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"Season 13: No Excuses"

Posted by udg on 01-04-12 at 01:59 AM
Looks like it's time to start a new thread for the new season.

Tonight, teams arrived in pairs before being split up. Anna's gone. Dolvett is back, and he's itching to beat Bob. Santa's working to change his image. The biggest loser (weight, not percent) on one team is asking to go home, and his team obliges.

Overall, I'm excited about this season.

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"RE: Season 13: No Excuses"
Posted by jbug on 01-04-12 at 09:50 AM
One comment:
Dolvett - I had to turn on a fan

Ag covered my snowglobe in chocolate! Awesome!

"RE: Season 13: No Excuses"
Posted by samboohoo on 01-04-12 at 10:21 AM
I watched. That's rare - usually have way too much going on. I think this is the shortest period between two seasons. I'm hapy about that.

Compete to get in: Not really a fan of that. The whole time I was thinking that the couple sent home would get a chance to come back. When it got down to two, I knew who would lose because we had seen the Olympic girl in the previews. No suprise.

I was somewhat surprised by the actual competition. I don't like that they had to do a "dash." That was asking for trouble. I'm surprised a hamstring is the only injury we had. When gray dad fell, green dude was very lucky to avoid it. Here we have people who have been doing absolutely nothing, and you put them in that kind of physical competition. Professional athletes suffer hamstring injuries all the time. This was just a bad idea.

I was fine with splitting up the teams. Makes it interesting.

Love the competitiveness between Bob & Dolvett.

Bob has really morhped into Jillian. Black color and the riding in on the bike. Remember she did that back in Season 4 I think.

It's too early for me to have any favorites yet. Too many to get to know too quickly.

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"RE: Season 13: No Excuses"
Posted by Tummy on 01-04-12 at 11:54 AM
Bad editing/commercials. Not only did I know that pink won due to commercials, I knew Dolvett's team won as a commercial had shown the last guy lose 22 lbs. Rob thought I had esp when it cut to commercial and I said that I bet he loses 22 lbs.

Hate the whole "send one team home" before they ever get on the ranch. I say give them at least 1 week before sending them back.

My early favorite sent himself home. That kind of mindset makes me mad. I always feel like they took someone's spot that wanted to be there and would fight to stay.

Santa likes 'em young.

Agrees that Bob is the new Jillian.

"RE: Season 13: No Excuses"
Posted by samboohoo on 01-04-12 at 11:58 AM
LOL. Yes, you're right about Santa. Bob cracked me up being on Santa's "nice" list.

I too did like Ben.

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"RE: Season 13: No Excuses"
Posted by udg on 01-04-12 at 04:55 PM
I was fine with splitting up the teams. Makes it interesting.

This is my favorite twist ever. I have no idea how it will play out, but if it goes badly for the viewers, it's still a cool idea.

Thanks to tribephyl for the sigpic!

Posted by samboohoo on 01-04-12 at 11:59 AM
I think I'm in the minority about liking Olivia. I tend to recall people not liking her and Hannah much. I did.

Anyway, if Olivia doesn't have a stylist, she needs one. If she has one, she needs to fire her. The skunk stripe is horrible.

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"RE: Olivia"
Posted by Tummy on 01-04-12 at 01:10 PM
Agrees about the skunk stripe. I usually like funky hair, but the blond against her face does nothing for her.

"RE: Olivia"
Posted by jbug on 01-04-12 at 01:23 PM
I didn't think I FF'd thru too much last night,
but I didn't see Olivia!

"RE: Olivia"
Posted by samboohoo on 01-04-12 at 04:30 PM
It may have been a commercial. I can't remember now.

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"Week 1 Statistics"
Posted by grit on 01-04-12 at 09:46 PM
I don't have a lot of comments. Since it's the first episode of the season, they're all just a jumble of faces. I like both of the former athletes - the wrestler and the weight lifter. I like the fight in both of them. And both of them are really pretty - I can't wait to see them slimmed down.

I thought Ben was a nice guy and I was a little sad to see him go. I hope he has a lot of success at home. He lost 15# at the Ranch and another 35# at home. I was trying to figure out how many weeks he's been home based on what we know about the filming schedule and the at-home schedule. If I'm correct, he's only been home from the Ranch for 3 or 4 weeks. If I'm right, that's a pretty decent weight loss on his own. We'll see how he does at the finale.

I know some of you ladies were talking about Dolvett over on Facebook and I just want to say to all of you: knock it off and stay away from my man! He's mine! Mine!

Considering this was the first week, the numbers were definitely lower than what we usually see. With the rivalry between Bob and Dolvett being so fierce, we might see things heat up a little more.


Cassandra 5.86%
Buddy 5.46%
Kim 5.16%
Roy 4.58%
Joe 4.20%
Kimmy 4.11%
Ben 3.79%
Emily 3.79%
Lauren 3.66%
Mike 3.63%
Jeremy 3.34%
Chris 3.33%
Chism 3.32%
Mark 3.09%
Conda 3.06%
Gail 2.80%
Megan 2.70%
Nancy 2.30%

It's a capn2patch original

"RE: Week 1 Statistics"
Posted by samboohoo on 01-05-12 at 10:16 AM
LOL. He is really, really, really nice eye candy.

Samboobree, brought to life by Arkie

"RE: Week 1 Statistics"
Posted by jbug on 01-05-12 at 10:29 AM
stay away from my man!

Rachel? is that you?

Agman has my heart 2012

"RE: Week 1 Statistics"
Posted by proserpine on 01-05-12 at 11:45 AM
Thanks always for the stats, grit.

I agree, feather. Olivia looked great overall, but that hair...

Also, Ben. Anytime anyone volunteers to go home I say, send them. They have lost their desire. That will affect everyone in a negative way. I agree with the whole family thing. I think he is one of the guys who did not really want to be on the show in the first place. I think he joined up because he loves family - in this case his brother. They made it on the show, success number one. The teams got switched. His brother is working out with someone else. No need to stay.

Early favorites: Buddy and Kim for red for me. Buddy, he was the only one to have a 20+ wt loss. Kim, her story sounds a lot like "million dollar baby" with a much better outcome.

Cassandra - where did she come from? I did not see that coming.

Bob was rightly wondering about the low numbers all around. So am I. Normally that first week people really lose.

Villan - maybe Mike. One contestant said she didn't like him already. I think he made a comment about her husband, called him a "tank". I think he meant it as a compliment, but she seemed to take it the other way.

"RE: Season 13: No Excuses"
Posted by featherfish81 on 01-04-12 at 10:46 PM
I don't know if I like the idea of splitting up the teams, but I don't hate it, either. We'll have to see how it goes. The one thing I didn't understand was why put together a team of strangers if you were just going to split them up again? That kind of defeats the purpose, doesn't it?

Also, more than one contestant said something along the lines of "Gee, I thought the first workout would be easy." And these are people who have watched the show before? I'm in decent shape, and there's no way I want to work out with those trainers, at least not the way they do on the ranch.

I wonder what Ben's brother(?) will say when he finds out Ben wanted to go home. Do you think the fact that they were split up and he wouldn't be with family made it that much lonelier for Ben so he was more willing to go home?

I also don't have a particular favorite or villain yet - too many faces.

"RE: Season 13: No Excuses"
Posted by samboohoo on 01-05-12 at 10:23 AM
I thought the same thing about the stranger team.

If I recall correctly, you do still get to room with your partner, so at least all of them will have each other in that respect. And it could make for interesting alliances later on.

Agree with you about the "easy" part. I've had 20 minutes of Jillian at home by video, and it was 20 minutes of knowing that she's no joke. I know she's not there, but same styles.

I don't know how any of them really survive that first workout.

I have had two personal trainers. The first one started me off fairly aggressive. I hadn't been as active prior to hiring him. After our first workout, I was a little nervous because we did a lot of jumping rope, etc., and my shins hurt. We ended up meeting for about 24 sessions, and I would say the last 23 focussed more on weights. I did get pretty toned with him in that regard.

My second trainer came along after I had been working out more, and our first session pretty much blew my fitness mind. He had a style very similar to Jillian in his methods, but he was very nice. Super nice. I recall feeling close to puking twice with him. I left it all on the floor. He worked out with me, and I really pushed to keep up with him. I wish I had been able to keep him.

There was another trainer at our gym who did a Saturday morning "free" class, and I loved it. It was a combination of weights and cardio. I ended up breaking my wrist in one of his workouts because of a fall. He left our gym and is doing his own thing now. When my contract expires I'm going to explore him as an option.

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"RE: Season 13: No Excuses"
Posted by zookeepertx on 01-10-12 at 09:59 PM
I think it's great that the nutritionist went to help out the poor team that was so rudely sent home right off the bat! At least they're getting SOME kind of fighting chance!

"Week 2"
Posted by samboohoo on 01-11-12 at 10:11 AM
Sore loser anyone?

I think this is the first time or second time I've been a little annoyed by Bob. Interesting that he thinks Bob is "stealing his workouts." Really. Bob, who has pretty much turned into Jillian says this. Hmmmm.

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"RE: Week 2"
Posted by Tummy on 01-11-12 at 10:57 AM
I think it's scripted. Just sayin'.

"RE: Week 2"
Posted by jbug on 01-11-12 at 11:23 AM
I agree & was about to say the same thing.
Bob would not be upset that Dolvett was using his workouts; he'd be proud that another trainer respects his style enough to use it.

Even the part about writing 94 lbs on the wall & black team peep writing over it. All scripted.
Makes me want to go back & watch season 1 (I never saw it) just to see how innocent the whole thing was (same w/ a lot of reality shows).

BTW, I do not like Bob's haircut.

Have ya'll noticed that this season's losers do not have the same attitude as last season? Then they were all supportive of each other; this season so far it's every man/woman for him/herself!

Crusin w/ Tribe

"RE: Week 2"
Posted by samboohoo on 01-11-12 at 11:39 AM
It's a stupid script.

I didn't see Seasons 1 or 2 and would like to as well.

I don't like it either. He looks completely different. I think it's also because he was super skinny last season or the season before, and his face is much fuller.

I still don't really have a favorite yet. I still don't know who half of them are. I am starting not to like a few.

Samboobree, brought to life by Arkie

"RE: Week 2"
Posted by Tummy on 01-11-12 at 11:49 AM
Agree, stupid script. I think the producers want a competition between the trainers storyline - but this seems forced. There was always a bit of a competition between Jillian and Bob - her agressive training vs his yoga for example - but it was natural and in good fun. This is just shallow - and I don't know why Bob is becoming a Jillian Lite.

I was surprised Bob's team didn't do better on Week Two as it has seemed he'd broken the Week Two Curse the last few seasons. Maybe it's because the contests aren't as big.

That bet was ridiculous. And the volunteers have obviously never served in the Forces. Don't they know that Navy stands for Never Again Volunteer Yourself.

Kind of felt sorry for the guy not getting to bond with his brother because of the twist. But it seems as if he's doing well at home.

"RE: Week 2"
Posted by nap_time on 01-12-12 at 06:25 PM
Ok... finally got to watch the show and I didn't care for much of it. Very negative! First of all, the captains of the red team obviously have never watched the show to bet that high on the first bet.

I couldn't believe the hostility between Bob and Dolvett...but after reading the comments above, I think y'all are right. I don't think I have ever seen Bob so negative. I busted when he made the comment about having to get out of the gym because of the "toxic environment"!! Take a chill pill Bob! I think they need a female in the house to break up some of the testosterone running through there! Although I thought it was funny that the black team wrote good luck over the 94 lbs. I wonder if they will paint over it or leave it? Maybe they were both suffering from PMS?

Kim and Kimmie didn't impress me at all. First the bet, then Kimmie made the comment about sneaking food behind the isles at the grocery store and then Kim wanting to walk off after the first puzzle piece during the challenge. They stepped up to be captains, Act like it! And Kim's attitude during the weigh in made me really not like her. I know they want to win, but to wish weight gain on the other team cause your team didn't do what you said they could do...YUCK!

I love that Chris got to save Santa!! That was my favorite part of the whole show.

The elimination was way too much for me... vote him off and let's move on, too much acting like two year olds for me. Conda is definitely on my dislike list too. I liked that Santa (Roy) called him out and held him accountable.

I am still a Bob/black team fan. The only ones I really like from the red team are Santa and Chism's dad.

~Half marathon 2:31:59, Thanks Agman! ~

"RE: Week 2"
Posted by featherfish81 on 01-15-12 at 06:36 PM
It does seem like there's more of a competition between the trainers this season, and not just the teams. I don't know if Dulvett thinks he needs to prove himself, or what. But Bob sure was in a bad mood this week.

The fight in the elimination room was also pretty petty. I understand why the rest of the team voted him off, since he wasn't giving his full effort. But Conda was definitely getting on my nerves - "You said something to my brother that I found offensive, so I'm going to hate you forever." Give me a break.

"Week 3"
Posted by jbug on 01-17-12 at 11:18 PM
Oh boy!
I can't wait for the discussion here about Conda & Cassandra.

oh, & about Joe going home.

