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"Episode 7, 2/18"

Posted by Breezy on 02-18-09 at 07:55 AM
LAST EDITED ON 02-18-09 AT 07:56 AM (EST)

I got the right episode number this week.

Last night completely annoyed me. Why all the whining about no gym? Since when is the only place you can lose weight in a gym? How many of those peeps will be able to keep up a gym membership afterwards? pfffftttt

Not to mention that one piece of advice for stalled or slowing weightloss is to shake up your workout routine! Where were the trainers tips on that? grrrrrrrrr

Breezy was annoyed.

OK, I didn't catch this but someone else did. Did ya'll notice that Purple girls starting weight was from two weeks ago (301) and not last weeks.

I'm glad they set Pink daughter home. She annoyed me. Too whiney. And that Mickey Mouse voice! Ack! I had to plug my ears any time she was on yaking.

LMAO I got the right episode but wrong date. *snort* See? I was annoyed.

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"RE: Episode 7, 2/18"
Posted by brvnkrz on 02-18-09 at 08:44 AM
I did notice that about her weight and didn't understand that at all.
I was rooting for the pink to go home because they treated the gym like a spa when they should have been taking advantage. I never really disliked either of the pink team until last night. They made the elimination easy.

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"RE: Episode 7, 2/18"
Posted by Breezy on 02-18-09 at 08:45 AM
I'm pretty sure it was the Neil rule.

"RE: Episode 7, 2/18"
Posted by vince3 on 02-18-09 at 08:53 AM
Anti-watering up rule?

"RE: Episode 7, 2/18"
Posted by Breezy on 02-18-09 at 09:05 AM
Yes. Basically your starting weight will always be the lowest you were, not the preceding week's.

"RE: Episode 7, 2/18"
Posted by true on 02-18-09 at 09:29 AM
Clearly, math is not my thing, but...does this mean that Momma Purple only lost 1 lb. over 2 weeks?

I was happy to see Pink daughter go, but there is something about Pink Mom that bothers me. I thought for sure that since Pink Mom had the benefit of the ranch for the first month, that she would give her daughter the same experience and go home. I wonder if it was Pink Mom's dream to come on the show, and she just dragged her daughter along because she needed a partner. Either way, what a selfish DAW!!!

I was annoyed last night for the same reasons you posted, Breezy. This season really annoys me in general, and I can't explain exactly why. It's weird, because other than the Pink team (who is no where near as bad as Hefa and Icky were last season) I like all the other teams this season.

I hate to say it, but I'm really not liking Bob this time around. Maybe he needs to take a season off or something. His attitude and smug comments make me want to haul off and smack him. ugh. I know this is a weight loss game, but dang it all, these are real people, and maybe I'm so annoyed because I do like these people, and hate to see them being used for some stupid TV game BS. They need to cut back on the game and put more foucs on teaching these people how to get and STAY healthy.

The huge amounts of weight these people lose is inspriring, but with so many past contestants putting the weight back on, I just don't think it's a healthy way to go about it.

"RE: Episode 7, 2/18"
Posted by brvnkrz on 02-18-09 at 09:46 AM
Seasons do seem to be taking a toll on Bob this year. Does he cry next week?????

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"RE: Episode 7, 2/18"
Posted by samboohoo on 02-18-09 at 09:50 AM
I think he does. I think they are switching teams. I think he's going to lose someone like Mikey/Sione/Filipe and gain someone like Aubrey or Mandi.

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"RE: Episode 7, 2/18"
Posted by aquariaqueen on 02-18-09 at 10:03 AM
LAST EDITED ON 02-18-09 AT 10:04 AM (EST)

Have you noticed how concave his head is around the temples? Seems to me he's not giving himself enough nutrition. Something's just not right.

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"RE: Episode 7, 2/18"
Posted by Breezy on 02-18-09 at 10:16 AM
I don't think they used two weeks ago weight for Purple Mom, did they? Just Purple Girl had a gain.

"RE: Episode 7, 2/18"
Posted by nap_time on 02-18-09 at 10:55 AM
Kristen starting off with the weight 301 was the "penalty" I was talking about last week. Those who gain weight don't get to count the "extra" weight loss the next week. (I just wasn't sure how it worked or how to explain it.) She would have lost 15 lbs. if they had used her last weigh in instead of the 12 lbs. they showed.
Didn't something similar happen last season?

