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"that WASN'T situation man!!! WOW**"

Posted by JACKBAUERSCHIC on 05-03-06 at 08:06 PM
LAST EDITED ON 05-03-06 AT 10:33 PM (EST)

sorry my bad... didnt see that other thread visited this subject... delete button please

LAST EDITED ON 05-03-06 AT 08:07 PM (EST)

I was just looking around and found this from Niabi's site... wow how misleading was that... bad bad of the show! VERRYYY uncool if you ask me!


Tuesday, May 02, 2006

No They Didn't!!
Current mood: shocked
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I will add to this blog shortly, but I just had to set the record straight on one glaring misrepresentation!! What you saw on the show was way off, That was NOT Situation Man that I was speaking with on the phone!!!!!!!! I guess it makes for good TV, but I REPEAT that was NOT him!! That was actually a man I'd been involved in a very loving and healthy relationship with for five years. We havent been a couple for about four years, but remain very good friends. I was shocked and appalled at the way that conversation was aired. Because they also put a "funny" edit on it! But what are you gonna do. I agreed to give the show producers creative license.

Upto this point, I still havent spoken with Situation Man. It doesnt mean I dont want to, but I havent ....yet!!! Fill you in on the rest later. Peace Y'all

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