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"S24 One World Ep. 3 Love/Loathe List"

Posted by Aruba on 03-02-12 at 06:02 AM
I didn't see chivalry dead in this episode...if anything I felt the men were more accommodating than anyone playing the game had the right to be. What I do know is the Salani women should start standing in line and promise a make-out session to whoever thought of the "One World" concept; because if Salani was forced to live remotely as a separate tribe AWAY from the men, they'd be dead in the water.

1) SABRINA (1,1) - Got Salani rolling in the RC and came through big time in the end to win the IC, thus maintaining her #1 ranking. But despite her challenge prowess, the HII is the biggest factor thus far in the game which would not have been possible without Sabrina.

2) TROY (4,5) - Not responsible for Matt's boot, but I'm crediting him with the blindside. "It's not Survivor without lying." Funny thing about lying; once you start it's hard to stop. We'll see if he can keep it in check, but either way, the man came to play the game.

3) JAY (7,3) - His acceptance by the Misfits was ridiculously easy...I didn't see that coming. An alpha male embraced by the Misfits who I see no problem coexisting with the ladies. Socially he seems to have it made--now whether he can parlay that into an endgame is yet to be seen.

4) KIM (5,9) - Maybe I'm overanalyzing but I found it interesting when Matt looked at Kim congratulating the women for the fish they caught. Perhaps it's nothing, but shows how approachable Kim is which could be a difference maker in this game.

5) JONAS (6,13) - I can't see him doing anything to tick me off this season, but hasn't wowed me yet either. He's a lurker, and lurkers can do well in Survivor, although I'm keeping him here until he makes a big game move.

6) CHRISTINA (2,6) - My season's "crush" remains alive and well, but I don't see her high on anyone's food chain. Unless she can successfully orchestrate a game-changing move, the best my China Doll can hope for is Jury member.

7) LEIF (3,4) - Even underdogs need to step up eventually, and Leif has yet to do so. Other than his midget status I see no storyline for him; so he'll probably continue to slide down my ranking unless he shows us something more.

8) CHELSEA (8,2) - No way can I put you any higher for carrying on about the cold and rain. Even though I've been away awhile, the show is still called "Survivor"...isn't it? Hoping it was just a weak moment and not a trend.

9) MONICA (9,9) - Only reason she's ranked here is for the fishing footage we were treated to. Brad (Culpepper) wasn't the only one smiling...AHHHH, the benefits of being a Pro football player. Unfortunately for Monica there's no Barbie Townhouse in Cougarville, so without a tribal switch her future in this game is dismal.

10) COLTON (15,15) - Biggest mover of the week because Ep. 3 was all about Colton. Never has anything so unearned (HII) played such a big part for an individual player in Survivor. But he does get props for not playing the idol at TC knowing he was not at risk. As if there aren't enough kinks in his armour, another one we saw this episode is putting personal feelings above gameplay. If it was REALLY "Colton's World" Bill's torch would have been snuffed. Thanks to Sabrina's idol he has a good strategy for advancement, but possesses too many flaws to be a threat to win.

11) MICHAEL (11,7) - I assume it was Michael who voted Bill? If so, much like Monica last week, he is out of his tribe's loop. Bill can be his bulletproof vest for one more TC, but after that he better be praying for a tribal switch.

12) KAT (14,12) - Pretty much a forgotten castaway this episode other than the multiple attempts at the RC. But that was due to Troy being a goofball and giving both of them 1-2 second looks figuring the women already had it in the bag.

13) ALICIA (16,16) - With no Manono men interested in her "bargaining chips" her negotiation skills become nonexistent. In the first two episodes we saw Alicia the B!tch; this week we saw Alicia the Begger. I like her better as a begger so she crawls out of the basement for the time being.

14) BILL (10,10) - I'm not blaming him for the IC loss. He did an excellent job calling, and the puizzle solving was more about Sabrina's clutch performance than Billy's failure. He's here because he is out of touch with the game, and with reality for that matter. "One World" is a long vacation for him who's happy to get whatever TV time he can. He'll probably be just as "jacked up" when voted off--and I predict that will come sooner than later.

15) GREG (12,11) - A quintessential A$$-kisser, and he's puckering up to the HII holder .But if you want to blow smoke up someone's A$$ move on over to Sabrina's backside. She deserves it more. Stammering over Matt's question at TC must have been humbling. And all you achieved by asking to see the last two votes was calling unnecessary attention to yourself.

BOOTED) MATT (13,17) - He asks Greg, "Who's WE?" WE is the majority needed to stay safe in this game. A concept Matt was oblivious to.

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"RE: S24 One World Ep. 3 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by michel on 03-02-12 at 08:19 PM
I'm glad you also picked up on Matt congratulating Kim but I have to say that what you admire in Jay's strategy is called coat-tail riding! Also, your appreciation of Troyzan's lie is surprising. I like it but I am surprised!

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 3 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by Aruba on 03-03-12 at 08:11 AM
I'll address Jay first.

When a majority of a tribe congregates and you are not part of that congregation, wandering over toward the group is more satisfying one's curiousity as opposed to "strategy." It's a common occurance in Survivor and in an overwhelming majority of the time the group either changes the subject or scatters to resume the discussion at another time when the non-alliance tribemate is gone.

