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"Supernova Love List: week 10"

Posted by dreamerbeliever on 09-05-06 at 11:57 PM
So what did you think of the week ten performances by these five rockers? Have new favorites emerged, did old favorites make your heart beat faster yet again, or who disappointed and had you scratching your head wondering what the *bleep* was that?

Remember that a love list is all about you and whatever you want to base it on. As long as you’re being true to your feelings, then it is correct.

1) Dilana – The Who “Behind Blue Eyes” & Original “Supersoul” (1,1,1,1,2,2,2,2,3) The show must go on, what a trooper! Absolutely LOVED the tone to Dilana’s voice tonight in the beginning of “Behind Blue Eyes”. Those 30 seconds may be the best thing I’ve heard the entire season. Her original was okay but not being able to move around probably hurt her some. My only advice to Dilana would be to quit calling attention to her whoops a daisy moment. The viewing public tends to have a short memory, huh what was I talking about? Since this is the last week of the in-season love list, Dilana finishes were she started with me, a numero uno. It’s all about what happens on the stage and what goes into the microphone, love you Dilana!

2) Storm Large – David Bowie “Suffragette City” & Original “Ladylike” (5,6,4,2,3,5,7,4,6) Suffragette City was okay but was blown away by the original. Totally cool that her original was the best of the night. I could see myself wanting to listen to this song 10 or 20 years from now. It was just that good in my humble bumble opinion. And who knew that a simple white T-shirt could look that good on a human being? Stormy is so sexy hot and a fantastic entertainer.

3) Toby Rand – The Killers “Mr. Brightside” & Original “Throw it Away” (10,3,10,7,6,6,6,3,5) It was good but I preferred the intensity of Marty’s version. It was a fun rock out set. Can now see him winning and fronting SN, but there is a tone in Toby’s voice that just isn’t for me. Singing an original about getting wasted was a brilliant choice for this band. Would be okay if he does win the gig and wouldn’t be disappointed, but I would definitely want to know which contestants were performing with the house band before purchasing a ticket.

4) Lukas Rossi – Bon Jovi “Livin' on a Prayer” & Original “Headspin” (3,2,5,5,7,1,3,7,2) Hated the Bon Jovi remix. I’ll give him credit for having the ballz to attempt it, but it was awful. Couldn’t understand a word, no shocker there. The original was okay but nothing spectacular. Couldn’t see myself wanting to listen to it over and over. Lucky Charm is like a roller coaster ride, up and down. One thing is for sure, I'm always ready for the next ride.

5) Magni – The Beatles “Back in the U.S.S.R.” & Original “When Time Comes” (13,4,3,4,4,4,5,5,4) Haven’t pretty much all of the Iceman’s performances been about the same? Are there really enough people in Iceland to keep him out of the bottom three again? We shall see. We all know he has a fantastic voice and is like a chameleon but I haven’t seen much originality out of him. Sorry but I just wouldn’t go out of my way to seek out him performing live with SN or solo. Great cover artist.

Booted: Ryan Star (6,8,7,3,1,3,1,1,1) Ryan is the first contestant in two seasons of Rock Star that I have been distraught over being booted when they were. While I loved and still do love my dread-locked girl Jordis (be on the lookout for her album soon), her being booted was more of a blessing and expected. Truly thought Ryan might win this thing. He is an amazing songwriter, brought something new to the table every time he performed, was hands down the most improved performer from week one, and would have brought a high level of quality to Supernova. I guess SN wants a singer to go along with the songs they’ve wrote, songs about making love and getting wasted. How original. I hope that there is a time when Ryan is looking down upon Supernova in the Billboard charts. If you do come to Chicago, I’ll fork over any dough needed to see you live Mr. Star.

The order the contestants appeared …

Dilana – The Who “Behind Blue Eyes” & Original “Supersoul”
Magni – The Beatles “Back in the U.S.S.R.” & Original “When Time Comes”
Storm Large – David Bowie “Suffragette City” & Original “Ladylike”
Lukas Rossi – Bon Jovi “Livin' on a Prayer” & Original “Headspin”
Toby Rand – The Killers “Mr. Brightside” & Original “Throw it Away”

This is the last week for the performance night love list Just wanted to thank everyone who has participated and done a ranking this season. Last year this thread had like 2 or 3 virgin posters brought into the light and this season was like 3 or 4, so that totally rocked and brought a smile to my face. Had a blast and hope this weekly thread added to your enjoyment of this phenomenal show. It truly does put A.I. to shame huh?

After the finale next week, I’ll start an overview love list thread for all the rawkers who performed this season. Did you think early boots like Matt & Chris were better then someone who lasted longer? Can’t wait to find out your thoughts for the complete season. Til then, later kids.

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"RE: Supernova Love List: week 10"
Posted by cycles2k on 09-06-06 at 00:26 AM
LAST EDITED ON 09-06-06 AT 00:55 AM (EST)

This was not the best episode but two of the performers really impressed me.

1) Lukas I may be one of the few people who thought his version of Living on a Prayer was incredible. His original was emotional and moving. Lukas has dropped the cool EMO act and is sharing a lot more of himself now. It works, IMO, he is at the top of my list for the first time.

