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"**********OFFICIAL BLOWSVIVOR EPISODE 4***** "Silence of The Lamber""

Posted by Superman on 06-20-01 at 00:21 AM

Previously on Shakesvi...er, ummm....Supesv.....no, wait, wait....Bavi...ahhhhhh hell!

Previously on BLOWSVIVOR.........

The BorneoBores win a wascally wabbit at the wewawd...er reward challenge. Much to the liking of Survivorerist and much to the disdain of SnoopySucks who had vowed to "get him some of that".

The ArrogantAussies make like a combination of Jesse Owens & Louie Anderson and win the most important relay race/eating challenge of their pathetic little lives, even after a blunder by a pantsless sleeeve begging someone to "grab the loofah".

The third castaway has been….. well..cast away. The petite powerpuff was precariously popped off the Paramount pictures powerhouse to her peril. If you'll excuse me, I need to pee..

And now, day....whatever...

At the BorneoBores camp, the tension, the superhero, and the stress mount...

Noises in the night have disturbed several of the tribe members. Well, mostly Vampkira and Superman who are busy making their own noise and hate to be outdone. No, these noises are coming from a distance and they give the tribe a sorta "Blair-Witch without the corny camera shots" feel to them.

IceCat: I gotta get outta here, I just gotta...
GT: Will you shut up?! I finally got rid of Miss Chat's alot last week and you haven't shut up since! You're days are numbered you, you...Arctic Inbred! *mumble* Damn cat, with his damn long hair and his pocket-protector. Urkel Cat is more like it..*mumble* Wish that helicopter would've had an ejector seat*mumble*

The noises in the night grew louder and louder. Superman and Vampkira set out to investigate, seeing as how they were ..ahem..up, anyway. They followed the sound deep into the back of the studio. The scream would transform from laughter to crying, laughter to crying , laughter to crying. They traced it to an old beat up stage curtain.

Vampkira: OMG, the stench.....and look at the huge yellow puddle!
Superman: Those shoes......those big, floppy shoes!

Superman pulled back the curtain and stood face-to-face.............with shakes the clown!

And the yellow puddle grew larger....

Superman: Why the hell did you abandon us here?
shakes: I can't take it. This isn't what it was supposed to be!
Superman: So what are you trying to say? Are you quitting?
shakes: I just wanna go home, just let me go..

Aside Interview:

D.I. McSupery: We hate to have anyone quit, y'know? It just feels like when they fail, we've failed. And I for one don't like that feeling.

Meanwhile, on Dismissal Hill:

AyaK Probe: Recruits! We have lost another one of our own. Take off your hats for a moment of silence.

Dalton: Dalton will be quiet, when Dalton wants to be quiet!
GT: Good riddance to bad rubbish I say.

AK: Alright, shakes' dog tags will now be passed on to Superman, no BA, no let's just pass them around like a $10 whore, what do you say?

Survivorerist and Sleeeve (in unison): $10 whore! Yes!

AyaK: This dismissal has been sponsored by Budweiser. The good folks at Bud ask you, "Wazzzzzzzup?!"

Back at the Bore Camp...

Superman: Young grasshopper, you gotta let us have the bunny. Peoples are getting pissed. I mean, we haven't eaten since this morning!
Survivorerist: NO! Lamber and I have a bond an inseparable bond! I refuse to let you eat her! You can eat her tiny chocolate eggs instead."

Superman walks away and says, "Those are turds Survist and I've taught you better than this, but hey, It's your head."

Survivorerist (to himself): Oh, is it man of steel? Is it really?

Survivorerist holds Lamber's lifeless body toward the heavens and laughs. He laughs to the point of shaking and the broken neck of Lamber causes her head to swing side to side as the blood trickles down Survivorerist's face.

Survivorerist: Buwaaaa Haa Haa!

Aside interview:

Mon Cherie: Survivorerist and I are growing closer, y'know? He's the only "normal" guy on this tribe. The rest are just tight wearing, bat humping, invisible keyboard typing freaks. Yeah, I like Surv alot. I've even got past him calling me Amber 30 times a day. Are we aligned? Well, sexually no. I've at least gotta wait until he hits puberty, but otherwise you could say we are..yeah.

Later that Night.....

Superman quietly creeps out of the tent..

Superman (whispering mockingly): Start the fire, Supe. Heat the food, Supe. Light my bong, Supe. Jeez...You'd think heat vision was an asset. Everybody sleeps, I get to be the keeper of the flame. There all gonna wake up with a fire in their woollies.

Mon Cherie: Supe...

Superman: Christ! What are you doing? This is the last clean pair of red briefs that I have out here and I don't feel like scraping the shit out of them.

Mon Cherie: Sorry...but there's something you need to see...

Mon Cherie leads Superman back into the tent where she kneels quietly beside of the sleeping Survivorerist. She peers back at Superman, who quickly does that "nose scratch pretending that he wasn't really picking it" thing . Mon Cherie pulls down Survivorerist's collar to reveal teeth marks and a trail of blood that leads to the lips of his beloved Vampkira.

And what happened then...?
Well...in Who-ville they say
That Superman's large heart
Shrank three sizes that day!



