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"Adam's A Total Jerk!"

Posted by mrbri on 04-05-04 at 11:02 PM
Now the true colors come out, Adam is a real jerk. He just wants vanity over substance. I hope they never make another show like that again. Rachael was a true woman, which Adam wish probably now could take back. Go play with your "hliton" like barbie doll you jerk. Real men like myself like a woman with values and you Adam give men a bad name

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"RE: Adam's A Total Jerk!"
Posted by Ricky on 04-05-04 at 11:09 PM
Rachel seemed like the better person. A lot of people probably thought Samantha was better looking, but I actually though Rachel was prettier than Sam. Rachel looked GREAT in that black dress at the end of the show, and was obviously the better catch. Girls like Sam come and go, she's no prize.

"RE: Adam's A Total Jerk!"
Posted by redphinn on 04-05-04 at 11:20 PM
Adam is so fake and out of touch it's not even funny. If he even opened one eye he would have seen the real women who was in love with him. Rachel was very obviously into Adam, everything he said in the beginning was what she wanted to hear, but clearly not the reality Adam could live with. So he picked Samantha, the easy choice. She's not a bad catch either, I guess. But seriously what's with her dog!!?? I thought for sure she was out after Adam met Chloe. Again proof that he doesn't really want a relationship or the work that goes with it. He can always blame the dog, can't he? Adam you really turned out rotten, worse that Aaron on the Bachelor and even worse than Evan on Joe Millionare. If I were giving out Rasberry's for the worst Reality Bachelor you would get my vote. Perhaps just Jerk of the Year!

"The difference between Rachael & Samantha!"
Posted by A Hopeless Romantic on 05-02-05 at 11:07 PM
>Rachel seemed like the better person.
>A lot of people probably
>thought Samantha was better looking,
>but I actually though Rachel
>was prettier than Sam. Rachel
>looked GREAT in that black
>dress at the end of
>the show, and was obviously
>the better catch. Girls like
>Sam come and go, she's
>no prize.

Ricky, mate you're right. Girls like Samantha can come and go and you will find them at any age. Girls like Rachael? A lot harder to find. I think Rachael was prettier.


"RE: Adam's A Total Jerk!"
Posted by dottie1032 on 04-05-04 at 11:33 PM
I have to say Adam really let me down.....why Adam??? I thought he was one of the good guy out there.....where have they all gone to. Is there any real honest guys left out therez???? I have lost all good hope for the male species.

"RE: Adam's A Total Jerk!"
Posted by ellisot on 04-06-04 at 07:44 AM
I agree 100%, I can not believe he picked Sam over Rachael. I was totally wrong about him, I thought he had more class than that. I saw how heart broken he was when he was dumped in the other show and then he turns around and does it to Rachael. Sam is very high maintainance you can tell, and also that stupid dog with the cloths please! His fortunes are going to go for her cloths and the dogs wardrobe. She is so fake and only in it for his money I am sure. His parents saw right through her? He will be sorry for that decision. She will not be with him long term.
Rachael hang in there everyone thinks you deserve better than Adam now and we all wish you luck.

"RE: Adam's A Total Jerk!"
Posted by cimarron on 04-06-04 at 01:48 AM
I agree with you totally. Adam certainly shed that "nice guy" image. He showed himself for what he really is. He certainly had America fooled. But he did do Rachel a favor. She deserves someone much better than him.

"RE: Adam's A Total Jerk!.... NOT!"
Posted by Sue Dunnym on 04-06-04 at 02:19 AM
I don't agree with the recent posts. Adam was real to himself. Like he said at the end of the show. He could have taken the wussy way out and picked Rachel because he knew that the public and his family preferred her over Samantha.

But Samantha was the one that brought out the certain special feeling in him and no I'm not talking about lust. If you ever fell in love with the right person, you knew exactly what he was referring to. That special feeling you get when you're with that one true person who really makes you feel happy. Who when you're with, you smile all the time because there's this halo of love that surrounds you when you're together.

Rachel looked perfect for Adam, but she was missing that one special ingredient that makes a relationship work. It's an indescribable feeling and once you find it in that one person, you never want to let that person go.