2) Toby His Mr.Brightside as OK and his original was great. He is a very close second to Lukas. Toby knows how to work that crowd and I think he has a good chance of winning this thing.

-- slight gap --

3) Storm Storm's Suffragette City was competent. Her original was very good, but hardly the best of both seasons.

4) Magni Magni is likable, competent and consistent.

5) Dilana Behind Blue Eyes had some great moments. Her original was ordinary. Being carried onto the stage was wrong. She should have used a wheelchair, then when she stood up for the second song she could have screamed something about a miracle and broke into a tearfilled and uplifting tribute to ctrl-alt-delete.

Booted: Ryan He was at the top of my list for many weeks but I did not miss him as much as I had expected. His tryly unique talent was not right for SN.

Thanks again for the weekly lovelist thread Dreambeliever.

Time for Survivor love lists soon.

"RE: Supernova Love List: week 10"
Posted by Hoobie on 09-06-06 at 01:10 AM
I'm going to rank the performances as a whole, not individual songs...overall, not a great Tuesday night for me.

Storm Large – David Bowie “Suffragette City” & Original “Ladylike” ~ Not the best vocals on Suffragette City, but her performance had the most energy by far, and she played well with Dave. Now, Ladylike was awesome. I loved how she took her hat off. Great lyrics, chorus and all-around vibe. She earned her finale appearance.

Dilana – The Who “Behind Blue Eyes” & Original “Supersoul” ~ Pretty good, considering her torn calf muscle. I didn't mind the Who rearrangement. But, her attitude on the webisodes and the sour look when the other performers do well is troubling. Supersoul was much better than I expected.

Toby Rand – The Killers “Mr. Brightside” & Original “Throw it Away” ~ He's growing on me, but it seems so vanilla. It looks like he's trying too hard. Evs.

Magni – The Beatles “Back in the U.S.S.R.” & Original “When Time Comes” ~ Boring! But I loved his response to Tommy: "Both songs were sung by me".

Lukas Rossi – Bon Jovi “Livin' on a Prayer” & Original “Headspin” ~ Wow, what a disappointment...I couldn't understand a single word of Livin' on a Prayer. I closed my eyes for a few minutes and only then could I make out a few words. Then, the space in between sets made it seem like he just was doing time. Tommy was laughing AT him during the performance, and instead of saying what he really thought, he turned it over to the audience to see what they thought. If Tommy can't find anything nice to say, I guess he says nothing.
I wanted him to do well. Just wasn't feeling it tonight. Flame away.

"RE: Supernova Love List: week 10"
Posted by Glow on 09-06-06 at 01:19 AM
umm. Actually, Tommy told Lukas he always dreamed of having a lead singer that looks and sings like he does. Jason told him he was glad to hear that song again because it's been in his head since March. Naturally, they had to edit that stuff out. Interesting take you had on it though.

"RE: Supernova Love List: week 10"
Posted by nailbone on 09-06-06 at 12:29 PM
And interesting that they chose to edit that particular Tommy comment out...

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"RE: Supernova Love List: week 10"
Posted by Glow on 09-06-06 at 03:33 PM
Which also makes Toby's lack of enthusiasm in his "yeah thanks" replies make more sense.

"RE: Supernova Love List: week 10"
Posted by Glow on 09-06-06 at 01:17 AM
LAST EDITED ON 09-06-06 AT 01:41 AM (EST)

*stubborn sigh* Fine. I'll do it but I miss Ryan and I can't help it. *kicks rocks*

1. Lukas Rossi – Bon Jovi “Livin' on a Prayer” & Original “Headspin” - I loved LOVED that LOAP was so different. I'll have to listen to it about 100 more times to tell you if I actually liked it or not. My guess, is yes, I liked it very much. "Headspin" is one of my alltime favorite songs. I just heard it for the first time about two months ago and I've probably heard it more than any other song ever in my entire life (ummm except maybe "Back of Your Car" *sob*). I had Lukas originals on constant replay for a really really long time then I mixed in some Ryan. So yes, I like this song very much. Knowing that it's about his mother makes it all the more heartbreaking. I think Lukas is incredible and man, he was great tonight. When he sings, "I'm not perfect," I sing back, "Yes, you are," every time. The long look into the camera (KimD said it felt like time stopped - was I allowed to tell them that? heh) was ... gah. I don't know what it was but it was powerful. *voting my fingers off yet again*

ETA: For those of you that maybe don't know my exaggeration skills or or when I choose to use those skills, I'm not sure that I've listened to Headspin more than any song ever, I've just listened to it quite a lot over the past couple of months and it is one of my very favoritest songs ever.

2. Storm Large - David Bowie “Suffragette City” & Original “(What the F*ck Is) Ladylike” - Storm was on fire tonight. I loved her original. And I love "Suff City". I thought she did very well. I'm not sure how she was 4th in voting, though I'm not sure how Ryan was ever in the bottom 3 so who am I to wonder? umm... Dave? YumYay! Bonus!

3. Toby - The Killers “Mr. Brightside” & Original “Throw it Away” - meh. I don't know. The original was fun.

4. Dilana – The Who “Behind Blue Eyes” & Original “Supersoul” - Her original wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be so I think my expectations being so low did her a favor in my ranking (this would be more evident if there were more people left. heh). I thought she was really good tonight. Singing anyway. She should learn what to say though. yikes.

