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"New Season 9/20/2011"

Posted by jbug on 09-20-11 at 09:42 PM
LAST EDITED ON 09-24-11 AT 09:48 PM (EST)

Who's watching?
3 teams of 5 each.

and the new trainers?
Anna - tennis pro has the older team; I think she's going to need to toughen up!

Dolvett - trains professional athletes. Dang is he hot! and tough! and hot!

& there is our all time favorite Bob. Looking as good as ever.

Crusin w/ Tribe

E to spell the HOT guy right!

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Messages in this discussion
"RE: New Season 9/20/2011"
Posted by zookeepertx on 09-20-11 at 10:13 PM
Me, me, ME! I'm here! I didn't even realize it was starting this evening, just stumbled across it, then had to skip back & forth between this & DWTS results, LOL!

Don't have a handle on all the names yet, but didn't see any real obnoxious people. I wasn't too fond of Debbie & her "can't I take a break?", "hey, can I stop for a while", blah, blah, blah. I don't guess she's ever seen the show, heheh! I kinda thought she'd quit whining after a while, but apparently not. Then, when she pulled that crap on Bonnie while they were discussing who to vote off she lost me entirely. I was really ticked off when the first man voted to send Bonnie home, but then Mike(?) saved the day!

I felt bad for Bob, though; I was SO hoping his team would win the weigh-in. Agree with your comments on the new guy trainer - Dovert? Dovelt? Aww, who cares - just give him some more screen time, LOL! He & Bob can just dominate the screen & make my evening!

"RE: New Season 9/20/2011"
Posted by samboohoo on 09-21-11 at 09:00 AM
I'm watching, just not quite on the same schedule as you yet. We had baseball last night and back-to-school night.

Samboobree, brought to life by Arkie

"RE: New Season 9/20/2011"
Posted by jbug on 09-21-11 at 04:18 PM
I didn't get to watch it all; I usually get the recording started and then start after at the beginning after about 45 min or so; that way I can FF thru commercials & yada yada yada stuff.

Anyway, I didn't get to watch it all.
I had to attend this LIVE vote thingie for the Hamster House.
Want to know who won?

Showin off my win! Thanks Cahaya-wonderful game!

"RE: New Season 9/20/2011"
Posted by nap_time on 09-21-11 at 05:21 PM
Missed it because of a soccer game...But my sister so kindly recorded it for me and gave me text updates throughout the show. Got home in time to see Debbie get voted off.

Thought it was interesting that Bob got the black team...maybe he thought blue wasn't his color anymore.

Looking forward to a great season and hanging out with y'all again. (Hopefully I will be able to post more this time!)

~Running in my dreams, Thanks Agman! ~

Posted by grit on 09-21-11 at 08:49 PM
Admit it, y'all were waiting for me to crunch the numbers and post, weren't you?

I miss Brett and Cara. I wasn't a long-time viewer of TBL so I don't miss Jillian that much. I never really cared for her. I don't like Anna. I find her kind of ineffective and annoying. And Dolvett, wow! I'll just quote jbug: Dang is he hot! and tough! and hot! I'll stop there because we're supposed to be PG-13 around here...

The middle team won with a total of 6.82%, the young team came in 2nd with a total of 5.26%, and the old team came in 3rd with a total of 3.58%. I find it interesting that Johnny, whose team lost this week, was ahead of 3 of the young team members in this week's rankings. A sign of things to come?

Here's how they ranked as a whole:

John 8.31%
Antone 7.16%
Joe 6.32%
Courtney 5.93%
Jessica 5.91%
Sunny 5.78%
Jennifer 5.76%
Johnny 5.18%
Patrick 5.17%
Vinny 4.93%
Ramone 4.79%
Becky 4.20%
Mike 3.88%
Debbie 2.51% ELIMINATED
Bonnie 1.57%

I got sliced!

"RE: Statistics"
Posted by nap_time on 09-23-11 at 04:00 PM
Thanks for crunching the numbers. I am a number person, so it helps me to see it broke down like this.

I finally watch online and I am impressed with this season so far. I am with you, I don't care for Anna...she isn't tough enough to get the people to do what needs to be done.

I agree also with JBUG about Dolvett... WOW!

So far, none stick out as my favorites, but I was glad to see Debbie go home. Her whining was getting on my nerves! "Are we done yet?" PLEASE!

My favorite quote of the night goes to Dolvett, "Don't touch the treadmill, that's my treadmill!" LOL wonder if he has any Drill instructor in him?!?

Can't wait for next week!

~Running in my dreams, Thanks Agman! ~

"RE: New Season 9/20/2011"
Posted by Tummy on 09-22-11 at 09:34 AM
LAST EDITED ON 09-22-11 AT 09:39 AM (EST)

Just watched. Have to admit that watching the intro was hard with the CH-46, way too easy to visualize Mike being on his last mission. It's weird how little things like this catch you off guard.

I don't get why Bret and Cara were replaced.

I'm think I'm going to like the teams split up like this.

"RE: New Season 9/20/2011"
Posted by jbug on 09-22-11 at 12:49 PM
GF, you are gonna need a lot of {{hugs}} as time goes on; I'm here to send you a few.
I wondered what TBL has that gets them these military connections...

Showin off my win! Thanks Cahaya-wonderful game!

"RE: New Season 9/20/2011"
Posted by nap_time on 09-23-11 at 04:01 PM
Tummy, sending you some hugs too! Praying for ya!

~Running in my dreams, Thanks Agman! ~

"RE: New Season 9/20/2011"
Posted by taffnic on 09-23-11 at 09:31 PM
I just got through watching the episode. And agree with the comments about Dolvett..hot..hot..

courtesy of Cap'n2patch

"Episode 2: 9/27/11"
Posted by jbug on 09-28-11 at 09:22 AM
Not many of us posting so unless this thread gets really big, we'll just post the season here for awhile.

Already I think this will be Anna's first & last time as a trainer on TBL. She's a softee. She talks to her "senior" group like she is working with them in their retirement home! This is TBL girl! It's hard, it's tough, get mean!
I'd like to see how Bob or Jillian would handle this group.

I'll admit I FF thru some of this but catch myself watching every slow minute of Dolvett . How can you not look at those arms and pecs?
I like how one of the guys talked about him being so nice before they get to the gym and then he turns as soon as they start working out.

Bob is so much fun to watch. How he approached the 5 am workout was hilarious! Felt bad that John(?) ate so many donuts when he didn't have to eat that many; but glad to see he still worked it all off in the end.

I liked the floating maze comp. That was interesting & different. (would like to see Survivor steal that idea).

Joker Original 8/2011

"RE: Episode 2: 9/27/11"
Posted by Flowerpower on 09-28-11 at 03:52 PM
Agreed, Anna is very soft. I worry if they don't intervene soon, the blue team could indeed be history.

Dolvett is downright scary in the gym. I don't know if he has to go that far! I think that the middle aged black team is in the best position. The young team should start to do something right soon. I really like the TV producer, but what did she do to her knew already? She will be in big trouble if she can't keep up, imo.

Bob is going to carry on, no matter what. And I think Alli looks fantastic too, this season. There are some beautiful contestants this season. Can't wait to see how they progress through the season.

"RE: Episode 2: 9/27/11 Statistics"
Posted by grit on 09-28-11 at 09:01 PM
Bob was hysterical at the morning workout. I wonder if he's one of those people who get's really stupid when tired. I wonder if the trainers were working with the contestants outside of the gym. They made such a big deal about them only having 2 hours in the gym but there are other ways to workout without going to a gym.

Wow, the challenge finish was a nailbiter! I couldn't believe it when the ball kept circling around without dropping in, then finally dropped in with 2 seconds to spare.

Anna is useless. She's such a goody-goody cheerleader but not much of an inspirational trainer. I can't believe they got rid of Cara and Brett for her. She doesn't push them nearly as hard as Dolvett and Bob do. I don't understand her comments about Johnny. Earlier in the program, Anna said she saw such an improvement in Johnny over the previous week. Then when he stepped on the scale and had a 2# gain, she said that Johnny slacked off all week.

Iím not going to calculate the 1# and 2# advantages into my statistics for this week. They were only important for figuring out which team had to send someone home.

The red team lost a total of 2.18%. The black team lost a total of 2.32% . The blue team lost a total of 1.21 %.

Hereís how they ranked as a whole for the week:

John 3.82%
Jessica 3.02%
Courtney 2.83%
Ramone 2.74%
Antone 2.47%
Mike 2.41%
Sunny 2.35%
Becky 2.24%
Jennifer 1.97%
Patrick 1.66%
Vinny 1.25%
Bonnie 1.21%
Joe .62%
Johnny +.64%

And how they rank to-date:

John 11.69
Antone 9.40%
Jessica 8.66%
Courtney 8.52%
Sunny 7.94%
Jennifer 7.58%
Ramone 7.32%
Joe 6.90%
Patrick 6.72%
Becky 6.30%
Mike 6.15%
Vinny 6.10%
Johnny 4.57%
Bonnie 2.76%

I got sliced!

"RE: Episode 2: 9/27/11 Statistics"
Posted by jbug on 09-29-11 at 10:04 AM
LAST EDITED ON 09-29-11 AT 10:06 AM (EST)

I wonder if the trainers were working with the contestants outside of the gym. They made such a big deal about them only having 2 hours in the gym but there are other ways to workout without going to a gym.

I kept expecting them to cover this; no way were they all just sitting around the house all day doing nothing.

Vinny? didn't have a clue who he was till this week; Justin (I think) has been getting all the air time & Vinny was just a shadow till now.

ETA: I don't think they will leave the teams as they are for long; #1 surely they want the older group to do better; & #2 they don't want a team dwindled down to no one and all 6 still left on both other teams; & #3, they like twists; so I expect to see a team mix up if Anna's team loses the next weigh in.

Crusin w/ Tribe

"RE: Episode 2: 9/27/11 Statistics"
Posted by nap_time on 09-29-11 at 04:13 PM
OR the producers realized to late how bad a trainer Anna really is and the only way to get her gone is to let her team be completely voted off...remember, that happened once before to that girl that replaced Jillin that one season. Then Jillian came back so there were three teams, Black, Blue and Red. The Red team picked off one by one till there were none left and then the trainer left too.

~Running in my dreams, Thanks Agman! ~

"RE: Episode 2: 9/27/11 Statistics"
Posted by jbug on 09-29-11 at 04:22 PM
true, but
this time, the senior team has 2 strikes against them.
They have a softee for a trainer,
they are - as a whole - more likely to have injuries and likely to lose less. I know there are a few "seniors" who have done well in the past, but most have a harder time losing than the younger ones.

Hey Grit? got some statistics on this?

Joker Original 8/2011

"RE: Episode 2: 9/27/11"
Posted by nap_time on 09-29-11 at 06:16 PM
Ok, got to watch the entire episode today...pretty good overall.

My favorite so far is Jennifer. She is the 40 year old tv producer. (black team) I like her attitude and how she is pushing through her injury.

I loved Alli's face during the food challenge when Johnny was "eating" the donuts. The sounds he was making were hilarious! My favorite quote of the show was the red guy during that time, "I don't know what he was doing to those donuts, but it didn't sound like he was eating them." LOL I know it has probably been discussed in previous seasons, but I wonder what the producers of the show would do if NO ONE participated in the food challenge. I think it would be great if just one time all the contestants would be strong and NOT give in.

Bob is evil in the morning...that giggle of his with the megaphone was scarey! If he woke me up like that, I would shove that megaphone where the sun don't shine!

I really like the black team..but I don't like John. Something about him, maybe the fact that it is week two and he is already "playing the game". Kinda got lost on the "he said she said" venting they had, but was glad that the other black team members supported Sunny!

I am glad that Johnny left. His whining got on my nerves! He needed Jillian there to kick his tail!

I fell out when the red team was doing the product placement and one guy said he wished they would invent biscuit and gravey flavored yogurt..LOL

Does Bonnie remind anyone else of a chipmuck? AND does Sunny remind anyone of the crazy Tracy from a few seasons ago...not her attitude but her looks.

Dovett is awesome! I love his quotes.
"Dedication, go hard, go hard, NO EXCUSES"
"If you're not moving you're not losing."

~Running in my dreams, Thanks Agman! ~

"RE: Episode 2: 9/27/11"
Posted by samboohoo on 09-30-11 at 09:48 AM
Agree with you about Sunny. I was thinking the exact same thing.

Samboobree, brought to life by Arkie

"which is which?"
Posted by jbug on 10-05-11 at 09:19 AM

"RE: which is which?"
Posted by nap_time on 10-05-11 at 10:56 AM
Something about the eyes! Thank goodness Sunny doesn't give those crazy eye stares that Tracey used to do...

Could they be related? Or just look alikes...

~Running in my dreams, Thanks Agman! ~

"RE: which is which?"
Posted by jbug on 10-05-11 at 11:01 AM
LAST EDITED ON 10-05-11 AT 11:06 AM (EST)

they could be sisters!