So Adam did the right thing despite all the criticisms he knew he was going to face - he was true to himself, to Samantha and to Rachel and in the end that's all that matters.

"RE: Adam's A Total Jerk!.... NOT!"
Posted by OfficerDave on 04-06-04 at 04:02 AM
Adam was true to one thing..... and it wasn't his heart.

"RE: Adam's A Total Jerk!.... NOT!"
Posted by Loree on 04-06-04 at 10:26 AM
Adam chose the immediate lust. His family saw that he had nothing in common with Sam but the physical attraction. That giddy feeling he felt with Sam is not what lasts. So Adam wasn't looking longterm. He was looking for someone on his arm that he could parade in front of his friends and feel proud. But after the initial passion wears off. What will they have? His money might be gone by then too so I doubt Sam sticks around with a broke Adam.

"RE: Adam's A Total Jerk!.... NOT!"
Posted by juliee on 04-16-04 at 07:30 PM
you don't know what you're talking about, obviously you don't know what love is, you can't fall in love that quickly... that special feeling you are talking about is called infatuation, he was infatuated with Sam... and infatuation can feel stronger than love it can make you do crazy things... love is something that is built over time, with trust and commitment and spending a lot of time together getting to know someone very well... not in front of America and TV cameras... GET REAL!

"RE: Adam's A Total Jerk!.... NOT!"
Posted by JustReg2 on 08-31-04 at 06:53 PM
Adam obviously had more chemistry with Sam....and that's why he chose her.

Reg from NY

"RE: Adam's A Total Jerk!"
Posted by Robotext on 04-06-04 at 05:37 AM
Can Stallone get his boxing gloves back?

Hopefully, by force...

"RE: Adam's A Total Jerk!"
Posted by BrassFan on 04-06-04 at 08:05 AM
I'm starting to think that it's the way the show is edited.

In 3 straight AJ shows, the person who seemed to be the right choice wasn't picked. In 3 straight shows, the first person out of the limo was the one who should have been sent packing.

I'm starting to think that they're editing the winners to look shallow, and editing the runner up to look like the perfect person so that they can shock everyone with who gets picked at the end.

That's all I can think it is.....

"RE: Adam's A Total Jerk!"
Posted by libgirl2 on 04-06-04 at 08:23 AM
>I'm starting to think that it's
>the way the show is

I agree. I am sure the producers want us to cheer for someone in particular and try to make that person look good. That said however I ws not overtly thrilled with his choice, but Rachel did say Samantha is a nice person so she can't be all that bad. IS she marriage material? I don't know... maybe Adam doesn't want that from the onset. Rachel was definitely marriage material and maybe it was a bit too much for him.

"RE: Adam's A Total Jerk!"
Posted by buckeyegirl on 04-06-04 at 09:26 AM
"I'm starting to think that it's the way the show is edited."

--I am in complete agreement with you. It's beyond me why the editors do this time and time again...On The Bachelorette with Meredith, the edited the underdog much better then the winner, and fans were livid when he didn't get chosen. You think that the editors would at least give the viewers a chance to know and like the winner...I mean Samantha wasn't really given all that much air time till the last show, whereas Rachel was-hence we the viewers got to know and like her better.

A Kyngsladye Original. RMMW!

"Adam wasted his time (and mine)!"
Posted by mrc on 04-06-04 at 12:17 PM
If Adam wasn't looking for a long-term relationship, then why go on the show and state that that is what you are looking for?

Adam was pulled into the trap that we all have probably fallen into. He was enamored of Samantha and the "passion" (read lust) that he felt when he was with her. The adrenaline rush that accompanies new love (read lust) is hard to overcome, as Adam demonstrated repeatedly with his breaking of the vow not to kiss each and every girl. As my wife said, once they had sex a few times, I'm sure that Adam realized how shallow Samantha was.

The passion that Adam supposedly was missing with Rachel was there, but I think Rachel was smart. It was "missing" b/c she restrained herself. She was there for the right reasons and didn't want to come across as a ho-bag. In the end, she lost Adam but retained her dignity. I only wish she had given him his bracelet back.

