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"S24 One World Ep. 2 Love/Loathe List"

Posted by Aruba on 02-24-12 at 10:08 AM
We followed up what I thought was an above average premeir with a subpar second episode. Made this week's ranking more of a challenge for me...

1) SABRINA (1) - ...but no challenge here. Most obvious choice to lead Salani. Usually a kiss of death in this game, but I don't see that happening with Sabrina. From calling the bimbos on her tribe "airheads," to Colton being a "virus," to telling us "fat kids need cake," and finally dismissing the need for a Pom-Pom Girl, there's not much to dislike with this castaway.

2) CHRISTINA (6) - A mature move to try to smooth things out with Alicia even though the b!tchy hag was at fault. Smart enough to know sometimes a slice of humble pie can buy you at least a few more episodes. Also props for not biting on Kat's bait to create another TC fight hoping to put the focus back on Christina.

3) LEIF (4) - I know, he wouldn't be this high if he wasn't a midgetman. But because I'm struggling with this portion of the list, the underdog role still scores points with me. And he did give the men a positive start in the IC.

4) TROY (5) - If there was EVER a time to create a scene to take ownership of the "Tarzan" title it was when Greg was making an embarrasing A$$ of himself with his Tarzan dance. But to Troy's credit he stayed put and kept his mouth shut. Also got a kick out of him flat our asking Colton, "Who gave you the idol?"

5) KIM (9) - Sabrina is the chosen leader, but I could see Kim as the silent leader. If boobies really were a disadvantage in the IC, then why not have Kim go first???

6) JONAS (13) - Last week everyone ranked Jonas high except for me, so I made it a point to look at him more closely this time. The main reason I ranked him low last week is because a bear in hibernation shows more enthusiasm than Jonas, and when I look at him I think of a marshmellow. He did show excitement jumping for joy after the RC win, thus the higher ranking here; but the "Bro's" soft, slow, methodical voice puts me to sleep. If he was a Shaolin Priest sitting in a Kung Fu Monestary he'd have my attention; as a sushi chef sitting on the set of Survivor, I dunno...I'm just not totally feeling it yet.

7) JAY (3) - Did anyone see Jay this episode? I hardly did; so I have to put him here for this week.

8) CHELSEA (2) - Damn Girl, had to drop you and I didn't want to. Mimicking Colton's gay hand movements when he came bellycrawling to your camp had you as a solid #2, but it went downhill after that. Blaming the IC loss on--Boobs??? Get real, Country Gal. Kat's boobs aren't any larger than Monica's.

9) MONICA (9) - Wanted to move her up for her performance in the IC, but what's going on with her vote (Christina) at TC? Clearly appears to be out of the loop. If a tribal switch doesn't come soon, her days could be numbered.

10) BILL (10) - Got some screen time this episode, but still don't see where he fits...other than 4th wheel on a 4-man alliance in a 9-man tribe. Good Luck.

11) RICHARD (7) - Even though he sat out of the RC, he provided the most memorable moment of the RC by hoisting Leif into the air to celebrate the Manono win. Otherwise, not much else happened for him in this episode.

12) GREG (11) - Reading Jeff's preseason assessment on Greg he said he gave Greg the following advice: If you let the others know you are a smart doctor, you'll be your own worst enemy. I suppose he took Jeff's advice because he could not have gone anymore out of the way to look like a complete horse's A$$ with his disturbing Tarzan dance.

13) MATT (17) - Must have been hanging with Jay this episode because not much happening with him either. So addition by subtraction explains his higher ranking this week.

14) KAT (12) - Calling her a "fish out of water" last week I can understand her urge to jump into the ocean...BUT NOT WHEN IT COSTS YOUR TRIBE IMMUNITY! Only reason she's not dead last is because Colton and Alicia are in the cast. Her despair at TC was pitiful. I've seen homeless beggers in NYC Port Authority show less desparation than Kat. I also get sickened when female tears provide sympathy, but in this case I believe Nina was toast before Salani even arrives at TC.

15) COLTON (15) - Friggin HII!!! The Drama Queen is breaking every social Survivor rule in the book and an idol he has no business having will advance him. Sorry Jonas, but showing the misfits "Sabrina's" idol does not make him smart...it was a desparate no-brainer. When WOMEN don't want a gay man around the only way you can rank higher on the Loser Meter is if gay men don't want you around either. And I could see that very easily.

16) ALICIA (16) - Granted it's not as over-the-top as Na'OINKer wanting to strike a one-legged girl by smacking her with her own prosthetic leg, but wanting another person to drown just crystalized what a rotton piece of trash Alicia really is. No doubt we'll probably hear her play the Edit Card or say on the Reunion Show she's a "sweetheart" in real life and was just "playing the game"...Yadda, Yadda, Yadda...Blah, Blah, Blah.

BOOTED) NINA (14) - Much has been made of Matt's inability to divide (4 into 9); but if we're still in math class howabout this equation: 5 beautiful women + 1 obnoxious b!tch = 1 oldest female boot. It's a rather common Reality Show equation with the obvious result being Nina's exit.

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"RE: S24 One World Ep. 2 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by SpotTheDiffference on 02-24-12 at 10:33 AM

The men are that unmemorable, huh?

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 2 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by dabo on 02-24-12 at 11:43 AM
Oh, let's see. Good episode, they still need to give some people more airtime, but no more purples this season so that's a good sign.

1. Sabrina (3). Jumps up to #1 this week for playing it smart about taking the leadership position, not over-reaching in terms of authority but trying to establish some order and reason amidst the chaos. "Let him talk." says it all without being too assertive. "Sheldon, be good."

2. Kim (1). Head in the game, didn't get much attention this episode but was shown weighing the options, giving Nina her due.

3. Jonas (2). Didn't see enough of him this time either, but he had a few worthwhile observations, and adjusted his game when Colton revealed the HII.

4. Christina (8). Bumping up for playing it smart with Alicia, though it remains to be seen if she's smart enough to not trust Alicia, or do anything to improve her chances in the game.

5. Monica (13). Big bump for keeping her head during the Immunity challenge and trying to get the women back in it. She probably can't do much now to improve her chances in the game, missed whatever opportunity she had to replace Kat in the alliance.

6. Jay (4). Not much from him this time but he still seems a solid player.

7. Leif (9). Bumping him up for solid challenge performances, still don't know him very well.

8. Chelsea (5). Seems to be in the strongest position in the alliance.

9. Bill (12). Finally got around to making his first impression, liked the way he handled the host-substitute stuff.

10. Alicia (7). Feisty, wants everything her way, but wisely back-pedaled a bit. Best potential back-stabber in this bunch, though, and will try to control anything and anyone she can in time.

11. Michael (10). Not enough airtime for Big Mike this episode. (Note to Aruba: It is "Big Mike" not "Big Dick"!)

12. Troy "Troyzan" (17). Still a stupid nickname, but earned his way out of bottom-feeder status.

13. Matt (14). Zero airtime, basically.

14. Greg "Tarzan" (16). Put on some clothes!

15. Kat (11). Total disaster, though still nice to look at. Without the safety net of the alliance she would have been toast, and should have been anyway. If she can turn her game around she can earn her way back up the ranks.

