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"SYTYCD Season #10 starts tonight!!"

Posted by aethelstan on 05-14-13 at 09:35 AM
This kind of snuck up on me. The premiere for this series is tonight and tomorrow night. No doubt it'll be the audition shows. Is there anyone left around here who will be watching it??

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"RE: SYTYCD Season #10 starts tonight!!"
Posted by Snidget on 05-14-13 at 10:21 AM
I'll be watching, I thought it would start next week after Idol was over.

"RE: SYTYCD Season #10 starts tonight!!"
Posted by udg on 05-14-13 at 06:03 PM
I'll be watching. I saw Cat on the Late Late Show, so that got me excited. I wasn't sure the exact start date, but I think my DVR will record it by default.

Thanks to tribephyl for the sigpic!

Posted by Snidget on 05-14-13 at 08:03 PM
People running, people from past shows it changed their lives.

Glimpses of what is to come.

And of course, it is the best season ever with the most talent already.

"RE: Intro."
Posted by aethelstan on 05-15-13 at 09:07 AM

Usually the show is on CTV, which is free over-the-air, but unfortunately, it looks like it's on CTV2 which isn't.

Posted by Snidget on 05-14-13 at 08:13 PM
Nigel, Mary and Jesse.

Fik Shun. Who is from Vegas. He street performs there.

How does he move like that!!!

And he is going home, but he'll be inside with the show, not out on the street.

Malece Contemporary Dancer from Salt Lake City. And our first sob story of the season.

Gymnodancing. Little Cutie Patootie. Different look. Seriousness in your work, struggle in some transitions, so much right. Jesse loves her face. And she is going to Vegas.

"Second Section"
Posted by Snidget on 05-14-13 at 08:22 PM
Montage of going to Vegas.

Paul Latin Ballroom Dancer. Won So You Think You Can Dance in Armenia.

Nigel says he reminds him of Benji, Wonder if Melanie was in Armenia says Jesse, but Nigel says all he wants to know is if he is going to VEGAS!!!

And we are back to commercial.

"RE: Second Section"
Posted by zookeepertx on 05-15-13 at 05:16 PM
I did NOT like that the guy who won the Armenia version is on this one! It's kind of like when someone wins a million in the lottery & keeps buying tickets. I was talking to my TV last night, telling him how greedy he was. And, truth be told, I wasn't that impressed with him, and I hope he goes home in Vegas! So there!

"RE: Second Section"
Posted by aethelstan on 05-16-13 at 10:54 AM
Winning Armenia (population about 3 million) is like winning an Iowa state competition or winning a Denver or San Diego city competition. A *lot* of the dancers auditioning are national level dancers, he's just one of many. Or, in other words, there are many dancers who don't make the top 20 in the US that would win in Armenia. The scale of competition is just so different. To use your analogy, it's more like someone winning the office 50-50 draw and deciding to use the winnings for the state lottery. There's really no comparison.

I hardly think that he will have had anything as difficult as Vegas week there. In fact, I bet we'll have a confessional from him saying exactly that "In Armenia, the equivalent to Vegas week was nothing like this, this is really hard!"

I have no problem with him in the competition because there are a lot of the dancers who have won their local talent show, or have been paid to be dancers (Molly(?) from season 5 was a principal dancer in High School Musical), that have competed on this show.

"Part Three"
Posted by Snidget on 05-14-13 at 08:32 PM
Evil Boy. Elijah.

With a neck ruff.

Nigel. I found that artistic thing of beauty. Androgynous in a strange way. And it is what he was going for. So strong in your work. Feline quality. Quite astounding.

Mary. I'll never forget that piece. Extraordinary.

Jesse, you understand how to make someone feel something.

And he is through to Vegas.

Everyone will have to do a little bit extra montage. Mary and a contestant call and response.

Taylor Ward. Scholarship in Softball. Decided a couple of months ago to go into dance and gave up the softball. Rehearses and she's the dislocated knee girl and to break.

"RE: Part Three"
Posted by byoffer on 05-15-13 at 11:29 PM
That knee thing was very hard to watch, even the part where is popped back into place.


But a cute and athletic girl! Go Taylor!

"Part Four"
Posted by Snidget on 05-14-13 at 08:41 PM
of the Hollywood Auditions.

