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"Chris Sligh"

Posted by Corvis on 01-31-07 at 02:30 PM
So did you see Chris Sligh perform last night? He nailed Seal's A Kiss from a Rose. He was the short guy with the big fro. Very funny and self-deprecating. I rarely pick someone to root for this early, but I am rooting for Chris.

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"RE: Chris Sligh"
Posted by KoalaChick on 01-31-07 at 02:41 PM
I thought he was great! That's a very tough song to sing, and he nailed it nicely! The judges had another Clay Aiken moment, where the voice didn't seem to match the package. I think this guy will do well.

"RE: Chris Sligh"
Posted by CTgirl on 01-31-07 at 02:50 PM
Good voice and great personality. He'll be very easy to root for!!

"RE: Chris Sligh"
Posted by Agman2 on 02-05-16 at 05:07 PM
I totally disagree with that!

"RE: Chris Sligh"
Posted by emydi on 01-31-07 at 03:37 PM
I see him in the finals with Sundance already...oh great I just jinxed it...nope I was knocking on wood!

"RE: Chris Sligh"
Posted by Corvis on 01-31-07 at 03:48 PM
Seeing as how I don't spoil Survivor very much or very well anymore, I thought I'd turn to spoiling a little bit about Chris. Here's his self written bio:

About me:
I was born on a cold day in April 1978 in a little town right outside of Nashville, TN. Music was in my blood from the beginning of my life. I can remember writing my first music at 6 years old. I wrote my first full song at the age of 8. I grew up in Tennessee, North Carolina, Missouri and Weisbaden, Germany...the majority of my childhood spent in cold, dark Germany.

For the record, I've been to every European country with the exception of the Scandanavian countries, and I've traveled through all 48 continental states at one point or another.

Anyway, I started to write seriously during college while studying voice performance. My junior year of college, I won the National Association of Teachers of Singing's best male singer in the junior year. In 2002 & 2003, I won the Gospel Music Association's songwriting award for the pop/AC category.

In 2001, I started traveling as a solo artist, interestingly enough calling myself Chris Sligh. Soon after I started a band which I even more interestingly called the Chris Sligh band. In May of 2003, I got married and soon after in August, the Chris Sligh band broke up. In November of that same year I formed the band I am now a part of and I deemed it Half Past Forever.

A lot happened in 2003, as you can see. Well, when Half Past Forever originally formed, we were definitely pretty squarely in the poppy Christian worship realm. We had some kind of rocking stuff, but as a songwriter I was coming from the school of rock that included artists like Bebo Norman, Caedmon's Call, Chris Tomlin, David Crowder, etc. Not exactly Led Zeppelin. In 2004 we recorded our debut album up in Nashville with Stephen Leiweke, who produced Jars of Clay's indie album. The album was definitely a poppy rock fest.

Since then, my songwriting has grown, I think. I've moved away from the more poppy stuff to writing music that I think I would actually listen to. You can look at my songwriting influences below and most of them are not neccesarilly "rock" artists. I love them for their songwriting, if not their performances. However, my music writing is currently being influenced by Switchfoot, MuteMath, The Afters, and Need To Breathe.

So, that's me. Please be my friend. Um, I'm awesome, so if you want awesomeness for friendships, then please be my friend. Does that sound too needy and insecure? Dangit!

And a picture:

"RE: Chris Sligh"
Posted by Jadens Mommy on 01-31-07 at 10:39 PM
You didn't spoil.

"RE: Chris Sligh"
Posted by Corvis on 02-01-07 at 08:13 AM
Well, okay, but I had fun looking for info about him.

"RE: Chris Sligh"
Posted by emydi on 02-01-07 at 10:04 AM
yes because he was refigerated after opening

"RE: Chris Sligh"
Posted by Corvis on 02-01-07 at 10:53 AM
Is that what they do with the AI contestants who make it to Hollywood? Put 'em on ice and ship 'em sardine style?

"RE: Chris Sligh"
Posted by Nimh on 03-09-07 at 12:22 PM
You know, his band's entered in a video contest. If you guys think he's good, you should vote for him.


"RE: Chris Sligh"
Posted by Corvis on 02-22-07 at 02:20 PM
I gotta say Chris went down a few notches after he attacked Simon after singing. That stuff bugs me. I hope he focuses on singing and stops that talkback.

Anyone else think that Simon's comment last night about how there are arrogant singers with little talent was aimed at Chris?