On another note, I think my favorite, Amy, also scared Adam off with her questions about geographic location and religion. Those questions showed that she was serious about the relationship and really threw Adam off, I think. Of course, that didn't stop him from making out with her and putting cake in her cleavage, but, hey, he was living in the moment, right?! All fun and games.

"RE: Adam wasted his time (and mine)!"
Posted by Thistlethorn on 04-06-04 at 12:32 PM
I completely agree with your first sentence. Adam stated he was looking to settle down in a long term relationship. He then axes the two best choices for that in Rachel and Amy. While it may all be because of editing, it appears that he was just looking for a good roll in the hay.

"RE: Adam wasted his time (and mine)!"
Posted by HistoryDetective on 11-29-04 at 02:40 PM
Yeah, too bad he didn't realize that all the women he was getting with his fifteen minutes of fame would disappear in about ... fifteen minutes.

"RE: Adam's A Total Jerk!"
Posted by juliee on 04-16-04 at 07:33 PM
why wouldn't they pick the happy ending then... the ending everyone wanted to se?? I think it was too real, nice guys do finish last...

"RE: Adam's A Total Jerk!"
Posted by PackMan on 04-06-04 at 09:23 AM
Personally, I think he made the right choice. I mean seriously, don't you think he will just love buying clothes for that little dog. And so what if Samantha wants to shop all day - it's only money after all. What matters is that he has someone by his side who will always be his best friend... I mean, after the dog that is.

If you don't have time to do it right the first time, when are you going to find time to do it again? - Anonymous

"RE: Adam's A Total Jerk!"
Posted by juliee on 04-16-04 at 07:34 PM
you are right Sam is probably a better lay, more experience and all

Posted by Wacko Jacko on 04-06-04 at 10:08 AM
Sam was no trophy woman. You make this sound like Adam took a super model (female comparison to hunk) over Rachel. She was an Average Jane just like Rachel.

I would've taken Rachel over Sam. And would've taken Amy over Rachel, but this was Adam's choice - Adam preferred Sam. All power to him.

I personally thought Sam was a little rough around the edges and didn't find her attractive at all. But relax people this was Adams choice not yours and afterall the prize was only more dates with Adam - big whippee. Rachel can do better and personally any women that crushed over losing out on a geek like Adam is pretty bad off.

Really I liked Rachel but his decision didn't bother me as much as Larissa taking Gil over Brian. With only a 4 week series I didn't grow attached to anyone on this show. Which is sad because I probably would of given - more episodes really gotten to like Rachel but it's NBC's fault - I wasn't emotionally invested.

"RE: Adam's choice"
Posted by leogirl_21 on 04-06-04 at 12:08 PM
I was disappointed that Adam chose Sam over Rachel but I wasn't surprised by any means. It seemed obvious that he had a thing for Sam and he couldn't get her out of his head. But after seeing the first show where Melana chose Jason over Adam, I would think that Adam would not make the same mistake by choosing a physical attraction over chosing a possible long-term relationship with someone more wholesome. But again, I can't say that I am surprised nor can I say that he did something wrong. It was his choice and his feelings at the time and he did what he wanted to.

"RE: Please!"
Posted by Luis XIX on 04-07-04 at 02:26 AM

Yes I am very disappointed with Adam, he should have picked Rachel or Christine! I hope is not too late for me to contact Eric Bischoff, because without my dream wrestling match and without a new "Average Joe" series in the summer, then this summer will definitely suck! I still wish I could have my own reality show and don a latex face mask to look just like Chris Elliott and to try to convince the ladies that there is absolutely nothing wrong with a guy like myself to still live at home with his folks, over age 30, and still not driving! The purpose of my planned latex skit is to let any woman know that it is okay to lead a lifestyle just like Chris Peterson in "Get A Life" ! Chris Elliott is definitely my hero, not Adam Mesh!

Luis XIX

"RE: Adam's A Total Jerk!"
Posted by twindish on 04-06-04 at 12:13 PM
Well, we all know exactly where Adam will be in the next couple of weeks, if not already...On Cupid.com looking for a match! All I can do is shake my head.

