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"TAR XX Lvoe List Volume 2"

Posted by emydi on 02-27-12 at 01:17 PM
We're not following those Nimrods!

Art and JJ go out on their own and get an a$$ that isn't broken!Despite the animal being included, I definitely would have joined them. They make a big move up on my list.

BB Rachel is "just a girl" and moves down.

If it was counting clowns in a car, instead of cattle, we may have had a different ending!

1. Art/JJ (6)-I am really liking JJ. Art is definitley the Type B in this pair. I'd be a little peeved to if I came in 2nd that close and I had left first from the cattle. They were smart and made up a lot of time on detour.

2. Rachel/Dave (5)-they are strong racers and this Rachel is competent, able woman

3. Nary/Jamie (1)-will their real jobs ever be known? We saw a lot more of them bc they were on last bus and thought they were being eliminated

4. Bopper/Mark(8)- Mark is very competent. Bopper is still getting on my nerves. They raced well...but Mark didn't need Rachel's help...she's only a girl

5. Kerri Stacey(3)-they move down for helping the Guidos with solar equipment. They are racing better than expected.

6. Vanessa/Ralph (4)- Vanessa did well on the road block. They are still in the background

7. Elliot/Andrew(2)-they fall for working withe the Guidos and kicking the clown like a soccer ball. It was nice to see the greeter was known to the soccer player (I still don't know their names) I think they can move back up but they have to not work with Guidos anymore.

8. Joey/Danny (10)-they move up bc of Rachel but hoping they leave very soon

9. Brendon/Rachel-(9) we have our dysfunctional couple of the race. She is useless..I guess in BB you don't have to do much to win?!?

Philiminated (7)Dave/Cherie-they are very nice people. I wish the clown could divide better and they would have outlasted the Guidos.

Kid can you do the stats again?

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"RE: TAR XX Lvoe List Volume 2"
Posted by Toban on 02-27-12 at 03:00 PM
1. Vanessa/Ralph: Vanessa seems like she has a great sense of humour. Plus she seems like a good racer. I don't have much on Ralph yet but they're my fave team so far.

2. Nary/Jamie: A bit of bad luck with the water taking so long to boil. (I think it was probably more luck than skill). Smart move in telling people they were teachers.

3. Rachel/Dave: good racers and working well together so far.

4. Kerri/Stacy: yeah they probably shouldn't have helped the guidos but they were also very competent racers and seem like decent people. I liked their little dance routine at the mat.

5. Joey "Fitness" and Danny: I still like them. For some reason, the stupid "fitness" nickname makes me laugh.

6. Brenchel: I know, I know. She's a ticking time bomb. But that's why I love to watch their dysfunction. I can't wait until she goes off on some of the other female contestants because of some perceived slight borne out of her own insecurities.

7. Elliot/Andrew: meh, whatever.

8. Art/JJ: there's something I don't like about them.

9. Bopper/Mark: ugh. That accent. Those teeth.

The bootees:

The Clowns: good riddance

Honorable mentions:

1. The punk-rock dog thingy. I want one.

2. Phil's moose-knuckle. It was on prominent display at one point.

"RE: TAR XX Lvoe List Volume 2"
Posted by altpeach on 02-27-12 at 03:09 PM
1. Nary/Jamie- Smart, tough women who didn't need help to get the job done.

2. Kerri/Stacy- Did the math on their own, no help. Would have been number 1 had they not helped Jersey Shore. Lvoe their cheer at the mat and they seem nice enough.