This didn't happen when Jay approached the Misfits. So, in my opinion, there's no "strategy" to "admire." I'm just surprised at the Misfit's easy acceptance of someone who was a solid member of the Frat Pack and it would suggest Jay appears to be an approachable individual that most people are comfortable with. That's what I'm crediting him for in my ranking.

In this episode I would consider that more of a recruitment by the Misfits as opposed to Jay riding coattails. In fairness, I'll have to watch Jay for a few more episodes before I put that tag on him.

My appreciation of Troy is in the final words of my assessment of him: "He came to play the game." That's the main reason I ranked him high for this week.

After explaining my feelings on the subject of "lying" you might not be as surprised as you originally thought.

Not only in Survivor, but also in life, I feel there are two types of lying. 1) There's the lying that someone initiates with the sole intent for deception/backstabbing. 2) There's lying as a "defensive mechanism" when someone is pressed between a rock and a hard place and lies to get out of a jam.

Clearly Troy made Matt feel safer than he should have thinking Troy was with him which resulted in a blindside;, but I don't know as a bonafide fact how that came about? Did Troy, TOTALLY on his own, approach Matt and tell him he was on his side for the sole reason to fatten him for the kill at TC? Or did Matt, realizing before TC he did not have the numbers, approach Troy for his support? If it's the latter, Troy would have two choices: 1) Tell Matt, "I'm already in an alliance with the Misfits, so sorry dude...you're dead meat." Or tell Matt he's with him to get Matt off his back and not put a target on himself.

Because I don't use Spoliers to be a "smartypants" my rankings and assessments on players are based on what I know. And when you don't know, it's only natural to give the benefit of the doubt to people you like and not to those who have shown a history of having characteristics you dislike. I know that's not always "fair," but it's human-nature.

So I hope you still "like it" with much of the "surprise" factor now removed. lol

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 3 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by iltarion on 03-02-12 at 08:35 PM

Well, Kim was one of 3 women who caught fish, so there was a 1/3 chance of being congratulated. And we know Matt wasn't likely to congratulate Chelsea, due to their "history." So, basically, Kim was 1 of 2 choices. I wouldn't make too much of it.


"RE: S24 One World Ep. 3 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by michel on 03-02-12 at 10:53 PM
Iltarion, your math is neglecting something: Matt's congratulation didn't have to be shown at all if it didn't mean anything.

While I'm at it, I also wanted to comment on Aruba's:

"the Salani women should start standing in line and promise a make-out session to whoever thought of the "One World" concept; because if Salani was forced to live remotely as a separate tribe AWAY from the men, they'd be dead in the water."

Whoever thought of One World is also part of the staff that forces them to live outside with little more than a bikini and a shirt, exploiting them for our viewing pleasure. I'm guessing they're thinking of slapping him instead of making out with him.

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 3 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by iltarion on 03-02-12 at 10:57 PM
LAST EDITED ON 03-02-12 AT 11:27 PM (EST)

michel, are you saying that women on TV wouldn't be doing that anyway? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

My man, you need to get out of the house and check out what the women at your local college are wearing once.

Exploited? Indeed!!!


"RE: S24 One World Ep. 3 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by Aruba on 03-03-12 at 07:02 AM

"Whoever thought of One World is also part of the staff that forces them to live outside with little more than a bikini and a shirt, exploiting them for our viewing pleasure. I'm guessing they're thinking of slapping him instead of making out with him."

HaHaHa...so I guess the whole cast should stand in line and slap the same staff for being hungry, dehydrated, and inadequate shelter?

Isn't this Season TWENTY-FOUR???

They all knew what they were in for. Unless the players were stalked, abducted, and forced to sign the consent at gunpoint, there's NOOOOO way any girl has any case to feel "exploited."

Although men vs. women is not an original concept, "One World" is. So a big sloppy kiss is still in order for a concept no one saw coming but has been a big survival benefit for one of the tribes.

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 3 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by iltarion on 03-03-12 at 07:15 AM

As much as I don't share michel's blissful though anachronistic delusion of today's young woman being like the Virgin Mary in flowing skirts rather than entirely willing to show their goods off to the camera if it got them more face time (and don't get me wrong, I support their willingness to do so, not just for my benefit, but for the fact that if I had a body like Jay, I would go out for the mail in my boxers), I still have to steal some of michel's thunder here and defend the women, slightly.

If the women didn't have the men to go to, they simply wouldn't. They would go through the game cold and wet, and maybe there would be even more crying and whining, but they would still SURVIVE quit fine. In fact, maybe they would be a little more careful with their fire if the men weren't there to run to.


"RE: S24 One World Ep. 3 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by Aruba on 03-03-12 at 08:22 AM
My exact words were the One World concept has provided a "survival BENEFIT" for the women. And it clearly has. My "dead in the water" reference was figurative. Obviously I'm not suggesting any of the girls would be helicopered home in a wooden casket if not for the men.

MAYBE more crying and whining without the men??? How about DEFINITELY. And sorry, I do not believe they would "SURVIVE quite fine" as a separate tribe far away. Their lack of survival skills are pathetic. Actually if this was not One World, I'm certain we would have had a tribal switch already.

