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"Why are they doing this again? And how will the ratings be?"

Posted by mindy23 on 06-09-10 at 07:19 PM
Why even promise a 'show of your own on HGTV', when, in reality, you're lucky to get a few commercial gigs, a headshot at a few stores who are promoting themselves in a sweepstakes, etc....???

I can't even remember who won before Anthony-some blonde lady-but have I seen either of them in 'their own show'? NOPE...

Will I watch this, though? Probably, just because it's summer and there isn't much else to do on a late Sunday night. Ugh.

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"RE: Why are they doing this again? And how will the ratings be?"
Posted by udg on 06-13-10 at 12:55 PM
I would have liked to see more of Kim (S2), but they gave her a dumb show. "Can't afford...? It's in the bag!" Because she shoplifted it...?

IIRC, Jennifer (S3) got pregnant right after she won, so was unavailable when her show should have been getting started. I don't remember caring one way or the other for her, but would have watched if her show was interesting. Unfortunately, her show was under publicized, and I never really had a chance to watch it to judge.

Antonio (S4) drove me crazy, and I haven't watched any of his stuff. He won mostly because he was the "interesting" option, which is good, except that he annoys me.

(Speaking of annoying, I know everyone loves Jamie Durie--former male stripper to garden guru--and I don't mind watching him on The Victory Garden, but on The Outdoor Room, dood! He's such a diva I can't stand to watch him.)

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"RE: Why are they doing this again? And how will the ratings be?"
Posted by HungryInTheUniverse on 06-16-10 at 03:06 AM
It seems odd that with Season 3 they didn't use Matt Locke instead of Jennifer then. Really, Matt was a better designer. Personally, I think they just didn't want another gay man to win the contest.

Kim, despite looking a bit like a character in "Shrek," has gotten a lot of air time.

I'm thankful that Antonio hasn't had a show. Again, was Dan just too gay for HGTV that season?

"RE: Why are they doing this again? And how will the ratings be?"
Posted by djandy on 06-16-10 at 03:19 PM
I stumbled onto Jennifer's show by accident. It was shown something like every day for a week and then it was gone. I saw a couple and it was okay. I liked her free handed painting on the walls on Design Star, and she didn't do that in her show. She was pregnant on the show, if I remember, so maybe that's why she didn't do a lot of painting.

I loathe Antonio. I saw his Antonio Project show because I was curious and hated him even more after seeing it (putting a tattoo artist's drawing of a pin-up girl on his wall is not art). I refused to watch any of his shows after that.

I've watched David Bromstad's shows pretty regularly over the years, and am watching his new Color Splash: Miami show. He is such a great artist.

"RE: Why are they doing this again? And how will the ratings be?"
Posted by iltarion on 06-17-10 at 00:22 AM

This show is great. I hope they keep it up.

David Bromstad is excellent.

Antonio was the best designer and host last season. Hands down. I wasn't aware Dan was gay; so I don't think that has anything to do with it. It was Dan's fault they went over budget at the final 4 challenge, and his hosting was average at best.

Antonio always did most the work during the team challenges, he had a strong personality for hosting, and he was the one that refused to paint the soldier returning from Iraq's living room tan, which was a great call.

Antonio was the man, though I could see his personality turning off a lot of people.

Not me.