Sunny is from Frisco, TX
Tracey was from Allen, TX.

these towns are only about 13 miles apart.

"RE: which is which?"
Posted by nap_time on 10-07-11 at 09:47 AM
More research is needed! That is really weird.

~Running in my dreams, Thanks Agman! ~

"RE: Episode 2: 9/27/11"
Posted by samboohoo on 09-30-11 at 09:51 AM
I am not as into this year as previous years, but I think it's more because I don't have two hours to just sit and watch, so I'm watching when I can.

I like Bob in black! I assume he did that as a tribute to Jillian. And yes, he had me laughing so hard with the early morning workout.

Anna: I'm undecided on her so far. I think we'd have a very different Anna if she had a different team. I'm not sure how competitive her team is.

Dolvett: Love him. Nuff said.

I'm probably in the minority, but, even with my non-opinion about Anna, I like Anna & Dolvett way more than Brett & Cara.

Samboobree, brought to life by Arkie

"RE: Episode 2: 9/27/11"
Posted by jbug on 09-30-11 at 10:23 AM

I like Anna & Dolvett way more than Brett & Cara.

that's cause Dolvett would win your vote mine too all by himself against Brett & Cara!
Anna is a non-anything!

"RE: Episode 2: 9/27/11"
Posted by featherfish81 on 10-01-11 at 09:13 PM
I agree that Anna seems to be really soft. I don't think you necessarily have to yell at the contestants in order to get them to work out (I would hate it if I had a trainer who yelled at me) but she also doesn't seem to be pushing them very hard.

I got lost in the whole black team drama, too. Since we didn't see the incident, and I still don't completely know who is who, I wasn't sure exactly what they were mad about.

Maybe the contestants weren't allowed to work out during the time they weren't with their trainers, since they were talking about having to learn how to fit working out into just a few hours of the day? But what did they do for the rest of the day? I know a couple of seasons ago they were teaching the contestants the same thing, but they actually worked all day.

Also, I'm not sure I agree with the decision to send Johnny home. Yeah, he kind of slacked off this week, but I think he learned his lesson, and was due for a good week the next week. I know Bonnie works hard, but with her injury she isn't much help in the challenges and also isn't losing a lot on the scale.

"RE: Episode 2: 9/27/11"
Posted by Starshine on 10-05-11 at 11:01 AM
I'm not sure that Anna is that soft, it's just the material she has to work with, if Dolven had been given that team and tried to yell them through he may have had problems.

I'm having memories that there was a week when teams were locked out of the gym and did all their exercise using "commonly available" materials.

Lovely cheese Mooney

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"10/4 episode"
Posted by cahaya on 10-04-11 at 04:34 PM
Previews to this looked interesting, with some fav NFL players this week... Drew Brees, Clay Matthews, Tony Gonzalez, Tim Tebow, Shawne Merriman and Eric Dickerson.

Although I'm not watching this show regularly or doing recaps of it, tonight might be a night to just relax and watch this NFL-themed episode.

"RE: 10/4 episode"
Posted by jbug on 10-05-11 at 09:12 AM
Loved NFL week!
How awesome that they got that experience along with changing their lives.
Best part? when Coach won the super bowl tickets!

Back to the beginning....
challenge for $5000; throw a football through a player's cutout; 3 NFL players playing with them; smart to take them out first. I never like these kind of challenges. There is NOTHING one can do for yourself to win. It's all up to the others if you get knocked out first or last to the end. Well, except for the last 2 or 3 left standing, then if you are faster, you can win.

Last chance work-outs with NFL players too. I think the older player with the blue team really motivated them. I was surprised that Bonnie lost so much; course she was due after 2 weeks of very little loss. Does anyone else think she looks way over 63?

pics of all in case you are still like me & trying to remember names:

Should have known when the red team was sitting in the ice tubs & talking about how close they have become that they would be losing someone this week. Glad Patrick got his head straight before he left. Dolvett's comment when Patrick weighed in could have been staged; thinking of it after Patrick was eliminated made it seem like Dolvett knew Patrick could go home.
Patrick might have a chance to train & win the marathon & come back for the finale. He lost almost 100!

just a thought: those that get eliminated sooner have more time to train for the marathon than those who get sent packing more toward the end. Sure they are all losing weight while they are there, & I guess they all have time between the F3 and the marathon to train.

"RE: 10/4 episode Statistics"
Posted by grit on 10-05-11 at 09:25 PM
Personally, I wasnít too excited about this weekís episode. Iím not a fan of football. I think it was good for the contestants, though. They seemed all fired-up about those Stupid Bowl tickets and their numbers were pretty great.

There was a little bit of editing foolery with Jennifer. When they cut to commercial while she was on the scale, they showed 307 on the scale (a two pound gain) and Jennifer was crying. Then after the commercial, they showed that she had actually lost 16 pounds. I think it was amazing that she lost that kind of weight with a knee injury. It canít be easy for her.

Johnís kind of an obnoxious guy but you canít deny heís on quite a losing streak. Jessicaís also doing really well. It annoys me that Patrick was the one sent home.

The red team lost a total of 2.93%. The black team lost a total of 4.58%. The blue team lost a total of 4.34%

Hereís how they ranked as a whole for the week:

Mike 5.86%
Joe 5.25%
Jennifer 5.25%
Jessica 4.74%
John 4.58%
Becky 4.04%
Antone 3.95%
Sunny 3.92%
Patrick 3.05%
Courtney 2.83%
Bonnie 2.83%
Vinny 2.50%
Ramone 2.13%

And how they rank to-date:

John 15.73%
Jessica 12.99%
Antone 12.98%
Jennifer 12.42%
Joe 11.78%
Mike 11.65%
Sunny 11.55%
Courtney 11.11%
Becky 10.08%
Patrick 9.56%
Ramone 9.30%
Vinny 8.45%
Bonnie 5.51%

I got sliced!

"RE: 10/4 episode Statistics"
Posted by featherfish81 on 10-07-11 at 01:00 AM
This might have been discussed before, but when they are calculating a person's percentage of weight loss, are they using the actual amount lost, or rounding it to the nearest pound? Because if they round to the nearest pound, and then might have to go to the third decimal place to find a winner, that the numbers could be off.

"RE: 10/4 episode Statistics"
Posted by grit on 10-07-11 at 11:02 AM
I assume they're rounding to the nearest pound because they always give the weight in pounds, no ounces.

I would guess that if it came down to a really close call, they would use pounds and ounces to determine the winner. I have no idea if it's ever been an issue before.

"RE: 10/4 episode Statistics"
Posted by jbug on 10-07-11 at 02:57 PM
didn't that just come up with the weights or percentages for winning the super bowl tickets?
until Coach beat them all?

"RE: 10/4 episode Statistics"
Posted by featherfish81 on 10-07-11 at 04:02 PM
Yeah, that's what made me think of it. Luckily Coach made it a moot point.

But here's what I mean:

Jennifer started at 305 and lost 16 pounds, so 5.2459%
Joe started at 324 and lost 17 pounds, so 5.2469% - Joe wins.


If Jennifer had lost 16.1 pounds (rounded down to 16) and Joe had lost 16.9 pounds (rounded up to 17) then Jennifer wins - 5.28% to 5.22%.

I wonder if anyone has complained about this before.

"RE: 10/4 episode Statistics"
Posted by jbug on 10-07-11 at 04:18 PM
I see what you mean.
I've often wondered why the don't use fractions.
Dance Your A$$ Off used fractions of pounds in their weigh ins.

"RE: 10/4 episode Statistics"
Posted by samboohoo on 10-07-11 at 10:19 AM
Stupid football? *gasp*

Did you see Drew Brees? He could make any woman root for football.

Samboobree, brought to life by Arkie

Posted by samboohoo on 10-07-11 at 10:22 AM
I watched last night - through much FFing. I realized at the end somewhere that I might have missed something somewhat important.

When Joe got up on the scale he said something like, "Is it okay for me to come down now?" or something like that. What was that about?

"The older player with the blue team." Um, do you mean Hall of Fame running back Eric Dickerson? How is it again that you are leading the football pool???????

Samboobree, brought to life by Arkie

"RE: Question"
Posted by jbug on 10-07-11 at 10:47 AM
Bob told Joe before he got on the scale that if he didn't blow it out, then not to come back down.
So Joe asked if he could come back down.

I know the names of very few players
I know Joe Montana
Steve Mcnair
Troy Aikman
Roger Staubach
well, you get the picture...

Showin off my win! Thanks Cahaya-wonderful game!

"RE: Question"
Posted by stlouisfan76 on 10-07-11 at 02:14 PM
(waves to jbug) - It appears we both watch more than one show - saw you over on the Project Runway board too.

I agree with you on football - love it, love it, love it. As a Rams' fan - yeah, I know they are really, really bad this year - bringing up the name Steve McNair brings up fond memories of Super Bowl whatever the number. And I can really relate to knowing all of those players.

As for this year's group - hard to get a handle on them. Usually by now there is someone to dislike - not finding one this year. Not crazy about the age related groups - but it is something different.