"RE: Chris Sligh"
Posted by JessicaRN on 02-22-07 at 04:04 PM
I totally agree with you about Chris and Simon's comment. Humor can quickly move to inappropriate sarcasm if not careful. I liked Chris in the audition, so hopefully he can redeem himself. On a similar note, I read (in Star so take it with a grain of salt), that Taylor Hicks was the biggest diva yet. Article said that no one on the staff of the show wanted him to win. He was difficult to work with and didn't bond with the other contestants, not even on the tour. It also said that Katherine McPhee pitched a fit about singing with Meatloaf.

"RE: Chris Sligh"
Posted by joymarv on 02-23-07 at 11:11 PM
I would have pitched a fit if I had to sing with him too. Listening to him was excrutiating.

"RE: Chris Sligh"
Posted by agman on 03-02-07 at 09:11 PM
Chris Sligh's voice doesn't actually bother me that much. I just get sick and tired of his smart alec remarks. He has said things to simon that just want to make me cringe. Not that Simon doesn't deserve to get dissed once in a while. I just don't think Chris shows much respect. I don't think he has enough of a history with the judges to make the comments he makes.

"RE: Chris Sligh"
Posted by brvnkrz on 02-24-07 at 12:15 PM
Agree on both points. I hope it doesn't happen again. Although after hearing the girls sing it almost makes most of the guys invisible to me now.

One nation, under Romber

"RE: Chris Sligh"
Posted by Jadens Mommy on 02-24-07 at 12:47 PM
I agree. I picked Chris as an early favorite but so many girls are powerful this season. I think we will have a female AI winner this season.

"RE: Chris Sligh"
Posted by brvnkrz on 02-24-07 at 02:30 PM
Unless these guys step it up about 1000%, I agree that we will have a female winner this year. Even an all female final 5 or 6.

One nation, under Romber

"RE: Chris Sligh"
Posted by Fishercat on 02-25-07 at 01:25 AM
Don't forget, pretty much every female not named Mandisa or Kat McPhee was bad last year. Paris was okay but had some really off performances. And yet, the F6 was still 3 and 3 (with Kellie Pickler of all people).

Season 3 even kept Red and George Huff on for a while before they got booted, and that season was incredibly weak for guys too.

"*covers eyes*"
Posted by brvnkrz on 02-25-07 at 09:09 AM
Please, for the love of all things holy, please never say that Pickler name again. *runs screaming*

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"RE: *covers eyes*"
Posted by arkiegrl on 02-25-07 at 11:58 AM




Posted by Jadens Mommy on 02-26-07 at 02:18 PM
What name don't you want us to say? Kelly Pickler? Is Kelly Pickler's name the name you don't want us to say? If Kelly Pickler's name is the name you don't want us to say then I sincerely apoligize for saying Kelly Pickler. I will try my best to never say Kelly Pickler ever again.

Posted by brvnkrz on 02-26-07 at 02:28 PM
I just kicked you with HER red high heel shoe.

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"RE: Kick"
Posted by CattyChat on 02-26-07 at 05:21 PM
Well, you better not tune in for the results show Thurs, Bravie, because the adorable KELLIE PICKLER will be performing.

One nation, under Romber...

"RE: Kick"
Posted by brvnkrz on 02-26-07 at 05:44 PM
Well luckily, even though I am bored with Survivor, that is still my first choice. So I won't be setting the DVR for this episode of the results show. Blah. Thank you for the head's up.

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"Have Mute Button. Will Watch."
Posted by YankeeDixieDoodle on 02-28-07 at 02:37 PM
I actually had to mute KP at least once last season. When she started screamimg her song. I'll be watching Thurday with remote in hand. In case she does it again.

"RE: Kick"
Posted by YankeeDixieDoodle on 03-05-07 at 04:08 PM
I didn't just mute the TV when Kelly Pickler made her appearance last Thursday, I turned the TV off. Until I was sure she was gone. I've never seen so much silicone hanging out of a dress in my life. And, that dress was stretched so tight over her butt, I wondered if she'd had it augmented, too!

"RE: Kick"
Posted by agman on 03-05-07 at 11:13 PM
I think she's trying to get some dolly parton thing going. Yeeeccchhh. I noticed Simon wasn't even watching! hasta la vista Pickler

"RE: Kick"
Posted by arkiegrl on 02-27-07 at 09:22 AM
This one, you mean?

"RE: Kick"
Posted by brvnkrz on 02-27-07 at 10:24 AM
LOL. I actually really like that.

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"RE: Kick"
Posted by arkiegrl on 02-27-07 at 12:33 PM
Yeah, those are some bitchin shoes, huh?

"RE: Chris Sligh"
Posted by bostonrobfan on 03-21-07 at 00:16 AM
I liked Chris at first, but he ruined it for me with his 'fro patrol' comment. UGH.

