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"SYTYCD-10 Top Eighteen ECST"

Posted by Snidget on 07-09-13 at 07:27 PM
Now with eliminations at the end of the episode as it should be, until someone complains.

Keep it all costuming abominations by hosts, jidges, and contestants on this thread until the West Coast finishes rinsing out the bleach from their eyes.

As well as whatever abuses the "random" draw deals to the also rans.

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"Group Dance"
Posted by Snidget on 07-09-13 at 08:00 PM
Pretty Face

"RE: Group Dance"
Posted by Snidget on 07-09-13 at 08:06 PM
Cat in a little black dress, a very nice one. Sonya and Christopher scott did the opening number.

One dancer was missing. Jade.

Has an old injury. Tore his meniscus, he will not be able to dance for 3-4 months. His goodbye video. He is in the audience.

You didn't like the way it went down last week. We listend, and changed up the format.

Cuts won't happen until the very end of the show.

Jidges are...

Nigel Lythgoe birthday boy.

Mary Murphy

Erin Andrews


Paula Abdul Seal Claps.

Nigel, only waited 10 seasons for this.

Remaining 17 dancers.

"Recap of last week"
Posted by Snidget on 07-09-13 at 08:07 PM

"Who is in danger"
Posted by Snidget on 07-09-13 at 08:12 PM
No cuts until the end, but we know the bottom three guys and girls.

Jasmine M
Blue Print

in dangers. Send the safe ones off the stage.

Who will be dancing for their life.

Nigel, we are not going to send a guy home because of Jade, the two guys can carry on. You are safe this week, gentlemen.

Girls on stage.

Nigel. Want to see all three dance for their lives, want to show the genres they are good at. Will make the decision at the end of the show.

Posted by Snidget on 07-09-13 at 08:15 PM
Try a Little Tenderness
Otis Redding.

Jasmine M
10 Seconds
Jazmine Sullivan

She has her arm wrapped up.

Jessie J

No cuts until the end of the show.

"RE: Solos"
Posted by byoffer on 07-09-13 at 09:59 PM
I thought Alexis was good.

Jasmine's routine was meh.

Ballroom solos are always tough to make good. Jenna could be in danger with 2 weeks in the bottom. She is a great dancer, but maybe not likable for voters?

"RE: Solos"
Posted by Belle Book on 07-10-13 at 12:08 PM
Brittany was in the bottom last week, not Jenna. Jenna was safe last week.

Belle Book

"RE: Solos"
Posted by Sagebrush Dan on 07-10-13 at 01:32 PM
I missed this part. What happened to Jade?

"Amy and Fik-Shun"
Posted by Snidget on 07-09-13 at 08:26 PM
Paso Doble. Jean-Marc
Don't sell me a rainbow.
This is war.

Tactical Dominance
Jack Tramwell

Something about his posture is wrong. Could be the shoulders up and forward too much. I wanted it to be a lot more aggressive.

Mary. Woowoowoo A paso war it was. What a way to get the show started. It was great. Fikshun you were blowing my mind. There are still thing you need to work on. More torque in that body, shoulders down. It is unbelievable the passion. Amy you are just a warrior princess. Nobody dies tonight.

Erin. Forget about taming the bull. did a heck of a job. IT is all there, you are the ones to beat.

Paula. I'm so overwhelmed to be here. Made the stage your battlefield, and you had to hate each other, you committed to it. Amy I wish you were around when I was doing choreography. You were what 16 when you were on may show, you came such a long way. You have studied, what a great student. I could squish you.

Nigel. This took away your greatest asset, you demand attention when you come on the stage. You are dancing with your shoulders up here, you have to relax the tension in your shoulders. You lose the strength in your arms. I haven't seen you guys do anything wrong as a couple. Doing brilliantly.

"RE: Amy and Fik-Shun"
Posted by byoffer on 07-09-13 at 10:00 PM
In my opinion this was very slow and posed. Didn't move with emotion which I would have expected. I didn't like that much.

"RE: Amy and Fik-Shun"
Posted by Sagebrush Dan on 07-10-13 at 01:23 PM
Way overpraised by judges. This was dull and uninspired.

"Jasmine H and Aaron"
Posted by Snidget on 07-09-13 at 08:40 PM
Broadway Spencer Liff

Crime scene, she is dead and her spirit is dancing, he has to solve the crime.

They Just Keep Moving The Line
Smash Cast

Big Flat Aaron's in the audience.

Erin. So much fun to watch, Jasmine there was nothing dead about those legs, as advertised. In Dress Aaron overshadowed you, but not tonight, your brought it. Aaron said you were such a big guy, dance with grace, make it effortless.