"RE: Question"
Posted by jbug on 10-07-11 at 02:59 PM
~~~~waves back at stlouisfan~~~

You'll see me on a lot of reality tv forums.
I think I'm addicted.

Glad you've joined us. Please stick around; you'll have fun & we'll enjoy having new blood friends.

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"10/11 Episode"
Posted by jbug on 10-12-11 at 09:36 AM
Each team gets a veteran biggest loser contestant to come train & motivate them - age appropriate for each team

Challenge was to carry a plastic box filled w/ letters from home thru a course - passing the box along to the person next to them and then running to the front of the line to get another turn. Red got to moving rather fast and appeared to be taking steps with the box but no penalties called. Black overtook them to win.
Blue finished so much later that Red & Black hair had had time to dry before Blue got to the top of the hill.
In the end, everyone got their letters; black also got video chats from home.
I'm waiting on any challenge that allows Blue team a fair chance; but after last night's elimination, I don't think that's even possible. I hate to see all physical challenges that seem so partial to the younger & middle teams.
Too bad a challenge on answering nutrition questions or something couldn't have been done earlier when there were Blue members to participate.

What is it with Bonnie? She looks & acts way older than 63! My sister is 61 and altho she has some knee & hip pains, at least she can move around! Bonnie moves like she's 83. Guess that's what happens when you don't get any exercise (reminds self to get on the treadmill!) .
And what is it with her leaning to one side? Even on the scale she doesn't stand straight - she leans to her left. It makes her work outs look even harder - but she does keep going!
Anna was in her element on the tennis court - looked like a good workout - & fun.

Dolvett is a hunk! and seems to be thinking of the obstacles that are in their way, but still hasn't broken thru all of them. Hope he gets all of Red losing faster.

Bob? is just Bob! I swooned when he took off his shirt & dove into the pool! LOL Can you imagine being in the pool trying to work out and seeing him do that? I'd probably drown!

Scared by Agman in 2008

"RE: 10/11 Episode"
Posted by grit on 10-12-11 at 10:53 AM
I was glad that all 3 teams got to read their letters. The video chats were really emotional. Something tells me that there's something going on in John's past that we'll be hearing about in an upcoming episode. He's a bit of a mystery. He's a jerk sometimes but then he got so emotional on his video chat. He's been pushing really hard and is currently in the lead. Bob even made a comment about John not stopping until the confetti from the finale is in his hair.

I like how Bonnie makes jbug think about getting on the treadmill. I was on the treadmill last night watching the first hour of TBL. I was feeling kind of tired from my 20-mile bike ride on Sunday and was going to quit early. Then they showed Bonnie doing 3.3 on the treadmill. So I figured if Bonnie could push herself, I could push myself too. I did my full workout and pushed my last two sprints up to 6.0.

And, jbug, stay away from Dolvett. That man is mine. I agree that the red team has some obstacles that are holding them back. I can understand why the middle-aged contestants have gained weight. But for people that young to gain so much weight, there has to be emotional issues. Dolvett is definitely trying to work them hard physically but he's got to deal with those emotional obstacles first. He seems aware of the emotional issues and is trying to tackle them.

It's interesting that Jennifer Ė with her knee injury - has lost a higher percentage than everyone on the red team, everyone on the blue team, and Sunny and Joe on her own team. I was a little sad that Mike went home. His 4 week percentage is 13.27% while Bonnieís was only 8.27%. She hasnít even cracked the double digits yet. But part of me agrees that Becky and Bonnie need to be there more than Mike.

I like the statistics because they show us stuff that the editing doesnít show. Game play sometimes eliminates people who are doing much better than other players. I was annoyed with last seasonís editing because they kept shoving Olivia and Hannah in our faces. We all know now why their edit was so heavy.

Hereís how they ranked as a whole for the week:

Ramone 3.42%
Bonnie 2.92%
Jennifer 2.42%
John 2.40%
Antone 2.06%
Vinny 2.05%
Joe 1.95%
Mike 1.83%
Sunny 1.63%
Courtney 1.25%
Becky .93%
Jessica .90%

And how they rank to-date:

John 17.75%
Antone 14.77%
Jennifer 14.55%
Jessica 13.78%
Joe 13.51%
Mike 13.27% ELIMINATED
Sunny 13.00%
Ramone 12.39%
Courtney 12.22%
Becky 10.92%
Vinny 10.33%
Bonnie 8.27%

I got sliced!

"RE: 10/11 Episode"
Posted by Golden3 on 10-12-11 at 11:06 AM
I didn't watch last night, were Olivia and Hannah on there? I couldn't stand either one of them. I am curious as to your follow comment, did something happen with them? "I was annoyed with last seasonís editing because they kept shoving Olivia and Hannah in our faces. We all know now why their edit was so heavy."

"RE: 10/11 Episode"
Posted by jbug on 10-12-11 at 11:52 AM
Hannah was there to support & motivate the Black team.
She looked super; very fit & trim - and "tight" (no sags )

"RE: 10/11 Episode"
Posted by grit on 10-12-11 at 12:39 PM
I just meant that last season the statistics showed that Hannah and Olivia weren't the biggest losers most of the season. So I was surprised that the girls got a lot of screen time. The reason why their edit was so heavy was because they ended up in 1st and 2nd place.

"RE: 10/11 Episode"
Posted by samboohoo on 10-13-11 at 11:12 AM
Of course I haven't watched yet. I actually even went to bed before 10 on Tuesday. I checked the next morning to see who went home. I skimmed thorough a shirtless Bob. *swoon*

Dolvett? *swoon*

I still like Anna more than Cara. I feel for her because I don't know how long her team can hold up. Agree with you about Bonnie, but I think she has been so bad to her body for so long. It's got to be hard on her.

I will watch this weekend when I'm catching up.

Samboobree, brought to life by Arkie

"10/18/11 Episode"
Posted by samboohoo on 10-19-11 at 09:39 AM
How am I the first one here? Am I waiting for the "old one" to arrive?

I didn't watch it all, but I watched a lot more of this one than I have all season.

LMAO at Sunny running around so excited and Bob's reaction. And then Bob's reaction at the gym when he said, "Oh, you're not running around excited now."

Jennifer? (Black Team - Leg Problem): Did someone (Joe?) say that she causes trouble wherever she goes? I thought Sunny & John had had a dispute early on. Didn't know anything about Jennifer. I haven't watched last week's episode yet, so perhaps I missed it there.

Bonnie officially annoys me.

Next week there is a gain. Based on the bottom part of the number I saw and the +5, it was pretty easy to figure out who it is. TBL doesn't do a good enough job of hiding that - especially for those of us with DVRs (and Survivor Spoilers).

The question really though is not who gained, but if the group, as a whole, loses 100 pounds.

Samboobree, brought to life by Arkie

"RE: 10/18/11 Episode"
Posted by jbug on 10-19-11 at 09:54 AM
Okay, I'm here

I don't recall any problems previously shown about Jennifer causing problems 'wherever' she goes.
Must be something they have kept from us up to now - & just used for the drama to make us think Bob's team was coming apart.

Sunny did awesome; but I sorta expected she might. At week 5, wasn't it about time for her to have a great week? If she'd had a big loss the week before I'd have expected she might be in trouble, but...

I loved Bob on the ranch - & I didn't know he was from Tennessee! He is tough! and I was happy that he spoke up - at the weigh in - to support Anna.

Bonnie officially annoys me too. Bob would tear her a new one if he was her trainer! and can you imagine her reaction to Jillian? bahahahahahahahahaha!

Red team - still acting young & immature; they act like weight loss should just "come to them" about like spoiled brats! For a team who tried to show such unity from the beginning, they are splitting apart.
Dolvett is about to kill one of them - or all!
(btw, that man's arms and well, ....dang! what a body!)

Another witch by agman 2010

"RE: 10/18/11 Episode"
Posted by samboohoo on 10-19-11 at 10:33 AM
LAST EDITED ON 10-19-11 AT 10:34 AM (EST)

LOL. I noticed the arms too.

I forgot. I get what Bob is saying about the eating. I totally get it. And I know it has to come in moderation, but ain't no way Sunni's family is giving up BBQ. LOL.

ETA: Looks like they are all working together next week, so Bob may get a piece of Bonnie.

Samboobree, brought to life by Arkie

"RE: 10/18/11 Episode"
Posted by susang on 10-19-11 at 01:42 PM
I don't have a favorite yet, but I do like Becky from the Blue Team. She is my age (51).

"RE: 10/18/11 Episode"
Posted by Starshine on 10-19-11 at 05:18 PM
OK, Bonnie is taking up valuable space, just let her go home please

It seemed obvious to me that Vinnie or Ramon should go, so voila!

Lovely cheese Mooney

Just another Sleeperbloke

"RE: 10/18/11 Episode statistics"
Posted by grit on 10-19-11 at 09:38 PM
Bonnie has annoyed me since day one. I donít buy her b.s. that Anna doesnít like her or plays favorites. Every time Anna tries to push her to work, Bonnie whines and has excuses. I love that Bob stood up for Anna at elimination.

Unlike Boo, I donít have a DVR, so I donít know who gains 5 pounds next week but I have a couple of guesses. I also donít remember any drama with Jennifer. I wonder if thereís something we havenít seen yet.

Not surprised that Sunny was at the top of the pack this week but I was surprised that Becky was in 2nd place. And Sunny jumped up to 2nd place for overall. There's a huge difference between first and last place with John at over 20% and Bonnie under 10%. She makes a big deal about her injury and not being able to work hard because of it but Jennifer has a stress fracture and is in 3rd place with almost 17%. It's all about attitude.

This week:

Sunny 5.81%
Becky 3.77%
John 3.28%
Jennifer 2.84%
Jessica 2.74%
Vinny 2.62%
Courtney 2.53%
Joe 2.33%
Ramone 2.25%
Bonnie 1.72%
Antone 1.05%

To date:

John 20.45%
Sunny 18.05%
Jennifer 16.97%
Jessica 16.14%
Antone 15.66%
Joe 15.52%
Courtney 14.44%
Ramone 14.37%
Becky 14.29%
Vinny 12.68%
Bonnie 9.84%

I got sliced!

"RE: 10/18/11 Episode"
Posted by skeetergirl87 on 10-21-11 at 01:28 PM
I really didn't like Anna to start with, but she's growing on me. I also don't like Bonnie - I think she's too afraid of getting hurt to get out of her comfort zone or trust Anna.

Who knew Bob was a farm boy from Tennessee? It was funny to see his reaction to having to ride that bull - wonder what Jillian would have done?

It was very surprising to hear everyone's comments about Jenn - there must be a lot going on that we're not seeing. Wonder if we ever will?

It never fails to amaze me how offended contestants get whever anyone votes for them - don't they realize that someone has to get votes and when there's only 3 people that are eligible, your chances are pretty good?

"RE: 10/18/11 Episode"
Posted by jbug on 10-21-11 at 04:32 PM
Skeeter, you're right; someone has to go. Don't get your panties in a bunch about it!

Have you noticed when each one gives their plea to stay it's always
"I still need to be here,"
"I haven't learned enough",
"I'm not ready to go home."

Not one ever says "I want to stay so I can win the money!"
which they really do want to do.

Another witch by agman 2010

"RE: 10/18/11 Episode"
Posted by nap_time on 10-24-11 at 11:39 AM
All I can say is WOW...Bob in a cowboy hat and bluejeans.. OH YEAH!

~Running in my dreams, Thanks Agman! ~

"RE: 10/18/11 Episode"
Posted by agman on 10-24-11 at 05:04 PM
Oh Nap, you say the nicest things about me!

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"RE: 10/18/11 Episode"
Posted by udg on 11-03-11 at 01:21 AM
I'm here, too. I've been watching, but I had some computer problems. ;)

I was actually really upset about Bob's reaction to Sunny's win. It wasn't like she was being sent home alone to fend for herself. It was an opportunity for her to bring Bob into her real life, introduce him to her friends and family, share a little of the ranch with the people she loves, and he was a total d*** about it.

So many contestants are abuse survivors or otherwise come from dysfunctional backgrounds, and yet some of the trainers treat them with such disrespect... Like that's a good way to teach people to stand up for themselves and enforce proper boundaries. Sadly, the people who could point this out aren't ones who would ever find themselves on the show.

Thanks to tribephyl for the sigpic!

"RE: New Season 9/20/2011"
Posted by agman on 10-23-11 at 08:47 PM
LAST EDITED ON 10-23-11 AT 08:48 PM (EST)

>Dang is he hot!
>and tough! and hot!

I just love the way you always talk about me Leggs!

Although I'm used to this kinda talk by now!

"RE: New Season 9/20/2011"
Posted by jbug on 10-23-11 at 10:41 PM
Happy Birthday Hottie

I can see Agman October 2011

"RE: New Season 9/20/2011"
Posted by agman on 10-24-11 at 09:49 AM
So good to be young and 21(or so )

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"10/25 Episode"
Posted by grit on 10-26-11 at 09:12 AM
LAST EDITED ON 10-26-11 AT 09:12 AM (EST)

I guess I'm first today. I missed the first 45 minutes so maybe someone can fill me in on that.

I kind of like that they all got to work with all 3 trainers. Anna seems to have toughened up some more. I started watching during the 3 workouts with each trainer and then saw the last chance workout with the trainers. Everyone looked like they were working to the point of exhaustion so I don't understand the numbers most of them pulled.

Like Anna, I'm also wary of the relationship between Jessica and Ramone. And based on the weight loss they both had, I don't think it's motivating either one to work harder. They "love" each other the way they are. There's no need to fight to lose weight because they have someone who loves them. I can't wait to see what happens next week when they're split up.

The statistics are very interesting this week. I think we got another glimpse at the drama with Jennifer but I still don't see that it was so bad that they felt they needed to get rid of her. I wonder if they really got rid of her because, in spite of her injury, she was viewed as a big threat. They couldn't get rid of John because he had immunity. Jennifer was in 2nd place overall. Vinny was in 2nd to last place, right between Becky and Bonnie. I think he was showing sour grapes and I really didn't understand his animosity towards Jennifer. But I thought Jennifer's exit interview and her at home interview were both really weird. She kept saying that she lost the weight because of Bob Harper. It was kind of creepy.

