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"week 16"

Posted by allikay on 04-21-09 at 09:06 PM
omg I love Ron and Mike but they made me super upset that they sent Kristin home. And then they mention that Mike already has it in his head that he won.... he just screwed himself over... everyone is going to be after the brown team now. But still I root for the brown team and hope that Mike or Ron win.

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"RE: week 16"
Posted by Ahtumbreez on 04-22-09 at 04:49 PM
Hi allikay. Welcome. We have a discussion going here:http://community.realitytvworld.com/boards/DCForumID79/438.shtml. Come on in and join the fray.

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"RE: week 16"
Posted by flipxcyd on 04-22-09 at 10:28 PM
I would have been happy with either Kristin or Helen going home, so it didn't matter.

Go Mike or Tara!