Agman has my heart 2012

"RE: Week 3"
Posted by jbug on 01-18-12 at 10:09 AM
~~~sits all alone & talks to self~~~~

Conda was a whiney crybaby. When they were doing their first compete, I actually said to myself that Cassandra looked to be putting more exact movements in - when lifting that thing and putting it out in front of her? very precise movements, whereas Conda looked sloppy. I can't believe she went on and on about Cassandra cheating; surely production didn't put her up to that. If they did, why didn't she refuse to go along with it?
Was happy Cassandra beat her in the 2nd compete and in the weigh in. Now we see that Conda is using everyone else as an excuse; Dolvett is gonna have his hands full.
When the red team started voting Lauren? I said "who's Lauren?" She had really been under the radar.

I wondered how long it would be before someone flat out quit. & how much is missing family and how much is just that the workouts & diet is more than they are willing to do.

Was thinking about this twist of separating the pairs that arrived together; this is one way of preventing one member of the pair from "protecting" the other like we saw a few seasons ago - no falling on the sword. And when it comes to voting, they don't have that one person they will never write down; they have only ones that they might have formed a tight bond with there.

Agman has my heart 2012

"RE: Week 3"
Posted by samboohoo on 01-18-12 at 10:20 AM
Joe: I think it's a combination of all of it. I do think the family part can play a huge role in it. I remember going to Vegas a few years ago for a conference. Conner was about 4. By the third day away, it was tough. And when Michael told me that he was crying at night because I wasn't there absolutely broke my heart. I think Joe's kids are pretty young, so I can totally see that tugging at the heartstrings.

Speakng of quitters, Rulon quit, so Joe is not the first. I thought maybe there had been someone else, but I guess not.

Conda/Cassandra: I have found the first one I really don't like: Conda. I don't think I've really liked her from the start. To be honest, I somewhat FF'd through the first comp. I saw it, but I feel like I missed something there. I thought that Cassandra had initially dropped and then realized she must have just finished first before dropping. Burpees are hard. Very hard. I've never done them with the BOSO ball before. I've done pushups with it, but not the burpees. That was a tough challenge.

Dolvett does have his hands full with that one. Next week is all about Cassandra, so she either goes or flat out rocks it.

Samboobree, brought to life by Arkie

"RE: Week 3"
Posted by jbug on 01-18-12 at 10:41 AM
I had forgotten about him;
But did Rulon quit or was he kicked off the ranch for cheating on the dieting?

I have a niece who went to the interviews for TBL several years ago; she had already worked out the work issues and care for her son & how to pay all her bills while she was gone; but then she wasn't selected.
When I watch now, I often think of how she would have handled being away from home (she has never been away from home) and the other problems they face.

Happy to say she has lost about 100 lbs. She ended up getting the lap band - so she has had to change her diet drastically!

"RE: Week 3"
Posted by proserpine on 01-19-12 at 11:33 AM
Agree. I like the lack of protection also.

Rulon did quit. He did it in front of everyone at a weigh in, though, and he was close to goal weight.

I read a news clip on him. He said it was all about the weight loss. He said he had achieved his goal and was done. They invited him to the final show also, but he declined.

Conda, yeah. She has excuses. She had it in for Mike week 1. If they had sent home Nancy or her they might have won this weigh in, if Mike did more than three pounds anyway.

"RE: Week 3"
Posted by featherfish81 on 01-25-12 at 03:17 AM
Finally got around to watching this episode...

I completely agree about Conda. Going on and on about how Cassandra cheated? All over having to buy a sandwich? And I don't think Cassandra would have rubbed it in as much if Conda hadn't been such a poor sport about it. After last week and how she had it in for Mike, I'm thinking she might be the drama creator for this season. I wonder how soon her team will get tired of it.

I asked the same question about Lauren, too. I'm surprised they didn't give her a little more air time since she was going home.

I had to agree with Emily, I think it was, that was annoyed with how sanctimonious the red team was being for not eating. I definitely would have wanted one person on the team to eat, just so I wouldn't have to go up against the person I came with. And it was 60 calories, for crying out loud.

"Week 4"
Posted by jbug on 01-25-12 at 01:35 PM
Is it really only week 4?

I've had my fill of Conda; I feel sorry for Dolvett.
I know a person sorta like her; everything is all about her.

At least Bob no longer has to deal with his worst ever unmotivated contestant.

Laughed with the black team at getting all the wrong answers; at least they took it well & didn't get mad. Bob would probably have preferred they get mad for losing the gym, but they were good sports.
Just shows tho that they do have a lot to learn!

Agman has my heart 2012

Posted by grit on 01-25-12 at 10:19 PM
Okay, I know I'm a little behind. I got behind on my viewing because of my ski trip and I'm busy with tax season, so I'm having a little trouble catching up. I watched Week 2 a week late, then skimmed through Week 3, and I still have to watch Week 4.

I can't talk about what happened in the episodes yet, but I'll post the statistics for discussion.

Cassandra has been the biggest loser every week so far. Kim and Buddy have also been right near the top. Gail, Nancy, and Megan have been holding onto the bottom and Conda - for all her smack talk - is keeping them company down there.

To-date (as of Week 4):

Cassandra 13.81%
Kim 12.70%
Buddy 12.41%
Mark 12.37%
Chism 11.36%
Roy 11.11%
Emily 10.98%
Jeremy 10.80%
Chris 10.42%
Kimmy 10.05%
Conda 9.86%
Megan 8.11%
Nancy 7.83%
Gail 7.76% Eliminated

And just for comparison purposes, last season at Week 4, these were the to-date standings:

John 17.75%
Antone 14.77%
Jennifer 14.55%
Jessica 13.78%
Joe 13.51%
Mike 13.27%
Sunny 13.00%
Ramon 12.39%
Courtney 12.22%
Becky 10.92%
Vinny 10.33%
Bonnie 8.27%

I'm really curious why the numbers are so much lower this time around. Any guesses?

agman luvs me

"RE: Statistics"
Posted by Tummy on 01-26-12 at 10:39 AM
Interesting about the stats between last season and this season.

Conda irritates me - she's 23 going on 13. Immature and a drama queen. I do like her brother.

I felt sorry for Gail but she really never did give her all at the ranch. I hope she continues to do well at home.

The Aqua team doesn't "look" like they're doing that well, but I think they'll make it back onto the ranch.

Mrs Claus kind of irritated me. Instead of the season of No Excuses it should have been called the season of Whiners and Quitters.

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"RE: Statistics"
Posted by samboohoo on 01-26-12 at 10:43 AM
The good news for you is that this week was only an hour - should make for quick viewing.

I am having a hard time with this year's cast. I still don't really know enough about them to remember who is who outside of the few creating all of the drama.

I think the numbers are lower because it's a smaller cast in terms of what they weigh and because the motivation factor is missing this season.

This season reminds me a lot of the season that Patrick won. I didn't invest in the characters because they didn't really interest me that much.

One of the things I've always enjoyed about the show is getting new workout tips. I would love to train for a day with Bob or Dolvett.

Samboobree, brought to life by Arkie

"RE: Statistics"
Posted by udg on 01-26-12 at 12:39 PM
I would love to train for a day with Bob or Dolvett.

Last week, I saw a commercial for a TurboTax sponsored training session with Bob, and I jumped on the computer to enter right then. LOL I've been seriously working out for almost 6 months now (6 days/week), and I'm not losing the weight I want to lose, even with watching what I eat, so I'd love a chance to get some advice from Bob or Dolovet. (But if I win, I'm totally telling Bob he's my favorite. LOL)

Thanks to tribephyl for the sigpic!

"RE: Week 4"
Posted by featherfish81 on 01-29-12 at 11:49 PM
I agree, I'm tired of Conda, too. I was especially annoyed with how she had her excuse all ready in case she didn't lose a lot this week.

It's true the numbers are a little lower than last season, but there aren't any really huge people this season, like there were in other seasons. I'm also curious as to how it compares to the rest of the seasons.

This season seems different than the others, some how. It's already week 4, and I can barely tell you the names of the competitors, much less be able to tell you much about them or have a favorite. I didn't even remember who the eliminated player's partner was.

"Week 5"
Posted by udg on 02-01-12 at 00:52 AM
If Adrian doesn't b*tch-slap Conda soon, I may reach through my TV and do it for them. That girl is poison, and her buddy, Kim N, isn't much better. I don't know why their team puts up with them! Nancy was right when she told Adrian that it's best to hold back and watch the dynamic before sticking your foot in it when you're the new guy. She was also right when she told Conda to stop with the gossip BS. As hard as Conda cried when sending Nancy home, I still wonder if Conda was just bitter about getting called out on that.

I'm really curious how different choices to sit out on the weigh in would have played out, so I'm going to play with the numbers and post that, too.

Thanks to tribephyl for the sigpic!

"Number crunching"
Posted by udg on 02-01-12 at 01:12 AM
This week's percentages:

Megan 3.8%
Cassandra 2.9%
Jeremy 2.6%
Kim 2.3%
Buddy 2.3%
Emily 2.1%
Kimmy 2.0%
Nancy 2.0%
Christine 1.9%
Mark 1.6%
Roy 1.5%
Conda 0.8%
Chism 0.6%
Adrian 0.6%
Daphne 0.4%

The only way Red Team wins that weigh in is if they sit out Adrian and Megan. Any other combination, and Black kicks their butt. If they'd gone that route, Red would have had a loss of 1.76% and Black, 1.72%. If no one sits out, their percentages become 1.57% and 1.99% respectively.

Oh, and I meant to mention earlier how Bob got pissy about Daphne's 1 lb loss, but not Chism's 2 lb loss, and Dolvett did the same thing with Adrian's 2 lb loss and Conda's 2 lb loss.

Thanks to tribephyl for the sigpic!

"RE: Week 5"
Posted by MizJazmine on 02-01-12 at 02:23 AM
I totally agree with you! Conda & Kim N are just toxic. I can't believe the attitude of "entitlement" that both the Red & Black teams seem to have. They and only they DESERVE to be there. No never mind Adrian & his sister worked their butts off to get back to the ranch. How awful these people are. Now I'm not liking any of these people maybe except for Granpa and Nancy who is now gone.

I hadn't thought about it, but you're probably right about Conda and her vote for Nancy. After watching the way she tried to treat Dolvett, I'm wondering if Conda is racist or has an issue with African American men.

I get Adrian. Sure he's playing the game, but he's not there to try and hurt anybody. Conda wants to hurt him and that's just wrong IMO. I was sorry to hear about Adrian's loss. That was sad.

These people are so petty I feel like they're going to put Adrian & his sister out the 1st chance they get. It didn't help that both Bob & Dolvett were playing into some of that mess when it came to the pounds lost smh.

"RE: Week 5"
Posted by Donald Chump on 02-01-12 at 01:10 PM
LAST EDITED ON 02-01-12 AT 01:11 PM (EST)

"I hadn't thought about it, but you're probably right about Conda and her vote for Nancy. After watching the way she tried to treat Dolvett, I'm wondering if Conda is racist or has an issue with African American men."

They showed her daughter in a clip from an earlier episode. She's black. Maybe she's pissed at all black guys because her black ex-boyfriend ran away, leaving her as a single mom.

"RE: Week 5"
Posted by MizJazmine on 02-02-12 at 00:12 AM
Ohhhhhh...wow...I didn't know that! Maybe it's what you said. I really don't know, but it's "something". All I know is that its got to be a terrible thing to finally get on a show like BL and have to deal with someone like Conda. Her brother's not so great either IMO. She's more drama, but I think he's just as petty ughhh....

"RE: Week 5"
Posted by jdkjd on 02-02-12 at 01:10 AM
I agree, she's angry with all African-American men. After seeing her on the show...I would run away from her too, but I would have taken my child.

"RE: Week 5"
Posted by jbug on 02-01-12 at 10:04 AM
Nancy was the voice of reason; too bad Adrian took it the wrong way; he should have listened to her. By speaking out when he was called out on the 2 lb loss and at the elimination, he put a target on his back. I don't see any way that he will stay unless he wins immunity every week.

I also agree that Conda & Kim are terrible. At least Conda has the excuse (oh wait, this is no excuses!) of being young & immature; Kim should know better.

I think Adrian & Daphne were playing the game and watered up; Adrian should not have said anything when called on the game play. His lame excuses about the different food in the refrig and getting used to the ranch sounded just like what they were - fake excuses - again it's no excuses season!

Agman has my heart 2012

On the old Los Vegas show, Ed Deline told a few guys if something didn't happen the way he wanted, he'd b*tch slap them so hard their unborn children would come out well behaved!

"RE: Week 5"
Posted by samboohoo on 02-01-12 at 10:29 AM
I haven't watched it yet really. I know who went home, and I saw a little bit at the gym last night.

I just wanted to comment about Ed Deline. DH and I very often comment while watching anything that Ed Deline would have solved the problem in mere minutes. Loved Ed Deline!

Samboobree, brought to life by Arkie

"RE: Week 5"
Posted by Tummy on 02-01-12 at 06:22 PM
I think they watered up too. But in all fairness I think they should have watered up. They walked into a house stacked against them, at least this gives them a chance of having immunity next week again by being the biggest losers. I personally hope it works for them and would have done the same thing.

I loved how Adrian showed them all up while on the monkey bars.

"RE: Week 5"
Posted by jbug on 02-02-12 at 01:08 PM
I agree; I expected them to water up & I would have done the same.
Adrian just should not have made the comment he did - acting like he didn't know what game play is.
He should have just shrugged and let if go.

"To-date statistics"
Posted by grit on 02-01-12 at 10:09 PM
So this was an interesting week with Adrian and Daphne rejoining everyone at the Ranch. At first I thought Adrian was really obnoxious and I didn't care for him, but after he settled down a little bit he seemed okay. He was like a kid who enters a new school halfway into the school year then tries too hard to fit in with everyone.

I was kind of annoyed that the rest of the contestants had this attitude that Adrian and Daphne didn't deserve their places at the Ranch, that they hadn't earned the right to be there. EVERYONE had been selected by the producers to be on this show. It was just the week 1 twist that got Daphne and Adrian eliminated without even giving them a chance to work out with the trainers. They worked hard at home and deserved to be back on the Ranch. I think some of the contestants were just jealous of the progress that Adrian and Daphne made at home without the benefit of trainers and dietitians.

I loved that Adrian showed them up on the monkey bars. He and Daphne looked really good in the gym. So I was surprised that they posted such low numbers, but I think Tummy's right that they watered up while they had immunity so that they can have a big loss next week. I think Adrian came across as pretty fake when he claimed he didn't know how to "play the game". He should have just taken Nancy's advice and shut up a little more.

I'm so sick of Conda and her attitude. And she was really annoying when she jumped in and repeated what Nancy said about keeping quiet. Nancy was pretty nice about it when she first said it but then Conda was so snotty. She's been a bitch the first 4 weeks so I don't think Adrian's at fault as much as she makes him out to be.

I'm still having trouble remembering a lot of the contestants other than Conda. Which just goes to prove that the only ones we remember on any reality show are the winners and the obnoxious a-holes.

Since udg has already posted the weekly statistics (thanks!), I'll just post the to-date statistics:

Cassandra 16.32% (5 weeks in a row at the top of the leaderboard)
Kim 14.68%
Buddy 14.39%
Mark 13.75%
Jeremy 13.11%
Emily 12.88%
Roy 12.42%
Chris 12.08%
Chism 11.91%
Kimmy 11.87%
Megan 11.58%
Conda 10.54
Daphne 9.96%
Adrian 9.73%
Nancy 9.68%

agman luvs me

"RE: To-date statistics"
Posted by samboohoo on 02-02-12 at 10:01 AM
I finally watched last night, and I agree with you about Adrian and Daphne. I had such mixed thoughts about all of it and, ultimately Adrian fell by the wayside with me along with Kim and Conda at the very end when Mark called him out on playing the game, and he acted the way he did.

As much as I like both Bob & Dolvett, this season is screaming for Jillian to come in and do a little attitude adjusting.

Also, I am going to totally try Bob's FRAN exercise and I'm also going to hit the monkey bars in the backyard. Had I not been watching at 9 p.m. last night, I may have gone and done them then.

Samboobree, brought to life by Arkie

"RE: To-date statistics"
Posted by Tummy on 02-02-12 at 10:10 AM
Let us know how Boo and the Monkey Bars gets along!

"RE: To-date statistics"
Posted by jbug on 02-02-12 at 01:11 PM
we always had monkey bars when I was a kid at school;
I was really good at them!
Bet I could get at least a few rungs before falling off even now.

"RE: To-date statistics"
Posted by nap_time on 02-02-12 at 03:42 PM
I wanta see that! LOL

~13.1 2:31:59, Thanks Agman! ~

"RE: To-date statistics"
Posted by jbug on 02-02-12 at 05:27 PM

"RE: Week 5"
Posted by featherfish81 on 02-04-12 at 09:28 PM
Almost as soon as the episode started, I thought - "Oh, look, Conda's creating drama. I'm so shocked." I sure hope Dulvett's adjustments for next week include an attitude adjustment, though given the last time he tried to help her out I'm not optimistic. And I think they kind of set Adrian up, because they started out thinking he wouldn't be able to cut it or be an asset on their team. So he told them what kind of workouts he did at home, and that he would be able to help the team. And then they accused him of bragging about how much he worked out.

Though I agree with Nancy, he didn't help himself by engaging them. The fact that you are 34 and an adult does not mean that you always have to say everything that is on your mind. If there's one thing the internet has taught us it's not to engage the trolls.

I'm not sure if the rest of the team is hurting or helping. They don't really seem to be taking sides, which neither side appreciates. The whole accusations of gameplay at the end were just silly. Though I think the rest of the players had the same expectations for Adrian and Daphne's first week on the ranch as their first week on the ranch, which isn't realistic, since they've been working out for a month as well. And their numbers weren't that far off from everyone else's.

"Week 6"
Posted by jbug on 02-08-12 at 10:16 AM
All right; that's it. I'm completely fed up with the drama that TBL has become. Let's go back to the originality of this program.
Yes, I'm sure drama occurred; but the producers did not have to cram it down our throats!

Adrian? you need to know when to SHUT UP! It's not necessary that you speak every time someone speaks to you - or about you. You do not have to have the last word.
I realize you had a legitimate beef; but your response to it added to your problem.
Nuff said.

Bob & Dolvett sitting on a plank,
worrying worrying which would be dunked in the tank!
my poetry contribution for the day

Were the ropes different lengths for the different heights of the players? Was there not enough rope at the beginning to get a loop around the hand for a better grip?
It's interesting that the strongest are usually the first out in these kind of challenges - those that you expect to last the longest.

Agman has my heart 2012

"RE: Week 6"