3. Rachel/Dave- Strong male/female team who have yet to argue.

4. Bopper/Mark- Here because of Mark.

5. Art/JJ- I dunno, something about this team just doesn't sit well with me.

6. Vanessa/Ralph- He is pretty invisible, she seems fun. Lvoed her comment about being used to ignoring men.

7. Elliot/Andrew-meh

8. Rachel/Brendan- the whining begins. I'm just a girl, oh good grief.

9. Joey/Danny- Just leave already.

"RE: TAR XX Lvoe List Volume 2"
Posted by TARFAN76 on 02-27-12 at 03:09 PM
1. Dave/Rachel - He's cute and they are really efficient.
2. JJ/Arthur - I was glad they picked light my fire. That would definitely have been my choice, too. They should have been first but I guess the power couple out-raced them.
3. Bopper/Mark - I suspect they won't be this far up on the list all the time but they proved to be pretty efficient, too. I didn't give them enough credit.
4. Elliot/Andrew - I want them to be my favorite team but they were not shown much this week.
5. Nary/Jamie - I think they are rather boring but likable enough.
6. Kerri/Stacey - Way to go on the math!
7. Vanessa/Ralph - Not much of an impression this week.
8. Joey/Danny - They probably won't last long.
9. Brendan/Rachel - I HOPE they don't last long. She's such a whiner/cry baby. He's going to spend the whole race pampering her and begging her forgiveness.

That bus incident sure was a crazy fluke right after Nary verbalized that possibility. (of one of the earlier buses breaking down)

"RE: TAR XX Lvoe List Volume 2"
Posted by kidflash212 on 02-27-12 at 03:39 PM
Of course I'll do stats (meant to last night but emergency kept me from it)

1)Elliot & Andrew - Still don't feel I know most of the teams yet but E & A are the most fun to look at. And props for recognizing the greeter.

2)Rachel & Dave - I know the meltdown is coming but they've been a solid team and won every leg so far. Huge target on their backs though.

3)Art & J.J. - Didn't see the need for their animosity towards Bendon & Rachel but they race well.

4)Nary & Jamie - Still mostly invisible, time will tell. I'm leaning towards liking them.

5)Vanessa & Ralph - Again, not much from them so they land in the middle for me.

6)Joey & Danny - Not as bad as last week. Still annoying but they showed some game by allying with the twins. Keeping other young Alpha Male team in the race can benefit them later.

7)Kerri & Stacy - Their exuberance at the mat wasn't necessary since the only thing that saved them was the other bus breaking down not their own skills.

8)Bopper & Mark - I like Mark but Bopper just annoys me.

9)Brendon & Rachel - Knew the wailing and whining were coming. Didn't expect it so soon. Her crybaby act did not make anyone feel sorry for her.

Philiminated: Dave & Cherie. Clearly not cut out for this race, they seemed nice but better they leave now and don't become another Dandrew.

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"RE: TAR XX Lvoe List Volume 2"
Posted by Max Headroom on 02-27-12 at 03:51 PM
1. Art/J.J. (2) - For an alpha-male team, they're likeable and fun to watch.
2. Rachel/Dave (1) - Another solid leg, but I'm starting to get a ticking time bomb vibe from them.
3. Nary/Jamie (5) - Not bad for kindergarten teachers.

4. Bopper/Mark (3) - Surprisingly solid racers, but I forsee this team getting on my nerves if they last very long.
5. Vanessa/Ralph (7) - Getting an invisible edit but seem ok.
6. Kerri/Stacey (6) - Now that I've seen a little more of this team, I'm still on the fence about them.

Don't like:
7. Elliot/Andrew (8) - Seem to have no mojo whatsoever.
8. Joey/Danny (10) - Guess I'm not a fan of meatheads.
9. Brendon/Rachel (4) - And we have this season's dysfunctional couple.

Philiminated: Dave/Cherie (9) - Never had a chance, a wasted casting spot, but they seemed like nice people with a great relationship.

"RE: TAR XX Lvoe List Volume 2"
Posted by beau_30 on 02-27-12 at 07:26 PM



"RE: TAR XX Lvoe List Volume 2"
Posted by KwietOne on 02-27-12 at 11:25 PM
#1 Dachel - second in a row win
#2 Vanessa/Ralph - Vanessa able to do that cattle task on her own
#3 Art/JJ - getting lost and they're border patrol?
#4 Brenchel - I "like" dysfunctional.
#5 Kerri/Stacey - bubbly
#6 Nary/Jamie - meh
#7 Elliot/Andrew - pathetic performance
#8 Joey/Danny - even more pathetic performance
#9 Mark/Bopper - still annoying - MUTE MUTE!

