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"New trainers"

Posted by jbug on 06-03-11 at 09:23 AM
the tennis player &

wonder why Brett & Cara won't be back? their choice? or were they not asked back?

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"RE: New trainers"
Posted by grit on 06-03-11 at 10:32 AM
Ooh! Pretty!

I'd open my own Antique Shoppe for him...

"RE: New trainers"
Posted by Tummy on 08-04-11 at 02:51 PM
*pout I liked Bret and Cara.

Floating my cares away with Agman - 2011

"RE: New trainers"
Posted by Starshine on 08-04-11 at 04:57 PM
Anna Kournikova!

I'll be watching!