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 3 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by michel on 03-03-12 at 08:29 PM
Exploitation: using someone for profit.

See, you don't have to feel exploited to be exploited. CBS is only interested in ratings and bikinis mean ratings so, yes, they are exploiting the women.

But I wasn't saying the women would slap the staff because they feel exploited, they would do so because they were left in the cold with no clothes. See, not every fan of the show knows what production is capable of doing. I'm not talking about recruits (good for them if they are tricked due to their lack of knowledge) I'm talking of the 99% of fans that never come on line, just watch the episodes. They don't know that production goes through their lugage, putting aside most of their clothes, leaving them only with those skimpy outfits. Did you see a single pair of pants in the women's shelter? I didn't.

Anyway, even if they knew what was going to happen, when you are presented with a 1 in 18 chance to win a million, you accept some things that normally would be unacceptable.

As for inadequate shelter, do you know that there are restriction on what they can build? For example, the shelter has to be opened on 3 sides so that the cameras can get the desired shots. Pretty hard to cut the wind when you are only allowed 1 wall.

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 3 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by iltarion on 03-04-12 at 01:52 AM

michel, that isn't the definition of the word that you were referring to. That definition would apply to all the castaways, and in fact, it applies to all employees everywhere who surely are being "utilized for profit." In Colton's words, DUH....

No, you were referring to the "selfish utilization for profit" typified by NIKE and APPLE employees working in Malaysia. THAT kind of exploitation.

Now, I certainly could argue whether that definition of the term applies. Afterall, can you really be used "selfishly" if you yourself are profiting off the use? Debatable.

Anyway, if we just assume that definition applies, then the bare chests of Jay, Michael and Matt were equally being exploited, as is the sexual orientation of Colton.

Also, the women are exploiting their own bodies and CBS by wearing their bikinis, since such utilization may lead to future profit for many of them.

So, basically, if we want to be loose with the term, then there is a lot of exploitation going around.

The men have to abide by the same rules as the women regarding shelter, and yet, they kept their fire going and stayed warm and dry (the tarp helps).


"RE: S24 One World Ep. 3 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by Toban on 03-02-12 at 08:40 PM
1. Sabrina: While she was shown to be a bit shaky in the calling portion of the IC, she pulled out the win with the puzzle, under pressure. That was the biggest story of the episode.

2. Kim: It's all about what the editors chose to show. She was part of the fishing trio, she received the congrats from the guys. She was the one that appeared to be giving Sabrina the most guidance in the puzzle challenge. She didn't whine about the rain.

3. Troy: Way to put that smug d-bag, Matt in his place. Unlike, Tarzan, he understands the concept of subtlety.

4. Jay: Not as dumb as I initially thought. He's in a fairly decent position and the misfits obviously like him enough. (oh yeah, he's nice to look at too.)

5. Monica: She seems like a pretty cool chick. It's hard to say why else I like her and I hope she finds her groove.

6. Tarzan/Greg: I like the way he stood up for Colton and stood up for Matt. Pushing for Matt, rather than Bill as the boot was a good idea. He's clearly a bit clueless as to how to play the game but I'll put him up here this week. The fact that he kept his clothes on helped too.

7. Chelsea: I still like her but I didn't like the whining.

8. Christina: Not much on her this week.

9. Colton: If it wasn't for his smarmy eye-rolling faces at tribal council, I might have ranked him higher. However, I think he played intelligently. He was seen trying to shut Tarzan off when he was saying more than he should have (about strategizing) and I think he was smart to let the team vote our Matt rather than his first choice, Bill.

10. Jonas: He seems to have become a follower.

11. Leif: I don't know if this guy has game, or he's just a novelty player. Unfortunately, the latter seems more likely so far.

12. Michael: Well at least he wasn't target # 1 or 2. I have no idea why he voted for Bill.

13. Alicia: Not doing much to make me like her.

14. Kat: She still seems like a useless bimbo but I fear she will go far.

15. Bill: Ugh, I'm with Colton on this. That YOYOYO, BRO bs would make me insane after about 5 minutes.


Matt: The head rooster was served up as dinner.

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 3 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by iltarion on 03-02-12 at 10:55 PM
LAST EDITED ON 03-03-12 AT 07:01 AM (EST)

Indeed, Arubaba, Chivalry is not dead. More on that later.

Otherwise, I have some grand disagreements with Aruba, which is all the better.

1. Chelsea - This was HER episode, entirely. The edit used her breakdown to illustrate the low point for the women, as well as highlight the conflict set up by having men vs. women on the same beach, a conflict she escalated by reneging on the chickens. The edit then used her, Kim, and Monica's successful fishing trip to show the turnaround the women had made, capped off by an IC win immediately after. She had more than twice as many confessionals as anyone else, being the first to have more than Sabrina and Colton in an episode. The episode started with a confessional by her, and she was the last woman to speak before the men went to TC. From the camera at the beginning focusing on her face lit by firelight to the sexy shot of her crawling out of her shelter in her white and gold leggings, she is easily the star of the show for me. I'm not going to blame a woman for being cold because it has been proven by science that they ARE. Might as well blame God for that one.