Girls doing well montage.

Taylor trying to stay positive. She has loose joints and it popped back in.

Jesse was worried about he knee. Liked her dancing.
Mary. you are a warrior. True professional, beautiful passion.
Nigel. Yes to choreography.

And off to break.

"And to the Fifth"
Posted by Snidget on 05-14-13 at 08:50 PM
About what you gotta need to have to make it.

B-boy, very competitive in the scene. Morris Isby. And yet that move didn't dislocate his knee.

Nigel Excellent at what you do. Mary, fun to watch. They send him to choreography.

Street dancers stand out montage.

Guy who raps in Russia. Armen Way. Doing Ballroom, Latin.

Gets a ticket to Vegas.

off to break.

"Final section"
Posted by Snidget on 05-14-13 at 09:00 PM
Three brothers, Dad was a B-boy. They were the Whiz Kids. Dad died when they were young. They started the Gr8 1 8ers, which is for kids.

Two of the brothers auditioning.

Nigel. Inspriational. Not built like dancers. Move really well. Mary, keep working with the children. Jesse, so entertaining.

Nigel offers to help them get around to schools and get their message out.

Choreography. Marco and Sasha teaching the routine.

Injured Taylor through to Vegas. 10 of 23 in the round are through.

Tomorrow Detroit and Twitch is jidging.

"RE: SYTYCD Season #10 starts tonight!!"
Posted by Belle Book on 05-15-13 at 12:07 PM
I forgot all about the premiere being last night and I missed it! Damn!

Oh well, I can always watch tonight after American Idol.

"Night 2"
Posted by Snidget on 05-15-13 at 08:04 PM
I'm exhausted so I won't be live bloging this. Feel free to add comments below tonight. I may add something when I watch it on the DVR.

"RE: Night 2"
Posted by aethelstan on 05-16-13 at 11:00 AM
Ah. I was wondering because of the absence of a live blog that maybe the show wasn't, in fact, on and it was just a repeat of Tuesday night. I'm able to watch the episodes on-line the next day on the CTV website so I'll be a bit behind the times.

Does anyone know the format they are using? Same as last year or like the years before?

I thought the first audition show was pretty good. I'm happy that they've essentially done away with the truly awful auditions and instead show more inspiring stories like the 3 brothers.

"Night 3"
Posted by aethelstan on 05-24-13 at 03:25 PM
Wow. lots of action in this forum.... :/ ;)

In the LA/Austin auditions, they had Hampton "the exorcist" Williams come back along with his wife and 4 year old daughter. Their combined dance was cute. I'm surprised that Nigel didn't try to set up Keira (the 4 year old) with the other 4 year old we saw earlier in the show Andrew J Freeze who also had a lovely-cute dance and some great stage presence trying to bluff his way into saying he's 18 and in high school.

There have definitely been some good dancers, we'll have to see how it stacks up to the other years.

"RE: Night 3"
Posted by Belle Book on 05-25-13 at 05:03 PM
In the montage of the dancers who were seen auditioning on the second L.A. day, there was a ballroom dancer who had appeared as a kid in Dancing with the Stars during their sixth season -- when they crowned a Junior Ballroom team. The winning team was Brandon and Brittany, and it was Brittany that appeared on So You Think You Can Dance with some other guy. Both went to Vegas and I know for a fact that they made it to the Green Mile. I hope Brittany makes the Top 20!

Belle Book

"RE: Night 3"
Posted by aethelstan on 05-26-13 at 00:27 AM
Also saw that Jasmine Mason, made it to Green Mile last season, made it to Vegas. I think she has definite top 20 potential now.

"Night 4."
Posted by Snidget on 05-28-13 at 07:59 PM
I'm tired so I dunno if I'll make the whole two hours but I'll try some seg capping.

"Boston Auditions"
Posted by Snidget on 05-28-13 at 08:12 PM
Season 6 winner found here. And auditions on the coldest days of the year.

Jidges, Nigel, Mary, Adam Shankman!!!!

Ashley and Phillip. ChaChaCha. They used to date. She answers every question, even the ones ask of him. They were on Dancing with the Stars one of the Battle thingies.

Well he certainly lets his body do the talking for him when he dances.