16. Colton (6). Idiot. Doing nothing to help out in his own camp, annoying the women to the point where they kicked him out of their camp, this guy has achieved perfect goat status in record time. There's no way he can win this game, his only smart move was revealing the HII, and that's only because it was the only move he had left.

Good-bye Nina (15), she would have done better with the men.

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 2 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by SpotTheDiffference on 02-24-12 at 03:27 PM
It's pretty hard to judge people this week since the focus was primarily on Colton and the women. Practically all of the men were invisible or just weren't important to the story being told.

1. Sabrina (2)

2. Monica (9)

3. Kim (10)

4. Chelsea (1)

5. Jonas (4)

6. Michael (6)

7. Christina (3)

8. Leif (8)

9. Troy (5)

10. Jay (7)

11. Bill (13)

12. Matt (16)

13. Greg (11)

14. Alicia (17)

15. Kat (12)

16. Colton (15)

Nina (14)

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 2 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by Toban on 02-24-12 at 05:57 PM
1) Sabrina: I really like her. A lot. As Aruba pointed out, she had lots of funny, poignant comments. She's fully aware of her environment and has her head in the game.

2) Kim: She was the one approached by Nina (as per Nina's post-boot interviews). I think she's really smart and may be the real leader of the women's alliance. She's not first only because Sabrina was funnier.

3) Monica: Great job in the challenge. She'll probably be the last standing of the older women and will probably benefit the most from a tribal swap. At this stage of the game, with the solid alliance of 5, I think she was smart to lay low and to let Nina do the dirty work and draw the target on her back. I suspect her vote against Christina was to not stab Nina in the back but still not vote against someone who was obviously not going home.

4) Troyzan: Big jump for him. He let the other "zan" do the stupid fire-dancing stunt and kept the dramatics to a minimum. I love how directly he handled Colton when told about the idol.

5) Jonas: Yes, he is a little low-key but like Kim, seems very conscious of the game and and aware of his own situation.

6) Bill: Reads well. Did or said nothing offensive.

7) Cynthia: She handle both Kat and Alicia very well. I don't like her prospects though. She seems ally-less.

8) Michael: Very hot. Has a bit of a personality.

9) Jay: Hot, quiet. He needs to grow a personality.

10) Leif: Quite athletic but also quiet and kind of meh.

11) Chelsea: Yeah, mocking Colton for his "gay hand movements" wasn't funny to me. It was kind of mean, actually. Sabrina was far more eloquent and diplomatic when describing the women's tribe's issues with Colton.

12) Alicia: She mostly stfu, so she floats up to this position.

13) Tarzan: Nasty, put some clothes on. (but I did like the "jazz hands" remark which seemed well-intentioned as a opposed to Chelsea's overt mockery.)

14) Colton: Trust me, he would be the kind of gay men other gay men would shun...and not for his effeminate mannerisms. He seems full of self-loathing and contradictions, probably caused by his red state existence and choice to be a "gay Republican" (ugh x 10,000). Being around these types is really painful.

15) What a useless, gross bimbo. (was that farting?)


Nina: Should have stayed but she seemed a little abrasive.

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 2 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by iltarion on 02-24-12 at 07:53 PM

Actually, Colton being gay had nothing to do with Chelsea's gesture. In saying he wanted to talk to everyone, Colton did a circling motion twice to symbolize "everyone." It is a common gesture not particular to homosexuals. Chelsea repeated the gesture in answering him, which is again, a very common gesture to make. I've done it. You've done it. We've all done it. Someone asking us something emphatically makes a gesture, and you repeat it when answering.

It wasn't mean. I found it quite charming actually.

Though if you watch those interaction scenes closely, it is obvious that Chelsea views Colton like a bug she'd like to squash.

So, I don't deny there was a little mockery in that gesture. However, like I said, it still is a common gesture, and Colton and her both laughed about it, if uneasily.


"RE: S24 One World Ep. 2 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by Toban on 02-26-12 at 03:02 PM
well, these are your exact words in referencing Chelsea: "Mimicking Colton's gay hand movements "

Maybe it was your description that made me think Chelsea's actions were something other than charming.

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 2 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by Aruba on 02-26-12 at 03:21 PM
Hey Toban...Thanks so much for your input and involvement.

Been away from these Boards the past two seasons and I must say the participation has taken a major nose-dive. But hey, it's all good. Quality over quantity has always been my motto.

But got to defend my pal, Iltarion. Actually it was ME who said Chelsea was mimicking Colton's hand movements, not Iltarion. Iltarion said Chelsea was trying to indicate "everyone" when she was doing it. Maybe she was, but I still stand by my reference that she was poking some playful fun at Colton.

And Iltarion's comment is noteworthy when observing both of them flashing each other a harmless chuckle after she mimicked Colton. So I really don't think she was being malicious or belligerent toward Colton. And more importantly, he didn't seem offended by it either.

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 2 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by Toban on 02-26-12 at 04:47 PM
In the end, in terms of being offensive, this is way way down on the scale and I can totally see myself mocking him in the same way, even though I know I shouldn't, so no biggie.

I thought the way Sabrina handled it was way more diplomatic and thoughtful.

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 2 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by iltarion on 02-26-12 at 05:02 PM
LAST EDITED ON 02-26-12 AT 06:42 PM (EST)

Toban, I would not have Aruba's words attributed to me unless they were of remarkable insight and brilliance. Then, feel free.

Otherwise, I see Aruba has already addressed this. My bad.


"RE: S24 One World Ep. 2 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by dabo on 02-25-12 at 11:48 AM
Where's Matt?
Kat then Matt?
Matt then Kat?
What's up with that?

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 2 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by iltarion on 02-25-12 at 05:10 PM
Good point, dabo. That would explain why there are only 15 people on toban's list.


"RE: S24 One World Ep. 2 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by Toban on 02-26-12 at 02:58 PM
Dammit. Well he was pretty forgettable this episode but I'd rank him just above Colton.

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 2 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by iltarion on 02-24-12 at 06:52 PM
LAST EDITED ON 02-24-12 AT 10:16 PM (EST)

First off, Aruba, who is Richard??

Secondly, toban, I love the name Cynthia, but there is no one named Cynthia in this cast.

I'm sure we all know who you mean, but you still deserve the razzing.

Definitely a step back from an excellent premier. Other than that, I'll save the episode talk for another thread because my list is long enough without it.

1. Chelsea - She is gorgeous. She is strong. She is level-headed. She is everything I've asked casting to provide for years now. She knew Nina was right, but the first vote is nearly always the "safe" vote. The last thing the women need is a divisive TC. She rightly pushed Sabrina into the leadership role. She is the perfect "loyal" soldier and got the strongest edit before TC. I loved the look on her face when Colton briefly argued with the women over their shelter. If Colton had been a chicken, he would have been dead right there.

