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"Love/Loathe List - Episode 12"

Posted by Aruba on 05-08-09 at 04:10 PM
Forget the blindsides; this has to go down as the season with the most castaways who had NO idea they were being saved. Generally I got my insulin ready when I know the "Loved Ones" episode is being aired. But I kinda dug this one. Sure there were a few sappy moments, but as a result of Benji's "honesty" back at home we got our first look at the new head coach for the Southwest Baptist Unversity women's soccer team.

1) STEPHEN (1,1,3,2,2,3,3,4,3) - DUH, who else? Slow and steady wins the race. I'm going to agree with Michel if Stephen can pull off a win this season, I'd rank him as one of the best Survivor players.

2) JT (3,3,2,3,7,4,6,6,1) - What a formidable partnership he's formed with Stephen. If both JT and Stephen feel they can beat each other in the Finals, it would go down as the best F2 ever. I can only hope.

EDDIE GEORGE - OK, I know he's not a player. That's why he has no ranking number, but I had to put him higher than the other Bozos left in the game. His commentaries enhanced the episode. And if "fetal position" Erinn was allowed to accompany the George's on EI, perhaps she could have picked up a few pointers on starting a fire quickly from a guy who was only in the game for a couple hours.

3) TAJ (5,6,4,5,5,2,2,5,4) - I'm trying real hard to wrap my mind around this...the way I saw it Taj had two choices. A) Have Eddie come back to camp where the likes of JT and Coach would have been starstruck rubbing shoulders with a pro football superstar and millionaire only reinforcing Taj does not need the money. A bad situation made worse by preventing the others from seeing their loved ones, or B) Husband and wife spend quality time together. Granted EI is no paradise getaway, but it would make more sense for spouses to have alone time AND the other players get to be with their loved ones. Golly Gee Production...could you have made the decision any easier for Taj???
But the reason I'm moving her up is she provided a classic scene that may result in Jeff needing rotator cuff surgery when she darn near yanked his left shoulder out of its socket.

4) BENJI (2,4,6,8,8,9,9,11,9) - Is there anything more we can say about this anomaly? Got a kick out of Jeff asking him at TC who calls him "Dragonslayer?" Of course the only reply Benji provides can be interpreted that he continues to live vicariously through himself. If he does not win immunity next episode, I can't see him making the F4.

5) ERINN (6,5,7,9,10T,10,11,12,11) - Her "story" AKA prophecy continues to be told. In all likelihood she'll join a long list of lame F4 advancers. Not the least bit surprising; only disappointing.

BOOTED) DEBBIE (4,2,5,6,6,8,7,13,14) - OK, so she overplayed her hand. But she was astute enough to know Taj is being carried by Stephen and JT. IMHO I feel her F3 promise was not so much to throw Coach under the bus as it was to toss Taj off Steve and JT's coattails and take her place. But it really doesn't matter much now. Kudos for exiting with class.


SIERRA - Her obnoxious and annoying behavior at TC should leave absolutely NO doubt why Stephen and JT spearheaded her boot last episode.

TYSON - This dude is chomping on the bit so hard I'm afraid he may swallow his tougue. We wouldn't want that to happen because I expect fireworks from him at FTC.

BRANDON - Is there a cannister of laughing gas back at the Ponderosa that "Mr. Giggles" sucks on right before he comes to every TC???

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"RE: Love/Loathe List - Episode 12"
Posted by Belle Book on 05-08-09 at 06:48 PM
1. Taj -- I loved her reaction to getting a message from her husband -- and especially the fact that no one bothered to compete with her for it! And she did the right thing in allowing the others to spend time with their loved ones as well!

2. Stephen -- nice job at the Immunity Challenge!

3. J.T. -- I like him.

4. Erinn -- just tagging along, but she's safe for now unless Coach the Jerk wins Immunity.

5. Coach the Jerk -- doomed. And I'm looking forward to his demise. Aren't you?

Voted out: Debbie. Overplayed her hand and she's out. Too bad.

