain his influence. That sort of long-term thinking is what separates the Survivors who are playing the game from those who are just on the island.
Brenda's Trouble

Sash's game-play this week edges out Brenda's because he's able to put the Bro Alliance at ease and not stand out as a threat. He even treats Brenda with deference. "My plan is . . . whatever your plan is," he tells her.

Brenda, on the other hand, is having trouble comforting the women, especially Chase. Chase may be paranoid and he may be annoying, but it's Brenda job to make him feel safe.

Instead, while he's begging for a security blanket, she gives him the cold shoulder. "You seem really unsure right now. Are you just thinking?" Chase asks. "Just thinking," Brenda responds. "What do you think? You seem really unsure," he tries again. "No," is all she says. Am I the only English major who thought of part two of The Waste Land?

That sort of curt dismissal of your allies is a bigger Survivor sin than stealing all the tortillas in Nicaragua. Chase has lost confidence in Brenda, and NaOnka and Holly are wavering too.
The End of Influence?

The problem for the Brenda-Sash Alliance now is that they no longer have the majority. Holly, Jane, NaOnka and Chase are a tight foursome. Brenda is only on the periphery. And the Bro Alliance probably won't be too thrilled that Sash turned on them.

Brenda and Sash have so far been able to control the action by playing two alliances off against each other. But without Marty around to rile up Jane, that might not be so easy. Who wants to target sweet Uncle Dan? The only other Bros left are Bill and Ted – or, excuse me, Benry and Fabio – and they just want to hang loose.

Mr. Fishbach is very insightful....too bad he didn't get on this season, he would have KILLED it!

"RE: Stephen Fishbachs Survivor Blog"
Posted by kiki_k on 11-12-10 at 00:46 AM
Thanks for sharing this! I totally agree Stephen Fishbachs is very insightful. He totally gets to the heart of the matter of what is wrong with Brenda's game that I've been trying to express.

And his describing Chase as one of the ladies slayed me! Jeff described Chase in his blog as not having balls!! Poor Chase!

"RE: Stephen Fishbachs Survivor Blog"
Posted by SquidProQuo on 11-13-10 at 01:02 AM
Yes, I always enjoy Stephen's blog but thought it was especially good this week. I think he's right-on in terms of Brenda's poor social game and how she hasn't been very reassuring lately to her 2 of her key allies, Chase and Nay.

"Marty's Survivor Fans Podcast"
Posted by SquidProQuo on 11-13-10 at 01:13 AM
Here are a couple interesting tidbits from Marty's SFP interview:

What will be your criteria for giving someone the million dollars?
(This is not word for word, but based on my notes): How do I relate to them in the game? Who was a weasel? Who played like I would have played? I am rooting for the smarter players but also who is the most genuine.

Who do you think is a better player, Brenda or Sash ?
(Again, not word for word -- just my notes)
Similar but different styles. Sash is much more cerebral. But Brenda is very cunning and plays a better social game. She is very calculating and dangerous and is very cool under pressure.

You said when you got voted off that you thought it was Brenda...when did you find it out it was Sash?
Not sure if I buy this, but he says he didn't realize 'til all the votes were shown on TV last night. He said he's still unclear on all the pieces.

This was also very interesting:
They asked him what his End Game plan was that he presented to Sash/Brenda...and he said he presented a slightly different plan to Sash vs. what he told to Brenda. He said that to Sash, the plan was to vote out:
- Jane
- Then Nay (but not let Brenda know)
- Then Brenda
- Then once Brenda was gone, pick off Chase, Holly, etc.
He said he told Sash that he (Marty), Ben, Fabs and Dan would be the F4. (strong the end, etc.) and that since Sash had the HII, he'd have a clear path to the F3. Marty feels that Sash would rather go with the "weak" players like Nay, Jane, Holly, etc. since they are less of a threat.

"RE: Stephen Fishbachs Survivor Blog"
Posted by kiki_k on 11-13-10 at 01:19 AM
I agree -- Sash seems able to comfort the other members in the alliance while Brenda just gets annoyed with them. Another thing I think is Brenda's problem -- although she is smart, she isn't smart enough to keep her mouth shut. She was practically bragging to Jeff at the last TC about how good her "plan" is to take NaOnka to the finals as a goat. It is like she has to "show off" how "smart" she is, and in Survivor, that is just stupid. She should take a lesson from Fabio on how to keep your strategy to yourself.