Sleeeve: C'mon just touch it for God's sake!
SnoopySucks: Grrrr...Phbbbtt!
Sleeeve: Stupid Dog!

Aside Interviews:

Dalton: The Dalton says this: The Dalton is playing both sides of the fence right now. The Dalton sees the Canucks and The Dalton sees the Californians. The Dalton is thinking that Dalton could go either way, not in a SurvivorChick kinda way of course, but the Dalton can hang with the Canadians, eh? And The Dalton can fit in with the Californians. If you can smelllll *raises eyebrow* what The Dalton.....................is cooking.

DangerKitty: PePe is kinda freaking me out. I thought I was agressive, but this guy. Yikes! And that smell! The stench of skunk is bad enough, but when you add on his rice farts...Shooo! He makes the whole tent smell like......y'know.....something stinky. I am sooooo not interested.
The tribe begins the day feeling cocky. To celebrate their recent victory they decide to spruce the place up a bit, hang a few pictures, plant a few flowers, paint the tent, y'know make the place more homey.

RudyRules: Might as well dress the place up, eh? We're not going anywhere for a while.
SurvivorChick: Let's paint the tent white!
Sleeeve: White?
Dalton: The Dalton says this: Yeah, Sleeevie, white. Get used to it, you'll be wearing it on your wedding day. Hey, RudyRules! The Dalton says, get your RudyPooh candy ass over here and get to painting!

RudyRules and Outfrontgirl, begin painting the tent, unaware that Dangerkitty is still inside. Dangerkitty walks out in her stunning, black catsuit, accidently rubbing a stripe of white paint all the way down her back. Upon seeing this Pepe LePew is thrown into an uncontrollable hormonal rage. He grabs DangerKitty as she struggles...

Pepe Lepew: Oh Cherie......Your skin like the subtle breeze, (can't spell that kissing sound that Pepe Lepew makes, but picture it here 3 times)...Your gorgeous eyes...(3 more times...the kissing noise..here)...If the sky was my parchment and the ocean my ink, I could not begin to write of my love for you...(3 more with the kissing right about....wait for it .....now)...

DangerKitty scratches the everlovin' bejesus out of Pepe and runs into the forest, all the while breathing heavily, "Le Pant....Le Pant...Le Wheeze..."

Pepe: She wants me, no?
OFG: No. I'm going to get the mail. Hopefully, it will be full of more fan letters for me in appreciation for my great Episode late week.
Dalton: The Dalton says this: Just go get the mail dear. If you don't stop tooting your own horn so much, you're gonna chip a tooth.


OFG: Let's see here, bill....bill...occupant...."You may already be a winner....."... Oh! Here it is. Listen up guys!

OFG reads:
(SSC-PY) *mumble* What the hell does that mean?*mumble*
Be careful what you wish for
This challenge makes some sick
But if you swallow what we've got for you
You'll win weenies on a stick!

SurvivorChick: OMG! Weenies on a stick! I Love those!
DangerKitty: It's ANOTHER eating challenge?!
Sleeeve: I dunno, this IS a battle of the whores and the mail just says "swallow".
RudyRules: Surely not...
Dalton: Tribe, what do you think this means?
Dangerkitty, OFG, SurvivorChick (in unison): Well, It just mi..
Dalton: IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK! The Dalton says this; You will EAT or Drink or Swallow whatever is laid before you! The Dalton doesn't care if it is Sleeeve's penis, you will do with it what you're told.
Sleeeve (whispering with fingers crossed): Please God...c'mon pleeeeease..

Reward Challenge

Ayak Probe: Greetings whores. I imagine that you've figured out what today's challenge will be...
IceCat: I knew before we even got the tree mail.
AyaK: How's that?
Sleeeve: Quite simple my dear dictator, he rigged up a satellite receiver using tin foil and a hat and then...
AyaK: Sorry I asked..It's time to eat tribe. If it comes down to it, one member of the BB's will have to eat twice since you are down a player. First up, Dalton and GT, spin the wheel....
DangerKitty: Didn't we just DO this last episode?
AyaK: We're on a budget, ok? And besides, it's different. This weeks eating challenge is brought to you in part, by the good people at Weight Watchers.

The wheel spins and lands on a little piece of paper that says "words".

GT: What the hell is this?
AyaK: Ummmm, GT, Dalton each of you have to say your sorry to one member of your tribe for saying something mean to them. Simply put; eat your own words.
Dalton: The Dalton says this: Let The Dalton fill you in on a little somethin' camel jockey....
AyaK: Nevermind, I take it that you refuse.
GT: You can put me down on that list, too boy. I don't say anything that I don't wanna say.
AyaK: Alright ladies. Vampkira, Pepe you're up...

The wheel lands on two cups filled with a yellow, foul fluid..

Ayak: We found this in a puddle under an old curtain in the back, not sure what it is, but drink up.
VK: Ummmm, oh Jeez...
Mon Cherie (whispers to Supe): I don't know what SHE'S worried about. Her mouth has been rather busy lately.
Superman: Damn Mon, don't you think this is tough enough for me?
Pepe: Oh, zee aroma! It iz like, how you say...heavenly!

Pepe drinks Vamp refuses. AA up 1 - 0.