Belle Book

"RE: Love/Loathe List - Episode 12"
Posted by garcor on 05-08-09 at 07:12 PM
LAST EDITED ON 05-08-09 AT 08:40 PM (EST)

1) Stephen and JT: If they don't turn on one another and end up at final TC together, perhaps they should just declare it a tie and split the money. They sure seem to be playing as one, very good player: Stephen providing strategy; JT likeability and challenge ability and both making accurate judgments about their fellow players. Smart thinking by Stephen in the IC.

2) Taj: Very appealing this week. Suppose she will most likely stick with JT/Stephen hoping they take her with her as far as possible, but could see her being amenable to moving out one or the other in the right circumstances.

3) Coach: The Assistant Coach visit "I'm running this game you know" was hilarious. Assuming he is still the perfect person to take to final TC I could see him surviving another week or even to final two/three. An advantage for Stephen/JT in keeping him around is Coach has appeared more suggestible than Erinn or Taj. If he should win final four IC, they might be able to talk him into staying loyal to the warrior's alliance. And as he's already voted against Taj, if they take out Erinn at final five, Stephen/JT could try to persuade her it was Coach's idea and they needed to keep him loyal for fear he might try targeting one of them.

4) Erinn: Has suddenly become very expendable. Figure she is the most likely of the three to try to suggest moving on JT/Stephen. Can she make it happen? Kind of doubt it. Not sure she would feel comfortable having to rely on Coach; given their unfriendly relationship and his delusional belief in the warriors alliance. Might make it more likely she would try to talk Stephen into going after JT (or vice versa.) Taj might go for that; not sure Stephen or JT would.

GONE: Debbie: She was obviously willing to say anything to stay in the game. I would say turn on anyone but she should have realized Coach was a lost cause as a player a good bit earlier.

"RE: Love/Loathe List - Episode 12"
Posted by iltarion on 05-09-09 at 02:50 AM
Very predictable episode including the infamous family visit that allowed me to ffwd thru a lot of the episode. Episode would have turned out interesting if Coach would have won immunity because then we would have likely seen who the boot after Coach might be. Instead, a non-Coach or Debbie win made it inevitable it was going to be one of them two.

1. Stephen- Still has a great read on the situation and summed up in his own words what I've been saying for weeks. He and JT are in control and no one even seems to notice. Added an IC win to his resume to show he isn't a pure social player, though Jeff gave him way too much props for remembering ten symbols. A phone number with the area code is ten symbols and is actually more difficult to remember with each character being one of ten possibilities. Here, Stephen had to remember a ten character sequence with each character being only 1 in four possibilities. Easier than remembering a phone number. What Terry did in EI, which was under water and involved symbols with unlimited possibilities was far more difficult, and I don't remember Jeff going nuts about that.
2. JT - I actually now believe Stephen just might be too attached to JT to cut him before the Finals. If he can win a vote, he can probably win this. He is winning the fan favorite, hands down. So he is getting at least that. I was glad to see that he at least regretted lying.
3. Taj - Appears to be back in tight with Stephen and JT, which is a good place to be. In fact, I don't think she has any chance to win, which makes her the perfect person to take to the Finals. The decision regarding the loved ones was a no decision so no credit for that.
4. Erin- Appears to be 4th on the totem pole, with next week's preview only making that more likely. But 4th means one move from the end, and it is conceivable she could win a vote. She was looking ROUGH during the first half of the episode. Then she braided her hair and was looking much better for the 2nd half.
5. Coach- Finally made his way even to the bottom of my list. For me, he crossed the line from entertaining to just annoying this week. I have no idea what he's talking about with the "change the game from beginning to the end" bit. If anyone knows what he's talking about, let me know. He truly seems to believe in what he is saying and has a certain amount of conviction just because of that. But if he still believes Stephen and JT are in the palm of his hand, then he truly is delusional. He stayed loyal to Debbie when she bailed on him, so props to him for that.

schools out

Debbie- Well, I'm probably wrong more often than I'm right on here, but I hit this one on the head. She played too hard and got herself booted. If she tries the UTR approach, she would still be around. She was desperate rather than smart though. Desperate people are tough to trust. Look, here's the smart play: why not go to Taj and Erinn and target JT? Don't turn on Coach. That just makes you look untrustworthy. JT would beat any of the women in a vote, most likely. Coach probably beats no one. Why vote him out? Why allow Stephen and JT to decide the Finals and why face either of them if you don't have to? She should have offered Taj and Erinn a chance to take control of the game, and they should have taken it if she did.


