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"Kitchen junk removal"

Posted by esthercperry on 03-10-17 at 05:06 AM
Every time I cook I feel like the kitchen ends up in a huge mess even though I try to clean as I go. Cleaning the kitchen seem like a more daunting task compared to cooking. Hence it is always better to break it up into manageable sections. Play some great music and then you'll be coasting your way through the cleaning process. Here are some tips that can be followed while cooking:
1)Use a garbage bowl
2)Take the trash can or recycling bin out of the cupboard.
3)Pick up anything that falls on the floor right away.
4)Put reusable measuring spoons in a cup.
5)Use a splatter screen on the stove.
6)Fill a bottle with soapy water.
Make cleaning the kitchen a family affair. Divide the tasks between your family members, and then you will really have the kitchen cleaned in a short time. Yesterday I came across an interesting article that speaks on some smart tips to organize your kitchen. It also describes in detail on how to clean your kitchen and about junk removal from the kitchen (http://www.redbins.ca/smart-tips-organizing-kitchen/). I found it to be a very useful article. Just go through it as it can give you more ideas on keeping your kitchen clean.

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"RE: Kitchen junk removal"
Posted by georgetnez on 03-16-17 at 06:28 AM
Thanks for sharing. Very useful post.

"RE: Kitchen junk removal"
Posted by Rob1010 on 02-07-18 at 08:34 AM
I am not sure about the kitchen but I must agree with you that my house is really messy and not organized. I came across a blog that mentioned some really good points and wanted to share it. Give it a read and let me know your thoughts. Hopefully it helps everyone as much as it helped me and my wife


"RE: Kitchen junk removal"
Posted by crenny on 11-28-20 at 11:30 AM
thanks for the tips, I will definitely use them