2. Sabrina - The edit was all about her, and she had several great lines as there continues to be a lot to like about her. However, what's not to like? How about the fact that since being elected leader her tribe has had at least 3 meetings and zero challenge wins? This includes perhaps the most improbable and embarrassing loss in IC history. She should have taken some of the blame for that loss because thats what LEADERS DO. I did love her handling of Zoltan, and I believe that her uneasy relationship with him will remain a plot throughout this season, much like B-Rob's uneasy relationship with Phillip was a centerpiece two seasons ago. Lastly, fat kids don't need cake. They need exercise. They WANT cake. And careful with the "no one remembers 2nd place" line. Getting quoted saying something like that is a very dangerous thing in this game.

3. Kim - She didn't get a single confessional. However, when it came time to get rid of Zoltan, she was the one who had to do the talking. She was the one Chelsea approached regarding the vote, and I believe she is at the center of not only the 5 girl alliance but also the entire women's tribe. During the IC, she suggested early that Monica take the lead instead of Kat. Unfortunately, neither Monica nor Kat listened. Is Sabrina the true leader? Or only a figurehead that Chelsea, Kim and Kat (they did most the talking) put up there? Kourtney called Kim the leader of the women, and she wasn't even in her alliance. Edit-wise, Chelsea and Sabrina might be stronger right now, but game-wise you can easily argue Kim is winning.

4. Christina - I'm a big fan. She kept her voice. She fought hard in the RC. She proved she is playing the game when she approached Alicia after TC. She also wisely avoided a fight with Kat. She looked great in her second bikini. She struggled during the IC, but got no blame for it. She would appear to be the next in line to go, but I don't see it happening. One more IC loss and the women could very well rethink their alliance, or the women could go on a winning streak. Or a tribal switch could happen.

5. Monica - The camera went to her when Sabrina was nominated as leader, and she was the lone person who obviously considered it a mistake. It is clear she thinks the tribe would be better off if they listened to her, and I have every reason to believe she's right. She tried to lead in both challenges, and the fate of the women, at least embarrassment-wise, would have been a lot different in the IC if they would have let her take charge. She knows where she stands. Unfortunately, she may have already waited too long to change her fate. Needs a tribal switch, bad.

6. Jonas - Still got a confessional, even though that was only to say how smart Zoltan is, which doesn't exactly make Jonas look too smart. His comment about Zoltan having such a wrap on the women that he made Russell look like a "little schoolgirl" was hilarious, but it also may have served to make him look foolish since Zoltan was immediately afterward seen as being rejected by the women. There is no question at this point that Jonas, Zoltan, and Troy have the strongest male edits.

7. Troyzan - Also big on this character. What is up with wearing the eye-black all the time? Hahaha... As radically different as he may be from Zoltan, he was the primary guy that Zoltan presented the HII to, and it was his reaction and Jonas' reaction that we got to see. Also, after the IC win, he was the only guy seen hugging Zoltan. I need more of this guy. By the way, besides PGA pro this guy has one of the best jobs in the world: swimsuit photographer. NICE.

8. Michael - He actually got a stronger edit than most might realize with the most confessionals out of the guys, the actual guys. He appears to be making attempts to make bonds with the women as this is twice now we've seen him have fireside chats with them, even claiming to have kept their fire going while they were gone. Whereas a tribal switch would likely doom Matt, it might actually be okay for Michael.

9. Leif - The confessional deficient, but he gave the guys a big early edge in the IC. And he was shown during all the key moments.

10. Bill - No play other than filling Jeff's role for a moment. Was that an attempt at an English accent? Odd.

11. Jay - His edit went up in smoke like the fire he made. Could be the victim of a tribal switch or the second choice of the Misfits. Needs a rebound. If I looked like him, I'd be working the women. Didn't he say he was going to make an alliance with women in the pre-interviews? Fool.

12. Matt - Disappeared. Another guy who has played his hand wrong with the women. Also foolish to believe that having strength protects him. It is men vs. women. The challenges aren't going to involve strength. In trouble. But he won two challenges, that puts him above the final women.

13. Greg - Casting's fault he's there. Production's fault for showing him. No fault of his own.

14. Kitty Kat - Saved herself in the first 30 minutes of the game by bonding with the right women. Did so poorly in the IC that she could be a target if the women lost again. Comments in TC painted her as a spoiled brat who lives a sheltered life: just your typical American attractive 22 year old. And remember, kids like her get to vote.

15. Zoltan - He's lingering down here after his nearly unwatchable breakdown with the women, and he's done more to alienate himself than any Survivor in history. Is heterophobe a word? It should be. Homophobe wasn't a word 15 years ago either. Dude has serious issues and desperately needs a therapist. This episode certainly reminded me of last season and dealing with Brandon's neurotic issues right off the bat. Apparently, one's sexual preference is a reason to do ZERO work. Regardless, I am ready to start moving this guy up in future weeks if he can get out of his own way because he IS good TV. The funny thing is the Misfits don't even need his HII. They have the numbers. They only need his vote.

16. Alicia - Not since that Nay-byotch have we seen anyone try so hard to be the villain, which is the easiest way to grab a piece of the edit. Apparently saying she would let Christina drown isn't good enough because she got zero face time after that comment. However, it is good enough to be at the bottom of my list. CONGRATS.


Kourtney - Alas on many levels.
Nina - The INFAMOUS older lady 2nd boot. Some things in Survivor never change. She and Monica should have tried from the get go to be more forceful. It isn't like it would have hurt their chances.

BTW, with Nina gone, the women now have the most attractive 7 person tribe in Survivor history. Props to casting for that anyway.


"RE: S24 One World Ep. 2 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by Jims02 on 02-24-12 at 08:15 PM
LAST EDITED ON 02-24-12 AT 08:16 PM (EST)

Is heterophobe a word? It should be. Homophobe wasn't a word 15 years ago either.

This has been the most disturbing thing about watching Colton so far... It's his complete unwillingness to even try to get to know the guys. He seems to have just come to the conclusion that they're all not going to accept him anyway (since he's gay), so it's not worth even trying. I mean, if he tried and he ended up getting rejected that's one thing, but Colton doesn't even want to do that.

If one of the other Manonos didn't want to get to know Colton because he's gay and therefore they have nothing in common, then they'd be called homophobic. If they said they didn't want to know any of the women, you'd call them sexist. So, yeah, what do you call Colton?

I guess this is what I get for hating Cochran so much last year... At least Cochran, despite knowing it may be tough to fit in, at least gave it the old college try.

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 2 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by Toban on 02-26-12 at 03:20 PM
I'd call him a pathetic self-loathing hypocrite, but I get where that comes from: Small town Alabama upbringing and being a gay Republican.

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 2 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by Aruba on 02-25-12 at 08:43 AM

>First off, Aruba, who is Richard??

I suppose I could use the fact that very, very little airtime was given to the men this episode...but...

honestly...I don't know WHAT the heck happened there??? LOL
I deserved the razzing!

>2. Sabrina - ...Lastly, fat kids don't need cake. They need exercise. They WANT cake.