"RE: Love/Loathe List - Episode 12"
Posted by Aruba on 05-09-09 at 09:22 AM
I'm glad someone else saw the Taj "decision" as a no-brainer. They should have taken a page out of Amazon when Matt won a visit from his mom and forfeited that visit so everyone else could spend time with their loved ones instead. As it turned out they still made special arrangements for Matt to spend time with his mom anyway.

If Taj was forced to make that same decision she would have not been able to handle it. My guess is she would have turned to the other five and with pleading eyes ask what do I do? Since the others freely handled over their money to her (an idiotic decision that I will elaborate on later) there's no doubt the other five would have insisted she visit her husband and don't give a second thought about them.

OK...about the money situation. If no one is going to bid against her why in the world do you hand your money over to a millionaire if she could just walk up to Jeff, drop her $20 down on the table, and get the video from home??? Wait to see if someone starts bidding against her THEN hand over your money to her if she needs it. I was surprised when Taj knew no one would bid against her she didn't just return all the money that was given to her and put down her $20 for the video.

About Debbie...I thought about the a Deb/Taj/Erinn alliance for a couple seconds but didn't think that would work. Granted she'd have no problem pulling Erinn in; heck, she'd jump at any opportunity to advance herself without any initiation. But why would Taj go along with it? Taj is pretty solid with Steve and JT. Why walk away from one F3 to go into another F3 AND have Steve and JT possibly on the Jury ticked off at you for flipping? Regardless of any attempt Debbie made, her goose was pretty much cooked. I thought it was cooked in the prior episode as a matter of fact.

"RE: Love/Loathe List - Episode 12"
Posted by iltarion on 05-09-09 at 02:42 PM
LAST EDITED ON 05-09-09 AT 02:43 PM (EST)

As it becomes more and more accepted that lying, deceiving, and betraying are part of the game, though I regularly point out that THAT is not written anywhere, we've seen fewer and fewer jury members who refuse to vote for an alliance-mate because they betrayed them. At this late point in the game, having gone as far as they have, I seriously doubt Stephen or JT would vote for Debbie or Erinn over Taj, regardless of what Taj did. I've already pointed out that Taj has very little chance of winning, but don't you think her chances of winning a Debbie-Erinn-Taj F3 is better than winning a JT-Stephen-Taj F3? I think that is a no brainer, but I give her credit for staying loyal to her original alliance as I would to anyone.


"RE: Love/Loathe List - Episode 12"
Posted by Aruba on 05-12-09 at 05:37 PM

"Sour Grapes" have been a major determinant in Jury decisions...always has been; always will.

Personally if I were on the Jury my vote would be based on who was the most proactive and best Survivor player that season in the true spirit of the word "Survivor"...Period. But historically we know votes don't go that way.

Getting back at someone who did you wrong isn't so much about playing the game of Survivor as much as it's a basic fiber in human nature. For some individuals that fiber runs deeper than for others, but a player would be remiss to not consider this emotion when making a decision in the game.

In Marquesas Pappy and Neleh made a post-merge flip changing the course of the game. When Neleh sat at FTC jury members said straight-out they would not vote for her due to her (and Pappy's) flip. This handed the win to Vecepia, the quinessential UTR player.

Progressing to a middle season do I even bother asking the rhetorical question if Amb"a"s victory was a result of the vengeful reaction to Rob M's lying, deceitful behavior, and backstabbing?

Looking at a recent season, no one can convince otherwise the Cirie' vote for Perv-ati in Skankivor: Micronesia was sour grapes against your favorite Survivor gal when Amanda's sole vote took Cirie out of the game.

As for your hypothetical situation...if a female F3 formed and systematically picked off JTand Stephen next...Yes, I personally feel Stephen would vote against Taj. JT, I'm not so sure about. But one thing is for sure; Steve would have a few days on the Ponderosa to be whispering in JT's ear and influencing him one way or the other. And we don't have to go any further back than last season to know voting blocs have been established in Sequesterville.