"RE: Adam's A Total Jerk!"
Posted by analein on 04-06-04 at 12:25 PM
Hard to know which of these threads will be the predominant one (there are, like, twenty Adam bashing threads now on this message board alone), but this one seems to be gaining prominence, so I'll repost my thoughts here:

I have to say, everyone seems to be taking this whole thing way too personally and way too seriously.

Adam did exactly what Maleena and Larissa both did - he followed his instincts. It may turn out, as it did with Maleena and Larissa, that his instincts were wrong, but I cannot fault him for following them. Do you really think that he would have been happier if he picked Rachel when he did not feel the same level of passion as he did for Samantha? I think that would be settling on Adam's part and not true to what his instincts were telling him. It may very well be one big booty call on Adam's part, but then again, he seemed a little bit more articulate about his feelings for Samantha than just saying "she's hot" all the time (although that's what everyone remebers most).

Adam also acknowledged that both he and Samantha would have to mature a great deal before they would be ready to take the next step, so he is not going into the relationship with his eyes closed. He knows what he wants, what he is ready for and what he is not ready to handle (like when he said goodbye to Brittany). It is likely that Rachel is far more mature than Adam is and that he would feel like he was dating his mother if he picked her. Dating someone that reminds you of your mother (not in a physical sense of course) is not a bad thing if you're ready for it. If you're not, it can be really weird.

Don't get me wrong. I would have dinged Samantha the minute I saw how she treated her dog (I love my miniature dachshund very much, but I'm not dressing her in anything, even if she would consent to wear clothing) and kept Amy and Rachel for the final two. But Adam said it best at the end of the show: he's the one who ultimately has to live with his decision - not his parents, not his friends and certainly not us.

I also think that it was fairly obvious that NBC edited the show to portray Samantha as the flashy shallow one and Rachel as the safe choice so as to make it even more shocking when he selected the girl who apparently everyone in America thinks was the wrong choice. I suspect that there is more to Samantha than was shown on TV (I thought that the butterfly tatoo story was nice - if it was true) and that Rachel has some shortcomings that we were not allowed to see. Adam probably got to know them a lot better than we did.

This relationship may go the way of Maleena's and (I think) Larissa's, but I personally hope it works out. Adam deserves to follow his instincts (or his heart or his little head or whatever) and be happy just like everyone else. If it doesn't work out - well, as Tennyson said, "'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all."

"RE: Adam's A Total Jerk!"
Posted by buscemi on 04-06-04 at 12:31 PM
Hmmm...maybe I'm having selective memory, but I can't remember Adam saying anything good about Sam except for "She's hot," and that he couldn't put the chemistry between them into words. If I'm forgetting something, please post whatever else he said.

"RE: Adam's A Total Jerk!"
Posted by Loree on 04-06-04 at 12:54 PM
LAST EDITED ON 04-06-04 AT 12:55 PM (EST)

Basically Adam picked the woman he most wanted to go to bed with. It wasn't about conversation or having things in common. Or building a longterm relationship and settling down. It was about lust.

Interesting what his mother said to him about the first series and Jason. She knew why the public liked Adam. For that same reason they now like Rachel. Adam should have quit while he was ahead and the public loved him. Now they just think he is an idiot.

"RE: Adam's A Total Jerk!"
Posted by Francisfour on 04-06-04 at 01:07 PM
I could not believe that he picked that fake shop-a-holic, dog loving fanatic over Rachael. What the hell was he thinking. He will regret it when he realizes that Samantha is only using him to get what she herself said that she deserves "the best things in life". She will use him and dump him. And here he could have had Rachael for a lifetime.

Posted by AyaK on 04-06-04 at 09:44 PM
LAST EDITED ON 04-06-04 AT 09:46 PM (EST)

OK, this is the "official" bash-Adam's pick thread!

However, I'm also leaving the "What was he thinking?" thread open. Yeah, they're duplicates, but they also each have 20 posts, and I hate to lock a thread that's already attracted so much interest.

Soylent Green: recycling America, one person at a time.

"RE: Adam's A Total Jerk!"
Posted by CalGal on 04-06-04 at 11:03 PM
I am SO disappointed!