"RE: Chris Sligh"
Posted by Corvis on 03-21-07 at 08:49 AM
Yeah, I hear that. That was pretty stupid.

I still think he's talented but he comes across as way too calculating. He's not real.

"RE: Chris Sligh"
Posted by LisaPles on 03-29-07 at 12:02 PM
I thought it was so funny when Chris was singing his final song and he went up to the contestants and you could hear him say to Phil "you owe me fifty bucks". That really cracked me up!
Goodbye Chris!

"RE: Chris Sligh"
Posted by agman on 03-29-07 at 05:13 PM
>I thought it was so funny
>when Chris was singing his
>final song and he went
>up to the contestants and
>you could hear him say
>to Phil "you owe me
>fifty bucks". That really cracked
>me up!
> Goodbye Chris!
I missed that part. They must have their own wagers/pool on the order people are going. what do you bet Sanjaya is not on their list?

"RE: Chris Sligh"
Posted by Snidget on 03-31-07 at 03:26 PM
I commented else where that Chris S. did nothing to same himself this week.

Looks like he was more right than I knew.


Chris Sligh, the curly-headed contestant from South Carolina who was voted off "American Idol" this week, said he considered quitting the show two weeks before viewers sent him packing.

"I never came into this wanting to win it," Sligh told The Greenville News on Thursday. "I made the Top Ten. That was my goal."

Sligh said he decided not to quit because the top 10 contestants participate in an "American Idol" summer tour that comes with a nice paycheck.

Very disappointing, IMO.

"RE: Chris Sligh"
Posted by bob_chester on 03-31-07 at 08:46 PM
LAST EDITED ON 04-01-07 AT 02:12 PM (EST)

LAST EDITED ON 03-31-07 AT 10:12 PM (EST)

"RE: Chris Sligh"
Posted by Agman2 on 02-05-16 at 05:09 PM
Now that was a lame post!

"Chris says the vote counts are legit"
Posted by priestdi on 04-01-07 at 02:41 AM
he seems pretty together and level-headed.

from his blog:

"Number one: to the conspiracy theorists who think that I got voted off the show because of a certain shout-out a coupla weeks ago (btw, please don't ask me about this: I have chosen not to talk about it at this point)...sorry people, I hate to tell you this, but it just isn't possible. NIgel and Ken (the executive producers) are very nice men, and I feel honored to have worked and learned from them. Plus what you guys do not see is that there are 5-6 people from Standards and Practices (an outside organization) who watch every aspect of the show to make sure it is fair. These people are also the ones who make sure that the vote counting is fair. There's more I could tell you, but it falls under my confidentiality contract...but take it from me...I was voted off because I didn't get enough votes. I had a bad performance and received even worse comments, plus I was very early in the show...it all added up. There was no funny stuff going on."


"RE: Chris says the vote counts are legit"
Posted by bob_chester on 04-01-07 at 02:11 PM
Thanks for posting this. It is good to see the conspiracy thing put to rest.

"Take a Chance on Something Beautiful"
Posted by CattyChat on 04-03-07 at 01:47 PM
Well, after listening to the samples on Amazon I went ahead & purchased Half Past Forever's CD. The samples sounded pretty good & I liked their video on YouTube. Crossing my fingers it is delivered on time to download to my iPOD before I leave for Europe Saturday. I'm old-fashioned and insist on buying CDs instead of just downloading music . . . I like the whole package.

Anyone else buy the CD??

I never did vote for him, but my preferred musicians/singers never win these things (except JD). Musicians like Chris Sligh (and Daughtry) aren't ever going to win AI since AI is more about who creates the most buzz & overall popularity. If it were about true talent, AI would allow the contestants to play instruments & sing their own songs instead of just a giant karaoke contest each week.

AI is a guilty pleasure, though I am going to really miss RockStar this summer.

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"RE: Take a Chance on Something Beautiful"
Posted by agman on 04-03-07 at 09:16 PM
What do you think would happen with Chris S. if this had been a radio contest where you only heard his voice and did not see his face? I think his popularity would be higher. Looks playtoo much of a role on this contest. I realize that as someone said, you can expect the populatity contest. Hence the term "pop" music. Anyone have any opinions on this?

A snidget original

"RE: Take a Chance on Something Beautiful"
Posted by YankeeDixieDoodle on 04-05-07 at 06:20 PM
If popularity, especially among female middle-schoolers, counts more than talent, Sanjaya would be a shoo-in. But, going strictly by consistantly great singing, Melinda's my favorite. I'm just glad Chris Sligh's gone. Looking at him was bad enough. Listening was excruciating.