Posted by kiki_k on 11-18-10 at 06:27 PM

Basically says she & Sash were the only smart ones out there. Sheds some light on Sash's comments that she was going to backstab him -- she told NaOnka when Sash was on the RC with Marty that maybe they needed to take Sash out sooner rather than later & NaOnka told Sash about that. She says she changed her mind after Sash voted for Marty. But, she admits that she wanted NaOnka, Purple Kelly & herself to be final 3, so that is a bunch of b.s., imo.

Also has some nice things to say about Chase.

Also, she says she did try to stay in the game but:
"My strategy and my thinking was that the people who could save me are Chase and Sash. Benry, and all these people, whatever. My miracle was that hidden immunity idol, and I wanted Sash to trust me enough to give it to me."

Right there, she proves she isn't as smart as she thinks. If Sash had given her the HII & they blind-sided NaOnka, then it is 4 to 5 (Kelly Purple, Brenda, Chase & Sash) and the other 5 could have gotten them each out at the next 4 TCs. How exactly is that a smart move for Sash?
Also, and more importantly, her "strategy" was for other people to do the work for her. I don't care how pretty she is, that is a sucky strategy. No one hands you the million dollars.

"Another Brenda interview"
Posted by kiki_k on 11-18-10 at 07:52 PM

More of the same -- how dare those ingrates not lay down while I voted them out one by one.

It is a pet peeve of mine when people say a figure more than 100% & she just keeps doing it! (For example in the interview she says something is 100,000% true!). I already think that because she is pretty she is being overrated as a player by the fanboys out there, but she is really working my last nerve. Smart people should know that it is physically impossible for anything to be more than 100% true or that you can give more than 100% effort. (sorry for the rant, but that really, really bugs me!!)

"RE: Another Brenda interview"
Posted by Outfrontgirl on 11-19-10 at 01:51 AM
kiki, you're not alone. I'm 100% with you, and that's the best I can be. I remember something about OJ Simpson doing that a lot.

First it was a 110% and it just got bigger and bigger, and now it's a billion trillion per cent. Of course it's irritating, because it ignores the basic meaning of a percentage, as you pointed out.

"RE: Another Brenda interview"
Posted by kiki_k on 11-19-10 at 04:39 AM
Hey, as long as you are with me 100% that is all I need to feel validated.

And yes, you are right (as usual) it started with 110% and has grown ridiculously since. It p!sses me off to my highest level of p!ssivity.

"RE: Another Brenda interview"
Posted by Chez on 11-19-10 at 09:04 AM
LAST EDITED ON 11-19-10 AT 09:42 AM (EST)

Yes, I totally agree on the >100% deal. Mentioning any number greater than 100% just dilutes the person's claim.

A great Survivor example was Ted back in Thailand, when accused of inappropriate behavior toward that other female, I forget her name (Ghandia?). Ted stated in a confessional that the claim was ridiculous because he already had a wife that he was 110% satisfied with. It was a total joke, and a funny moment if you go back and view it again. I think his wife got really mad thinking "only 110% happy with me? Why not 200%, or bigger?"

"RE: Another Brenda interview"
Posted by michel on 11-21-10 at 10:22 PM
Sorry, I made the post that fell just below this one before reading your post. Ted's line was too hilarious to be angry about it.

Anyway, technically, a percentage above 100% is certainly possible. If I earned $100 000 last year and I earn $250 000 this year (I can dream, can I?) my salary increase would be 150%. Some baseball players who wewre close to minimum wage get over 1000% increases when they become free agents.

"RE: Another Brenda interview"
Posted by michel on 11-21-10 at 10:16 PM
It's better to laugh at it than get upset. One of the funniest lines in Survivor history was Ted's: "I am a hundred and fifty... to two hundred percent... happy with the wife that I have!"


"And another Brenda"
Posted by kiki_k on 11-18-10 at 08:57 PM

The word-association is pretty interesting but the interviewer totally forgot Benry.

"RE: Brenda"
Posted by kiki_k on 11-18-10 at 09:02 PM

"RE: Brenda"
Posted by suzzee on 11-19-10 at 10:55 AM
I haven't gotten to all the interviews yet but did Brenda ever say anything about asking NaOnka for her Idol?

"RE: Brenda"
Posted by dabo on 11-19-10 at 12:56 PM
The idol that I felt most closest to was NaOnka's

if that makes any sense.


Now voting Marty out was done for Jane and Holly. I'm starting to wonder what kind of control King Brenda exercised over the jury.

