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"Episode 15, April 14, 2009"

Posted by samboohoo on 04-15-09 at 07:21 AM
LAST EDITED ON 04-15-09 AT 07:23 AM (EST)

I can no longer call Tara by her name. From here on out, she is "Head Case."

I thought that was the most selfish move on the part of Head Case and Helen last night. "Gee, look at you Laura, you can't fricking climb the stairs to be weighed in, but we're going to keep you here for our benefit."

I mean kudos to Head Case for kicking aras in challenges, but really, I'm finding it harder and harder to root for her each week. ETA: I wonder why she even tried to win the kitchen makeover, it seems to me she just wants to live at the ranch for life.

Loved Laura's hair. Loved Kristin's hair. Liked Ron without the beard. And I really hope he and Mike can help out Mark. Although I wonder if Mark will end up as a contestant.

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"Helen's Comment to Her Husband"
Posted by samboohoo on 04-15-09 at 08:01 AM
"I did this for us."

There is much discussion (on the NBC boards) about this comment Helen made to her husband last night, much of the discussion geared negatively toward Helen in that she is only there for the money.

When I watched the show and watched her say that, I didn't specifically feel that way, but perhaps I am wrong.

I think when there is money involved, anyone on the show is interested in the money. Anyone.

And I know people here have disagreed with me about Helen, but I have always thought it was about more than money for her. Again, I could be wrong. I took her comment last night to mean she did it for their relationship. When I look at her "before" pictures, I saw a sad woman. When I look at her now, I see a woman who has completely changed physically and mentally. She has confidence now. She seems happier now. And when one partner in a marriage is not happy with him/herself, that takes a toll on a marriage.


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"RE: Helen's Comment to Her Husband"
Posted by newsomewayne on 04-15-09 at 09:35 AM
I agree completely with your thoughts on Helen and her comment.

Fear the reaper.
"The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money." - Margaret Thatcher

"RE: Helen's Comment to Her Husband"
Posted by samboohoo on 04-15-09 at 10:37 AM
Thanks. Like I said I think money plays a factor for everyone, but to me, I honestly think it's not the only motivation for her, and I don't think it's the biggest either.

*smooches Agman*

"RE: Helen's Comment to Her Husband"
Posted by true on 04-15-09 at 01:16 PM
I did not take Helen's comment as being all about the money. I too thought she was commenting on their relationship, and that could have many meanings.

"RE: Helen's Comment to Her Husband"
Posted by samboohoo on 04-15-09 at 01:24 PM
Oooh, I'm glad we agree on something Helen.

*smooches Agman*

"RE: Episode 15, April 14, 2009"
Posted by true on 04-15-09 at 08:05 AM
I'll cut Tara a break since Laura is her partner, after all. I wouldn't expect her to vote out her partner, especially since Laura expressed her desire to stay. Helen, OTOH, didn't suprise me one bit. She has been completely selfish from the beginning. That doesn't mean I blame her for her choice, though. It isn't just about Laura vs. Kristen. The one who stays does directly effect Helen's future as well. Like it our not, this IS a game, and the smart move was to vote out Kristen. (Too bad Kristen's partner quit on her, she could use the same kind of support the green and brown teams still have.)

I agree that Tara is manic, but wow, great job in the challenges. I think she's now facing her issues, and I hope she can make some real life changes to keep up her new healthy lifestyle.

Once again, I bawled like a baby when Max was on. It soundes so cold when his mother said he wasn't the family outcast. Yikes, I hope that was in response to a direct quote from Max, because is sounded like such an odd thing for a parent to say. I didn't realize how young Max is. I really hope he does get some help.

The makeover. (OR NOT!)

HELEN! Grrrrr....you look the same! Why oh why do you insist on keeping that horrible hairstyle and color? You're not a teenager anymore, Helen, so lose the long, overbleached, straw, and get with the times! You look dated and OLD with that do (or should I say don't!) Very disappointed.

Tara- Ok, you can pull off the blonde, but geeze, no change at all? blah.

Kristen- Glad you got rid of the stripes. Very nice.

Filepe- What an improvement! Very handsome!

Ron/Mike- Both looked nice. It'll take me awhile to get used to the clean shaven Ron. Mike is turning into quite a cutie.