Of course this is all hypothetical and we'll never know. Taj's only chance at winning (and a slim chance at that) is to continue playing the "I am not directly responsible for any of you sitting on the Jury" card and remain likable.

"RE: Love/Loathe List - Episode 12"
Posted by garcor on 05-13-09 at 05:56 AM
LAST EDITED ON 05-13-09 AT 05:57 AM (EST)

If jurors do vote based on sour grapes, Taj might have a solid shot at beating anyone. Doubt anyone will see her as the decision maker among the Jalapaos; so if Coach joins Tyson and Debbie on the jury and Taj makes it to F2 or 3 she might get the votes of resentful jurors. I don't think she voted for Sierra. Not sure if she voted Brendan but she might still get his vote since he made a JT alliance; she could claim he forgot about her. See how she votes if Erinn goes next. Does she throw a vote at someone else?

"RE: Love/Loathe List - Episode 12"
Posted by Aruba on 05-14-09 at 04:22 AM
That's true garcor...which is why I think it would be a harder task for Taj to make it to the Finals more so than winning the game. And rest assure Stephen is a smart enough player to know just that.

Even if the hypothtical female F3 did play out, no way no how either Debbie or Erinn would have brought Taj to the Finals.

JT is not the smartest tool in the shed, so he might consider it. Then again he'd have Stephen right at his side convincing him not to.

The only feasible way I see Taj making the Finals is if she makes the F3 AND wins the final IC. Forgetting the ridiculously lame "building a house of cards" challenge, historically the final IC has not been a format that favored someone like Taj.

"RE: Love/Loathe List - Episode 12"
Posted by michel on 05-10-09 at 01:06 PM
1) STEPHEN (4,5,6,2,2,2,3,2,1,1)- Our nerdy city boy has become a warrior like Coach said but he is also becoming a little bit arrogant with his talk of dominating position and people begging him. Watch out Stephen, there are predators lurking.
Winning immunity didn't matter but, as far as performance is concerned, I put more weight on what the people who were there had to say.
This is from Jeff's blog:
"What Stephen did was jaw dropping amazing. We rehearsed that challenge several times. Our smartest guys practiced that challenge. Nobody came close to memorizing the numbers in one pass. Stephen...like a mad scientist starts scribbling numbers down as fast as he can.... I couldn’t believe he had it right... Our crew was talking about that for a couple of days."

2) ERINN (7,1,1,4,3,2,3,2,2)- Interesting that JT and Stephen tell her that Debbie wants to take THEM to the F2 and it's Erinn that says: "She has to go" and THEY listen.
Here also, I prefer the opinion of people who were there:
Jeff, talking about Timbira's decimation: "When Erinn turned, so did the game."

3) JT (3,4,3,5,5,4,1,3,3,3)- Still no immunity necklace for JT, just more lies. The guy plays a good game! However, I can see a time when JT will not think it's just as good when it's Stephen who wins immunity. The last 2 episodes have started with JT unable to make fire. I think it means something.

4) TAJ (9,6,4,6,6,6,4,5,4)- Her emotions were fun to watch. OH! By the way, she started the fire for JT.

5) Coach (8,8,11,10,10,9,7,7,6)- He still thought he was running the whole show!! The fun thing is that he can take Jeff's best punches without blinking. I think this vote finally opened Coach's eyes.

Booted) DEBBIE (12,13,8,8,8,7,6,4,5)- Debbie proved that she was 3 votes behind. She didn't lose the game this week or last but when she went along with the Brendan vote.

The jury: I was laughing so much when I saw them entering the Council area with a jacket on their shoulder and feathers in their hair to mock Coach. HILARIOUS!

"RE: Love/Loathe List - Episode 12"
Posted by iltarion on 05-10-09 at 11:36 PM
I'm sure exaggeration is the norm on that blog. Either that or their "smartest guys" aren't too dang smart. Heck, just split it in half. How hard is it to remember two sequences of 5? Not hard at all. I would say Stephen's methodology for remembering it was brilliant though.
Regarding TC, were the jurors making fun of Coach? I never noticed.