Nigel. I don't know how you can resist her. Understand why staying as partners even broken up. tremendous.

Mary. Brilliant, Phillip you hardly say a workd but your dancing is doing all the talking.

She stole that from me.

Your chemistry great.

Adam. If you think he isn't turned on by you, he was looking at your butt. Phenomenal.

Nigel. What would you say Phillip if I said you were going to Vegas. She answers and he says he'd be speechless.

She loves using humor with dance, Jazz with a lightshade. Natalie Vilos.

Nigel. Will you be turning yourself on.

Do you want me to put it on. Adam, yes. She just wanted to wear it AGAIN.

Adam, I have dreams that look like that. Nigel, he is just as weird. Adam, I am just not that courageous.

Mary, short and sweet, not enough for me. Nigel. A little disappointed, no for me, no for Mary, and Adam wants to try it on. He dances with it, then gets stuck.

"Seg 2"
Posted by Snidget on 05-28-13 at 08:26 PM
John Tesorioro. Combined with a beat boxer for performance, brings him to do the music live.

Wow, ouch, my knee caps. They hurt!!!

Nigel compliments the beat boxer. It was a piece of art. You created something. More of a dormouse than a lion, entertaining.

Mary, in 10 seasons never have anyone create something like this.

Adam. Born entertainer. Sense of humor, all great. Don't know what else you can do.

Nigels says through to choreography.

Ballroom dancer, her partner dropped out, younger brother stepped in, 3 hours to learn the routine. Adam says you are a cool little brother. Mom is in the audience. Dancing Salsa. Katlyn Rodriguez.

They are impressed with what he learned in 3 hours.

Standing O from the jidges. Nigel, you are going to be a beast in a couple of years young man. You did a brilliant job.

Adam, so moving, and you burned that up.

Mary. I wish more brothers and sisters were dancing, got her crying. So great. Really fun to watch. I kept looking at you, and you were there for her. It is really cool.

Release Jeremy.

Mary, you little hot tamale. Little ball of fire up there, sensuality and you are 18 years old. Can't help yourself.

Adam, I have no words, if I could scream like mary I AAAAAAH.

Nigel. I would like to see you do other work.

She is through to choreography and Nigel says if they are on in two years they would love to see Jeremy back.

"Seg 3"
Posted by Snidget on 05-28-13 at 08:41 PM
Jennifer Jones. Ballet from 11. wanted to be perfect. Developed an eating disorder. Changed focus to jazz and makes her happier and healthier.

Nigel. Most incredible face as well as dance. Eyes are fabulous. Television will love you. Technique is supberb. All the classical training in your jazz. Look like Jennifer Beales.

Release the water.

Mary, you are so so you think you can dance I can't stand it.

Adam. I think the show will be incredible for you.

And she is through to Vegas.

Smooth sailing montage.

Repeat Contestant Tommy Tibball has auditioned. Dancing family. Own a dance studio.

Ow, my toes, Yikes. Nice spin.

Nigel. Haven't seen feet like that since Jacob and Billy Bell, remind me of the pair of them. Great center. Absolutely brilliant.

Mary. You don't dissapoint. Incredible what you do with your body. Thought I'd get a foot cramp from here.

Adam. I want you to be on the show so bad. See the choreographers make you into the dancer I know you can be.

Nigel. How long will you stand up there before you come over here and get a ticket to Vegas.

"RE: Seg 3"
Posted by aethelstan on 06-04-13 at 12:05 PM
Both of these were quite strong. I was really impressed by Tommy's pirouette. Often you see people leaning out of their spins which gets masked as the entry into their movement but he stopped on a dime right at the end and in perfect position. Very impressive.

"Seg 4."
Posted by Snidget on 05-28-13 at 08:52 PM
Jenny Begly Professional Ballet Dancer. Brother paid for the trip, she couldn't afford it. Standing O from Mary and Adam.

Adam, that was my favorite audition. You have power, your lines are so amazing. I was enthralled, exciting, non-traditional. awesome.

Mary. One of the best auditions. Extension is exquisite. I know how hard that is to do.

Adam No to choreography, Mary also a No because they will see her in Vegas.

Nigel, is that your brother? Has he been eating your meals. He is a big bear of a guy, and gave her a great big bear hug

15 dancers in choreography.