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"RE: Episode 7, 2/18"
Posted by aquariaqueen on 02-18-09 at 09:49 AM
I think it's an anti-watering up rule as well. If you have immunity, they use the week before's number. Sounds reasonable to me. But then that means Kristin's mother lost almost nothing!! Right?

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"RE: Episode 7, 2/18"
Posted by samboohoo on 02-18-09 at 09:48 AM
I was LMAO about the whining about the gym. I was screaming, "you've got a great workout right here trying to get those keys." It's all about the change. Like Laura said about knowing where she was at the gym and knowing what she could do. Working out with my trainers has been completely different. With Patrick, it was all about the gym and what's available there. With Kevin, we're still in the gym, but we're not using the weight machines at all. And I see more of a difference with Kevin.

Bob did make a point last night, which I had to accept. The show, the situation is set up as a game. So I have tried to look at it that way.

I did not get to see the whole episode yet, so I will have to see what happened outside of the challenges and the weigh-in - I didn't get home until 9.

Good for Ron on the 7. Sounded like he was going to be in the pool from the one conversation I saw him having with Bob? Did they show any of that. Pool workouts are great workouts, so I'm glad it's not just there for lounging.

Loved the rowing challenge. Rowing machines are hard work. The first time I did one, I felt it immediately in my back. And I still can't do more than about 20 minutes before I am spent.

I noticed Kristin's starting weight was the 301 as well. I'm glad they did that. I still think she lost more because of last week, but I think I still like her overall.

Didn't like Pink Girl, and every time I see her, I think of her assault incident. They definitely made the right choice sending her home.

Aubrey and Mandi bug me. Specifically Aubrey.

As much as there is gameplay this year and attitude, I must say this is one of the more likeable casts they've had. I really do think they all (for the most part) really care about eachother. I like that.

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"RE: Episode 7, 2/18"
Posted by aquariaqueen on 02-18-09 at 10:02 AM
I don't believe they ever showed Ron in the pool, but they did show Jillian working with her group in the pool.

I'm getting to the point where I don't want many of the people to go....I guess the yellow team and Laura can go, after that, it's going to be painful.

Kudos for those who helped Ron on the hill.

Oh, and I was a little upset with Tara (hard to believe) but she kept saying Laura wasn't doing enough to keep her in the game. Ummmm...last week Laura impressed me holding that bar for 3 plus hours!!! She gets a point of respect from me for that.

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"RE: Episode 7, 2/18"
Posted by brvnkrz on 02-18-09 at 10:12 AM
I agree about them liking each other this year. Such a nice change from last year. I admit that I got a little warm and fuzzy when everybody was helping Ron up the hill even if it meant the lessened their chances of winning.
I am all for team Blue this year. I am crushing on both Felipe and Sione.

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"RE: Episode 7, 2/18"
Posted by nap_time on 02-18-09 at 10:49 AM
I really enjoyed this week, for the most part. When they were doing the challenges and everyone was helping Ron or encouraging him, I kept thinking, boy this is really different than last year. I know that there are still two "teams" but they don't act like it for the most part. I was so glad to see him pull a good number this week, but I still feel like Bob is still putting too much pressure on Mike. His comments before the weigh in about how he had to pull big numbers so he wouldn't let his dad down really bother me. I worry about his emotional state if they ever do fall below.

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"RE: Episode 7, 2/18"
Posted by LostAddict on 02-18-09 at 10:40 AM
Did anyone else notice pink girl's roller derby name?

Flower Power.

lol. THAT made me think of the assault incident.

"RE: Episode 7, 2/18"
Posted by Ahtumbreez on 02-24-09 at 09:42 AM
Plus when she was at home at the end, behind her was what looked like a bag of flour. *snort

"RE: Episode 7, 2/18"
Posted by nap_time on 02-18-09 at 10:47 AM
LAST EDITED ON 02-18-09 AT 10:52 AM (EST)

Although Tara is still my favorite... she bothered me some tonight. I understand that she was worried that Laura wasn't doing all she could.. but encourage her, don't pull yourself down. I am glad Laura had great numbers this week. Maybe that will relieve some of the stress that Tara has placed on herself.