This week:

John 2.82%
Joe 2.72%
Antone 2.12%
Jessica 1.88%
Jennifer 1.46%
Vinny 1.34%
Ramone .66%
Becky .49%
Bonnie .44%
Sunny +2.20%

To date:

John 22.70%
Jennifer 18.18%
Joe 17.82%
Jessica 17.72%
Antone 17.45%
Sunny 16.25%
Ramone 14.93%
Becky 14.71%
Vinny 13.85%
Bonnie 10.24%

sigpic stolen from you-know-who

"Stat! "
Posted by jbug on 10-26-11 at 09:53 AM

I'll fill you in.
The temptation was a 10 lb pot of candy in the kitchen - hanging on a scale. For every pound of candy they ate, they would get a 1 pound advantage (as a group) at the weigh in. The group had to lose 100 pounds for everyone to be safe.
They played around a bit; took out a pound & put it in a plastic baggie just to see how much a pound of candy looked like. Pulled a prank on Bob; put all the candy - except 1 candy corn in a box & hid it under the cabinet; made him think they had each eaten 1 pound. He was livid - then punished the 3 who he thought was responsible for the prank.

The challenge was a whole group thing too. A Halloween maze with apples everywhere. IF they could collect 150 pounds of apples, they'd get a 5 pound advantage; 200 pounds would get them 10 pounds off their 100. At the end of the time, if anyone was still left in the maze, they would get a 5 pound disadvantage instead. They all made it out; got the 200 pounds, so they only had to lose 90 pounds as a group.

You saw the rest.

sigpic stolen from you-know-who

"RE: 10/25 Episode"
Posted by proserpine on 10-27-11 at 01:35 PM
I am so angry. So, I had to vent, joined up, and here goes...
Those turkeys!!! They tanked it on purpose. I think John was being real, he did his thing, like he always does. Also, he wanted to break 100 lbs. And then John voted for Ramon instead of Jen, showing he was an outsider and did not know the plan.

But, the fix was in on Jen. Everybody else plotted against her this week. Their numbers were dismal on purpose. Since they did not intend to reach the 90 pounds, they all took a week off. Sunny went overboard with her +5. Bonnie was not worried. All week long everyone kept talking it up about how they were all afraid and had to make the 90. "any of us could get voted off". They were talking like the guilty, in retrospect.

Bob, by about the time the 4th or 5th person got weighed, had it mostly figured out. He did not know who, but he knew that it was a group plan and that making weight was not a part of it. He interrupted the weigh in to say something to that effect. He felt betrayed. Are they here to lose weight or what?

Psychologically, the candy prank was kind of a Freudian slip precursor. They knew they were in violation of their vow to lose weight, they knew they were playing games with their trainers, so they confessed with the candy "joke" ahead of time.

Vinny talked to John halfway through to reassure him. The conversation implies that John knew the plan, but did not know who was getting voted out. Then, at the end, Vinny attacked Jen, called her a liar, etc. Judas could learn from Vinny. Next time hug her and call her rabbi. Et tu Brutus?

Works for the red and blue teams. They have lost people. They teamed up and then talked with some of the black team to make their plot. They did not want to lose any more. Works for the black team, they got a sure thing voting off Jen. They did not like her. Jen never knew what hit her.

I was not fond of Jen, but this was an ugly way to go. She was a team producer, she lost 60 lbs. You don't have to like her. She was doing her job. Antione, Sunny and Joe have to show their stuff next week, as far as I am concerned.

Last week stat-wise Jessica said she would have rather taken on the whole black team than Summer alone. Bad idea. Summer only needed one pound to beat the red team if they had gone team vs. team. And, please note, that was with 4 of the black team players working out without a trainer!!!!

If I was a red or blue team member I would feel fear! So, Red and Blue teams are feeling fear. Getting beat against a team with no trainer!!! They sensed division in the black team. They tempted the black team's loyalty, and it paid off. So, Jen is gone, everyone is happier and the black team is weaker.

I would have voted off Bonnie, but she is not long for this show anyway. No one feels threatened by her.

Posted by jbug on 10-28-11 at 10:56 AM
We always enjoy new points of view here; glad you joined in.

TBH? I hadn't even thought of this being a thought out plan! Goes to show I don't pay a lot of attention LOL.
I'm too busy thinking of the strategies on Survivor I guess.

You might just possibly have it right. You definitely watched more closely than I did.

Don't run away now; we expect to hear more from you.

I can see Agman October 2011

"RE: Welcome!"
Posted by JessicaRN on 10-28-11 at 07:27 PM
I didn't think about it being a plan either, but now it makes sense. I had never really seen a weigh-in that went so bad for everyone (except John).

Jennifer must have been really nasty. It must have been a lot more than just the fact that she wouldn't yell the "mantra". She was fixated on Bob, in a creepy way.

Ramon and Jessica are also kind of weird.

"RE: 10/25 Episode"
Posted by proserpine on 10-27-11 at 01:39 PM
Thanks for the stat's, I really like reviewing them.

"RE: 10/25 Episode"
Posted by featherfish81 on 10-28-11 at 09:49 PM
Wow, those numbers were much more like Week 2 than Week 6. It's odd that they all lost so little, but I don't think it was a fix. It's an interesting idea, but all 9 of them would have had to be in on it, and no one even hinted about it at any point, even during the confessionals.

I think Vinny might have gotten mad at Jennifer out of loyalty to his trainer. I can see how he would want everyone to give it their all, and be upset that Jennifer wasn't participating. Justified? Probably not to the extent that he was angry, but I can understand the frustration when they were all on one team. I agree we didn't see a lot of what was going on with her, but the way everyone talked about her negative energy there must have been other stuff going on.

As for Ramon and Jessica, I'm not sure it's fair to blame their relationship for their poor weight loss. If they were the only ones with low numbers, then maybe, but with the weird week everyone had it might be premature. Time will tell. I do understand why Anna wanted to talk to her, however, and make sure she wasn't losing herself in another relationship, given her last one.

Did anyone else think Anna's pep talk to Sunny was less than inspiring? I kept waiting for her to add more, but it just ended. Unless they just didn't show us the whole talk.

"11/1/11 Episode"
Posted by samboohoo on 11-02-11 at 10:06 AM
I watched the whole thing last night.

I was happy they switched the teams, and I liked the way they did it. I am liking Anna more and more. LMAO at her calling out Joe, but everything she said made perfect sense. And what terrific results she got from them.

The minute Bonnie said goodbye to Dolvett, I knew Jess was toast. I wonder if Ramone does something next week to leave.

Samboobree, brought to life by Arkie

"RE: 11/1/11 Episode"
Posted by nap_time on 11-02-11 at 11:28 AM
I wasn't crazy about them trading up the teams at first, but then as the show progressed, the swap up was good for all involved. I know there were several comments last week about how obessed Jen was with Bob...it seems like she wasn't the only one. When John broke down and cried on Bob's shoulder at the gym, I realized that Anna was right. Even though I don't care for her, she hit the nail on the head when she said that the contestants had to realize that THEY were the ones doing the work to lose the weight, not the trainers.

I hated to see Jessica go last night. I would have gotten rid of Bonnie. She just annoys me. Jessica looks AWESOME now. I bet she rocks in the marathon!

I just knew that after Jess was voted out that Ramone was going to propose! Maybe at the finale!

Speaking of proposing...has anyone heard an update on Sam? I hope he is doing ok.

~No longer just running in my dreams! 1/2 marathon on 12/3!, Thanks Agman! ~

"RE: 11/1/11 Episode"
Posted by jbug on 11-02-11 at 12:34 PM
I didn't get to watch it all (I'm painting my bathroom) but I have it recorded. I watched thru the switch up and some of the training after that. & heard many of them change their tunes in regards to the trainers.
That makes me think the confessionals at first were all put on and probably instigated by the producers. Yes, I'm sure some were upset with losing their first trainers, but I don't think any one of them would have carried on about it like they did had they not been prompted by production.

I do like Anna more too. I didn't get to see much of how Dolvett handled Bonnie but it could be interesting. I hated her reaction to not staying on Anna's team; almost made me want her to struggle just so she'd see how well Anna had been doing with her (ungrateful ole biddy .

okay! Man UP!

Crusin w/ Tribe

"RE: 11/1/11 Episode"
Posted by grit on 11-02-11 at 08:44 PM
Woo hoo! My electricity was restored tonight! So after dinner I went right to NBC to watch TBL.

I also like the way they chose new trainers. I was a little put-off by all the whining about losing their trainers. Joe, in particular, was such a whiner. I mean, really, STFU, but I was glad to see him apologize to Anna later on.

I thought it was interesting that just before they did the challenge, Jess said "I love you, Ramon" and he said, ďI know.Ē Jeez, how romantic, buddy.

Dolvett treated John and Bonnie almost like children. But he was so supportive with both of them. Iíve been waiting for Johnís emotional breakthrough and I think itís cool that Dolvett also recognizes that John needs to open up. I thought it was funny when he was so mean to Bonnie but she sucked it up, but when Anna pushed her she whined that Anna hated her.

I liked the slip & slide challenge. I felt bad watching the blue team trying to figure out who had immunity because I knew the statistics before I started watching the episode. I knew they didn't need it. I also felt bad for the black team because they came so close to winning the challenge, but they didn't need it either.

I think it's interesting how much bigger the numbers were this week compared to last week. What happened last week? What happened this week?

Vinny and Bonnie are still at the bottom of the pack. I really wish they would step it up some more. John is still in first place overall. I wonder why he feels it's so important to carry his team and lose so much weight. Fortunately for him, his desire to do well saved him. The top four people are all from Bob's original team. That should make him feel better since his new black team didn't win the weigh-in.

A note about my statistics: Sunny gained 5 pounds last week. TBL starts with the previous week's weight so that the contestant doesn't have an advantage from the gain. However, as far as I'm concerned, if the person had a gain, they have to lose it and I calculate it in my statistics.

This week:

Sunny 6.03% (3.88% if you remove the gain)
Becky 5.42%
Ramone 5.30%
Joe 5.24%
John 4.36%
Antone 4.34%
Jessica 3.83%
Vinny 3.27%
Bonnie 3.07%

To date:

John 26.07%
Joe 22.13%
Sunny 21.30%
Antone 21.03%
Jessica 20.87%
Ramone 19.44%
Becky 19.33%
Vinny 16.67%
Bonnie 12.99%

Chocolately deliciousness by agman

"RE: 11/1/11 Episode"
Posted by samboohoo on 11-03-11 at 09:00 AM
Agree with you about Bonnie. And John. John is an interesting fella to me.

I've grown tired of Ramone already.

With respect to the gain, I would normally agree with you because I know what it's like to lose and gain, etc. But I think I agree with the producers more here. I can't remember how long you've been watching, but there were seasons where contestants deliberately watered up in order to have a bigger gain the next week, etc. So I'm glad they made the change.

Samboobree, brought to life by Arkie

"RE: 11/1/11 Episode"
Posted by jbug on 11-03-11 at 03:50 PM
Dolvett treated John and Bonnie almost like children. But he was so supportive with both of them. Iíve been waiting for Johnís emotional breakthrough and I think itís cool that Dolvett also recognizes that John needs to open up. I thought it was funny when he was so mean to Bonnie but she sucked it up, but when Anna pushed her she whined that Anna hated her.

Bonnie also said goodbye to Bob (& either ignored Anna or the producers choose to make it look like she did).

I figured Bonnie out. She is an old woman who relishes having young men dote on her. It is attention that she desires & craves & it makes her feel special.
If she knew how to flirt, I'm sure we'd see her flirting with them.

The attention Anna gave her just wasn't the same at all.
I'm serious! I've seen this with old women before ( before I became one of them myself, of course! )

"RE: 11/1/11 Episode"
Posted by proserpine on 11-06-11 at 10:37 PM
I like that insight into Bonnie. Makes sense. She did better with Dolvett. She smiled the whole time.

I agree. At first I did not like the team switch either. They had to do something. Black was killing everyone. After the weigh in I changed my mind also. The switch was fantastic. Hindsight is 20/20. Now I am thrilled with the switch. The show just improved a lot. Now the teams are much more even. Everyone is working so much harder.

Also, it was kinda funny that everyone voted off Jennifer last week because she was so dependent on Bob, and then this week everyone is just as dependent as she was, lol. All I heard for the first 1/2 hour was griping the new trainer. They all seem to have gotten over their old trainers just fine by the end of the show,though.

Anna proved herself. Did you see Bob's face when Allison stated that the Blue team beat the black team? Wow! Bob was not happy.

John has been operating on the theory that everyone wants to vote him off every week. So he always tries to be the biggest team loser in order to get immunity. This week it paid off big. Next week it will be him and Bonnie. Do or die for both of them.

If Bonnie goes next week, that will actually help John. He should be able to survive a month if it is only up to himself to beat the other two teams.

Notice how Bonnie's team loses the most? I do not claim to understand the reason. But, Jessica and her were at the bottom this week. Their numbers were excellent, for them. But, their numbers did not hold up to other players who had even more excellent losses.

Perhaps there is some psychological thing where you feel that if you are doing better than the other player on your team you are doing ok overall and can take it a little easier. Maybe Jessica would have done better on a team where she had to compete with someone tougher than Bonnie. Becky, Bonnie's old teammate, did her personal best on her new team. She beat her week one weight! That has to be some kind of a record. Perhaps Becky is now competing with teammates who push her. And, Anna's team won and Bonnie's team lost. I also had always pictured Anna as the weak trainer who was not working her people hard enough. I was thinking Anna was very sincere, very hopeful; but resembled one of those cruise ship entertainment people. Yet now Bonnie seems to be the common denominator. Makes me wonder.

