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"S24 Gufu Award Thread"

Posted by dabo on 02-16-12 at 01:11 AM

And welcome to the Gufu Award thread for SURVIVOR: ME WORLD, in which 18 DAWs hit the beach intent on being the center of all attention in the world.

The Gufu Award was established for pointing out the dangdumbest game moves in Survivor. The original intent was simply to pay attention to what the contestants do and say that's dangdumb gameness, but from the outset of The Gufu Award noncontestant production stuff had a way of creeping in, so there are actually two categories you may cast your votes on, Contestant and Production. Please keep them separate.

Oh, there's also some rule around here about not posting spoilers here, so wait until after midnight Eastern time post-episode before piling on each episode. But don't feel that you need to wait for me to start each week's sub-thread, anyone can do it and everyone is welcome to step up and start the ball rolling.

and away we go!

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"Week 1"
Posted by dabo on 02-16-12 at 01:13 AM
Just to get things rolling--

Contestant Gufu: All of Them! No one folded their arms over their chests like Jeff told them to, no one! Amazing there weren't more broken wrists.

Production Gufu: What, no one voted off at Tribal!!! What a gyp.

"RE: Week 1"
Posted by Molaholic on 02-16-12 at 11:45 AM
Production - Yea, killing the challenge mid-challenge, always a way to boost ratings.

Contestant - Colton. Just one, big, raging gufu, IMHO.

Viewer - Season 22 and we're still here. Isn't there some kind of 12-step program available??

and TAR comes back on Sunday

Posted by dabo on 02-16-12 at 02:21 PM
On review it appears that Jonas did get his arms crossed over his chest just a fraction of a second before he hit the net, so good for him, I've decided to like the sushi chef for now.

Carry on.

"RE: S24 Gufu Award Thread"
Posted by foonermints on 02-16-12 at 01:56 AM
Saloonie Tribe steals fire.

But they let it croak.

"RE: S24 Gufu Award Thread"
Posted by Estee on 02-16-12 at 07:05 AM
Jeff's GUFU From Hell: 'Free challenge win? Take it or leave it!' As noted on the ESCT, the thing to do would have been sitting one male out and go from there -- but no, our increasingly-lazy host (who, according to the season's press, literally cannot be bothered to show up) just decided to give himself the rest of the afternoon off. If the producers hadn't decided to stay on schedule and make the medivac into the lone boot, the women could have found themselves in a numerical pit trap of someone else's making: game effectively over, but you have to wait a variable period to make it official because that episode count isn't going to fill itself.

I can wait to see his blog excuse for that one. Actually, I don't even have to be there.

"RE: S24 Gufu Award Thread"
Posted by Colonel Zoidberg on 02-16-12 at 08:29 AM
Welcome to Survivor: Kleptocracy, boys and girls...who are not together.

Salami tribe: For turning the game into a version of the Cold War with all the escalation of thievery. Menudo steals your axe, so you cut a bad deal with the chickens AND steal their ember. Menudo taking immunity and running was mere turnabout and just evened the score. We see how far bitterness gets you; judging by the next episode, as chaotic and insane as this tribe is, it might turn them into the next Ulong.

I guess I can't be too surprised at the ineptness of a tribe with a Kim and a Kourtney on it. What, did Khloe pull a McNulty right before they left?

Colton: People who overplay their hands with the other tribe get nowhere. The last person to do so was effectively cut off and dismissed before the tight alliance. The first to do so? Didn't even last that long.

Production: I've got a long list for these clowns this season.

First off, like I said, it's Survivor: Kleptocracy. This was a cool idea at first, the whole One World thing, but it's probably going to wear thin pretty quickly. If it does, please retire it a la the Medallion of Power rather than beating it to death a la Exile Island.

Also, the whole men vs. women thing should have died a quick death in Vanuatu when it backfired there. Gender-split tribes, living together, hating each other, and someone who sounds a lot like Elise? Just drop Gordon Ramsay out there during challenges and get over it.

Next, the guys had flint for what, nine hours while the girls didn't? Some reward. "The winner gets fire now. The loser gets fire tonight." Did the men just have a mastodon laying around that was about to go bad or something?

And maybe it's the first-year law student in me talking, but the challenge reeks of negligence. After all, it was blatantly unsafe, and no matter how many times Jeff instructs people on how to fall, it's a snap decision. Although Kourtney was more of a doofus than the producers were, so I guess I'll let them have it.

However, if this keeps up, it's looking like Survivor: MASH Unit. This is the first season premiere to end with a medevac, and Kourtney is the first ever first-bootee to leave with an injury. I know they said "no rules," but I didn't think that applied to the people designing challenges.

"RE: S24 Gufu Award Thread"
Posted by suzzee on 02-16-12 at 08:52 AM
Double gufu on that challenge. It looked like an accident waiting to happen. The landing zone looked too small for everyone and apparently the instructions should have been much more demonstrated. Teenagers manning a water park do a better job of instructions. sheesh

Sweet! Thanks to Ag!

"RE: S24 Gufu Award Thread"
Posted by Estee on 02-16-12 at 11:29 AM
*reflexive (tr)Action Park joke*

And thus we identify the tri-staters.

"RE: S24 Gufu Award Thread"
Posted by Dakota on 02-16-12 at 11:39 AM
1. Kourtney, even before her injury, decided to set herself up for being the "different one". Usually doesn't pay off.
2. Colton, same thing. You wish you were on the girl tribe talking about those tight abs on the other tribe. Not a good strategy since you didn't sell the double-agent thing. You also sat on a stump while everyone else was working to get a camp together. The idol might get you 3 more days once you get to TC, but not much further, I predict.
3. The girls for whining about the guys taking the default win. Suck it up, this is Survivor.

Production: Men v. Women. First challenge, VERY physical.

surfkitten sigshop 2007

"RE: S24 Gufu Award Thread"
Posted by iltarion on 02-16-12 at 10:07 PM

Good show, but GUFUs abound.

1. Tarzan - For self-glossing, insistently.
2. Courtney - For saying she fit in no where just by looking at the ladies. WTH?
3. Chelsea - For chickens and for whining about the men taking the win. Get real.
4. Alicia - For being this season's byotch... there has to be one.
5. Coltan - For pulling a Shi Ann on Day 1.
6. Troyzan - For arguing with the women after taking the win. Worse move than taking the win.
7. Matt - For his math skills. 4 does not rule 9.

Production- JP - Put some weight on, dude.
Production - the net concept - What was the point? The only way I see either team getting an advantage off that part of the challenge is if someone got hurt.


"RE: S24 Gufu Award Thread"
Posted by Dakota on 02-19-12 at 02:57 PM
Oh boy, I missed one -- dude calling himself "Tarzan".

AgmanArt 2012

"RE: S24 Gufu Award Thread"
Posted by Aruba on 02-20-12 at 08:08 PM
Here are a couple more from my observation:

- Jeff urges the women to watch their supplies and they STILL don't see Michael stealing their items. They don't even notice anything missing when Jeff says, "Time." It isn't until Jeff takes a physical inventory and advises them how short they are do they come the the realization...DUHHH, Someone stole our stuff.

- If you're going to steal fire, THEN STEAL FIRE...not a small amber at the end of a stick. What the hell good is that??? Put something over the firepit that will ignite and produce a flame.

"Week 2"
Posted by dabo on 02-23-12 at 01:03 AM
Contestants Gufu: The Salani who didn't vote Kat. If you keep saving her from her own stupidity how will she ever learn?

Contestant Gufu: Colton. Suck it up, this is Survivor not nursery school!

"RE: Week 2"
Posted by Colonel Zoidberg on 02-23-12 at 08:10 AM
Arg...and so it continues.

Colton: For not even trying not to be a man without a tribe. It didn't work for Jonathan. It didn't work for Shii Ann. That idol may get you another day, but there's no way in hell those girls are handing over another idol to you unless they have to, so good lock going Russell and finding it without clues because you're pretty much going to have to. That said, he'll probably make F4 at this rate.

Tarzan: Please wear something over your man-thong.

Salami tribe: I should change your name to the Facepalm tribe because that's what I feel like doing anytine you do anything. Hmmm...let's get rid of Kat and we'll still have numbers. And then don't. And what's with the stray vote for Kristina? Sabrina also doesn't seem like much of a leader...if she manages her classes the way she manages the tribe, they probably all think a square root is a hair product and Pearl Harbor is where you go to get nice jewelry. Jiffy's right - get it together, people.

Production: So now Jiffy can't even be bothered to show up for reward challenges. At least come and pull out a lawn chair and a six-pack while the contestants fight it out.

"RE: Week 2"
Posted by jbug on 02-23-12 at 11:07 AM
Production: for Tarzan's banana hammock. Wasn't it bad enough that you tried to blind us with Phillip's pink panties?

"RE: Week 2"
Posted by suzzee on 02-23-12 at 11:16 AM
Ditto ban the hammock.

