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"West Wing special tonight"

Posted by dabo on 10-03-01 at 03:28 AM

Just a reminder and a heads-up to those who don't know, the link is from 9/25


Special "West Wing" Delays Season Opener

by John Maynard, Sept. 25, 2001

Fans of the "The West Wing" will have to wait two more weeks to find out if President Josiah Bartlet, on the verge of a possible presidential scandal, will run for a second term.

NBC announced it is delaying tomorrow night's scheduled season premiere of the hit series starring Martin Sheen until Oct. 10 -- instead airing a repeat episode from the series's first season -- so it can run a special episode related to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on Oct. 3. ...

Check your local listings, everyone, this one should be worth watching even for those who aren't WW fans.

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"RE: West Wing special tonight"
Posted by Drive My Car on 10-07-01 at 05:32 PM
Thanks dabo,
I didn't see all of this episode ( I watch West Wing occasionally and think it a good show, but I miss it often too)
I saw quite a bit of this episode, and it was wonderful!!!!
I hope NBC reruns this, it was so important, I regret I didn't see it all.
It was a very important statement, a Prime time network Drama that didn't ignore what was going on in the world. I believe it will be remembered as a Classic in archives of Television.

"RE: West Wing special tonight"
Posted by dabo on 10-07-01 at 05:41 PM

Thanks, Buggy; I too hope NBC reruns "Isaac and Ishmael" and hopefully soon. I didn't bother setting the VCR for it, and unfortunately my son got sick in the tummy in the middle of things (nothing serious, just too much pizza and grape juice on top of whatever he raided out of the cabinet after school); but from what I saw even the people who love to hate the show for its politics would give that particular episode a mighty powerful thumbs up, it was just excellent!

"RE: West Wing special tonight"
Posted by sleeeve on 10-07-01 at 06:27 PM
I loved the analogy:

Islam is to Islamic Extremist as Christianity is to KKK.

The entire episode sent a very powerful message of tolerance, patriotism, and restraint... too bad Osama bin Laden probably missed it.

You never know what might be up my sleeeve...

"RE: West Wing special tonight"
Posted by Drive My Car on 10-07-01 at 07:15 PM
>>Islam is to Islamic Extremist as Christianity is to KKK.

This is what keeps sticking with me from this show.
These words that Sleeeve quoted from the episode, they pop into my head at weird moments in my day. No more apt analogy have I heard. I recently read an article in my local paper ( well not THE local small town paper, but the Ft Worth Star Telegram ) That was about the Republic of Texas* groups, they claim to be protecting our borders. Lord save us from Militant Patriots.

*The "republic of texas" is an anti-government militia group who
claims that texas never became a part of the union, and is therefor it's own country. They have their own president ( 2 presidents because there are more then one faction of this group.) These are some scary people.