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"TAR 19 PTTE: Finale Results & Goodbye "

Posted by kircon on 12-13-11 at 03:30 PM
The Amazing Race 19 PTTE Game

Are you ready for some PTTE?

What's a PTTE, you ask?

Well, PTTE is short for "Picks To The End"

It is a boot list prediction game.

It is a game about the order of who IS kicked off each week

We are at the end.

What a journey! I love the race. The team I thought would have problems and be voted out first actually won. I fell in love with a couple of snowboarders. I wish I could have seen a little more of the Survivors. All in all, it was a good season. I have enjoyed hosting the last 3 seasons. But it’s time for someone else to step up. Hosting is another level of entertainment beyond watching and playing games. I will be back to play TAR 20 PTTE and I will spend more time on my new Survivor game; Survivor in Question?, as well as my first love S24 PTTE. Oh, and then there is my family too.

At the beginning of the season, you gave me a list of how you thought the season would play out. Your goal was to end the season with the fewest points. Since I don’t feel it’s right to win, I am happy to have gained the most points. So without further ado:

The Team Eliminated in 3rd place


This married couple might have won, if only they could fly. Do you think they will take flight lessons now?

Now on to the Scores

Place – Name – Score on current list
Upward movement ^
In case of ties, I alphabetize.

1. KwietOne - 9

2. ARnutz – 14
^2. Ontheroadagain – 14(correct placement)

^4. louislam – 18

5. Max Headroom – 19

6. Yogi – 22
^6. vennui – 22 (correct placement)

8. esquire – 23

9. Puffy – 25

10. beau_30 – 26

11. kircon – 28

12. Booted – 31

The Team Eliminated in 2nd place

They were quiet racers. They could have won but got lost in a taxi, in the United States. Good luck in your future.

Now on to the Scores

Place – Name – Score on current list
Upward movement ^
In case of ties, I alphabetize.

1. KwietOne - 10

2. ARnutz – 16

3. Ontheroadagain – 17

4. louislam – 18 (correct placement)

5. Max Headroom – 20

6. vennui – 22 (correct placement)

7. esquire – 25

^8. Puffy – 26

^9. beau_30 – 27
9. Yogi – 27

11. kircon – 34

12. Booted – 38

And now for the last time (:

The Amazing Race 19 Winners

Ernie & Cindy

This engaged couple fought against all odds and won the race. Have a great wedding.
I do make wedding cakes!

And now for the last time I say:

Now on to the Final Scores

Place – Name – Score on current list
Upward movement ^

Thanks for playing everyone!

12. kircon – 44

^11. Booted – 38 (correct placement)

10. beau_30 – 30 (nice touch)

9. Yogi – 28

8. Puffy – 26 (correct placement)

7. esquire – 25 (correct placement)

6. vennui – 22 (correct placement)

5. Max Headroom – 21

4. louislam – 20

3. Ontheroadagain – 17 (correct placement)

ARnutz won the tie with the express pass tie-breaker question
2. ARnutz – 17

Congratulations to the newest winner!!!
You had great picks and held the lead the entire time.

Enjoy your tribephyl-designed siggie.

1. KwietOne – 12 (great score)

Thanks for all the fun guys! I love to host and hope you had fun with the game. Come over to the Survivor Game Forum, play the PTTE game, and check out my new game Survivor in Question.

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"RE: TAR 19 PTTE: Finale Results & Goodbye "
Posted by ARnutz on 12-13-11 at 09:47 PM
Thanks for running the game again this season, kircon!

Congrats to the winner, KwietOne!!!

"RE: TAR 19 PTTE: Finale Results & Goodbye "
Posted by Puffy on 12-13-11 at 10:50 PM

This was my first try at the game. Thanks for hosting!


Agman spins my dreidel

"RE: TAR 19 PTTE: Finale Results & Goodbye "
Posted by Yogi on 12-13-11 at 11:36 PM
Many thanks for running the game Kircon!

Big congrats to KwietOne .. Well Done!

"RE: TAR 19 PTTE: Finale Results & Goodbye "
Posted by Ontheroadagain on 12-13-11 at 11:46 PM

That's the best I've ever done in PTTE.
Thanks kircon for hosting.

I actually visited the Swan House when I was in Atlanta for the '96 Olympics. First time I've recognized a TAR finishline.

"RE: TAR 19 PTTE: Finale Results & Goodbye "
Posted by KwietOne on 12-14-11 at 00:56 AM
Woohoo - thanks Kircon for hosting the game!

Night and day with the casino game. Stupid Amani/Marcus pick!

Posted by Jims02 on 02-13-12 at 00:13 AM
Hey, does anyone want to host this?

I have my hands full with the Casino Game, so I can't, but it would be a shame if the PTTE game fell by the wayside after kircon handed over the reins.

A 2003 IceCat original

"I will help!"
Posted by kircon on 02-13-12 at 01:43 PM
I would help you set up the game. And give you my vast knowledge of PTTE, which isn't much. kircon