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"Review of February 5th show in Detroit"

Posted by Wacko Jacko on 02-07-07 at 09:18 AM
Hi Everyone:

A friend of mine went to the show in Detroit this past monday. here is his review. Very positive....and Magni made it afterall.


Supernova. Well, XXX and I went yesterday to the concert. To be very honest, I was not excited to go because it was soooo cold. I was also thinking the concert would be gimmicky. XXX was also not too thrilled to go but she went. I'll tell you what - it was a hell of a concert. It started out with Toby and he played about 9 songs. he had his Australian band with him. Very high energy and rocking. I thought he was awesome and as expected, he got the crowd going. Next came Dilanna and Magni. Both played acoustic guitars. Dilanna doesn't seem like much of a guitar player but Magni is very good. She got a cool reception. Dilanna was very ho-hum. Her voice is pretty raspy and kinda annoying. But she sang 2 songs really good. Magni did only one song but the crowd gave him a much better ovation. His song was really good. Dilanna was not real good - overall. I don't see her making it. Magni and Toby have chances to do something in the business.

Now onto Supernova - what a pleasant surprise. First of all, the light show and stage setting were second to none. They spent some money on the light show. It was very edgy and futuristic with strobes lights and lots of colors. Very, Very cool. Lukas did a wonderful job. I must admit i was skeptical but after seeing him, he is very good. Tommy was cool on the drums. he even played keyboard during the "you make my head spin" which was very moving and powerful. They played most of their known songs or hits in the first half. Then just when I was thinking they had nothing left, they came up with 2-3 other songs which I never heard. These songs were really good and rocking too. Lukas interacted with the audience but not as much as I had hoped. he made a comments to all the naysayers about how the band came together to basically #$%*&^ off. it was kinda funny. I think Supernova has a chance. They do what the 80's bands did - give it their all with nice light shows, good energy, good music, etc. I loved it overall.

The best part was the fact that XXX really had a great time too. So it made it more fun for me. She really liked it and that was cool. The crowd was cool too. It was basically sold out. I only saw a few open seats so not bad.

Overall grades:

Toby: B+
Dilanna: C
Magni: B+
Lukas / Supernova: A-

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"RE: Review of February 5th show in Detroit"
Posted by MKitty on 03-14-07 at 11:18 AM
Thanks for the review. I just wandered over here to see if anyone was still posting..as I was a HUGE fan of the show and never missed an episode of either of the two shows.

I never was a Dilanna fan, so her grade really does not surprise me. I am really glad Lukas and the boys really took it home and always loved Toby and Magni as well. Good to read..thanks again...