Funny you should bring that up because when I first heard her say that I thought she was being facetious as if to say they really didn't need the tarp afterall. But when it became clear how bummed out she was that Salani did not win the tarp, it was apparent what she meant was fat kids needs cake to feed their addiction even though (you're right) what they really "need" is exercise. Much like alcoholics "need" a drink to feed their addiction or nicatine addicts need a cigarette for their addiction; but what they really NEED is a 12-step program.

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 2 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by Toban on 02-26-12 at 03:06 PM
And I missed Matt. I posted this list at the end of a stressful workday. Maybe I should have waited until I got into the red wine.

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 2 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by Estee on 02-26-12 at 03:10 PM
Is heterophobe a word?

It is and they exist. If you hear someone use the word 'breeders' as a demeaning generic identifier for heterosexuals, you're in the presence of a warning sign. If that person has literally spit it in your face because they feel you're one of those breeders, the sign is written in letters ten feet high.

I haven't heard any stories of parents disowning their children for being straight, but give it time...

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 2 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by Toban on 02-26-12 at 03:22 PM
Yeah that word makes me cringe and I've heard it used too many times.

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 2 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by iltarion on 02-26-12 at 06:32 PM

I have never heard that term. Must be a Coastal thing, hasn't made its way into the middle of the country yet.

I understand that the user might see it that way, but I see no insult in being a "breeder." Damn glad to be one, actually. Maybe they need to check the latest population growth rates for this country.


"RE: S24 One World Ep. 2 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by michel on 02-26-12 at 04:06 AM
After what I thought was, at best, an average premiere, we had a very solid second episode. How often does episode 2 shake up a whole tribe? And how often do we see an alliance of Misfits? Old and young, strong and weak mixing together? That was great! Usually, the 2nd episode just confirms what we saw in episode 1. This shake-up also shakes up my list somewhat.

1- Kim (Previously 1) : We heard that communications skills are what the women need and communication skills are exactly what Kim can provide so, once her voice does get heard, we could expect things to turn around. She seems very at ease during Tribal Council and that could be key. We heard about the importance of calm under pressure and she seems to be a good example of that. Her talk with Colton was interesting as she told him to go but explained why he had to. Diplomatic and firm; a mother to a rebellious child.

2- Sabrina (2): Cirie had to deal with an alliance of nutballs so it was funny to hear that Sabrina called her alliance the air-heads. Another similarity between the two! With the amount of confessionals Sab is receiving we can already say that the game will be decided, one way or another, by her decisions: Colton’s idol and Kat’s save were her decisions and should shape the whole pre-merge.

3- Troyzan (16): This week's biggest gainer award goes to Troy. Will he really prove to be a great player? For now, his “heart pounding” confessional has to be considered as part of a build-up to a big story. He told us what Colton’s revelation would do and how it would impact the game. Getting rid of the muscle would help him, put him among the strongest ones left. If he lets the Tarzan stuff to Greg and aligns with him instead of targeting him then it could be his Island in the end.

4- Jonas (4): Showing him spiking the ring in front of the girls could be a sign of arrogance but it wasn’t that big a deal since no one commented on it. It wasn’t like Mia’s moon dance while winning Vanuatu’s balance beam challenge that irritated the men so much. The important scene for Jonas was the night time formation of the Misfits which should help him greatly. He saw that Colton was smart, not because he had an idol but because he knew how to use it.

5- Chelsea (3): Chelsea wisely nominated someone else as leader but she should know that loyalty is the most important thing in this game. Booting out Nina was a no-brainer, especially since Nina wasn't going to help them win challenges anyway. Thankfully, Kim talked some sense into Chelsea.

6- Monica (10): She did a good job in the challenge and she would be the one that should be in the alliance if the girls had a do-over but, what was disappointing in her episode was her apparent fatalistic view. She was resigned, playing defensively, when she should show a desire to fight. She said she didn’t know how to approach the five and we didn’t see her even making an attempt.

7- Colton (7): It was his show and he should have an important impact on the season. Pathetic, certainly, Asocial, with this group, obviously but he is smart. The idol could have earned him only 3 extra days but he used it to turn the whole tribe around. Maybe he won't even need to play it! It was fun to watch.

8- Kat (8): The dumb blonde is certainly trying. I always enjoy a player that struggles and finds a way to stay. Certainly, the alliance was the deciding factor but she fought for it during TC and I do believe she can learn. At least enough to be a good goat in the end!

9- Micheal (15): He's the only one seen talking to the women even if he has a lot of snark for the other tribe. He’ll probably need the women’s help so he should be more friendly.

10- Alicia (6): She toned it down but she clearly got what she wanted: Her food gathering companion is safe, the bag of rocks is gone and Christina appears to be there only for the experience, so she would make an easy next boot.

11- Leif (11): Still not much happening down there. We should invent a new term: Under-the-camera.

12- Jay (5) : This is mostly for his episode 1 showing because, in this one, he only told us what was happening during the RC.

13- Christina (9): When Kat said that Christina was just there and not really playing the game, she should have said something, Instead, she pretty much confirmed that she was only there for the fun of it.

14- Tarzan (12): Please; Phillip’s underwear was enough. No one wants to see him and his banana hammock.

15- Bill (14): InvisiBill became the local weatherman. Beside being Jeff’s stand-in, all he did was tell us it would soon rain.

16- Matt (17): Going from the arrogant douchebag in epside 1 to total invisibility in the next isn’t good for a character. He slept during the important alliance talk so he’ll probably wake up in Loser Lodge.

Booted – Nina: Good riddance. Bashing Kat for her lack of athletic skills would have been permitted if she had done more to be remembered than a faceplant.

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 2 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by Aruba on 02-26-12 at 11:49 AM
Very good list...only two comments.

I wouldn't call Casaya an "alliance of nutballs." Only nutballs in that tribe were Shane and Courtney and they were never "alligned." And Casaya was a dysfunctional tribe without a leader.

Salani appointed Sabrina their Leader and all the young girls aligned in this tribe are airheads (with the exception of Kim.)

No one can convince me Colton's move was "smart." There's a HUGE difference between smart vs. no-brainer. When playing poker and initially dealt 5 cards with no pair, different suits and no sequence discarding the low cards and keeping the high ones is NOT a "smart" play; it's an "obvious" play, aka no-brainer.

And to reiterate Iltarion's valid point--the misfits don't need Colton/Sabrina's HII...they already have the numbers. Should the Misfit 5 advance further in the game it has nothing to do with Colton being "smart" and EVERYTHING to do with the Frat Pack's ridiculous stupidity and inability to understand the numbers game.

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 2 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by michel on 02-26-12 at 01:06 PM
Maybe you wouldn't call Casaya an alliance of nutballs but Cirie did. Just like Sab called hers the Air-heads. That's what matters. And maybe you missed that season's recap but we saw Casaya holding a similar meeting in which Aras was voted leader...for the challenges. The season told us that Aras relied on Cirie for strategy.

As for your poker analogy, I'd say the smart move would be to throw all those cards away and wait for the next hand!