John, worked so hard, not strong enough.
Katlyn, so much to learn and work really hard in LAS VEGAS!

7 more make it through.

"RE: Seg 4."
Posted by aethelstan on 06-04-13 at 12:08 PM
The ballet dancer had a great audition. There was a lot of strength and power in her moves reminiscent, a little, of Alex Wong's auditions and solos. Ahhh, Alex Freakin' Wong. I'm still mad that you got injured and we didn't get to see a whole season worth of outstanding routines. You would have won for sure.

Oh, but Jenny looks like she can go far.

"Boston Day Two"
Posted by Snidget on 05-28-13 at 09:03 PM
Jason Kidd is excited. 5th place in the Dance Olympics.

Nigel, stay there, standing with hand up. They put tickets to Vegas in his hand.

Shannon, Shizzy Shake. Mary.. OW OW.

Adam. You have what every one fo the best dancers, the sense of effortlessness. Beautiful.

Mary. You shake us all up, extraordinary. Can't seem to sit still.

Nigel. You are a bit of a sheep in wolf's clothing. You are not quirky you are a beautiful dancer. Can't wait for you to meet the choreographers when you come to Vegas.

"RE: Boston Day Two"
Posted by aethelstan on 06-04-13 at 12:10 PM
Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't Sonya Tayeh have or had the same haircut as Shannon?

"Seg 6."
Posted by Snidget on 05-28-13 at 09:16 PM
Elena and Gene Berstan. Warming up with new partner (wife), he was a season 6 auditioner.

MAry. Fantastic, technique good, wife good as well.

Adam. Outstanding, definition of chemistry.

Nigel. We now how strong you are, Gene want you to go to Vegas, be awful not to take your wife.

Earnest second time auditioning. Auditioned Season 3. 2011 lost his cousin. Drowned. Worked at a summer camp and met Kate. Got an email to be a hip hop director at her Mom's school in Vermont.

Music has the news about his cousin with it.

Has a lot of people crying, very passionate.

Nigel. Very powerful work, you are an artist. Keep it real, honest, based it on your experiences and that is what you have done there.

Mary. Beautiful you let us share that with you. Great job.

Adam. One of the most vulnerable and personal auditions. As a story teller remarkable. That Russian dance so weirdly high. Sweet baby jesus. Extraordinary.

Yes to choreography.

"Seg 7"
Posted by Snidget on 05-28-13 at 09:25 PM
One to remember montage.

Tapper Alexis Juliano. Engaging emotion not just mesmerizing with feet.

Nigel. You missed one shuffle...at the end you don't have to do the clever, the end was truly lovely. Silence is just as important as the rhythm.

Mary, there is a style and a class, one with tapping.

Adam. It is how you finish, magnificent, and cute as a button.

Nigel. Haven' seen her do anything else. She throws a few Latin moves.

Come and get your ticket.

"RE: Seg 7"
Posted by aethelstan on 06-04-13 at 12:11 PM
Totally agreed with the judges here. The slow end was lovely. Went so well with the music. Lovely.

"Seg 8."
Posted by Snidget on 05-28-13 at 09:38 PM
Sometimes Dance fights back montage.

Anthony Bryant. Long History. Season one danced with ribbon. Fourth Season meltdown. That person is not the person sitting here today. Awesome to be back.

Nigel. Ribbon Boy.

Strange ending
Nigel, you are such a brilliant dancer.

He is all about pushing boundaries.

Mary, you have mature and gotten stronger as a dancer.

Adam, ability is stellar.

Yes to choreography. He doesn't want to continue then.

I have to do what pleases me.

Too much effort to stand out montage. Now with bunny style.

Work doesn't know he is there. Anthony Savoy.

Nigel to the others, have you heard him land, yet?

Nigel. A performance does not have a grin all over itself, inner strength. THere was a light and a spirit and people don't get it that don't have it.

Mary. So open and your lines and your elevation, couldn't hear you land. Gorgeous.

Adam. Dumbfounded.

Yes to choreography, come back. wanted to show people how humble you are, come get your ticket.

Boston goes ballroom montage.