Kat: Survivor is no place to go to expect others to take care of you.

Production: For not confiscating the "banana hammock".

Sweet! Thanks to Ag!

"RE: Week 2"
Posted by SOAR64 on 02-23-12 at 12:38 PM
I would hope that he had a wax job or at least shaved his man parts before filming the show. He has enough facial hair already. He dosen't need a second mustache.

"RE: Week 2"
Posted by iltarion on 02-23-12 at 05:00 PM

Zoltan the Gay Blade: Are you effin kidding me? Seriously? Dude needs some serious help.

Sabrina - Leader during one of the most embarrassing losses in Survivor history. You needed to DO something.

Kitty Kat - Purr, purr... go sit by your dish. That's a nice kitty.

Christina - Surprisingly took little heat for her part in the IC debacle.

Tarzan - No one over the age of 35 should ever wear a speedo. It should be outlawed.

Production: For encouraging Tarzan.

Production: Two balance beam ICs in a row? The knot challenge? Really?

Poster: Soar, for that horrible image inducing post. Ugh...


"RE: Week 2"
Posted by jbug on 02-23-12 at 05:15 PM
LAST EDITED ON 02-23-12 AT 05:15 PM (EST)

Poster: Soar, for that horrible image inducing post. Ugh...

Is this the first ever GUFU for a poster?
and a noobie got it at that! Way to jump right in SOAR.

"RE: Week 2"
Posted by dabo on 02-23-12 at 06:02 PM
LOL. There are no poster gufus, it is impossible for anyone to be wrong about his/her own opinion.

That said, it is okay for posters to disagree with one another on gufu threads. What is not okay is for them to be disagreeable in how they disagree.

It's all in fun.

"RE: Week 2"
Posted by iltarion on 02-23-12 at 06:55 PM

Actually, jbug, I've handed out poster GUFUs before.

Everyone is fair game to me. I have no disagreement with SOAR, just with the image his post summons.


"RE: Week 2"
Posted by qwertypie on 02-23-12 at 07:03 PM
I'm searching for brain bleach.

"RE: Week 2"
Posted by jbug on 02-23-12 at 08:09 PM

"RE: Week 2"
Posted by Dakota on 02-24-12 at 00:03 AM
I'm with SOAR, I've always thought that men can have too much hair. Unless it's the 80's and you're name is Jon Bon Jovi.

AgmanArt 2012

"RE: Week 2"
Posted by SOAR64 on 02-24-12 at 09:34 AM
Thanks Dabo. Iltarion, I enjoy your comments and look forward to more of them. To me, it's all good and lots of fun.

"RE: Week 2"
Posted by Dakota on 02-24-12 at 00:12 AM
1. Not voting out Kat.
2. Nina for being too aggressive in her attempts to save herself, especially at TC. It usually doesn't work. Finesse, as in Outwit.
3. Colton, who seems to define GUFU, following in some pretty big footsteps of GUFU's from seasons past. He can't accept the reality of this reality show. It's men v. women for now and you're on the men's tribe. And the HII. WTH were you doing telling the troops about it?

Production: Last week we had a very physical challenge, favoring the men. This week might have seemed like it favored the women, but they forgot the oobie factor. So while the women are imploding, there does seem to be a slant. Having said that, I really thought their nimble fingers could have handled the knot thing.

AgmanArt 2012

"RE: Week 2"
Posted by dabo on 02-24-12 at 00:52 AM
This week might have seemed like it favored the women, but they forgot the oobie factor.

Yeah! Casting should have sent a memo to the challenge staff: By the way, there's a lot of "big'uns" this season, plan accordingly. Coz you know they want to keep the eye-candy around as long as possible.

Turns out only Nina voted for Kat. Monica voted for Christina, the rest all voted for Nina.

"RE: Week 2"
Posted by iltarion on 02-24-12 at 01:04 AM
Very physical challenge last week?? Whuh??

MB is well aware that the men vs. women concept is a better draw if the women win challenges. No one wants to see a tribe of men kick the crap out of a tribe of women (well, not no one, but most). To raise their chances, MB played the balance beam card in both the Amazon and in Vanuatu. The women won both challenges.

The first challenge in Amazon involved the untying of knots. The women won.

We have had 3 challenges: two with balance beams, one with knots, all types of challenges that the women have beat the men before at. If there is a bias, it certainly isn't for the men.

Even with their boobs, the women still take up less space than the men. That challenge should have been won by the women. The women lost because they didn't realize until it was already embarrassing that they needed to hold each other up to get past each other.

The women lost between the ears. It had nothing to do with the physical.


"RE: Week 2"
Posted by Colonel Zoidberg on 02-24-12 at 07:32 AM

Last week's challenge had "men take an early lead, women come back and win" written all over it. I was floored that the guys were handling the balance beam better than the women, although the whole thing with Kourtney's wrist kind of made that irrelevant.

This week? The whole thing was on a balance beam, and once the men lost their initial advantage with Leif, who has a low center of gravity, the women could easily have figured it out, come back, and won. They lost because they couldn't follow instructions.

My question: Does EPMB rescue the failing women's tribe with a switch, a la Ravu in Fiji, or do they let them fail, a la Ulong in Palau?

"RE: Week 2"
Posted by MissMyth on 03-12-12 at 05:42 PM
I've untangled enough knotted necklaces that I thought sure the women would have an advantage there.

"Week 3"
Posted by dabo on 03-01-12 at 01:33 AM
Contestant Gufu: Colton. I don't mind that he doesn't like Bill, but calling him ghetto trash was flat-out racist country club elitism. SLAP!
Aside from that, he's so emotional, his decisions follow no logical pattern, plus he's a hypocrite.

Contestant Gufu: Bill. Way to blow a solid lead.

"RE: Week 3"
Posted by iltarion on 03-01-12 at 02:44 AM

Player: Colton- Is it a gufu to make yourself the villain? Not if you want the edit. And I'm liking it, a lot. But the crap about Bill was out of line, bro.

Player: Alicia - Men were whining but copacetic with you and Chelsea warming yourselves by the fire until you had to open your mouth about the canoe. Some people just don't know when to shut up.

Player: Tarzan - Speaking of which... The actual Tarzan wasn't that much of a talker, was he?? Dude needs to seriously shut up. More thinking and less talking.

Player: Troyzan - Dude lost to Kat in a memory challenge. Enough said.

Production: Way to make the first half of the IC completely meaningless by allowing the trailing team to simply copy the puzzle of the leading team. Come back? A nice manufactured one. Sure.


"RE: Week 3"
Posted by dabo on 03-01-12 at 10:33 AM
LAST EDITED ON 03-01-12 AT 10:35 AM (EST)

Production: Way to make the first half of the IC completely meaningless by allowing the trailing team to simply copy the puzzle of the leading team. Come back? A nice manufactured one. Sure.

LOL. Both challenges were stacked, actually. Thanks for the reminder.

Production Gufu: That RC was totally designed for the women to take it from the men.


According to British researchers, men are better at processing distant targets, while women have an eye for minute details, and are good at focusing on things at a close range.

They totally wanted the women to have the boat and go swimmin more.

"RE: Week 3"
Posted by qwertypie on 03-01-12 at 03:04 AM
Colton: Him talking about being a Republican and not accepting free handouts. Yes, we all remember him nobly rejecting the HI that he never, ever begged the girls for. Major eye rolling going on here.

"RE: Week 3"
Posted by dabo on 03-01-12 at 10:48 AM
LAST EDITED ON 03-01-12 AT 02:04 PM (EST)

I'll give him a break on the HII since the rule-change forced Sabrina to give it away -- and wasn't it convenient for production how things worked out. But you know he'd be totally willing to bail out the women if they were a big bank. Not to mention last week he totally showed his willingness to work in the women's camp, give it away. And the night before he was inviting them for a sleepover.

"RE: Week 3"
Posted by suzzee on 03-01-12 at 11:05 AM
Team Princess: For not being able to have your shelter and fire taken care of. That giant box might have been a good place for fire wood. Where do you think you are?

A Tribe masterpiece

"RE: Week 3"
Posted by jbug on 03-01-12 at 12:45 PM
if the 2 camps were far apart as in previous seasons, they would have to fend for themselves, so?

"RE: Week 3"
Posted by dabo on 03-01-12 at 02:02 PM
I'm surprised no one has jumped in with this yet, so I'll do it.

Contestant Gufu: Matt. In Survivor the rooster always gets offed when it's done it's job.

"RE: Week 3"
Posted by byoffer on 03-01-12 at 03:32 PM
Production Gufu: Sharing a camp location, but not camps. I am hating this season because of this situation. The women have completely FAILED at surviving (shelter, fire) which is actually something I really appreciate on the show. Yet because of their proximity to the men's camp they can just walk over and beg. This is made worse because it is men vs women. If the two tribes were mixed, there would be no begging from the other tribe. Even if a tribe of guys might beg (and with the egos/machismo on the show this is a big if), I am pretty sure a tribe with guys would NOT help another tribe with guys (IMO). But because of the gender split and human nature, we have the guys helping the women. (Where is Kim correcting her "bad guys" call for the men taking the injury win in that first challenge??)