If you read my post again, it wasn't the move in itself that I called smart but Colton himself and that's because Jonas said it and he knows him better than us.

Yes, Survivor isn't a hard game to understand. What was hard was to figure the tribal dynamics and knowing whom to trust. If he had told the wrong person, his idol could easily have been wasted. Then, it was all about the delivery. "I'm playing this at the next TC" left no room to negotiate. It was: "You are either on board or I don't give a damn what happens to you." He played on their greed: They all wanted to be part of this big move.

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 2 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by Aruba on 02-26-12 at 03:08 PM
I never said Cirie didn't call her tribe nutballs...I acknowledge she did. Point is only TWO of them were nutballs so her statement was not accurate. Or let's say it was as accurate as the most ridiculous statement uttered in a confessional about not needing to listen to an Encyclopedia saleman when she already has a dictionary??? LMAO LMAO!!!

Conversely, Sabrina is in a tribe with airheads. Sabrina is the chosen leader; Cirie was not. The "season" did not show Cirie as a leader; some post season interviews may have suggested she could have been, but I am NOT a graduate of the Nostromodus School of Prophecy so I take most post season remarks with a grain of salt.

A Sabrina/Cirie comparison remains laughable.

So it's a smart move to toss away a bad hand and wait for the next hand? Wanna play poker with me sometime? LOL Obviously if you have two players with great hands who are willing to bet the house against each other, you would walk away. But aside from that exception, if you throw all your cards away when you get a bad hand you tip off the other players and when you do start betting on a decent hand you'll chase players out.

Colton is "smart" because Jonas said it. HaHa. And he knows Colton better??? DOUBLE HaHa. Quite frankly, I would bet no one on Manono knows Colton any better than anyone who has watched both episodes...and I wouldn't have to "wait for the next hand" to gamble on that. "Wrong person?" Who would that be? OK, if he told the "wrong person" (anyone in the Frat Pack) then it would have been wasted. But to dub him "smart" for not doing that is as laughable as the Sabrina/Cirie comparison.

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 2 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by michel on 02-26-12 at 05:20 PM
I'm glad I make you laugh. You are right though; Sabrina still has a long way to go in order to prove that she can play as smartly as Cirie. I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt.

As for Colton choosing the wrong person, he had no way of knowing if one of the Misfits, say Troyzan, had a secret F2 deal with Matt. That would have blown up in his face.

In poker, the biggest mistake amateurs make is playing too many hands. That's advice from the pros.

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 2 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by iltarion on 02-26-12 at 06:19 PM
LAST EDITED ON 02-26-12 AT 06:44 PM (EST)

Come on, arubaba, Casaya WAS a tribe of wackjobs. Shane, Courtney, Aras the yoga instructor, Bob-Dawg the machete-wielder. We've never quite seen the like.

And there are a couple "airheads" on Salani. My point would be that being a tribe of nutjobs and being a tribe of airheads are two totally different things, and thus, calling her tribe airheads gives Sabrina more in common with Randy than it does with Cirie.

I agree Jonas knows more about Colton than we do, but we have also been shown Colton acting idiotically. That statement may have had more to do with Jonas than Colton. We have already seen that Jonas generally has positive things to say about people.

The men's tribe was shaken up... not at all. It has been 5 vs. 4 since the 1st hour of the season, with a predictable outcome. It was a shake up to Jonas, but not to the audience, who already knew Colton had the HII.

Colton was smart to reveal the HII vs. just playing it. However, was that game play, or was it just the urge to brag? We don't know. Colton does appear to have an ego, and he strikes me as the kind of person who doesn't do well keeping secrets.

An argument could be made either way whether the Misfits would be better off forcing Colton to play the HII or making sure that he doesn't.

This episode started with Christina trying to mend fences with Alicia. There is no reason to do that if she weren't "playing the game." Momentum was going against Kat at TC, and her attempt to redirect towards Christina was wisely parried. Christina LEARNED. She didn't agree with Kat. She just refused to argue it.


"RE: S24 One World Ep. 2 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by michel on 02-26-12 at 07:27 PM
I agree with your first 3 paragraphs, the philosophical differences between airhreads and nutballs notwithstanding!

As for the Men's division, we heard it was 4 on 4 with Colton standing alone. He says he's not used to associating with Misfits while Matt was promising him he'd stay in exchange for info on the women. We had also heard that Troyzan wanted Tarzan gone. The conclusion is that the Frat boys could have gotten the numbers or could have neutralized the idol by splitting the votes between Colton and Tarzan.

Colton; gameplay or bragging? Good question! Instead of getting in the dark recesses of his mind, I prefer to look at results and he is now on top. Quite an unexpected turn-around.

As for Christina not being there to play the game, Jeff was the one that noted it and he asked Nina if it gave her hope that Christina didn't want to play. Nina agreed. Also, Sab's outburst that men would have dealt with conflicts directly was in reaction to Christina's words. Add Kat and that's 4 people supporting my view. Maybe we can also add her "friend" Monica who voted against her! And I doubt Alicia would defend her!

What Christina learned was to play nice but Survivor isn't a game to play nice. Not when you are being thrown under the bus. Old Mo was going against Nina all along so Christina let her ally down in order to look nice. She would have been better off telling the others that it was time to change the alliance, that she would be strong and trustworthy. It almost worked for Flica, another one that was there for the experience.

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 2 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by dabo on 02-26-12 at 08:18 PM
7- Colton (7): It was his show and he should have an important impact on the season. Pathetic, certainly, Asocial, with this group, obviously but he is smart. The idol could have earned him only 3 extra days but he used it to turn the whole tribe around. Maybe he won't even need to play it! It was fun to watch.

I'll have to disagree with the smart part, even if Jonas currently thinks highly of him. Revealing his HII was a move of desperation when he had nowhere else to run. Remove the HII from the equation and what do you have:

Early moves are remembered: None of the men like him, he does nothing in camp, he doesn't fit in and doesn't even try to fit in.
His value for gathering information on the women and perhaps having influence with them vanished because he wore out his welcome with them and they became wary of letting him come around their camp all the time. And with them he even tried pitching in and doing a little work! (So he can get off his ass -- and it still doesn't help him.)
Nominally, he has done well in challenges, but so far that is true of all the men so it is of little value.

He does have one small thing in his favor besides the HII: Matt didn't do the math. That's not Colton smart, it is Matt dumb.

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 2 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by michel on 02-26-12 at 11:36 PM
LAST EDITED ON 02-26-12 AT 11:40 PM (EST)

To prove you wrong, I will start with the end where you write:

"Matt didn't do the math"

According to everyone, Colton was going to be the first boot so Matt didn't have the math wrong afterall. His four weren't in danger.

Next, Colton heard that there was no EI but that there were idols. They had to be hidden in camp! He quickly started making a plea to the women for help finding the idol. Sab didn't give him the idol out of the blue: He sold his case to her, playing the martyr in order to get the power that the idol held.

Even if there was desperation, Colton correctly calculated his move. Now, it seems that the Misfits are united in getting the muscle out. Before Colton's move, we don't even know if the Misfits were aligned or playing as individuals, trying to get in with the muscle.

