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"Longer Performances"

Posted by photokitty on 08-03-05 at 05:53 PM
Last night, the songs were 2 minutes long. Weren't they 90 seconds for a while? I hope they get longer soon, as the pool of singers dwindles. As Dave said, concerts are 2 hours long. Everyone should see how they hold up over a longer period.

I wonder what the last show will be like? Do you think, when it's down to 2 or 3, each singer will sing more than one song during the evening? I hope so, and I hope it's like, 2 or 3 songs in a row for each, rather than everybody sings one, then everybody sings their second one, etc. But clearly, that's no indication of a concert performance, either.

But, knowing EPMB, he'll bring back past singers that were booted. People From The Past are standard operating procedure on his shows. I guess they do that on Idol, too? (I don't watch that show.) They bring back everyone to fill up the evening with one song each?

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"RE: Longer Performances"
Posted by tinybubs on 08-03-05 at 08:18 PM

My only complaint about Ty's "Everybody Hurts" was that it was too short, if he could have done a full version he might built it to such a huge climax it would have blown the roof off the place. Deanna was on such a roll last night it would have been fun to keep it going for a little while longer.

It seems like some of the singers look rushed to get in as much as they can in the short amount of time. Hopefully we'll get to the point soon where the songs can be sung in their entirety, as they were intended.

"RE: Longer Performances"
Posted by Agman2 on 01-28-16 at 06:24 PM
Who cares, the show's cancelled anyway so now the songs are ZERO minutes long and they all sound the same.....The sound of silence!