Production Gufe: Men vs women makes for awful challenges. Too many challenges become easily deemed targeted. The balance beam was clearly designed to help the women, as was the memory challenge last night. I would rather see mixed tribes and challenges that don't hint at being targeted to help one gender.

Men Gufu: I'm always intrigued/disappointed when an HII is flagged, and then no efforts are made to flush it out. The longer it goes unplayed the more power it has. Be smart and vote the guy out while making him feel safe. Hopefully that move is still to come.

Women Gufu: I am totally disappointed with their survival skills. Lousy shelter and terrible fire management. At least they caught a few fish, but do they even have fire to cook it? I would expect people applying for this show to do some prep work.

"RE: Week 3"
Posted by qwertypie on 03-02-12 at 08:15 PM
MB rarely casts females for their survival skills.

"RE: Week 3"
Posted by byoffer on 03-05-12 at 06:06 PM
Personally I think that is too bad, because as I have stated I think survival (natural survival, not just game survival) should be a bigger part. And there should be no reason they can't find attractive people who can actually light a fire or catch fish.

My first ever favourite on Survivor was Gretchen, who I thought brought some good survival skills, and while not in the league of, say, Kim and Chelsea, Gretchen was fairly good looking. I remember being crushed when she became the first of player Pagonged.

"RE: Week 3"
Posted by Aruba on 03-05-12 at 07:41 PM
Agreed and right on the money!

Sadly that's on the direction Production has taken for the most recent seasons. It is slowly becoming Big Brother on an island or in the jungle. I don't think anyone has really "starved" since S4. Pretty soon they'll be changing the name of the show to "Social Butterfly"...we're pretty close already.

Because I refuse to watch seasons with returning players I did not follow Heros vs. Villians, but when my nieces pleaded to watch the Finale on my large screen TV, I gave in and watched the Finale/Reunion Show. On the Reunion Show what really jumped out at me (and probably went over most heads) was Coby mentioned to Jeff that during his first two stints there was more "open ground" to "explore" and "survive" and utilize survival skills. In H vs V (his third time) he was bummed about being confined within a close enviroment. What it does is forces players to become social butterflies and also creates more catty drama. So essentially they replace "Robinson Crusoe" with a touch of "Jerry Springer."

Whereas this newer format putting a premium on social characteristics gives some fans a mini orgasm, I really wish the show would return back to its roots.

"RE: Week 3"
Posted by iltarion on 03-05-12 at 09:24 PM

Of course, the declining survivor aspect to Survivor has been a much discussed issue for years now.

On the other hand, the number of quitters has gone up for the past so many seasons.


"RE: Week 3"
Posted by dabo on 03-06-12 at 02:16 AM
LAST EDITED ON 03-06-12 AT 02:17 AM (EST)

But at least they (cough) changed the rules (cough cough) after Na'Onka and Purple Kelly to cut down on quits, and quits have been (um) well just rumors since then. Medical evacuations have been on the decline as well, which I consider a very good thing.

Getchen Cordy was a great survivor; before Survivor she taught survival for the Air Force, building shelter and making fires and finding food and such. She was a natural.

They do still give these folks some minimal training, what to watch out for, what to avoid, prior to sending them out to play the game. And, based on the availability of food that can be foraged or caught at the game site, adjust for reality; sometimes providing them with rice, sometimes not; sometimes providing them from the outset with fishing gear, sometimes not.

Four (cough) wild chickens roaming the campsite on day one, men had a chicken coup they'd taken off the truck (per Kourtney's interview). Nothing against Chelsea, but actual wild chickens can fly.

"RE: Week 3"
Posted by Dakota on 03-02-12 at 01:18 PM
Late to the party and I see I can't add to the list, but I enjoyed reading the insights, wit, and analysis that GUFUites bring to Bashers. Carry on.

AgmanArt 2012

"RE: S24 Gufu Award Thread"
Posted by agman on 03-01-12 at 02:31 PM

Colton at TC telling his tribe how he'd rather be with the women!
he may feel that way, but sometimes it's better to keep those things to youself.

Colton #2.....I'm sick of hearing him talk about how he is a republican and doesn't believe in handouts...Did he forget how he got the HII???????

"Week 4"
Posted by dabo on 03-08-12 at 01:21 AM
Oh my heck, what an episode! Plenty to say aabout this week but I'll just start with the 800 lb. gorilla--

Contestants Gufu: the entire Manono tribe! Voluntarily going to TC, bad enough, but that was the most ridiculous reason they could possibly have had, from start to finish that pathetic contrived controversy was infantile!

Damn funny stuff, though, mighty damn funny.

"RE: Week 4"
Posted by VisionQuest on 03-08-12 at 08:11 AM

Contestant Gufu: Colton - calling Leif an oompa loompa and a munchkin. That's the best you got? C'mon, use that brain of yours to come up with something a little better than that. Oh wait, you were the one that decided giving up immunity was a wise idea in the game of survivor.

Contestants: Manono - letting Colton run the show. He has one little immunity idol. Flush it out. (I am starting to think that the frat boy alliance would have been better than what we have)

"RE: Week 4"
Posted by SOAR64 on 03-08-12 at 09:06 AM
My choice would have to be Colton's lips. He seemed to be having a mental orgasim as he licked them continually during tribal councel. The only time I have seen such a thing before, is after my dog has licked her butt. Yes, I live a very boring life and not much exciting ever happens, but I'm only saying that there is a similarity to what Colton was doing and my dogs bad manners.

"RE: Week 4"
Posted by qwertypie on 03-08-12 at 01:47 PM

"RE: Week 4"
Posted by SOAR64 on 03-08-12 at 09:30 AM
All I can say after last night is,would you want Tarzan to perform any type of medical procedure on you? For being a medical doctor and a plastic surgeon at that, would you trust his judgement.

"RE: Week 4"
Posted by dabo on 03-13-12 at 01:35 AM
Well, it is plastic surgery he does, not a lot of life and death decisions in that. Mainly he would cator to the affluent, pretty much what he's been doing being Colton's apologist. What a disappointment.

"RE: Week 4"
Posted by Dakota on 03-08-12 at 12:55 PM
1. Alicia for proving Kat right. So.Very.Right.
2. Manono for letting Colton call the shots. Flush out the idol. Have any of you ever watched this show?
3. Leif for opening his big mouth.
4. Manono for deciding to go to TC because they were betrayed by Leif, and then they vote out Bill.
5. Colton for being such a natural born GUFU on so many levels. Just the kinda guy he is.

AgmanArt 2012

"RE: Week 4"
Posted by jbug on 03-08-12 at 02:19 PM
Lief needs another:
Hoping to find a HII;
doesn't he realize that he'd have to give it to one of the women?

"RE: Week 4"
Posted by Colonel Zoidberg on 03-08-12 at 04:34 PM
Argfa...eight stupid males. Cast from the bottom of the stupid barrel. At least Matt the attorney can say he had nothing to do with this.

Menudo tribe: For everything. For overblowing what Leif said to Bill. For listening to Colton. For inventing a new way to throw a challenge. For that debacle at Tribal Council. I was going to name the women the Facepalm tribe, but the men have out-facepalmed them.

Colton: For claiming he has black friends like...oh, his housekeeper. Right. "I'm not racist; I watch color TV." Being gay doesn't get you out of being a bigot. You can still be racist, height-ist, and, most noticeably, classist. Colton definitely belongs in the faction of the Republican party that worships Rush Limbaugh, still thinks Obama was born in Kenya, and, frankly, was calling for America to be turned into a totalitarian theocracy back when Bush ran the show but hates government now that their guy isn't in charge. Do the world a favor and just go away, you annoying turd.

Bill: If you don't want to go home, fight a little harder and keep the idol.

Tarzan: Stay on topic. Please. Race was only a small factor in the Bill-Colton blow-up. Your rant was well-intentioned but totally unnecessary.

Menudo again: I thought we dealt with the whole race thing already. Didn't you bozos see Phillip drop the n-word in Redemption Island? Sheesh. Some fights don't need to be relived. We spend 24 seasons trying to prove that, in Survivor, like in most team sports, the only colors that matter are the ones associated with the teams, and then a few bozos come and screw it all up.

Production: Jiffy got it wrong again - this is the second time, not the first time, a team went to tribal after a win. Moto gave up immunity in Fiji in order to keep their camp, although at least they had that as a motivation. Menudo, a.k.a. the world's worst negotiators, gave up theirs for nothing.

Memo to all the gold-diggers out there: There are eight guys on the Menudo tribe who would love to be taken for all they're worth.