"RE: Brenda"
Posted by kiki_k on 11-19-10 at 05:40 PM
She didn't say she asked NaOnka for the idol, but as dabo points out above she said she felt closest to NaOnka's idol & in another interview (can't remember which one) she says that NaOnka wouldn't have found that idol without her -- that she (Brenda) found the idol & she let NaOnka grab it.

Also, in an insider clip she flat out says NaOnka should give her the idol because she is the one who found it & she just let NaOnka grab it.

"RE: Brenda"
Posted by michel on 11-21-10 at 10:12 PM
"If Sash had given her the HII & they blind-sided NaOnka, then it is 4 to 5 (Kelly Purple, Brenda, Chase & Sash) and the other 5 could have gotten them each out at the next 4 TCs."

Maybe but not necessarily. Those 5 were never an alliance. They came together to vote out Brenda but I don't think Fabio loves Na'Onka or that they don't see that Jane still has to be taken out before the end.

A solid 4 is often better than 5 individuals. Anyway, Kelly, Chase and Sash can still be voted out next and now there are 6 against 3 instead of 5 against 4. Much tougher odds.

"RE: Brenda"
Posted by kiki_k on 11-21-10 at 10:19 PM
LAST EDITED ON 11-21-10 AT 10:24 PM (EST)

I don't know if you consider this "spoilers" or not, but in Brenda's interviews (and this is in the interview thread, so I think it isn't a spoiler) she says that NaOnka & Fabio actually got along pretty well, despite their fights. I know we only see the fighting on the show, and of course that is "better tv," but NaOnka did take Fabio to the side at the volcano RC challenge to tell him about the Brenda boot -- I don't think she would have done that if they actually hated each other the way they are being edited. So you can't really tell that they wouldn't want to work together.

And, I do think that Holly, Jane, Fabio & Benry were an alliance -- it formed because of the Sash/Brenda/Kelly S./NaOnka alliance but it IS an alliance. (Chase is in the middle of the two alliances because of his relationship with Jane & Holly). NaOnka also is close to Holly & Jane -- I don't think any of them would have a problem working a little longer with NaOnka to get Sash (and Kelly S) out. And at that point (once Sash was gone) they would have turned on NaOnka.

"RE: Brenda"
Posted by michel on 11-21-10 at 10:56 PM
I'm sure they don't hate each other as the editing pretends they do but Fabio has repeatedly said he wanted Nay out first.

Even if that isn't where the fragile alliance of 5 would have broken, there's still the fact that Jane is a threat, that Holly, Dan and Jane cannot be left together as a voting block of 3.

The alliances are in such a flux that a solid group of 4 could have regained control. Foa Foa did it to Galu's 8. Voting out Benry should have been on top of Sash's agenda, much more than keeping an idol that puts a target on his back. If Benry had left, Fabio would have gotten very worried. Joining a solid 4 would have felt much more secure than trusting Holly, Jane, Dan and Nay. Or you reason (!) with Nay and get her back in the fold.

"RE: Brenda"
Posted by kiki_k on 11-22-10 at 00:26 AM
LAST EDITED ON 11-22-10 AT 00:34 AM (EST)

I'm not saying a tight 4 can't make it -- but I do take exception to Foa Foa as an example because I am convinced the producers helped Russell -- no evidence, but I believe it

What I mean is, I think Benry, Holly, Jane & Fabio are closer than they are showing, so there is no way to tell that they aren't as "tight" as the other 4. NaOnka is tight with Holly & Jane as well. Holly told us that. Further, the Brenda alliance wasn't exactly "tight" either -- in the voting clip and an insider clip Sash talks about the fact that Brenda was planning to turn on him. So there was def. trouble in paradise.

Also, I don't see the HII as putting a target on Sash's back --he has been using it for protection more than anything else -- if he gave it up, he would be voted out tout de suite.

And, I actually think NaOnka turning on Brenda as a smart move. After Brenda told her she was her goat at the other TC NaOnka realized that she was going to lose for sure up against Brenda. Now we all know that no matter who NaOnka is up against at F3 (if she makes it to F3 -- this is all spec on my part) she is going to lose. But NaOnka doesn't realize that -- the only thing she realizes is that she can't beat Brenda. So for NaOnka it was better to get out Brenda now and try to get to the F3 with 2 of the oldsters (Holly & Dan, probably) or one of the oldsters and Kelly S. In an insider clip Kelly S. says that the original La Flor made a pact to vote for a young person no matter what at F3 & Kelly S says she wants to, ideally, go to F3 with Holly & Dan for just that reason. So, I'm sure NaOnka is thinking along the same lines. Again, I really doubt with all NaOnka has done that even if she ends up at F3 with Dan & Holly that the original LaFlors will honor that pact, but I'm sure she is banking on it.