He is smart enough to know that he can't stay with the Misfits, that it's a temporary alliance until he gets with the women. If the women's number go down even more, they will gladly invite him back to their camp, especially if he brings one or two votes along.

As for early moves being remembered, he probably knew he couldn't win the moment the twist was announced. Going as far as possible does earn a nice check.

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 2 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by dabo on 02-26-12 at 11:44 PM
Right, take out the HII and Colton is the first boot. He put himself in that spot.
Say that over again until it sinks in.

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 2 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by michel on 02-27-12 at 00:01 AM
Take out the idol and Yul is the first boot after the merge.

Colton isn't going home. He put himself in a spot to get the idol. He used the idol to change the game. And he plans on changing it yet again after using the idol. That's smarter than many players. That's the point.

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 2 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by iltarion on 02-27-12 at 04:17 PM
LAST EDITED ON 02-27-12 AT 04:47 PM (EST)

Yul earned his idol, at a time when finding them wasn't so easy.

I don't doubt Colton is a smart guy. So was Dave Johnson. So was Cochran. Being a smart guy doesn't make you a good player.

Colton has played horribly. The "game changed" when production had Sabrina find a HII to give to Colton, which happened in the premier. At that moment, the boot went from being him to being Matt.

A HII can ALWAYS be a game changer, especially when thrown into the mix of a divided tribe. That's why production keeps it around.

The same arguments you used against Sandra apply in spades here. Colton did everything you shouldn't do in the first 3 days. He EARNED his spot as the first boot. Instead, he was REWARDED for his poor play with the HII.

Good move by him to reveal it, but that is kinda like giving someone credit for turning their headlights on while driving at night.

And to make it as easy as possible, the Frat Boys even went to bed, leaving Colton all alone with the Misfits. How nice.

However, he WANTS to be a player, and he is good in confessionals. So, like I said, I can see him moving up my list in the coming weeks.


"RE: S24 One World Ep. 2 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by michel on 02-27-12 at 07:25 PM
>Yul earned his idol, at a
>time when finding them wasn't
>so easy.

That wasn't really the point. I was saying that if you change something as vital as the possession of the HII then anyone could be voted out. But, if you want to go there: Production always had the last word as the who got the idol. Make the clues easy or hard depending on who goes to EI. Misty and Jonathan had ZERO chances of finding them with the clues given.

Yul earned it? He followed the clues given to him. So, yes, he earned it. Colton didn't earn it? He followed the clues given to him: No EI, one camp, two idols. I'd say he earned this season's idol.

>I don't doubt Colton is a
>smart guy. So was Dave
>Johnson. So was Cochran. Being
>a smart guy doesn't make
>you a good player.

True, very true but he got what he wanted so that puts him ahead of others in the good player category. Compare him to Nina.

>Colton has played horribly.

Results say NO!

>The "game
>changed" when production had Sabrina
>find a HII to give
>to Colton, which happened in
>the premier. At that moment,
>the boot went from being
>him to being Matt.

That's only 3 extra days.

>A HII can ALWAYS be a
>game changer, especially when thrown
>into the mix of a
>divided tribe. That's why production
>keeps it around.

That's why Colton asked for it.

>The same arguments you used against
>Sandra apply in spades here.
>Colton did everything you shouldn't
>do in the first 3
>days. He EARNED his spot
>as the first boot. Instead,
>he was REWARDED for his
>poor play with the HII.

Not sure which argument against Sandra applies here. I said that she would be in trouble on a tribe that lost the 1st few ICs but that was a hypothetical. It's also a hypothetical in Colton's case because he's at the 3rd cycle, still alive and well.

>Good move by him to reveal
>it, but that is kinda
>like giving someone credit for
>turning their headlights on while
>driving at night.

Did Alex show the idol to Dreamz? No, he kept it secret too long and it cost him the game.
Did Ozzy show his idol to Parvati? Yes and it cost him the game.

All this to say there are no recipes and revealing an idol can kill you. Just like keeping it secret. Colton got what he wanted from his move while others regretted their decisions. Therefore it was a good move.

>And to make it as easy
>as possible, the Frat Boys
>even went to bed, leaving
>Colton all alone with the
>Misfits. How nice.

They had to sleep sometimes!

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 2 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by Aruba on 02-27-12 at 06:47 PM
>Take out the idol and Yul is the first boot after the merge.

Not sure about that. I do not remember the EXACT timeline so if I am wrong I apologize.

Yul revealed his Idol at the Survivor auction and I'm fairly certain the merge occurred BEFORE the auction; thus Yul is not the first boot after merge.

Without the idol he doesn't have a prayer of making the F4, but to reiterate Iltarion's factual comment, Yul EARNED his idol; Colton did not.

And to reiterate my comment from last week: Colton gravitating toward the women was not about gameplay and everything to do with what Colton is.

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 2 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by michel on 02-27-12 at 07:00 PM
You do have your timeline wrong. He needed to show it to Jonathan in order to get him to flip back.

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 2 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by Jims02 on 02-27-12 at 00:43 AM
As for early moves being remembered, he probably knew he couldn't win the moment the twist was announced.


I'm not following why everyone living on the same beach means an automatic defeat for Colton. Is it because there will be women around, making it tempting for Colton to defect? Because if that's the case, then it's Colton's fault for being a whiny four year old without impulse control.

If you're talking about the men/women twist, then again, this is Colton digging his own grave with his very first comments in the game. I don't know how anyone can justify what Colton did right there as a good move, gendered tribes or not.

Honestly, I'm not even going to give him credit for getting the immunity idol either. I'm not one for conspiracy theories, but it's just a little too much to buy that Colton goes around asking people for an idol and Sabrina just happens to have one she can't use herself. Give me a break. If I had a producer asking me, "Why don't you start asking the girls?" then I'd look like a manipulative genius too. Ah, the magic of hinting.

Colton's obviously going to go far in the game but it's not because he knows what he's doing.

A 2003 IceCat original

Posted by dabo on 02-27-12 at 01:16 AM
I really don't get the surviving until he can get together with the women thing since, because of his own actions, they got tired of having him around!

"RE: ^^^^^"
Posted by michel on 02-27-12 at 06:57 PM
Now they are tired of him but what if they merge or swap and he is the deciding vote? Will they shun him again or will they beg him to swing over?

"RE: ^^^^^"
Posted by dabo on 02-27-12 at 11:00 PM
If he has to wait until the merge it's another potential Cochran move. If there is a switch and two mixed tribes he should want to be on their good side before the switch, certainly. He could potentially work a Chris (Vanuatu) and get to Final, a potential win depending on the jury mix and how many resentments the women have towards each other.

Lot of ifs.

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 2 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by michel on 02-27-12 at 06:54 PM
First, Jims, I want to thank you for bringing up the possibility of production manipulation. I'm usually the one doing it and I get brushed off as if I was screaming wolf too often!

