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"did your sound suck?"

Posted by FSUGUY on 03-16-04 at 11:34 PM
I had a hard time hearing the vocals on some performances.

how about ya'll?

the Piano was loud and backup vocals were louder.....drowning out the lead.

anybody else hear this problem?

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"RE: did your sound suck?"
Posted by Wingbob on 03-17-04 at 07:24 AM

"RE: did your sound suck?"
Posted by grit on 03-17-04 at 08:25 AM
The problem wasn't the backup music - it was the singers. Some of them just don't have very powerful voices or a big vocal range. Amy is probably a good example of this. When she was hitting notes in a range that she was comfortable with, she was louder than the backup music. But, when she was hitting some of those higher notes, her voice faded and the music sounded too loud in comparison.

"RE: did your sound suck?"
Posted by Ricky on 03-17-04 at 11:43 AM
Maybe so, but that's where the producers need to adjust the "sound mix". We should never hear background singers or the instruments drowning out the main singer. What we actually hear can be controlled and is called the mix.

"RE: did your sound suck?"
Posted by libgirl2 on 03-17-04 at 08:34 AM
I was wondering about that too. I had a hard time hearing Latoya and Amy, but then others I could hear just fine. Wish I didn't hear Leah though. It can be a combo of the music being overloud and these kids not used to really having to quite belt it out over such loud music/not strong enough voices.

"RE: did your sound suck?"
Posted by buckeyegirl on 03-17-04 at 09:44 AM
I think the back up vocals were just too loud...the singers just didn't have the voice to be heard over them.

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"RE: did your sound suck?"
Posted by MTW1961 on 03-17-04 at 11:49 AM
i agree, and I don't think it was all the fault of the singers. Same thing happened last week too. It leaves me feeling underwhelmed by the performances.

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