Paula. You remind me to the working dancers from the MGM era. Great energy, embodied the character. All about acting, both of you did an amazing job. Jasmine, I would come back as one of your legs and be happy.

Nigel. On broadway this weekend. It just showed me how polished those performers are, and both of you would have graced the stage with every bit of elegance I saw. Aaron, you take the part on. Those legs, stunning.

Mary. First Week. Those legs were all about it. Chemistry lesson. This week style and class. When you came rocking down the stage laid down every part of emotion, it would be a crime if you go home.

"RE: Jasmine H and Aaron"
Posted by byoffer on 07-09-13 at 10:06 PM
Great routine. Jasmine is dancing even better as this season goes on than in auditions. Awesome. And in my opinion Aaron is right there with her. Great character dancer and strong partner.

"RE: Jasmine H and Aaron"
Posted by Sagebrush Dan on 07-10-13 at 01:24 PM
very good.

"Makenzie and Paul"
Posted by Snidget on 07-09-13 at 08:51 PM
Contemporary by Lindsay Nelko

She is sick, he is trying to deal with it.

No Day But Today
Iona Menzel

So tired of she is sick and dying routines.

Paula. Amazing to experience make a wish kids. I believed in what you were doing. How can I forget the name Paul Duh. Mackenzie so gracious. There was so much life in a death piece.

Nigel. Dead body and terminal illness. Makenzie one of our best technical dancers had to forget that. Sometimes steps get in the way. have to bring something else to these routines, kept a beautiful technical abilty about the both of you.

Mary. I loved it. Lindsay your fist time her you got me. Gentle and sweet. You seem to float, so fluid Mackenzie. Paul you are a huge surprise. Haven't seen an honest performance, and you did today.

Erin. When you just grabbed her and overcome, MaKenzie you sold me. Fantastic.

"RE: Makenzie and Paul"
Posted by byoffer on 07-09-13 at 10:21 PM
I agree with your "enough with the sick women routines".

Makenzie is so lovely, and Paul did well. I found that a beautifully danced routine.

"RE: Makenzie and Paul"
Posted by Sagebrush Dan on 07-10-13 at 01:25 PM
I skipped this one because of the sick and dying stuff. zzzz.

"Jasmine M and Alan"
Posted by Snidget on 07-09-13 at 08:57 PM
Sean Cheeseman routine.

Charlotte Martin

The mundane life of being a royal.

Nigel. Very William and Katie. I like quirkly little routines. Alan you amaze me because you are so strong. Wow those lifts, keep up the good work. Would have liked you to be a little quirkier you can do that with routines like this.

Mary. That lift with the one leg. That grabbed me. He has guns for sure. Wow oh wow tremendous, a little bit more quirk. letting the hair down. Let it go is all I am saying.

Erin. I loved the routine, let the las vegas out. Celebrate before the baby.

Paula. A lot of fun. Set the scene. Once you know it well enough you gotta let it go.

"RE: Jasmine M and Alan"
Posted by byoffer on 07-09-13 at 10:22 PM
The leg lift might have been cool, but when her dress got caught on her crown it spoiled the whole visual for me.

Quirky yes, but not captivating.

Were the judges setting up for Jasmine being cut?

"RE: Jasmine M and Alan"
Posted by tribephyl on 07-09-13 at 11:54 PM
oops...I showed up late tonight.
Missed all previous routines.

This was a fun, quirky little routine. It lacked a bit of chemistry and honest grandeur befitting a royal pair.
I like these two so I hope it works in their favor.

"Jenna and Tucker"
Posted by Snidget on 07-09-13 at 09:06 PM
New Choreographers, a familiar scenario. Hip Hop routine Didn't catch the new choreographer's name and they don't seem to be putting it on the screen like they used to.

Tucker says she never nice.

Michael Jackson.

Mary, Hip Jazz, Jenna wow, there isn't anything you cannot do. You could do that tutting, fit well on oyou.

Erin. Ballroom gone dangerous. Tucker when you did you rib cage, you did very well for the Jazzy Hip Hop.

Paula, Hipster kind of Jazz. Michael borrowed from the Jazz world, great energy. Jenna you are like a movie star. The camera loves you. Tucker are quite amazing. Such strong grace with you. You are nailing it, a powerful couple together.

Nigel. Give dance style hip hop, a way of life, includes many genres. She reminded me of Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face. Hipster. Tucker fabulous one of my favorite routines.

"RE: Jenna and Tucker"
Posted by Snidget on 07-09-13 at 09:06 PM
MJ's big blog has it as Keone Madrid for the choreography.

"RE: Jenna and Tucker"
Posted by byoffer on 07-09-13 at 10:28 PM
That looked like a really tough, technical routine. Every angle and pose seemed to need to be exact.