Certainly, production could have fixed it so Sabrina found the idol, maybe hid it directly in her path because they knew Colton would inherit it. I'd go even further and suggest that the Salani idol hasn't been found because the producers don't know yet who should have it. The 5 young women are safe and so is Monica so why waste it on Nina or Christina? Keep it buried! I'm only (half*) kidding.

(*Does anyone think it was a coincidence that Ozzy and Coach wound up with the idols last season? Or, funnier still, that it was because of their experience?)

But guess what? If production did help, that means Colton could be even smarter than we think because he understood how Reality TV works: Make yourself out to be a character and get a free pass!

OK, kidding aside. Did you see Nina, Christina or even Monica look for the Salani idol or ask the men to help them? Some of you consider them smart but they weren't as smart as him. in this department. People think Russell was super smart to find an idol without a clue or get an idol from JT. Well, like Russell, Colton got someone to give him an idol. I'm not saying he is a genius, far from it, but he has played better than most of this season's DAWS. He got what he wanted, what he needed.

As for the twist killing his chances, I meant the gender divide. Again, I am not the one saying it. He did in his 1st confessional after the news: “I was absolutely horrified…Are you freaking serious?"

For good measure, Matt also said it: "The minute I saw Colton, I knew Colton was gay...I also knew that he was going to have problems identifying with the guys in camp; there’s a lot of manly men around here."

Colton's first comments in the game before the twist was announced told everyone he was gay but I am not going to say that it was dumb to express himself. He had every right to do it and not be considered dumb, or booted (persecuted?), because of it. But his game plan needed some of the women to vote with him. Tribes often vote along gender lines at first so he could have been the deciding vote, swinging over to the women.

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 2 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by iltarion on 02-27-12 at 10:20 PM

"Yul earned it? He followed the clues given to him. So, yes, he earned it. Colton didn't earn it? He followed the clues given to him: No EI, one camp, two idols. I'd say he earned this season's idol."

Huh? Whuh??? Funny stuff. Best to just let that drop.

"He got what he wanted, what he needed."

The only reason he NEEDED it was because of his own idiotic play.

Even then, I still contend he didn't truly need it. With no HII, if he says to the rest of the Misfits- "I'll vote with you guys"- then he ends up in the same position. As much as they'd like to get rid of him, they'd still gladly take the majority and secure their own places before doing so. The HII just makes it more secure. That's all.


"RE: S24 One World Ep. 2 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by michel on 02-27-12 at 10:41 PM
Colton needed the HII because of the gender divide.

We'll have to wait until we see it played out in its entirety but the previews seem to go my way. It looks like Matt and Troyzan were in an alliance.

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 2 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by Aruba on 02-28-12 at 08:06 AM
Right from the getgo I saw Colton in a familiar position as Chris was in Vanuatu; or in Skankivor: Micronesia when Fairplay just up and quit and put Cirie in a convenient position being the swing vote for either of the two 4-person alliances.

The Vanuata comparison is closer because you had four young alpha males and another four consisting of two overweight middle-aged men, an angry black man, and a castwasy with one leg. Chris, very much at risk being the goat in an IC loss sending his tribe to TC, joined forces with the four "misfits" to implement the Ant-Darwin Syndrome and pick off the fittest men in their tribe.

Sure they are aware of the danger with Colton joining forces with the women at merge, but there's time before the merge to cut him loose. Right now it's more important for the misfits to secure the numbers advantage within Manono and Colton would have accomplished that for them WITHOUT the HII. But due to Salani's pathetic showing thus far and Manono never having to prepare for TC, we'll never know for sure.

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 2 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by michel on 02-28-12 at 08:37 AM
Wow! Talk about misinformed!

First, one of those overweight misfits was a sergeant in the US army and did another tour of duty in Irak AFTER Vanuatu.

Next, the four young men were dumb enough to turn Sarge down when he proposed an alliance on day 1. It was after their dumb move that Chris was able to get Sarge in the Flab5 alliance. Chris was the elader of the alliance, not their swing vote. Those fit men deserved to vbe voted out fvvor their utter stupidity.

And Fairplay didn't put Cirie in a convenient position, she did it herself. From the start she was in with both sides as she had done in EI. She had a deal with Yau Man and told him about the clues she had received for the HII. She told him he should volunteer to go to EI, find the idol and they'd form a tight pair. Instead, YM was dumb enough to tell Jonathan about the clues and told him to go to EI. Cirie knew she had to go with the couples.


"RE: S24 One World Ep. 2 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by iltarion on 02-28-12 at 04:54 PM

You are right, michel, ONE of the Flab5 wasn't an overweight misfit (actually, Chad wasn't either), though I don't remember Sarge looking like he was ready to run a marathon or anything. Anyway, I would say that is a pretty minor/unnecessary correction.

I no longer blame Chris, nor his alliance, for getting rid of the younger guys. For one, we have seen the age thing work both ways, nice for the young ones to get cut for once, and secondly, it was men vs. women, which means strength had no value anyway.

Fairplay pulling the shitski definitely helped Cirie's position. I wouldn't say it MADE her position, but it nonetheless helped. Cirie earned her position by going fishing with Parvati and Amanda, though I don't remember Cirie doing any actual fishing. All I remember is her sitting on her @ss. Maybe the girls were just taking the boat out?

Anyway, not like it matters, did Cirie win that season? No. Has she ever won in 3 tries? No. So, enough said about her.


"RE: S24 One World Ep. 2 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by michel on 02-28-12 at 10:08 PM
If Fairplay doesn't quit, either Parvati or Eliza goes home. (He said afterwards he was going to vote against Parvati but, by that time, he knew she had made the F2 so there was more bang to the buck to say he would have gotten her out first and JFP is all about publicity)

Say Parvati does go, Cirie is in with Jonathan, YM, Eliza and Ami. JFP would have been voted out 2nd anyway and Cirie is the deciding vote between the 2 guys and the 2 Vanuatu women. Perfect position as always with her.

If Eliza goes first, JFP is still out second and nothing changes much from what we saw because now Cirie is in with the two couples. Perfect position again which is why this women is such a great player.

(Note that in HvV she tried again to have the same position but Tom feared her and didn't trust her. That's was why he had to be voted out. Had he given her trust, the two could have gone far together.)

If Cirie had won the fire challenge against Danielle, she would have won EI. If SEG doesn't make a last minute switch from F3 to F2 in S16 Cirie wins there. She didn't win but she came really close.

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 2 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by iltarion on 02-29-12 at 10:38 PM
LAST EDITED ON 02-29-12 AT 11:24 PM (EST)

That's a WHOLE lot of conjecture right there.

If Parvati goes, Cirie's game is TOTALLY different. Parvati formed the BWB thanks to her connection with Batalie and Alexis. Take her away and there is no BWB. If she plays the same game as EI and sticks with her 5, then Eliza and Ami certainly choose to take each other to the Finals rather than her.

In the end, she is still stuck with the same problem: she's too likable to take to the Finals and can't win a challenge to get there herself. Really, she's similar to Russell in that regard: one fatal flaw, can go far but can't win.