Ramon must be angry with his team for voting off his girl. Glad to see Jessica working out with the Steelers at the end. I guess she landed on her feet. I hope she wins the marathon.

All in all, very inspiring week.

"RE: 11/1/11 Episode"
Posted by featherfish81 on 11-07-11 at 06:42 PM
>I also had
>always pictured Anna as the
>weak trainer who was not
>working her people hard enough.
>I was thinking Anna was
>very sincere, very hopeful; but
>resembled one of those cruise
>ship entertainment people.

I couldn't put my finger on it, but that's what she reminds me of. Thanks!

"RE: 11/1/11 Episode"
Posted by featherfish81 on 11-04-11 at 01:28 AM
I liked the way they switched up the teams, too. I was annoyed at Anna at the beginning, because she wasn't very sympathetic about people not wanting to switch teams. I agree that it was the contestants doing the work to lose the weight, and they should be able to work with any trainer. But many of them were just starting to learn to open up with someone, and now to have to switch to a different person that they don't know can be jarring.

I liked the challenge, but I wonder why blue chose immunity for 1? I think they saw the word immunity and just picked it, without realizing that the 3 lb advantage was a much better prize, because it applied to all of them. And I think that's why John felt the need to carry the team, because he knew he had immunity anyway and didn't want the team to think he was slacking because of it.

Personally, I don't think Ramon will do something to leave, because this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and he and Jessica can wait a few months to start the rest of their lives. iirc, they're not from the same place, anyway, so they'd have to be apart for a while no matter what. If I was Jessica, I'd want him to stay as long as possible, to learn as much as he could and be a help for both of them.

"RE: 11/1/11 Episode"
Posted by Starshine on 11-04-11 at 10:05 AM
I thought the team switch was done well, Ramon needs to be able to measure the "healthiness" of food in some way if he isn't using calories, as we all saw the "healthy" salad doesn't need to be the best option. Unless he finds some way to do this he is just going to balloon right back up. As Anna said they will all need to use a different trainer when they leave the ranch, so man up!

Hmmm maybe my calorie calculator is wrong or maybe I have been over exerting myself, however it suggests that making out for an hour uses 2/3rds of the calories of an hour long amble at 2mph. (192 vs 285) http://www.healthyweightforum.org/eng/calorie-calculator.asp

"RE: New Season 9/20/2011"
Posted by Tummy on 11-09-11 at 10:59 AM
I'm liking Anna more but not anymore than I like Cara.

I'm happy Ramone was safe. Joe's vote to oust Jess last week because she was seen as a bigger threat really bit him on the butt this week. That vote opened up the voting process for game playing instead of need.

I would have picked the chicken dish over the pork tenderloin.

That is all.

"RE: New Season 9/20/2011"
Posted by jbug on 11-09-11 at 11:48 AM
biggest threat?
game play?
A few acted a bit too "better than that";
but it was interesting to see how fast they voted the same when when it came down to it.

It is a contest for a lot of money - as well as losing the weight.
I don't believe that any one of them ever forget about the money.

Slicey took out the wrinkles '08

"RE: New Season 9/20/2011"
Posted by Tummy on 11-09-11 at 04:13 PM
I wouldn't forget about the money! ever.

"RE: New Season 9/20/2011"
Posted by jbug on 11-09-11 at 05:13 PM
but some of them like to act like they're not thinking about the money

"11/8/2011 Episode - Statistics"
Posted by grit on 11-09-11 at 09:48 PM
I found it interesting that Bob said he should be getting more out of Vinny. He also said that the trainers have no compass. I can't believe the trainers have no idea where each person is overall. This is one of the reasons I like crunching the numbers and seeing the statistics. The editing really hides eveyone's position in the competition. If I hadn't seen the statistics, I would also think that Vinny should be higher on the list. But he's currently 2nd to last, right behind Bonnie.

I was surprised that Dolvett put so much faith in Bonnie and thought about picking her. And I can't believe that Bonnie rose to the challenge. It was weird watching Bonnie spin so fast on the bike. I'm used to seeing her dragging her butt every time she works out. I remember a few weeks ago Bonnie making a big deal about doing a measly 3.2 mph on the treadmill. And then I was surprised that Dolvett didn't pick her, especially after we saw how good her weight loss was. 10 pounds was a good number for John, heck for anyone, but it wasn't enough for his team. John's been losing weight like crazy but he was due for a plateau.

I was a little annoyed that Ramon kept crowing that John's weight loss wasn't that great. And he pointed out that John was really nervous. But Ramon's loss was even worse.

The cooking challenge was fun. I liked that the trainers had to take part. Bob and Dolvett really stepped up and took charge. Dolvett can cook rare steak for me anytime. I like my meat still mooing and I like my men buff and hot.

This week:

Bonnie 3.62% (very strange seeing her name at the top!)
Becky 3.13%
John 3.04%
Vinny 2.82%
Ramon 2.10%
Antone 1.42%
Sunny .92%
Joe .74%


John 28.31%
Joe 22.70%
Antone 22.15%
Sunny 22.02%
Becky 21.85%
Ramon 21.13%
Vinny 19.01%
Bonnie 16.14%

Chocolately deliciousness by agman

"RE: 11/8/2011 Episode - Statistics"
Posted by proserpine on 11-15-11 at 12:43 PM
I agree completely. The stats separate the talkers from the producers. Ty, love seeing them.

"Bye Bye Anna"
Posted by Tummy on 11-14-11 at 05:31 PM
I won't miss her.

"RE: Bye Bye Anna"
Posted by samboohoo on 11-15-11 at 11:16 AM
I just read that. Wow.

Wonder who they will bring in now. Hopefully Dolvett stays.

Samboobree, brought to life by Arkie

"RE: Bye Bye Anna"
Posted by jbug on 11-15-11 at 12:09 PM
That was harsh!
I wonder if her Russian background/heritage might be why her attitude came across as it did.
Not being judgmental, but people from different cultures do have traits that are not just like "ours".
(I know us "rednecks" are a lot different from say New Yorkers )

Maybe they'll go back to just 2 trainers.

"RE: Bye Bye Anna"
Posted by proserpine on 11-15-11 at 01:01 PM
She is a tennis star, not a trainer. I think she really means well, and to be honest she is new and inexperienced. I would also say that she has a heart for people with obesity problems. She did show up for a previous show a couple of seasons ago. The producers took a chance, but she is no Jillian. I give her A for effort. Her team did place first one week, but her personality is different. I agree, perhaps it is her Russian background.

"RE: Bye Bye Anna"
Posted by jbug on 11-15-11 at 03:49 PM
Welcome Pine!
We're always happy to have new blood input and ideas here.
don't run off now, stay & play.

"11/15/11 Episode"
Posted by grit on 11-16-11 at 10:13 AM
I wasn't a fan of last night's episode. I hate that they had to rate each player based on whether they "deserved" to be there. Not surprisingly, there was obvious game playing going on. "John's in the lead? He doesn't deserve to be here."

And speaking of John, I think he's still got some skeletons in his closet. Dolvett opened up to him with a lot of personal stuff and John seemed unmoved. Although, I thought the whole thing was obviously set up and seemed a little forced.

Either they didn't use Apolo Ohno to their best advantage or the editing just didn't show his full impact. But I have to admit he inspired me and I bumped up my treadmill speed a little more when Apolo was running with Vinnie.

Ramon is really getting on my last nerve. He's so cocky and annoying.

I wasn't surprised that Bonnie fell on her sword and asked to be voted out. She finished her mile in almost 30 minutes. That's a rate of a little over 2 mph, which is incredibly slow. Without Dolvett or any other trainers pushing her, she really has a hard time pushing herself. I was surprised that she lost an additional 22 pounds at home, going down to 186. I thought the caption on the screen said that she hopes to be down to 180 at the finale. I don't understand that (unless I read it wrong).

As usual, the statistics show a different story than the editing. They made it seem like Antone and Ramon had a good week and that John struggled, yet John had a better weight loss than both of them. Ramon and Vinny are now at the bottom of the pack and John has a pretty significant lead. I expect that they will vote John out soon as part of their game play.


This week:

Sunny 4.17%
Vinny 2.90%
John 2.82%
Antone 2.59%
Ramon 2.50%
Bonnie 2.35% (not calculating 1# disadvantage)
Becky 2.15%

To date:

John 30.34%
Sunny 25.27%
Antone 24.16%
Becky 23.53%
Ramon 23.10%
Vinny 21.36%
Bonnie 18.11%

Chocolately deliciousness by agman

"RE: 11/15/11 Episode"
Posted by samboohoo on 11-16-11 at 10:55 AM
Bonnie: I thought the caption said 160.

I'm still behind from last week, so I don't know when I will watch the meat of this one.

Agree with you about Ramon. Super annoying.

I like John. He is now somewhat set up the way Eric was with Bob in Season 3 or 4 (can't remember). I don't think you watched back then, but Eric was the only one left from his team with Bob and won the whole darn thing.

I like Dolvett, so it makes me sad that he's not done so well this year. I can't wait to see what happens next week when they get a whole week with each other.

Samboobree, brought to life by Arkie

"RE: 11/15/11 Episode"
Posted by jbug on 11-16-11 at 11:09 AM
I did not like these 2 challenges:
*the rating for most deserving. They didn't rate it in that regard; they chose how they wanted players to get points; so just say it like it's going to be.
*the knocking others out of the challenge. I always hate this kind of competition. The strong are always targeted first; usually those 'not' seen as threats win these - 'cept this week they gave it to Sunny - who is one of the biggest losers to date.

I liked the knowledge, pool pull-along & speed.
I did wonder tho if the floating peanut size and inflation was calculated to each person's individual weight.

I'm glad Bonnie is gone; I was getting so tired of hearing & seeing her; don't know what it was but she made me hit the FF whenever she spoke or was on camera.

I was almost expecting a few votes to keep her there since she would obviously be the best goat to take to the finale. There has been game play this season. But then if anyone had voted that way, there would have been a lot of tension on the ranch for sure.

Crusin w/ Tribe

"RE: 11/15/11 Episode"
Posted by jbug on 11-16-11 at 11:10 AM
And? did you notice that Bonnie had a male trainer at home? LOL
I would have been shocked to see her training with a female.
I already said, she's an old biddie who craves that attention.

"RE: 11/15/11 Episode"
Posted by udg on 11-17-11 at 01:47 AM
>And? did you notice that
>Bonnie had a male trainer
>at home?

Totally. And her 160 goal weight? When in doubt, aim low. Then it doesn't matter how badly you do.

I'm so glad she's gone! I was tired of her whininess.

Thanks to tribephyl for the sigpic!

"RE: 11/15/11 Episode"
Posted by grit on 11-16-11 at 11:22 AM
I was almost expecting a few votes to keep her there since she would obviously be the best goat to take to the finale.

I thought they might do that, too, but I think Bonnie would have been really upset if they kept her. She was done.

"RE: 11/15/11 Episode"
Posted by proserpine on 11-21-11 at 12:32 PM
Thanks again for the stats, they tell the story. I noticed John voted red line. He gave Antione and Sunny high points for good performance and basically ranked everyone in their proper order to his best ability. He played it straight. I thought that was classy. Bonnie voted for teachers. I thought that was thinking outside the box. Generally, I agree, not the best contest. Popularity and strategy.

I was thinking the producers film and listen to everything. We know they have camera's and mikes in their rooms. They probably also have hired psychologists to help evaluate the players for the trainers. And, yes, I sure agree the whole photo album thing was set up in advance. Neither John or Dolvett would have brought a photo album to work. Come to think of it, Anna told her people about her past. It didn't come off as well. Probably she would not have done it except the producers asked her to.

"RE: 11/15/11 Episode"
Posted by featherfish81 on 11-21-11 at 11:31 PM
I agree with you about the two contests. I'm not a fan of the contests where they eliminate each other either, and to have 40% of the competition be based on that seems rather unfair.

I have to disagree with you about Ramon, though, I don't think he's that bad. I think he's just enthusiastic.

"11/22 Episode"
Posted by samboohoo on 11-23-11 at 10:46 AM
I watched. Yay me!

Temptation: I probably would have eaten something as well. Not sure what. Probably pie. One piece. I probably would have gotten a high number because that's just my luck. LOL.

Jacob's Ladder Challenge: I've never seen a Jacob's Ladder at our gym. I am thinking I would hate it because it would kill my back.

I am usually in the minority with contestants that I like, but I like John. There is something about him that tugs at my heartstrings. Maybe now it's because I don't want Dolvett to go home. Not sure. He worked so hard. Maybe he overworked himself. I don't know. I would expect he'll have a big week next week.

I wonder if he and Ramon fell below if they would have voted him or Ramon. I wasn't surprised he gave the pound to Sunny. I was surprised he still voted for her. They have had issues since the beginning. It still surprised me.

Ramon looked SO MUCH better without all of that nasty hair. Happy for him and Jessica, who also looked really good. He still wasn't one of my favorites.

So now Sunny has Anna all to herself, John has Dolvett all to himself and three are sharing Bob.

I can't wait until the reunion show tonight. I love these shows and wish they would do them more often. Looks like Abby is happy and engaged. I can't figure out from the glimpse if it's a former contestant or not. I will have to record this on another TV because I already have two things recording on mine.

Samboobree, brought to life by Arkie

"RE: 11/22 Episode"
Posted by jbug on 11-23-11 at 12:37 PM
Wasn't it Sunny that John made the remark to early in the season that caused a bit of a stir?