"RE: Week 4"
Posted by Molaholic on 03-08-12 at 10:54 PM
Contestant GUFU - Every single one of the Moomoo tribe for not taking Colton out on a long walk deep into the jungle. I would call this dolt a piece of <cow patty> but I have more respect for doltish cow dung to make the comparison. Not only does he come up with the lamest game plan ever, but his blatant disregard for normal human decorum has got to place him someplace under the level of a Myxicola infundibulum. Sheesh.

Tribe does it again

"RE: S24 Gufu Award Thread"
Posted by agman on 03-08-12 at 02:28 PM
Colton for being a racist and a snob!

"RE: S24 Gufu Award Thread"
Posted by iltarion on 03-08-12 at 03:20 PM

Player GUFU: Manono - enough said.
Player GUFU: Alicia, congrats on making yourself look like an idiot.
Player GUFU: Chelsea - For taking no blame on the puzzle and dissing the men, again.
Player GUFU: Tarzan - SHUT THE EFF UP!!!!
Player GUFU: Colton - enough said.
People GUFU: People who have associated with Colton- For not knocking some sense into him at some point.

Production GUFU: For manufacturing this disaster with their immunity idol nonsense.


"RE: S24 Gufu Award Thread"
Posted by agman on 03-08-12 at 03:49 PM

>Player GUFU: Tarzan - SHUT THE
>EFF UP!!!!


"Week 5"
Posted by dabo on 03-15-12 at 00:46 AM
Contestants Gufu: Jonas, Leif, Captain Aphasia. Totally blew an opportunity to blindside Colton.

Production Gufu. Random switch, lopsided tribes, ho and hum.

"RE: Week 5"
Posted by iltarion on 03-15-12 at 01:24 AM

Player GUFU: Monica and Christina, for apparently being surprised that the men did the oldest thing in the game and voted together.

Player GUFU: Jonas, for going to the UTR strategy. Weak

Player GUFU: Everyone, for ignoring Colton has the HII.


"RE: Week 5"
Posted by VisionQuest on 03-15-12 at 07:21 AM
Player and Production GUFU all rolled into one: Tarzan for wearing those bikini briefs and production for showing us two shots of him bending over and then one full frontal. The junk did not look good in any of those shots. For the first time, I was yelling at the TV - blur it, blur it out.

"RE: Week 5"
Posted by michel on 03-15-12 at 07:34 AM
Production GUFU: Being so obvious in their desire to protect Colton. They put him with his three lackeys and then moved the women to a new beach where they couldn't find their idol.

Tarzan: For forgetting the word "pants".

"RE: Week 5"
Posted by suzzee on 03-16-12 at 08:47 AM
Always protect your money maker, words to live by. How many times did Jiffy have to slap the hands of the paint ball pickers so they'd get the "right" ones?

Speedo Swimwear Company for obvious reasons. I scared my sleeping dog when I pretty much shouted out OMG when Tarzan bent over.

A Tribe masterpiece

"RE: Week 5"
Posted by qwertypie on 03-15-12 at 10:17 AM
Contestant GUFU: Everyone but Colton. You had the perfect opportunity to drown the little #$%^?# (and make it look like an accident, too) and you didn't. I will never forgive you.

"RE: Week 5"
Posted by Dakota on 03-15-12 at 12:21 PM
1. All those who expressed shock over the swap. They do this a lot on Survivor. You should watch sometime.

2. Everyone except Colton for not getting rid of him. Or at least forcing him to use the HII.

3. Voting out Monica. Seems the plan is to go to F3 with Colton, knowing the jury won't vote for him. This is getting boring.

Anti-GUFU for the women having a faulty cage for the rooster. No chicken or rooster deserves to die for people who won't get rid of Colton.

Production: Wow. I was thinking last night "Production GUFU!!!" and now I seem to have blocked it all out.

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"RE: Week 5"
Posted by dabo on 03-16-12 at 11:14 AM
Well, there do seem to be an awful lot of chickens running around for Manono and Salani, on the same beaches where Savaii and Upolu played the game.

"RE: Week 5"
Posted by byoffer on 03-15-12 at 07:32 PM
Player GUFU: All the KKKolton stuff. Hate him, and hate that the others don't take him out.

Production GUFU: I hate when they don't show us everything. Something weird about this picture from cbs.com:

It bugs me, because of the 4 rounds they showed us on TV, Kim actually didn't play. Jeff was clear as they came out for the 4th round (in a race to 3 points) that Salani was ahead 2-1, and they seemed to win 3-1, so not sure how they hid a round.

"RE: Week 5"
Posted by Colonel Zoidberg on 03-15-12 at 08:53 PM
Perhaps that was a round where no one scored and it took forever...I doubt they wanted to show a round that ended so stupidly.

Contestants: The Menudo tribe for being a bunch of whiners. Yes, the other tribe has all the muscle. Quit your whining and fight back Mighty Ducks-style.

Also: We all know Colton's running the show. Now will someone get the bright idea and do something about it before he goes all Boston Rob on you people? Or are you all scared, "Oh no, he has an IDOL! He'll...umm...do something with it!"

Production: Tarzan's man-thong is a far worse fate than Phillip's pink underwear. Please ask him to put on the most valuable resource on the island - pants.

Also: Are we actually to the point where EPMB has to make a big deal about who gets yoinked out on a stretcher? What is this, season two?

"RE: Week 5"
Posted by byoffer on 03-15-12 at 11:00 PM
A round that lasted forever is a likely explanation. Seeing what KKKolton was trying to do (just hold the ball forever without trying to score) could easily have happened, or a long long scrum.

I was wondering what the rules were about trying to drown another player. It sure seemed to me that when Colton was holding the ball they were holding him under for a while, though I don't recall Jiffy warning about any rules.

IMO, dumb challenge, fraught with chances of injury and foul play.

"RE: Week 5"
Posted by Dakota on 03-16-12 at 10:58 AM

>Contestants: The Menudo tribe

*runs screaming from room*

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"RE: Week 5"
Posted by michel on 03-15-12 at 09:06 PM
They have all day so they wouldn;t mind letting a round drag. We do know that Manono only scored once so Salani had to win that round. The rules were probably that they had to go to 5 but they hid a couple of rounds. It's happened before.

- In Heores versus Vilain, Stephenie said she sprained her shoulder during a round that wasn't shown and the one we did show happened later, after they popped her shoulder back in.

-In Samoa, the gross food challenge included a round where Natalie went up against Erik but it wasn't shown because Natalie had problems downing her smoothie. They didn't want to show her looking bad.

Could this be the same thing here? This round would have made the eventual winner look bad?

"RE: Week 5"
Posted by suzzee on 03-16-12 at 08:52 AM
Hope so, then I'll get a lot of mileage out of this BTS siggie.

I'll go bridal on your a$$

"Week 6"
Posted by dabo on 03-22-12 at 00:01 AM
Instant Karma's gonna get you
Gonna knock you right on the head
You better get yourself together
Pretty soon you're gonna be dead

Instant Karma's gonna get you
Gonna look you right in the face
You better get yourself together darling
Join the human race

Instant Karma's gonna get you
Gonna knock you off your feet
Better recognize your brothers
Every one you meet

But we all shine on
Like the moon and the stars and the sun
And we all shine on
On and on and on on and on

Contestants Gufu: Colton and Alicia: Twisting the knife. That sort of ugly is remembered.

"RE: Week 6"
Posted by iltarion on 03-22-12 at 00:56 AM

Props to dabo for the greatest GUFU of all time.

Player GUFU: Alicia for not being able to stop the byotch from coming out.
Player GUFU: Tarzan for suddenly starting a turf war with Jonas after following Colton's orders like a lap dog.
Player GUFU: Christina- For not being straight up with Colton and Alicia and telling them they are enormous pricks and no one gives a flying eff what they think.


"RE: Week 6"
Posted by Karchita on 03-22-12 at 01:14 AM
More props to dabo for the greatest GUFU of all time!

Thanks snidget & tribe!

"RE: Week 6"
Posted by byoffer on 03-22-12 at 09:05 AM
Contestant Gufu - Alicia. Showing she is as ugly on the inside as the outside. I would love to have seen her hit Christina and get removed from the game. Hopefully her removal will come soon enough.

Bodypart Gufu - Colton's Appendix. Although I am happy to see him gone, I am sad that he goes out as a sort of hero ("I could have won") instead of ingloriously booted by jury or losing at final tribal ala RussHell.

Poster Reverse Gufu - Many around here will know that I dislike the Beatles, so Dabo almost got a Gufu for his post. But I have to agree with the others above - that song is perfect in this situation. Well played, Dabo, well played.

"RE: Week 6"
Posted by SOAR64 on 03-22-12 at 09:24 AM
My nomination for GUFU is Alicia. Which just goes to prove that a nice set of knockers will not make up for the flat chest she must feel inside herself.

"RE: Week 6"
Posted by Molaholic on 03-22-12 at 10:05 AM
LAST EDITED ON 03-22-12 AT 11:39 AM (EST)

Kat (twice) - "What's appendix?" and "I don't want to catch it."