Laura- Stunning haircolor! Wow, it's hard to get a good red color, and they nailed it on Laura. She looked so washed out before (like Helen) and the rich red really brings out her eyes. Laura had the only major overhaul, and she looked the best of the bunch.

I'm not sure what to think about Laura's injury, but I'm am suprised that more serious injuries haven't happened to others in the past. I know they're on a time schedule, but it does seem like the contestants are pushed way beyond their abilities right from the get go.

Posted by Breezy on 04-15-09 at 08:43 AM
I cried for Max, again. *sniff*

A coworker and I were talking about the Mom this morning. We want to know how she could live in a house with 3 big males and not do anything to help them? Fine her DH is old enough to do his own thing, but those two young boys needed her to put her foot down on the food in the house. She was a little strange last night.

"RE: Max"
Posted by aquariaqueen on 04-15-09 at 08:50 AM

I totally agree about the mom....I can't control necessarily what my husband does, but I am responsible for my children, and that's abuse and neglect in my book.

Someone was buying the groceries and the fast food. Someone wasn't getting their child off their duff and being active.
Strange, very strange.

"RE: Max"
Posted by true on 04-15-09 at 10:24 AM
From what Mike was saying, it seems like Ron was obese when the Mom married him. Maybe she has some strange fascination with overweight men? Maybe it's a control issue? I just feel so sorry for that kid. He is a mess emotionally.

"RE: Max"
Posted by allikay on 04-21-09 at 09:52 PM
yeah I agree the mother should've done something but then again a mother loves her children no matter what.... she loved her children for who they were. Now Mike a different person and the mom will realize that her children can be happier. Lets just hope that Mike can help Max.

Also lets hope that Ron doesn't go back to his old ways, because of his age and health after he leaves he just might slip into his own ways because its easier. Ron reminds me so much of my dad and that is what I feel so much for him. I'll be super sad if he doesn't finish what he started after he leaves the ranch.

"RE: Episode 15, April 14, 2009"
Posted by samboohoo on 04-15-09 at 10:38 AM
I expected a bigger change in Helen's hair.

*smooches Agman*

"I must really suck at fashion"
Posted by Breezy on 04-15-09 at 08:39 AM
LAST EDITED ON 04-15-09 AT 08:40 AM (EST)

I thought the makeovers were horrible. There were no extreme changes. Why didn't they cut Helen's hair?

I hated Laura and Kristin's hair, the dark washed out Laura and made her look older. Same with Kristin, she looked like an old woman!

In terms of the game, Mike was right. The smart move was to vote out the biggest threat, Kristin. They could have always voted out Laura next week, or Laura could just quit. If we want to talk selfish, let's talk about Laura not quitting. That was selfish. She needed to go home and recoup, it shouldn't have even come down to a vote.

ETA- I liked Laura's softened hair at home. It looked like she took out some of the brassiness or lightened it just a little.

Brokenhearted in green and gold.

"Surprised by make overs"
Posted by aquariaqueen on 04-15-09 at 08:59 AM
I have all the respect in the world for Tim Gunn, and I really enjoy Tabatha, but I was expecting something more dramatic.

I suppose the clothes were nice, afterall, it was just Macy's. But the hair and makeup was just "ok". I expected Tabatha to work her majic.

Helen needed work on her hair. She must have put her foot down. Still dreadful.

I think Ron needed more than just his beard taken off.

At first I didn't like Kristin's hair, although that striped nonsense I have never understood, but watching her at the theatre, she was quite stunning, her eyes really came out. I think we have to remember that she still has another 100 lbs. to come off.

Tara was very pretty. There is something with her teeth though, I wonder if she's a purger.

"RE: I must really suck at fashion"
Posted by samboohoo on 04-15-09 at 10:39 AM
Getting the skunk stripe (no offense to the LePews) out of Kristin hair was a great change. I liked the cut, I think it would look better if she were smaller. That's one of the reasons I waited so long to go short, I thought it would look better on me if I were smaller.

*smooches Agman*

"RE: I must really suck at fashion"
Posted by weltek on 04-16-09 at 04:09 PM
I didn't mind the colors of everyone's hair, just a few of the cuts.

Laura's hair parted down the middle looks odd and I was hoping they'd change it. Just made the bottom of her face look that much bigger.

Kristin's hair just looked too plastered and greasy. I liked it better when I saw her at the ranch post-makeover.