2. Kim - Broke out of her silence last episode by having two confessionals this time around. She was with Chelsea when Colton and Jonas offered their shelter, and she was also with Chelsea on the key fishing trip. Her, Chelsea and Christina also appeared to be the main women assisting Sabrina during the IC. She doesn't have the personal story that Chelsea and Sabrina have, yet, but they are eventual challenge threats and she is not, which could be a key advantage. Her path is clear: get to the F5 with her current alliance, and then side with Alicia and Kat and take them to the Finals. Ball Game.

3. Sabrina - Still the leader of Salani and deserves props for the two challenge wins, both of which she was instrumental in. Her edit did take a step back, but perhaps that was just inevitable, considering how heavy it was before. Frankly, she actually got whooped in the IC by Bill. Fortunately for her and Salani, the challenge was created to come down to the very end because whoever was behind had an easy view to simply copy off the tribe that was ahead. Watch it again and you should notice that the first 7 pieces that she put on the puzzle were pieces that Bill already had on. Coincidence? No. She beat him on the last piece though, that was all that mattered.

4. Jonas - Keeps his spot here even though the men are still straggling. He and Colton went above and beyond in offering their shelter before the "massive @ss storm" (something likely discussed by all the men). Perhaps they were just offering it to Chelsea and Kim. (Good call!) He eventually soured on the women taking advantage of the men's generosity and got one confessional to share that. Behind the scenes, he was one of the guys Matt wanted in his group, which shows how approachable HE is.

5. Troy - He got a strong edit among the men, and I dig him as a character. He was nice to immediately acquiesce to Chelsea's request to warm herself, though what guy would deny her at that moment I don't know, and he has been seen "playing nice" with the ladies a couple times. Definitely a player. I'm not sure he made the right decision in choosing the Misfits over the Frat Boys though. Like Jimmy Vegas once said, keep the bigger targets around. At the minimum he needs to flush the idol. Plus, he LOST TO KAT in a laughable challenge sequence. Still, he ultimately swayed the vote to Matt.

6. Christina - She got a sequence of 8 objects in one try to seal the deal for the women and shut out the men in the RC. She also, as usual, gave plenty of help in the IC. On the other hand, she is on the chopping block, and the edit moved away from her. We might be looking at one more boot before a tribal switch. She needs that boot to be a man.

7. Monica - Much the same boat as Christina except that the edit picked up for her where it declined for Christina. Was the first woman to catch a fish. Had the guts to get an ember from the guys. Needs a tribal switch the same as Christina.

8. Leif - Has no edit, but unlike the other guys, he has decided chivalry over the game. He gave Monica and Kat an ember before the other guys could even negotiate. That is probably why he has no edit, but it is deserving of props from me.

9. Zoltan the Gay Blade - Haha... And so it begins... Colton made a complete @SS of himself this episode and was even called out (rightly) by both Bill and Jeff at TC. However, a non-PC effeminate gay man?? This is just too great to be true! Now that he has some power, he has embraced the black hat, and I think he is going to make a great Survivor villain. Thus, he begins to move up my list.

10. Kat - Like her or not, she also got a piece of the edit and a confessional. She is clearly under Alicia's wing and appears to be going far.

11. Jay - Obviously is likable enough that Misfits had no problem adding him. He still however has sown no seeds with the women and doesn't appear to have a long term game.

12. Michael - Was MIA this episode except for being indignant at the women. If it is decent enough for Matt to go clam hunting, then it should have been fine for some of the men to stand outside the shelter while the women took a moment to warm themselves. Do you really think the women being cold and wet is going to help you win challenges? Wrong.

13. Bill - I can see why he was casted. He has a lot of energy and a fruity personality. Of course, isn't he a comedian? His statement about One World being dead was justified, and his claim that Colton prejudged them was dead on. He should stay just to continue annoying Colton. "It is all fun and games until you are right here, right now." Haha...

14. Tarzan - Flexed some muscle and showed that Kat's first guess that he was leading might not have been as far off as we thought. He might not be leading, but it is clear that he WANTS to. He appears to have Bill as a floater, and ultimately, he got his way with Matt being voted out. He clearly annoys his own alliance however due to his penchant for not keeping his mouth shut. He also annoys me.

15. Alicia - Keeps her bottom spot just due to lack of edit, which was a positive thing about this episode. Poor Chelsea that Alicia came along to warm herself up. When Jay angrily mentioned taking the boat, Alicia couldn't keep her mouth shut and ultimately got herself and Chelsea booted from the fire. Big surprise.


Kourtney - bummer
Nina - beyond predictable
Matt - Men vs. women was never going to be his game. I believe he was probably the victim of a harsh edit, which was used to fit the "chivalry is dead" theme of the first couple episodes. Even though it wouldn't have been my game, he was justified to treat the women as adversaries. I also doubt that he truly had only a 4 man alliance. He said in a mostly useless post interview that Colton was supposed to be their floater. Poor choice considering Colton's fear of testosterone. If he would have approached Troy in the first place, maybe the story would have been different.


"RE: S24 One World Ep. 3 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by Aruba on 03-03-12 at 08:37 AM

"Otherwise, I have some grand disagreements with Aruba, which is all the better."

