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"Magni's New Album!!"

Posted by rosiec on 11-04-07 at 10:45 PM
There’s a new album from “Rockstar SuperNova’s” Mangi!

Magni's self-titled new album is available right now on Itunes!

Icelandic singer Magni, lead singer of the highly successful Icelandic band, “A móti sol,” was virtually unknown outside of Iceland until he competed in the US - produced music television show Rockstar Supernova in the summer of 2006. He distinguished himself on the show with consistently solid vocal performances and his rapport with the show's house band, as commented upon by the show's judges and host. Magni made it to the show's season finale, finishing fourth.

Last April Magni began working on his first solo album in English.
The album was recorded in Denmark and Iceland and released on CD in Iceland on August 3rd.

The album contains 13 songs – 11 of whom are written by Magni and two covers – Radioheads “Creep” and Lives “The Dolphins Cry” but both songs were also performed by Magni on “Rock-star”.

The album spent three weeks at Nr.1 on the charts in Iceland and is close to reaching gold status.

The first single from Magni, "If I Promised You the World," debuted on Icelandic radio on July 4th 2007 and went on to reach number one on the Icelandic singles chart for four straight weeks.

Magni can now be found on digital release in the United States through Itunes, Napster, Amazon.com, Rhapsody, Yahoo! Music, and more!


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