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"TAR 27 under way"

Posted by Molaholic on 06-22-15 at 01:21 PM
Just heard on local radio. Teams started out from Venice Beach this morning in an open-to-the-public start (like they did earlier at Times Square). There was some kind of water-bike race then off to LAX and Rio.

I did not hear about this in time for me to get there in person, just heard the report's story. Phil did say something about "some new places & countries".

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"RE: TAR 27 under way"
Posted by kidflash212 on 06-25-15 at 08:43 AM
Would have been fun to see that.

"RE: TAR 27 under way"
Posted by Earl Colby Pottinger on 07-17-15 at 11:14 PM
Thanks for the info.

"RE: TAR 27 under way"
Posted by mikey on 07-18-15 at 06:15 PM
They have the teams and a clip of the racers starting here:


The clip is from a distance, but it appears two young boys are among the teams at the start.

"RE: TAR 27 under way"
Posted by PepeLePew13 on 07-19-15 at 08:19 PM
Not "young boys" but rather, little people. Alex and Adam, cousins from Chicago and Des Moines, respectively.