Survivor Medical - Come on, push harder!

eta Production - So now we know -- confessionals are filmed after the fact. Kinda spoils the magic...

(and I'm split -- Colton seemed so healthy in his post evac confessional. I was hoping for a little more pain & suffering.)

"RE: Week 6"
Posted by suzzee on 03-22-12 at 10:18 AM
Ditto on everything gufu so far.

Christina: For not having the spine to say what Iltarion said, you deserve to be walked on by everyone else. Grow a set will ya?

Colton: For screwing over Alicia or Jonas by not passing the HII, regardless that neither of them deserved it. Classless from someone who puts so much emphasis on class.

Kat: Really? A lobotomy would make her smarter.

A Tribe masterpiece

"RE: Week 6"
Posted by Dakota on 03-22-12 at 11:43 AM
Have to agree with Dabo here. Mean and ugly doesn't win the million. Love the Instant Karma take also. It brought to mind some other songs.

CCR, Bad Moon Rising:
Hope you got your things together,
Hope you're not afraid to die,
Looks like we're in for stormy weather,
One eye is taken for an eye.

Jason Boland, Blowing Through the Hills:
Get the children to the cellar
Grab a Bible if you can
Something wicked comes this way to tear apart the land

George Strait, Famous Last Words of a Fool
Don't think we need anything more than the title here.

AgmanArt 2012

"RE: Week 6"
Posted by suzzee on 03-22-12 at 12:27 PM
amen sista

A Tribe masterpiece

"RE: Week 6"
Posted by dabo on 03-22-12 at 02:17 PM
Oh, almost forgot...

Production Gufu: Merging the tribes back to the same camp they shared at the start of the game. All the snails and fruits and *heh* wild chickens will vanish way too fast as they source out the place.

"RE: S24 Gufu Award Thread"
Posted by MissMyth on 03-22-12 at 05:58 PM
Contestant Gufu: Alicia, for showing all students, parents, and administrators that she is the very definition of a bully.

"RE: S24 Gufu Award Thread"
Posted by Dakota on 03-22-12 at 06:26 PM
^ *like*

AgmanArt 2012

"RE: S24 Gufu Award Thread"
Posted by Colonel Zoidberg on 03-23-12 at 07:29 AM

Alicia: For getting waaaaaaaaaaaaay too personal. Like, more personal than Survivor: Gabon got. And yet so one-sided. Christina treated people out there with nothing but kindness when they didn't deserve it and yet Alicia was still a bee-yotch. I don't know if there's a heaven or hell, but Christina should hope there is and Alicia should pray day and night there isn't.

Colton: For being so repulsive that the viewing audience was glad to see you go.

Production: A merge is now "shocking"? It's only happened in, what, 22 of the other 23 seasons?

Also: All the Menudo stuff went with the merged tribe, but they couldn't just think to "forget" Tarzan's man-thong. Or throw it in the fire a la Russell's hat.

"RE: S24 Gufu Award Thread"
Posted by michel on 03-24-12 at 05:04 PM
Production #1: You have a Survivor Ice cream parlor and you don't ask Erik Reichenbach to play the role of Ice cream scooper?

Production #2: Back in season 1, Sue told you that when a rat is lying by the side of the road, you let it rot there. Why did the medical team have to find Colon so soon? I would have been okay if, a few months from now, we got to the reunion and someone asked: "Did we forget Colon in Samoa?"

"RE: S24 Gufu Award Thread"
Posted by Aruba on 03-25-12 at 07:26 AM
"Production #1: You have a Survivor Ice cream parlor and you don't ask Erik Reichenbach to play the role of Ice cream scooper?


Unless he has grown-up alot since Skankivor: Micronesia, Production may have even gotten Cirie to convince him to do it for free! LMAO

"Week 7"
Posted by dabo on 03-29-12 at 00:21 AM
Yipes, what to pick from to start this sub-thread?

Contestant Gufu: Tarzan. Keep your skanky drawers away from the womenfolk! Seriously, His Honor the Right Mighty Surgeon Lord Greystreak was a walking talking gufu this week.

Contestant Gufu: Jonas. ARGH! All the ammo you had to throw Alicia under the bus, you aimed at Big Mike? That was just pathetic.

"RE: Week 7"
Posted by Colonel Zoidberg on 03-29-12 at 07:52 AM
Arg...arg indeed.

Old Salami: Or whoever on their tribe told Tarzan he wasn't allowed to have coffee because he didn't win it. This is the merge, and the game is called One World. Also, not good for jury good will assuming old Menudo gets Pagonged.

Tarzan: I believe you that it wasn't poop on that man-thong, but two things. First of all, no one wants any more attention focused on your man-thong. Second of all, all the crap coming out of you was spewing from your mouth. Not wise at all. In fact, just shut the fvck up.

Jonas: Where exactly was the desire to vote Michael off coming from? He didn't fare well at the challenge, and no one's brought up his name before. If you're still hung up on voting with the "vote out the muscle" brigade, then you are dumb.

I realize challenges are usually exempt from gufus, but whoever decided to send Leif out to dig the hole...the smallest person with the smallest hand who digs the smallest hole and has the biggest problem with it? Really?

Production: It's looking crazy now, but please do something about this ever-season Pagonging.

"RE: Week 7"
Posted by dabo on 03-29-12 at 12:34 PM
Old Salami: Or whoever on their tribe told Tarzan he wasn't allowed to have coffee because he didn't win it.

That was Jay. And, yeah, way to go, Jay! Let's be obvious the game has changed. And another Gufu to Tarzan for not picking up on that.

"RE: Week 7"
Posted by SOAR64 on 03-29-12 at 09:39 AM
My nomination is Jonas. He missed a golden opportunity to eliminate most of his fellow tribe members. Having access to the tribes food, he could have caused them all to have tummy trouble. Having to go potty every 15 minutes would have keep most of them busy. Just a little unboiled water should have done the trick. Although I'm not sure if it would have worked on Tarzan.

"RE: Week 7"
Posted by byoffer on 03-29-12 at 10:36 AM
Hey, it worked on KKKolton!

Posted by agman on 03-29-12 at 09:54 AM
Tarzan's underwear! TRying to pretend it didn't have poopie in it! That will assure the underwear itself will get voted off next week!

Posted by suzzee on 03-29-12 at 10:55 AM
To quote dabo His Honor the Right Mighty Surgeon Lord Greystreak

OMG GAG and yet we're treated to another shot of Lord Greastreak bending over. No mas, no mas.

Sweet! Thanks to Ag!

Posted by agman on 03-29-12 at 11:02 AM
And to think we all thought Philip was gross with his choners!

Posted by caseymagoo on 03-30-12 at 01:50 PM
>And to think we all thought
>Philip was gross with his

new challenge next Season - an Under-Off. Round 1 featuring Pink vs. Poop

Posted by agman on 04-05-12 at 00:35 AM
Yea, I know, your'e playin us cause the game's "afoot".

"Week 8"
Posted by dabo on 04-05-12 at 00:14 AM
Boy oh boy, was that a great episode or was that a great episode!

Contestant Gufu: Troyzan. SUCKER! It's Survivor, people lie!

"RE: Week 8"
Posted by MissMyth on 04-05-12 at 00:34 AM
Contestant: Christina. She's already on the outs with several people and then she abandons her team mates to haul the heavy puzzle crate. It might've made some sense if she had started working on the puzzle and had some direction for them when they got to the pallet. But as far as I could see she was just standing there waiting for the rest of them.

"RE: Week 8"
Posted by Dakota on 04-05-12 at 11:04 AM
Kim: Not so sure her plan to abandon an alliance to go "all girls" is a great idea. Looks like the guys are conflicted also, but the edit shows Kim as the backstabbing leader. Won't go over well with the jury if she gets there. She's still has to get past Leif, Jay, Troyzan, Tarzan, Alicia and Christina.

Tarzan: Going on a game show that requires social skills when he doesn't have any.

Chelsea: Bringing up the boot in front of the girls that weren't in the alliance.

Production: Giving Sabrina a hairstylist but not letting Tarzan partake of the services.

AgmanArt 2012

"RE: Week 8"
Posted by suzzee on 04-05-12 at 11:16 AM
Oh look, it could be an all goat F3. Tarzan, Alicia, & Leif

agman made me famous dahlin'

"RE: Week 8"
Posted by iltarion on 04-06-12 at 01:29 AM

Player GUFU: Michael, of course, for being the strongest player, not wearing immunity, and yet still believing he was safe.

Player GUFU: Tarzan, the walking GUFU. If a woman doesn't like you, just mention her boob job to her, and that should turn things around. HAHAHAHA....

Player GUFU: For drinking the Kool-Aid Kim was pouring. TOO EASY.


"Week 9"
Posted by dabo on 04-12-12 at 00:39 AM
You know, I limit myself most of the time starting these threads because I really am interested in what all of you can come up with. This has been a really fun season, plenty for everyone.