So, yep, maybe bad blood from the beginning with those 2.
John totally did not get the point Antoine was trying to make.
I had to agree w/ Antoine. If John hated giving the pound to anyone so badly; & then it turned out that the person he gave it to went below the line for that reason only? He should not have then voted for her. He definitely has a target on this back now. If he goes below, I'll be very surprised if he is not the one voted off.

Agree about Ramon's hair; he is much better looking without that nasty mop.

I didn't know there was a reunion show tonite! Thanks!

"RE: 11/22 Episode"
Posted by samboohoo on 11-23-11 at 12:58 PM
LAST EDITED ON 11-23-11 AT 12:59 PM (EST)

I agree about Antone. I like him and Sunny and John. I don't dislike the other two, but I like these three most. LOL. I'm glad Antone & Sunny have each other's backs.

Yes, I think John called her dumb or something like that.

It comes on at 9 - same time as Modern Family and Criminal Minds.

ETA: 9 here. I can't remember if you are EST or CST.

Samboobree, brought to life by Arkie

"RE: 11/22 Episode"
Posted by jbug on 11-23-11 at 01:39 PM
CST - so 8 for me?
Good, won't interfere with Survivor recraps at 7.

"Swoop! 11/22 Statistics"
Posted by grit on 11-23-11 at 06:25 PM
LAST EDITED ON 11-24-11 AT 10:05 AM (EST)

Iím not a fan of the temptation challenges. I canít believe that Becky pushed Sunny into eating. And Sunny ended up not winning anything. Based on the statistics, Vinny needed immunity the most because heís still in last place. Good thing he got it. I liked the Cybex prize the best. Yeah, the 3# advantage is helpful for the week youíre in, but the Cybex gym is a prize that lasts a lot longer.

Iím trying to figure out if Iím being manipulated by the editing, but I still feel like Iím pulling for John. Iím not sure I believe the reason John gave for not celebrating his weight loss. I like his reason Ė ďIím working hard because I took someone elseís spot in this competition.Ē Ė but Iím not sure thatís the only thing making him move. Something else is still going on. Will we ever find out?

Johnís edit was a little negative with both Bob and Dolvett talking about how John will probably end up gaining all his weight back and then with everyone talking about Johnís gameplay. I tend to get more annoyed with gameplay when itís used to keep slackers and get rid of strong players, so I wasnít too upset that John used that 1# disadvantage to his own advantage. It kept him above the yellow line the one week he had a bad week. To me, this is supposed to be a weight loss show, not a show about winning $250,000. And it's not like Antone and Vinny are innocent when it comes to gameplay, either. So it was kind of annoying that Antone was such a hypocrite at the elimination.

I still have to watch the second hour and I can't wait to see how Ramon looks, but here are the statistics:

ETA: I just watched the 2nd hour and I never thought I'd be saying this: Ramon looked hot! Wowza!

This week:

Vinny 3.28% (4.18% with 3# adv.)
Becky 2.75%
Sunny 2.42% (1.93% with 1# disadv.)
Antone 2.36%
Ramon 1.83%
John 1.61% (1.94% with 1# adv.)

To date:
John 31.46%
Sunny 27.08%
Antone 25.95%
Becky 25.63%
Ramon 24.51%, eliminated
Vinny 23.94%

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"RE: Swoop! 11/22 Statistics"
Posted by proserpine on 11-26-11 at 00:33 AM
John got pretty lucky, but then he did win the Jacob ladder thing for the pounds. I would have to say that that does count in the world of gameplay. He sure picked the right person, no one else would have gotten him above the yellow line. And, I think he knows he has a target. He is number one. He has no doubts, if he gets below the yellow line he will be voted off. Antoine and Sunny are obviously a team. Vinny and Becky seem to be allied this time. John has never had an ally. Vinny tried to soften him up once, but basically John is a loner.

I can't blame John for Sunny. Most people go home. It was him or her. He would have "looked" better if he hadn't also voted for her, but it is not like it is any secret. She and Antione are his competition.

I did think it was funny about the whole Thanksgiving thing. I am sure this was not filmed over Thanksgiving. They must have told the players when this was going to be aired, and told them to make lots of references. So, Sunny is like, "in the spirit of Thanksgiving give the pound to Vinny, who has three pounds to work with. Yeah right. In the spirit of 250 k he gave it to Sunny, along with the vote.

Antione got mad. He was thinking that it would have been classy to vote for Ramon. But, what is the difference between prizes? I mean, if John is going to be classy, maybe Antione should share his $8,000 dollar windfall with everyone too. And if John had given the pound to Vinny, I am just so sure everyone would have voted for Ramon in the spirit of Thanksgiving, and let John stay another week. Yeah right. People say what they say, but they vote what they need. So, John said some stuff, Antione said some stuff, and they voted how they voted and we all learned the reality. Their votes are much more descriptive of their loyalties than their words.

I also agree, John did have some fallout with Sunny early on. They may have played a role.

Some people do not think well on their feet. John hangs in there. Antione was pretty fast. Jen, from way back, was not too good. She had no reply to all the propaganda they were spreading about her. When Vinny did that dramatic exit from the couch after calling her out, she was mostly speechless. She should have said, "hey black team, i am a big producer, don't send me home just yet. you still need me". Words. Everybody has words.

Never say, "i have a good support system back home". Always say, "I want to have a baby..." They all have to watch what they say to each other so carefully.

Ramon did look better with his new hair. But Jessica is going to kick his butt when she finds out that he gave $2,500 to Vinny instead of her.

Vinny is doing much better with Bob.

Currently I see three strong players and two moderate players, with Vinny moving from poor to moderate over the last three weeks. I don't see him having a chance to win the money, he cannot seem to lose the weight without Bob, likely cannot on his own. Becky is kind of an unknown. I think she can get real tough. Antione is more dangerous than Sunny in my book.

"RE: Swoop! 11/22 Statistics"
Posted by jbug on 11-26-11 at 09:32 AM
I think Ramone had to share the money with one the contestants still there.

"RE: Swoop! 11/22 Statistics"
Posted by proserpine on 11-29-11 at 12:13 PM
Thanks, probably right. Too bad for them. Hey, I found a link you may like.


"11/29 MakeOver Week"
Posted by jbug on 11-30-11 at 10:55 AM
Becky looked the most changed after her make-over. The short hair was perfect for her face.
The others? just looked like they cleaned up a little
The shopping in Beverly Hills must have been fun! But the long skirt & sloppy shirt put on Sunny in the store? Can anyone else say Whut? she was kidding, right?

Was so hoping Sunny or Antonie had won the weight-back-on race. But John is definitely a challenger, so he deserves it.

I really wondered if they would vote off Antoine since he might possibly be a bigger threat at the finale than Sunny. Wonder too if John's vote for Sunny had anything to do with their previous conflicts?

So, next week we'll see the marathon. Will the finale be next week as well? or will there be one more week?

"RE: 11/29 MakeOver Week"
Posted by samboohoo on 11-30-11 at 11:04 AM
Make-overs: Agree. Although I'm not quite sure what else they could have done with the men. I think I like Antone better with facial hair. I didn't like John with the facial hair.

I thought Becky look best after the makeover when she was on the treadmill getting ready for her last-chance workout. Maybe her make-up was a little too much for me. Not sure. Maybe it was the hairspray. I remember thinking the same thing about Olivia last year. Sometimes the slightly dirty hair looks better for a little while. One other note about Olivia. I absolutely hated the skunk stripe she put in front on the reunion show.

Olivia and Becky have inspired me to use that style next time I chop mine off.

I would be okay with any of this Final 5 winning it all. I still like John.

I think John and Sunny still had issues. Did you notice on the goodbyes? They show her hugging everyone but John. Lots of tension there - even after the comp as well.

Next week looks to be a one-hour show, and it's the one before the finale, which is likely two hours in two weeks. I wonder if there will be one more weigh-in next week as they did last year - having them come back for a weigh-in after being home a bit? Also wonder what the actual format for the finale will be.

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"RE: 11/29 MakeOver Week Statistics"
Posted by grit on 11-30-11 at 09:13 PM
Put the weight back on challenge Ė You have to give John a lot of credit for pulling ahead of first Sunny, then Antone to win the challenge. I was a little disappointed that Antone wouldnít shake Johnís hand at the finish line. I wasnít surprised that Vinny came in last.

When I saw the guys with scrubby faces, I figured the producers told them not to shave so that the makeover would seem more striking. I didnít think the makeovers were that dramatic vs. past seasons. However, the makeovers were more obvious at the weigh-in when they showed each personís starting photo on the split screen.

I loved that Beckyís husband lost 50 pounds on his own. And then I cried when he put her wedding ring on her finger. My first reaction when Vinny saw his girlfriend was, ďHey! Vinnyís dating Snooki!Ē When I saw Johnís wife, I figured Johnís going to have a tough time when he gets home. Beckyís husband lost weight because she went on TBL. Sunnyís husband has always been fit and he got a tennis membership for the both of them to use together. But Johnís wife looks like she should have been on the show, as well. Then a little later in the show, Dolvett also expressed concern about John falling back into bad habits and hinted that Johnís wife might be a problem. Hopefully, John stays as strong at home as heís been on the ranch and is able to help his wife.

Bob was freaked out about makeover week and everyoneís weight loss. When Sunny lost 1 pound, he was pissed. But fortunately everyone elseís weight loss was good. I was surprised Vinny had such a good week. But I think itís a matter of too little, too late. He's still in last place. Iím not sure he can do the work on his own at home.

It was interesting that John decided he wanted to go up against Antone in the finale. The reason he gave was that he wanted to go up against an NFL pro athlete. He said that Antone is competition and that he pushes John. However, Sunny was more competition for him than Antone because as of last week she had a higher percentage of weight loss than Antone. I think John was still playing the game.


This week:

Vinny 3.09%
John 2.95% (3.28% with 1# advantage)
Becky 2.82%
Antone 2.42%
Sunny .50%

To date:

John 33.48%
Antone 27.74%
Becky 27.73%
Sunny 27.44%
Vinny 26.29%

I got sliced!

"RE: 11/29 MakeOver Week Statistics"
Posted by samboohoo on 12-01-11 at 10:32 AM
Agree with you about Antone shaking John's hand. I felt really bad for John after the challenge. He's an interesting person, John. I wish I knew a little more about his back story. I wonder how much I would really like him in real life.

I was somewhat surprised when I saw his wife. I'm not sure she is what I expected. I think I disagree with Dolvett and Bob about what John will do when he returns. I'm not sure he will fall back into old habits. But then again, I didn't think Erik from Season 4 would either, and he plumped right back up.

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"RE: 11/29 MakeOver Week Statistics"
Posted by featherfish81 on 12-02-11 at 01:57 AM
>I was surprised Vinny
>had such a good week.
>But I think itís a
>matter of too little, too
>late. He's still in last
>place. Iím not sure he
>can do the work on
>his own at home.

I'm not sure about that - I think he might be peaking at just the right time. Even though he's in last place, he's now only one percentage point behind Antone and Becky, so he's right in the mix, and he has more to lose than Becky does. But you're right, it's hard to tell what will go on at home.

And I definitely agree about the first dress Sunny put on in the store. It really didn't show off her new figure. But the outfits they had at the red carpet looked good. Speaking of the red carpet, I thought it was interesting how it was almost like having paparazzi following them, with all of the tourists and their cameras, pretending to know who the contestants were.

"RE: 11/29 MakeOver Week Statistics"
Posted by proserpine on 12-05-11 at 11:37 PM
To date:

John 33.48%
Antone 27.74%
Becky 27.73%
Sunny 27.44%
Vinny 26.29%

So, Grit. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think John is a shoe-in. the final weigh in is weight over-all, not weight compared to the last weigh in, right? So, John is ahead by 5-6%.

Since John started essentially the same weight as Antoine, the math there is easy. John is starting this last push with a 25 lb. head start over Antone, right? I mean, Antoine needs to lose 25lbs. just to catch up to John.

I figure Becky is 13 lbs behind, and Vinny is a whopping 31 lbs. behind. So, while they are trying just to match John, John will still be losing more weight.

I haven't done the math for Sunny, but I think she did, and she bailed. Better to try for the 100 K under these circumstances.

"RE: 11/29 MakeOver Week Statistics"
Posted by grit on 12-06-11 at 09:58 AM
Not necessarily. I'm not sure how long they're at home before the finale, but anything can happen at home. John could fall back into bad habits and Antone could hire a full-time trainer and personal chef. Vinny could decide to work out 24/7 and pull up from last place. You never know.

I think a lot of times, the winner wins with a loss of 45% or 50% of their starting weight. So there's still a lot more work they'll probably do before the finale. But I think if John keeps his head on straight, he probably could win.

"RE: 11/29 MakeOver Week Statistics"
Posted by Flowerpower on 12-09-11 at 08:36 AM
I think a lot of times, the winner wins with a loss of 45% or 50% of their starting weight. So there's still a lot more work they'll probably do before the finale. But I think if John keeps his head on straight, he probably could win.

I don't know if there was an alliance between John and Antone or not, but I am happy that he kept Antone to compete with and push himself. I think John has an edge over Antone though, so in some ways, I think if anyone can compete with him, it just may be Ramon.