Funny, but I don't see "grand disagreements" between our lists.

I would have DEFINITELY had Chelsea in my Top Three if not for the crying and bellyaching. Regardless of how Production used her breakdown, fact of the matter, she DID BREAKDOWN. If this was S1 I'd cut her slack...but it's S24, so sorry, I'm not cutting any slack now.

With Jay I'm just making a bigger deal about his likability and his smooth and easy acceptance by the Misfits than you are.

Otherwise we're pretty similar across the board.

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 3 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by iltarion on 03-03-12 at 03:52 PM

Quite true. Notice that I suggested these "grand disagreements" before actually making my list. At the end of which, it becomes apparent that our disagreement in reality did not match what it was in my head.

You are merely being consistent in ranking her lower for her breakdown, as you do for anyone. I am making exception here because we have already seen that she is a strong woman. Actually, compared to the tom-boy, women as "bad @sses" we saw in the first episode, it was kind of nice to see some weakness in her.

She has overcome the pride that Matt fell victim to and humbled herself by admitting that the women do need the men. It is no coincidence that this happened in the very episode Matt was booted.

Plus, as I said at the last, have you ever known a woman to not complain about being cold? No. And she is from South Carolina. So, free pass...


"RE: S24 One World Ep. 3 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by Aruba on 03-03-12 at 04:29 PM

"Plus, as I said at the last, have you ever known a woman to not complain about being cold? No. And she is from South Carolina. So, free pass..."

Geography has a bearing on one's weather torrance, so point well taken.

Which also explains an observation I made (not sure if anyone else caught it) when Chelsea was lamenting over not getting any sleep they show Sabrina laying under their makeshift shelter sleeping like a log. But Sabrina lives about 25 miles where I'm from and we normally freeze our butts off in the winter. I guess that would explain her better tolarance with the inclement weather.

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 3 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by dabo on 03-03-12 at 01:13 AM
Another good episode, and they are spreading the camera time around nicely.

1. Kim (2). Back on top and playing well.

2. Chelsea (8). Big bump because this was her episode.

3. Troy "Troyzan" (12). Another big bump, way to play Survivor!

4. Sabrina (1). Still like her, she had less attention this time, and wasn't a good caller though she made up for it with wicked puzzle skills.

5. Jay (6). Head in the game.

6. Jonas (3). Still seems like a good player but we don't hear enough of his game.

7. Monica (5).

8. Christina (4).

9. Greg "Tarzan" (14). He may be a little too direct for the game of Survivor but otherwise I like the way he thinks.

10. Bill (9). I can understand why some people don't like him but he doesn't really bother me, should probably take it down a few notches but people do sometimes indulge their eccentricities for TV.

11. Leif (7). We just don't hear enough from him.

12. Michael (11).

13. Alicia (10).

14. Kat (15). Considered moving her up, still nice to look at.

15. Colton (16). Ugh. Whatever chance he has of getting out of bottom-feeder status pretty much depends on someone else becoming worse than he is. Especially if he's going to keep using demeaning (and racist in this case) terms like "ghetto trash."

Good-bye Matt (14). Er-er-Er-er-ERRRRRRRRRR!

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 3 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by SpotTheDiffference on 03-03-12 at 03:11 AM
1. Troy (5, 9)

2. Kim (10, 3)

3. Jonas (4, 5)

4. Chelsea (1, 4)

5. Sabrina (2, 1)

6. Jay (7, 10)

7. Monica (9, 2)

8. Christina (3, 7)

9. Leif (8, 8)

10. Michael (6, 6)

11. Colton (15, 16)

12. Kat (12, 15)

13. Alicia (17, 14)

14. Greg (11, 13)

15. Bill (13, 11)

Matt (16, 12)
Nina (14)

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 3 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by jasonkola on 03-03-12 at 05:41 PM
1. Kim

2. Chelsea

3. Troy

4. Sabrina

5. Jonas

6. Jay

7. Leif

8. Bill

9. Christine

10. Monica

11. Michael

12. Kat

13. Alicia

14. Greg

15. Colton

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 3 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by Jims02 on 03-03-12 at 07:05 PM
1. Kim - Yeah, she's been pretty great so far, being one of the few sensible people in this cast of deranged idiots. Her confessionals are reminding me a bit of Sophie's last year, except with a bit more screen time. Good for Kim.

2. Troy - I dunno, I thought he had a solid episode. He seemed to be in the center of the vote, and was completely dead-on about why they needed to vote Matt (as opposed to Bill). The previews suggest it might become a tumultuous road next week with Colton, so we'll see where he ends up next week.

3. Christina - Again, one of the more sane women of this season. Sitting next to Alicia most of the time (story-wise), this seems natural.

4. Jonas - Seems like a nice guy. Usually says the right thing on camera. Got no complaints with him.

5. Sabrina - Good leadership and, like Jonas, I almost always agree with her assessments of the situation. She's solid.

6. Chelsea - I liked her a little more in Eps 1 and 2, with the rain really bothering her this week. It's not that bad or anything since she's still clearly a very strong woman.