5. Magni - Magni – The Beatles “Back in the U.S.S.R.” & Original “When Time Comes” - "Back in" was a straight Magni-like karaoke performance. Was it vocally good? yes. Is it starting to really irritate the ##### out of me and bore me? yes. His original song seemed to be the longest song ever in the history of music. It lasted for.ev.er. I think I dosed off a few times because I remember absolutely nothing about it except his vein. Love that vein.

Ryan - I don't think I have to say anything here but I will. Ryan is an amazing performer who loves his fans. He has reached out to us through his closest friends and it is so appreciated and makes us even more determined to see him succeed. My passion for what he does is real and I am enjoying this ride very much. At a time when I can't say I'm enjoying much of anything, his introduction into my life is that much more appreciated (Thank you, evil Mark Burnett). I love this guy and for that, for what he has given me, I will give back as much as I possibly can for as long as he will let me.

"RE: Supernova Love List: week 10"
Posted by Iconoclastic on 09-06-06 at 03:32 AM
1) Toby - Cover song was OK which is about the best that could be said of any of the covers tonight. The original song however kicked a$$. Very catchy tune and I could see that one being a hit. Toby is one hell of a performer as well. One of his concerts would be anything but boring.

2) Magni - Cover song also OK. Loved the heavier sound to his original.

3) Storm - Once again cover song OK. Her original song was not really my thing but I can recognize that it was really good.

4) Dilana - Cover song was about how I would imagine Ashley Simpson would sing it. Didn't really care for it. Original was really good and was performed really well but didn't wow me. Probably had something to do with her being not so walking wounded but that's the hand she had to play.

5) Lukas - I was so hoping to see Jon Bon Jovi come out and bi+ch slap him. That was one of the worst piece of crap performances ever on television. As for his original song, I liked the song, great angst and emotion. Its just too bad that Lukas' performance reminded me of Frankensteins monster singing "Puttin On The Ritz" in "Young Frankenstein".

"RE: Supernova Love List: week 10"
Posted by brvnkrz on 09-06-06 at 08:37 AM
1. Storm
2. Toby

The other three are interchancgeable to me.

"RE: Supernova Love List: week 10"
Posted by nailbone on 09-06-06 at 12:30 PM
Ditto. Put Dilana at the bottom for me, though.

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"RE: Supernova Love List: week 10"
Posted by brvnkrz on 09-06-06 at 12:37 PM
the only reason I disagree is because I would put Lukas at the bottom. I don't think I understood one word of Living on a Prayer. I didn't even recognize what song it was until I heard him mumble those words.

"RE: Supernova Love List: week 10"
Posted by nailbone on 09-06-06 at 03:09 PM
True, but I liked his original song better than either of Dilana's. But just barely.

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"RE: Supernova Love List: week 10"
Posted by cheesybread on 09-06-06 at 08:39 AM
LAST EDITED ON 09-06-06 AT 08:51 AM (EST)

This is what this show is all about. Awesome talent and superior performances. On with the rankings:

1. Storm Large – David Bowie “Suffragette City” & Original “Ladylike”(5) - The DB tune was good and her interaction with Dave Navarro was great. She is completely comfortable on stage still completely captures my attention when she is on it. (Did I mention she is HOT!!) I don't see SN playing her song, and that is a knock against her at this point in the competition. Last year JD won, basically, for Pretty Vegas. But, but, but, I thought the song and her performance of it was awesome. I would definitely pay money to see her live.

2. Magni – The Beatles “Back in the U.S.S.R.” & Original “When Time Comes”(2) - Back in the USSR was lacking a little emotion but it is hard to bring that out when the USSR no longer exists and does not conjure up the same emotions as it used to. Being of the 80's I always think of Billy Joel singing this anyway. But I digress. The original, though I can't remember any of it, was awesome. I read elsewhere that it is a complete song ready for airplay now. I agree with that. I want to see/hear more of Magni's original stuff.

3. Toby Rand – The Killers “Mr. Brightside” & Original “Throw it Away”(4) - The first song was pretty good. When it was over I kept trying to compare it to Marty. It wasn't as good as Marty but Toby seemed to want to get to his original. His Oh, Oh, Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh-riginal was instantly memorable and fun. I can hear this one playing loud in the car with the windows open.

4. Lukas Rossi – Bon Jovi “Livin' on a Prayer” & Original “Headspin”(1) - The first song was interesting at first but got boring as he did nothing else with it. His original was pretty good. It fit him. The hairdo was bugging me and once again I couldn't understand a word. I could feel more emotion from him, but that was it.

5. Dilana – The Who “Behind Blue Eyes” & Original “Supersoul”(6) - Someone commented in the past week or two on the reality episode that it's like Dilana is turning into Jill. While I think talent wise she is leaps and bounds above Jill (as all the remaining rawkers are), her personality is showing an extremely high maintanance person, much like Jill. I must confess that I missed both of her songs tonight but I was happy that it was her that I missed and haven't felt the need to watch on the net. So that alone puts her at the bottom of my love list.