"RE: TAR XX Lvoe List Volume 2"
Posted by featherfish81 on 02-29-12 at 02:39 AM
1) Rachel/Dave (2) - Doing well, and drama free.
2) Art/JJ (1) - A little too focused on the other teams, but overall a good team.
3) Nary/Jamie (3) - Another competent team doing well. I'm not thrilled with lying about your occupation, but not the worst crime out there.
4) Elliot/Andrew (6) - Mostly under the radar. I loved how he recognized the greeter. I wonder if any of the other greeters are relatively famous, and we just don't recognize them.
5) Kerri/Stacey (5) - Also under the radar, but seem to be a decent team.
6) Vanessa/Ralph (7) - Their team description had me worried, but so far seem to be okay.
7) Bopper/Mark (8) - They're doing well, but something about them irritates me.
8) Joey/Danny (9) - Eh
9) Brendon/Rachel (10) - I missed what he said that was so awful, but way to have a complete meltdown when he possibly blamed something on you, and then ignored his apology.

Philiminated: Dave/Cherie (4) - I wouldn't think math would be a team's downfall. They could have stuck around longer, I thought they were cool.

"RE: TAR XX Lvoe List Volume 2"
Posted by Starshine on 02-29-12 at 08:11 AM
1. Rachel/Dave - Her Spanglish is really good! And they appear to be running the race well together.

2. Nary/Jamie - Strong female team, not sure why hiding your job is necessary, however supportive and probably in it for the long term

3. Bopper/Mark - Don't understand a word that they say, however they entertain me.

4. Vanessa/Ralph - Strangely lvoeable, may possibly be amongst the few couples who have appeared in TAR who are actually grown ups.

5. Kerri Stacey - I like their happiness and they could be further up the list, just need a bit more time on screen.

6. Elliot/Andrew - Well I had to check who it was, and his looks have changed a lot since last summer, however meeting the third best footballer ever would be very exciting. Shame you are such a vanilla team.

7. Art/JJ - Something bugs me about them, maybe it's because I'm half Mexican (joke). I just see to be getting a "tick, tick, boom" vibe from them

8. Joey/Danny - I don't care how great you think you are.

9. Brendon/Rachel - Her voice is excuciating, his sense of entitlement is nauseating, and she has already gone into "blame everyone else" mode because she cannot do simple division. Can only see them moving down the list from here

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"RE: TAR XX Lvoe List Volume 2"
Posted by louislam on 03-04-12 at 03:24 PM
LAST EDITED ON 03-04-12 AT 03:24 PM (EST)

1. Art/J.J. (3) - Good decision on detour choice, and team up really saved them time. But I like them most for their dislike on B/R!

2. Rachel/Dave (2) - Consistent racers, looks like they will run a long leg

3. Vanessa/Ralph (1) - Vanessa is fun to watch, and she beat the other 3 teams in calculation, that's impressive!

4. Nary/Jamie (4) - Saved by their curse on other team's bus. Did a great job this leg but would be better if they beat K/S

5. Bopper/Mark (8) - Did very well this leg, they should have won the prize

6. Kerri/Stacey (6) - Looks like good people, and competent as well!

7. Elliot/Andrew (5) - They should not team up with J/D so that we may have the chance to save the clowns

8. Joey/Danny (9) - Worst racers, hope to see them go asap

9. Brendon/Rachel (10) - Start to dislike them now and it's only in leg 2!

Philiminated. Dave/Cherie (7) - Bad luck on car broke down, but the bad math skill really did them in

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"RE: TAR XX Lvoe List Volume 2"
Posted by kidflash212 on 03-04-12 at 07:56 PM
The Lvoe List Results

I'm back to the stats! Great reading all your lists, I love all the humor and all the snark. Rachel & Dave have taken first place in both legs of the race and first place on the Lvoe List. Will they have staying power or slide away? Second place goes to Art & J.J. with the not very prominent team of Nary & Jamie sneaking into third. First Place votes were spread around with Rachel & Dave getting five first place votes, Art & J.J. taking three and Nary & Jamie, Elliot & Andrew, and Vanessa & Ralph getting one first place vote each.

The bottom of the list finds Big Brother leftovers Brendon & Rachel way behind all the other teams taking eight of the last place votes. Does anyone see any possibility of them getting out of the basement?

The full Lvoe List:

First Place Votes
Last Place Votes
Rachel & Dave
Art & J.J.
Nary & Jamie
Vanessa & Ralph
Kerri & Stacy
Bopper & Mark
Elliot & Andrew
Joey & Danny
Brendon & Rachel

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