Contestant Gufu: Troy. I thought it couldn't get any funnier than last week, boy was I wrong. Troy was an over the top maniac this time around, and he wasted his HII! Paranoia, it's what's on Survivor.

Contestant Anti-Gufu: Kat. Ha, she slipped up and revealed she can think!

Production Gufu: Interesting as the DIY RCs may be, giving another food reward followed by food temptations at IC kind of spoils the whole starving, at their worst, exposed to the elements pressure cooker sangfroid they should be going for.

"RE: Week 9"
Posted by Colonel Zoidberg on 04-12-12 at 07:27 AM
Arg...the facepalm is back...

Jay: For what had to be the worst episode of Survivor I've ever seen. Your chance to live is either win immunity or keep your damn mouth shut and let everyone vote off Troy. You chose to do neither. I hope those chicken wings were worth it. I'd pay about, say, $15 for that here at home. You paid $1,000,000 there.

Production: At least send in a look-alike for Jiffy if he can't be bothered to show up for challenges.

"RE: Week 9"
Posted by agman on 04-12-12 at 09:43 AM
roflmao! HAH you beat me to Jay, what an idiot!

I wonder if the guys have a brain between them!

"RE: Week 9"
Posted by suzzee on 04-12-12 at 09:46 AM
Gufu production: Lamest do-it-yourself ever. So someone played this at a football tailgate party and you thought it might be exciting to watch? No. They all svcked at it, I'd rather watch my dog lick his paws. Yes paws. Did you think I was going to say something else?

agman made me famous dahlin'

"RE: Week 9"
Posted by qwertypie on 04-12-12 at 10:27 AM
Yes, I did.

"RE: Week 9"
Posted by agman on 04-13-12 at 11:33 AM
LOL, I'm sure I was thinking the same thing!

"RE: Week 9"
Posted by dabo on 04-12-12 at 10:54 AM
LAST EDITED ON 04-12-12 AT 10:55 AM (EST)

Agree. Now the players have a supply of bolas, useful in catching more "wild" chickens? LOL. Unfamiliar with the hunting weapon, the players were bound to be laughable bad at trying to use it.

And how much time did they have to spend setting up the artificial Christmas tree targets? I hope at least the players decided to just sit down and make production goons do the work.

But at least now they have some version of horseshoes with which to occupy their time.

"RE: Week 9"
Posted by dabo on 04-13-12 at 12:10 PM
Kind of surprised no one mentioned these yet...

Contestants Gufu: Tarzan, Christina, Troyzan. Especially Tarzan. With food temptations as part of the IC they should have tried to at least get something to eat.

Contestant Gufu: Alicia. That nonsense at IC that she would take a bribe as a favor to Chelsea, come on, didn't fool anyone, she was hungry and knew she couldn't hold out.

"RE: Week 9"
Posted by jbug on 04-13-12 at 01:29 PM
Alicia: problem stepping off for any reason was that it showed the men that she wasn't worried about needing immunity. In order to fool them, she needed to make them think she needed the II to not get voted off.

"RE: Week 9"
Posted by iltarion on 04-17-12 at 10:01 PM

JAY - I haven't seen anyone this incapable of reading someone since Jean-Robert was around. Kat says, "What? Am I gonna say no?" And he takes that as an affirmation. Wow.

KIM - Looked genuinely caught off guard when Jay asked her about voting off Alicia the first time. Then she goes overboard in reassuring Troy and nearly gets booted as a result.

ALICIA- Dumb move to give up a shot at immunity. LIke Kim, she was saved by Jay's idiocy.

Tarzan, Leif and Christina- The goal is to win not to come in 6th, 7th and 8th.

PRODUCTION - Ladder golf for an RC? Seriously? Good one for Jeff to skip out on, anyway. And what is with giving food to half the contestants during every RC??


"Week 10"
Posted by dabo on 04-19-12 at 00:33 AM
Contestant Gufu: Troyzan. Emotional much? Gosh, where to start?

Contestant Mini-Gufu: Leif. It wouldn't have made much difference in the end, one or two more episodes at most, but he could have perhaps saved himself by voting Tarzan and sending it to a revote.

"RE: Week 10"
Posted by Dakota on 04-20-12 at 12:07 PM
1. Troy showing so much hostility. Understandable, but not productive. He needed to get a few to vote against the famale alliance and angry didn't foster trust and loyalty.

2. Tarzan and Leif for not teaming up with Troy. They know they're gone, so break up the strong 4.

3. Christina and Alicia - same as Tarzan and Leif.

4. Sabrina telling Troy he has to be likeable and telling the jury she didn't lie. The jury all got burned by these women.

5. Chelsea displaying her math skills with "that only works if you win immunity".

6. Chelsea showing her intellectual superiority by claiming that Troy put the target on his back. Actually, she and her friends did. Guess she doesn't keep a journal.

Production: Giving them a minute to dig their dirty fingers into the cake.

AgmanArt 2012

"RE: Week 10"
Posted by jbug on 04-20-12 at 04:35 PM
I can't imagine what kind of parasites they all come home with from eating like that.

"RE: Week 10"
Posted by Aruba on 04-20-12 at 06:35 PM
No so much a "Gufu" as much as a "Production Indecision"...but I would have loved for Production to take a page out of Skankivor: Micronesia and forced Kat to pick ONLY THREE OTHER castaways to partake in the cake.

Would not have been a difficult decision for even a birdbrain like Kat to pick Kim, Chelsea, and Sabrina. It would have crystalized the F4 Troy was trying to open everyone's eyes to and would have also had Christina and Alicia on the outside looking in wondering, "what about us???"

Although I don't think Production would want that because most of us know the direction they wanted this season to go.

"RE: Week 10"
Posted by dabo on 04-22-12 at 00:12 AM
Surprised no one else caught this so I'll mention it:

Contestant Near-Gufu: Alicia. Jumping out on the letter from home bid going all out at $500, I don't know why that didn't turn into a hate Alicia cause but it easily could have when Jeff put the letters back up but at the high $500 bar.

"RE: Week 10"
Posted by Aruba on 04-22-12 at 07:39 AM
I think it would be difficult to take an over-the-top emotional scene exhibited by Alicia and turn it into a "geez, thanks alot for setting the bar so high" blame game and NOT come out of it wearing the "black hat."

"RE: Week 10"
Posted by dabo on 04-24-12 at 12:34 PM
Yes, the window of opportunity there was from the moment she made her bid to when she got back to her seat with her letter and started reading. Just a "Gee whiz, top bid, will Jeff put our letters back up after that?" would have planted the seed.

"RE: S24 Gufu Award Thread"
Posted by Aruba on 04-19-12 at 10:58 PM
Contestants Gufu: Alicia, Christina, Leif and Greg...Sure, we'll gladly take 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th place "honors" instead of putting ourselves in MUCH better position to make F4.

Contestant Gufu: Troy...even though he's "my boy" this season, what the heck is up getting into a bidding war for the IC advantage you thought you desparately needed when an initial bid of $500 is all you had to do? As it turned out he probably didn't need it, but still...

"RE: S24 Gufu Award Thread"
Posted by iltarion on 04-21-12 at 07:42 PM

Troyzan - Man, come on. I love the competitiveness, but that was just stupid. You get in a fight with Alicia and Christina after Jay's boot, and then you expect their trust? When you are screaming at everyone, you are also screaming at people you would like to join you.

Chelsea and Sabrina - Ladies, now we know why Kim is fine with taking you to the end. You did yourselves no favors by fighting with Troyzan at TC. Keep your head down.

Tarzan - If you vote for Kim, it is a 3 way tie, and though it isn't likely to change the outcome, it still would have been interesting.

Leif - God awful game, mon. Anyone know why this guy showed up?


"RE: S24 Gufu Award Thread"
Posted by Aruba on 04-22-12 at 01:47 PM

"Leif - God awful game, mon. Anyone know why this guy showed up?"

He showed up because CBS gave him an opportunity to play Survivor...an opportunity I'm sure most of us would jump at in a NY minute.

The question is...Why was he CASTED?
I believe most of us already know the answer given the purpose and objective the Producers have for this season.

"RE: S24 Gufu Award Thread"
Posted by iltarion on 04-22-12 at 03:11 PM

I can buy all that.

But it still takes some effort to get casted into Survivor. You would think that if you are going to put into the effort, then you might as well try to play the game.

I guess maybe- 1) he tried to play but was so ineffective that it wasn't worth showing. Or 2) he has acting aspirations and wanted the screen time, always a possibility.


"RE: S24 Gufu Award Thread"
Posted by Aruba on 04-22-12 at 06:18 PM
I'm sure we all would liked to have seen a more charismatic, entertaining, and game-playing Leif. Even though I feel Leif is genuinely a good guy, I don't believe he possesses any of those attributes in real life; and you can't be someone you ain't.