Just once, I'd like to see someone choose the person who'd be good for them, rather than their 'fantasy' man/woman. It is so painful to watch the inarticulate, self-absorbed -- "but hot!" -- people get chosen time after time.

If Rachel's attractive enough for Adam to "wow" over (three times in the last episode) and fall asleep with, what more does he want? Perhaps what everyone else seems to want -- a fling with a hottie. Stay tuned, folks -- Adam & Sam's extremely painful breakup and bitterness to follow.

If it's all a ploy by the editors to play up the virtues of the rejected one and play down the winners, I hope the show gets new editors pronto.

Oh, but wait, I'm not planning on watching these train wrecks anymore -- so I guess it doesn't matter.

"RE: Adam's A Total Jerk!"
Posted by ladro on 04-06-04 at 11:17 PM
Others have already expressed the same feelings as mine. I think that there are much more similarities between Sam and Rachel than there are differences. Sam may have been slightly more attractive than Rachel, but just slightly. Rachel may have been slightly less self absorbed then Sam, but just slightly. The producers just edited the show to highlight the differences.

"RE: Adam's A Total Jerk!"
Posted by ladro on 04-06-04 at 11:40 PM
...and, at least Stubble shaved for the final showdown.

"RE: Adam's A Total Jerk!"
Posted by Luis XIX on 04-07-04 at 02:18 AM

I agree with you 105%! I was hoping that Adam will not be another Melana or Larissa! I was dead wrong! Adam should have picked Rachel, or Christine for that matter! I will consider myself very lucky if I get to maintain my special friendships with the women that I have encountered! Neither of them are as beautiful as the swimsuit supermodels or like Larissa! But that does not count in my book!It's the inside that counts! HELLO! If I'm able to maintain strong, platonic relationships with four different women, then I'm totally happy. I may never settle down, but I'm OK with that!
Yes, Adam's a total jerk! Why can't NBC try to do a show with me? I'm not just an average joe in the true sense, I'm also a "Get A Life" type guy? I wish I get to wear a latex mask just to look exactly like my favorite actor Chris Elliott,and try to convince the ladies that there is nothing wrong with a guy like me who's over 30, still lives at home with his folks, and does not drive! I am absolutely confident that I can do a much better latex gig than Larissa! And I can do it without humiliating or offending anyone!

Luis XIX

"RE: Adam's A Total Jerk!"
Posted by TheWanderer on 04-07-04 at 02:49 AM
To quote Dan Akroyd.. "Jane you ignorant slut..."

What is wrong with you and the posters (mostly female) on this board, when a guy picks the better looking girl? The claws come out and you attack! Are you that unattractive that you are jealous of Smanatha??

I'm sorry, although Rachel has a great personality and is sweet and nuturing, she is average looking at best; although Samantha is better looking; still she is just a bit above average.
If Adam was going solely for looks and bodies, he would have kept the bikini girls; he would also have kept Brittany, despite her being an (ouch!) single mother!

Rachel was the safe choice (she looked like his sister and, in fact, he could probably get dozens of girls just like her, by the dozen, as can any guy).
Give the guy a break! If Samantha turns out to be shallow and a golddigger, he'll kick her to the curb.

One other thing... I believe Adam showed great self-control; unless it was edited out, he didn't appear to have sex or heavy petting, as what appears to have occurred in other shows.

"RE: Adam's A Total Jerk!"
Posted by PC452 on 04-13-04 at 00:40 AM
I agree with your opinion, although I think Rachel was prettier than Samantha (she looks kind of tired, wore too much makeup, and worn-out).

"RE: Adam's A Total Jerk!"
Posted by GRUMPYMACK on 04-12-04 at 10:06 AM

"RE: Adam's A Total Jerk!"
Posted by mrc on 04-12-04 at 11:54 AM
Welcome, Grumpmack! Please take time to read the board guidelines. Also, in cyberspace, typing in all caps is considered yelling, so it is usually best not to do so. That even goes for posters named Grumpy! Welcome again!

"RE: Adam's A Total Jerk!"
Posted by mmm_link on 10-31-04 at 10:17 PM