Speaking of stress release, wasn't the mud fight funny! I thought it was great that they showed all of them having a good time and being silly together.

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"RE: Episode 7, 2/18"
Posted by jbug on 02-18-09 at 12:20 PM
So all you Tara fans don't go throwing stuff at me, okay?
Tara is beginning to annoy me to no end! All the complaining about Laura - enough is enough!
She had to have a team mate to be on TBL this season. However it came about, she teamed up with Laura.
Tara needs to quit trying to make everyone think she is the best and working hardest and is the only one who deserves it! Laura needs to lose more weight than Tara does! So Tara needs to either give her support or just go do her own thing and leave Laura alone!
Quit making Laura feel guilty. Any time the green team loses a challenge now, Tara makes it Laura's fault.
I don't see the other teams laying the blame on their team mates.

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"RE: Episode 7, 2/18"
Posted by KeithFan on 02-18-09 at 04:19 PM
I agree, the act is getting old fast. She may be more naturally athletic than some of the others, but I don't think she's out-working anyone.

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"RE: Episode 7, 2/18"
Posted by nap_time on 02-19-09 at 09:54 AM
Here's throwing a pie at you jbug for talking about Tara!
Just kidding... I agree, the other night was a bit much. It has to be hard though depending on someone else to keep you on the ranch. I really can't wait for them to go to singles! That way, you don't have anyone to blame but yourself if you fall below the yellow line.
I have found through experience that you get more with encouraging someone that brow beating them... what is the saying jbug, "catch more flies with honey than vinager."??? something like that.
I didn't get to see the previews for next week... so do they go to singles or are they just juggling the teams around for more drama?

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"RE: Episode 7, 2/18"
Posted by jbug on 02-19-09 at 07:59 PM
here's throwing a pie at you...

"RE: Episode 7, 2/18"
Posted by taffnic on 02-18-09 at 06:06 PM
I'm also in agreement about Tara being annoying last night.

I did love the mud wrestling. It was hilarious.

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"RE: Episode 7, 2/18"
Posted by mtopaz on 02-19-09 at 01:45 PM
Agreed. It seems like her partner is doing pretty good, such as holding up her end of the bar in last week's challenge for quite a long time; hanging in there with the rowing challenge, and losing a decent amount of weight this week. Enough with the freak out Tara -- re-focus on doing your own personal best and stop letting yourself be distracted/distressed by what anyone else might or might not be doing to your satisfaction.

I think Tara would do well at home -- she certainly seems to be a very motivated and determined individual. However, she must feel that if she doesn't have the structure of being on the ranch, she's going to revert to her former bad habits and gain it all back. Hmmmmm, time for some Jillian therapy sessions?

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"RE: Episode 7, 2/18"
Posted by mtopaz on 02-18-09 at 11:57 AM
I am definitely enjoying this season 100% more than last season, and it's because of the contestants this time around. It seems that they really like one another, and I loved seeing their care and concern for Ron on the hill challenge.

I did roll my eyes at the whining over not being able to use the gym for a whole week. I was thinking -- walk up and down that hill for an hour, three or four times a day -- that'll be a heckuva workout! I liked how Bob used patio furniture in the workout. I don't know about that contraption he tied to a tree -- all I could think of was that Seinfeld episode when Jerry's parents were visiting and his dad had something similar he rigged to the handle of the door. Kremer thought someone was trying to break in!

Pink girl going home didn't bother me -- and she's done pretty well on her own, which did surprise me some. Got a laugh out of her joining the roller derby

I love Purple Girl, Filipe & Sione, and Dane - those are my favorites. But I really like them all. I guess my least favorite team are Aubrey and Mandi -- not sure why.

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"RE: Episode 7, 2/18"
Posted by justmyhumbleopinion on 02-18-09 at 03:08 PM
I don't know about that contraption he tied to a tree

I wondered if the entire "lock them out of the gym" challenge was a product placement setup for that contraption thing.