All that being said, I'm certain Production knew what they were getting or, in Leif's case, knew what they weren't getting and he served the purpose they had for this season.

"RE: S24 Gufu Award Thread"
Posted by dabo on 04-24-12 at 12:46 PM
I like Leif. Most often in stunt casting people with disabilities or whatever, they get up on their soapboxes about how they are out to prove they can do it, whatever whatever whatever. Leif seemingly never went to the soapbox, however much they may have prompted him, but just went with his actions and interactions to be an example, just another human being on the planet. No head for the game in some respects, yes, but he played a nice guy, heart on his sleeve, weathered the circumstances really well, and turned in respectable challenge performances. Without irritation.

He also seemed to be more into the adventure than the game itself, which was one of the early casting criterions that seemed to fall by the side when casting became more about make show or just look the way you look. Adventure players may not ever win the game, but they win the adventure no matter what.

"Week 11"
Posted by dabo on 04-26-12 at 01:29 AM
Contestant Gufu: Christina. Plenty to choose from but, basically, Alicia was right, when she heard her name was going to come up as the secondary target she should have made waves. Why her instead of Tarzan. Be upset, put on a show, blow to everyone that this secondary target plan is what it is.

On the non-Gufu front, though, people are probably going to jump on her telling Troy she was the secondary target. Not me, but you go ahead if you want. Had Troyzan actually had the HII to play he would have jumped on the opportunity to vote for Chelsea and try to sway someone else to do so as well.

Contestant Gufu: Alicia. In the RC she took the opportunity to put the killing blows to Troy, Tarzan, Chelsea and Kat. Yes, dumdum, tick off (potentially) as many people as possible.

"RE: Week 11"
Posted by suzzee on 04-26-12 at 10:07 AM
Contestant: Tarzan for that pathetic attempt at ring toss, really coasting to Super Goat status is a strategy, right? Thank you for not wearing the banana hammock for this challenge, I couldn't have taken it.

Sweet! Thanks to Ag!

"RE: Week 11"
Posted by SOAR64 on 04-26-12 at 10:31 AM
My choice for Gufu of the week would have to be the Producer who thought it would be a good idea to have a pig run thru the survivors camp. So far we have had chickens and now a pig. What comes next, a cow? And how about Troyzan's sorry attempt at ropeing the little porker. By the way, what happened to the spear they used when fishing?

"RE: Week 11"
Posted by dabo on 04-26-12 at 11:09 AM
What comes next, a cow? I would think a goat is next up.

Yeah. Don't know what they thought the axe would be useful for until they caught the pig. The fishing spear might not have been that useful either, but at least it actually is a hunting weapon.

"RE: Week 11"
Posted by foonermints on 04-27-12 at 00:01 AM
Healthiest. Looking. Pig. Ever.

"Jungle Pig"? Phooey!

"RE: Week 11"
Posted by MissMyth on 04-27-12 at 00:22 AM
When the pig appeared all I could think about was "Lord of the Flies".

Did anyone in that group have a clue what butchering a pig would entail?

But cheers to the pig for chilling out at camp while IC was going on.

"RE: Week 11"
Posted by qwertypie on 04-27-12 at 06:22 PM
My thoughts exactly! (and shouting out they were going to have bacon really!?!)

"RE: Week 11"
Posted by iltarion on 04-27-12 at 07:13 PM

Production: A crucial late immunity challenge and you have a ring toss?? Seriously? COME ON NOW!!!!

Christina: Events are proving that the time to move was last TC. Vote for Chelsea was suicidal. Telling Troyzan you were the other target was just stupid.

Kim: If you don't win the popularity challenge, then you have no dilemma to worry about. Bad move.

Production and players: The debacle with the pig. Who the hell was going to slaughter a pig? Get fragging real. Like these jokers haven't had enough to eat.


"RE: Week 11"
Posted by dabo on 04-28-12 at 01:44 AM
Did anyone in that group have a clue what butchering a pig would entail?

So true. Gutting fish and chickens is pretty mild compared to field dressing and then butchering a large kill like a pig, very gory and then some. Not that they would ever have showed it on Survivor, or even on a genuine weekend hunting show, but it is a labor-intensive process and not for the weak of stomach.

"Week 12"
Posted by dabo on 05-03-12 at 00:22 AM
Oh My Heck! Another fun episode, they may actually be turning in a series saving season!


Contestant Gufu: Kat. Granted, the loved ones reward is usually the best reward of the season to go on, but way to pick the wrong two players to take along with you Really, making those picks is a political nightmare in the game, the only good way to do it is to ask for a consensus amongst the players as to who should be picked.

That said, the over-emotional over-dramatized nonsense of the loved ones visit again goes over the top. It's not like the players are doing a tour in a war zone, it's just a couple of months away to play a game, go on an adventure, make TV. A 30 year marriage can survive a few months separation, but good for Tarzan for playing on the emotional strings the loved ones visit presents. And for once I did have some genuine sympathy, Christina and her dad have a genuinely sympathetic situation, would have been great if they could have shared some special time on the reward.

"RE: Week 12"
Posted by Sunny_Bunny on 05-03-12 at 01:41 AM
Contestant: Kat. 1) "I'm 22" let's you be foolish and insensitive? I wonder at what age you won't try and use that excuse anymore. 2) Pouting and acting like a brat when Kim didn't "give up" so you could win the idol, (which let's face it, is why you chose her for reward)and then trying to tell everyone you were just upset with yourself.
3) Calling a blindside "fun and exciting" doesn't quite feel that way when you are hit by it. All these combined were enough to get the tribe to vote for you over Sabrina.

Production: Hey guys, when the tribe can look at the box and tell it's the loved one reward, it's time to make a change. But then, everyone is phoning it in this time around.

"Kim's new look"
Posted by suzzee on 05-03-12 at 11:14 AM
My tv's bad or Kim desperately needs a wax on her upper lip.

Of course I'm not running things, now go do what I told you to. humph

"RE: Kim's new look"
Posted by byoffer on 05-03-12 at 11:18 AM
I'm not sure what that is. A shadow of some sort? Most of the time there is nothing there, but occassionally. Maybe is the light is reflecting up (say off the water?) her lip casts a slight shadow up?

She's still my crush for the season.

"RE: Kim's new look"
Posted by finallytyping on 05-03-12 at 11:53 AM
That is exactly what I was thinking! The mustache was absorbing all of my limited attention span. That made me start wondering how they handle these kinds of maintenance issues. A month is a long time to go without a wax. Leg and underarm isn't a big deal, but a 'stache is not subtle!

"I fixed it for you."
Posted by udg on 05-03-12 at 01:10 PM
> A 30 year
>marriage can survive a few one
>months separation...

They'd only been separated for 31 days as of last night's episode (according to Jeff). My husband was downright flabbergasted at their assorted reactions. I did feel obliged to point out to him that when he deploys, his fellow soldiers are generally more likable than these schmoes, and that he doesn't have to worry about any of THEM stabbing him in the back for a chance at a monetary prize.

Thanks to tribephyl for the sigpic!
Thirty-one days. Seriously.

"RE: I fixed it for you."
Posted by dabo on 05-03-12 at 01:20 PM

Plus of course all of those loved ones got a free trip to Samoa courtesy of SEG.

"RE: I fixed it for you."
Posted by SOAR64 on 05-03-12 at 01:35 PM
It is similar to when the tribe wins a reward of watching a movie with popcorn, candy, and soda. They all know what money shot the cameraman is looking for. Yes it's called a money shot. The proper response gets them additional individual camera time. Coach was really good at laughing while watching the movie, even if it was not funny. He was an excellent camera hog. A few Kung Foo moves, also did wonders for his camera time. Please tell your husband I said "Thanks for his service to our Country" I also served in the Air Force during the Viet Nam War and I understand about being away from loved ones feels like.

"RE: I fixed it for you."
Posted by qwertypie on 05-03-12 at 05:27 PM
Am I a bad person that I wouldn't want the visit/letter/videomessage from home? It would totally throw me off my game.

"RE: I fixed it for you."
Posted by dabo on 05-03-12 at 10:54 PM
Nah. Porno Brian got the vid from his porno wife and was all thrown because, no, don't show our house, don't show our cars, don't make me look well off!

But, yeah, never ever let your guard down in Survivor. Oh, that reminds me:

Production Gufu. I really hate when they make the loved ones participate in a challenge, whether it is actually competing or standing on a plank waiting to go into the drink when their players loses the challenge.

"RE: S24 Gufu Award Thread"
Posted by Aruba on 05-04-12 at 07:08 PM
Contestant Gufu: KAT - Bawling her eyes out that Christina lasted longer than her. All you had to do last episode is prove you truly were NOT a follower and write Christina's name down at last TC and Christina takes that walk before YOU.

All the players who bellyached over Kat's choices: The one's chosen could have given up their spot to Christina & dad so they could share whatever time they have left. Or to Tarzan & wife if they REALLY felt those were the two appropriate choices. And for those who were not picked, if they were chosen I'm certain they would not have done it either.