I think that Antone, as an ex-NFL football player has a lot more lean body mass under all of that fat than John. I already think that Antone just doesn't have the amount of fat to lose as John still has. Antone looks to be extremely muscular. Therefore, at this point, I think John has a big edge. It will be fun to see if anyone can close the gap on John. They all seem very focused. I agree, this just might be the most competitive group for the finals!

"RE: 11/29 MakeOver Week"
Posted by proserpine on 12-01-11 at 04:37 PM
I agree completely. Becky was a new person. Fantastic. And Sunny, that original dress looked horrible. The black one was much better.

About Sunny, yes. There was the previous conflict thing. But, I was thinking... Becky said she had roomed with her for the whole season. And, she voted to send her home so she could try for the $100 K. I wonder if Sunny took Becky and maybe John and Vinnie aside privately and told them to send her home? She didn't seem too upset about it. Her big competition will be Jen, Joe and Jessica. Hope she wins it. Becky's reasoning was sound. Sunny definitely has a better chance at the $100 K than the $250.

Speaks volumes for the original black team to have 3/5 players present toward the end. Also, Vinnie has improved with Bob over Dolvett. Becky also has improved as time went on. She did not respond to Anna either.

John voted for Antione back at the pentathalon personality contest also. He ranked Antione number one, not at the bottom like good strategy might suggest. John may just have some kind of alliance with him.

"RE: 11/29 MakeOver Week"
Posted by nap_time on 12-02-11 at 04:49 PM
I agree that the makeovers were not that WOW this year. Becky was stunning. She looked 20 years younger! And she has such a figure now!

I hated that Sunny was elimanated this week, so close to the final 4. But what Becky said did make sense... I can't wait to see what happens at the marathon! There are so many that I will be cheering for.

This has been a good season, not any real "bad guys" although I think the producers tried to make John out as a villian at the end. I don't agree with him voting for Sunny, but it is a game.

Becky's husband was so sweet! I'm glad to know I wasn't the only one crying when he put her ring back on her finger! Antoine's talk with his wife also made me cry.

No longer running in my dreams! Half Marathon TOMORROW!

"RE: 11/29 MakeOver Week"
Posted by jbug on 12-02-11 at 09:40 PM
Good luck tomorrow; be careful and have fun!

"RE: 11/29 MakeOver Week"
Posted by nap_time on 12-05-11 at 03:29 PM
Thanks JBUG! I did well for my first half marathon ever. Completed it in 2:31:59!! Now to decide if I want to continue to train for another one OR move up to the full and do 26.2!

~Half marathon 12/3 2:31:59, Thanks Agman! ~

"RE: 11/29 MakeOver Week"
Posted by jbug on 12-05-11 at 04:15 PM
congrats! I can't imagine running that far!

"RE: 11/29 MakeOver Week"
Posted by proserpine on 12-05-11 at 04:40 PM
wow, very nice. my first time was a 2:50. I was dead! That is one hard run. Great job.

"RE: 11/29 MakeOver Week"
Posted by nap_time on 12-07-11 at 04:40 PM
Thanks guys! It was an awesome experience!

It really made me appreciate what the contestants had to go through last night. I was hoping they would show their 13.1 times so I could compare. Ramon's finish in 5:05:00 which gave him a pace time of 11:38 a mile, which was about what my pace for the half. But I couldn't imagine keeping up that pace for another 13.1 miles. I was very impressed with the ones that finished. And was heartbroken for those that were pulled.

~Half marathon 12/3 2:31:59, Thanks Agman!

"WAY TO GO!!!!"
Posted by Flowerpower on 12-09-11 at 09:25 AM
Naptime....YOU ROCK! That is SO awesome and what an accomplishment! I am so proud of you! I also ran my first one last October ~ a year ago. I was so thrilled to have finished the darn thing, so out of my box, so to speak. It's amazing what you can accomplish just putting one foot in front of the other.

The Biggest Losers show us this every single season. They are so motivating, imo. If they can do it, we all can do it. I am not overweight, but I still find it so motivating, just to get healthier, just to get up and go! Congrats on your huge accomplishment, it's so AMAZING!

I don't know if I will run a marathon either....I leave the door open though,

"RE: WAY TO GO!!!!"
Posted by nap_time on 12-09-11 at 12:25 PM
Thanks! I understand about being "out of the box". I have never done anything like this before. My sisters were always the athletic ones, I was the bookworm. But I have really come to enjoy the running.

~Half marathon 12/3 2:31:59, Thanks Agman! ~

"RE: WAY TO GO!!!!"
Posted by Flowerpower on 12-10-11 at 09:59 AM
LAST EDITED ON 12-10-11 AT 09:59 AM (EST)

But I have really come to enjoy the running.

Me, too! That's the really big surprise, you never imagine how much you actually can enjoy it! I feel the same way! Keep at it!

"RE: New Season 9/20/2011"
Posted by LaddyBugg29 on 12-02-11 at 06:10 PM
How do you get on the show?!!!

"RE: New Season 9/20/2011"
Posted by featherfish81 on 12-03-11 at 06:11 PM
Apply here: http://www.thebiggestlosercasting.com/

"The Marathon Dec 6th"
Posted by jbug on 12-07-11 at 10:17 AM
I FF'd thru a lot. I might later watch more closely - prolly not .

Allison's comment
"See you back here in one week"
has me confused. (maybe I should listen to her again, but I swear that is what she said - or maybe she said "next week").
That weigh in was not live; did not actually happen last night, right?
So why try to confuse me?
If they had only one week between that weigh in & the finale, Grit could easily figure out the winner. No one is going to lose enough in one week to make a difference.

I'm not all into the trying to tie the show into real time - like Halloween & Thanksgiving. We are not stoopid; it was not Halloween when they had the candy temptation. They didn't fool me a bit.

Not saying who is in the finale 3 in case some of you haven't watched yet.
But the F3 is no surprise.

"RE: The Marathon Dec 6th"
Posted by Tummy on 12-07-11 at 11:35 AM
Courtney kicked butt at the marathon! Good for her.

I'm horrible at names right now - but the guy that got pulled with 5 miles to go broke my heart.

It's amazing to me that they can go from completely out of shape and overweight to doing a marathon in 5 months!

Happy with the winner of the marathon. and the final 3.

"RE: The Marathon Dec 6th"
Posted by jbug on 12-07-11 at 12:12 PM
Vinny & Joe (I think) were both pulled by Dr. H.

To me, not one really looked like they had reached "finale show" goals yet.
Wondering how long between the marathon & the finale.

"RE: The Marathon Dec 6th"
Posted by Flowerpower on 12-11-11 at 10:33 AM
Wondering how long between the marathon & the finale.

Well, this year it is a bit confusing, imo. The marathon throws us off. It used to be 12 weeks on the ranch, then 12 weeks at home before the finale.

So far this year we had 11 weeks, then on the 12th week was the marathon. Did the final 3 only get one week at home before the marathon? That doesn't make too much sense?

12 weeks at home before the finale...

Color me confused! Before there were 6 months total, from start to finale.

"RE: The Marathon Dec 6th"
Posted by nap_time on 12-07-11 at 04:51 PM
I think Allison's comment was for the viewers sake. I read somewhere... (I think) that they are home for several months inbetween the last weigh in and the finale. But I can't remember where I read it.

I agree with you that they should just do the show and not worry about the seasons or holidays.

I wished the F3 would have been one different. The one that made it that I didn't like really made me mad when Dolvet was visiting him and he was letting his wife do everything so he could concentrate on the finale. I think he is going to crash and burn once the finale is over and the real world hits him over the head. I hope I am wrong.

~Half marathon 12/3 2:31:59, Thanks Agman!

"RE: The Marathon Dec 6th"
Posted by jbug on 12-07-11 at 06:03 PM
I have to say that when Dolvett showed up at that door in that tight red sleeveless shirt? well.....

"RE: The Marathon Dec 6th"
Posted by Tummy on 12-07-11 at 06:29 PM
I have to say if I had a husband that was thisclose to being in the final running for a quarter million I'd be doing everything I could to let him just focus on working out and losing weight. So that didn't bother me at all.

"RE: The Marathon Dec 6th"
Posted by samboohoo on 12-08-11 at 01:08 PM

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"RE: The Marathon Dec 6th"
Posted by jbug on 12-08-11 at 08:47 PM
John is going to have to face real life after the finale. But if his wife has been handling everything at home while he has been gone? she might as well keep it up for the chance that he will win.
I think others have done that - work on weight loss & nothing else.

"RE: The Marathon Dec 6th - Statistics"
Posted by grit on 12-07-11 at 09:38 PM
LAST EDITED ON 12-08-11 AT 01:40 PM (EST)

Since everyone is making an effort not to spoil last nightís episode, Iím going to post this in the invisible font for now. I can make the post visible once everyone says it's okay. If you want to see my thoughts, statistics, and analysis, just highlight the blank space below. This way no one can accuse me of spoiling anything.

Oh, and before I go invisible, let me just say one more time, "Dolvett is hot! HOT!" I hope they don't get rid of him next season.

ETA: Per Boo's request, I have unhidden everything. Enjoy!

At home loss:

John 9.80%
Antone 9.29%
Vinny 8.92%
Becky 5.81%

To date:

John 40.00%
Antone 34.45%
Vinny 32.86%
Becky 31.93%

Weekly progress comparison:

I think itís important to see each personís progress throughout the competition. It speaks volumes about how each person worked over the course of 11 weeks on the Ranch, and I think it might give an indication of how theyíll do at the finale.

1st place every week.

Antone Ė did well the first 4 weeks, then started to slip in the rankings
1 Ė 2/15
2 Ė 2/14
3 Ė 3/13
4 Ė 2/12
5 Ė 5/11
6 Ė 5/10
7 Ė 4/9
8 Ė 3/8
9 Ė 3/7
10 Ė 3/6
11 Ė 2/5

I won't list Becky's and Vinny's weekly rankings since they won't be in the finale. Becky was down near the bottom all season but was always ahead of Vinny. Vinny was almost always next to last every week.

Ramon - was down in the bottom third most of the time, just above Becky and Vinny.
1 Ė 11/15
2 Ė 7/14
3 Ė 11/13
4 Ė 8/12
5 Ė 8/11
6 Ė 7/10
7 Ė 6/9
8 Ė 6/8
9 Ė 5/7
10 Ė 5/6

We don't know how much weight Ramon had lost by the time of the marathon, so I can't tell you how he compares to the other finalists. He was at 24.51% when he was eliminated in week 11. That week, John was at 33.48% and Antone was at 27.74%.

John is still 5.5% ahead of Antone. Given his hard work and focus, he stands a decent chance of winning.

I was a little annoyed because, towards the end of the show, Antone talked about the finale and everything he's done to get to there. In earlier episodes, he was mad at John for ďplaying the game.Ē Yet Johnís reason was because he needed to protect himself from being voted out due to jealousy over his progress in the game. Antoneís game play helped him leap over better players Ė Jennifer, Joe, and Sunny.

And then Antone said he wasn't worried about John because he (Antone) used to be an NFL lineman. But we never saw a hardworking, professional athlete out of him when he was on the Ranch. Antone didnít even do well in the marathon. He came in 8th place. That's not so great for a finalist who used to be a professional athlete.

Ramon was full of smack talk about how John and Antone will worry about each other and he'll just slide in under the radar and win the whole thing. The thing is, we've heard this smack talk from him before and he's never delivered. I just wish I knew what his weight was when they had that final weigh-in.

I can't wait to see everyone's final numbers and see where they all rank. I think that some of the contestants who were at home longer might actually have better numbers than Antone, Vinny or Ramon.

It's a capn2patch original

"RE: The Marathon Dec 6th - Statistics"
Posted by samboohoo on 12-08-11 at 01:10 PM
I haven't watched yet, but I wouldn't hide anything. If people are in this forum the day after, they probably want to know.

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"RE: The Marathon Dec 6th - Statistics"
Posted by jbug on 12-08-11 at 01:37 PM
so, you read, right?

Agree, it's time to reveal.

"RE: The Marathon Dec 6th - Statistics"
Posted by proserpine on 12-08-11 at 06:13 PM
Thanks Grit, I watch on Hulu, the next day. I am all up to date now. I agree Jbug, probably Allison was talking about next episode week. If she meant only seven actual days between marathon and final weigh in, John obviously won. He has at least 25 lbs on Antone.

John and Antone lost about the same over the first month home. If the next month goes similarly John is an easy winner. By Grits stats I am thinking John could likely end up at 47% and no one could catch him.

The 100 K is the next bet and the hard prediction. I am thinking Vinny, Jessica, Jen, Joe and Sunny are in the mix. I agree, Ramon is all talk, although he ran the marathon suprisingly well. Wish they weighed him. That would be very predictive.

I hope whoever wins the 100 K also beats Ramon's weight, because then Ramon won't feel bad for losing to John for the 250 and losing out on the 100 K by winning the marathon. Ramon will sleep better if he knows he would have lost either way, and he did get 25 K. That is the best he could have done, most likely.

I love John's love for his wife and family. But, yeah, he is going to have to make some changes to avoid gaining it back. I heard Bob say once that the people who are unemployed the last month tend to win, because they can focus on their weight loss. For 250 K I would hope my wife and kids would help out a whole lot. It is only one more month for one heck of a check. John could have worded it better, more PC, but he needs to have his wife cover for him if he intends to win.

I thought this has been a great season. The contestants were friendly, the gameplay did not seem to take away from the show, makeover week could have been better, but Becky at least came off looking both great and improved. The trainers did reasonably well. Bob rocked. Dolvett is likeable, had decent results. Anna is leaving, and she partially redeemed herself after Bonnie got off her team and started dragging down Dolvett's team. Season 11 was better in my mind. But it the first season I watched, also.

I think there are three basic strategies or paths to choose from:

1) gameplayer strategy number one: vote off the contestants who present the greatest threat. Don't lose too much weight when you have immunity so the next week you have greater chances of staying above the line, make alliances, etc.