"RE: Episode 7, 2/18"
Posted by MKitty on 02-18-09 at 12:00 PM
Yeah, I was really annoyed that when the Pink team won the gym...they squandered it and did lame workouts and also turned it into a lounge. What a bunch of idiots. And..I also was annoyed with Jillian's whiney attitude about not getting to go in the gym so she made them work out in the house in the living room?? WTF? They have a wonderful ranch with a pool and hills to climb and she made them do aerobics in the freakin' living room? I agree with Bob that you DON'T need a gym and was glad to see him using anything he had to make a workout..outside.

STill loving the Blue boys..yes, live Bravey, have a bit of a crush on both of them Tara, despite being a machine, was bugging me this week as well with her whining and such. And Laura..oh good lord girl...stop crying! ARGHGHGGH.

I cannot wait to see the teams shuffled up next week and perhaps split as well. Gee people..you know only one person is going to win..not a team..so suck it up!!

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"RE: Episode 7, 2/18"
Posted by jbug on 02-18-09 at 12:49 PM
I see the question about Kristen's starting weight of 301 has been answered; I was wondering about that myself.
Kristen seems like such a nice girl. Even with her competition with Tara on the challenges, she still shows that she likes Laura and Tara. I didn't like tho how she kept talking about her weight gain and how important this weeks loss was - how badly she needed the immunity; she knew she'd have a loss after her water up; surprised her mother only lost 1 lb tho.

It seems so odd this year for everyone to be such friends! So different from last year.

Wow, it was a good thing Dane won immunity! 1.99%
and the pink team lost 1.99%
So if he hadn't had immunity, wonder how they would have handled the tie?

Laura thought it was sooooooooo important that she win immunity and then the green team ended up being the biggest losers for the week. It would have been sad if they had had the immunity and their team mate Dane was sent home.

Pink mom & daughter really messed up their gym time. Without Bob there to push them, they took it easy. He couldn't be with them all the time cause he had to train the others too, sooo.
Not much was shown of Mike & Ron in the gym was it?

I liked seeing how the pool could be used for a workout. Maybe some of that is what Bob had Ron doing too - wouldn't put as much stress on his knee.

Speaking of Ron's knee. I wish they'd come up with a challenge that he wouldn't be at a disadvantage in because of his knee. The hill climb and the rowing were not good for him. Neither was the standing & holding the bar up last week. Can anyone remember challenges in the past that were not hard on the knees?

"RE: Episode 7, 2/18"
Posted by aquariaqueen on 02-18-09 at 12:54 PM
Brown team: Kudos to all who helped Ron up and down the hill. This really is a great group of people. Wish we would have seen Ron in the pool. And actually, I am shocked that we don't see more pool exercises throughout the seasons. Mike (I refuse to call a young man, Mikey) has a lot of weight on his shoulder, no pun intended, but I think he'll grow from it. It does look like he's been caudled. He has a real chance to do somthing, prove something to himself and others, and build some self esteem.

Pink Team: Ugh, I am glad Shannon is gone. Unfortunately, while she's home she becomes the proud owner of an assault charge against her. I like Helen. Not sure why, but I think she's ok. By last years standard, she would have been a true sweetie!

Yellow Team:As much as I am liking most of the people left, I think this team is expendable for me. Neither do a thing for me.

Black TeamLike Caffy said, "he's just there". Did you find it strange how Tara was carrying on about missing Blaine? It almost sounded, um well.......

Purple teamIt seems to me that they used the weight of this team from two weeks ago....guess that really kicks out the need to watering up, doesn't it? But then it really made it look like Mom didn't lose too much for two weeks, does it?

Blue teamThese guys are neat. Not too much focus on them this week. But I did like the one's comment about how good he looks at the weigh in....they make me smile.

Green teamWow, they finally show Tara is a negative light. But I can kind of understand her finally breaking down. She can't keep the numbers up...she's been doing so well for so long. I was a little puzzled by her comments about Laura because I think Tara seems to forget that Laura was there holding that bar up for 3 plus house last week. I am glad that Laura did pull a reasonable number. But Laura is expendable too.

How about the mudwrestling? That was hilarious, unless you were the groundskeeper! Funny thing is, most are married. But it's just good clean (dirty) fun. I agree, they need to break down and have some crazy time.

Those who can leave before I start losing my favorites: Aubrey, Mandi, Laura, Ron, Mike....I guess in that order.