Posted by nap_time on 02-08-12 at 12:15 PM
I am so over the drama...my husband and kids were laughing at me last night because I was shouting "SHUT UP" at the tv while Conda droned on and on during elimation. PLEASE, does she have to be the center of attention at EVERY elimation? I will be happy when she goes away. By the previews for next week, it looks as if Daphine goes after her! I would love to see Daphine hand Conda her butt!

The show isn't as inspiring anymore. I like it when the teams encouraged each other and celebrated even the smallest victories. This season it is all about conflict.

Kim did come up a few notches for me this week. She did step up and really lead the red team in Dulvett's absence. Loved the part between the two of them about her getting part of his paycheck! And what she said at the elimation was to the point, but tactful!

Adrien didn't have a chance. I know that his mouth didn't help the situation, but I think that even had he shut up, he was doomed to be voted off first chance. It was awesome that he has lost a 100 lbs at home by himself!

Loved the challenge! SO happy that Bob wasn't dunked. Black team is very strong right now...hope they can keep their momentum.

~13.1 2:31:59, Thanks Agman! ~

"RE: Week 6"
Posted by jbug on 02-08-12 at 12:23 PM
This season is quite a contrast to last season in regard to the contestants not supporting each other.
Wonder how much this had to do with the splitting up of the couples?

"RE: Week 6"
Posted by skeetergirl87 on 02-08-12 at 03:45 PM
That's the beauty of watching it online - I completed skipped through all of the elimination BS. I just can't believe that Conda and Jeremy came from the same parents (I'm assuming). He cracks me up - especially with his crush on the dietician lady. Conda is a toxic poison and I really can't believe she's lasted this long. Yes, Adrian was obnoxious and should have kept his mouth shut, but wow, she really is something else. Hopefully she goes soon.

"RE: Week 6"
Posted by jbug on 02-08-12 at 03:56 PM
Oh I agree; I haven't liked Conda from the start.
can't believe when Dolvett called her out about her complaining that she sat there with a smirky smile on her face; it didn't bother her at all; she felt no remorse for her poor behavior.
You gotta know he's waiting for the day she is gone; bet he hates her continuing to roll her eyes; she does that cocky little head tilt side-to-side when she talks.


"Week 6 Statistics"
Posted by grit on 02-08-12 at 09:40 PM
I'm also a little tired of the drama. I know Adrian brought a lot of it onto himself with his inability to realize he was doing more harm than good and keeping quiet, but has everybody forgotten about (or turned a blind eye to) the resident drama-queen Conda? I guess having Adrian as their common "enemy" made them band together with Conda - at least for now.

While the Black team seems to be beating the Red team's collective butts, the statistics are a little closer than the edit would lead you to believe. After last night's weigh-in, the Black team as a whole has lost 15.27% while the Red team as a whole has lost 14.85% - a difference of .42%. And if you remove Adrian from the statistics since he was voted out, the Red team starts the next week in the lead at 15.41% - a difference of .14%.

I thought the Red team did pretty well without a trainer for the week. Kim really stepped up and proved herself. The Red team lost 2.73% without a trainer, and the Red team lost 3.16% WITH a trainer - a difference of .43%. I wonder if the Red team would have beaten the Black team if they hadn't lost their trainer for the week.

Statistics this week:

Chism 4.09%
Jeremy 3.55%
Daphne 3.28%
Emily 3.04%
Conda 3.04%
Kim 2.79%
Mark 2.79%
Adrian 2.69%
Megan 2.62%
Roy 2.61%
Buddy 2.61%
Kimmy 2.59%
Cassandra 2.50%
Chris 2.37%

Statistics to date:

Cassandra 18.41%
Kim 17.06%
Buddy 16.63%
Jeremy 16.20%
Mark 16.15%
Emily 15.53%
Chism 15.51%
Roy 14.71%
Chris 14.17%
Kimmy 14.16%
Megan 13.90%
Conda 13.27%
Daphne 12.92%
Adrian 12.16%

agman luvs me

"RE: Week 6 Statistics"
Posted by featherfish81 on 02-12-12 at 03:37 AM
As I recall, no one has called out Conda on being a drama queen, before or after Adrian arrived, so I don't know if they haven't noticed, or the producers have just decided not to mention it to us.

I'm happy Adrian's gone, but only because they couldn't vote Conda out yet. It would have been interesting to see how the team dynamic played out with just him, and not her. But I agree, I'm completely tired of the drama. I'm not even sure who to blame - I think it's both their faults. Conda didn't give him a chance, and then he blew everything up into a huge issue, even when other people in the house (Nancy, Buddy, Mark) tried to help him out and discuss issues.

I am really curious what Mark wanted to tell him. Adrian admitted it himself - he put up walls and kept everyone at arm's length, and then couldn't figure out why people weren't connecting with him. You can't have it both ways, and you at least need to recognize that.

"RE: Week 6"
Posted by udg on 02-09-12 at 04:26 PM
Santa's obviously the next to go on Red team. He voted alone with Adrian this week, and Conda is a b*tch, but she's a b*tch with an alliance--an alliance she needs, considering that, with Adrian gone, she's the smallest loser on the Red team. I'd put Kimmy on the outside of the alliance as well, and her numbers are almost as bad as Conda's. If anyone can save Santa, it's Kimmy, by being even less desirable as a teammate than he is.

While I liked having the couples split up upon arrival, I'm starting to hope for some sort of remix soon.

Thanks to tribephyl for the sigpic!

"RE: Season 13: No Excuses"
Posted by MizJazmine on 02-15-12 at 03:10 AM
Gotta get this off my chest...

Maybe it's just me, but I didn't really care for the "face off" between Daphne and Conda. I felt like the producers were playing into something that's really toxic. Instead of confronting it for what it really was and extracting it, they just stirred the pot. They were so preoccupied with this mess, they didn't even do a product placement this week! It's like they sat in a room and said, "well we see what's going on...let's use it!" ughhh. I don't know...it just didn't sit well with me.

As far as Grandpa getting the boot, who didn't see that coming? I don't think his wife is gonna take it well. I think she's really been hanging by a thread ever since they split them up. So I could see her coming totally unglued.

I like Dolvett but I have no respect for the Red team. They can
really kiss it as far as I'm concerned. I'm kinda wondering about Conda's brother's weight loss of 6lbs. That just really seemed off to me. Like he was really trying to support his sister without it being noticed...kinda sneaky like. Yeah he's suspect to me.

After hearing about Daphne's health condition, I can see how that contributes to her being level headed and even handed.

Next week looks a hot mess and here I thought they were through with the drama stupid me...

*Putting away soapbox...whew!

"RE: Season 13: No Excuses"
Posted by jbug on 02-15-12 at 09:57 AM
I too was thinking along those lines.

TBL makes such a big deal of "being there for helping people". They make out like that is the only reason for the show. And it really could be; so many people believe in this show; and it has motivated thousands of people.

They don't have to use the drama to get good ratings. They should be ashamed for stooping to the level of other drama fueled reality programs.

I'm glad Daphne won - because I just do not like Conda's attitude. Notice how her family asked Dolvett how she was acting? They know her personality and expected her to make waves on the ranch. I hope she changes for her daughter's sake.
I wonder how much of the comments were actually Daphne's & how much production put her up to saying - like at her weigh in about it being for the black team, her children and her brother. That is just rubbing salt in a wound - did not need to be said. Same with Bob using that all week pushing her. Shame on Bob for stooping to that level also.

It appears the drama is not over. Does the black team actually throw the weigh in next week in order to get rid of Daphne? If she is the biggest loser on the black team, that will backfire on them. Or are the previews just trying to make us think that is what happens?

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"RE: Season 13: No Excuses"
Posted by samboohoo on 02-15-12 at 10:18 AM
I haven't seen in all yet, but I have to say there is part of me that doesn't even want to. I agree with whoever up there said they like Dolvett, but not the Red team. This has been the absolute worst season ever. It's becomming more of Big Brother, than TBL.

Not sure what's going on next week. From the previews, it looks to me like Conda is on the Black Team and Jeremy is on the Red Team.

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"RE: Season 13: No Excuses"
Posted by Tummy on 02-15-12 at 08:20 PM
Completely agree. About to delete it from the dvr and then if I get bored I might catch it on Hulu. Casting gets an F this season.

"RE: Season 13: No Excuses"
Posted by proserpine on 02-18-12 at 10:53 PM
This season is getting painful, I really liked 11 and 12 more. I sure agree, Black seemed to have it in for Daphne. Glad she won also.

The producers needed time to line up the high school girls basketball team to workout with Conda. That means that Dolvett really did not have the choice, or if he did choose he had to have chosen a week or two before so the producers could have gotten to the high school in time to set it up.

And, it was weird to see Conda running around with a bunch of high school girls and having the opportunity to act like one. Maybe the producer's shrinks thought it would be healing for Conda to relive her painful high school past in a positive environment.

The lack of preparation for Daphne's home visit makes me think the producers decided on her a little later, after her brother got voted off. Again, I really doubt Bob chose her.

I took a nutrition course once. According to my professor it takes 10-14 days to adjust to a new environment. I do not believe either Daphne or her brother were playing games at the first weigh in. They were surviving and adapting. We have seen this on other shows also. People who come in late for the first time have trouble. I remember one girl who gained weight and got voted off. I forget the season, but it was the one with Tara.

This week the red put up strong numbers, and black had a vacation. It is possible next week red will be having a bad week and black will be competitive on the scale. That will make 4 straight losses for red, if it happens.

"Week 7 statistics"
Posted by grit on 02-15-12 at 08:45 PM
Well, I missed the first hour last night but after reading the RTVW recap of the episode and all the comments on this thresd, I have no desire to go see what I missed. What a crappy episode.

I saw that Conda denied the Red team voted off Adrian because they didn't like him, and the reason she gave why they voted him off was because he posted one of the lowest weight-loss percentages. What B.S. Last week, Roy, Buddy, and Kimmy had lower percentages than Adrian. Why are Conda's teammates not as sick of her crap as we viewers are? I'm surprised they're allowing her to rule the team so much. I wonder if Conda's influence is what's getting rid of stronger players on the team. Now Kimmy's the only one left on the team who's doing worse than Conda.

I tuned in around the time we saw Bob and Dolvett working out with the girls in their hometowns. I didn't find Conda's "breakthrough" all that believable. That girl is so fake. Now I didn't agree with Daphne standing on the scale and saying that her weight loss that week was to redeem Adrian but the looks on Conda's face showed that she still has no clue about what an immature person she is.

When I watch the contestants' confessionals, I always try to figure out how a challenge went or how the weigh-in went based on their demeanor during the interview. Conda seemed more up-beat in her post weigh-in confessionals than Daphne did and I was really worried that Conda had won, especially since she had the 2# advantage. But Daphne pulled it out with a 5.08% loss while Conda only had a 3.92% loss. Conda was even beaten by Kim and Mark, who were forced to work without a trainer for the week. I also think it's interesting that the contestants consider this to be Daphne's 3rd week while the rest of them are on week 7, yet Daphne is currently in 9th place just ahead of Conda.

The previews for next week leave me a little worried about Daphne's fate next week. I'm hoping that it's just misdirection by the editors.

This week:

Daphne 5.08%
Kim 4.31%
Mark 4.10%
Conda 3.92%
Roy 3.45%
Cassandra 3.08%
Chris 2.43%
Chism 2.30%
Emily 2.24%
Kimmy 2.13%
Buddy 2.08%
Jeremy 1.84%
Megan 1.79%


Cassandra 20.92%
Kim 20.63%
Mark 19.59%
Buddy 18.36%
Jeremy 17.74%
Roy 17.65%
Chism 17.45%
Emily 17.42%
Daphne 17.34%
Conda 16.67%
Chris 16.25%
Kimmy 15.98%
Megan 15.44%

agman luvs me

"RE: Season 13: No Excuses"
Posted by udg on 02-15-12 at 11:59 PM
It felt like the producers were trying to force a positive edit on Conda, and Conda just couldn't squeeze into that box. She's so unlikable that no edit could save her. Like I said last week, though, her alliance could and did.

One of the red guys (Mark or Buddy? I still don't know everyone's names!) said that they were voting Santa out because of "consistency"? Because he'd rather keep the folks that consistently get low numbers than the guy who consistently hits middle-to-top of the pack! Not to mention Santa's consistently performed well in challenges.

I took huge issue with Dolvett's little breakthrough moment with Conda. Conda isn't a jerk because her parents split up. She's a jerk because she chooses to treat people like crap, and she makes that decision every single day. Certainly, addressing some of her demons might help her to improve her behavior, but using them as an excuse for her behavior borders on enabling.

I'm curious how much of the red alliance crosses over into the black team. When they merge, will we continue to be stuck with the worst of the red team simply by virtue of numbers?

Thanks to tribephyl for the sigpic!

"RE: Season 13: No Excuses"
Posted by featherfish81 on 02-20-12 at 00:35 AM
Conda was less irritating this week, but that might only be by virtue of the fact that there wasn't anyone around for her to fight with. I agree with most everyone else - I can't figure out why the red team keeps her around, she just distracts from the overall goal. Though she did have a decent loss this week.

I think this season is frustrating because it's only focused on Conda's drama, with maybe a few comments by everyone else. We don't really know anyone else's story. I don't really dislike anyone else, and I wish we could get to know them better.

"RE: Season 13: Spolier?"
Posted by Pretty_Kitty on 02-23-12 at 06:10 PM
I dont think so but I dont want to make anyone mad. TMZ has a new story that 2 of the strikers are no longer on the show.

I've only been watching the last half hour of each show this season so I did see the jerks that threw the weigh in. I get all my other info from y'all. Its much less painful then actually watching.

"Week 8"
Posted by jbug on 02-22-12 at 10:58 AM
Worst season ever.

& I can't even remember the name of the one we thought was the drama queen a few seasons ago; who seemed so wicked & evil.... what was her name again? you know who I mean?

Daphne & her brother added fuel to the fire that Conda started, but I put Conda down as being the one to bring the virus to the ranch to start with.
I agree with the link above; now that Daphne is gone, Chris will probably be her target. Even if Conda had still been on the red team, she would have influenced the black team against Chris. Bob is right; she has power in the house. She's the bully that everyone is afraid to stand up to. With all the attention that is being given to anti-bullying everywhere, TBL ranch has one of its own.

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"RE: Week 8"
Posted by jbug on 02-22-12 at 11:02 AM
Season 8
Second Chances

& we thought she was evil!
We had not seen evil till this season!

"RE: Week 8"
Posted by samboohoo on 02-22-12 at 12:36 PM
Of course I haven't watched it all yet, so I will only comment on what I did see.

I agree that Conda has been the most trouble all season. And it's been a terrible season Absolutely the worst ever. I blame her, and I also blame the producers for setting this up this way.

There really was a shift in attitudes from Daphne and Adrian's initial departure from the Ranch and their return. It's been that way with returning players every season, but this seemed to be the worst. I wonder if Bob & Dolvett going to visit them at home had anything to do with it? And, FTR, Dolvett's team has really been without him a lot this year.

Adrian & Daphne came back in on the offense and defense, and that didn't help their cause. It went downhill. And last week Bob added fuel to Daphne's fire by using the Conda angle.

I have wondered why the Red Team has kept Conda around, and one reason could be that they really don't believe in her. She hasn't lost that much, and I don't think she really can do it at home. She looks like an easy target IMO.

I think Chris really feels the pressure next week. Looks like it's too much for her to take.

Samboobree, brought to life by Arkie

"After seeing the weigh-in:"
Posted by Estee on 02-22-12 at 07:26 PM
LAST EDITED ON 02-22-12 AT 07:55 PM (EST)

"I can't believe it. Wow. Just... After all this time... I have finally found the very worst liar in the entire world."

In fact, we found a whole pack. They sure don't recruit them for their acting ability, do they? And I'm about fifty percent sure that when Bob walked off the screen, he found a producer and punched hir in the face.

The eternal conflict of this series is between the trainer's drive to genuinely help the contestants and the producer's need to throw pointless drama into what should just be a no-frills competition show. Does it make more sense not to have that temptation and its consequences? Sure. Would that mean they have to actually feature contestants and weight-loss methods instead of giving minutes to The Drama? Yep. And as with Bachelor daemons feeling the fights are all anyone watches for because love is a joke, the local brimstone-in-charge just wants to see people screaming about betrayal while forgetting to calculate how many calories The Drama is burning. So they keep switching things up. They cast for gameplay instead of need. And they will never stop, because as far as they're concerned, they're doing nothing wrong. Remember: It's Cheap And It's Paid For: the official motto of NBC. As long as the ratings outdraw anything, who cares what the show's quality is like?

But Bob and his opposition of the season are there to help people lose weight. That's their goal: change some lives. And whenever the producers add 'for the worse' to the end of that, there's nothing they can do about it except quit -- and it's not as if new trainers won't come. Any protest they make is ultimately pointless. Any problems the contestants have with it don't matter because they'll be gone at the end of the season and new suckers will come. And anything we saw is ignored because we're not the ideal target viewership and if we drop out, so what? It's still outdrawing the set-your-HD-tuner channel, if just barely.

The other similarity to ABC's favorite travesty: the producers have no motivation to get better. To them, this is working, so there's no need.

A supposed life improvement show which loves to make things worse...

ETA: By the way, do you know what that twist was? An excuse. They're settling in, they're getting the routine, steady loss is on the horizon -- so let's upset them. Give them something they have to take, because paranoia is the excuse no reality show can do without. And then once the thing you knew would happen has? Blame them for giving in to you. Because as a producer, it is never your fault.

Think they're done for the season? Think again.

"I was a fighter for twelve years before I was recruited as a paladin! Charisma seemed like a safe dump stat at the time!"

"50,001 pr 50,002?"
Posted by jbug on 02-22-12 at 07:33 PM
I wondered how long before you popped in again. And where....

"RE: 50,001 pr 50,002?"
Posted by agman on 02-24-12 at 10:59 AM

"Push them until they break."
Posted by Estee on 02-22-12 at 11:42 PM
Oh, look. They broke. To wit, they broke for the doors and got out before anyone could stop them.


