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"Bashing Joe"

Posted by frisky on 01-07-03 at 05:21 PM
Sorry, ladies. I just have to bash Joe/Evan.

When I saw the pics of him at his construction site, I thought he looked like one of those Larry Darryl and Darryl guys from the Newhart show.

Then he said he liked to dig holes. Then he got a real brainstorm and figgered out he could *make money* doing this!!

Even cleaned up, he doesn't do anything for me. He just seems like a big, dumb guy. Kind of like Puddy on Seinfeld -- big, vacant and inarticulate.

On the other hand, these qualities are what makes this show so funny! This has got to be the funniest reality TV show I've ever watched. Too bad they'll never be able to pull it off again.

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"RE: Bashing Joe"
Posted by StrandedAgain on 01-12-03 at 10:51 AM
Unless there is a double surprise, and that we find out at the end that he really does have money!

"RE: Bashing Joe"
Posted by yukionna on 01-13-03 at 08:53 AM
> Too bad they'll never be able to pull it off again.

I agree but it will be interesting to see if this show changes the landscape for future millionaire-type shows. It won't matter if the reality show is truly about a real millionaire because people will now wonder if it IS real. Gold-digging women will think twice about signing up for one of this shows as they don't know for certain if the guy is really a millionaire.

"RE: Bashing Joe"
Posted by 712 on 01-14-03 at 02:26 AM
It woulda been kinda nifty if they had have somehow taped, like, three editions of the show at the same time, with different people and places, and then make it last for as many seasons. I bet they would have done this if they had have anticipated it being as huge as it is.