AyaK: OFG, Surviorerist your turn.

The wheel spins and lands on a big, beautiful bouquet of cannabis...

OFG: Sweeeeeeet.
Survivorerist: My mom wouldn't approve of this.
AyaK: Dude, your mom's not watching.
Survivorerist: Mom watches all the time, she can feel when I'm doing wrong. I refuse.
OFG (seeds all in her teeth): Hand it over, momma's boy!

AA up 2-0

Ayak: SurvivorChick, Mon Cherie...spin the wheel.

The wheel lands on a picture of an arrow that points to the opposite player.

Mon Cherie: .....Does this mean?
AyaK: I'm afraid so, you have to eat each other.
Mon Cherie: ...and when you say "eat"..
SurvivorChick: He ain't talking about using a spoon & fork...unless your into that..
Sleeeve(mumbling): It couldn't have been Sleeeeeve and Mon Cherie or Sleeeeeeeve and SurvivorChick, could it? Oh no...Sleeeeve doesn't get breaks like that. Why do you hate me Jesus?
Mon Cherie: ummmm.....
SurvivorChick: Hey, I'm game. Let's go!
Mon Cherie: uhhh, no. I don't think so.

A huge groan comes from all the men.

AyaK: Ok, well...Mon Cherie's refusal, doesn't negate SurvivorChicks willingness. Point AA.

AA leads 3-0.

AyaK: One more win and AA get the weenies, RudyRules, IceCat spin....

The wheel lands on an economy-sized can of Alpo.

IceCat: Hissss! Phhbbt!
RudyRules: Can I use my luxury item in this challenge?
AyaK: But, of course!
IceCat: I don't care! I wanna go home anyway! Vote me off next, people, pleaaaaase!
Sleeeeve: The chances of your tribe winning this challenge if you did eat were, statistically speaking, 56.345332 to 1 anyway Cat. No big loss.

AyaK: The weenies on a stick belong to AA!
SnoopySucks: Woof! (Translation: Sticks! OMG! I love those!)

The Bores walk away dejected and humiliated. Vamp walks beside Superman.

Vampkira: Don't worry, baby. We don't need all those weenies.
Superman: Well, I KNOW I don't...
Vampkira: What's that supp..
Mon Cherie: Hey Supe! Will you ummm, light my bong?
Superman: You didn't bring a bong, you brought your bible.
Mon Cherie: Oh...Will you light my bible then? I haven't been to a good book burning since I've been here.
Superman: Sure, whatever..

Tree Mail!

Over at the BorneoBore camp, GT and Vampkira head for the mailbox.

Vampkira: .....I mean he's acting weird, y'know?
GT: How so?
Vampkira: Well, for one thing, we haven't done it for like 6 hours!
GT: 6? Really? I thought I saw the rest of the tribe getting a nap.

GT reads the mail to the tribe.

GT: Blah, Blah, Blah, What's with all the poetry lately? Here it is:

(SSC-PY) (Psssstt...Volmel! Are you getting all this?)
The time has come for you my friends
This challenge will make you smile
Take off your pants, drop the Depends
And try to whiz a mile!

Mon Cherie: OMG! It's a peeing for distance competition.
GT: Last thing we need here, if you ask me, is another pissing contest....
Vampkira: We can't afford to lose another person. Let's do this!

Immunity Challenge:

AyaK Probe: Good evening, Blowsvivors. I gather that everyones bladder is full?

Dangerkitty: By the look of RudyRules' shoes, SnoopySucks' is empty.
Everybody: Ewwwwww!

AyaK: One at a time, step up to the line or lay down near the line, I guess.. and let 'er fly.

Nobody steps up to the line.

AyaK: What's this? Two challenges in one show that everyone refuses to participate in? That's it, I'm pulling a shakes. *In his best Eric Cartman voice* Screw you guys, I'm going home.

Survivorerist: No, No don't leave AyaK. I'll pee.

AyaK: I wasn't really leaving. Not with all the endorsements I'm picking up from this gig. This statement was brought to you, in part by the good folks at McDonalds, we love to see you smile.

Surv steps up to the line and drops his drawers.

Four hours later..........

AyaK: Jeeeeeeez Louise, C'mon Surv!
Survivorerist: I have a shy bladder, all right! Just back off!
IceCat: Look, Look! I tinkled!
AyaK: Sorry, but your entry is not valid. You simply wet your pants.
Dalton: The Dalton says this; So what? It's further than Surv.
Survivorerist: Shut up, you!

And just then in a blaze of unbridled fury, Survivorerist unleashes a raging, sunshine colored arc. It nearly parts Ayak's hair straight down the middle. Both tribes gasp in amazement.

GT: That's it sweetie, unleash the beast!
Mon Cherie: That's it! That's our entry in the contest!
AyaK: No other, BB wants to give it a try?
Superman: What's the point? No ones going to out do that.
AyaK: Ok, then AA's your up. BB has forfeited the rest of there turns because of Survivorerist's 32 foot spray. Any or all of your tribe may try to beat Surv. *chuckle* But, Good Luck.

The Aussie tribe just stands there.

Ayak: Ok, I guess that's it...Borne..