-A Tribetastic Creation

"RE: Episode 15, April 14, 2009"
Posted by Ahtumbreez on 04-15-09 at 08:42 AM
I'm agreeing with True on Tara. Laura is her partner and did express the desire to stay. I also found it telling that the person that showed up for Laura was a girlfriend and not family. Maybe that's what Tara was talking about when she said Laura didn't have a support system at home. It seemed after the show that Laura was working out, albeit with a therapist but as it seems like she was being watched by the BL Docs and therapists that she's still around there. Surely, they could have modified her work-out to fit with therapy.

I too would have kept Laura. It is a game worth 250k to someone, and Kristin is a much bigger threat than Laura. Boo would hate me if I were on the show .

Mark made me cry and I wouldn't mind seeing him as a contestant.

Kristin and Laura looked fantastic. I just don't like Ron so I'm meh on him. Mike - rowr and the same for Felipe. Tara and Helen - I was like what the hell. They have highly regarded professionals ready to make them over and they don't take advantage of it. I hate that.

Still love Jillian. Felipe irritated me when he said he was tired of watching Jillian win every year.

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"RE: Episode 15, April 14, 2009"
Posted by samboohoo on 04-15-09 at 11:04 AM
I wouldn't hate you.

Laura was in complete denial. She couldn't even walk up to the darn scale. What praytell did she think she was going to be able to do. She would have ended up a scapegoat another week AND possibly suffered a worse injury. Does Laura need help? Most likely. And it could be very true that she does have support at the ranch more than at home, but at some point she will have to do it at home.

I think it was selfish on Tara's part to want to even consider making that injury worse. Like Mike said, we're not talking about right now, we're talking about down the road.

I get gameplay, and I'm not completely averse to it - the show is structured as a game. With Helen and Shanon, it was clear in my view that Shanon "wanted" to go home/Shanon pretty much chose to go home both times. With Kristin and Cathy, Cathy chose to go home. I don't like that Helen would rather keep an injured person there to her benefit, but I had no problem with her staying over her daughter. And while I like Helen, and I said above that I don't think she is there only for the money, I do struggle with accepting her choice last night in that regard.

With Tara, I think what drives me the most crazy is that she's all about playing the game. She considered watering up last week when she had Laura as her crutch. Her decision last night makes me think she would use Laura as her crutch next week if they both fell below. That would have been interesting to see: Injured Laura and Tara below the line. Would Tara have fought to keep Laura there then because Laura needed it? Also, Tara's thought process is that it's okay to kick everyone's arases and be dominant in challenges, but she can't seem to apply that same thought process to a life at home.

*smooches Agman*

"RE: Episode 15, April 14, 2009"
Posted by Ahtumbreez on 04-15-09 at 12:02 PM
Would Tara have fought to keep Laura there then because Laura needed it?

Not if she's like me, in that case I'd throw the friend under the bus.

I keed, I keed!

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"RE: Episode 15, April 14, 2009"
Posted by brvnkrz on 04-15-09 at 08:48 AM
My thoughts fall between True's and Breezy's.
I loved Laura's new look. I even developed a little crush on her last night. I'm partial to non blondes though and love when a blonde changes color.
I also think Mike is turning out to be one hansome little fella. Loved his new look. And if they can get Max the help he needs, he is going to be a hansome fella as well.
Laura though...she really should have left on her own. She knows she can't win this. Other than support there aren't too many more tools they can teach her. If she doesn't "get it" by now, she isn't going to. Way selfish on her part to not volunteer to go.

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"RE: Episode 15, April 14, 2009"
Posted by blacknwhitedog on 04-15-09 at 09:23 AM
Oh Mike looks great- poor Max- the look on his face I felt so sorry for him. He's really young. It's sad that family could have 3 heavy guys like that.

Tara is driving me nuts- I don't like her AT ALL. I feel bad for Laura getting injured I think she came a long way. I don't like Helen either. I really hope Mike wins!!!

Syren 2007

"RE: Episode 15, April 14, 2009"
Posted by jbug on 04-15-09 at 09:50 AM
Where to start! whew! I have a lot to say.
Make-over week is my favorite week - and I was disappointed.