7. Bill - They portrayed him as being overly annoying, but I can at least appreciate his enthusiasm. People treat Survivor too much like a business trip so it's nice to see somehow having a good time. Plus, Colton hates him, which is a positive to me.

8. Monica - She seems to be doomed, but I like her well enough. I wish they'd show her more this season.

9. Leif - Seems nice, but too invisible.

10. Jay - Generally invisible, but his joining the alliance was funny.

11. Michael - Also very invisible lately. Don't remember much about him, other that the Ep1 thing.

12. Greg - Well, at least he put some pants on for this episode. But him asking Jeff about the votes was a pretty sad moment for him. Is he going to be the out-of-touch guy this season?

13. Kat - Meh, whatever. I guess I can buy into a character development story (if it happens), but she's gotta get there first. Right now, meh.

14. Colton - He pretty much has no game aside from gaming the system, so it's hard for me to root for him. Does provide maybe a couple amusing one-liners, though, so there's always that.

15. Alicia - She has annoyed me in every single appearance she has had so far. In Week 1, she throws a tantrum about making a deal with the guys for fire. This week, she's mooching off of them and has the gall to tell them they can't borrow the boat even one time. Ugh, ugh, ugh. The men seriously need to throw her into a volcano or something.

A 2003 IceCat original

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 3 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by michel on 03-03-12 at 07:29 PM
This season is starting off nicely but so did Nicaragua until it crashed after the merge. Let's hope this one keeps it up.

1- Kim (1,1) : After Sabrina had been her eyes during the retrieval portion of the challenge, Kim was Sab's eyes during the puzzle. It was also nice to see her catch a fish and stick to her guns during that miserable night.

2- Chelsea (3,5): She had many ups and down during this episode which makes her an interesting character. At least she recovered from that horrible night. She said the men would be like chickens running around with their heads cut off and we know she can handle chickens.

3- Troyzan (3,16): Troyzan showed his social game by talking to Matt even if he chose the misfits and he also talked to the girls a few times. I wonder if he really tried to win that duel against Kat? He seemed more interested in having fun instead of winning a point. That could also help him later on. I wonder if he is that 5th person Colton wanted to eliminate? That could be explosive!

4- Sabrina (2,2): What a big win that was! But Salani still didn't do well when she was leading them. If she has already aged 10 years in only 8 days then I think she could be over exerting herself.

5- Kat (8,8): For someone that was supposed to be voted out, she made a nice recovery in this episode; she showed her rah-rah attitude by defying Troyzan but she kept it under control enough to win a key point during the challenge. She had a good confessional, the kind that showed she had her head in the game. But the immunity challenge showed her wandering around, still in over her head!

6- Monica (6,10): Like she said about the fish that she caught, Monica only has a little story but at least it’s something. She often seems to be on the verge of giving the girls a “facts of life” speech but she always stays quiet. Will she finally explode? That would be fun but it could cost her the game.

7- Michael(9,15): In all the negativity surrounding the Frat Boys, Micheal was mostly left out of it. His words at Tribal Council definitely tied him to Matt but Colton’s hatred towards Bill could enable Micheal to make it to a swap and an alliance with the women.

8- Alicia (10,6): She is totally tied in to Kat, conforting her and teaming up with her during the challenge. She looks like she would be Kat’s shield, the one you eliminate first while you keep the less dangerous Kitty-Kat. I did like her "deals aren't fair" comment after the men asked to use their first reward before they had a chance to do so themselves.

9- Jonas (4,4): : His social game took a nose-dive when he said he wouldn't help the women. So did his status as a schemer when we heard him calling Colton “Boss” before the council with nothing to make us think he isn't a true lackey.

10- Colton (7,7): When the editing makes him jump in others' ranking, he starts to fall in mine. Yes, Colton knows Survivor like Tarzan said. His own words to Tarzan reflected that: He knows that the two unseen votes had to be meaningless, had to be against Matt. Yes, he probably won’t make a stupid move like James but being smart doesn’t mean playing well. We already know that his ties with the women aren’t as strong as Tarzan seems to think. His “I’m a Republican” confessional made him look like a hypocrit: Like many, he forgets that it is easier to be against hand-outs when you are “rich” because, when he was “poor”, he was begging for that idol. And, like Bill said, he prejudged the guys.

11- Leif (11, 11): : I had a weird impression during Tribal Council: By the way Leif was seated, his stool slightly higher than the others, he looked to be sitting on Matt’s lap like a dummy sitting on the ventriloquist. Well, Leif wasn’t in Matt’s pocket but he was Colton's dummy.

12- Jay (12,5) : He was reduced to following the Misfits’ orders yet he was still shown antagonizing the women.

13- Christina (13,9): Much like in the immunity challenge where Sabrina always called out to Monica instead of her, Christina’s story gets mostly ignored

14- Tarzan (14,12): He was shown as Colton’s lackey, defending him to Jeff, calling him highly intelligent and saying they needed him to understand the game. That means we were right to see him as a “Dumb Player”.

15- Bill (15,14): Judging him by his Tribal Council performance, we can say that Bill is truly a comedian. The problem is he would fit better in a movie like “up in smoke” than on Survivor! If only we'd hear him do some of his act.

