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"TARA!!! a model for tshirts? lame."

Posted by Stargurl333 on 09-22-05 at 01:36 AM

theres more if you just goto the website. infideltees.com

is it just me or has she gone down hill since the show. she looks bad.

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"RE: TARA!!! a model for tshirts? lame."
Posted by Marlene NL on 10-05-05 at 09:09 AM
she looks so bad that i am not even sure it is her

"RE: TARA!!! a model for tshirts? lame."
Posted by RUDEBITCH on 10-11-06 at 10:34 PM
Why do you have to be so mean to people even if you are playing a game. I dont see this helping our youth today be a better person. Would you like you kids or family watch how you treated each other? I dont understand how you could talk, fight, and mess around with each other like you have absolutly NO morals what so ever. Do any of you have a sensitive bone in your body or are you all just so cold hearted? I hope that watching yourself on tv will help you find that caring person you have deep down inside and work through all the anger issues you have.

Posted by Bebo on 10-12-06 at 11:43 PM
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