Laura: wow. After all the problems she had getting started, she was finally on the right road; what a terrible thing to happen. Good to hear she is healing - sure hope to see she makes her goal of 100 lbs lost by the finale.
I could see she asking to be kept at the ranch; not because she thought she would lose more weight, but because it would take out one more of Tara's competition - even if only for one more week.
At first I wasn't sure about her hair color - then it grew on me. She is such a pretty girl - and I think the red becomes her.
Wasn't crazy about the dress chosen for her. I don't understand why they let them choose tight fitting dresses when they still don't quite have the figure for them. If the friend who visited is as close as a sister, that is understandable; but it was off not to see an immediate family member there for her.

Tara: Regardless of Laura needing to get more medical help, I can see that she couldn't write her name down. She might have known how the others were voting (Ron & Filipe were obvious) and knew it wouldn't matter that she voted to keep Laura.
Tara is a machine in challenges! Has she set a record for most challenge wins? And? her mother had lost 40 lbs! What a way to show support!
Disappointed in Tara's lack of make-over. Hair not changed much - again another too tight dress.

Helen: Unbelievable! Why couldn't Tabitha convince her that the stringy blond hair make her look her age! LOL I was so looking forward to seeing a new Helen. I'm trying to remember her dress - but I don't think I even noticed it cause I was still looking at her hair.
Is it just me or does Helen seem very fake in the confessionals? Every time I hear her, I want to tell her to quit puttin on and just be real and sincere. Everything she says sounds so false!
Her vote to keep Laura? all game play for Helen. Get rid of the biggest threat which was Kristin.
Also, is it just me or does anyone else keep waiting for the husbands to say something like 'you were always beautiful to me' or 'the woman inside that I love hasn't changed - just become healthy'.

Kristin: Could have used her mother's support and vote - and may still need it later. I kinda liked her blond stripes - will take some getting used to not seeing them. They went a bit dark for her IMO. I liked her dress. Kristin still has a lot of weight (she is right that many contestants start the ranch at the weight she is now) but the dress looked good.
The meet with her husband looked awkward. Wondering if there were issues with her leaving home for that long - maybe he wasn't in favor of it.

Filipe: Finally got that 3 lbs of hair cut off! LOL Was that a suede jacket? He does look really good - even tho he is still over 200 lbs.
Time to quit whining and stick with losing weight.
Wasn't going to write down team mates name regardless of who was below with her.

Mike: Has a lot of pressure on him to WIN for his father.
Mike looks great. He looked uncomfortable tho and not sure how to talk to his brother (Mark? Max? - who is only 17? wow). Hopefully Mike can really help him when he gets home.
Voted for Laura cause that's what Daddy told him to do - even tho Kristin is a threat to his winning.

Ron: I really do not like this person. He is a demanding controlling person. He voted Laura - not because Laura needed medical attention - but because he would not write down Kristin's name. If Laura had not had the medical issue, he'd have justified his vote for her with something else. Why yak yak yak about what was good for Laura - why not just say you won't vote against Kristin.
Tho shaving his beard made him look a bit younger, I think he looked better with a beard - one tho that had been trimmed and well kept - not scruffy like he'd let it get.

Slicey took out the wrinkles '08

"RE: Ron"
Posted by true on 04-15-09 at 10:21 AM
I agree that Ron's reasons for voting off Laura were bogus. Honestly, the more I think I about it, Laura's injury made her no less able than Ron has been from the beginning, and he certainly isn't volunteering to go home! Ron wanted to break up the green team, plain and simple, and while Kristen is the bigger threat, he and Mike are now the only team left, and have a definate advantage because if it.

I think if Laura were able to do even less exercise than Ron, than she should have been sent home by the show, and it should not have been left up to a vote.

"RE: Ron"
Posted by jbug on 04-15-09 at 10:46 AM
True, you are so smaht!
Yes Ron has had an injury from the beginning.
I wish they'd show some of the exercises - work outs - that Bob has him doing. We don't see much of him in the gym. Yet, he is losing some weight so he must be doing something.

I was wondering if Laura could be working in the pool; working on arm weight lifts; stuff that wouldn't put stress on her hip.