It's safe to post as a non-spoiler: no names are mentioned and there's no indication of where they are on the timeline. But we are finding out where the straw limit is -- and the closer they were to heading home, the heavier that last hit must have been. It's potentially a $250,000 Screw This: that takes some anger.

Bets they were thinking about Daphne coming back? Or could it have been someone else?

"RE: Push them until they break."
Posted by toad8098 on 02-23-12 at 01:23 AM
TBL has gone down hill. I miss the older versions with less drama and actually focused more on losing weight and each contestant's personal problems and how they got there. I refuse to watch the remainder of this season. I actually don't care who wins, or if any of them lose any more weight.

"Update. (More rumors.) "
Posted by Estee on 02-23-12 at 07:07 PM
As per PrettyKitty's post above, two people are supposedly out. They may not stay that way. But for now, the rumor has it as a pair off the ranch under their own power, and the season will continue without them. Note that given the initial reason for their leaving, this was pretty much self-defeating -- they opened two slots, and how long would you expect them to remain that way?

This would ultimately break down to one simple fact: they have to show the departees. They can lie about what happened, they can edit it until the gone ones are shown attempting to strangle Bob, they can remove an entire week from the schedule, but they cannot completely ignore it. A temporary strike where everyone eventually came back could be edited into oblivion. With actual quitters, someone will have to say something. It's too late to recut the show and make a pair of contestants vanish from the entire season.

I expect that something to be 'Wah wah, look at the babies who couldn't take a simple twist.'

"RE: Update. (More rumors.) "
Posted by grit on 02-24-12 at 10:05 AM
I bet Tyra Banks could help with that editing situation. Look at what a great job she did with her All-Stars season last Fall. {/sarcasm}

"RE: Update. (More rumors.) "
Posted by udg on 02-24-12 at 06:32 PM
I expect that something to be 'Wah wah, look at the babies who couldn't take a simple twist.'

It won't take much "creative" editing to make me believe that. I believe it already.

What *will* be interesting will be how the editing for individuals changes between now and that episode. Conda's edit wouldn't have to change at all; she's already a villain. Kim seems like she's not very likable, but her edit hasn't been bad. There are a couple of people on the black team who I think would be "bad guys" on another season, but are just there among this group. If we start seeing someone like Emily or Megan get a bad edit, that will be telling.

Thanks to tribephyl for the sigpic!
Tell the whiners to quit making excuses!

"RE: Week 8 Statistics"
Posted by grit on 02-24-12 at 10:16 AM
I just realized I wrote this up but never posted it. I guess I'm losing it in my old age...

Such crapitude. Where to start, where to start….

Once again, I don’t agree with what Daphne did, but again I feel she was backed into a corner and that’s why she did what she did. These people did not make her feel welcome when she came back into the game. They made her feel she didn’t deserve to re-enter the game in spite of the fact that she earned the right to be back in there. Bob even pointed out at the weigh-in that Daphne was at a disadvantage entering the game at week 5.

It was wrong of Daphne to lie about being the one who made the switch, but I can see her point of view. These people lied to her about why her brother was voted out. She was emotional. She thought her actions would be anonymous. I think Conda has been an immature bitch since day one and this situation would have played out much differently if she had behaved much better.

So why are the editors showing us so much of Conda? Are we seeing a lot of Conda because of all the drama she created during her time there? Or is Conda one of the finalists? It was very interesting that Bob said Conda has the power in the house with BOTH teams. Why? Why is she so powerful? I wonder if there’s more to the group dynamics with her that we’re not seeing in the editing. And I wonder if the red team kept Conda because she was the least threatening person to win TBL.

I hope it was worth it to everyone throwing the weigh-in. Was it worth it to make sure that their team lost just to get rid of Daphne? Shouldn’t they still have just tried their hardest? Isn't this show ultimately about losing weight? Cassandra said she feels bad about shortchanging herself. She dropped from 1st to 4th place because of this week. Emily is also pissed at herself that she let Conda to affect her goal and she’ll never let that happen again. I'm really surprised at Emily. I had high hopes for her at the beginning of the season since she used to be an athlete.

Conda said there’s something toxic going on. Yes, Conda, you’re the toxic thing that’s going on. Conda said to Daphne, “It’s one thing after another with you” but Conda really should be looking in the mirror when she said that. In a season with a theme of “No Excuses”, it’s been nothing but excuses for Conda.

I feel bad for Chris. If she doesn't go out for medical reasons next week, they're going to vote her out if the black team loses again for siding with Daphne. She's ahead of Emily, Conda, and Megan so once again they'll vote out a stronger player and keep their team weak.

This week:

Buddy 3.65%
Kim 3.50%
Jeremy 3.44%
Mark 3.42%
Kimmy 2.72%
Chris 2.49%
Chism 1.68%
Emily .92%
Megan .91%
Cassandra .53%
Conda +.41%
Daphne +.89%

To date:

Kim 23.41%
Mark 22.34%
Buddy 21.34%
Cassandra 21.34%
Jeremy 20.57%
Chism 18.84%
Chris 18.33%
Kimmy 18.26%
Emily 18.18%
Daphne 16.61%
Conda 16.33%
Megan 16.22%

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"RE: Week 8 Statistics"
Posted by jbug on 02-24-12 at 02:01 PM
I'd like to hear what Chism's dad says to him (assuming Chism had not told him ahead of time that they were throwing it).

& yes; they could have all worked to lose weight and still voted Daphne out. Only 1 person had to beat her; and after the great week she had the week before, they should have expected her loss this week to be lower.
There was a 1 in 7 chance that she would be the biggest loser! There was a 6 in 7 chance that at least one person would out-lose her. Stupid people.

As it happened, they all beat her.

I'd bet that Conda is the one who instigated the whole concept and talked them all into it.

"RE: Week 8 Statistics"
Posted by featherfish81 on 02-25-12 at 00:22 AM
>I'd bet that Conda is the
>one who instigated the whole
>concept and talked them all
>into it.

I think Emily pretty much admitted that, with her comment about how she wouldn't let Conda run things again.

This week was so frustrating! I agree with Bob, Daphne's performance last week I think was starting to integrate her into the team, and prove to them that she was a valuable team member. And then she had to ruin it. And it clearly was an emotional decision, because if she really wanted to make things tough for Conda she would stack the teams and put her on the bad one, not switch things around so now they were on the same team.

But everyone's right, the initial blame all goes to Conda for creating the drama. And then for being unable to keep her mouth shut during the elimination room (among others).

But the reason I'm so frustrated is I think I like everyone else in the house, but we don't actually get to see them unless they are talking about Daphne or Conda. Hopefully Conda will be gone soon and we can actually enjoy the season. I'm actually not looking forward to the finale at all, because we'll just get to revisit this AGAIN.

"RE: Week 8 Statistics"
Posted by proserpine on 02-25-12 at 01:21 PM
Agree with all of the above. I don't really have any favorites because I don't know any because we watch Conda drama every week. I used to like Cassandra, because she beat Conda in that contest, and because she seemed to separate herself from the drama. Now she drops from first to fourth because she lets Conta talk her into taking a week off to vote off Daphne. It has gone from a show about losing weight to a show about interpersonal backstabbing. And I agree, it is not about no excuses, it is about the producers giving them lots of excuses.

I also preferred when they spent more minutes on the weigh in. It is a weight loss show. Watching the weigh in is the climax. Now they rush through it so we can see Conda mouthing off in the elimination room, interrupting someone.

Now I mostly do not like the black team or the red team. This season is a hot mess.

"Week 9"
Posted by samboohoo on 02-29-12 at 10:30 AM
Finally, an episode to enjoy.

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"RE: Week 9"
Posted by nap_time on 03-01-12 at 10:28 AM
Really enjoyed this episode! I couldn't believe the numbers that the contestants pulled! Before my next comments, let me say that I am not a fan of the red team, except Buddy. BUT The red team has really done a lot of their weight loss without a trainer. Dolvett has worked them hard when he has been with them, but there have been several weeks now for one reason or the other that they have not had him. I hope it is sinking in with them that they can do this on their own...when they put their minds to it.

Not sure that Kim will be successful when she leaves the ranch. She had become one of the strongest players metnally until they went home, then she reverted back to the mindset she had at the beginning. Although I don't like her attitude toward the others, I am glad that she gets another week, maybe working with Bob this week, she will get some things sorted out.

Wonder how this new twist with switching trainers is going to add to the drama? Conda will be happy cause she will have Dolvett again. (Poor Dolvett!!)

I wished the scene between Emily and her dad had been more natural. I think she really needed to hear from him that it was ok that she didn't want to lift weights in competition anymore that she wanted to do something different like the Ironman. The whole thing felt scripted and awkward.

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"RE: Week 9"
Posted by featherfish81 on 03-07-12 at 02:12 AM
I totally agree - no Conda drama this episode. It was nice seeing them at home.

I agree 18 days was an interesting length of time. I think some of them had problems because it was long enough that you could start to lose some focus.

Very sad to see Chism go. But it will give the girls more of a chance. I'm surprised at how few guys are left on the ranch.

"Week 9"
Posted by jbug on 02-29-12 at 10:36 AM
I was surprised.
I bet Bob was heartbroken.

I was wondering just how much time they spend at the weigh in; how little we might actually see (like how TC lasts hours on Survivor).

Mark put up such a fight to go home in Chism's place, and then? very abruptly he accepted that that wasn't going to happen; I imagine there was a lot more said than we saw.

I FF thru a lot; but it seemed to me they spent a lot more time on some at home than on others. I saw nothing of Chris working out at home with Santa. Or of Kimmy & Meagan.

Way too much time shown of Jeremy & Conda; so glad I tape this so I can FF every time she appears on my screen.

Didn't see Cassandra's grandma - Nancy - during the at home. Maybe they want to keep her weight loss a surprise?

Hopefully Chism spends more time in the gym instead of with his band; I know that is important to him, but first things first!
Anyone going to follow his blog?

"RE: Week 9"
Posted by samboohoo on 02-29-12 at 12:25 PM
I haven't watched it all yet. I'm up to the start of the rowing race. My only question/comment on that is if they are all set fairly? I know the rowing machine at my gym has different settings so fastest to 10k can be determined by the setting of the machine.

I thought I saw Nancy in one quick shot.

I did watch the weigh-n. Agree on the editing. I will not follow his blog.

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"about rowing"
Posted by jbug on 02-29-12 at 01:17 PM
I noticed different ways...
Chism would pull his hands all the way up to his chest - almost to his neck.
Mark pulled up to his waist.

I thought it was by team color/trainer, but it wasn't that.

Is there an advantage one way or the other?

How is the distance measured on those things?
by the number of pulls? or by how far you pull it?

"RE: about rowing"
Posted by samboohoo on 02-29-12 at 04:12 PM
Interesting you ask this. I too noticed Chism pulling his hands up, and that is not the way I've been taught to row by any trainer. You're supposed to pull straight back - to your waist while squeezing your shoulder blades together.

To answer your other question, I hope.

Not necessarily either. It's measured more by the intensity of your pull. The more instense the pull, the further you would go, so you're going to go futher by pulling harder and faster. The setting can make it easier or harder to pull. I've used a water machine like they have before, and I had to set it at an easier level per se than the regular machine I use at the gym that I turn up as much as I can.

Kim I think mentoned how hard it is on the back, and that's true. I row regularly now, so it's not so bad, but whenever I don't do it for a period of time, I really have to ease back into it. I'm going for a good rowing workout tonight!

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"More Rowing"
Posted by samboohoo on 03-02-12 at 10:23 AM
I only got about 10 minutes in Wednesday night. At that gym, we only have one rowing machine, and I haven't figured out all of the settings on the keypad.

Yesterday I rowed for 15 minutes and did a little over 2,000 meters. I wasn't going full-on, record setting page, but I worked up a pretty good little sweat. For them to do 10,000 meters in 40 minutes was a pretty good pace.

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"RE: Week 9 Statistics"
Posted by grit on 02-29-12 at 12:38 PM
The family visits seemed nice. They didn’t touch on any drama with any of the contestants. I was so happy there was no Conda drama on-screen this week. I almost thought the editors were trying to get us to love all of the contestants. I hated that they had Buddy, Emily, and Jeremy forced to face food the way they did just to show they weren’t tempted. And that “commercial” that Cassandra did for peanut butter Cheerios was just so fake.

Bob and Dolvett were hysterical at the last chance workout. I was so glad that Chris was okay and that it wasn’t nearly as bad as the editing made it seem. I wasn’t surprised that Chris came in last for the 10,000 meter row, but part of me hoped she would win it. She could really use the money. I was surprised, though, that Cassandra came in 9th place and that Conda beat her by 3 minutes. I was also surprised that Chism won the challenge but only had a loss of 3.75% over 18 days. His dad, Mark, also failed to gain immunity. I wonder what was going on while they were at home. I loved that Mark made a reasoned but impassioned plea to go home instead of Chism. Mark was right, he’s in great shape now but Chism still needed to be there.

When I do my weight loss calculations, I don’t take into consideration any weight gain. In my mind, Conda lost 15 pounds from the previous week. But TBL doesn’t allow her to count that and they go back to her previous weight. If Conda hadn’t had a weight gain the previous week, her 15 pound weight loss would have won the weigh-in for Black. Then Red would have had to choose between Mark and Kim, another stunner because they’ve been at the top of the pack for the last 3 weeks or so.


This week:

Emily 7.87%
Buddy 7.26%
Cassandra 6.91%
Jeremy 6.47%
Conda 6.10%
Chris 5.61%
Kimmy 5.59%
Megan 5.53%
Mark 4.87%
Chism 3.75%
Kim 3.63%

To date:

Buddy 27.05%
Cassandra 26.78%
Kim 26.19%
Mark 26.12%
Jeremy 25.71%
Emily 24.62%
Chris 22.92%
Kimmy 22.83%
Chism 21.88%
Conda 21.43%
Megan 20.85%

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"RE: Week 9 Statistics"
Posted by proserpine on 02-29-12 at 11:02 PM
Good point about Conda and weight gain. It comes back to haunt you. Yes, finally, an episode about weight loss. And they did spend plenty of time on the actual weigh in.

Why did they need 18 days? I wonder if the whole Conda thing is wearing out the producers also? Perhaps they needed time to alter some plans to improve ratings and counteract the Conda drama machine.

I want to find Chris and Roy and help paint their house. Wish either one had a shot at some money.

At least Chism had $10 K to keep him company on the ride home.

"RE: Week 9 Statistics"
Posted by jbug on 03-01-12 at 12:20 PM
Since each one was given a rowing machine in their home, maybe Roy will use it to continue while Chris is gone. He didn't appear to have lost much since he left the ranch.
Then after they reach their goals, they can sell the thing & use the money for some home repairs.

Is this the first season we have seen contestants in what are "less than spectacular, high-end homes?"
I've commented to family in the past that when they did home visits (even if just filming their returns to home) that they all live in rather nice houses.
I remember one woman one season who lived out in the country & but I don't remember seeing a lot of her house.

"RE: Week 9 Statistics"
Posted by samboohoo on 03-02-12 at 10:21 AM
I don't really recall seeing as much about their homes before.

I thought Cassandra's house seemed to be really small, and I sat there wondering how many people live in her house.

Someone, I can't recall who now, looked to have a nice home gym set up in the background. Kim maybe? I don't have it on the DVR so I can't go back and look.

I liked the "family" thing on Mark's mantle.

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"Week #10"
Posted by Estee on 03-07-12 at 07:21 AM
"And for next week's twist, we're going to force all of you to gain weight, thus destroying the one remaining link this show had to its original concept. But we think it'll be extremely time-filling. Also you-filling. Dig in!"

"Week 10"
Posted by jbug on 03-07-12 at 10:46 AM
I understand that challenges are set up in advance, but the mud pit was a bit one-sided in favor of the red team. If all the weights had been 20 lbs or less, I could see more fairness. But 40 lb weights or bigger were much harder for women to lift & carry than for the men - & there are still 3 men on red. So it wasn't surprising to me that red won. Finding the weights could go either way; but getting them back to the side was favored for the men.

Poor poor Cassandra; she & Emily made a huge mistake on their game play. Did they really think Conda would go against her brother? or that she didn't still have strong ties to her original red team?

They would have been better getting Chris & Megan to side with them w/ possibly Kimmy as a 5th.

Something I thought of when Cassandra was doing her crying after being voted out; how she wasn't ready; didn't know enough yet; wasn't strong enough yet; yada yada yada.
They never seem to think about how hard it must have been for those sent home before them to have to leave. Those voted out in the first week got very little to work with for going home.
At 10 weeks, the ten left should be much better prepared. Just a thought.

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"RE: Week 10"
Posted by nap_time on 03-07-12 at 11:02 AM
Yet again, Conda starts the drama. At least we didn't have to listen to her run her mouth at elimination. Did I miss a scene where Cassie and Emily talked to Conda? I saw where Cassie and Emily were talking by themselves and saw Conda in the background. I thought Conda overheard and went to rat. If the girls did confide in her...then they weren't very smart.

I loved what Kim said to Cassie at the end. She needed that encouragement. I hate for her to go home. She was my favorite.

Next week they go to singles. Does that mean the yellow lines comes into play? I hope so!

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"RE: Week 10"
Posted by Estee on 03-07-12 at 07:48 PM
Depends on whether the show considers being above the yellow line to be a comfort zone.

"RE: Week 10 Statistics"
Posted by grit on 03-07-12 at 09:23 PM
I was working out while watching TBL so I couldn't take any notes. Hopefully I remembered everything that I was shouting at the TV last night...