"RE: Brenda"
Posted by Outfrontgirl on 11-22-10 at 06:11 AM
Exactly, the young people don't consider Jane a jury threat, or Holly, or Dan. Jane is a threat for fan favorite and is consciously playing to win it. (So don't vote for her if that sort of playing for America's prize nauseates you as it does me.)

They all know that someone will get 100K from America, but the editing takes out whatever talking about it they do at camp. They do talk about it. CBS should get rid of that prize.

Brenda, Sash, Kelly, Na Onka, Jud, Benry, Chase are all playing to be the last La Flor standing. However, two of them have idols, and that complicates things.

We said last week that Brenda blew it by saying at TC that you don't want to go to the end with Jane, but you do with Na Onka. Well, maybe she outsmarted herself. Maybe she was out to get Jane for other reasons. Jane had turned on Brenda (the flowers thing), and she was an alliance threat, plus Brenda wanted to keep Marty, whom she could somewhat control (in her mind).

So she was still trying to make a case, Marty's case, that Jane was dangerous in front of a jury. However, we really don't know that she believed that. Brenda probably didn't have a thought that she needed to worry about saying stuff in front of Na Onka, because the two of them were so tight.

As for the idol, you don't let other people grab it! Jill, Brenda -- you both needed to possess that thing instead of thinking that finding it for someone else was an advantage.

"RE: Brenda"
Posted by michel on 11-22-10 at 07:22 PM
>I'm not saying a tight 4
>can't make it -- but
>I do take exception to
>Foa Foa as an example
>because I am convinced the
>producers helped Russell -- no
>evidence, but I believe it.

Since I agree with you about production help, I'll amend that statement and use the Jalapao 3 as an example of how an alliance can take down a splintered group.

>What I mean is, I think
>Benry, Holly, Jane & Fabio
>are closer than they are

Maybe we can revisit this post-season because what has been shown is the opposite: Benry and Fabio were ready to vote out Jane and all the women just the day before.

>Further, the Brenda alliance wasn't
>exactly "tight" either -- in
>the voting clip and an
>insider clip Sash talks about
>the fact that Brenda was
>planning to turn on him.
>So there was def. trouble
>in paradise.

Everybody talks about voting out everybody else. A smart player would have talked to Brenda and realized she was just worried that all the guys had been together on reward (another thing I think the producers fixed, btw). A smart player would have told Na'Onka: "We will vote out Brenda but now is not the time." Survivor 101: Eliminate those outside your alliance. If Sash had saved Brenda, either by giving her his idol or by reasoning with Nay, he wouldn't have had to worry about her turning on him any time soon.

>Also, I don't see the HII
>as putting a target on
>Sash's back --he has been
>using it for protection more
>than anything else -- if
>he gave it up, he
>would be voted out tout
>de suite.

HIIs always put target on the backs of their owners. A smart group can flush it so easily that it's almost worthless when it is isn't a secret. Sash would have been voted out tout de suite après!

>And, I actually think NaOnka turning
>on Brenda as a smart

Certainly, I agree. My point is that it was WAY too early. Benry, Fabio and Jane had to go first and the beauty of it is that it was Brenda's plan and Brenda would have received the blame from 3 jurors. THEN you eliminate Brenda and those jurors LOVE you!

Now, Nay, Holly and Sash have to do the dirty work themselves...or they get their own exit ticket. Listening to the recap of the episode told me that Marty's plan is still in effect and Marty's plan was boys sticking together. Nay and Holly just gave them back the numbers.

Posted by Estee on 12-02-10 at 06:28 PM
...to see the most delusional answers since Benji momentarily intersected with our universe.

At least she won't try to justify her actions. Justification would mean acknowledging someone might have seen her actions as wrong.

"RE: Waiting..."
Posted by kiki_k on 12-02-10 at 09:32 PM
I just read the one posted here (realitytvworld) and dayum! I used to think she was a borderline personality but now I think she is a plain old sociopath! She actually says her pushing Kelly B. to the ground was Kelly B.'s fault! She also still thinks she is the best, is proud of herself, blah, blah, blah.