"RE: Episode 15, April 14, 2009"
Posted by Cyndimaus on 04-15-09 at 11:07 AM
I agree about the makeovers. I was expecting something more dramatic for the women. Laura was the only one who had a major change. Good for her for trying something different. The thing with hair is that it will grow back and you can always recolor it if you don't like it. Try something new! Sheesh! You have your choice of anything and someone else is paying. Live a little! (although Kristin was somewhat limited since her hair was already short)

I was actually a little surprised that Laura was kept on the ranch after finding out about her hip. I think she should have been sent home and not allowed to stay. I think it was the right move to send her home. She needed to heal, not stay on the ranch and try to keep losing weight and make things worse.

I have a friend who broke her hip. The bone ended up dying and she had to have a hip replacement. I wouldn't wish that on anyone and Laura is so young!

Laura looked like she was doing well at home. I am impressed that she has been able to maintain her weight despite her challenges. The "old" Laura would have gained.

As for Ron, I waver. I see some genuine concern mixed in with game play. I do believe he wanted what was best for Laura. He did mention something about hip surgery so I think he was speaking from experience. He does try to control the game for Mike's benefit but I can understand that to a point. He wants his son to suceed plus he's seeing so much maturing in his son that I'm sure it just makes him want to clear the way even more. But I think the best thing he did for Mike was just to be there because it seems that some of Mike's motivation was to stay strong for his dad (due to dad's injury) and lose enough weight to keep them both there.

I took Helen's comment about "I did it for us" to be more of a relationship comment rather than a money comment. How much of a happy life do you have to look forward to together when one of you is so overweight and unhealthy. Plus her changes affect his lifestyle in a positive way.

I'm liking Kristin a little more each week. I'm appreciating her attitude and how that has evolved as she's been at the ranch. The things she's learned seem to really have sunk in.

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"RE: Episode 15, April 14, 2009"
Posted by samboohoo on 04-15-09 at 04:07 PM
Agree with you about Mike. (And featherfish below). I think it was genuine concern for her. I feel like I'm banging my head against a wall: "She couldn't even walk up to the darn scale."

Ron had injuries before. Several had medical situations that did not let them do something. This was different.

*smooches Agman*

"RE: Episode 15, April 14, 2009"
Posted by true on 04-15-09 at 08:40 PM
If it was so different, why did the producers leave it up to a vote? I think that whole carry her to the scale was for the added drama, nothing more. She seemed to be working out at home just fine, and was still doing twice as much as Ron ever did on the ranch. Jillian could have modified a workout for Laura. Actually, it would have been interesting to see how Jillian worked around her injury with low/no impact exercises.

Ron has done very little working out on this show, yet he's still there. I just think it's odd to expect Laura to quit because of her injuries, when Ron has done very little work out wise from the beginning. I think his concern for her was genuine, but I think his motives were more involved than just concern for Laura. He even admitted that he barely knew Laura, yet he is so concerned for her health? Ron is concerned for Mike. Period. He had done, and will do whatever it takes to protect his precious son in this game, and I think that meant keeping a fellow blue team player, and breaking up the green team. He can call it concern, and it is, but not entirely for Laura.

"I agree"
Posted by Breezy on 04-16-09 at 07:21 AM
If it were truly that bad, the producers would have sent her home. I think it was all done for drama.

And I agree with your comments on Ron.

"RE: Episode 15, April 14, 2009"
Posted by samboohoo on 04-16-09 at 08:37 AM
*shrug* Perhaps it's drama, I don't know. I do know what it's like to not be able to walk from a stress fracture. I was completely on crutches, then in a special cast - for 8+ weeks.

I don't know the entire situation with Ron and his knees. I don't know if he's had replacements, etc. I have a BIL, who has bad knees, bad from carrying around so much weight for so many years.

I thought Jillian said there was nothing she could do for Laura there. Jillian is a Personal Trainer, and she likely could have modified some workouts for her. I don't know how long Laura rested at home not doing anything because I don't know when week 15 was on the show. I also got the impression that Laura was working out with a physical therapist, not a personal trainer at home, and I got the impression that TBL was somehow still involved.

I think Laura was selfish for wanting to stay. I think Tara was selfish for wanting her to. Same with Helen. I think Ron is selfish when it comes to Mike. Maybe we'll see more of this story next week between Ron and Mike. And while I think he's selfish, I also can see that finally something is working for Mike and Ron, so I can see Ron's position in that regard. I also truly believe he would absolutely give himself up for Mike.