Tommyhawked - Ryan(3) - I think Ryan has an incredible amount of talent, possibly the most of the final 6. However, it is still raw and I think SN just wouldn't have known what to expect from him song-to-song. For those conspiracy theororists, the two women probably were kept for a reason. SN is still considering a women and these are the only two left, so why get rid of either of them unless you are sure. (As a side note, after the clinic this week, I think they are sure they don't want Dilana. Gilby, as much as stated it as fact.)

"RE: Supernova Love List: week 10"
Posted by byoffer on 09-06-06 at 08:49 AM
1 - Storm Large – I'm not a huge Bowie fan, but she rocked that song pretty well. And her original was, I agree, the best. Win or lose, Storm is the one I would most want to see in concert. She brings it all.

2 - Toby Rand – I actually found his first song to be a little boring - just a cover. Sure, he sings with energy, but time to show your mixing skills. His original was excellent, and had that "hook" to it. We will hear that on the radio I think.

3 - Dilana – I thought she butchered Behind Blue Eyes, but then that song in its original format is one of my favourites. It missed the sadness. Her original was surprisingly good. I can see listening to that. I am curious to know how it compares to her other original music.

4 - Lukas Rossi – I thought LOAP was a disaster, but give him credit for taking a song that he didn't want and that didn't suit him, and making it his own. I would rather see him try and fail than play safe. And the way he did the song gave him a chance to sing, which will make Jason happy. I actually didn't care much for his original. I couldn't make out the lyrics (for that matter, I can't make out his lyrics on most songs, and that is something I prefer to be able to do). The original dropped him to #4 IMO.

5 - Magni – The more I listen to Magni the more I agree with what a lot of you have been saying around here all season - he is a great cover artist. He does a great job of singing songs the way they were performed originally, and with lots of energy, but no interpretation. His original was very boring.

One last point - so far I am more impressed with the original songs than any of the songs I have heard from SuperNova. This includes the originals done by singers who have already left the competition. It strikes me that seeing SN in concert might be all about seeing the opening acts, if the opening acts included the "losers" singing their origs.

I <3 Storm. White t-shirt? *thud*

"RE: Supernova Love List: week 10"
Posted by Breezy on 09-06-06 at 08:59 AM
1. Storm Her original was awesome!

2. Toby First song was ok, but his original was very good.

3. Dilana She did ok on both.

4. Magni He needs more of an edge, I think.

5. Lukas Awful. Gawd, couldn't understand a single word that came out of his mouth. I agree Tommy couldn't think of anything nice to say.

At this point, Storm is the only one I would go see in concert. But not with SuperNothing, they're a nowhere band from nowhere land.

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"RE: Supernova Love List: week 10"
Posted by michel on 09-06-06 at 09:01 AM
This show was very revealing. I don't know who SN wants but each rocker has presented their own style.

Storm Large – David Bowie “Suffragette City” & “(What the F*uck is) Ladylike” The best set of the evening. Her “Suffragette City” gives a new meaning to “Wham-Bam, Thank you mam!” I don’t like mixing rap and rock but her song had a lot of energy and it “was” Storm.

Lukas Rossi – Bon Jovi “Livin' on a Prayer” & “Headspin” The rearrangement showed that Lukas, unlike Bon Jovi, doesn’t have any hope his prayers are listened to by an higher power, much less answered. It was strange but it perfectly set up “Headspin”. That song was profound and well presented.

Magni – The Beatles “Back in the U.S.S.R.” & “When Time Comes” This Beatles song hasn’t aged well to say the least. Magni showed he has no flash. His original had the hardest, meanest guitar riff. Its style was the closest to what SN has presented as their sound.

Dilana – The Who “Behind Blue Eyes” & “Supersoul” Her voice was stirring as always and at least her cover version wasn’t Limp! Her original was very weak.

Toby Rand – The Killers “Mr. Brightside” & “Throw it Away” The guy knows how to have fun. I don’t see SN as a “Boys Band” but they have reached the age where some men have mid-life crisis and maybe they feel Toby can help them with the young crowd! His whole set, especially his original, was juvenile at best.

"RE: Supernova Love List: week 10"
Posted by Bebo on 09-06-06 at 09:11 AM
1. Storm - Enjoyed both of her performances.

2. Toby - He can perform for the crowd without having it all completely disintegrate into just a stage show.

3. Lukas - I'm torn here. I applaud him taking the risk of trying to make a song his own, but I didn't like what he did with LOAP. He's incoherent. On the other hand, I was interested in his original song. But I don't think he's right for SN.

4. Dilana - I am so over her. She has self-destructed and cannot bring herself back. She lets the issues she had drag down every performance she gives. Get over yourself already and get back to entertaining. Also turned off by the f.u. attitude of her original song.

5. Magni - Loved, loved, loved his response about why the songs sounded alike. But I was so disappointed in his cover - it bordered on karaoke. He's got a wonderful personality, but I don't want him to win this.

"RE: Supernova Love List: week 10"
Posted by geg6 on 09-06-06 at 09:21 AM
There was really only one performance that blew me away. Everyone else was both okay and bad.