Dalton holds up a single hand in the face of AyaK, signaling him to be quiet. She turns her head slightly to the left and up, closes her eyes and sniffs the air.

Dalton: The Dalton says this: Your head, AK.
Ayak: My head?
Dalton: Where is your head?
Ayak: It's, ummmm, it's...
Dalton: Apparently, it's up your ass...
Ayak: Wha??
Dalton: If you'd care to take a look, Survivorerist is still doing his business.
Survivorerist: For the love of God, Make it STOP! I think I'm leaking spinal fluid...OH oh the horror!
Sleeeve: I'll finish this. You see, I've analyzed the wind current and the angle and projectile needed to surpass Surv's strea..
AyaK: Just go pee, will ya?

Sleeeve steps to the line, plucks a few blades of grass and tosses them into the air. He plants his left foot, then his right, holds his ummm, business in his hands and then swings it like a nine iron, unleashing the stream on the ..ahem..upstroke. AyaK walks to the site of sleeeves puddle.

AyaK: 37 feet! The AA's win Immunity! BorneoBores, I'll see you again tonight at Tribal Council. Don't forget your 8x10 glossies.


The trek to Tribal Council is a long one tonight with all the suspicion, hard feelings, and depression in the tribe. Not to mention the fact that Tribal Council was moved all the way over to Studio B.

Mon Cherie: When I signed up for this crap, nobody said a thing about walking all this way!

Aside Interviews:

Mon Cherie: Supe is pretty upset. Tomorrow, I may have to start setting up a new alliance if I lose a member. Am I nervous? Maybe just a little.

IceCat: I don't know anymore. My alliance is still tight. The whole "trying to escape" thing is working out for me too. The sadistic bastards, act like you wanna leave and they are sure to keep you here. Besides, I already know the bootee check the boards.

GT: I think she's getting a little cruel, y'know? A little "over her head" even. We're gonna send her packing tonight.

Vampkira: My alliance? Yeah, It's all good. It's time to finally do what we were going to do last week. Bring a little harmony to the tribe.

Superman: (sigh) I don't know anymore. I'm throwing my vote. What happens, happens.

Survivorerist: Buwaa Haa Haa!
Cameraman (to Survivorerist): Calm down kid, your freaking me out.
Survivorerist: Sorry, I just thought of something funny.

The tribe arrives holding their 8x10s high in the air.

AyaK: Good evening. I trust that you all had a nice walk.

The tribe simultaneously flips AyaK the bird.

AyaK: I'm not asking any smarmy questions tonight. You're the same tribe I asked last time minus one other loser. Get up and vote. The previous statement was brought to you in part, by the good people of the Green Party, Go Nader!

Voting Booth

Vampkira holds up her vote which reads: Bitch!(Mon Cherie)

Vampkira: Mon Cherie, nobody, but nobody tries to move in on my man. The fact that you even tried has me ROTFLMAO. See ya, Bitch!

Somewhere in the distance SnoopySucks' keen since of hearing picks up on this statement.

SnoopySucks: Woof! (Translation: Bitches! OMG! I love those!)

GT holds up her vote which reads: Mon Cherie

IceCat holds up his vote to the camera, which reads: Vampkira

IceCat: I just need a good night's sleep! I don't even enjoy watching anymore!

Survivorerist and Mon Cherie's votes are not shown.

Superman sighs. Starts to write something and scratches it out. He grabs a new sheet and begins to write the letter S… and then he marks that out and writes.............: Vampkira

Superman: Vamps, this is just symbolism over substance. I know your not going anywhere, so I'm just sending you a message. We haven't really had the chance to talk, we mainly just scream each other's name out. I'm a little hurt about this whole Survivorerist thing. I mean, he's got Lamber. He doesn't need you too.

AyaK: I'll tally the votes.

First Vote: Vampkira

Superman (thinking to himself): There. She's seen it. Ha! Now she'll know…

AyaK: Next vote: Mon Cherie

Third vote: Mon Cherie

Fourth vote: Vampkira

This startles Superman and he looks over at Vampkira, but as his head turns he notices Survivorerist chuckling. As Superman stares, Survivorerist reaches up, pulls down his collar to reveal the fang marks. Survivorerist then takes a white rabbit's foot from his pocket and wipes away the fake teeth marks with it! Superman's eyes widen as Survivorerist whispers toward him, "Ahhhh, Lamber what a wonderful friend you were. Buuwaaa Haaa Haaa!"

AyaK: Fifth Vote: Vampkira

Superman rushes to Vampkira's side.

AyaK: Sit down! You can't get out of your seat while I'm the center of attention! The proceeding statement was brought to you, in part by the good people at Doug's Invisible Dog Fences.
Superman: Vamp! I had no idea. I swear it! It was Survivorerist and Mon Cherie!
IceCat: And IceCat! Don't forget IceCat!
Superman(rolls eyes):…and Ice Cat!

AyaK: Final Vote…. Vampkira. Vamp, I'll need your 8x10. It's time for you to go.

Vampkira walks to AyaK with her 8x10 in hand, but before he has the chance to light it, it bursts into flames! Along with AyaK's hairpiece!