I found the part of the interview where she wouldn't talk about whether she talked to the producers about how the quitting was handled and the part where she would talk about how she got cast on the show intriguing. Wonder what was up with that.

"RE: Waiting..."
Posted by Karchita on 12-03-10 at 01:48 AM


Even if NaOinka didn't disgust you before, that interview will make you want to hurl.

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"RE: Waiting..."
Posted by dabo on 12-03-10 at 02:07 AM
I feel bad now for everyone who had to put up with interviewing her.

"RE: Waiting..."
Posted by Snidget on 12-03-10 at 07:46 AM
*runs screaming from the interview page*

"RE: Waiting..."
Posted by katethegreat on 12-03-10 at 03:24 PM
She is one strange person. The dumbness was shining through.

"RE: Waiting..."
Posted by Corvis on 12-03-10 at 08:22 AM
What do you think is behind the "I can't answer that" response to the question about how she was cast? It's not a secret that they recruit people.

"RE: Waiting..."
Posted by Karchita on 12-03-10 at 04:34 PM
It makes her feel important?

One thing I've learned in life is there is no point in trying to make sense of crazy. Crazy is crazy. Don't ask why or you just might end up crazy yourself.

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"RE: Waiting..."
Posted by dabo on 12-03-10 at 05:16 PM
The bummer is she answered it elsewhere, I guess we're just not good enough for the answer.

"TVGuide NayNay and Purp"
Posted by Snidget on 12-03-10 at 08:24 AM
LAST EDITED ON 12-03-10 AT 08:34 AM (EST)


"tease my eyebrows"

I hope that is a typo, but I fear it is not.

ETA: MSNBC interview with ray of sunshine and that other chick.


I've never seen an editor's note using Headdesk before.

"RE: TVGuide NayNay and Purp"
Posted by Estee on 12-03-10 at 10:03 AM
I appreciated this Fair Use bit.

Na'Onka: Being able to go through this journey, and this journey being documented, and I watch it and I reflect on my behavior—it's humbled me.

{Editor's note: !!!}

Oh, and she tells TV Guide she gave everything she had to give at the Reward challenge. Your definition of 'everything' may vary. Not to mention 'give'.

"RE: TVGuide NayNay and Purp"
Posted by suzzee on 12-03-10 at 11:30 AM
(I get to)"tease my eyebrows"!?!?

Nabonkers to mirror: Eyebrows, you're weak, you're stupid, I don't like you. And you're fugly too.

I was I walking away, it was something that I had to do for my own self and for my body in order to physically keep it together

No mention of any mental capacity whatsoever. Her and the Scarecrow, if they only had a brain.

Our river had broken into the ocean

Oh NO! Didn't you lock up the ocean? You were the last to leave Kelly.

NaOnka: I think that the quitter b**** label is going be second to "that b---- quitter label" There fixed that for ya Nay.

Wishes for the future:

Kelly, having everyone from now on call you Purple Quitter Kelly.

NaOnka, I hope a large family of daughters exactly like you are.


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"RE: TVGuide NayNay and Purp"
Posted by Estee on 12-03-10 at 11:51 AM
So your perfect revenge for Na'Onka means the world has to deal with more of her. What did the world ever do to you?

"RE: TVGuide NayNay and Purp"
Posted by suzzee on 12-03-10 at 12:09 PM
What was I thinking?

"RE: TVGuide NayNay and Purp"
Posted by Estee on 12-03-10 at 12:29 PM
Too late. She just announced that she's pregnant with octuplets. Isn't spontaneous human parthenogenesis wonderful?

"RE: TVGuide NayNay and Purp"
Posted by suzzee on 12-03-10 at 05:03 PM

One word. Aliens. No not the baby daddy, NaOnka. She's a good girl from the planet Hood.

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"RE: TVGuide NayNay and Purp"
Posted by dabo on 12-03-10 at 05:19 PM
From what I hear next thing on her agenda is NaOnka Mixon's L.A. It's like Sarah Palin's Alaska but better because it's about real strong women not bitter losers.

"RE: TVGuide NayNay and Purp"
Posted by Brownroach on 12-03-10 at 11:57 AM
That second interview is hilarious.

I love her logic that she's actually *more* entitled to be on the jury than the people who got voted out, because they are only on the jury due to their weak gameplay.

"RE: TVGuide NayNay and Purp"
Posted by suzzee on 12-03-10 at 12:16 PM
I hope Nay doesn't get any recognition for most hated survivor, the sooner she's off the radar the better.

