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"TAR 20 PTTE: Wk 2 Results ~ Wk 3 Entry"

Posted by kircon on 03-02-12 at 04:19 PM
LAST EDITED ON 03-03-12 AT 04:03 PM (EST)

The Amazing Race 20 PTTE Game

Are you ready for some PTTE?

What's a PTTE, you ask?

Well, PTTE is short for "Picks To The End"

It is a boot list prediction game.

It is a game about the order of who IS kicked off each week

New players are always welcome, and for new folks who want to play the PTTE game this season, here's how it works:

Here's the goal:

Post your prediction about the REMAINING elimination order for the season, starting with the first team to be eliminated and ending with the winner. Please put WINNER next to the team that you think will win.

This doesn't need to have any analysis, although you're welcome to throw anything in that you want. With any spoiler information available to you, coupled with your own intuition, see how well you can do.

The game won't close for a few weeks, but all picks made after the first episode begins will incur a point penalty... the earlier you enter, the less points you can earn, so enter early!

Remember, the goal is to end the season with the fewest points.

The Team Eliminated in 10th place

Dave and Cherie

It was obvious this clown couple really has a good loving marriage. I just don’t care for clowns. Good luck with your future and thanks for bringing laugher to schools, hospitals & libraries.

Now on to the Scores

Place – Name – Score on current list
Upward movement ^
In case of ties, I alphabetize.

1. beau_30 - 0
1. kircon – 0
1. KwietOne – 0
1. louislam - 0
1. vennui – 0

6. Yogi - 1


Here's the way that the scoring works:

1) You do NOT want points... they're bad... it's like golf.
Every point counts against you in the standings, so try to avoid them.

2) Points will be awarded to every contestant in the game after each episode of The Amazing Race 20. They will be awarded as the difference between where you thought this week's eliminee would finish and where the eliminee actually finished.

If it is a non-elimination episode, then no points will be scored for that week, and if there is a double-elimination episode, the eliminees will be scored according to the order they were eliminated.

For example: If you think Misa & Maiya will come in 5th, and they actually come in 11th, you'll receive 6 points (the difference between 11th and 5th) for that week's episode.

3) You will be given 4 penalty points every time you change your PTTE list after the first episode has aired, but it's only 4 points so change your list if you think it will help you out.

4) If you do not enter before the third episode, you will start with a score equivalent to 8 points per episode you missed.

5) I will post a few tiebreaker questions in the event of ties at the end of the season.
These are important, as tiebreakers have decided the winner in seasons past!

1st Tiebreaker Question
What week will Dave & Rachel use their Express Pass?
This upcoming show is the 3rd week.

You can find out more on the teams at the CBS Amazing Race Site

If you have any questions post them in this thread or PM me.
(Private Message located top right on page, larger envelope icon.)

That's it for now. Post your list.
Sit back and enjoy the next episode of:

The Amazing Race 20

I will lock in your list at 7:59 pm EDT on Sunday, March 4, 2012.

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"Scores are Up & Tiebreaker Question."
Posted by kircon on 03-03-12 at 04:05 PM
Don't forget to answer the Tiebreaker.

"Tie-breaker Question"
Posted by kircon on 03-03-12 at 04:09 PM
I think Dave & Rachel will use their Express Pass during week 8

"RE: TAR 20 PTTE: Wk 2 Results ~ Wk 3 Entry"
Posted by KwietOne on 03-03-12 at 09:35 PM
Dachel will use their express pass in the 7th week.

"RE: TAR 20 PTTE: Wk 2 Results ~ Wk 3 Entry"
Posted by beau_30 on 03-04-12 at 06:27 PM
They will use the express pass on leg 6.

"RE: TAR 20 PTTE: Wk 2 Results ~ Wk 3 Entry"
Posted by vennui on 03-04-12 at 07:52 PM

Racheal and dave will use their pass in week 7

"RE: TAR 20 PTTE: Wk 2 Results ~ Wk 3 Entry"
Posted by Yogi on 03-04-12 at 07:54 PM
What week will Dave & Rachel use their Express Pass?
Week 4