"RE: Seg 8."
Posted by Belle Book on 05-30-13 at 12:02 PM
I think Anthony B. was dumb to say "no" to choreography when the judges wanted to send him to it. Better to try it and see if that can send him to Vegas than give up and maybe miss his chance for good (assuming that 28 is the cut-off date for auditioning here as well as in American Idol).

Belle Book

"RE: Seg 8."
Posted by Snidget on 05-30-13 at 12:11 PM
Well that assumes he was trying out because he wanted to be on the show rather than trying out because he just wants a camera time.

"Seg 9"
Posted by Snidget on 05-28-13 at 09:48 PM
More Ballroom montage.

Kate Kapshandy, has a past contestant as a partner, and several US titles.

Mary. Wooooooooo I love you. Waiting for someone like you. First hot tamale on the audition trail. You had all the confidence, how to play with our emotions.

Adam. Gorgeous, sex on a stick.

Nigel, why on a stick.

Adam, I don't know. Like a knife, so cool.

Nigel. I was watching you and I thought I was watching one of the professionals on DWTS.

Adam. Pretends to be Bruno, and she is going to Vegas.

"RE: Seg 9"
Posted by aethelstan on 06-04-13 at 12:15 PM
Kate was a very good and technical dancer but I was put off by her face. It just seems a little too thin and very long. And her blond hair was off-putting, too. Didn't seem to go with her face.
Her dancing was just fine though.

"Seg 10"
Posted by Snidget on 05-28-13 at 09:59 PM
Language Barrier Boy.

Dancing like a video game. Toshi.

Shape, no show. Locking popping, animation.

Lots of humor in his dancing.

Nigel. THat is what I am talking about. Humor, creativity, passion, are you understanding anything I am saying, fantastic. Brilliant.

Mary. Fabulous entertaining, variety. One extraordinary thing after another.

Adam. Story telling.

No to choreography, but yes to Vegas.

That was it except for choreography round.

Enoch, as much as we like you, that wasn't strong enough to go to Vegas.

But 11 others make it through.

Next week, Tennessee.

"RE: Seg 10"
Posted by aethelstan on 06-04-13 at 02:03 AM
I'll post more later. Overall another good audition show with several strong dancers. (watched via mjsbigblog so I miss some of the montages). I thought they might have sent E-Knock to Vegas straight away, then I thought he showed enough in choreo, I mean, many hip hop specialists can't pick up choreo at all. So, I think he was robbed but hopefully he'll learn a bit more of the other dance styles and will audition again.

"Night 5."
Posted by Snidget on 06-04-13 at 07:50 PM
Sorry, too tired and got to much too do to seg cap, put any comments about tonight's show here. Hope it is a good one.

"RE: Night 5."
Posted by byoffer on 06-04-13 at 09:41 PM
#whoresmilk - lovelier than you might think.

nuff said.

"RE: Night 5."
Posted by aethelstan on 06-07-13 at 12:26 PM
Loved her dance. Shanshan Qiao Rothlisberger. Quite the name. Wasn't there a really good traditional Chinese dancer either in an earlier season or the Canadian version one year? Awesome at the specialized dance but, unfortunately, not versatile enough for a show like this.

Again, lots of good auditions. So nice that the auditions show great dancing and almost none of the train-wrecks.

Caleb Brauner. The guy with the sweater that put a lot of humour in his routine but danced contemporary and then danced hip hop with his dad. He reminded me a little of Evan Kaprzak (the guy in the 'butt' dance) in the showmanship aspect of his dance.

Novien Yarber who wore a tuque and said 'people will assume I dance hip hop' was incredible.

Larry Booze's solo was quite something too. Very fluid movement. He made it look like he was walking somewhere while standing still. Would have been awesome if the backdrop moved during that time.

Those were probably the top highlights for me but a lot of good dancers here - again.

Others we saw included:
Dorian ‘Bluprint’ Hector - from Dragon House. Do we smell a reality show potential here?
Curtis Holland - tapper. Not nearly as good as Tuesday's tapper.
Tucker Knox - Had his back broken in an accident and has worked hard to be able to walk and dance again.
Courtney Thurston - girl with lucky pig.
Nico Greetham - guy who's mom Nigel thinks is hot.
Elyse Frelinger - Trapeze instructor
Jenna Johnson cha cha dancer. very good.
Jasmine Harper - Cyrus' ex girlfriend.