EI - Can't say that. Cirie isn't wining that FIC. So, that assumes Aras beats Terry. Can't assume that just because it happened once. If you did that challenge 10 times, Terry probably wins it 7.

FvF - That assumes Cirie wins the vote. I don't see it. Parvati still gets her buddies Batalie, Alexis and Jason's vote. Cirie gets James and Eliza, and Amanda still gets Ozzy and Erik. Jason was never on a tribe with Cirie and had no reason to vote for her. And really, I don't necessarily buy that Eliza wouldn't have voted for Parvati either, but I'll give her the benefit there cause it wouldn't change the result anyway.


"RE: S24 One World Ep. 2 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by michel on 03-01-12 at 06:08 PM
Certainly the game would have been different if Parvati had been voted out first but Cirie was still in an excellent position between Jonathan and Yau Man on one side and Eliza and Ami on the other. Ami certainly could have formed her version of the BWB but that wasn't the point. Cirie had perfectly managed those first few days and was totally safe no matter what JFP had done.

As for the end game, Eliza wrote that she, Jason, Alexis and Erik would have voted for Cirie in a F3. It was going to be a F3 if James hadn't been forced out of the game. In Eliza's mind, there was absolutely no doubt that Cirie would have won and she was on that jury, in that loser lodge.

In EI, Aras easily beat Terry on the lilly pads so replacing Danielle by Cirie changes nothing. Aras wins and takes Cirie who probably wins.

You may think she has a fatal flaw but she easily could have won twice. Both Danielle and Aras were planning on taking her to the end of EI which refutes your "too likable" argument while the F3 means she doesn't have to win the FIC.

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 2 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by iltarion on 03-01-12 at 06:54 PM

But alas, Cirie never did win in 3 tries, regardless of how close she came. Weren't you comparing Sabrina to Cirie? Sabrina said, "No one remembers who came in 2nd."

Haha... how deliciously ironic!!


"RE: S24 One World Ep. 2 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by michel on 03-01-12 at 07:32 PM
LOL! But Cirie didn't finish second either!

Since Cirie's greatness isn't for you, how about we get back to S24?

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 2 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by Aruba on 02-28-12 at 08:35 PM
Overweight does not necessarily mean fat or obese. Sarge and Bubba could have stood to lose a few extra pounds. Actually I recall both of them stating they purposely put on a "few extra pounds" leading up to leaving for the game. It's a common tactic several former castaways have employed knowing starvation is part of the game. Going for another tour of duty AFTER Survivor has absolutely NO bearing on what he was like DURING the game. As a matter of fact, Bubba showed up lean for the Reunion Show only months after Vanuatu. I'm sure Sarge's tour of duty was after the Reunion Show.

But if you insist on splitting hairs I will rephrase my comment to say, overweight "as compared to the four younger well-conditioned alpha males that season." I agree the four younger men were dumb for not securing that fifth person (Sarge) to create an alliance of five on a nine-man tribe. HMMM... sounds recently familiar? lol

And yes, Chris did spearhead the five-man alliance with Sarge and the non-alpha males knowing he was the goat in the IC loss sending the men to the first TC of that season and needing to make a move to keep himself in the game. Kukos to him.

Fairplay quitting put Cirie between two four-person alliances. The only way she could have "done it herself" was if SHE strategically caused Fairplay to quit knowing she'd be the swing vote. And we all know Fairplay (who should have never even participated that season) quit to go back to his wife and newly born daughter. But I will give credit where credit is due...Cirie was astute enough to know she had to strike the iron while it was hot. Where other former players in a similar position failed because they waffled and were not definitive as to which side to choose, props to Cirie for acting quickly and siding up with the two "couples" giving Skankivor: Micronesia my pet name.

Maybe with throwing some kudos Cirie's way we may end this thread on a somewhat agreeable note and gear ourselves for Ep. 3 and, no doubt, a whole new debate and bantering session.

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 2 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by michel on 02-28-12 at 10:16 PM
Your comparison to the misfits had shown a lack of respect for Sarge that I found to be contrary to your usual admiration of strong men. That's why I brought up Sarge's war record. Not his weight.

As for Cirie, I will leave it with my response to Iltarion, showing JFP's quit had no influence on Cirie's game.
Moving on to ep 3 is a fine idea. TTYL

Posted by dabo on 03-01-12 at 01:49 AM
LAST EDITED ON 03-01-12 AT 03:15 PM (EST)

Sabrina 8|1.333...
Kim 16|2.666...
Jonas 29|4.833...
Monica 30|5
Chelsea 37/6.166...
Christina 37|6.166...
Troy(Troyzan) 39|6.5
Michael 45/7.5
Leif 48|8
Jay 55|9.166...
Bill 61|10.166...
Alicia 78|13
Greg(Tarzan) 79|13.166...
Matt 80|13.333...
Kat 82|13.666...
Colton 84|14

"RE: Tallies"
Posted by SpotTheDiffference on 03-01-12 at 02:53 PM
I guess this officially makes Michael the most forgettable person this season?

"RE: Tallies"
Posted by dabo on 03-01-12 at 03:16 PM
Thanks for catching that. Yeah, he is playing the background pretty well for such a big fellow.

"RE: S24 One World Ep. 2 Love/Loathe List"
Posted by Belle Book on 05-26-12 at 07:30 PM
Here are my rankings for the second episode:

1. Sabrina -- she did a lot of right in this episode and that includes how she handled Colton.

2. Monica -- Salani should have had her as the first to go instead of Kat. As for her vote, she probably knew Kat would be safe and chose to throw her vote away rather than vote against either Kat or Nina.

3. Kim -- I suspect she was the one who convinced Chelsea to keep Kat around. And kudos for how she handled Colton as well.

4. Christina -- at least she tried to smooth things out with Alicia and didn't start another fight at Tribal Council!

5. Troyzan -- he's the highest-ranked of the guys because he's the one that's playing the best among them.

6. Leif -- he was the one who helped lead the men to victory in the Immunity Challenge, so he goes here.

7. Chelsea -- I understand why you might be regretting having Kat as an ally, but you shouldn't dump allies this soon.

8. Jonas -- you didn't do much this episode, so I'm dropping you to this position.

9. Bill -- you're now in the minority on the men's tribe. But with Matt and Michael around, you're safer than them for now.

10. Jay -- you're also in the minority. What you need to do is to avoid being a target. Good luck.

11. Michael -- you didn't do much that was bad this episode but you and Matt are now in trouble.

12. Matt -- you should have been awake! Now Colton's gotten a new alliance, and you're in trouble.

13. Kat -- you fouled up in the Immunity Challenge. But at least you dodged a bullet. Just don't screw up again.

14. Tarzan -- I was right about you. You're a total nut -- and a real Misfit.

15. Colton -- I'm afraid you were trying too hard to fit in with the women. At least now you have some power with the men.

16. Alicia -- you're almost as bad as Na'Onka was with Kelly. But at least you didn't screw up the Immunity Challenge.

Gonzo: Nina. You really should have tried to get along better with the younger women. If you had, you might still be here.