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"Next Rock Star"

Posted by HocusPocus on 03-02-07 at 11:37 PM

Any word on the next one?

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"RE: Next Rock Star"
Posted by Loree on 03-03-07 at 04:53 PM
No decision has been made yet. Even the House Band is waiting to hear if CBS plans to have another season.

"RE: Next Rock Star"
Posted by Glow on 03-07-07 at 01:01 PM
Join the letter-writing campaign! http://www.rockband.com/forum/topic.asp?topic_id=5196&whichpage=1
I love the idea of sending a letter a day. Awesome.

email CBS

My email:
Please bring back Rock Star this summer (and every summer after that). After two years of watching this show, I have grown to appreciate music and the musicians who create it so much more. Music is important to many of us and to lose one of the best reality shows on television would be as criminal as not introducing us to a group of brilliant musicians who have yet to be discovered. These musicians deserve that hope a show like this brings them and we fans deserve to know they’re out there.

"RE: Next Rock Star"
Posted by MKitty on 03-14-07 at 11:20 AM
Great letter Glow..I really want it back too. I will definately check into that...

"RE: Next Rock Star"
Posted by Magnolia_Rocker on 03-14-07 at 11:25 AM
I really, really want it back too but won't it be contingent on if they can find another band looking for a lead? That has been afterall the premise of the show. So, any bands in the rumor mill looking for a new lead I guess is the next question?

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"RE: Next Rock Star"
Posted by Glow on 03-15-07 at 09:18 AM
LAST EDITED ON 03-15-07 AT 09:22 AM (EST)

MBP really believes in this show. If CBS would be willing to bring it back, I'm sure they (Mark Burnett Productions) has some bands in mind. But first we have to get them to put it on the summer schedule! Write letters. Send emails.

ETA: And I mean, come on, surely there are bands out there that need singers. Some not yet signed bands and whatnot. These don't have to be established bands to gain fans from a show like this. We watched Season Two for the untapped talent, didn't we? Lukas, Ryan, Storm, Toby... It is so frustrating for me to know that there are SO many talented musicians out there that need signed. We need this show.

"I sent an e-mail..."
Posted by Meemo on 03-28-07 at 09:17 AM
I was just thinking about this show and whether it would be back this summer or not.

I should have known that Glowie would be on it

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"RE: I sent an e-mail..."
Posted by Glow on 03-28-07 at 01:44 PM
yay! Thank you meeeeeeeeeeeeeemo! *smoooooooooch*