I can't believe the Black team was so whiny and ungracious when they got Dolvett as their trainer. Jeremy was funny. I can't remember the comment he made but he said something about the fact that he had already been through a trainer switch and that the trainer didn't matter. IIRC, I think he said that the important thing was to lose weight.

I got a huge kick out of Dolvett in leotards! I really think Cassandra and Chris enjoyed the ballet class. Chris seemed like she was starting to let go and enjoy herself, but then when she got back into the gym she was her old whiny self again.

I also couldn't believe that Emily and Cassandra went to Conda for an alliance. Didn't they realize she still had an alliance with her brother and her old team? And because of that, this is the first week in 10 weeks that a strong competitor was voted out. Everyone else that was voted out was much lower in the rankings than Cassandra.

Conda made a comment at either the weigh-in or elimination about her being the 2nd heaviest girl on the Ranch. I don't know who she was thinking about because she's THE heaviest girl by 24 pounds. Maybe she meant that she's the 2nd lowest loser on the Ranch.

I can't believe the numbers were so low this week. If I had worked out the way they did for a week, I would have easily lost 2 - 3 pounds. And I weigh less than those contestants. I wonder what happened that the losses were so low. Every time they showed them working out, they were working hard.

I'm glad they're finally going to individual next week. If the numbers stay they way they have been, Chris, Megan, and Conda have the most to worry about.


This week:

Jeremy 2.42%
Kim 2.15%
Emily 2.01%
Cassandra 1.71%
Buddy 1.70%
Conda 1.30%
Kimmy 1.18%
Mark .93%
Chris .54%
Megan .49%

To date:

Buddy 28.29%
Cassandra 28.03%
Kim 27.78%
Jeremy 27.51%
Mark 26.80%
Emily 26.14%
Kimmy 23.74%
Chris 23.33%
Conda 22.45%
Megan 21.24%

I got sliced!

"RE: Week 10 Statistics"
Posted by proserpine on 03-07-12 at 11:51 PM
Letting Conda in on the alliance was pretty dumb. Maybe she just overheard, whatever.

I miss Cassandra also, also my favorite. Oh well. If they do not go to singles soon, black is cooked.

I sure agree the mud weight challenge was stacked for red. I am thinking if I was a producer I would have 3-4 challenges available on any given week. I would then choose the one I liked the most for whatever reason when the time came. Consequently, I am thinking the producers were backing the red team for whatever reason. Maybe they like Buddy? Maybe they think we like Buddy?

I think Chris played the Roy card. As in, "you voted off my husband, that hurt, you owe me one."

I agree, Cassandra should be more able than 9 other contestants already voted off to handle it on her own. Go home and win the 100 K and quit whining!

So, basically, Chris and Emily are solo. Everyone else is allied, at least a little. Maybe singles will shake it up a bit.

"RE: Week 10 Statistics"
Posted by nap_time on 03-08-12 at 11:40 AM
I may be wrong...but I thought Kim and Emily were allied? Weren't Emily, Cassandra and Kim the ones talking about aligning with Conda for a all girl final 4?

If Chris doesn't step it up, she won't be around long.

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"RE: Week 10 Statistics"
Posted by proserpine on 03-14-12 at 10:57 PM
My bad, Kim and Emily.

"RE: Week 10 Statistics"
Posted by nap_time on 03-08-12 at 12:05 PM
Loved Dolvett in the tights, and the girls' reaction to him being in tights. That was a really good segment.

Cassandra reaction to her body change in the mirror was really cool.

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"RE: Season 13: No Excuses"
Posted by MizJazmine on 03-08-12 at 04:28 AM
LAST EDITED ON 03-08-12 AT 04:29 AM (EST)

Okay let me just go ahead and say it. Chris is the only one I'm pulling for. The rest of them I could care less about. I was glad to see Cassandra go home. She gets in the camera and talks crazy, so I was glad to see her voted out and getting a taste of what she so easily dished out yippee! I hope it's just as painful for the rest of them leaving. They are not nice people and I have no respect for them except for Chris. I'm even disappointed with Bob. I think he's shown himself to be quite the whore this season.

"RE: Season 13: No Excuses"
Posted by SocialStreet on 03-12-12 at 05:49 PM
I think you're being too hard on Cassandra. It's clear she got pulled into the "mean girls" atmosphere that Conda and Kim have created. We saw this manifest in the part with her dairies, where she talked about how she has never felt confident or that she fit in. So, in a way, I suppose it was bound to happen. Come to think about it, it's an interesting social experiment that they put a lot of people who obviously have self-esteem issues together and see who rises to the top. A little bit Lord of the Flies.

Anyway, maybe I felt for Cassandra because she's a writer, and I'm a writer. We do talk crazy. We're better at writing it down - seriously. ;)

"Week 11"
Posted by grit on 03-14-12 at 08:55 AM
Personally, I liked that the episode was 30 minutes shorter. Sometimes, all that long, drawn-out drama just gets on my last nerve...

The reward challenge reminded me of the Survivor reward challenges after the tribes merge. It's really just more of an opportunity for the producers to show the alliances out in the open. But I was really surprised that Conda took Kim with her for the reward. I hadn't realized that they had that close of a relationship on the Ranch.

Nothing like a yellow line to get everyone busting their butts again, huh? I couldn't believe the numbers this week. All those weeks they were relying on their alliances to save them. Now they have to do a little more work on their own to keep out of the bottom two. I was very surprised that Chris and Megan avoided the yellow line.

But in the end, the alliance stuck together. You can't convince me that they kept Kimmy because their "hearts told them to" (Conda). Kimmy is the lowest loser for the old red team, but Emily is the top loser for the old black team, so she had to go.

As I was watching last night, it occurred to me that I don't really like many of the people this season. And even the ones I like, it's more like a lukewarm "like". Part of me would like to see Emily win the at-home prize and rub it in their faces, but part of me just doesn't care anymore.


This week:

Mark 4.23%
Chris 3.80%
Kim 3.30%
Jeremy 3.19%
Conda 3.07%
Megan 2.94%
Buddy 2.77%
Emily 2.56%
Kimmy 2.40%

To date:

Buddy 30.27%
Kim 30.16%
Mark 29.90%
Jeremy 29.82%
Emily 28.03%
Chris 26.25%
Kimmy 25.57%
Conda 24.83%
Megan 23.55%

I got sliced!

"RE: Week 11"
Posted by jbug on 03-14-12 at 09:19 AM
Did I not see correctly? or did they have Conda & Jeremy side by side at the beginning of the challenge - which made it easy for them to team up? I didn't rewind to see.
After they pulled together, I looked at the others. Some had only 1 person between them, but none were side by side.

I wish Emily had gotten the 1 lb prize so she would have been safe. It must be hard to know you have only 1 person who has your back.

I agree that Kimmy was kept because she is the least threat.
And I agree that I don't like anyone much this season since now Emily is gone; oh, & Santa & Chism.
I want to like Kim but to me the only reason she sided with Emily is because they were an original team. And she was shown earlier in a bad light. Viewers would have hated her had she voted against Emily & she knew it.

"RE: Week 11"
Posted by udg on 03-14-12 at 07:59 PM
>Did I not see correctly? or
>did they have Conda &
>Jeremy side by side at
>the beginning of the challenge
>- which made it easy
>for them to team up?

No, you're 100% correct. They were the only pair who were also positioned together in that original circle. I noticed it as soon as they started and called bullsh*t.

Thanks to tribephyl for the sigpic!

"RE: Week 11"
Posted by featherfish81 on 03-23-12 at 05:45 PM
Allie said it was a random selection, but they didn't actually show them drawing names, or however they decided it.

"RE: Week 11"
Posted by proserpine on 03-14-12 at 11:21 PM
TY again for the stats, it is always nice to know who is where and match that up with their talking and their voting.

"As I was watching last night, it occurred to me that I don't really like many of the people this season. And even the ones I like, it's more like a lukewarm "like". Part of me would like to see Emily win the at-home prize and rub it in their faces, but part of me just doesn't care anymore."

Couldn't have said it better.

I will say this, Conda must have an acting coach or some very kind editing. I think the 18 day home visit was put to good use. The producers must have gotten a feel for the ratings and made adjustments. I also wouldn't have been surprised if Conda and the rest knew who was voting for who, and let Conda vote to keep Emily to help her image.

The negative childish drama generally has been really toned down. Now it is all about who has or lacks alliances and the individual self esteem thing.

"RE: Week 11"
Posted by grit on 03-15-12 at 10:02 AM
The negative childish drama generally has been really toned down.

I agree, but it's too little, too late from the producers. I already have very negative feelings towards most of these contestants. I think I'm going to have a hard time feeling good about the eventual winner.

"RE: Week 11"
Posted by samboohoo on 03-16-12 at 09:41 AM
Agree. I haven't watched any of this week yet and not much of last week.

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"RE: Season 13: No Excuses"
Posted by agman on 03-16-12 at 05:38 PM
LAST EDITED ON 03-16-12 AT 05:39 PM (EST)


"Wk 12 - You can't lose weight on vacation"
Posted by jbug on 03-21-12 at 09:04 AM
I bet Emily felt even worse for getting kicked out the week before Hawaii! Missing a trip to Hawaii would almost be worse than leaving the ranch.

I HATE HATE HATE HATE those challenges that let them boot another contestant; the alliances pull together. The contestants have no control over their own success in those challenges.
I say we all - every one of the half dozen of us here - write to TBL & tell them this!

I was happy that Mark found his and talked to Kim. Kim has had her ups & downs but it is tough to be alone without any alliances like she is.
Mark & Kim both look good! Can you believe Kim was wearing a bikini? Not only is she a threat to the others, all the females are jealous as heck!

I was sooooooo hoping Conda would gain a lb. Admit it; all of you had your fingers crossed with me.
She was at the bottom again, just above Megan & Kimmy.

I know it was right that Kimmy go home instead of Megan; but Megan needs to take control and get motivated. She is lazy - or at least they are making her look lazy.

Crusin w/ Tribe

"RE: Wk 12 - You can't lose weight on vacation"
Posted by nap_time on 03-21-12 at 04:18 PM
Yes, I was right there with you hoping Conda would gain a pound and be sent home. I could not believe that they pretty much handed her the immunity. My husband was telling me to calm down cause I was fussing at the tv. LOL

I am glad to see that some people are waking up to what is going on. I think the challenge pissed Mark off. Did you hear the comment he made?? Something about "Amercia is right, you are horrible people..." ?? (I am not sure I heard that right or not. I don't have the option to rewind...so someone that does will have to check it out for me.) I wish that somehow he could have changed it up on them and won.

Now the green team are the only ones with their partners still together. They better break them up as soon as one of them falls below the yellow line to even the game out. Better yet...I wonder how soon we will find out which two contestant were asked to leave after the walk out. Haven't heard anything else about it.

Kim is growing on me again. I liked her at the beginning of the season, then I didn't like her when she and Conda ganged up on Adrien. But ever since she took the trainer's role that week, I have started to like her again. Yes she is brash, but at least she has the guts to say the truth.

As for the finale, I am looking for Mark, Buddy, Kim and ?. I figure Jeremy has a good chance at it, but I don't care for him much.

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"RE: Wk 12 - You can't lose weight on vacation"
Posted by grit on 03-21-12 at 09:28 PM
I was thinking that it seems like most of these contestants are not really interested in losing the weight. It seems like they’re more interested in playing “the game” and winning the money. This is the first season I can remember the contestants talking about “the game” so much.

Yet when I compared this season’s Week 11 numbers with last season, I found that while John would still have a comfortable lead over this season’s contestants, Buddy, Kim, Mark, Jeremy, and Emily would be beating the remainder of last season’s contestants as of week 11. Chris, Kimmy, Conda, and Megan would be bringing up the rear.

One of the girls (Chris?) made a comment that she never tries to lose weight while on vacation. Then Conda made a comment about never trying to lose weight ever and laughed hysterically at her witty comment. But Conda’s numbers and her behavior at the immunity challenge show that she’s playing the “game” really hard rather than trying to lose weight. After 12 weeks, she still hasn’t learned anything about why she’s at the ranch.

I was disappointed that Mark let Jeremy and Conda use him in the challenge. He should have just stopped getting leis and let them do the work themselves. I also heard Mark make the comment that “America’s right, you’re horrible people” or something like that. It made me curious – how would he know how viewers feel about Conda? I was glad that Mark went and talked to Kim. Mark was one of the ones who was playing “the game” so I wonder why he had such a change of heart. It was nice to see.

I have to agree with nap_time about Kim. I liked her, then I didn’t, now I like her again. I have to give her credit, she’s been busting her butt trying to lose weight and she speaks her mind. I loved that Kim threw it in their faces at elimination when she said that strategically Megan would be a better person to vote out. I hope they all squirmed. I was also hoping that Conda would gain weight. I wanted to see her go. She and Megan have been in the bottom two for the last 5 weeks now.


This week:
Kim 2.84%
Jeremy 2.56%
Buddy 2.14%
Mark 1.96%
Conda 1.81%
Chris 1.69%
Megan 1.52%
Kimmy 1.23%

To date:
Kim 32.14%
Buddy 31.76%
Jeremy 31.62%
Mark 31.27%
Chris 27.50%
Kimmy 26.48%
Conda 26.19%
Megan 24.71%

Chocolately deliciousness by agman

"RE: Wk 12 - You can't lose weight on vacation"
Posted by proserpine on 03-21-12 at 10:35 PM
I agree about Kim completely. She looked good, bad, then good again. Like Mark, it is probably when she broke away from Conda.

Now I am looking at Mark the same way. Yet, he did point out that the Jeremy/Conda team was becoming a problem at the end of the challenge. I think he played the game. He went along with the alliance as it suited him. Now he has figured out that the original alliance has outlived its usefulness, so he wants to start a new one before they team up against him.

I cannot figure out why the girls are trying so hard to take out Kim? It is like they are Conda automatons. Kim is not a threat to them. The girls cannot win. They can stay and lose more weight, learn more. But, they cannot win. They are placeholders. Their only reasonable strategy is to take out each other.

At this stage of the game, if a placeholder ever drops below the yellow line with someone who is actually losing weight, then they will always stay. They need to vote off each other.

Consequently, giving the black lei to Kim was dumb on two counts. First, she should have given it to Chris or Conda, they were Kimmy's competition. Second, Kim already had 7 leis against her. Giving it to Kim is like telling everyone who ran up and down the hill 7 times that they wasted their time. No way Kim was going to win immunity with 7 leis already. Should have at least given it to Mark or Jeremy, or someone with no leis.

Giving it to Kim is like betting long odds, Kimmy was betting Kim was going to have a bad week, so bad she could not beat Kimmy, Megan, Conda or Chris. Those are long odds.

In the end it made no difference, Conda beat them both without even trying.

Kim can bet that at least one of the above will be below the yellow line next week, probably two. That leaves only one slot below the yellow line for someone, not two. Decreased her risk by 50%

Yes, that "America was right..." comment got me thinking. Those 18 days they were away, the producers decided to try to save the season with editing and coaching.

To be fair, the producers may have started the season asking the players to be mean this season, who knows? But, I think that comment shows those 18 days were put to good use to clean up the show and tone down the drama.

My two favorites currently are Kim and Chris. I like Chris the most, she really needs the money for their home and she has really been on her own most of the time. I do not think she can win, but I would like to see her go farther. Maybe she could win a car next episode.

Kim, mostly I like her because she is against the Conda machine. I like her some because she is also losing the weight, and as John said from last season when he chose not to vote off Anton, "this is a show about weight loss".

"RE: Wk 12 - You can't lose weight on vacation"
Posted by udg on 03-22-12 at 00:05 AM
I don't know what day she went home, but the letter she received "from the ranch" was post marked a week before this ep aired.

Thanks to tribephyl for the sigpic!

"RE: Wk 12 - You can't lose weight on vacation"
Posted by Tummy on 03-22-12 at 09:59 AM
I quit watching the show this season. The sitcoms I now watch don't make me feel disgusted, which is much better for my blood pressure. So I'm enjoying reading the thread and happy with my decision to drop the show.

I think if I had one to cheer for it would have kept me watching but I don't like any of them.

"RE: Wk 12 - You can't lose weight on vacation"
Posted by jbug on 03-22-12 at 10:58 AM
If only Conda would go home via a route similar to Colton

"RE: Wk 12 - You can't lose weight on vacation"
Posted by grit on 03-22-12 at 01:02 PM
I bet Conda would like that. By taking out her appendix, she would lose weight without having to exercise.

"RE: Wk 12 - You can't lose weight on vacation"
Posted by nap_time on 03-23-12 at 10:42 AM
LOL so true!
There are a few contestants left that I think will maintain...Buddy, Kim, Mark. But the others I believe will disappear after this season because they don't have the mind set to keep it off.

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"RE: Wk 12 - You can't lose weight on vacation"
Posted by Tummy on 03-22-12 at 05:34 PM
Loved that Colton was taken out. Sometimes Karma is not a b!tch.

I can't wait for this season to be over with. I miss cheering them on!

"RE: Wk 12 - You can't lose weight on vacation"
Posted by featherfish81 on 03-23-12 at 11:34 PM
I'm not sure he said "America was right" because I think this was taped before any of it started airing, and even if there was a little overlap, how would the contestants find out what "America" was thinking. Besides, I think he was half joking.

Agree with the turnaround on Kim. I didn't like her when she was teamed up with Conda, but now that she's turned the corner I'm starting to like her again.

I think my favorite part was when Allie said something about Jeremy letting Conda win and she said something about earning her win. Please. Jeremy definitely let her win, and its ridiculous of her to pretend otherwise.

Oh, one thing I didn't know - Allie told Conda that if she gained weight she would automatically drop below the yellow line. Is this true of all players who gain weight, or just because of her immunity? I mean, if say three players had gained weight would they all be below the yellow line?

"RE: Wk 12 - You can't lose weight on vacation"
Posted by proserpine on 03-29-12 at 09:21 PM
"Oh, one thing I didn't know - Allie told Conda that if she gained weight she would automatically drop below the yellow line. Is this true of all players who gain weight, or just because of her immunity? I mean, if say three players had gained weight would they all be below the yellow line?"

I think it was season four. Neil won immunity, then drank 3-4 gallons of water before the weigh in. Gained 17 pounds to attack Jillian's team. The following week he lost like 30 or something (13 legit, 17 from the water weight the week before, more or less). I believe it was since then that they made the rule.