IMO - Tucker nailed it - I thought he really hit the timing and angles - and Jenna was pretty close.

"RE: Jenna and Tucker"
Posted by tribephyl on 07-10-13 at 00:02 AM
Funner and quirkier than the previous act. Equally weird though. What is up with her yankee baseball pants. I thought she was supposed to be a hot and sexy character. That did not come across at all.

"RE: Jenna and Tucker"
Posted by Sagebrush Dan on 07-10-13 at 01:26 PM
Really good. I thought Tucker deserved more praise than he got.

"Malece and ?"
Posted by Snidget on 07-09-13 at 09:16 PM
Sonya routine.

All Star Marco filling in.

In the Embers
Sleeping At Last

Standing O by the judges, I was not that impressed.

Erin. fawning over Sonya. Marco as well. Malece you are like tinkerbell, a fairy, you just float. Effortless. The one move where you just extended her leg up, I'm done.

Paula. Malece, I just adore you, favorite routine so far. Maturing in front of our eyes. Camera loves you. You just astonishing. Every thing you did was poetry in motion.

Nigel. Marco, sorry to see you, means we have an injury. Jade was doing well according to Sonya. Marco you brought something out in Malece. Tonight he brought out the woman in you. Stunning dancer.

Mary. Sad about Jade. Marco, brilliant as always. Brought something out of Malece, you have to know I knew you would have this moment. You are captivating to watch. Just perfect. Have that face, share it with the world.

"RE: Malece and ?"
Posted by byoffer on 07-09-13 at 10:40 PM
Yay for Malece!! Awesome. I don't cheer for injury, but am so happy for her to get a better partner, and to live up to it!

"RE: Malece and ?"
Posted by tribephyl on 07-10-13 at 00:15 AM
Okay. It's official. I loathe Paula Abdul. No. Not loathe. I pity her absolute ineptitude of saying anything even remotely coherent ...or english, for that matter.

Anyways, the dance...
Thank goodness she had Marko.
That was beautiful. I'm just astounded at how Sonya can instill sooo much emotion into her routines. That was really fun to watch. I'm positive that Jade was holding Malece back. Malece really came into her own with such a strong partner.

Huh, the judges seem to agree with me.

"RE: Malece and ?"
Posted by Sagebrush Dan on 07-10-13 at 01:28 PM
Yes to all the other comments. I fell in love with Malece during the auditions, and this is the first of her routines I've managed to see. Incredible work.

"Hayley and Curtis"
Posted by Snidget on 07-09-13 at 09:26 PM
Jean Marc Samba

She is scared of the death drop.

Straight To Memphis
Club des belugas

Pauler. Hayley you nailed those samba hips. Fire and ferocity. Curtis, I give you credit as a tap dancer. You need to work on being a little more grounded. Don't be afraid to control her.

Nigel. Last week dominated by Hayley, you were dominated by her again, but not right this week. Got to step up and be the strong one. Came off a little young. Wow, fantastic, Hayley's feet looked good.

Mary, never really got your weight over it. Most uncomforable part was the Samba walks. Got all the choreography, almost got that style, have things to work on. Hayley holy smokes. The growth you must have had in the last few days. Fringe could blow out Nigel's birthday candles.

Erin, babbles on, jean marc great, love watching you girl.

"RE: Hayley and Curtis"
Posted by byoffer on 07-09-13 at 10:41 PM

Thanks to wardrobe. Wow, did Hayley ever make that outfit look fantastic. And I thought she danced very well.

Was Curtis even there??

"RE: Hayley and Curtis"
Posted by tribephyl on 07-10-13 at 00:25 AM

wow. curtis was so far out of his element it was a bit sad.
Hayley looked great, she totally stole that routine from him. I fear she may end up suffering for having such a bad partner.

"Alexis and Nico"
Posted by Snidget on 07-09-13 at 09:35 PM
Jazz routine by Spencer Liff

She is hypnotizing Nico and has control over him.

I put a spell on your
Nina Simone

I don't know why, not liking many of the routines tonight.

Nigel. Tough work for a girl.

Paula, you have come back in the forefront for me.

Nigel doesn't understand why anyone is in the bottom three.
you are a really good dancer Nico. The pair on the triple, really good, tight together. Interesting routine.

Mary. She hypnotized me. Nigel gets slapped for saying it kept her quiet for awhele. Nico brilliant, Alexis fabulous. Shocked you are down, how evenly matched, can't believe it.

Erin. Alexis adapting to different styles, did that well. I thought you were a lot more in sync than in dress. Nico gorgeous turns. nothing sleeping about you right now.