"RE: Love/Loathe List - Episode 12"
Posted by Brownroach on 05-11-09 at 04:53 PM
What Stephen did wasn't so jawdropping, for anyone with an ability to memorize. He didn't need to use numbers, he could have done it with a rhyme sing-song

"Plus divide times divide
Minus plus plus divide
Minus times"

Whatever works. I guess it was beyond Jeff, though.

A tribe glows in Brooklyn

"RE: Love/Loathe List - Episode 12"
Posted by Aruba on 05-12-09 at 05:00 PM
Yeah, I'm with you Iltarion. When it comes to blogs I would evaulate the source and the circumstances to determine whether I take it with a grain of salt. Even though some love to eat that stuff up with a spoon.

Intelligence is relative. And relatively speaking if you consider the morons CBS has casted for Survivor (Stephen being a rare exception) I would suspect anyone with an IQ over 70 would qualify as "smart" by anyone affiliated with the show. But I agree in no way should it take away from Stephen's effort in the IC.

Also when a horrible casting decision was made there's going to be some scrambling to save face...but Erinn changing the game post merge??? If Jeff didn't need rotator cuff surgery from Taj pulling on his arm during the auction, he'll certainly need it with a "reach" like that!

"RE: Love/Loathe List - Episode 12"
Posted by Aruba on 05-12-09 at 05:03 PM
Hey Michel,

Call me ignorant but I thought the reason they came with jackets was because they might have been expecting a severe rainstorm.

Are you assuming they did that to mock Coach, or did you read it somewhre? I would be surprised if Tyson was in on it.


"RE: Love/Loathe List - Episode 12"
Posted by sica077 on 05-12-09 at 07:30 PM
I don't know if this is where Michel saw it, but I watched the Ponderosa webisodes and they show them making the feather hair things and laughing about how they were mocking him. I find all of the clips very amusing and if you haven't seen any, you definitely should check them out. I would make a link to tribephyl's post on the fanatic forum but I am too tired to figure out how. This particular one was episode 10 part 3.

can anyone help a girl out?

"RE: Love/Loathe List - Episode 12"
Posted by michel on 05-12-09 at 09:23 PM
Thanks sica077. We can't see the Ponderosa clips in Canada but I read someone mentioning the jury's preparation.

Aruba, watch when the jurors climb the stairs, they each have a jacket on their shoulder and we see the feathers when they sit down. Even Tyson. When Coach returns from voting, Brendan and Sierra in unisson put the jacket back on their shoulder.

About Jeff's words, you guys are all forgetting the conditions under which the challenges occur. Committing 10 symbols isn't much sitting here in our living-room but out there, with the pressure of trying to beat the others? Not the same thing at all.

IQ of 70? Really? Would you say Bob and Yau Man had such low IQs? I remember Yau Man saying he couldn't remember where he saw a symbol just a few seconds before during a mix n' match challenge in Fiji while Bob, a physics teacher, couldn't figure out an equation.

"RE: Love/Loathe List - Episode 12"
Posted by sol on 05-12-09 at 10:12 PM
LAST EDITED ON 05-12-09 AT 10:13 PM (EST)

Michel ... on CBS I have been able to watch the Ponderosa clips for Tyson and Sierra, but not Brendan and Debbie. The prep for the trip to TC does include them feathering up and getting their jackets ready - hilarious.

Edited to say I saw it on CBS (Ponderosa), rather than Global

"RE: Love/Loathe List - Episode 12"
Posted by Aruba on 05-13-09 at 06:07 AM

>Would you say Bob and Yau Man had such low IQs?

No...I would say they probably had high IQs. Know what else I would say...both men won more than their fair share of challenges. Actually I believe both won the most challenges during their respective seasons.

Did they win EVERY challenge? Of course not so it's rather unjust to focus on the few they lost as opposed mentioned all the ones they won...but I'm not surprised a champion for the "weak and opposed" would go that route.

It wasn't a case of Bob not being able to figure out an equation as much as Kenny (a castaway who probably would also score well on an IQ test) was able to figure it out before him.

The mix n' match challenge was a TEAM challenge for Yau Man. As much as I appropriately sing Yau's praises as the challenge stud in Fiji, he was unfortunately placed on statistically the most pathetically worst team in Survivor history--they officially went "0-fer". Consequently they became more and more malnurished, dehydrated, and not only physically, but mentally unstable. So I give a Yau a pass on this one. He more than proved his worth went he was able to disassociate himself from those casting blunders and losers.