Since then some contestants have drunk water before weigh in, but they have tried not to go into the positives.

"Wk 13: Exercise is not fun"
Posted by jbug on 03-28-12 at 11:17 AM
But Bob's shirt is!

"RE: Wk 13: Exercise is not fun"
Posted by Estee on 03-28-12 at 12:14 PM
The Newman's Own challenge: marking the only ten minutes of the season where I didn't hate pretty much everyone.

"RE: Wk 13: Exercise is not fun"
Posted by nap_time on 03-28-12 at 02:59 PM
Missed most of the show last night.... (Didn't see what Bob's shirt said...)
I saw the cooking contest. I was happy for Kim that she won the money. Conda's face was so funny when she didn't win. Talk about poor loser. I thought Antone's point to Chris was a good one..but maybe it would have been more helpful if he hadn't said it in front of the group. I was so glad that none of them ate the chicken, I was afraid they wouldn't realize it wasn't cooked until after they tasted it.

I was surprised that Megan didn't lose more weight. And I was surprised that Mark didn't go home. Although, in game play, he is the one to keep cause he doesn't have much more weight to lose.

Can not believe that Conda made it to the makeover show.

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"RE: Wk 13: Exercise is not fun"
Posted by jbug on 03-28-12 at 03:31 PM
I disagree about Antoine & Chris.

First they questioned Chris about her chicken being undercooked.
In order to answer, she either had to "use an excuse or reason' or just plain not answer them. Any answer she gave would be an excuse in the way they are using "excuse".

2nd, I'm sure they also asked Jeremy more about why he made bananas on bread. I'm also sure he told them he forgot the eggs. Isn't that also an excuse?
Either running out of time? an excuse
Forgetting? an excuse.

I think they chose NOT to call Jeremy out on it; or they called him on it but just didn't show us the calling out or his reaction. He probably would not have reacted as Chris did. Jeremy could care less.

Why didn't you run today? (or any day that you don't run).
Any answer you give is an excuse.
Unless you just say you chose not to run.

Anyway, glad they kept Mark. Maybe Megan will do okay. I FF thru almost all of her & Bob yakking. And the stupid video diary.

"RE: Wk 13: Exercise is not fun"
Posted by udg on 03-29-12 at 01:26 AM
I agree. They asked her, then said she was making excuses.

I actually hated all 3 judges. ZOMG 1 tsp of real mayo ruins the whole dish!!!!! WTF? Not that Buddy was right that 1 tsp of mayo was going to make a difference in flavor, but the difference between the two is a whopping 18 calories. Not worth the freak out at all.

In fact, watching the judges made it clear to me why so many BL contestants don't keep the weight off long term. You have to find balance, and they apparently haven't. They freaked out about the mayo. They freaked out about the cheese (more than once!). If you freak out about all the good stuff, all that's left is the crap no one wants to eat, and at that point, you give up on eating healthy altogether. In an all or nothing game, nothing wins.

I was expecting to see something in the previews about the walkout. Guess that's not next week. I just want to get it over with. End this season, and try again next time with better contestants. Pretty please?

Thanks to tribephyl for the sigpic!

"RE: Wk 13: Statistics"
Posted by grit on 03-28-12 at 08:14 PM
I wanted Kim to win the Newman’s Own challenge, but I knew that Mark had a better strategy for the challenge. I didn’t think that Kim would need the 1# advantage but I also thought that Mark wouldn’t need it either. Who would have guessed that things would turn out the way they did?

Then, on the second challenge, I started worrying that Conda was the winner. In all of her confessionals, she was so upbeat and happy. She was positive that she was going to win the challenge. I thought for sure she had won. I laughed so hard at Conda when Kim won.

I agree with Antone that Chris was making excuses. Chris knew the chicken needed time to cook thoroughly. She should have started it right away. Jeremy was just frying some bananas in a pan. She could have asked him to switch burners. He probably wouldn’t have cared. He had no clue what he was doing and no illusions that he would win.

And if Jeremy wouldn’t switch with Chris, she could have pulled the chicken from the pan, sliced it down the middle most of the way, and then spread it out in the pan. With a thinner piece of chicken and more of it exposed to the pan surface, she could have sped up the cooking. Then she could have tried to piece it back together with the filling. It may not have looked as nice but at least the judges would have had something that they could taste.

Once again, Dolvett made me laugh when he took his team outside the campus to a Zumba class. Buddy was also hysterical. Who knew he had such moves! Megan and Conda seemed to struggle on the hills when they went on the bike ride. I don’t know if it was a matter of editing, but I wonder if Bob explained to them that when going up a hill they should shift to a lower gear BEFORE it gets too hard to pedal. As someone who has had to walk a bike up a hill because I didn’t shift in time, I know how discouraging that can be.

I couldn’t believe that Mark didn’t lose any weight this week. He got lucky that Megan got voted out and he still has a chance for the money and title. I was surprised that Allison announced at the weigh in that Kim is now the biggest loser on campus. I wonder if that puts target on her back.

Megan weighed 191 when she left the ranch. When they showed her at home, she weighed 189. Was it a short period of time between her leaving or is she not losing weight at home? I think it’s probably the latter. When we saw her video diary for Bob and saw how much she was working out on her own, it surprised me that she only lost 4 pounds by the time they had the weigh-in. Something is going on with her that she’s still not losing the weight that she should be losing.

One final note: I think it’s funny how they were pitting Dolvett against Bob in the beginning of the season. But now Dolvett’s team is kicking Bob’s team’s butt. In Bob’s defense, he has the 3 worst losers on his team, but if he’s the magical Bob Harper that everyone makes him out to be, he should be able to figure out how to make them lose more weight.


This week:

Kim 4.09%
Conda 3.23%
Chris 2.30%
Jeremy 2.26%
Buddy 2.18%
Megan 2.05%
Mark 0.00% (.50% with 1# adv.)

To date:

Kim 34.92%
Buddy 33.25%
Jeremy 33.16%
Mark 31.27%
Chris 29.17%
Conda 28.57%
Megan 26.25%

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"RE: Wk 13: Statistics"
Posted by proserpine on 03-28-12 at 10:10 PM
I am amazed that Megan asked Conda to be a bridesmaid.

That says a lot. Part of me thinks that the difference between being on this show and watching it is like being in combat and talking about what you would do if you were in combat.

I have never been in the army, so I have no clue what combat is like. I think by analogy, being on the show must be way different than what we are all led to believe by watching. I mean, Conda voted you off, Megan? You like her that much?

I am thinking the reason they voted off Megan, in part, may be because they have too many placeholders. They came so close to getting Buddy. Megan blew their chances to vote him off this week.

With Chris, Conda and Megan still playing, one of them had to take up one spot below the yellow line thus reducing the chances for all who have a chance to be the biggest loser to one of two spots below the yellow line.

Thus, getting rid of Megan increases the chance that Bud, Kim, Jeremy or Mark could fall below next week.

Chris should have asked Jeremy for his stove spot, I agree. And, yes, she should have cut the chicken into small pieces first. Change the dish to a cassarole or something. Better yet, run outside and ask for space on the barbeque. Telling the judges you needed more time is an excuse. I am not sure it has anything to do with her personality or not, it could.

I think Antone got carried away with his job. Vinnie and Becky had the right idea.

Speaking of Antone, Vinnie and Becky, I wonder if the producers may have been looking to give them a belated consolation prize. They all came very close to winning money last season, and missed. Perhaps the producers paid them something for their appearance. I would like to think that.

I have to say, this is definitely the worst season I have seen, but the producers did make a good investment of those 18 days they took earlier in the show to improve the interpersonal dynamics. Between editing and acting, Conda is looking almost saintly. She calls everyone friend, crys when she votes for them, has lots of positive things to say about people... I am now seeing this season as two halves. The first half, which was horrible, and the second half, which is a major improvement. I am not fooled (the first half was that bad) but I do give them credit.

"RE: Wk 13: Statistics"
Posted by samboohoo on 03-29-12 at 09:39 AM
I have not yet watched this episode (or all of last week's), but I just wanted to respond about the timing. For some reason, I think this season is most inline with real time than any other season, so I don't think she's been home very long, but I also agree with you about something going on with her. I doubt she will lose much more.

Samboobree, brought to life by Arkie

"RE: Wk 13: Statistics"
Posted by proserpine on 03-29-12 at 10:36 PM
LAST EDITED ON 03-30-12 AT 01:53 PM (EST)

LAST EDITED ON 03-30-12 AT 01:49 PM (EST)

Help me here. I am trying to figure out if Mark, and the others, have been coached by the producers about their image problem. This was based on Mark's comment to Jeremy and Conda during the challenge week 12 ("this is why America hates you two").

According to the article (link posted by Estee) we can figure out that February 22 was week 8 for us, possibly week 14 (we think) for them (we will find out next week).

Week 8 for them was therefore around Christmas-time, maybe early Jan. That would be 6 weeks.

Their week 9 would have been early to mid January. That is when they would have been told stuff, that is when the producers changed the show, and started the sedated and sanitized second half.

Importantly, the producers would have had to have time to get feedback. We started posting 1/4. So, they would have had 2-3 weeks (2-3 episodes)plus 18 days (2-3 more episodes) of feedback (from wherever they get their feedback from).

Likewise, since week 8 for us = week 14 for them (we think) that is another way to calculate that the producers had a six week period to make their decision to change the direction of the show.

Week 2 is when we all began complaining that it was looking like a rough season. Week six is when Nap time was yelling "shut up" at the TV and Jbug was fed up, and Adrian got voted off.

In hindsight, I think I have learned that the producers took the 18 days off in order to get 3 more shows aired, and get feedback from these episodes, in order to make a decision about the show's direction.

During Week 12, Mark says his "America"...comment, which implies that he may have heard some feedback from the producers at some point in time.

I am thinking they were informed of the change of direction by the producers week 9 based on 6 weeks of episodes with feedback. Changes were made week 9. Mark (and everybody else) therefore had feedback since that time.

I think we would all agree that the last half has been both edited with a different goal in mind, and the players themselves seem to me to be increasingly careful about how what they say in front of a camera affects their image from their point of view.

(Also, as has been noted, the time gap at home seems to have closed. Megan did not lose much weight since going home. I think the 18 days closed the gap between us and them by about 3 weeks which helps explain her lack of additional weight loss).

I believe my reasoning is sound, what do you think?

On the other hand, maybe I am just a closet paranoid, lol.

"RE: Wk 13: Exercise is not fun"
Posted by featherfish81 on 04-19-12 at 07:04 PM
I know I'm way behind the times, but did anyone else think it was odd that the week the excuse was "Exercise is boring" they showed how Meghan had to ride an exercise bike or run on the treadmill for six hours? That to me is the epitome of boring, and why I'm not a huge fan of the gym.

"Week 14 - Make Over"
Posted by jbug on 04-04-12 at 11:18 AM
I was SO relieved they didn't have Michele Obama help pick out their clothes! I realized immediately who they were talking about and couldn't help but think of all her own terrible clothing choices! I hate the big high belts she wears too much.
thank goodness they didn't take it that far.

Kim looked great; but other than the weight & clothes she didn't seem to change much - hair & makeup about the same.

Conda's hair looked mice; the style was good on her.

Chris? I had no idea she is only 42. I thought she was older than me! Maybe seeing her w/ Santa made me think she was older; that & the gray hair.
So, should I get my hair colored? I'm not giving up my own "santa" who is 12 yrs older than me tho!

I sorta liked Mark with his beard/goatee. Clean shaven showed the wattle of skin on his neck.

Buddy was a bit too polished up but looked good. I really do think his wife didn't recognize him!

Jeremy was still Jeremy; not too different.

"RE: Week 14 - Make Over"
Posted by samboohoo on 04-04-12 at 07:56 PM
Still haven't watched last week.


Mark: He needs the goatee.

Chris: Wow. She looks great. Love her hair. She looks really young! Mommy might not be kissing Santa anymore.

Buddy: I didn't recognize him. He looks great.

Conda: Hiar looks good, but she really needs a complete makeover - inside and out. Gawd, please tell me Dolvett is not attracted to her. LOL.

Jeremy: He does look the same, but cleaner.

Kim: Same hair, same look. She does look really good, but I just don't believe she is a size 6. I could be wrong, I haven't really seen the numbers in the past few weeks, but I don't recall her being a size 6 kind of weight.

Samboobree, brought to life by Arkie

"RE: Week 14 - Make Over"
Posted by proserpine on 04-04-12 at 09:35 PM
I think Chris had the most dramatic change, although everyone looked good.

Seemed like we got cheated. I wanted a weigh in.

"RE: Week 14 - Make Over"
Posted by udg on 04-05-12 at 02:11 PM
>Seemed like we got cheated. I
>wanted a weigh in.

Looks like they found a way to streeeetch the existing footage to make up for the week they stopped filming when the quitters threw their temper tantrums.

Due to DVR failure, I haven't seen this week's show yet. I'll probably catch it on Hulu this weekend if I'm not too busy.

Thanks to tribephyl for the sigpic!

"RE: Week 14 - Make Over"
Posted by jbug on 04-05-12 at 02:22 PM
It was also just a 1 hour show this week;
don't they usually stretch it out to 2 hours every week?

"RE: Week 14 - Make Over"
Posted by jbug on 04-05-12 at 10:30 AM
I never seem to believe the clothing sizes they claim.
Course, being 5'10" I'll never wear a size 6; I'd be even more of a beanpole than I was back in jr high school.

I currently weigh 175; same as Kim I believe. I wear size 16; and a few size 14.
If I lost down to 160, I'd still not wear anything smaller than a size 12.

Guess I need to see how tall (short) she is. But she doesn't look short.
Conda looks short.

"RE: Week 14 - Make Over"
Posted by nap_time on 04-05-12 at 04:08 PM
I said the same thing last night... A size six in what country?!? I am 150 and 5'5" and on a good day I am in a 10.
And when you go designer clothes, they are always smaller than the size.

I was amazed at Buddy and Mark. Had I seen them elsewhere, I would not have recognized them as BL contestants. I didn't know that Kris was that young. I thought she was older. She really did need the make over.

I did not like how the show ended. It seemed to me that there were a lot more commericals this week than normal.

I can't help but wonder how close we are to the week where two contestants leave and WHO those two are. (Can't help but hope it is the green team!) I know...curiousty killed the cat. LOL

~No longer running in my dreams, Complete Half Marathon 2:31:59! Thanks Agman! ~

"RE: Week 14 - Make Over"
Posted by grit on 04-05-12 at 05:38 PM
I usually like it when the episode is only 1 hour because of TV issues in my house, but this week would have been good for a 2 hour episode since I had the house to myself. Oh, well. I should be happy that there was only 1 hour of drama, not 2.

I am so tired of watching Conda cry her eyes out after most eliminations. If she was such good friends with Megan that Megan would ask her to be her maid of honor, why did she vote her out? Mark doesn't need to be there anymore. Megan does. After all, Conda doesn't play "the game", right? *eye roll*

I almost fell over laughing so hard when Conda said in a confessional that she admits to being "bossy and abrasive" (her words). But then she justified being that way for some lame reason. She reminds me of a former co-worker who actually came out and said, "I know a lot of people have a hard time with me but it's your problem and you're going to have to deal with it."

I'm just so happy that Conda gets the 1# disadvantage. It couldn't have happened to a better person!


Mark: Mark looked good but I miss his goatee. He has a weak chin and I think the goatee helps.

Chris: I knew that she was only in her early 40s and I'm glad they colored her hair. I didn't recognize her when she came out. She still looks a little heavy. I wish that Santa had made the makeover. I would have loved to see what they would do to him.

Buddy: I noticed that Buddy's beard was getting a little ragged. I wonder if the producers told him to stop shaving so the transformation would be more dramatic. He looked pretty good all cleaned up but I thought he bore a passing resemblance to Jared the Subway guy.

Conda: I liked the shorter hair and the hair color on her but she still looks pretty heavy, especially considering they've been there for 14 weeks. As of week 13, she had lost 28.57%. As of week 12 last season, the contestants had lost between 32% - 40%. It just goes to show that she's been coasting all this time.

Jeremy: Jeremy didn't look all that different. They shaved the beard and trimmed the hair. He also still looks heavy. Jeremy and Buddy have lost about the same percentage wise and both weigh about the same, but I think the clothes they picked for Buddy made him look thinner.

Kim: I loved it when her old pants fell down around her knees. I thought she looked stunning in the red dress. I wonder why they didn't have her wear it to the White House. Kim still looked the same but that's not a bad thing. She looked great. She really doesn't look heavy now. I also doubt that she was really wearing a size 6. She weighs 17# more than I do and I just dropped down to a size 8.

Did anyone else think that Dolvett had that "ooh, baby, I want you" look in his eye when Kim came out?

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"Week 15 - First Lady Exercises"
Posted by jbug on 04-11-12 at 09:24 AM
and talks and talks and talks......

I FF'd thru most all of it. She likes to hear herself talk, doesn't she? LOL

I was wondering why there was no challenge and then remembered we were on a TBC episode.

Wonder if Chris (or is it Kris) really ate as much as they made it look; or if that was for drama. Yes, she gained, but others have eaten at temptations and still lost. I think it was the emotional stress that caused her to gain.
But she looked good at home; so did Santa Roy!

I decided that Buddy's makeover makes him look like Jim Bob Dugger.

How much more can Kim lose?

Jeremy and Conda got by for many weeks not by losing a lot but by being on the right team and having alliances. Now, when they need to lose to stay above the line, they lose.
Now that they need to lose, they both still have plenty to lose. Think they had a strategy coming in?


So, just 2 more weeks to Final 3?

"RE: Week 15 - First Lady Exercises"
Posted by agman on 04-11-12 at 09:48 AM

>How much more can Kim lose?

DD was watching this last night, so it's the first time I've seen this show this season(or any season for that matter) but compared to the other contestants, Kim didn't even look like someone who needed to be on the show. How much did she weigh when she started?

"RE: Week 15 - First Lady Exercises"
Posted by jbug on 04-11-12 at 09:54 AM
She was at 162 on last night's episode.
She's a former professional wrestler.

Unfortunately they don't tell us their heights.
At the make over she was in a size 6.