Superman: I guess this heat vision is worth something.
Vampkira: I forgive you Supe. I know this was not your doing. Avenge my demise oh man of steel.

-Vampkira turns into a bat and flies away-

AyaK: I'm Burning! Oh my beloved hairpiece! Nooooooo.... Somebody find my turban!

Superman turns to the rest of his tribe and glares. He vows his revenge upon each and every one of them….and then he swipes AyaK's cell phone and orders the biggest "I'm sorry for booting your ass" bouquet that FTD had in stock.

Vampkira(final words): I didn't see this coming. It's like..... OMG! I can't believe it. And Superman, Survivorerist they were the best of friends. I hate to see this kinda thing com... -SPAM WARNING-..
-Vampkira has been logged out for spamming-

IceCat: Spamburgers! OMG! I Love those!

Ayak: The proceeding summary has been sponsered by Seasame Street and brought to you in part, by the number "69" and the letters "F" & "U".

Tune in next week....

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"RE: **********OFFICIAL BLOWSVIVOR EPISODE 4***** "Silence of The Lamber""
Posted by George Tirebiter on 06-20-01 at 00:39 AM
LAST EDITED ON 06-20-01 AT 03:09 PM (EST)

LAST EDITED ON 06-20-01 AT 01:29 AM (EST)

SUPE--YOU IDIOT!!!!!! It's no wonder the other tribe didn't lose like they were supposed to. . . you don't even know how to discern a simple scheme by a bimbo like MC!!!

Vamps. . . don't worry. . . you WILL be avenged!


Edited to add (just for the record) that the only thing I love more than a brainy man is a brainy man with long hair. . . I don't know where that whole anti-IceCat thing sprung from, but it ISN'T ACCURATE! *fondles the scrunchy and polishes the pocket protector--and wonders if the superhero doesn't need a new brand of glue. . .*

Edited AGAIN to add that once I was able to sleep on this (FINALLY!), I realized that the writer's many inaccuracies undoubtedly stemmed from the fact that he was in a permanent clinch with VampKira and didn't have a clue as to what was going on around him!! Maybe now that the blood can return to his BRAIN, he'll be more cognizant of what's happening in the CLEAN WORLD. . . I just hope the BBs can overcome the treachery of this episode, and can begin thinking along the lines of TEAMWORK again. . . *ponders the inevitable. . .*

"RE: **********OFFICIAL BLOWSVIVOR EPISODE 4***** "Silence of The Lamber""
Posted by dangerkitty on 06-20-01 at 00:40 AM
Nice job Supe!!!!!! Oh you evil man, booting your vampsy!!!!

So many great moments...I will comment in more detail later...for now...Woo hoo!!!! What a fun read!!! <struts about in her stunning black catsuit>

Great job Supe baby!!!!! And Vamps...damn!!! Thought you were gonna go far!!!!

"Whatever charm school you went to, you should demand a full refund."
-a guy at my dojo, after I offered to kick his butt during sparring (he thought it wasn't very 'ladylike').

"RE: **********OFFICIAL BLOWSVIVOR EPISODE 4***** "Silence of The Lamber""
Posted by PepeLePew13 on 06-20-01 at 00:49 AM
DK... get back here behind the tent! Le Pant! Le Pant!

Great job Supe... very brave to even consider booting your Vampy but what a story to keep us all in our seats...

"RE: **********OFFICIAL BLOWSVIVOR EPISODE 4***** "Silence of The Lamber""
Posted by LadyT on 06-20-01 at 00:52 AM
Supe, that was awesome! The beginning made me burst out in sponteanoeus laughter, and it kept going. I admit, I sneaked a peek at the bottom so I knew it would be Vamps. Story-wise, brilliant move. Of course, now you have to kiss her butt something serious! I loved every part of it.

Mom always said, "Don't play ball in the house".

"RE: **********OFFICIAL BLOWSVIVOR EPISODE 4***** "Silence of The Lamber""
Posted by Outfrontgirl on 06-20-01 at 01:21 AM
LAST EDITED ON 06-20-01 AT 01:25 AM (EST)

you had me going! All my votes were wrong! I thought the AA's were going to lose IC for sure and I was going to bite it for being full of myself.

Great set-up with Surv. Didn't see the bunny blood ruse coming at all. He's turned into the Greg of BlowsVivor and snapped the kitten's neck. Looks like Mon Cherie could actually go far after her set up for the fall in Ep.1--way to dodge the bullet.

Most personally satisfying although behind-the-scenes moment: relishing GT's anguish when she realized her beloved tribe was to lose another member. Don't you know how anxious she was you would take out another Bore? You meanie, you! Send her some flowers too, preferable with purple hairs and crystals.

Oh, and what's up with SnoopySucks getting more lines than me and about half the other AA's? Less face time than a dog?
And Sleeeve, poor Sleeeve, he's on vacation and he comes back to this? OMG I love that, you sadistic superhero.

Come on though, I don't believe for a moment VampKira was surprised. Methinks the batlady doth protest too much, and that she longed for her freedom and a chance to roam where she could bite unsuspected. But who will do the same for you?