As for the second interview, it was mind numbing

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"RE: TVGuide NayNay and Purp"
Posted by Outfrontgirl on 12-04-10 at 06:15 AM
I don't even like the word "quitter," even though that's what actually happened.

It's a bitch when words we don't like actually happen.

Posted by dabo on 12-04-10 at 01:09 AM

Nothing much here. They didn't feed on each other, she knew Brenda was getting booted but not so totally booted, she's not a betrayer, and (big surprise) there was a lot she didn't know was going on.

"RE: Purple"
Posted by kiki_k on 12-04-10 at 01:10 AM
Thanks for the recap -- she bores me too much for me to read it myself.

"RE: Purple"
Posted by Brownroach on 12-06-10 at 03:39 PM
So, I don't think I was really completely out of the dark, I think, for the voting of Brenda thinking every single person, all these alliances come together, and want one person out -- that was what was shocking for me.

And that's why I felt so out of the dark when there were still people telling me, oh no, we'll vote for someone else, we won't vote for Brenda.

She seems to be confusing "in the dark" and "out of the loop." Between this and "milking your own milk" and having "nothing left to suck," she may be the most malaprop survivor ever. No wonder she never opens her mouth.

"RE: Purple"
Posted by dabo on 12-06-10 at 03:52 PM
LAST EDITED ON 12-06-10 AT 05:13 PM (EST)

Kind of a shame, they probably thought they'd found the next break-up goofbowl comic of reality television.

"RE: Purple"
Posted by michel on 12-07-10 at 00:03 AM
Well, I found her last answer interesting, that, within the group of 5, she had talked with Sash and Na about taking out Chase and Brenda and how finding the Medallion of Power put a target on Brenda.

Posted by dabo on 12-10-10 at 12:27 PM

It was a blindside. Fabio's still his boy. Thought Holly and Chase would protect him. Everyone "knows" that Jane is dangerous to win. Was close to Dan. Sash is fake and a sh-tty liar.

"RE: Benry"
Posted by michel on 12-12-10 at 05:04 PM
Being a blindside, that puts a very interesting spin to Sash's confessional: "...They have no idea what is going on and I’m going to keep them guessing until I feel like telling them...or not telling them!”
So, we mainly heard that last part to show that Sash had a cruel side.

"RE: Benry"
Posted by dabo on 12-13-10 at 01:44 AM
You may be right about the cruel thing. Looking at it strategically, once he made his decision and once he had II there was no purpose blindsiding or misdirecting any votes. Except possibly he is thinking it will play in his favor at final. Not that it would, but he may be thinking that he has to exhibit his control of the game.

Posted by kiki_k on 12-16-10 at 05:45 PM

Jane confirms she can't talk about why she voted Sash:

Gordon: Why’d you vote for Sash even though you knew it was his last night to play his idol.
Jane: Because of an incident that happened that night prior to Tribal Council.
Gordon: What was that?
Jane: I can’t talk about it. But I was saying you guys are making a big mistake. I’m writing his name down even though I know he has an idol. Cause he is a big rattlesnake. And if y’all don’t know it, you know it now. I’m not wasting my vote on Holly.

Pretty funny word association too -- she calls Holly "a cow." Guess they didn't make up after the show! LOL

You know, I haven't been a big fan of Jane's but I've got to give her props -- she one tough, feisty old lady who knows how to work hard and bring a colorful character to Survivor. I'd rather more Janes and less Kelly Purples on future shows.

"RE: Jane"
Posted by kiki_k on 12-16-10 at 06:10 PM
Jane confirms what missyae told us about her "keeping back bigger fish for Chase."


ETonline: But you seemed like you really felt betrayed. This is a game.

Jane Bright: This is a game, but I had Chase eating on the side that other people didn't even know about just to keep him strong so he would be good for challenges. I knew he and I would probably go to the final three with either Holly or Sash. We had all sat around and discussed that. For him to stab me in the back the way he did that hurt pretty bad.

ETonline: So are you saying you were feeding him on the side? Were you sneaking him fish?

Jane Bright: A couple of times I found a coconut that he would eat. You know, you are sitting out there and everybody is hungry and no one wants to go look for stuff. Nobody wants to fish. Why? I had lines set up all down the creek bed. Do you want to help me check them and re-bait them? No. Nobody would. I walked a mile and a half to do all this.

Posted by dabo on 12-23-10 at 12:53 PM