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"Episode 2 Vidcaps"

Posted by Flowerpower on 09-26-08 at 02:25 PM
LAST EDITED ON 09-26-08 AT 02:41 PM (EST)

As always thanks to Survivor Fever for the captures...

Promo Transcript:

Jeff Probst: Next time on Survivor...

G.C.: Randy, are you like the leader of the tribe now?

Jeff: Fang is a tribe with big problems.

Randy: No, we decided that this tribe dudn't need a leader. Drop it.

G.C.: I don't have to drop nothin', man. I can ask you something if I want.

Jeff: They've lost 3 challenges in a row. Now they're in for the fight of their lives to stay in the game.

Looks like Marcus and Charlie are trying to get Dan off of the pole and dragged to another point, while Crystal and Randy are trying to pry, edited to say Paloma off. Looks like Crystal and Randy will win that round for Fang, and that Paloma is the "rag doll" in this weeks promo...does this mean that they lose the Rc and the IC? Or just the IC? They make it sound like Paloma is in danger of being the boot...misdirectin or will she be?

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"RE: Episode 2 Vidcaps"
Posted by Scarlett O Hara on 09-27-08 at 03:11 PM
LAST EDITED ON 09-27-08 AT 03:13 PM (EST)

Is that a hammock that Ken is lounging on over at the Fang camp? Is this a luxury item that they could have won in the RC? It also looks like they've got blankets that they are laying on inside their hut.

We know they win reward as we know it is Sugar who is sent to Ex Island.

"RE: Episode 2 Vidcaps"
Posted by SpotTheDifference on 09-27-08 at 07:42 PM
Good eye, but how do we know Sugar gets exiled?

Oh, and I think that's Bob and Charlie pulling Dan, not Marcus and Charlie.

"RE: Episode 2 Vidcaps"
Posted by PepeLePew13 on 09-27-08 at 09:30 PM
On another thread here, it was reported that Sugar's dad passed away shortly before she flew over to Gabon, and this week's CBS Ep. 3 website clues mentioned the following:

One Castaway sets out to prove her strength on Exile Island. Will emotions caused by the recent death of a loved one prove to be an inspiration or a hindrance to her success?

Ergo, it's safe to assume that Sugar is being sent to Exile Island.

"RE: Episode 2 Vidcaps"
Posted by Brownroach on 09-29-08 at 05:47 PM
LAST EDITED ON 09-29-08 AT 06:49 PM (EST)

Yes the shirtless guy is Physics Bob.

ETA: And the other guy is Marcus. You can see in FloPo's post 4 below that there must be several rounds to this challenge, because Dan is again being pulled away from the pole, this time by Charlie (blue shorts) and Marcus.

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"RE: Episode 2 Vidcaps"
Posted by SpotTheDifference on 09-30-08 at 01:08 AM
And in the shots below, there doesn't seem to be anyone else on the field except the three guys.

I also see three girls on the bench: Corrine, Jacquie, and Kelly. If there's only two people voted out of Fang, why are three people sitting out for Kota? Paloma and Bob are visible on another screenshot, away from the bench area, I believe, which makes me think that none of these three girls are competing.

"RE: Episode 2 Vidcaps"
Posted by Brownroach on 09-30-08 at 10:28 AM
Yeah and they don't look grimy or disheveled as if they'd already competed and been eliminated.

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"RE: Episode 2 Vidcaps"
Posted by Flowerpower on 09-30-08 at 03:03 PM
Just trying to figure out the three sit outs from the Kota tribe....

This competition involves 6 people at a time. So maybe Kota has to sit out three while Fang has to sit out one? What else could this mean?

"RE: Episode 2 Vidcaps"
Posted by CTgirl on 09-30-08 at 03:15 PM
If Kota sits out 3 women and Fang sits out 1 man then the tribes would be balanced with 2 women and 4 men each competing.