"RE: **********OFFICIAL BLOWSVIVOR EPISODE 4***** "Silence of The Lamber""
Posted by dabo on 06-20-01 at 01:37 AM
Excellent installment, Supes, had me guessing right up to the end. Damn, though, I had a lot of shares on vamps to win. Ah well, back to the drawing board.

"If the race of man should be left naked upon a desert island, we should become extinct in six weeks. A few individuals might linger, but in a year would become worse than monkeys." (Samuel Butler, "Erewhon")

"RE: **********OFFICIAL BLOWSVIVOR EPISODE 4***** "Silence of The Lamber""
Posted by SherpaDave on 06-20-01 at 02:20 AM
Damn you, Superman, for starting the clock ticking. Okay, gotta find a pen. And some paper, yeah, some paper. Tick, tick, tick.

Seriously, though. Loved it. Of course. Particularly liked the variations on the eating challenge. Note to self: no more eating challenges; three is enough.

"RE: **********OFFICIAL BLOWSVIVOR EPISODE 4***** "Silence of The Lamber""
Posted by VampKira on 06-20-01 at 03:17 AM

Oh my.. oh my, oh myohmyohmyohmysupermanohmyohmyohmyohmy....

Surv.... Mon Cherie......a Vampire NEVER forgets!!!! Capise?? When you least expect it..... EXPECT IT! *evil grin*

*turns into a bat and flies away*

"Contradiction is an expedition into darkness..Aggravation is the inspiration into madness." - Dokken
Du ar min hjälte, Supermänniska

"RE: **********OFFICIAL BLOWSVIVOR EPISODE 4***** "Silence of The Lamber""
Posted by Survivorerist on 06-20-01 at 07:08 AM
I swear, I was framed! <sobbing loudly>

By the way, Supe, great episode! I couldn't stop laughing from beginning to end! I liked the Elisabeth referrence too, that was good...

Lamber! Nooooooooooooooo! <sobs even louder and sad music starts playing> All my life, I had looked for someone. I had found two in VampKira, a great friend, and Lamber, a cute little bunny. But both have been wrongfully terminated, and their deaths (both literally and proverbially) will be avenged! So help me God, I will...

What? I wasn't the one kicked off? Oh, then nevermind...

Once again, great episode!


"It's day seven and we just caught our first fish. It did take us a week but, hey, it's better than two weeks."
-The Not-So-Quiet Amber Brkich

"RE: **********OFFICIAL BLOWSVIVOR EPISODE 4***** "Silence of The Lamber""
Posted by Kismet on 06-20-01 at 10:04 AM
Great job Supe! You had me cracking up from the beginning. I LOVED the reward challenge!! I cannot believe that the frickin DOG had the best lines! Thank you for getting rid of Vamp! Now she will be unable to further corrupt our posters with pineapples and tomato sauce! You rock Superman!

"RE: **********OFFICIAL BLOWSVIVOR EPISODE 4***** "Silence of The Lamber""
Posted by SkyRaider on 06-20-01 at 10:22 AM
Too, too funny!!

"SurvivorChick: OMG! Weenies on a stick! I Love those!"

SurvivorChick? Weenies on a stick?

Oh, the symbolism!

Posted by BadAs on 06-20-01 at 11:33 AM
Thanks for the ton of laughs, if you know that the Dalton is cooking...

Vampkira has been logged out for spamming..Cha Ching

Thanks O' man O Steel for the uncontrolable laughfest!!!!!

" Attention: Attention Whore Postings. (For Chrissake)"

"RE: AWESOME--supe"
Posted by SherpaDave on 06-20-01 at 12:20 PM
LAST EDITED ON 06-20-01 AT 12:21 PM (EST)

I hope this means you're sticking around. Good to see you still posting, BA.

Edited because after all my corrections of Leif's grammar, I had "your" instead of "you're." Doh!

Posted by AyaK on 06-20-01 at 11:08 AM
The BorneoBores find themselves in the same position as Ogakor -- down two members and with a fractious split in their tribe. The ArrogantAussies have a commanding lead. Will we be looking at an all-AA final four? Can the diminished BBs possibly catch up (presuming no one falls into the fire)? The possibilities are limitless.

Thanks, Superman!

"RE: Surprise!"
Posted by George Tirebiter on 06-20-01 at 03:15 PM
>Will we be looking at an all-AA final four?
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Surely, you JEST! *thinking AK is really not so clueless. . . just trying to add to the drama. . .*


"RE: Surprise!"
Posted by Outfrontgirl on 06-20-01 at 03:29 PM
Hmmm. For some reason I've been seeing resemblances to Kucha in the Bores, in that they don't have strong voting blocs, they have the bible, and they got the bunny. Now the blood-shedding psycho. Itz the Lis figure, gone all too soon. But the Bores also have the sexual tension of Ogakor. Certainly they both partake of both, except thank god no Jerri.

The Aussies are bound to lose the next IC I fear.
So much suspense, our fates all at the whim of the writers!

"RE: **********OFFICIAL BLOWSVIVOR EPISODE 4***** "Silence of The Lamber""
Posted by volmel (Guest) on 06-20-01 at 11:12 AM
"(SSC-PY) (Psssstt...Volmel! Are you getting all this?)
The time has come for you my friends
This challenge will make you smile
Take off your pants, drop the Depends
And try to whiz a mile!"

