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"'Joe Millionaire' Was Once Joe Pro Wrestler"

Posted by AZ_Leo on 01-22-03 at 05:53 PM
This guy seems to have a definite problem holding down any job.

From zap2it.com

LOS ANGELES (Zap2it.com) - Add this to the list of things about "Joe Millionaire" Evan Marriott's background we now know: he attended a pro-wrestling school in Southern California a couple of years ago.

Marriott is listed on the "inactive" roster of Ultimate Pro Wrestling, a regional wrestling promotion and training school based in Orange County, Calif. According to UPW's web site, he started training there in early 2001.

For those keeping score, that's at least five distinct jobs Marriott has held or pursued. Thein include stints as a construction worker (which is how FOX bills him), a model, a doorman and a bellman.

"During his training time at Ultimate University, I always said that he was one of the most natural guys we've ever trained," UPW president Rick Bassman says in a posting on the company's site. "If he decides to continue to pursue wrestling, I have little doubt that he'll be a big success in the business."

Last week at the TV Critics Association press tour, skeptical reporters peppered Marriott with questions about his background, the suspicion being that FOX, which airs "Joe Millionaire," is pulling a bait-and-switch with viewers. Rumors have begun to circulate that FOX will reveal at the end that Marriott really does have money and isn't as poor as he's portrayed in promos for the show.

FOX is keeping its secret under wraps. "I'm telling you that we have presented our millionaire -- or the individual that we dressed up as a millionaire -- accurately," says Gail Berman, the network's head of entertainment. "What we presented to the American public in our promos is accurate."

Berman does, however, say that she thinks viewers will be "extremely satisfied by the ending of this show. Extremely satisfied."

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