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"JD Going Solo"

Posted by CattyChat on 03-28-07 at 04:30 PM
Well, word is in that JD has a solo album he's working on due out September, tentatively titled "Death of a Motivational Speaker." No worries, mate, because he is not leaving behind his new INXS brothas. He still plans to stick with the band, but just wants to spread those wings.

Well, I'll be anxiously awaiting to hear what JD has to say, lyrically. I think it will be really good and I'm also looking forward to a sophmore new INXS album and seeing them on tour again.

Link: http://www.news.com.au/entertainment/story/0,23663,21455851-5007184,00.html

Such a shame there will be no more Rockstar. Even though "SuperNova" was lame, some of the best talent broke out of that show. For me: I would be so unfulfilled if I hadn't had the pleasure of discovering all that are JD Fortune and Ryan Star (and I'm also loving my Zayra CD, too).

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"RE: JD Going Solo"
Posted by trigirl on 02-18-09 at 09:32 AM
JD was on Entertainment Tonight Canada last night and he didn't looks so good. Says that INXS fired him with a handshake in the Hong Kong airport and that he is back to living out of his car. Although....looks like a nicer car than what he probably started with!

Part 1

Part 2

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"RE: JD Going Solo"
Posted by true on 02-21-09 at 08:08 PM
Thanks for posting that link, Trigirl.

How sad. Sounds like he took any money he made with INXS and put it in his solo album that has yet to go anywhere. You'd think that after 2 1/2 years on tour as lead singer, he'd have some type of savings...Or maybe INXS used him up and kept the profits.

I saw them on tour, and JD was awesome. I hope he finds success and happiness on his own. He looks so sad in that interview.

"RE: JD Going Solo"
Posted by Loree on 02-22-09 at 10:25 PM
In a radio interview he told that he paid off his mom's house and bought some land in Nova Scotia that had been in his family for years. The rest of his money he put into his new album. He is not actually living in his car. He is living out of it. He is carrying all his stuff around in it. But he is mostly living at his Godparents place.

"INXS Responds"
Posted by trigirl on 02-25-09 at 09:38 AM
I guess the word got back to the band and they either didn't like the image being presented to the world or it's true.


But INXS creative director Chris Murphy has now disputed Fortune’s story.

“Not only are we shocked by the claims, even the place the supposed incident was to have taken place is a mystery to the band,” Murphy told the Daily Telegraph.

"RE: INXS Responds"
Posted by Loree on 02-25-09 at 07:52 PM
LAST EDITED ON 02-25-09 AT 07:53 PM (EST)

Well it is lots of publicity for JD solo album. And I am liking what I hear of it on his MySpace.

Here's a snarky article...

If J.D Fortune Wasn't Fired Before, He Certainly Is Now...

Posted by Jess McGuire at 2:30 PM on February 25, 2009

Reet reet reet! Two Day Old News Desk™ here and extremely flat out after Monday's Oscars ceremony pummelled my brain and rendered me unable to do anything except rock back and forth and sing "The Reader! I haven't seen The Reader!".

Remember how last week we talked about J.D's unfortunate booting from the INXS camp? Well, according to the band, that's not quite how things went down....

INXS has hit back at claims that they unceremoniously dumped their former singer JD Fortune from the band in the middle of a busy airport. INXS creative director and global business strategist, Chris Murphy, said yesterday that the band was horrified by comments made by Fortune that he was dropped by the band at Hong Kong airport.

It's probably worth noting that INXS have actually hired someone to work as a "global business strategist", thus confirming everyone's suspicions that it hasn't been "all about the music, maaaaaan" for quite some time as far as the band's goals are concerned.

"What annoys me the most after viewing Fortune's interview is the bloody slant he makes toward the founding band members," Murphy added. "These guys are the nicest people on this planet, they are not the people he portrays."

Didn't Jon Stevens speak badly of the way they treated him after his time in the hot seat, though? Still. Seems impossible. INXS are the nicest people on this planet! Fact!

Hilariously, Chris Murphy continues with this little nugget of brilliance.

"The band have always stated to me that Fortune's services could potentially be contracted again when INXS next tour. In fact he was next on my list to call regarding a very big recording project I am putting together for INXS at present. I guess I have no reason to call him now."

Suuuuuuuure. I bet Chris Murphy was about five digits into dialling J.D's number before someone ran up to him, slapped the phone out of his hand, and screamed "DON'T DO IT! He's been slagging off The Nicest People On The Planet in the press!"

"JD Performing with INXS for One Show"
Posted by trigirl on 02-11-10 at 08:28 AM
Doing one show with them during the Olympics. Kinda sounds like they are using him for the Canadian ratings\ticket sales.

Global's ET Canada reported, in a world exclusive, on Wednesday night, that INXS' publicist had confirmed that Fortune will "do a special guest appearance" during the band's Feb. 24 sold-out show at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

Also sounds like they are backtracking on their shock over his allegations that he was fired.

INXS spokesman Chris Murphy...then told Confidential magazine: "The whole thing has been bizarre -- (J.D) was basically a contractor and his contract had ended."

"RE: JD Performing with INXS for One Show"
Posted by Loree on 02-11-10 at 02:27 PM
I believe INXS found out alot of their Canadian fans are angry with them. And they realize they need JD for the ticket sales. Without JD I am not so sure they would sellout anything in Canada.

"JD song used in promo"
Posted by Loree on 03-04-10 at 12:46 PM
CBS is using one of JD's new songs in a promo for their new show Miami Medical.