yea, right. I can never figure out the small sizes they come up with.

"RE: Week 15 - First Lady Exercises"
Posted by udg on 04-12-12 at 00:10 AM
Kim is 5'8". Her current BMI is 24.6. Normal is between 18.5 and 24.9. Without taking anything else into consideration, if she were to aim for 18.5, she would have to get down to 122 lb! However, she's probably pretty muscular at this point, and while she could lose another 10-25 lb, it probably wouldn't be good for her to lose 40!

Thanks to tribephyl for the sigpic!

"RE: Week 15 - First Lady Exercises"
Posted by jbug on 04-12-12 at 10:13 AM
160 +/-
and size 6?

I'm 5'10" (maybe 10 1/2")
I weigh 175 (yes, I could stand to lose 10 to 15 lbs).
I wear size 16 now; if I lost 15 lbs I'd never get into anything less than a size 12. Benn there, I know.

So where do they come up with size 6?

that's my point.

"RE: Week 15 - First Lady Exercises"
Posted by udg on 04-12-12 at 06:08 PM
Oh, I TOTALLY agree with you. I'm 5'6", and when I weighed 125, I was still a size 8. There's some variety, depending on how you carry it, how tall you are, brand, etc, but 160 lb is not a size 6 by any stretch of the imagination.

Thanks to tribephyl for the sigpic!

"RE: Week 15 - First Lady Exercises"
Posted by grit on 04-13-12 at 08:35 AM
It also doesn't help that the clothing manufacturers keep screwing around with the sizes.

I'm 5'6". In high school, I weighed 115#. I bought a pair of black slacks at Macy's in 1980 and they were size 8 (I still have those slacks in my closet and they're tiny). In 2002, after gaining a bit of weight, I dropped back down to 135# and all the new clothes I bought were size 6. I gained weight and moved up to a size 10. Back in January, I was buying more slacks. My weight was unchanged but size 10 was now too big and I had to buy size 8. Yet the size 8s I bought when I was on my way down to a 6 are too tight.

When I was growing up, there was no such thing as a size 0. Not only do we now have a size 0 but even a size 00. We also didn't have size 2X or 3X. It's almost like the clothing manufacturers don't want women to feel bad about gaining weight, otherwise they might stop buying new clothes.

Mens' clothing sizes remain the same. My husband wears a 32x34. 32 means a 32" waist and 34 means 34" inseam. Why can't womens' clothing be as straightforward?

"RE: Week 15 - First Lady Exercises"
Posted by samboohoo on 04-16-12 at 09:11 AM
Agree. I haven't been a size 6 since I weighed about 115.

My current weight is 160, and it's a somewhat firm, muscular 160. I'm 5'4/5'4 and no where near a 6. I'm a comfortable 12 bottoms and Large top. This weekend I put on a pair of 10 capris that I have been working to get into. I could button them, but they were tight, and there is no way I'd wear them.

The same thing happened recently on an episode of The Revolution. And I thought, "Only in Tim Gun's magic closet is this woman a 6."

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"RE: Week 15 - First Lady Exercises"
Posted by udg on 04-12-12 at 00:15 AM
There was a lot of filler this week, but it's TBL, so there's always a lot of filler. The difference was it was Presidential Spouse Filler, instead of contestant/coach filler.

Also, 20 minutes? Bwahaha! Yeah. Whatever. Ms. Obama needs to get herself a trainer, 'cause 20 minutes ain't nothin'! My obese self does a hardcore 45 minute class every day, and she was whining before the 20 minute mark?

So, Bob is a Conda fan now? WTF, and why? I can only think they showed us that because she doesn't stay on the Quit Boat next week. How unfortunate for the viewers.

Thanks to tribephyl for the sigpic!
I would vote for the community thing, but I don't actually like any of them at this point.

"RE: Week 15 - Statistics"
Posted by grit on 04-12-12 at 08:43 AM
I like that the First Lady works out while watching TBL and is inspired by them to push up the incline. I do the same thing but with me I’ll pick a faster speed or work out longer than I had planned.

I was a little pissed that Roy told Chris he wanted her at home and I felt bad for her. When Chris was pigging out, I couldn’t figure out where she was getting all that food on the Ranch. But then they showed that they were still in DC so I figured she had access to room service. I’m surprised she pigged out like that with the cameras right in her face filming her. I would have thought she’d be embarrassed, knowing that this footage would be shown for sure.

Why does Bob suddenly love Conda? I noticed her edit is better but it seems to be a matter of the producers controlling what they show about her, not that her behavior is any better. Conda had a smug little smile on her face when Chris had a 2# gain on the scale. I wanted to slap her.

I was trying to figure out from the previews who stays and who goes next week. I can’t believe that the contestants were upset that someone gets a chance to come back and compete in the final 3. They did that last season and Ramon earned a spot back in the competition. I guess this season isn’t really about weight loss and it’s more about winning the money. I wonder how many of them will be able to hold onto their weight losses. I’m not betting on many of them to keep it off.

I don’t want to get my hopes up, but I read in a couple of places that Jeremy and Conda are the ones who leave for good. I noticed that in the previews neither of them got a confessional – it was Mark, Buddy, and Kim who were featured speaking in the previews. Probably just wishful thinking on my part…

There’s a bit of a surprise in the statistics this week. Take a look:

This week:

Jeremy 4.23%
Buddy 3.35% (not including 1# advantage)
Conda 2.38% (not including 1# disadvantage)
Mark 2.00%
Kim 1.22%
Chris +1.18%

To date:

Jeremy 35.99%
Kim 35.71%
Buddy 35.48%
Mark 32.65%
Conda 30.27%
Chris 28.33%

a berry nice sigpic from agman

"RE: Week 15 - Statistics"
Posted by MizJazmine on 04-12-12 at 06:34 PM
I couldn't believe how co-dependant Chris and her husband are! No wonder they're both unhealthy. That was so sad, Roy just couldn't let her have that. How selfish!

I couldn't figure out where the food and the phone was coming from until I remembered where they were. I have liked Chris, but she has proven to be a bit of a drama queen also. There are at least 2 former crisis that involved her.

I don't know, I think I really kinda gave up on this season seeing how Conda & Jeremy weren't being sent home and getting all the perks that come with that. Now Bob is giving "props" to Conda? I've lost A LOT of respect for this show. I really don't like any of the remaining people so it doesn't really matter for me. It's a wash.

"RE: Week 15 - Statistics"
Posted by samboohoo on 04-16-12 at 09:08 AM
You and I are on the same thought track. I too wondered about the phone and the food and realized they were at a hotel. I assume they all had access to order room service.

I feel so horrible for Chris. I have been there where I have eaten stuff just like that (well maybe not that whole mayo thing ), and I felt the same way.

She did look really good at home. I also briefly wondered about where they filmed her interview. All the clips of her house we've seen have made it look really dumpy. I thought that cobblestone wall in the background and the rest of the background looked really good.

Samboobree, brought to life by Arkie

"RE: Week 15 - Statistics"
Posted by jbug on 04-16-12 at 09:30 AM
In past seasons I think I even commented here about the contestants homes; how all of them seemed to be pretty upper middle class; all their homes in really nice neighborhoods and all.

I wondered if they only cast people who had homes like that? or if when they had to go to a home that was maybe not so nice, they used a family members home or something.

Seeing Chris & Roy's home made it real; these are real people; some who do not have a lot of money or a fancy house.

"RE: Week 15 - Statistics"
Posted by agman on 04-17-12 at 05:00 PM
So, the people who have fancy houses aren't real?

Posted by jbug on 04-17-12 at 08:01 PM
you know what I mean! *whack* again

on most seasons they looked real like the "real housewives" real

"Wk 16: Motivation!"
Posted by jbug on 04-17-12 at 10:21 PM

I really don't know what to say.
I'll be back;
carry on.

Crusin w/ Tribe

"RE: Wk 16: Motivation!"
Posted by JessicaRN on 04-18-12 at 01:49 AM
My DVR must have missed the first minute, because I'm not sure that I get what they were all so upset about. Have they never watched the show? Stuff happens!

Besides, they could just bully the new arrivals, like this group did the last time they brought people back.

Way too much drama. They obviously don't appreciate what they were given.

How does this affect the timing for the show? They went from 5 to 2 in one hour episode.

Kim has bigger bags under her eyes then I do!

"RE: Wk 16: Motivation!"
Posted by jbug on 04-18-12 at 09:11 AM
you didn't miss anything; it started off with camera people waling all around - not finding the contestants; seeing bags packed; going to get Bob & Dolvett,....

I loved that Allison & the lawyer spelled it out to them and showed them IN THE CONTRACT THAT THEY SIGNED that there would be returning contestants.

I was so wanting to hear someone say, "Go ahead, don't let the door hit you in the @ss when you go."

Did they really think they could bully the producers into changing the game for them - so that they wouldn't stay? LOL

At least Jeremy Conda & Kim has sense enough to think it over and not let pride get in the way.

I still can't get over the use of "who deserves this".
&%^#(*@% ! everyone who is overweight deserves it! **SLAP**
Just because you were one of the fortunate lucky ones to get picked to go to the ranch; and you were lucky enough to have alliances that did not vote you out.
Conda is one of the least losers (LOL) so why is she more deserving than someone who got sent home early from no fault of their own?

Looks like Jeremy will be competing with all the other returnees for a place in the finale.

That will take up another episode.
Then maybe an episode of the final 3 at home working out, etc.
Then the finale?

"RE: Wk 16: Motivation!"
Posted by samboohoo on 04-18-12 at 09:26 AM
Allison said something about the Finale being May 1, which is two weeks from last night. Next week is the last ep before the Finale.

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"RE: Wk 16: Motivation!"
Posted by grit on 04-18-12 at 03:17 PM
It just occurred to me that I'm going to miss the finale because I'll be away on vacation. I don't think I'll be able to convince my husband to skip dinner and dancing on the ship so we can go back to our cabin and see TBL. I could pretend that it doesn't matter because this season has been so sucky, but I still want to see it. I'm dying to see how everyone looks and I can't wait to see Conda lose.

I'll probably pop back in here first chance I get to read everyone's recaps and then watch TBL on Hulu as soon as I get a free moment after my vacation.

"In nine words:"
Posted by Estee on 04-18-12 at 07:25 AM
As if they would ever give you the satisfaction.

"RE: Wk 16: Motivation!"
Posted by samboohoo on 04-18-12 at 09:33 AM
LAST EDITED ON 04-18-12 AT 09:38 AM (EST)

Wow is right. I was sitting there shaking my head the whole time and also laughing about it.

I think I said, "Gee Mark, what if the person coming back is Chism?"

Also, with respect to Mark, wasn't he the one throwing a tantrum and wanting the rules to be changed so that he could go home the week Chism went home? I say good riddance to him and to Buddy. And that's a shame because I really liked Buddy.

LMAO at the lawyer pointing out the wording to Jeremy in the contract.

I completely understand the emotional part about being at the ranch, but who are they to say how hard they have it there. That's basically their life while they are there. They get food, shelter, and the trainers. Good trainers. Great trainers. I think it's harder to do it at home.

Kudos to Dolvett and Kim for showing the restraint they did at Conda's comment about Jeremy deserving it more than Kim. Definitely saw the maturity there.

Glad Bob has become a Conda fan. He may be the only one.

We started with 20, correct? Last night there were 3 left, then Allison said 14 coming through the door. Those 3 plus 14 is 17. Mark & Buddy make 19. Who are we missing? I honestly can't remember. I remember Buddy's brother wanting to go, and he's there in the preview. Looks like a blue shirt is missing. Can't remember. Didn't a blue guy quit early on?

ETA: Great job Kim!

Also, according to the website and the preview, Jeremy has a shot to still make the finals. Buddy and Mark are idiots.

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"RE: Wk 16: Motivation!"
Posted by grit on 04-18-12 at 11:01 AM
I thought it was weird the way they started the show by showing the camera crew running around trying to find everyone, but they didn’t show how the contestants found out about the returning players or the discussion they had that led to them wanting to quit. Then, when the crew told Bob what was going on, he said it made no sense because players are brought back every single season.

Mark said that he watched for years and he’s never seen this. I haven’t watched every season, but I do remember that last season Ramon won a spot in the finale by winning the marathon. He beat the contestants who were still on the Ranch at the time. So I guess Mark wasn’t paying attention all that hard when he watched last season. Mark thought it was unfair that someone who was voted out could come back into the game. Mark needs to remember that some of those people were voted out because of GAME PLAY because the rest of them wanted the $250K, not because those people were slackers who weren’t busting their butts as hard as (or harder than) the contestants who voted them out.

I thought it was really funny when they met with the lawyer who pointed out that the contract specifically said that eliminated players would be brought back to participate in a challenge to win a spot in the finale. I loved the look on Jeremy’s face when the lawyer pointed out the specific language and he suddenly realized he had screwed up. I wish they had shown the other 4 when the language was pointed out to them. Those 5 really had no valid argument.

Kim said she wants to compete with the people who deserve it, and the people who deserve it are the people in this house right now. In my opinion, Conda DOES NOT deserve to be there. She’s skated her way into the final 5. In my opinion, Cassandra is a good example of someone who deserves to be there but was eliminated due to game play. I would throw in Emily as well.

Buddy was upset that someone that’s been home hanging out with their kids for 8 weeks could win the game. Mark was also upset that someone could come in and win it all. Allison pointed out that they get a home, food, and training while at the Ranch. The contestants that these 5 people eliminated don’t get any of that. Personally, I think that if an eliminated player can overcome all the obstacles of training at home and beat someone who has had extended time at the Ranch, then all the more power to them. Why are they so worried that someone who was eliminated could come from behind and beat them at the finale? I can understand why Conda would be worried. She was below a lot of the eliminated players when they were at the Ranch. She’s probably afraid they’re still working out just as hard and could easily beat her.

They showed their journeys and the edits were pretty decent. They included Conda’s eyerolling so that Bob could talk about how much Conda has changed. But then at the weigh in when Jeremy got eliminated, Conda started ranting that Jeremy deserved to be there. She said that Kim didn’t deserve to be there. Kim has been ahead of Jeremy every single week except last week. Conda has been down near the bottom every single week. So I guess Conda hasn’t changed all that much. Good thing she has Bob in her fan club.

With all the drama going on, I was surprised they posted such great weight loss numbers. I wonder how that happened? I was happy that Kim won the car, especially since Conda was driving around in it then dragging it around the Ranch with her harness. And Kim was so gracious when she acknowledged that Dolvett was a big part of her success.

Statistics to date:

Kim 41.67%
Jeremy 38.56%
Conda 33.67%

Yes, Conda was right about one thing – Jeremy does deserve to be in the finale. But she misspoke when she said Kim doesn’t deserve to be there. I think she meant to say “Conda” doesn’t deserve to be in the finale.

Next week should be really interesting.

I got sliced!

"RE: Wk 16: Motivation!"
Posted by samboohoo on 04-18-12 at 11:49 AM

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"RE: Wk 16: Motivation!"
Posted by grit on 04-18-12 at 12:10 PM
*like* right back atcha. You must have posted as I started composing my long diatribe...

"RE: Wk 16: Motivation!"
Posted by jbug on 04-18-12 at 01:17 PM
**double like**
everything Grit said

"RE: Wk 16: Motivation!"
Posted by MTW1961 on 04-18-12 at 02:31 PM

Agree with everything the beautiful women above me have said!

One small point in defense of Conda - at least she correctly pointed out that Jeremy deserved to be in the finale more than she did, before INCORRECTLY saying Jeremy deserved it more than Kim.

How did they lose SO much weight? That could not have been one week. Maybe two weeks? 10% body weight loss for Kim at this point is just not possible in a week. I'm also thinking that maybe one way they dealt with the walk off of Buddy and Mark was to extend the White House episode over two airtime weeks.

Mark and Buddy are fools. I am glad to see them go and I agree with everything already said about them, especially the parts about "DESERVE" and getting to train at home. If training at home with your family is so much better, Buddy should have tried to get himself eliminated early on so that he could train at home and be ready to earn his way back in the game in the final challenge which was there in black and white in his contract!

Those two quitters also have lost out on any of the post-show perks that come with being a contestant - they likely will be excommunicated from the Biggest Loser family and not participate inthe finals, future shows, promotional events, etc. Did any of them win a prize? I'll bet they forfeit any prizes already won too. Good riddance!

Handcrafted by RollDDice!

"RE: Wk 16: Motivation!"
Posted by samboohoo on 04-18-12 at 02:55 PM
And I agree with you.

The 15 pounds was a lot. A lot. Although, I did lose 2.5 yesterday.

Samboobree, brought to life by Arkie

"RE: Wk 16: Motivation!"
Posted by jbug on 04-18-12 at 03:04 PM
I did too!
of course it was when I put down my purse.

"RE: Wk 16: Motivation!"
Posted by nap_time on 04-18-12 at 05:11 PM

~No longer running in my dreams, Complete Half Marathon 2:31:59! Thanks Agman! ~

"RE: Wk 16: Motivation!"
Posted by samboohoo on 04-19-12 at 10:48 AM

Samboobree, brought to life by Arkie

"RE: Wk 16: Motivation!"
Posted by nap_time on 04-18-12 at 05:08 PM
I don't even want to talk about the two guys that left, except to say I am disappointed in them.

As far as the rest of the show here are a few comments:
When did Bob become a Conda fan? I hope that his comments were scripted for him, because just a few weeks ago he was calling her "nasty and a bully". I really didn't like that he compared Tara (green team) to Conda...they don't even compare! Conda gives the green team a bad name.

I hate that she made it to the final. And her little whiney tantrum at the weigh in "it's not fair" just shows that she has not changed a bit.

I am glad that Kim made it to finale! I hope she or whoever the come back contestant is kicks Conda's butt!!

I tried to stop the frame on the group at the end to see who was missing, I could see 2 yellow team members, 2 aqua, 2 red, 2 purple, 2 orange, of course there is only one green and one pink cause the two finalist. The brown and grey team only had 1 member because Mark and Buddy quit. (I was very surprised to see Chism back since his dad quit.) The blue team also only had 1 member, but I couldn't tell who it was.

Emily looked amazing! Wished they would have shown Cassie! Can't wait for next week to see how the last finalist is chosen!

~No longer running in my dreams, Complete Half Marathon 2:31:59! Thanks Agman! ~

"RE: Wk 16: Motivation!"
Posted by zookeepertx on 04-18-12 at 11:00 PM