1) Toby Rand – The Killers “Mr. Brightside” & original “Throw it Away” - Though I loved Marty doing this last year, I thought Toby kicked it, with a version more like the original. As for his original, that was just perfect. Great rapport with the audience, fun lyrics, and a rockin' tune. That may well have won it for him.


2) Storm Large – David Bowie “Suffragette City” & original “Ladylike” - After a few weeks in which she has consistently been a bit disappointing, she came out roaring. She jelled well with DAW Dave on the cover, though the vocals were just a little weak. And I really loved her original. Good song, good performance.

3) Lukas Rossi – Bon Jovi “Livin' on a Prayer” & Original “Headspin” - And this is where it all begins to fall apart. LOAP was horrible. Just horrible. I know every single word to that song, and I had no idea what he was singing. I am not enamored with the mumbling. In fact, I hate it. Sing the freakin' words or shut up. But the original was terrific. He didn't mumble that, I noticed. He gets this spot on the strength of it.

4) Magni – The Beatles “Back in the U.S.S.R.” & Original “When Time Comes” - The cover was a workmanlike performance, as I expect from our Icelander. The original was pretty good. But he just doesn't wow me. He's competent, but not a star, unfortunately.

5) Dilana – The Who “Behind Blue Eyes” & Original “Supersoul” - I'm totally over the drama queen. Her cover was nothing all that spectacular, and in some part just painful. Her original sucked wind. Totally and completely. And her attitude makes me want to hurl. Yuck. I hope she goes. I will cheer if she does.

"RE: Supernova Love List: week 10"
Posted by xwraith27 on 09-06-06 at 09:37 AM
I'll just ditto geg's Love List. Mine looks exactly the same, including the BIG DROP.

"RE: Supernova Love List: week 10"
Posted by CattyChat on 09-06-06 at 09:57 AM
1. Toby (4, 1, 7, 6, 4, 3, 4, 2, 3) -- Toby is fun to watch, his personality shines through in all his performances and he has true rock vocals. Mr. Brightside -- I actually enjoyed this more than Marty's version from last year (which I have on my RS-INXS CD of downloads). I loved Toby's version & will continue to listen to it. Throw it Away -- Very catchy chorus and Toby's performance was exactly what I see SN doing for their 1-2 years as a band. I see Toby as their front man.

2. Lukas (5, 3, 4, 4, 8, 1, 5, 3, 2) -- Lukas & Toby were the only ones worth tuning in since Ryan is gone. Lukas, hands down, is the most charismatic artist from BOTH seasons of RockStar (though JD is a close second . . . JD wins the hottest artist from both seasons, with no one close, but I digress) Living on a Prayer -- I truly hated the arrangement, BUT I loved Lukas' vocals. HeadSpin -- Great to see Lukas do one of his songs and show the world what he is all about. Lukas is a talented artist, but he is not for SN and they would slow him down. Lukas, Ryan & Zayra will gain the most from this show and I am a HUGE fan of all three.

EVS -- Tough to distinguish rankings in my bottom 3

3. Dilana (1, 6, 1, 1, 3, 4, 2, 4, 6) -- She tops my bottom 3, because she at least has a great distinct sound. Behind Blue Eyes -- Great vocals & I thought she did a pretty good job. Supersoul -- Writing is not her thing. Dilana needs to be singing other people's songs.

4. Storm (6, 2, 8, 2, 2, 8, 7, 6, 5) -- Nothing special as a singer, just another pretty face and, at times, scary face. Suffragette City -- It was decent. What the "What" is Ladylike -- Storm's best performance of the season, but nowhere near best original song for both seasons. Come on, Dave, are you THAT lonely without Carmen?? Don't sell yourself so cheap, there are thousands of hot girls who would keep you warm after the show.

5. Magni (13, 7, 2, 5, 7, 5, 6, 5, 4) -- He's always been better than average throughout the season, but lacks that special something. Back in the USSR -- Magnificent. When Time Comes -- Consistently above average.

Booted: Ryan (10, 12, 9, 3, 1, 2, 1, 1, 1) -- I was sad to see Zayra go, but I understood why . . . Ryan, I just don't understand, he deserved to make the finals. Bittersweet in that I am glad he's not stuck with the lame SN, but I really missed Ryan's performances last night. I would have loved to hear another one of his originals . . . Oh, yeah, I'm listening to two CDs full of them . . . Stage and his solo album, Songs from the Eye of an Elephant. Ryan is the best artist from BOTH seasons (and I am a huge JD fan). I'll be first in line to buy the live album he's working on and I'll be seeing him as soon as he starts his tour.

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"RE: Supernova Love List: week 10"
Posted by weltek on 09-06-06 at 10:38 AM
Heh, I just wrote I liked Marty's version of M.B. much more! I guess to each his own!

"RE: Supernova Love List: week 10"
Posted by Wacko Jacko on 09-06-06 at 10:40 AM
A lot of good performances last night. Funny how just about every ones original performances was better than their performances of the classics.

