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"Should Randy produce Bo or Carrie's album?"

Posted by Flairmarq on 05-20-05 at 02:09 PM
This has been something I am very concerned about. I have no clue if Randy has experience producing a country album, but maybe they should get someone more experienced in the genre to produce it.

As for Bo's album--Randy can do rock, but it tends to be more soft r & b type rock, which was apparrent in the arena rock genre he produced in.

Any thoughts?

"The Simon of the Wabash Valley"

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"RE: Should Randy produce Bo or Carrie's album?"
Posted by ginger on 05-20-05 at 05:06 PM
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Well, there's always Clive.

Randy seems enthusiastic enough about the Basic Bo so that I doubt he'd really fvck with that.

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