"RE: Love/Loathe List - Episode 12"
Posted by michel on 05-13-09 at 07:58 AM
You missed the point again. It wasn't written to denigrate either Yau Man or Bob but to praise Stephen, a smart player like the others I "champion".

I didn't focus on Bob and Yau Man's challenge performance overall just the two challenges that looked the most like the one Stephen just won. The team challenge in Fiji was still done one player at a time and YM's memory failed him when his turn came. Bob had a mathematical problem and had plenty of time to figure it out. Just like Kenny, he made a few "simple math" mistakes, something Stephen didn't do.

"RE: Love/Loathe List - Episode 12"
Posted by Aruba on 05-14-09 at 04:08 AM
With all due respect the challenges you associated Bob and Yau Man with are not even close to the ones "that looked the most like the one Stephen won."

Iltarion mentioned a prior challenge (the one Terry won while holding his breath) and in Palau Tom Westman won a similar challenge toward the end of that season when they ran an obstacle course, had to memorize symbols, and go back to a board and put them in order.

Now THOSE are the challenges "that looked the most like the one Stephen won."

AHHHH, but then you would have to be singing the praises of Terry and Tom...

"RE: Love/Loathe List - Episode 12"
Posted by michel on 05-14-09 at 08:18 AM
I have no problem saying that Terry was excellent in challenges and that Tom was a very good player overall. Still, both needed many attempts in those challenges, Stephen, only 1.

"RE: Love/Loathe List - Episode 12"
Posted by Aruba on 05-14-09 at 04:44 PM
HMMMM I thought Terry got it on his first attempt??? Don't remember for sure; but I do know he had to hold this breath underwater while trying to memorize which is a much tougher task.

"RE: Love/Loathe List - Episode 12"
Posted by sol on 05-10-09 at 11:58 PM
Glurk - I arrived home on Thursday to find out only to find out that I wasn't recording. I finally started watching about half way thru ... about the time JP said, "C'mon in guys" ... for the IC. I would watch it, but Global wasn't showing the ep - if they even do this season (yup, I'm a Canadian from Calgary).


1 - Stephen(1,1B,3,2,2,3,3,2) - before the season Jeff said, "Stephen is going to have a big job to integrate well. There's a feeling on this season of 'young...kind of hip'. And Stephen's a little outside of that. He's a little more of an intellect. And if he can use those skills in the right way, I think he could do really well."

At exile Stephen had a great growing moment. He still lacks athleticism, but his intellect is running this game.

2 - JT (2,1A,2,3,3,2,7,1) - Jeff said, "Like-able kid. Runs a ranch. He knows what hard work is. I think JT is OK being by himself, which is also good out here 'cause there's a lot of lonely nights. I think JT's gonna get flirted with...and probably do some heavy flirting himself."

Didn't see the flirting much, but the hard work and like-ability factors have put him in a power position. Finding the split in Timbits and exploiting it was a brilliant move and changed the season.

3 - Taj (3,5,6,5,6,6,5,5) - Jeff said, "Taj is going to have a little bit of work to do because of appearances. I think that happy smile only goes so far and then people are going to start looking at her. And if she starts hanging her head low and saying: 'this is getting me down', she's an easy one to vote out. The flip side on Taj is she's so likeable. If people find out she's married to a former NFL player, that could work against her. 'Cause people like to look at success as a reason to get rid of you."

We really haven't that much of Taj's game-play lately, but we know it's been happening because the time between challenges gives everyone a chance to go off and talk. Paranoid people probably would never make F5. And she knew early in the game who to align with.

4 - the Deluded One(6,7,8,9,11,12,13,14) - Jeff said, "Benjamin. Hands down one of the most fascinating guys that's been on the show. He is so full of himself. And he's full of himself like Richard Hatch was. He wants to take the best to the end. And he believes he's one of the best...and there are 3 others. And he's gonna get 'em together and we're gonna run this game and we'll duke it out. I wouldn't want my sister to date him...but I love him on Survivor."