You know, I'm wondering if I'm the first non-cast member to be mentioned in an episode. (feeling special, being the media ho I am).

Great episode Super-Man. You are very talented!

"RE: **********OFFICIAL BLOWSVIVOR EPISODE 4***** "Silence of The Lamber""
Posted by ItzLisa on 06-20-01 at 11:44 AM
GASP!!!!! I'm just glad I wasn't around when that sh*t hit the fan!!! Supe, you are truly amazin'!!! Sacrificing your very own Vampy for the sake of high drama! VampLaLa!!!! Bubby!!! I have a large Hawaiian pizza ready for you to drown your sorrows in!

Excellent, excellent, BEYOND excellent summary, Supe! It had romance! It had betrayal! It had long-distance peeing! And me-thinks that SnoopySucks is the new star of the show! If he gets too much face time, RudyRules is gonna get booted by the other ho's for letting his luxury item have too much face time!


"RE: **********OFFICIAL BLOWSVIVOR EPISODE 4***** "Silence of The Lamber""
Posted by Drive My Car on 06-20-01 at 11:52 AM
So great!!
Sad and Funny.

Oh Poor Kitty, her nice cat suit all ruined.
Poor Sleeeeve, no one will touch it.

Supe's heartbreak, Vamp being framed.
So tragic.


( the little choclate eggs cracked me up )

"RE: **********OFFICIAL BLOWSVIVOR EPISODE 4***** "Silence of The Lamber""
Posted by Survivorchick on 06-20-01 at 01:41 PM
Superman! This was great! I was ROFLMAO - too funny.
And I finally got a decent amount of facetime. Not bad Not bad.
(Did anyone notice BTW that Superman got more facetime than anyone?)

Oh watch out AAs, I think there's a crack in their alliance!


"RE: **********OFFICIAL BLOWSVIVOR EPISODE 4***** "Silence of The Lamber""
Posted by Ronnet on 06-20-01 at 02:26 PM
As I was leaving for work this morning my neighbor stopped me to ask if everything was okay. It seems he was falling asleep last night, around 9:35 PM PT, when he was disturbed by loud, uncontrolled laughter coming from my house (about forty feet away from his house). Okay let's hear you try to explain to a ninety year old, hard of hearing gentleman about this guy in tights, a women who drinks blood, a cat painted like a skunk, weenies on a stick, a pissing contest, and then still try to get to work on time....

Superman - thank you for an outstanding contribution.

"RE: **********OFFICIAL BLOWSVIVOR EPISODE 4***** "Silence of The Lamber""
Posted by dabo on 06-20-01 at 02:59 PM
Haaahahahahahahahhhaaaaa HHAAAAAhahahahhhhaaaaahaaaaa HAAAHAAAHAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAHAAAAA... thanks roni!
"If the race of man should be left naked upon a desert island, we should become extinct in six weeks. A few individuals might linger, but in a year would become worse than supesvivors." (Samuel Butler, "Erewhon")

Posted by Kismet on 06-20-01 at 03:01 PM
OMG! Roni! Woman you are a true Gem! ROFLMAO!!!!

"RE: **********OFFICIAL BLOWSVIVOR EPISODE 4***** "Silence of The Lamber""
Posted by MDSkinner on 06-20-01 at 05:42 PM
That is quality stuff Supe. Very funny indeed.

"RE: **********OFFICIAL BLOWSVIVOR EPISODE 4***** "Silence of The Lamber""
Posted by moonbaby (Guest) on 06-20-01 at 08:18 PM
YAY!!!! Bravo!!!! Bravissimo!!! FUN FOR THE WHOLE TRIBE!!!! Two thumbs up!!!!!

"RE: **********OFFICIAL BLOWSVIVOR EPISODE 4***** "Silence of The Lamber""
Posted by moonbaby on 06-20-01 at 08:22 PM
How funny! Forgot to login and became a guest! So thank you for the fabulous time!

"Public forum"
Posted by AyaK on 06-20-01 at 09:11 PM
Enjoy it while it lasts, moonbaby and volmel...

When we set this forum up, we inadvertently made it a public forum, meaning that you don't have to register to post. If you don't log in first, you become a "guest." We will change this to a private forum (posting by registered users only) in the next couple of days....

"RE: Public forum"
Posted by VampKira on 06-20-01 at 11:53 PM
>>And what happened then...?
Well...in Who-ville they say
That Superman's large heart
Shrank three sizes that day!<<

Just had to post that I LOVED this part, Supe....
You ROCK! (and BTW.. I would NEVER break your heart.. *wink*)

"Contradiction is an expedition into darkness..Aggravation is the inspiration into madness." - Dokken
Du ar min hjälte, Supermänniska

"RE: "The Dalton says this:..........""
Posted by Dalton on 06-21-01 at 00:08 AM
Hot dang it Superman, that was a rip-roaring, gut-busting,
funnybone-twisting great episode!!!

And thanks a heap Supe...if I ever write my autobiography.......NOW I have a title:
"The Dalton Says This".