Booted - Matt (16,17): He really thought he had some power!! Priceless.

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 3 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by dabo on 03-04-12 at 02:02 AM
Tarzan (14,12): He was shown as Colton’s lackey...

I kind of doubt this a bit, as I saw him doing what was expedient for himself. He had zero chance in the Mattworld version of the game, empowering Matt would have insured his ultimate loss. Colton, granted, is planning on ousting him eventually, but Colton has his own negatives that can be played upon, so he has a chance backing Colton for the moment, then working to improve his chances. Whereas in Mattworld he was just cannon fodder awaiting his turn on the chopping block.

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 3 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by michel on 03-04-12 at 02:14 AM
Certainly, the Misfits are better for Tarzan but he didn't have to pucker up to Colton's ass. If Colton has deals with the women shouldn't that have at least sent some warning signs to Tarzan's brain? I'm thinking he isn't using it right now. Wouldn't be the first doctor to be the most stupid on his tribe.

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 3 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by dabo on 03-04-12 at 02:29 AM
LAST EDITED ON 03-04-12 AT 02:31 AM (EST)

No argument, I just wonder how much of it is stoking Colton for misleading purposes, which remains to be seen. Not that Tarzan is necessarilly that smart, he hasn't had the confessionals for us to know where his mind is, and he does seem too direct. But Colton is susceptible to having his ego stroked, obviously and repeatedly.

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 3 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by iltarion on 03-04-12 at 02:42 AM

Tarzan specifically said Colton was valuable for a "couple moves." He may be well aware that Colton needs to go before merge.

If he isn't, then yes, he's an idiot. Of course, someone should consider the event of a tribal switch...


"RE: S24 One World Ep. 3 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by dabo on 03-04-12 at 03:04 AM
He may be well aware that Colton needs to go before merge.

True, but IMO maybe not for the reason you think. I have always thought that the first priority in voting someone out should be to eliminate them from jury participation, if you think you have no chance with that particular juror.

Matt was the perfect choice for first boot for the Misfits in that regard, his ideal for the game was himself and nothing less.

Colton as a juror, who knows, he should probably offed as well. Same for Bill from what we've seen, who knows how he really thinks.

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 3 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by iltarion on 03-04-12 at 02:03 AM
LAST EDITED ON 03-04-12 AT 02:19 AM (EST)

Alicia was right. Trading fire, "the most important element in the game," for one boat trip is definitely unfair.

Tarzan was also shown arguing with Colton regarding who should get the vote. It is pretty obvious that Tarzan sees himself as the leader of the Misfits and isn't just acquiescing to Colton.


"RE: S24 One World Ep. 3 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by michel on 03-04-12 at 02:09 AM
You win a new car and I demand to drive it before you even had a chance to do so yourself. Fair?

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 3 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by iltarion on 03-04-12 at 02:26 AM

If you are offering fire on a rainy deserted island, you fricking bet! Not even close.

And anyway, the women didn't have to give the guys anything. Alicia just needed to keep her mouth shut, or use her brain for once and string the men along. The men wouldn't have booted them without the stupid argument.


"RE: S24 One World Ep. 3 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by SpotTheDiffference on 03-04-12 at 08:21 AM
LAST EDITED ON 03-04-12 AT 08:24 AM (EST)

Nope, nothing here.

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 3 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by Aruba on 03-04-12 at 09:11 AM
Funny but when I first heard the bartering on Wednesday night I thought the men were assuming the fishing gear came with the canoe they were asking to use. If that was the case then I agreed with the women. You wouldn't want a similar scenario that occurred in Exile Island season when scatterbrain Sally loses the spear before anyone even had a chance to use it (which turned out to be a major blow for LaMina and a godsdent for Casaya.)

But they were hemming and hawing over one silly boat ride??? Especially when the exchange was for the most vital element in the game of Survivor? Sakes Alive, that makes the Louisana Purchase look like an fair swap.

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 3 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by dabo on 03-04-12 at 02:20 AM
LOL! One boat trip? That's nothing, the men should have been pressing for use of the boat whenever the women weren't using it, weather permitting. And the fishing gear!

Still and all, if the women could hold out long enough, the rain would stop and the sun come out, so she was right sticking to her guns.

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 3 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by michel on 03-04-12 at 11:51 AM
You guys think Jay was asking for a joy ride? Of course he was asking for the use of the boat to go fishing. The use of the boat as he said doesn't mean once either. And Alicia didn't say no, she said she'd have to ask the other women.

I really don't see why you guys are arguing the men's side. It's not as if they would lose the fire. Jay could lose some votes though.

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 3 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by iltarion on 03-04-12 at 04:43 PM
LAST EDITED ON 03-04-12 AT 04:45 PM (EST)

I'm not arguing for the men. Jay should have kept his mouth shut. The women should have been allowed to warm themselves.

Is it too much to ask that the men who have been warm and dry all night stand outside the shelter for 10 minutes? Are the men going to win because the women are wet and cold? Get real.

I would be Lief in this all the way.

But, if "Jay could lose some votes", then that is doubly true of Alicia who has undoubtably already lost votes because of her mouth. Maybe even Chelsea's.

