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"Kerri On Howard Stern!"

Posted by CheeringforExodus on 08-24-03 at 00:19 AM
I was flipping threw the channels, when I came upon Kerri as a guest on Howard Stern, and I seem to recall seeing her on here before. since the episdoe showing now is a re-run.

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"RE: Kerri On Howard Stern!"
Posted by mnsandy on 08-25-03 at 03:37 PM
Just wondering - whenever I flip by the Howard Stern show some women is sitting there topless - hopefully Kerry was fully clothed? Also - did you see her interview? Did she mention the BBD2 show?

"RE: Kerri On Howard Stern!"
Posted by CheeringforExodus on 08-25-03 at 10:26 PM
unfortantely kerri was fully clothed,and yes they did mention BBD2 at like that the end of interview, it was mostly spent on her favoriet sex postions, does she shave (landing strip) and that she is Kasey's daugther