1) Toby Rand – The Killers “Mr. Brightside” & Original “Throw it Away”. He is the best fit for the band. The longer this goes on I am sure he wins. And I can't believe it...thought from the beginning a Dilana/Lukas finale was a given.
2) Magni – The Beatles “Back in the U.S.S.R.” & Original “When Time Comes”. Liked both performances, but his original was killer.
3) Dilana – The Who “Behind Blue Eyes” & Original “Supersoul”. This girl has grit. I thought both performances were great dispite the handicap. Loved the beginning of Blue Eyes.
4) Lukas Rossi – Bon Jovi “Livin' on a Prayer” & Original “Headspin”. Hated his version of LOAP. It was boring and could not understand most of the words he was trying to sing.......he mumbled too much. His original was great however....creepy but great.
5) Storm Large – David Bowie “Suffragette City” & Original “Ladylike” - Hated both performances. Hated everything about them. Suffragette City is a tough song to sing......so I could give her that one...still it was lousy. But her original.....the best original ever????? Come on....I think it was the worst this season....but how can anyone say it was better than Pretty Vegas or Trees? What is Ladylike? About her? She's sexy? She is starting to look and act more like a man. I swear during her original when she took off the jacket and the hat I thought I was watching Kid Rock. She had the hair and the white tank and the tattoos. I really despise her....she is getting more annoying every week....please let it be her going home tonight...don't think it will...but please!

"RE: Supernova Love List: week 10"
Posted by byoffer on 09-06-06 at 10:47 AM
Storm Large...is starting to look and act more like a man


Exhibit 1:

If that is what the men around your town look like, then I guess I would be gay there!

"RE: Supernova Love List: week 10"
Posted by Wacko Jacko on 09-06-06 at 01:55 PM
>Storm Large...is starting to look and
>act more like a man

>Exhibit 1:
>If that is what the men
>around your town look like,
>then I guess I would
>be gay there!

Perfoormance and personality wise she is. There is something manly about her. I am not gay, but she does nothing for me sexually. And I am not going to jump on her bandwagon just because she is 'sexy'.

"RE: Supernova Love List: week 10"
Posted by bullzeye on 09-06-06 at 03:34 PM
There is something manly about her....

And all this time I thought your screen name had something to do with Michael Jackson.

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"RE: Supernova Love List: week 10"
Posted by byoffer on 09-06-06 at 05:08 PM
Storm is definitely very "in your face", and not afraid to play with the boys (the SN boys in this case). She is not a "shrinking violet", but I don't think that makes her manly.

It is this bold stage presence that makes her a great lead singer, IMO. And makes me want to see her in concert.

The fact that she is sexy makes me want to... nevermind.

And Bullzeye? LOL.

"RE: Supernova Love List: week 10"
Posted by weltek on 09-06-06 at 11:08 AM
Talk about different tastes. I thought Magni was bad (thought his original was subpar) & Storm was great. And I argued with my hubby about Trees being a great original. I liked it well enough, but it is a corny song.

"RE: Supernova Love List: week 10"
Posted by weltek on 09-06-06 at 10:37 AM
Tough week. I really had to think about this.

1. Storm Large – David Bowie “Suffragette City” & Original “Ladylike”
I love love love her confidence. I hate Suffragette City and she didn't make me like it any more, but her performance with Dave was so fun. And I loved her original. So unique. Sounded in the style of what I "think" Supernova is going for. She's just so effing fun to watch.

2. Dilana – The Who “Behind Blue Eyes” & Original “Supersoul”
She hit some bad notes on Behind Blue Eyes, but it was still pretty good. And I really liked Supersoul. I was moving to the song.

3. Toby Rand – The Killers “Mr. Brightside” & Original “Throw it Away”
His version of Mr. Brightside sounded a bit nasaly. Loved Marty's version last year & this certainly didn't top it. His original was fun, but not something I'd run out & buy.

4. Lukas Rossi – Bon Jovi “Livin' on a Prayer” & Original “Headspin”

Well, it was interesting. I'll give him that.

5. Magni – The Beatles “Back in the U.S.S.R.” & Original “When Time Comes”
Hated this performance more than any of his others. Boring. He tried to sound too American with his vocals on Back in the USSR and his original was bland.

"RE: Supernova Love List: week 10"
Posted by Loree on 09-06-06 at 10:52 AM
1. Lukas - I really enjoyed his set. TLee made a comment at the taping that he doesn't like the Bon Jovi song either. But he did like Lukas' version. I really wonder why they keep giving them songs to sing that they themselves don't even like. Anyway I found his original so sad knowing it is about his mother. Something I find interesting is that they say Lukas always sounds better live and his mix just doesn't carry over well to TV. And TLee loved it. He got so emotional and gushed so much about always dreaming of Lukas as his singer that they had to edit it out of the TV show. So yes, TLee loved it.

2. Storm - I thought she was fantastic. Still surprised they had her so far down the list at the end of the show. In fact the 2 females were at the bottom of the list. I guess the studio audience liked the guys better.

3. Toby - I like Toby. But he often seems kind of average to me. And he always has to do some gimmick. He runs around the room or pulls people up on stage. Or the megaphone, the bongos, taking his shirt off. I wonder if he can entertain without doing these things.

