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"Individual projects"

Posted by lovwigglesworth on 01-07-05 at 01:37 PM
The editing seemed to wiz by the individual projects and I am interested in what each of them did so as to get a feel for their talents. Here is a list of what I remember, maybe others can remember more.
Denise- Caramel Apple Invitations
Amy- Sliced Apple Vase
Heather- Horrible Food fight lamp
Mychael- I think the stuffed pork loin but she cooked so much stuff it could have been something else
Mitch- ?
Tim- ?

Tom- Awful soup
Kimberly- Pie
Dawn- Candle Chandelier
Darlene- They showed her making something but I'm still not sure what it was, a terrine of some kind?
Margo- ?
Michelle- ?

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"RE: Individual projects"
Posted by clemsonbeav on 01-07-05 at 01:44 PM
Here's the link to the CBS website, where they list their projects. (Click on How-To)

Heehee, read Tom's Butter(not) recipe!

Mitch's was an apple floral arrangement.

Tim's was an apple bird.

Margo was the tablescape.

Michelle did a Caramel Apple Pecan Cake with Crème Fraiche.

Darlene did a candelabra as hers I believe..

"RE: Individual projects"
Posted by Dakota on 01-14-05 at 11:13 AM
I'm having the same problem. They put a lot of airtime onto a few tasks, emphasizing the bickering and nastiness and I end up wondering who did what and was so-and-so actually on the show? Ep 2 was no different and I was really trying to pay attention to the details. The CBS site doesn't give pictures. And I want pictures, dammit! They also don't say if the project or recipe was the person's own idea.
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"Episode 2 Individual projects"
Posted by lovwigglesworth on 01-14-05 at 01:31 PM
They did show everything the Arties did this week:
Darlene- Sented Pillows
Margo- Mini wine bottles
Kimberly- Truffles in hand-made box
Dawn- Candle on a mirror
Michelle- Truffles in a paper box

For the Beavers not too much:
Mychael- red, white, and blue buckets

That's all I remember, haven't looked at the web site yet though.

"RE: Episode 2 Individual projects"
Posted by lovwigglesworth on 01-17-05 at 04:26 PM
After looking at the website;
Denise- accesorized pool towels with squirt guns and candies
Heather- a swimmer doll (note that without a picture it is very hard to rate whether that was a good choice or not because a doll can range the scale from childlike, to arty and sophisticated, to downright creepy)
Tim- A cigar box with brownie cigars
Mychael's bucket had cornbread mix and some other food things in it.
Nothing for Amy or Mitch is given.

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