I just wish the producers would have told all 5 of the whiny babies to get out & brought back the 5 most recent evictees to finish up! As soon as the 5 made it clear they wanted to quit, I'd have told them, "Fine! Get out. Oh, now you're having second thoughts? Sorry, you already uttered the words 'I quit'. It's over!"
And then to listen to all of them spouting off about their honor & morals being why they were "taking a stand"... Oh, my arse! Like any of them know anything about morals! HAH!

"RE: Wk 16: Motivation!"
Posted by proserpine on 04-18-12 at 11:51 PM
I would be excited also if Cassandra and Emily came back.

I am thinking that Buddy and Mark may have left for a sense of honor. They may have had enough of the producers telling them stuff, like, "America does not like you", etc. Maybe they have enough money and just want to save face and show that there is more to their lives than the grand prize. I think they have realized that their image is not real hot, and to leave before they make it worse attacking the comebacks may be a good thing.

I am really glad Kim won the car. She probably cannot win the finale without going postal and anorexic. I am glad she won something. She has 5 percent on Conda, from the looks of it that will not be enough.

I do not think Jeremy is out of it just yet. It looks like he may be competing with the others who are trying to come back. I believe that three will be chosen. He will very likely be one of them.

If Jeremy does not make it back, then this last weigh in was a game changer for sure. He was a shoe in with Buddy gone. If he cannot win his way back, then an at home person will likely win it. It cannot be too hard to beat Conda. Kim is maxed out.

This is the first show in how many weeks? that has me wishing to see next week. Their desertion was good for ratings anyway.

Kim 9%? Maybe last week she drank water and lost more than 2 lbs.? Maybe she took a water pill? That percentage of wt. loss is unreasonable. I do not believe it is at all healthy, and likely not legal. I like her anyway, but, something is up. Maybe she wore ankle weights to the last weigh in, and hoped she would not be voted off. No idea how she did it, and a good magician never reveals. But, she did not lose fat, I can tell you that much for sure. I would not be at all surprised if she gains some next week.

So, Grits, good luck with recording it I guess. It may be a fun one or a yawn, depends on who makes it back.

"RE: Wk 16: Motivation!"
Posted by udg on 04-18-12 at 11:52 PM
The TWoP summary was spot on.

It was hilarious when Conda defined her "morals" as "what makes her feel good". That explains so very much! Her temper tantrum at the end was exceptionally amusing. Only in Conda's delusional brain does Jeremy deserve to be there over Kim.

Why were Mark & Kim so upset that their partners were getting a chance to come back? Of all the potential returnees, those two seem to have the best chance of winning a physical challenge. Maybe they realized that Cassandra probably has them beaten if it comes down to Total Percentage of Weight Lost?

Anyone else really, really, really wish Jillian had been there when the trainers confronted the quitters? 'Cause that trainer would not have been "speechless". Bwahaha!

The BL attorney was semi-awesome. Too bad the BL producer didn't grow a pair and tell the quitters who quit at quitting to pound sand. We could have gotten back Cassandra, Emily, Kimmy S, Megan, and Chris! That would have been a truly beautiful episode! Cassandra & Emily definitely deserve to be there more than Conda (even Kimmy and Chris do by TPWL), and the moral part of me would feel better if Conda fell down the stairs and broke her jaw (straining her eye-rolling muscle in the process).

Thanks to tribephyl for the sigpic!
If TBL doesn't offer Jillian a mountain of money to come back next season, they're bigger fools than I thought!

"RE: Wk 16: Motivation!"
Posted by Estee on 04-19-12 at 02:56 PM
While I'd normally expect a reality show to write a new version of the contract in the sure and certain knowledge that none of the contestants had read the original, I'm reasonably confident this twist was actually spelled out in the first draft. The show has done it in enough past seasons to make the event into formal legalese, and it's also a good way to keep the dismissed players motivated and losing weight once they get home. But if you wanted to argue no one bothering to go through every page...

As for Jillian -- it would have been entertaining, but 'NBC' and 'pay?' don't go together.

"RE: Wk 16: Motivation!"
Posted by udg on 04-19-12 at 05:03 PM
OTOH, they could have gone PPV with that confrontation!

Thanks to tribephyl for the sigpic!
Me thinks NBC also needs to institute a "fan favorite" prize. That might improve attitudes all round.

"RE: Wk 16: Motivation!"
Posted by featherfish81 on 04-21-12 at 10:54 PM
While I understand not everyone would have gone through every page of the contract, I find it difficult to believe that NO ONE had. I realize that bringing everyone back happened later in the season than everyone was expecting, but when people started making a fuss, someone should have said, "Yeah, and...? It was written in the contract, we all knew it was coming."

I guess after having had to split up week 1 and the continuous turns, it was the straw that broke the camel's back. But two (one?) weeks before the end of the ranch time it seems like you could have sucked it up for a little bit longer. But I think once they had all talked about quitting, Mark and Buddy probably felt like backing down would make them look weak, so they just decided to go home.

I wonder how Jeremy feels about all of the times he helped Conda out, and now she beats him at the end? And how did they all have double digit weight loss in week 16???

Like another poster said, I laughed when Conda said her morals were "what makes me feel good." Well, actually, I wanted to cry. But it does explain some stuff.

"RE: Wk 16: Motivation!"
Posted by curlytop on 04-20-12 at 11:27 AM
Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! Conda is finally gone. She had the "balls" to throw Kim under the bus. I am glad she was sent packing with her nasty bully attitude. Hope to see her on the final show all fat again. Ha! Ha! Ha!

"RE: Wk 16: Motivation!"
Posted by jbug on 04-20-12 at 01:26 PM
Sorry; think you better watch again.
Conda is in the Final 2 with kim.
Contest to see who joins them in the Final 3.

"RE: Wk 16: Motivation!"
Posted by agman on 04-20-12 at 02:42 PM
You may want to read this.


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"RE: Wk 16: Motivation!"
Posted by curlytop on 04-24-12 at 01:39 PM
You are right. Thank-you for reminding me.

"Weight loss explained"
Posted by udg on 04-22-12 at 08:31 PM
TMZ spoilers earlier in the season stated that TBL "shut down production for at least a week". If that's true, the numbers we saw were at least two weeks' of weight loss.

Thanks to tribephyl for the sigpic!

"RE: Weight loss explained"
Posted by proserpine on 04-22-12 at 10:42 PM
TY for the update. I did not understand that they were working out for two weeks. 16 pounds for Kim in two weeks is still pretty amazing, but at least believable. Tara did something at least similar, way back when.

Conda therefore did just fine. 10 pounds in two weeks is right up her alley.

And Jeremy? He certainly could have done better in my book. He has lost plenty, but he could have lost 13 in two weeks. He has demonstrated that he can compete.

I think Jeremy will be back. Depends on the contest, of course. And, I do believe the producers are capable of picking a contest which favors one contestant over another. But, I think he will make it back.

If Megan makes it back Conda and her can make more plans for her wedding!

"Wk 17 - Welcome back Losers "
Posted by jbug on 04-24-12 at 09:57 PM
Well that was a big waste of time; totally .

Not only did we have to listen to Conda whine about how she deserves to be there; and how Jeremy deserves to be there. ACK!
but all the anticipation at the finale of wondering how well all the eliminated contestants have done was taken away. We now know who has done well & who hasn't.
Most have done very well!

Conda & Jeremy both still have a lot to lose.
Kim is almost to her limit; but then I thought that about the 2 sisters last season & they both did well - and 1` won! So maybe Kim can pull this off/ Go Kim!

~~waits for grit to give me final stats~~~~

Maybe I haven't paid attention before, but Allison said
"see you at the live finale next week".
Does that mean they really did have the comp to determine the final of the F3 this week?
Or does she say it that way every time even tho there will be several (how many?) weeks for them to continue to lose before the live finale?

"RE: Wk 17 - Welcome back Losers "
Posted by udg on 04-24-12 at 11:41 PM
First, to answer your question, tonight's episode was filmed 6-8 weeks ago.

I shared your frustration with the utter bleck-ness of this episode. Even my 12 year old could tell that Jeremy was the returning player, and that the editing was shoving him down our throats. She said she wished they'd tried a little harder to make it suspenseful. OTOH, the audience was cheering for "anyone but him" so if they'd given us any real hope, we'd have been just that much more disappointed with the outcome.

Here's hoping the casting department learns from this season and does better next time.

Thanks to tribephyl for the sigpic!

"So who to root for?"
Posted by Estee on 04-25-12 at 06:40 AM
Personally, I'm really pulling for the closing credits.

As for the time passage, she would have said that if there had been a decade between the filming of this episode and next Tuesday. Alison lies a lot. She's one of those hosts for whom it's at least forty percent of her job.

Besides, if there was one week to go, most of the chances for a surprise winner would involve major surgery.

"RE: Wk 17 - Welcome back Losers "
Posted by samboohoo on 04-25-12 at 09:42 AM
Pretty certain "see you next week" was for the editing.

Daphne & Adrian: They don't look like they've done too much since leaving. Looks like Conda will best them.

Jeremy & Ben: I couldn't really tell if they were surprised about Mark & Buddy leaving or not. Jeremy doesn't look like he's done much since leaving.

Emily looked great. I was rooting for her. And I really wanted Kimmy to beat Jeremy in that darn foot race. Almost.

Conda made a point of telling her friends/family she "earned" a spot in the Final 3.


If ever there were a time for an America's vote . . .

At this point, I too am rooting for Kim. I think she has the most drive and motivation. Jeremy & Conda have each other, so they may have the advantage, but nothing would make me happier than seeing these two lose the big prize and the at-home prize since they are now out of contention.

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"RE: Wk 17 - Welcome back Losers "
Posted by jbug on 04-25-12 at 10:00 AM
nothing would make me happier than seeing these two lose the big prize and the at-home prize since they are now out of contention. AGREE!

Daphne got on the scale with the same ugly attitude look on her face that she had when she was there before. I hope that she is a much happier person in her real life away from this competition. but something tells me that she is always a sour puss.

I was trying to remember who the 3rd one was who had quit so was not allowed to come back. Had to look at the website.
Mike's partner - Joe. I don't even remember him. Remind me why he quit - or I'll go look at some of our comments back then.

I thought it was amazing how Mike had done so well when on the ranch it appeared he wasn't trying very hard. Good for him.

Ben mentioned 'his brother' & their opportunity there (wondered if they specifically told him he could not use Buddy's name )

Kim looked fantastic on her home arrival. Those spankx work wonders don't they? LOL
Even spankx couldn't hold in what Conda & Jeremy still have to lose.

"RE: Wk 17 - Welcome back Losers "
Posted by samboohoo on 04-25-12 at 11:22 AM
I can't remember why Joe left either, and I think I glanced at the comments and couldn't tell.

Yes, Ben's words were carefully crafted.

Agree about Daphne. I think she's a lot of talk, just like Conda. I think her look was simply because she knew Conda had her. I almost actually watched it to see if she had anything to say, but I just FF'd through it.

Kim's arms look good!

I've worn Spankx, and they do smooth things up.

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"RE: Wk 17 - Welcome back Losers "
Posted by proserpine on 04-25-12 at 09:34 PM
I agree, Jbug, if they only have one week, Kim can win. I would like that.

I was also impressed with Mike; Kimmy for the foot race - she ran faster than I thought she could; and that girl who got voted off week three. She lost some weight.

Chism said it best - he lost less weight than some who had been voted off early.

"RE: Wk 17 - Welcome back Losers "
Posted by featherfish81 on 04-27-12 at 10:25 PM
I too am rooting for Kim, though I wouldn't be furious if Jeremy won. He's worked hard and lost enough weight that his win would be legitimate. Conda has coasted this whole time, and definitely shouldn't win.

I'll be interested to see the weight loss between this week and next week. I think the weigh-in was a wake-up call for some people that they need to work harder, and they might step it up in the next few weeks.

Posted by udg on 05-02-12 at 00:38 AM
Well, tonight's finale was abbreviated. They must have thought we wouldn't want to watch 2 hours of these schmoes. (They were right.) I still FFed through some stuff, but there was a LOT less filler than usual. Good call, NBC.

I was disappointed that Jeremy's win. It feels like a win for Conda. I couldn't believe they still tried to convince us that Conda had grown up and grown nicer after her horrible rant at the end of the previous episode.

I would have been ok with Cassandra, Emily, or Mike winning, but I admit I was cheering for the girls. Oh, well.

I'll be really curious to see what kind of changes the show makes to keep another season like this from occurring. Will they make some major changes or just throw in a fan favorite vote?

Thanks to tribephyl for the sigpic!
My vote is for bringing back Jillian.

"RE: Finale"
Posted by jbug on 05-02-12 at 09:11 AM
I too FF'd thru some of the filler;
thankfully we didn't have to hear all the yada yada yada from each & every one.

I was really hoping Kim would win.
There was never any doubt that Conda couldn't pull it off.
Did you SEE the difference in her size & Kim's size standing next to each other? wow!

Even losing 199 lbs Jeremy still has weight to lose.
Hard to believe his percentage was higher than Mike's. Mike can't lost any more; he's really small.

I knew when they started with Chism, they just wanted him to be the one to "beat" for one or two others to weigh in. Wonder if his dad worked with him when he went home? or if he was so mad at the show he just stopped trying?

Crusin w/ Tribe

"RE: Finale"
Posted by samboohoo on 05-02-12 at 09:46 AM
Worst ending to the worst season. Glad it's over.

I knew Conda wouldn't even be close. I didn't expect Jeremy to win, so I was very disappointed. Kim looked great. She doesn't need to lose another pound. I think she'll keep it off, and she'll do well after the show. I can't say the same for the other two.

I FF'd too only because I got home late and wanted to go to bed. Mike looked great, and so did Emily and Cassandra. I too was fine with any of those three winning the at-home prize. I also thought Kimmy looked great. And Santa. He looks much better with that beard cut. Although it made the rest of him look really, really hairy.

Chism. I thought he looked completely different in regular clothes, much slimmer. I thought when he weighed in, he looked heavier.

Samboobree, brought to life by Arkie

"RE: Finale"
Posted by jbug on 05-02-12 at 10:40 AM
Yes, the hair cut & beard trim made Santa into a new man.
Like Chris, the change made him look much younger.
They are a nice looking couple now.

"RE: Finale"
Posted by susang on 05-02-12 at 01:11 PM
It was good that the Finale was only one hour

Roy looked better w/o the long beard

I wanted Kim to win, but Jeremy did -- oh well

"RE: Finale"
Posted by proserpine on 05-04-12 at 03:57 PM
At least Kim got a gym for her town and a car. I never really hated Jeremy, just his relationship to his sister. If he had been on the show without her, he would have come off in a better light. I am glad the winner went over 50%, it is a weight loss show.

Conda actually did lose 39%, I was suprised at that. Maybe Megan can get revenge for all of us when she picks out a bridemaids dress for her, lol.

Still would have preferred Kim.

Really glad Mike won the 100 K. I would have been fine with most of them, to be honest. He did catch the "BS of Conda" early on, though. And she did portray him in a poor light. Nice to show her up.

Mike should be glad he didn't get into the final 3. Kim had him beat. Kim should have gone for the 100 K in retrospect.

All the people I liked looked great. So glad this is over. The good news is that the producers do not have to try too hard to beat this season.

"waiting for Grit"
Posted by jbug on 05-04-12 at 04:26 PM
for the final percentages.

I'd like to know how some others did in comparison to Conda.
like Daphne - or her brother what's his name?
and Emily, and Chris

"RE: Finale"
Posted by featherfish81 on 05-06-12 at 08:58 PM
I wanted Kim to win, too, but she just didn't have the weight to lose. I don't have the numbers, but I think she would have had to drop to about 125 to win, and for her height that would have been unhealthy (not that winners haven't dropped to an unhealthy weight before.)

But I'm not opposed to Jeremy winning, he worked hard and I agree, was mostly tainted by his association with Conda. I hope her transformation was genuine and not just an improvement in editing.

"RE: Season 13: No Excuses"
Posted by Tummy on 05-04-12 at 11:30 AM
So glad this season is over and I can start watching again.

"RE: Season 13: No Excuses"
Posted by agman on 05-07-12 at 10:12 AM
Thanks for watching, just drop off any excess pounds in the back as you leave and we'll see ya next time!

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"RE: Season 13: No Excuses"
Posted by JessicaRN on 05-08-12 at 00:00 AM
Ironic how the "No Excuses" theme, created nothing but a focus on excuses. It was a weird season that never really seemed to get going.

"Final statistics"
Posted by grit on 05-09-12 at 03:40 PM
I haven't had a chance to watch the finale, but now that I'm back from vacation I crunched the final numbers. Here are the stats and my observations:

Jeremy 51.16%
Kim 46.83%
Mike 44.69%
Conda 39.12%
Emily 38.64%
Cassandra 38.49%
Lauren 36.18%
Buddy 35.48% (when he quit)
Ben 35.10%
Mark 32.65% (when he quit)
Daphne 32.47%
Kim S. 32.42%
Chris 32.08%
Megan 29.34%
Adrian 29.19%
Roy 28.76%
Chism 28.53%
Gail 27.02%
Nancy 25.81%
Joe 2.34% (when he quit)

I was really hoping for Kim to win, but she really had nothing left to lose. She looked fantastic. Jeremy, OTOH, started with a higher BMI and looks like he still needs to lose another 10 - 20 pounds. I'm not surprised he ended up winning. He just had so much more room for weight loss.

I remember Mike being kind of abrasive when he was on the Ranch, but I saw a bit of a competitor in him. I'm not surprised he won the at-home prize.

Conda looked pretty good in the pictures I saw of her but my image of her is still marred from her ugly behavior on the show. Considering she was in the top 3, her weight loss should have been higher. Two episodes before the finale, Kim was at 41.67% and Conda was only at 33.67%. Conda couldn't even get her weight loss percentage as high as Kim's before leaving the Ranch. Emily and Cassandra were each less than 1% point behind Conda and they were eliminated a lot earlier. Conda probably needs to lose at least another 30 - 40 pounds. I don't see her doing it.

Emily, Cassandra and Roy all looked great in their "after" pictures. I love how they styled Roy. What a difference! I barely recognized Emily with that long hair.

Daphne did pretty well with her weight loss, considering everything that she went through. Adrian ended up being more of a boaster and still has a way to go. Chism also has a way to go. I wonder if Mark's quitting had any effect on him and his motivation.

I'm glad this season is finally over. I can't wait for the next season and hope it's a lot better.

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"welcome home"
Posted by jbug on 05-09-12 at 03:50 PM
thank you!

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