4. Magni - I think he is pretty boring. He is a cover artist. He has a good voice. But he never WOWS me.

5. Dilana - I dislike her so much I can't even be fair when judging her anymore. I just want her to leave.

"RE: Supernova Love List: week 10"
Posted by djandy on 09-06-06 at 11:12 AM
1.) Storm Large – David Bowie “Suffragette City” & Original “Ladylike” - Ladylike was great, and won Storm the top spot.
2.) Toby Rand – The Killers “Mr. Brightside” & Original “Throw it Away” - I enjoyed Marty's acoustical version of Mr. Brightside last year better, but Toby's version was okay. Toby's original song with the "oh oh" part was catchy. Just an aside - Toby's skipping around the stage bothers me.
3.) Magni – The Beatles “Back in the U.S.S.R.” & Original “When Time Comes” - great cover artist. Probably will be the next to go.
4.) Lukas Rossi – Bon Jovi “Livin' on a Prayer” & Original “Headspin” - Couldn't understand LOAP even though I also know all the words. And the original was basically just singing "you make my head spin" over and over and over again. It just got boring.
5.) Dilana – The Who “Behind Blue Eyes” & Original “Supersoul” - Let's see: continued egotism by inserting herself into yet another song (bad girl, sad girl), check. Being disrespectful in the songwriting clinic to the very fans who will be voting on her fate, check. Being a horrible songwriter, check. Continuing to milk the victim role (this terrible thing *that happened to me*, the torn calf muscle), check. Yep, Dilana has all the bases covered to be a well deserved boot.

Booted: Ryan - I definitely missed him. I have never seen a more undeserved boot. SN was scared he would steal their spotlight. I'm glad that Ryan's Solo career is taking off. I've listened to and downloaded his songs, and am eagerly awaiting his new Solo album.

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"RE: Supernova Love List: week 10"
Posted by TanNymph on 09-06-06 at 04:07 PM
Ditto djandy! Thanks for saving me a bunch of typing. I agree with everything you said.

"RE: Supernova Love List: week 10"
Posted by SilverStar on 09-06-06 at 11:35 AM
Overall, I thought this was a pretty bad show. The only thing worth watching was the original songs. The cover songs were all either boring (Toby, Magni, Dilana, Storm) or painful (Lukas). Therefore, I am ignoring them completely (like I did last night) and I am using my Love List to rate the original songs only.

1. Lukas - "Headspin" - I really enjoyed this song. I think some of the parts could have done with a little less growling, but hey, that's his thing.
Sidenote: The hair falling over his face was driving me nuts. I wanted to get a brush and some gel and fix it. Heh.

2. Magni - "When the Time Comes" - Liked this song as well. It was a little edgier than 'cover artist Magni' and I thought it was cool.
Sidenote: Loved his comeback! "The performances were the same because I did them both" LOL!

3. Toby - "Throw it Away" - I didn't really enjoy this last night (didn't he run around the stadium last week? Talk about the same performance.) but after a second viewing this morning, I liked it much better. It was catchy and I did catch myself singing the "Oh" parts. Heh.
Sidenote: Tommy is totally obsessed with Toby's butt. Every time Toby goes up on their little platform, Tommy is groping him. And I guess I really can't blame him! LOL.

4. Storm - "Ladylike" - I really liked this last night, but again with a second viewing this morning, my opinion changed. Last night, I would've had Toby and Storm switched on this list. I still liked Storm's song, but it wasn't great.
Sidenote: She totally had wardrobe malfunction. I know I saw some blurred oobage. Oh, and I hated her pants. They made her look top-heavy, and not in a good way.

5. Dilana - "Supersoul" - Yuck. Didn't like it. Don't like her. Go away now.
Sidenote: When that guy carried her out on stage, I almost gagged. Totally uneccessary. She could've had a wheelchair. She could've used crutches. She could've freaking hopped out! She was hopping all over the place during her performance! I am so sick of her trying to get people to feel sorry for her. It's not working, honey. It has the opposite effect on me. It makes me loathe you even more.

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"RE: Supernova Love List: week 10"
Posted by geekboy on 09-06-06 at 11:45 AM
Hey guys -

What an emotional and surprising couple of weeks that have passed. This show has literally did a 180 in terms of what i feel the 'favorite' to win it is. This week was no different.

Top of my list -

1) Toby - Although his cover of 'Mr. Brightside' was truly a karaoke copy of The Killer's version, i liked it, and his audience interaction is #1. I also LOVED his original. I think there was a reason he was put at the end, or the 'pimp spot'. He has BROUGHT IT the last couple of weeks, and i think he's the new favorite to win.
2) Storm - Gawd, she is unbelievably beautiful. What a gorgeous woman. Playing with Dave was great, and she did the Bowie tune justice. I also LOVED LOVED her original. Her and Toby - in my opinion - were neck-in-neck tonight. She brought it when she needed to. I think she's safe and in teh final.
3) Magni - 'Back In The USSR' was a boring cover, but it would be for anyone. I did like his original and he rocked out for the first time.
4) Dilana - 'Behind Blue Eyes' was very well done. Her vocal tone was incredible. I love her voice, and she's been my favorite, but she's here for a few reasons. I did not really like her original, and i htink her constant references to 'the incident' are getting old. Get over it, move on, and bring it. She didn't tonight. I hope she sticks around, but she may be going.
5) Lukas - I simply did not like his performances tonight. I think his take on Bon Jovi was dull. He could have rocked it, but doing solo on an electric guitar was boring. I also did NOT like 'Headspin'. I know a lot of people like his vocals, but his voice bothers me week in and week out. Did not like it.