JP is as deluded as Coach, and certainly fans haven't given him the love that JP thought he would get. However, I moved him to 4th - ahead of Erinn - just to do something different than Coach, and that is to change my mind ... about placing him last all season.

The jury bringing jackets and wearing feathers was a great laugh ... and Benji probably thought it was to honor him.

5 - Erinn(5,4,5,8,8,7,11,10) - Jeff said, "Erinn I'm on the fence on. She's got to make a first impression....that is: 'I'm a worker'. Right away. 'Cause otherwise, I think you look at her and you might judge her as a pretty girl who's gonna fade early. So that would be my advice: 'pick up the heaviest thing you can and start walking'."

It must be remembered that she did fade early, she was about to be voted off when Jerry's illness saved her - NOT her game-play. She lasted to merge because Timbit won IC's ...again not anything Erinn did individually. Knowing that she was an outcast at Timbits she flipped at merge, and as Debbie said everyone at Timbits knew it. When you do the obvious it's not good play. She is benefiting from others having 'fish to fry.'

Sent to detention - Debra - Jeff said, "Debra's interesting because she's quote unquote an older woman this season. But she doesn't act like one. And her life experience of working with kids all the time as a Principal also helps keep her young. I mean look at how she dresses and how she wears her hair. She has a very young energy. The question is will she get labeled with a first impression of: 'eh...she's the old woman, let's get rid of her'. Or will people think 'she's got a lot of energy, she's got a lot of vitality, maybe we should keep her around'."

Got in a good alliance early, but didn't notice when to change.

"RE: Love/Loathe List - Episode 12"
Posted by bostonrobfan on 05-11-09 at 09:33 AM
1. Stephen
2. Taj
3. Eddie George
4. JT
5. Coach
6. Erinn

"RE: Love/Loathe List - Episode 12"
Posted by iltarion on 05-13-09 at 03:52 PM
LAST EDITED ON 05-13-09 AT 03:59 PM (EST)

haha... great list, BRF.
You know they say impersonation is the greatest form of flattery. I'm sure Coach is pleased as a two-tailed dog that the jury went thru all the trouble over him. Being ignored would be far harder for Coach to take.
Regardless of the stress of competition making it harder, I was saying during the challenge that someone should take their time and commit all the symbols to memory at once. Again, it was merely 2 sequences of 5. A SSN is a sequence of 9 for goshsake. Anyway, nothing against Stephen, who is a smart player, but his feat wasn't nearly as hard as what Terry did. Just memorizing something while holding your breath underwater is a whole different gambit.
And regarding Aruba's post about whether bitterness still determines votes, I'm talking about recent history here, not ancient history when we know bitterness determined not only votes but winners. Bitterness might have had something to do with Cerie's vote, but she also was friends with Parvati. It isn't like she voted for someone outside of her alliance.


"RE: Love/Loathe List - Episode 12"
Posted by Aruba on 05-14-09 at 03:52 AM

>Bitterness might
>have had something to do
>with Cerie's vote, but she
>also was friends with Parvati.
>It isn't like she voted
>for someone outside of her

Make no mistake about it...had the Perv won that final IC and voted Cirie out, Cirie's vote would have went to Amanada at FTC for the same exact reason.

"RE: Love/Loathe List - Episode 12"
Posted by iltarion on 05-14-09 at 03:59 PM
Probably, but Amanda was also Cerie's friend and within her alliance. Regardless it isn't the same as Stephen or JT voting for Erinn or Debbie instead of Taj, who has been with them from day one, in much the same way Parvati, Amanda and Cerie were together from Day 1.


"RE: Love/Loathe List - Episode 12"
Posted by Aruba on 05-14-09 at 04:59 PM
Slight correction...Yes, Cirie and Amanda were together from Day 1. But Cirie and Perv were not together from Day 1. With the tribal switches Prev was separated from Cirie and Amanda for a couple of weeks.

So in Cirie's mind her FTC vote would suggest "sour grapes" played a bigger factor than being together from Day 1.

James and the Perv were together from Day 1 in Skankivor: Micronesia also. In the end I would say even James' vote was more contingent on voting against the player that lied and decieved him more than voting for a castaway he had been with since Day 1.