As to some of the other wild and whacky goings-on in E-4 ----

SIR seems to have finally learned what I have been telling
him in Bashers for months---"Grow the Hell UP, kiddo!!".
But who knew he would take to killing bunnies; consorting
with girls like Mon Cherie; playing nasty tricks on his
favorite Super Hero; and pissing for distance???
(*big grin* I'm so proud of that boy I may have to adopt him.)

SLEEEVE finally got a chance to show off his "nine iron" and
now that the "babes" got a look at his "upstroke swing"....
well, let's just say that Triple EEE ain't just his shoe size anymore. (Oooh, "foreshadowing"; fer sure, yep.)

RR and Snoopy are a regular Abbott & Costello. That dog is
going to end up with his own tv sit-com show and RR will be
rolling in the big bucks!!

Frankly after booting ItzLisa AND VampKira peeps are beginning
to believe the BB's tribe is just, ahem, "not too bright".
I mean no offense but the tabloid media has already dubbed
them the "Brainless Bunch".

PS> Host AyaK and the many and various product endorsements
were the funniest of all!!!

"RE: "The Dalton says this:..........""
Posted by VampKira on 06-21-01 at 01:06 AM
brainless bunch??? Oh my! I cannot believe THE DALTON said that!
It wasn't MY fault I got booted..If we could win the challenges, well, then.. methinks it has more to do with BRAWN than brains..I mean, C'mon.. if Ice would have stepped up to the plate, so to speak.. well.. I would still be in our camp slurping my Supe.. er.. soup.. yeah.. that's the ticket....

"Contradiction is an expedition into darkness..Aggravation is the inspiration into madness." - Dokken
Du ar min hjälte, Supermänniska

"RE: Challenges..."
Posted by IceCat on 06-21-01 at 03:38 AM
One hopes that the 'Bodily Functions Phase' of the show is over now and that we can 'move' onto challenges that involve true skill.

What about the 50m video analysis relay or the 100m animated dash?

"RE: "The Dalton says this:..........""
Posted by ItzLisa on 06-21-01 at 10:12 AM
>brainless bunch??? Oh my! I cannot believe THE DALTON said that!

*** I can believe Dalton said it! I mean, come on! Vampers and me??? Gone? Thems just idjuts!!!


"RE: **********OFFICIAL BLOWSVIVOR EPISODE 4***** "Silence of The Lamber""
Posted by RudyRules on 06-21-01 at 12:24 PM
Great job, we have some talented writers here!
Snoopysucks appreciates her great lines but is beginning to get a swelled head. I'll have to put her in her place - Down snoop, down girl! Be nice to the good kittycat, good girl.
Snoop plays up to the other animal name players, thinking an animal/Canadian alliance can't be beaten.

Snoop puts on her "cute face" at my request, knowing women can't resist a cute "puppy".

"Bores losing members"
Posted by Outfrontgirl on 06-21-01 at 03:13 PM
Vamps has a good point. Had the Bores won the pissing contest, she'd still be there (setting aside the writer's personal agenda to free his Mistress of the Dark).

But look at the Borings' stupidity at the IC. After one good effort, they assumed they had won and declined even put in a back-up entry. So they got whupped. Never ever assume you've won when the competition hasn't even "gone" yet.

Yet these are probably the same people who mocked Keith for putting his water pail down when he thought his bucket was gonna light the fire (and failed). It's not over til it's over.

Some people are saying that Superman threw that challenge. Surely Superman could outpiss young Sleeeve. One would hope.
Which takes us back to what Dalton and Itz said about poor choices. Who's next to get kicked on this team, Superman?

And Ice, I'm with you. Time to bring on those mental challenges (but hold the vidcaps). Love your new blink and grin, by the way. That kitty is so darn cute. Sorry Snoopy, but I'll take a kitten over a puppy any day.

"RE: Bores losing members"
Posted by George Tirebiter on 06-21-01 at 03:55 PM
LAST EDITED ON 06-21-01 AT 04:37 PM (EST)

>I'll take a kitten over a puppy any day.
Maaaaan, now my baby's all dejected by that kind of talk. . .

And maybe you ArrogantArses are just a little less smart than you claim to be. . . who knows--maybe the BBs have a diabolical scheme afoot! Maybe the so-called moronitude is designed to make you overconfident! D'ja ever consider THAT?! Ha. (See? it's working!)

Edited cuz I CAN'T SPELL, DAMN IT! "know" "knows"--big effing deal!

"RE: **********OFFICIAL BLOWSVIVOR EPISODE 4***** "Silence of The Lamber""
Posted by LadyT on 06-21-01 at 03:37 PM
I just can't stop reading this, it's too damn funny. But Young grasshopper? Does that make you Keith and Surv Colby?

Mom always said, "Don't play ball in the house".

"RE: **********OFFICIAL BLOWSVIVOR EPISODE 4***** "Silence of The Lamber""
Posted by VampKira on 06-21-01 at 04:06 PM
>>I just can't stop reading this, it's too damn funny.<<

Neither can I Lady T!! I think I have read it about 12 times so far, and I STILL laugh out loud every time!! I was going to post that as well, but I didn't want anyone thinking I had a thing for Superman or anything... *wink*

"Let's spend the night together,
You'll wake up and live forever."
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