2) gameplayer strategy number two, for poor contestants or Bonnie types: vote off the worst players (as opposed to the best players) whenever you can, lose as much weight as you can, win any prizes you can. Understand that you will not win the big prizes ahead of time. The reason to vote off other poor contestants, such as Vinny or Ramon as opposed to John, Antone, Sunny, Jen, etc. is because poor players present no threat. No one cares to vote off the Bonnies because they will fall by the wayside sooner or later. With that in mind, it is always better for poor players who fall below the yellow line to be matched up against Jen or Joe or threatening players. Gameplay then dictates that the other players will vote off the bigger threats. So, the poor player strategy, is to make sure she does not fall below the yellow line with a Vinny or a Ramon. Consequently poor players need to vote off other poor players. They need to isolate themselves as the least threatening. Other poor players are their competition for this role.

Strategy number three: John's style. Skip alliances altogether. Vote however you feel. Make sure you lose as much weight as possible every week. Never fall below the yellow line. Advantage to this strategy is that at the end of the game, when you are measured by total weight loss, you have a 6% head start over the gameplayers and the contestants who could not keep up.

Strategy number four - for Sunny types, or better than average players. Lose what you can, as you are able. Follow Grits stats weekly. If you are 6% behind towards the end, bail on the 250 K and try for the 100 K.

"Allison's Comment"
Posted by samboohoo on 12-12-11 at 03:45 PM
It's for TV. They've been home from that weigh-in for a while now.

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Posted by samboohoo on 12-12-11 at 03:47 PM
I think we have discussed this before. I am not a fan of the marathon and wish they would stop doing it. Most of these people are coming into this whole experience right off of the sofa. IMO, there is no way they can properly train for a marathon in that short amount of time - especially withthe condition of their bodies.

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"RE: Marathon"
Posted by jbug on 12-12-11 at 03:59 PM
there is no way a marathon is fair to all contestants.
With some of the conditions that some have - knees, etc. - they don't stand a chance.

Posted by LeftPinky on 12-13-11 at 11:35 PM
No one is up and spoiling the finale? THis is always my favorite show of the season!

"RE: Finale?"
Posted by jbug on 12-13-11 at 11:48 PM
I'm watching.

The best part so far?
previews of next season;
looks like Bob Harper tries to kill Santa.

No, seriously, I wanted Skinny Vinny to win the at home $100,000.

This has to be the biggest longest drawn out program e.v.e.r!
Results take longer than American Idol!

tiny frozen stolen clown

"RE: Finale?"
Posted by JessicaRN on 12-14-11 at 01:28 AM
The 3 finalists look great!

Allison's dress was kind of matronly looking.

Why is the sound always kind of spotty on this finale?

Looks like we're going to be stuck with Dolvet for another season. Darn it!!!

"RE: Finale?"
Posted by jbug on 12-14-11 at 09:58 AM
Jessica's dress was perfect; Becky's showed her tummy too much; I'd hate to think someone is paid to help them pick out their clothes for this show.

Dolvett? darn it? I think I can try to look at those muscles at least one more season. It might be hard, but I can do it.

"RE: Finale?"
Posted by samboohoo on 12-14-11 at 10:02 AM
I watched a lot of it - at least the important parts. I was actually at the gym on the treadmill during much of the first hour. I didn't understand what was going on at first because I missed the opening and came in when Alison told Johnny he would not be weighing in.

I am undecided on whether or not I like the new format. I mean I get it, but it's not like it shortened the show or anything.

Can't wait for next season, and I love that we really don't have to wait long. I aw the first preview with Santa on the floor and laughed at Bob's confessional. I didn't know at the time there would be another bigger and better preview, so I went back and slo-mo'ed it to see if I could find Dolvett. LOL. Then bam, there he was in the other preview.

My thoughts:

Becky: She looked awesome! Her hair looks so good. She has taken years off of her look with that cut.

Jessica: I thought she looked great as well. I missed a little of her conversation, but I heard her say, "no rush on the wedding." I thought to myself, "Yeah, you finally took a good look at Ramone." Don't worry, Jess, I wouldn't marry him either. I thought she said, "no engagement, no wedding just yet." Didn't they already get engaged?

Sunny: She looked fabulous. I really thought she had Patrick.

Patrick: He looked fab as well!

Jennifer: Oh my. Yes, she is creepy. Enough said.

Vinny: Meh, I wasn't wild about him, so it didn't really bother me that he didn't win, although I think I would have preferred him over Jennifer.

Ramone: Please STFU and go home for good.

Antone & John: I thought Antone had it. He looked amazing. I was glad to see that there didn't seem to be any hard feelings there. He really looked like a good sport last night.

Good for John. I have liked him from the start. Not sure why, but I just have. I thought it was so sweet what he said to his wife, and I hope this will really help them get back to a good place. He made me a little nervous when he got on the scale because of the look on his face. I would guess they have a pretty good idea of where they are and what they need. I couldn't tell if he looked "defeated" or if he was really suppressing his excitement because he knew he had it.

On to next season!

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"RE: Finale?"
Posted by jbug on 12-14-11 at 10:32 AM
I thought Antonine looked better - healthier? - than John.
John's face looked a bit drawn - course that might have been the beard; and the stress. I missed what he said to his wife; I was FFing a lot.

John tried to say something else right as Allison started the weigh part but she didn't give him a chance; she's doing a live show! she knows some of them ramble on and on (like Ramone).

"RE: Finale?"
Posted by samboohoo on 12-14-11 at 11:46 AM
Agree about John's face. It did look drawn. I also thought his beard was a little too full.

John said that he had had a lot of failures in life - business ventures, an adoption. They lost their house. Their youngest son is autistic. He thanked his wife for basically handling everything so he could be there. He said that the sacrifices he made on the ranch were nothing compared to what she did. It was sweet.

I FF'd through every single word Ramone said that I could. I think when he came out, I was done with the treadmill and had moved on to the floor for ab work. I could see him, but I couldn't hear him, and I was fine with that. I will say that his hair looked so much better last night.

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"Finale statistics"
Posted by grit on 12-14-11 at 10:08 AM
This is going to be quick and dirty because I have stuff going on today, but I wanted to get the statistics up.

John 49.44%
Antone 45.19%
Jennifer 43.94%
Ramon 43.38%
Vinny 43.19%
Patrick 39.02%
Sunny 38.27%
Joe 38.22%
Becky 36.97%
Courtney 32.22%
Jessica 31.50%
Bonnie 30.31%
Johnny 29.57%
Mike 27.83%
Debbie 13.81%

I wasn't surprised John won. He went into the finale with a pretty good lead. I also wasn't too surprised that Jennifer won the at-home prize. But I was surprised that she beat both Ramon and Vinny, considering how long ago she was eliminated. She did a heck of a job on her own at home. Ramon was still annoying. Patrick looked hot! I thought he was cute when he was at the Ranch and now he's a certified stud. Sunny and Jessica both were almost unrecognizable to me (in a really good way). Bonnie did much better than I thought. And I was totally unsurprised that Debbie did as poorly as she did.

I have additional statistics regarding at-home weight loss but I'll have to post later.

It's a capn2patch original

"RE: Finale statistics"
Posted by jbug on 12-14-11 at 10:37 AM
stuff? like going skiing?

Debbie looked surprised too - but she had to know she had not lost much. That would be embarrassing to me, but maybe someone convinced her that she is taking the weight off slowly & will be able to keep it off.

Jennifer, Ramone & Vinny were so close!
I wish TBL would use a scale like the one on "Dance your A$$ off".

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"RE: Finale?"
Posted by udg on 12-14-11 at 05:21 PM
New format: It was a wash for me. Any change that gets us less time spent watching the "boop-boop-boop" faux suspense of the "weigh in" times 15 is great... except this one just resulted in more time "getting to know" the contestants, and I really just don't care that much about them.

Marathon: I hate that TBL has placed so much emphasis on marathons as the pinnacle of what everyone should aspire to. Everything else aside, running for hours on end is just plain DULL. Yes, it's impressive, but so is (for example) completing a triathlon, which seems like a safer and more diverse way to show off (which is what the event is for).

Editing: As soon as Allison said there was less than 1% between Sunny and Patrick, we knew that neither of them had won.

Jennifer: I didn't mind her winning the At-Home prize. Vinny had more than enough opportunity to kick her butt, and he fell short. I'm kinda glad he lost. I also loved that she beat Ramon. Ha! (I would have loved to see Becky win, but she wasn't in the running.)

Antoine: I think he lost more at home than John did, but John had such a huge lead from the ranch it just wasn't enough.

John: Did look drawn, but I think that's an artifact of his recent weight loss. Alton Brown and Drew Carey both looked gaunt after losing weight for a while, but eventually the skin seems to adjust, and their faces stopped looking so haunted. I bet John will look much better in 6-9 months, if he keeps the weight off.

Keeping the weight off: There has been a lot of speculation that John just doesn't have what it takes to do it, as if there's something "wrong" with him. However, history has showed us that very few contestants manage to stay at an ideal weight for more than a year or two. If he follows the trend, it won't be because he had the wrong emotional response on the scale or didn't give his all or whatever. It will be because he's more normal than Bob wants to admit.

Next season: Looks like a lot of fun! I love that they split up the couples, and I can handle another season of Dolvet. It would be nice to have a female trainer, but they've shown repeatedly that Jillian is a tough act to follow.

Thanks to tribephyl for the sigpic!

"RE: Finale?"
Posted by samboohoo on 12-15-11 at 10:28 AM
Agree with you on so much here.

I have now run two 10ks and a few 5ks. I did my first Tri (spring tri: 400 meter swim, 12 mile bike, 5k) last year, and I must tell you it was the most rewarding feeling I've ever had. I absolutely loved it - way more than just running alone.

And you're absolutely on point about John and normal.

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"RE: Finale?"
Posted by proserpine on 12-15-11 at 04:42 PM
I agree Sam, Jbug - the marathon needs to go. Its great for those who are runners, crummy and unfair for the rest.

John looked great, Antone looked healthier - I agree. Antone is bigger and more muscular.

I was very suprised about Ramone. Nice work. I had always been thinking of him as being at the back of the pack. He caught up. And he got 25 K for the marathon.

Jen - I was kinda ticked off over Vinnie way back when. Black team was kicking butt. Then they did a week of singles and Vinnie made a big to-do about how Jen was so tied by her umbilical cord to Bob. To be fair, she had a broken leg, and Bob was trying pretty hard, one on one, to get her to lose weight. Vinny rallied the red and the black team to vote her off. She was number two at that point in the competition. The black team voted off their number two teammate partly due to Vinnie's drama.

So, it was excellent game play on Vinnie's part. He was second to last, and there was no other way for the red team to get a black team contestant to go home. I mean, they couldn't get her on the scale, so they got her with the game play.

Not having been there myself, I would not have voted her off if I were a black team player. Then again, she may just have been too psycho to handle. Had I been there maybe I would have been leading the charge to vote her off.

Adding insult to injury, the following week they went and re-arranged the trainers and all I heard was Vinnie and everyone else complaining about how they could not live without their trainer for a half hour. So, were they any different than Jen? It was all just words, concepts to get her voted off. Anyway, they made a big deal of it with the flowers and all.

Anyhow, Jen got her payback. Vinnie looks excellent.

I was also thinking that Ramone would not have won the 100 K anyway, so not so bad that he won the marathon and ended up going up against Antone and John.

I would like to see a few more prizes. Maybe make it like golf or poker - the top 5 or 8 contestants win a part of the pot. Spread the wealth. Probably it is more conducive to attracting audiences to make two big prizes.

If I ever get on I am going to do handgrips, study calorie books, and learn how to prepare one dessert for the cooking competition ahead of time. Many individual contests can be won with a strong grip. There is always a contest on calories per food items, and a cooking contest.

Turned into a really nice season.

"RE: Finale?"
Posted by featherfish81 on 12-15-11 at 10:32 PM
New format: I agree that having fewer weigh-ins was good, but I missed being able to see the percentage that each person lost, instead of just the total pounds.

Patrick did look hot, but you're right about the editing - it was clear neither of them would win.

And I agree about the marathon, too. For most of the contestants, it's just something to complete, they have no chance of winning. And running for that long is just boring, and probably not good for most of them. At least this year they actually pulled people off of the course, which it seems like they would have needed to do previously. I kind of like the idea of a triathlon (they could do the swimming part in a pool, if they're worried about lifeguarding), if they aren't too committed to the marathon idea.

The new twist is interesting. I can understand the one guy, who said something along the lines of "this isn't what I signed up for." I mean, they knew they would have to go to singles eventually, but at least at the beginning expected to have their teammate next to them encouraging them. I might be annoyed too, but I guess you really do have to expect anything at the ranch.