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"RE: Episode 7, 2/18"
Posted by flystorms on 02-19-09 at 09:01 AM
"Did anyone else notice pink girl's roller derby name?
Flower Power.

lol. THAT made me think of the assault incident."

LostFan you cracked me up with this one! Hilarious catch! I totally forgot about that.

"Having finally seen the whole episode"
Posted by samboohoo on 02-19-09 at 10:29 AM
Tara: I love her, but she is making herself completely nuts. And I felt bad for her wanting the five seconds. Been there, done that. There are days when you are just spent. I think, given her mental and physical stress, she needs a break or her body is going to completely shut down.

Loved the mud fight. Too darn funny.

Hated the lounge in the gym. They really did not have a benefit there.

I loved watching everything they were doing outside of the gym. I can relate to how they felt losing their gym, but they still had the benefit of having their trainers, and they still had a lot of resources available to them. Too much whining.

*smooches Agman*

"RE: Episode 7, 2/18"
Posted by Cyndimaus on 02-19-09 at 05:42 PM
When they lost the gym did anyone else think of Jillian's black team a few seasons back? The one where they all thought they were going home and Jillian showed up and they trained in secret. They had no gym but they all put up really good numbers compared to the teams that had the gym. And when I was thinking of that it surprised me that Jillian was complaining about training outdoors. And then it ended up that Bob's team worked out at the beach!

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"RE: Episode 7, 2/18"
Posted by jbug on 02-20-09 at 09:44 AM
Yes, Cindi-twin. I remembered that. Wondered why she was making such a big deal of being outside for training. Has our Jillian become a bit of a wimp?

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"RE: Episode 7, 2/18"
Posted by Starshine on 02-20-09 at 08:04 AM
Finally watched the show, I thought it was interesting that most of them seemed to fall apart without a gymnasium, how are they going to cope if they ever go away on holiday? I hope that this week has taught them that they can cope, and can lose weight without one.

Brown Team – Bob is out of order putting so much pressure on Mike’s shoulders, Ron is half killing himself out there with bad knees, and Bob tells him that Mike is the one that is going to see the teams through? There are a lot of people out there with bad knees, and perhaps Bob could have suggested something to Ron that would have given them some ideas as well.

Yellow team – Meh, I thought I liked Aubrey in week one, by week 7 I don’t, she and Mandi seem completely unable to do this for themselves, which I fear will mean in a couple of years they will be back where they started.

Pink Team – Meh, see yellow team, but with extra competitiveness, glad the daughter is gone, and really hope that the lesson learned is that you don’t necessarily need to be in a gymnasium to lose weight or get fit.

Black Team – Not a great week, won the challenge, but apart from that didn’t really seem to be there.

Purple Team – I didn’t like them at all at the start, still not sure about Mom, but Kristin really seems fantastic, she still looks more out of shape than most of them there, but she can kick bottom in the challenges, and has fun as well! I think that of all of them in the house she is the one who is most likely to keep the weight off.

I am now going to be controversial

Green Team – I like Laura, she held that bar, she rowed on that machine, she ran up that hill, we haven’t seen her take it easy in any gymnasium work, or in any of the challenges, she can be a bit whiny, but she does the work I really hope that it works out for her. Tara… can anyone spell egomaniac? The entire show is, or at least should be, about Tara, Tara works harder than everyone else, Tara’s partner doesn’t deserve to lose weight half as much as Tara, Tara should be allowed a break for a few minutes, but Laura needs to work all day blah, blah, blah. Maybe they need to defocus, or maybe Tara needs to chill a bit.

Blue Team – I am finding this team arrogant, no-one else has mentioned this, so it may just be me, but whilst they do the work, I am just getting a “better than you” vibe from them.

For me though the highlight of the show will always be when they make Jillian do a product promotion, it is always so funny to watch. Bob loves it, but in Jillian’s case I always feel that there is a gun pointing at her making her do it.

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"RE: Episode 7, 2/18"
Posted by brvnkrz on 02-24-09 at 09:54 AM
I agree 100% about Tara. In the begining I liked her because she is so competitive. But she really has become an egomaniac and I hate her sportsmanship with her partner. I wouldn't mind her going home one bit. I like being competitive but not at the expense of putting other people down, especially your team mate.

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