It takes two to argue. Let the men byotch. If you don't have the common sense to not argue with someone while standing in their shelter and warming yourself over their fire, then you either have zero social skills or zero self control.

This is the same as Troy arguing with the women over the men taking the IC win. It was a stupid thing to do. Right or wrong. It doesn't matter. It only hurts.


"RE: S24 One World Ep. 3 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by dabo on 03-05-12 at 00:14 AM
No, I thought they were trying to get use of the boat for fishing purposes, I was replying to the post.

Essentially, letting the women warm themselves by the fire was (should have been used by the men as) a negotiating tactic (and they really failed to seize a good opportunity). Any heat the men weren't using at the moment was just being wasted anyway, they weren't losing anything. By the same token when the women aren't using the boat, it is being wasted. Make it clear they weren't wanting to use the boat before the women had even had a chance to take it out, they just wanted use of it when the women weren't using it. So, getting a fire in return for something you are wasting anyway when you aren't using it, that's something for nothing.

But the women would eventually be able to make a fire themselves once the sun came out and things dried up a bit.

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 3 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by milkachulina on 03-04-12 at 01:45 PM
I’m going to model RuPaul’s Drag Race and do “the best” and “the worst” from the week.

The Best:
1) Sabrina – I was genuinely excited about the women’s comeback during the immunity challenge. It was so nice to experience a real comeback. Usually, things are edited to create excitement. This time, we got the real deal.
2) Jay – Hotness.
3) Chelsea – Still strong

The Worst:
1) Colton – It’s not okay for people to hurl bigoted slurs against gays, but it is okay for gays to hurl racial slurs against other people? Yeah, that won’t last too long. It appears to be the trend now, but it won’t last long. Colton is a fat, lazy, pathetic, embarrassing jerk. Hopefully, he will die in a car wreck before the finale. Few in Alabama will miss him.

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 3 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by Toban on 03-04-12 at 03:35 PM
It reminded me of Ben from Samoa who was rightfully called on the use of that term when he called Yasmin "ghetto trash". Unfortunately, for Ben, he called her that to her face. Colton said it in confessional so it's only the audience who knows of his coded racism.

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 3 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by iltarion on 03-04-12 at 04:06 PM

Colton made a complete @ss of himself, and it wasn't okay for him to say what he said.

On the other hand, using a racial slur isn't as bad as hoping someone will die. Surely, there is nothing as bad as that.


"RE: S24 One World Ep. 3 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by dabo on 03-05-12 at 00:24 AM
And, really, what did the poor innocent car do to get dragged into this?

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 3 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by milkachulina on 03-05-12 at 03:18 PM

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 3 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by iltarion on 03-05-12 at 05:28 PM

Though, to be fair, Colton also said Bill can "go kill himself."

That is pretty rough stuff.

Ever since Randy pretty much started the trend, I still don't get how people can say such things on national TV about other people who they know will view what they are saying and who'll they will have to see again.

I mean, they HAVE to be playing to the camera, right? I choose to believe so.

Though not with Randy, I think he actually meant what he said.


Posted by dabo on 03-05-12 at 12:22 PM
Kim - 14|1.75
Troy - 22|2.75
Sabrina - 27|3.375
Chelsea - 32|4
Jonas - 46|5.75
Jay - 57|7.125
Monica - 59|7.375
Christina - 61|7.625
Leif - 73|9.125
Michael - 86|10.75
Kat - 92|11.5
Colton - 93|11.625
Bill - 97|12.125
Tarzan(Greg) - 98|12.25
Alicia - 103|12.875

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 3 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by Belle Book on 05-26-12 at 08:51 PM
Here is my ranking for the third episode:

1. Kim -- with Matt looking at you after the fishing and your help in the Immunity Challenge, your edit is picking up. And kudos to you for toughing out the storm.

2. Sabrina -- you did well at the Reward Challenge, but drop for your initial performance at the IC.

3. Christina -- you were the one who won it for the women at the RC. Good for you!

4. Troyzan -- smart for you to play along with Matt. On the negative side -- what a bad performance at RC!

5. Jay -- smart of you to jump over to the Misfits. The fact that they were willing to bring you on board speaks well for you. You're safe for now.

6. Monica -- you're ahead of Chelsea because at least you didn't break down during the storm.

7. Chelsea -- you broke down during the storm, which was bad. But you recovered, which is good.

8. Jonas -- you gain points for allowing the women in the shelter, then you lose points for your behavior during their negotiation attempts.

9. Leif -- you really didn't do much this week but I like you more than some of the others.

10. Kat -- you may have won your heat, but you were the worst of the women there! Still, you're funny.

11. Michael -- with Colton after Bill, you have a cushion. But you need a tribal switch -- soon!

12. Bill -- you might have fouled up the IC, but you need to find a way to calm Colton's wrath or else you're next!

13. Alicia -- you moved up from the bottom because two others were worse than you. You have a ways to go.

14. Tarzan -- you're still a nut and you're defending a bigger nut. Not good.

15. Colton -- you don't do handouts? What would you call the HII you have? I really don't like you now.

Gonzo: Matt. Granted, you'd be in a better position on a mixed-gender tribe but you should have been more flexible and less cocky. You weren't.