Boot prediction - Dilana


"RE: Supernova Love List: week 10"
Posted by ginger on 09-06-06 at 11:50 AM
Weird night. Can't really rate them because of the two-song setup.

Randomly: For all of that character-assasinating editing (damn, the producers want this girl GONE, don't they?), Dilana did just fine with Behind Blue Eyes. I don't understand how she's never heard the song before. Her original bored me.

Storm was actually best, to me, last night. Navarro is always a Good Thing on the guitar, and Storms' original song rocked, even with the PG13 lyric switch.

Toby is cute and harmless and bunny-cuddly despite his every effort to grow an edge - he'd probably work okay with this band. I am not really intended that as a compliment.

I'd still fvck Magni but he was nothing last night.

Lukas also left me completely COLD. The Bon Jovi was okay, while Klever-Klever (Billy Corgan arrangements were nice, the singing was overblown). In fact, I'm just tired of Lukas. I keep trying to like him because Glow makes me, well, glow, but he has yet to raise so much as a single hair on the back of my neck. He sounds like half the guys at SF State but he so clearly thinks he is So Unusual. The sensitive glances to the camera, the mascara my friend Julius wore, at 14, in his band, BACK IN 1980...it is just so pedestrian, IMHO. The original sucked. Just sucked.

Shows how subjective this stuff is because I might as well be listening to a different performance/performer than you Lukasfans, and yet we all like the rock!


"RE: Supernova Love List: week 10"
Posted by geekboy on 09-06-06 at 11:55 AM
I agree with your assessment of Lukas 100%, although i'll knock on him more than you did.

The guy, in my opinion, has potential, but he's done the same thing every week. He needs to work on his vocals, which to me ruin his performances. He sounds to me like he's singing with a jawbreaker in his mouth. I also have yet to understand the SN love for him, and the general community love.


"RE: Supernova Love List: week 10"
Posted by nailbone on 09-06-06 at 03:10 PM
He sounds to me like he's singing with a jawbreaker in his mouth.

It's the microphone that he has in his mouth.

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"RE: Supernova Love List: week 10"
Posted by bullzeye on 09-06-06 at 11:53 AM
When I saw the song choices I really thought last night was going to blow. And I was half right as in most cases the covers were pretty darn bland compared to last week where most of the rockers had very strong showings. But, was very pleasantly surprised with the originals, so that kept me tuned in 'til the end. As I saw the night:

1. Storm. I really think she kicked it up large (pardon the pun) last night, especially with her original. And she really does have the best voice in the competition IMO.

2. Toby. Thought his crowd interaction was fantastic last night and his original was an instant hit.

3. Lukas. Was very much waiting for Lukas to "break it out" on LOAP. Kept waiting...and waiting...didn't happen. That said, I think he redeemed himself on his original. Dude - no more taking a song on a double dog dare mkay?

4. Magni. Where oh where has the Magni that sang "Fire" gone?
Love. love, love ya, but you are too bland for me.

5. Dilana. I almost turned off the telly when you were carried out on stage last night. Good grief, can you get any more melodaramtic? Sadly, it has really clouded my judgement of her talent. I really couldn't get over my bias for her. They shoot horses don't they? Let's put this one out of her misery.

I sooooooo missed Ryan last night. Enough so that I re-watched his performance from last week about 4 more times last night. *Sigh*.

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"RE: Supernova Love List: week 10"
Posted by Velcrohead on 09-06-06 at 12:30 PM
In order of alcoholic consumption (naturally, the more the better )

On the verge of passing out :

1) Magni - "Back In The USSR" could have carried a bit more gusto but I would have happily rocked to it had I been a member of the audience at the time. I thought “When Time Comes” was the best original. My gauge for the originals was which one would I want to listen to again or, had I heard it on the radio, I’d make a point of finding out the artist. Magni’s (possibly Storm’s as well) was the only one.

Completely smashed:

2) Storm - Loved the look, enjoyed the interaction with Dave, sort of liked the vocals on “Suffragette City.” Ditching the jacket for the second number was savvy and appropriate. The original song itself felt like a throwback to a simpler era and was pretty darn good – powerful and emotive.


3) Lucas - I was liking his version of “Living On A Prayer” just fine until he hit the chorus. Then came that increasingly put on growl which ruined what had been shaping up to be a memorable performance. The original, “Headspin” ended better than it began. At least I got real passion from his voice.


4) Dilana - Hated the rendition of "Behind Blue Eyes." If, as Dilana claims, the lyrics resonated with her, she did a piss poor job (can I say that?) of conveying the appropriate emotions. The original, in contrast, was decent, even though the lyrics were hackneyed.


5) Toby - I’m with michel on this one (see you soon on the VS’ Survivor editing thread ). If there was any one song that came across karaoke on the night it was Toby doing "Mr Brightside." It was as if his voice kept trying to build to a crescendo that never came. It also sounded amateurish. The fact it’s such a popular song covered a multitude of flaws – any of the other performers would have been better, IMO. His own song, I did find decent, though not to the same extent that Supernova were salivating over.