"RE: Episode 2 Vidcaps"
Posted by b1whois on 09-30-08 at 06:04 PM
the thing i find interesting about this first set of clips is that fang is shown in warpaint, which indicates the second IC. why show this out-of-sequence? all of the other clips are new material. i think it is shown to indicate that this tribe really fights. notice that in the photos from the actual challenges nobody is wearing face paint. also notice that the three people shown in the manipulated warpaint are the three that are shown in the actual challenge: crystal, randy, and dan.

"RE: Episode 2 Vidcaps"
Posted by SpotTheDifference on 10-01-08 at 00:24 AM
I'm liking this theory. Maybe Ken sits out for Fang, thus eliminating a possible point of weakness for them.

Fang seems to have the upper hand, especially with their female lineup. Kota will also have a huge weakness with Bob playing in a physical challenge:

GC, Dan, Matty, Randy, Crystal, Susie


Marcus, Bob, Charlie, Ace, Paloma, Sugar

"Weekend promos..."
Posted by Flowerpower on 09-29-08 at 04:46 PM
Thanks to Survivor Fever for the weekend promos...


Promo Transcript:

Announcer: Summer is over but the new Survivor is making a splash.

Male: Whewwwwwwwwwwwww!

Jeff Probst: That's how you do it!

Announcer: Two castaways are gone.

Jeff: Michelle...Gillian...the tribe has spoken.

Announcer: But the fun is just beginning. Can the three time losing tribe mount a comeback?

Randy: Shouldn't blame them for being idiots but they are.

"RE: Weekend promos..."
Posted by Flowerpower on 09-30-08 at 03:09 PM

Paloma, located seated behind the Fang Tribe, is one of the sit outs for Kota...

"RE: Weekend promos..."
Posted by Brownroach on 09-30-08 at 04:08 PM
FloPo, where is Paloma in that cap? I can't see anyone sitting down behind Fang.

Surfkitten Summer Sigshop 2008

"RE: Weekend promos..."
Posted by emydi on 09-30-08 at 04:41 PM
LAST EDITED ON 09-30-08 AT 04:56 PM (EST)

see I thought that was her at Susie's hand but the more I look at it I think that is Jiffy...it's either Sugar or Poloma that sit out the IC for Kotex imho, the two women who did not sit out the RC. I think they set that up so the two "weakest" gals were available to sit out IC.

eta: Im leaning towards Sugar sitting out IC bc she goes to Exile and they think she is weak (esp if it is Kotex that is overeating)

"RE: Weekend promos..."
Posted by Brownroach on 10-01-08 at 10:48 AM
LAST EDITED ON 10-01-08 AT 10:53 AM (EST)

That is Ken not Jiffy, as pointed out below -- either Ken is just standing further back to wait his turn or he is responsible for some other activity in the challenge. Most likely the latter as Spot the Difference said -- he and Bob are fully clothed and standing in front of those goalpost-like structures.

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"RE: Weekend promos..."
Posted by b1whois on 09-30-08 at 05:52 PM
i think that is ken sitting out. the person is sitting on the bench under the red trellis, and ken is not pictured with the rest of fang waiting to slip-n-slide (and he is the only one), also the person sitting out is wearing a white shirt, and jeff is wearing a blue shirt (we know this from the closeup of jeff at a challenge that shows jungle in the background, cant be the semi-arid location that was the pole challenge, besides, doesn't jeff always wear blue?). finally, i believe that we see jeff in a blue shirt standing in the background with some blonde running by as GC slides down the slipnslide (see tattoo'd deltiod).
it may also be that bob is sitting out for kota, as he is shown wearing a shirt (ditto for the person on the fang bench) and not a suit like everyone else. dont know what that could mean...

"RE: Weekend promos..."
Posted by SpotTheDifference on 10-01-08 at 00:20 AM
I really don't think Fang is sitting out anyone in this challenge. It's more likely that Bob and Ken are solving puzzles whose pieces the other players are getting.