*smooches Agman*

"RE: Episode 15, April 14, 2009"
Posted by true on 04-16-09 at 09:51 AM
I agree that stress fractures are painful, and dangerous. My son had one his first year as a cross country runner. I don't completely doubt the seriousness of Laura's injury, what I do doubt is the editing that gave the impression that there was nothing to be done for her on the ranch. My problem is, if that were true, than why would they leave it up to a vote? It makes no sense to let the contestants decide Laura's medical treatment, especially when they let Ron continue with all of his physical ailments. Ron drops out of every challenge and still has lost weight and managed to not get eliminated. Why couldn't Laura do the same thing? Why couldn't the show deal with her injury, when as you said, they have had similar injuries in the past? Something just doesn't add up, and I think it's manipulative editing.

Of course it is selfish to want to stay. They should be selfish, that's why they are there! If they all quit for each other, what's the point? Isn't that kind of attitude what got them overweight to begin with? Putting others first? They should all want to stay on the ranch as long as possible! I don't get why this is such a bad thing on this program.

I also truly believe he would absolutely give himself up for Mike.

This is where I make an exception to what I said above. Ron should hold himself responsible for Mike's obesity, and he should give himself up for Mike. I felt the same way about Helen. (BOO! Helen)

I really wish they would get rid of the whole "team" concept. BL was way better when it was individuals.

"RE: Episode 15, April 14, 2009"
Posted by samboohoo on 04-16-09 at 11:47 AM
I agree with you about the teams v. individuals. And about Ron being responsible for where Mike is prior to TBL.

On that note, I haven't watched all of the family reunions, I kind of FF'd through that. I do agree with everyone about something not adding up with Ron's wife. Again, I really hope we get some answers about that next week.

Wasn't Jerry sent home last year? Coleen's dad, Jerry? What was his deal? I want to say that was a producer decision. Maybe that could shed some light.

*smooches Agman*

"RE: Episode 15, April 14, 2009"
Posted by true on 04-16-09 at 01:13 PM
Oh yeah, I forgot about Jerry. My memory is like swiss cheese. That happens when you're over *cough40cough*.

"RE: Episode 15, April 14, 2009"
Posted by samboohoo on 04-16-09 at 03:49 PM
*makes room for Bravie beside True*

*smooches Agman*

"RE: Episode 15, April 14, 2009"
Posted by featherfish81 on 04-15-09 at 01:41 PM
Guess I'll go in order...

The challenge: I'm torn - I sort of wanted Felipe to win, just once, but I can't say why. But I'm impressed that Tara fell like she did and still managed to come back and win. And kudos to Mike for completing it despite his fear of heights.

The makeovers: They actually weren't as dramatic as what I'd expected. Sure, they looked differently than normal, but since we normally see them working out or in a t-shirt and sweats, that wasn't too surprising. I actually liked Laura's hair, and Kristen's too. Helen's looked a little better, but she could have played with it a lot more. Felipe and Mike looked better with haircuts. I was surprised at how much younger Ron looks without a beard.

The reveal: I didn't notice any awkwardness between Kristen and her husband, but if it was there it was probably more due to the cameras than some sort of underlying problem in their relationship. While the contestants are probably used to the cameras, the relatives are not. And I took Helen's comment to be about the relationship, too, and not the money. Frankly, since she is still far from winning it would be presumptuous of her to start talking about the money. And I agree Max's mom's comment seemed out of the blue, but it seemed like there might have been a cut in the tape, or Max said something the mikes didn't pick up. Or maybe they had had conversations earlier about that. Otherwise it was a completely random thing to say.

Finally, the vote: jbug, I hadn't thought about Laura wanting to stay to help Tara by eliminating Kristen. That actually makes the most sense of why she wanted to stay, unless there's stuff going on at home that she didn't want to return to. But what I don't understand is how some of you are mad at Ron for sending Laura home. In fact, I thought that his desire to send Laura home to help her was very sincere, because purely in terms of the game that was a terrible decision. Kristen is a much bigger threat to Mike than Laura is. Maybe with Kristen staying they'll have another vote at the next weigh-in, but that's iffy at best, since the rest of the contestants aren't necessarily aligned against them. But with so few contestants left alliances are quickly falling apart and it's too easy to fall under the yellow line to trust that an alliance will save you.