"RE: Alexis and Nico"
Posted by byoffer on 07-09-13 at 10:55 PM
Nico was awesome in that. His jumps, turns, kicks, etc are spot on. Best I have seen him.

I lost Alexis a bit in that one.

"RE: Alexis and Nico"
Posted by tribephyl on 07-10-13 at 00:36 AM
hmmm....I liked it. There were some really great moves and very interesting how she took the power role in the partnership. But for some small reason, I was a bit bored.

I wonder if knowing she was in bottom three affected her performance.

As usual Paula is stunningly clueless.

"RE: Alexis and Nico"
Posted by Sagebrush Dan on 07-10-13 at 01:29 PM
Very good. But then, I love Nina Simone's version of that song, too.

"Mariah and Blu Print"
Posted by Snidget on 07-09-13 at 09:49 PM
Hip Hop by Luthur

Bring the Noize

Mary. Lot of choreography, coped well. Want more of a performance from Blu Print. Ill in your own style. Sick, one step fodwn from ill. Mariah, just living it. You were so amazing last week. At home in your own style.

Erin. I loved it. Luther get the next workout video. Boot-tey you shook it girl. looked effortless. You guys looked comfortable in your home turf. I gotta see more out of your face Blu Print.

Paula. So good at the intracies. I feel you are holding back. You got it. Mariah, your personality was times 10.

Nigel. Personality does win the day. you need to find that, you will be going home soon without it.

"RE: Mariah and Blu Print"
Posted by byoffer on 07-09-13 at 10:57 PM
Even though he is from the T-dot, I've never liked Luther's routines.

Mariah suited that style pretty well. Blu Print is more animator than this, and it wasn't spectacular.


"RE: Mariah and Blu Print"
Posted by tribephyl on 07-10-13 at 00:48 AM
They get hip-hop? They better vucking shred that dance floor.


Okay. I blame the choreo.
They did have chemistry. They did well technically. But there wasn't a musicality that usually is inherent in hiphop styles. Looked a bit like a bunch of tricks strung together that had the two of them OVER compensating with mugginess and misplaced ab flashes.

"RE: Mariah and Blu Print"
Posted by Sagebrush Dan on 07-10-13 at 01:30 PM
zzzzzzzzzz. BluPrint should never have made it this far anyway. Looks like he would have been dropped if not for Jade.

"Three girls in danger"
Posted by Snidget on 07-09-13 at 09:57 PM
Jenna - all of the choreographers and the judges are unanimous you are staying, leave the stage.

Jasmine - The choreographers feel there is self-doubt. Have seen it in the past. You are tremendous, try and lose that.

Alexis. The big thing that they feel is that they give you a note, and you do it correctly and then 5 minutes later it is gone.

Jasmine - you are leaving us this evening.

"RE: Three girls in danger"
Posted by tribephyl on 07-10-13 at 01:01 AM

I haven't checked my ratings from the last two shows but I do know that Jasmine M has been in my top3 both weeks. I'm kinda stunned.

Replays of Jas H and Aaron looked amazing.
Amy and Fik-Shun looked uncomfortable.
Mackenzie and Paul looked boring.

"Post Show thoughts"
Posted by tribephyl on 07-10-13 at 01:12 AM
Well, I missed the first three dances so I can't really truly judge them fairly. However, I can tell, even from the snippets of replay that Jas H and Aaron were the best of the night.
Malece was probably a close second. (finally)
and from there it's a bunch of ... eh.

Worst? Probably Amy & Fik-Shun. But from the acts I actually watched, Hayley/Curtis and Mariah/Blueprint should be in danger.

"RE: SYTYCD-10 Top Eighteen ECST"
Posted by aethelstan on 07-10-13 at 02:11 PM
By and large, I preferred this week's routines to last weeks but some had some slow moments. I couldn't see Alexis and Nico's routine on mjsbigblog as it was blocked in Canada.

Again it seems like the girls are stronger than the guys. Or rather, the dropoff in talent starts earlier with the guys. Curtis, Jade (who did go home and probably would have soon enough without the injury) and BluPrint have to go soon. Aaron, far from being #11, is one of the best guys on the show.

I'll give Curtis credit for trying to keep up to a routine that wasn't dumbed down (like last week's cha cha) but you could see he was just not quite there - a little behind the beat, slow in parts. Yeah, he's gotta go.

Jasmine is looking like the one to beat. I've enjoyed her routines more than Amy's or anyone else's.

I guarantee one of BluPrint or Mariah (or both) is going home next week though. There is no way that they can do a ballroom with each other. They already had hip hop (which had some odd dead moments and too much time on the ground) and that was there style!

So, my guess is that it's either BluPrint and Alexis/Jenna (regular bottom 3) or Mariah and Curtis going home.