"RE: S24 Gufu Award Thread"
Posted by iltarion on 05-06-12 at 01:35 AM

Hey, back to GUFUs...

Kitty Kat - Being 22 doesn't require being a dope. You didn't need more time with your cousin. Let someone else win the dreaded family challenge. Secondly, your entire tribe thought Tarzan and/or Christina should get to go, but somehow you missed the memo. Then, "blindsides are funny"? Yeah, hilarious.

Kim- Boot your alliance out of the order they are expecting, and they might hold it against you. Unnecessary. Boot Tarzan and Christina and you still have their votes.

Alicia - You turn on Kat because she can beat you in challenges?? What?? EVERYONE can beat you in challenges!


"Week 13"
Posted by dabo on 05-10-12 at 00:58 AM
Woo-Hoo! We're heading for the most bikini-friendly finale of all time.

Contestant Gufu: Alicia. Fell for the Kim charm and threw away her power base. Idiot.

Contestant Gufu: Chelsea. Choosing Sabrina to share reward, yeah okay that was fair, but also choosing Kim to share a third reward in a row blatantly had nothing to do with fair.

"RE: Week 13"
Posted by stlouisfan76 on 05-10-12 at 08:49 AM
Maybe - but it probably kept her in the game. If Chelsea did not take her - Kim might have gone with the flip and ousted Chelsea.

"RE: Week 13"
Posted by dabo on 05-10-12 at 03:43 PM
Yeah, but there were three potential jurors standing there thinking fair had nothing to do with it.

"RE: Week 13"
Posted by jbug on 05-10-12 at 09:03 AM
Contestant: Christina - learn to keep your mouth shut once in awhile! Did you really not think Chelsea would find out that you rated your conversation with her out to the others? You lost your shot at the reward on that one.

Chelsea - Sab was the only one you needed to take on reward. Kim needed to stay back to keep law & order.
Understand why you dissed Christina; Alicia? naw; Tarzan? don't blame you - who wants to be stuck on a boat with him?
You should have just told Jeff it would be only you & Sab.

"RE: Week 13"
Posted by iltarion on 05-11-12 at 01:24 AM

Tarzan - MAYBE, and this is a big maybe, the women would have kept you around if you had been a little more livable. Secondly, telling Kim you'd talk her up to the jury was a smart play, but then telling the exact same thing to Alicia was not. Here is a hint: women talk.

Christina and Alicia - For voting out Kat while you had the chance to make a move. Tied 3 - 3 is not the time to move. Now, there is no F3 that you could win.


Posted by dabo on 05-14-12 at 00:50 AM
Contestant Gufu: Christina. Do something! Anyway, she made it to F4 coat-tailing, per game theory it is a valid strategy for playing Survivor.

Production Gufu. So, what would you have done had Leif still been in the game at F4. He would have been at a serious disadvantage in that F4 IC.

"RE: Finale"
Posted by jbug on 05-14-12 at 11:00 AM
Alicia: You were delusional; no way you played the same game as Kim. Colton carried you along till he left.

Christina: Alicia was with Colton in bullying you every day. How did you & Alicia become such a tight alliance?
You had no game, none.

"RE: Finale"
Posted by byoffer on 05-14-12 at 11:35 AM
Christina: "Colton and Alicia bullied me. Outside of Survivor I do sales, so am used to taking a beating. Taking a beating was my strategy."

Wow. Kudos to Kim for NOT taking Chritina to the final, which would have been an insult to the game.

"RE: Finale"
Posted by PepeLePew13 on 05-14-12 at 11:55 AM
Yeah, I'm impressed that Kim didn't take the easy way out and go with the obvious goats over two obviously stronger players.

Re Christina - this is how I could probably do in an electronics store if she was my salesperson:

Me: "How much is this TV? $750? Ok, please add some sub-woofers, blu-ray player, that Wii set over there, and 40 movies to the package and I'll give you $500 for everything including the TV."

Christina: "Okay. It's all yours for $250."

"RE: Finale"
Posted by Belle Book on 05-14-12 at 11:54 AM
Just one Contestant Gufu, and it's for Christina. You should not have rolled over and died! You should have fought hard. Sure, you probably would have gone to the jury anyway, but I'm like Kim -- I'd fight for a miracle -- or stall and wait for one. At least then, I could have said that I tried my best! But you didn't do so. Still, you got farther than anyone would have expected you to do, so that's to your credit.

"RE: Finale"
Posted by Molaholic on 05-14-12 at 12:36 PM
Production GUFU -- Dullest finale ever.

"RE: Finale"
Posted by suzzee on 05-14-12 at 01:42 PM
True dat

A Tribe masterpiece

"RE: Finale"
Posted by byoffer on 05-14-12 at 02:05 PM
Contestant GUFU: Troyzan. Don't come on the show and be "all about gamesmanship" and then cast your jury vote against the person who out-gamed you.

I find it interesting that over the course of the season, Kim had only 5 votes against her, and all by 2 people.
- Ep 9 - Troy voted against her (and played his idol, and Jay was booted)
- Ep 10 - Troy and Leif voted against her (Leif went home)
- finale - Troy and Leif are the only two to vote against her to win the $1M.

As someone else stated, Leif was a mystery on the show. What was going through his mind seems to have been well hidden.

But I am lead to wonder what Troy had/has against Kim. I had thought that maybe he got to Ponderosa and realized that Kim had played him to get his vote flipped to Michael, but he was voting against her before Ponderosa. Did he really realize that she was the danger to win (and if so why didn't he rally more people behind this??).

Production GUFU: Please stop recycling so many survivors. No, we don't want to see RussHell, Colton, or even Troy again. Sure, I wouldn't complain about another season watching Kim but we don't really need that for the show.

"RE: Finale"
Posted by Dakota on 05-14-12 at 06:51 PM
Christina was an outsider early on. Bad game play, bad alliances, no game. And there she is in the final 4. Must have done something right. No game. Sabrina had one? I missed it. What she had was an alliance that survived because of Kim. Alicia? Alicia lost her alliance and thought that Kim would forget about Colton and Tarzan and Christina and be her BFF. Chelsea was almost non-existent except for what, one challenge and her telling Troyzan it's just a game? Like Colton, Kim was the player and deserved the win.
I could stand to see Jay or Troy again. But we know that Kat and Colton are the likely candidates.

Agman's Spring Fling '12

"RE: Finale"
Posted by Aruba on 05-14-12 at 07:38 PM

"Production Gufu. So, what would you have done had Leif still been in the game at F4. He would have been at a serious disadvantage in that F4 IC."

Good call on a hypothetical Leif struggle in the Final IC. Although this is not the first time a final IC would have been a potential debacle for a particular castaway in their respective season.

Guatemala - Imagine Lydia (barely five feet tall) having to extend her short stubby legs in that Final IC.

Exile Island - Howabout inept Cirie trying to balance herself on that floating lillypad in the final IC? ROFLMAO!

May as well go all out bashing PRODUCTION on this GUFU thread...

-- Obvious GUFU. Jiffy asking MATT why Manono gave up immunity and went to TC when Matt had been Anti-Darwined the TC before. But whether that question was directed to Matt, Michael, or the Man in the Moon, one did not have to go much further than Production's decision to force the finder of the HII to give it to someone on the other tribe (Duh, Colton) as the contributing factor for that scenario.

-- What's with the Kourtney snub??? Being medivaced on Day One is enough reason to get a quick response on her condition (broken arm.) But to return home and undergo a life-saving operation to remove cancer and not even ask how's she doing??? Isn't this show called "Survivor?!"

--Speaking of Medivac...Why not give former castaways who couldn't hack it another chance over tens of thousands still waiting for their first shots? And seconds after Jeff gives us this lowdown for S25, he has the audacity to say, "if you have what it takes, submit a three-minute video."


TRANSLATION...If you're an idiot, zombie, a coattail rider, or someone we may need to carry off the set...send in your tape...we'll put you on our Short List.

What a friggin' joke!!!

"RE: Finale"
Posted by qwertypie on 05-14-12 at 07:48 PM
I hadn't heard about Kourtney's cancer battle. The snub was really crass. I can only hope she asked Jiffy not to mention it.

"RE: Finale"
Posted by Aruba on 05-14-12 at 09:01 PM
I actually heard about it on these Boards. According to the report she informed Rob C. (Amazon) who writes for CBS and Survivor that stomach cancer was found and she was operated on.

Would seem rather inconsistent that she would reach out to a Survivor writer (Rob C.) then tell Jeff not to talk about...unless of course things took a turn for the worst. We sure hope not.

Either way, you'd think an update on the broken arm would have been on the agenda. Nina also got snubbed. Granted they were the first two ousted, but one for a fluke injury and the other for the greatest divide in Reality Show - Age. Certainly not good enough reasons to be completely ignored.