"RE: Episode 15, April 14, 2009"
Posted by Ahtumbreez on 04-15-09 at 03:21 PM
My husband wanted Felipe to win even though he's a Tara fan. Not me. Tara totally would have kicked his butt if she hadn't fallen.

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"RE: Episode 15, April 14, 2009"
Posted by jbug on 04-15-09 at 07:16 PM
I'm not mad at Ron for voting to send Laura home.
I just don't think the reason he gave was his real reason.
Just my view of it.

"RE: Episode 15, April 14, 2009"
Posted by featherfish81 on 04-19-09 at 05:37 PM
Yeah, upon rereading I guess mad was a little strong.

Of course, now that I think about it Laura could do physical therapy at the ranch as well as she could have at home. I'm sure she would still get a physical therapist. The difficulty would be the challenges. Of course, we don't know how much time passed between the show and the photos with the trainer. She might have spent the first weeks back home sitting in a chair not doing anything at all.

"RE: Episode 15, April 14, 2009"
Posted by Silvergirl1 on 04-16-09 at 01:14 AM

I really thought Laura needed to go home for her own benefit, and I was a bit surprised that the show had a vote on it instead of just sending her home.

Does anyone remember one of the earlier episodes where Laura carried one of the Tongans (as I remember) on her back? Wouldn't that have been enough to start a stress fracture in her hip? I think that Bob was the one who has Laura carrying the heavy man on her back. Not smart, in any case.

I'll bet the contestants have to sign off on injury claims, but Laura should be talking to a lawyer. The show is and should be giving her lots of help for her recovery.

I liked Laura's new hairdo and color. She looked so much better to me, and I also liked Kristin's new color. I was never a fan of the big streaks in her hair.

Mike's new haircut was really good, and he is really shaping up. I hope he and his dad can help his little brother when they go home. The thought did cross my mind that the little brother might be on the next edition of BL. It would start him off with a very sympathetic story line. Man, I cried for him.

I'll bet Helen just did not want her haircut to be short, and that's a shame. She would look better in a more modern do. I think her comment to her husband referred to her health and their relationship, and not necessarily the money.

I think Ron is doing everything he can to position Mike as the BL this season. Mike probably does deserve it, with a record loss, but Ron is being very manipulative.

I wonder how Tara is going to make her way when she returns home. She seems way too attached to the BL ranch. I hope she really has changed her lifestyle, so that she will maintain when she goes home.

"RE: Episode 15, April 14, 2009"
Posted by Ahtumbreez on 04-16-09 at 08:12 AM
I think you're right about Bob having Laura carry one of the cousins. I remember telling Rob if he had me do that and it caused an injury I'd be angry.

Tara needs to channel that Ranch obsession and look into becoming a personal trainer when she gets home.

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"RE: Episode 15, April 14, 2009"
Posted by samboohoo on 04-16-09 at 08:21 AM
It was not Laura who carried the Tongan, it was Shanon. When Shanon returned, she joined Helen on Bob's team. Laura has never been on Bob's team.

I am actually surprised we have not seen more injuries like this. I know Mark had a stress fracture two seasons ago. I was surprised that he was still able to run, but I do remember him wearing a special cast when he did it.

When I had a stress fracture in my ankle in 2007, the doctor told me it was likely from doing too much too soon. I went from not doing any working out to running 4 miles within a month. Something gave, it was my ankle.

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"RE: Episode 15, April 14, 2009"
Posted by JessicaRN on 04-16-09 at 09:24 AM
Look at all the injuries on DWTS, stemming from suddenly dancing for hours at a time. For the most part, the celebrities on DWTS have been more used to being active than the contestants on BL, so it really is amazing that there have not been more major injuries.

In addition to Ron, for a while, Kristin was not competing in challenges and we never really learned why.

"RE: Episode 15, April 14, 2009"
Posted by bygones on 04-21-09 at 01:02 PM
I totally agree, Tara was selfish through the entire episode. I know it's a game, but would it have killed her to let Filipe have a victory? She has won almost all of the prizes, and does she even own a home to have the kitchen remodeled? Mike was selfless when he gave up his year of groceries to a mom who really needed it, Tara could have done the same and let Filipe bring home the prize. He had worked so hard, and she had to stomp all over it and then gloat like the jerk that she is.

Can't stand her.